Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 1, p 354-355

          BATES, John, Haddam. Died 15 January, 1718-19. Invt. 286-12-00. Taken 28 January, 1718-19, by James BRAYNARD, Samuel INGRAM and Joseph ARNOLD.

          An agreement of heirs eitehr of his body or by marriage: That our hond. mother Elizabeth BATE shall have the use and improvement of halfe the dwelling-house, half the barn and half the orchard in the home lott, and half said home lott, and half the land in the little meadow above the land of Mr. Symon SMITH, and all the household goods proper for a woman's use, and a cow, and a mare, which she shall choose, and the sheep. These, being part of our hond. father's estate, shall be intirely to the use of the forenamed Elizabeth during her natural life or widowhood.

          Also, at our said mother's decease, Elizabeth BAILEY or her heirs shall have one-third part of the personal or moveable estate. We agree that Jonathan BATE be put in Adms., and that he pay the lawful debts out of the personal estate, and also that he execute a deed for a small lott on the Plain in the second division upon the right of John WEBB, to Nathaniel SPENCER, Jr., it being sold to him before our sd. father's death. We the subscribers do each and every one of us, both for ourselves and our heirs, covanant and engage that we will forever remain satisfyed and contented with the foresd. distribution. Signed and sealed this 23 day of February, 1718-19.

Witness: Joseph ARNOLD           John X BATE, L.S.
Samuel INGRAM                     Solomon X BATE, L.S.
Hez. BRAINARD                     Joseph X GRAVES, L.S.
                                      Jonathn X BATE, L.S.
                                      James RAY, Jr., L.S.
                                      Elizabeth X BAILEY, L.S.

          I, Elizabeth BATE, relict or widow of the deceased John BATE above named, am fully satisfied with the distribution that my children have now agreed upon, as is above expressed
                    Elizabeth X BATE, L.S.

          Court Record, Page 96 -- 3 March 1718-19: Adms. granted to Jonathan BATES, son of the decd.

          Page 111 -- 1st September, 1719: Agreement exhibited, which the court accepts.