Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 231-232

          BOARDMAN, Moses, Middletown. Invt. 450-00-00. Taken 24 January, 1737-8, by Stephen STOCKING and Janna WILCOCK.

          Court Record, Page 24 -- 7 March, 1737-8: Adms. granted to Silence BOARDMAN, widow. Recog., 600, with John PENFIELD of Middletown.

          Page 29 (Vol XV) 2 December, 1746: Joseph WASHBURN, in right of his wife Lucy BOARDMAN, alias WASHBURN, daughter of Moses BOARDMAN, moved to this Court for a dist. of the moveable estate: Whereupon this Court appoint Janna WILCOCKS, of Middletown, and John PENFIELD, distributors, to distribute the estate, as followeth:

- s - d
Inventory of moveables and credits 205-03-09
The debts allowed 9-09-09
The debts subtracted, there remains to be distributed 196-03-09
To Silence BOARDMAN, widow 65-07-10
To Samuel BOARDMAN, eldest son 65-07-10
To Moses BOARDMAN and Lucy WASHBURN, to each 32-13-11