Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 507

          BOW, Samuel, Jr., Middletown. Inventory taken 6 May, 1749, by Josiah CHURCHILL and Deliverance WARNER. Will dated 22 March, 1748-9.

          I, Samuel BOW, Jr., of Middletown, do make this my last will and testament: I give to Elizabeth, my wife, all and evry part of that estate that she brought to me at our marriage and since, as also what she has received or is like to receive of the estate of our honoured father Thomas WRIGHT decd., together with 1-3 part of my personal estate after my just debts and funeral charges are paid out of it. I also give to my sd. wife the improvement of all my real estate during the term of her natural life. I give to all my brethren and sisters the other 2-3 of my personal estate, and, at the decease of my wife, all my real estate, to be equally divided amongst them. Only it should be understood that if my wife shall have a child by me, my will is that my estate be settled according to the ancient custom of this Colony of settling intestate estates. And I apoint my wife Elizabeth and my brother Amos BOW executors.

                                        Samuel BOW, Jr., L.S.
Witness: Aaron GRISWOLD,
William WARD,

          Court Record, Page 105 -- 1st August, 1749: The last will and testament of Samuel BOW, late of Middletown, was now exhibited in Court by Elizabeth BOW, widow. Will proven and ordered to be recorded.

          Page 136 -- 7 August, 1750: An account of the Adms. on the estate of Samuel BOW, Jr., was now exhibited in Court by Elizabeth BOW, executrix: Had paid in debts and charges, 76-07-10. Which account is allowed and ordered on file. Now moves to this Court that the distribution may be made of the estate according to the last will: Whereupon this Court appoint William ROCKWELL, Lt. Return MEIGS and Isaac LEE, of Middletown, distributors.

          Dist. File: Estate of Samuel BOW, Jr., Middletown: 7 August, 1750 (per the will): To the widow, to the brothers and sisters of sd. decd., to Elisha BOW, to Amos BOW, to Hannah BOW, to Phebe BOW (alias MILLER) to Eleazer BOW. By William ROCKWELL.