Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 471

          BRAINARD, Sgt. Daniel, Haddam. Died 8 Sept, 1728. Died 8 September, 1728. Invt. 1027-00-01. Taken 14 November, 1728, by Ebenezer Cone, Samuel X Ackley and Jabez Chapman. They also apprised the apparell of 3 children who deceased before their father, Daniel Brainard. Additional invt. of 33-12-07. Taken 10 March, 1729, by Samuel Ackley, Jabez Chapman and Ebenezer Cone.

          Court Record, Page 206--3 December, 1728: Adms. granted to Hannah Brainard, widow, and Capt. Daniel Brainard, father of the deceased. Page 18 (Vol. XI) 5 May, 1730: Add. invt. of 33-12-07 was exhibited in Court and accepted.

          Page 31--1st December, 1730: An account of Adms. on the estate of Daniel Brainard, Jr., was now exhibited in Court, by which account it appears the Adms. have paid in debts and charges the sum of 19-08-05. Account accepted and ordered to be kept on file.

          Page 1 (Vol. XIII) 1736-7: Daniel Brainard, a son of Daniel Brainard, chose his grandfather, Capt. Daniel Brainard, to be his guardian. Cert. Samuel Olmsted, J. P.

          Page 74--6 November, 1740: Daniel and Hannah Brainard, Adms., exhibited a further account of Adms. This Court order that the estate be dist., viz.:

- s - d
To Hannah Brainard, alias Chapman, 86-17-11
To Daniel Brainard, eldest son, 86-07-11
To Susannah and Hannah Brainard, daughters, to each, 43-03-11

          And appoint Jabez Chapman, Samuel Ackley and Ensign Daniel Cone distributors. Susannah Brainard, a minor, age 15 years, chose Noadiah Brainard to be her guardian. Cert: Samuel Olmsted, J. P.

          Page 6 (Vol. XIV) 4 May, 1742: An additional account of Adms. was exhibited in Court by Jonathan Chapman, Adms. in right of his wife the relict of sd. decd., by which account it appears he has paid in debts and charges, 38-00-06. Account allowed.