Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 230-231

          BLAKE, Richard, Middletown. Invt. 809-14-03. Taken 7 August, 1738, by Francis WHITMORE, Jacob CORNWALL, and William ROCKWELL.

          Court Record, Page 7 -- 10 May 1737: Adms. to Abigail BLAKE, widow. Recog., 300, with William WHITMORE of Middletown.

          Page 3 (Vol. XV) 7 January, 1745-6: Hannah BLAKE, a minor, 15 years of age, daughter of Richard BLAKE, chose William ROCKWELL to be her guardian. Recog., 500.

          Page 46 -- 6 October, 1747: Abigail BLAKE, a minor, chose her uncle Stephen BLAKE to be her guardian. Recog. 500.

          Page 47 -- 29 September, 1747: Elizabeth BLAKE, a minor, 11 years, chose Jonas GREEN of Middletown to be her guardian. Recog., 300.

          Page 30 (Vol XVI) 2 July, 1751: Abigail GREEN, alias BLAKE, the relict of Capt. Richard BLAKE, now moves this Court for a dist. of the estate: To Abigail GREEN, alias BLAKE, her 1-3 part in moveables. 204-08-11. And to Hannah, Abigail and Elizabeth BLAKE their equal shares. And also set out to Abigail GREEN one-third part of the real estate for her improvement during life. And this Court order set out to the abovesd. heirs, Hannah, Abigail and Elizabeth BLAKE, children of the sd. decd., their part fallen to them in the dist. of the estate of their uncle Freelove BLAKE. And appoint Joseph SOUTHMAID, Esq., Jonathan ALLIN and James WOOD, distributors.