Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 1, p 227

          BOWE, Alexander, Middletown. Invt. 144-19-09. Taken 12 November, 1678, by Thomas WHETMORE, William HARRIS, Robert WARNER. The children: Samuel, age 19 years, Sarah 16, Anna 4, Mary, 2 years of age, one unborn (Rebeckah). Dist. on file, 20 April, 1681

          Court Record, Page 10 -- 5 December, 1678: Rebecca BOWE exhibits the Invt. and a Will of her Decd Husband, which is imperfect, there being no Executor appointed and some children born since the Will was made. This Court order that the Widow shall possess and enjoy the Estate according to a writing of date 30th October, 1673, made to her before marriage, or the Will, whichever she pleases. Adms. to the Widow. Ensign William CHEENY and Sargt. William WARD, Overseers.

          Page 23 -- 4 March, 1679-80. The Widow declines the Adms., which was then granted to William WARD, & William CHENEY appointed to assist the sd. William WARD in Adms.

          Page 89 -- 2 April, 1684: This Court being informed of the death of the Relict of Alexander BOWE, who hath left 3 young Children (one is with Mr. Collins, one with Ensign William CHEENy, and one with Thomas WARD). This Court appoint Ensign William WARD to make Indentures for the children, to bind them out to their several masters till they be 18 years of age, and the said Ensign CHEENY and William WARD to improve thier several portions allotted to them out of their father's estate, to be laid out for their maintenance so lang as is needful.

          Page 51 -- (Vol. V) 23 February, 1692-3: Ensign WARD being deceased (who was Adms. to the Estate of Alexander Bowe, Decd.), This Court appoint Lt. Francis WHITMORE Adms. with Mr. CHEENY.