Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 232

          BOOGE, William, East Haddam. Invt. 432-11-08. Taken 17 August, 1737, by Joshua BRAINARD, Jabez CHAPMAN and Ephraim GRISWOLD.

          Court Record, Page 15 -- 4 October, 1737: Adms. granted to Dorothy BOOGE, widow. Recog., 800, with Samuel INGRAM of West Haddam.

          Page 89 -- 2 June, 1741: William BOOGE, age 18 years, chose his uncle John BOOGE to be his guardian. Recog., 300. Elizabeth and Dorothy BOOGE chose their mother Dorothy BOOGE to be their guardian, and she was appointed guardian to Ephraim BOOGE, age 5 years. Recog. 200.

          Page 90 -- 2 June, 1741: Dorothy BOOGE, Adms., exhibited an account of her Adms., which account is accepted.

          Page 42 (Vol. XIV) 10 May, 1744: Dorothy BOOGE, widow, having administered on the sd. estate., the heirs, viz., William and Elizabeth now moved to this Court for a dist. which this Court grant:

- s - d
To Dorothy BOOGE, widow 124-10-05
To William BOOGE, eldest son 71-02-10
To Jonathan, Timothy, Dorothy, Ephraim
and Elizabeth BOOGE, to each of them
their single portions

          And appoint Lt. John BROCKWAY, Ensign John COMSTOCK and Mr. William COMSTOCK, of Lyme, distributors.