Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 356

          BIDWELL, Samuel, Sen., Middletown. Invt. 977-05-06. Taken 25 April, 1715, by John HAMLIN, Joseph ROCKWELL, and William HARRIS. Will dated 23 March 1715.

          I, Samuel BIDWELL of Midletown, doe make this my last will and testament: I give to my son Samuel BIDWELL a parcell of land in Wongonk, 75 acres more or less, butting on Pond land west, upon Thomas RANNY's land, upon Isaac JOHNSON and upon part of John WILLCOCK's land east, and nort upon Nathaniel BIDWELL's land, and south upon undivided swamp. I appoint, for the convenience of both my sons, Samuel and Nathaniel BIDWELL, a lamas way between them, extending so far as the highland where that common passage now is, and then to extend northward so far as Joseph BUTLER's land, and then west to the highway. I also give to my son Samuel, for the stakes I set down on the west side, fourty rods in breadth through eastward to the lamas highway, and also five acres of my land on the Palin, and one-half of my swamp land I have for makeing fourty rods of fence, to my son Samuel BIDWELL and to his heirs forever. I give to my son Nathaniel BIDWELL, and to his heirs forever, a parcell of land adjoyning to the lands of my son Samuel BIDWELL. I give to my daughter Sarah BRAYNARD and her heirs one-half of my right in the great lott as Streight Hills, which I bought of my brother-in-law Thomas STOW and also by gift in will by my father STOW. I give to my daughter Elizabeth BRAINARD and her heirs all the other half of my right in said great lot. I give to my daughter Abigail SUMNER and her heirs my half-mile lott on the east side of the Great River, which was my father STOW's. I give to my daughter Mary BIDWELL a hundred acres of land lying in my great lot in the southwest quarter of the Town bounds and sideing on Durham bounds. I give to my daughter Hannah BIDWELL a hundred acres in the abovesaid lot. I give to my wife Abigail BIDWELL and to my son Moses BIDWELL my dwelling house, barn, orchard, all my enclosures belonging to my homestead, with my part of the sawmill, and stock and moveables, within doors and without, and about 32 1-2 acres of land I bought of David HURLBUTT; also about 35 acres I bought of John CONNER; also the remainder of my grat lott in the southwest corner of the Township. And do here order that my three daughters, Mary, Hannah and Thankfull BIDWELL, shall have each of them paid out of this estate ordered unto my wife and son, fifteen pounds apiece. My tow sons shall have all that money which is due to me from Jonathan WARNER, equally divided between them. I appoint my wife Abigail BIDWELL sole executrix.

                                        Samuel BIDWELL, L.S.
Witness: Daniel HARRIS, Sen.,

          Court Record, Page 31 (Vol X) 1 October, 1723: Abigail BIDWELL, executrix of the last will of Samuel BIDWELL, exhibited an addition to the inventory of sd. estate amounting to the sum of 1-01-06, wich is by the Court accepted, ordered recorded and kept on file.