Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 1, p 402

Thomas BARNES, Sen., Middletown. The Last Will & Testament of Thomas BARNES Senior, Dwelling in Middletown, in the County of Hartford & Collony of Connecticutt, Is as follows:

Imprimis. I give to my Eldest son John BARNES fourty acres of upland which I bought of Mr. MOSE & Thomas WHEELER, Lying together. More over I give to my said son that Land on which his house standeth, bought of old Goodman WHEELER, and I give him allso a part of that Land I bought of old Goodman LOE.

It. I give to my son Thomas BARNES that parcell of upland where hee hath built his hous, to lye on the south sid, from the Crooked tree where Mr. BRECOT & I parted, to the Great Chestnut tre, & so by the bogie meadow sid till they com At the old Lines. I give him a peice of land I bought of LOE & ELS, that Is, from the front Line to the meadow; the one halfe of that I give to Thomas, and the other halfe to my son Daniell.

It. I give to my son Danill BARNES all that upland on the north sid of my son Thomas as far as my Land goeth.

It. I give to my Daughter Mercy JACOBS twenty acres of upland, that is, that Land on which their hous standeth, that is, to her and her younger son, to them & to their heirs for ever.

Ite. I give to my Daughter Martha twenty shillings, my son Thomas to pay her it after my Deseas.

It. I give to my Daughter Elizabeth, twenty shillings, my son Danill to pay it her after my Deseas.

It. I give to my youngest son maibe BARNS, all my Land in Middletown, after my wivs Deseas (all but the hous & home lott). At my Deseas the hous & home lott I will to my loveing wife During her naturall Live. More over I give my said wife two Cows, and my will is that my son maybe shall Look after & provid for the keeping thos two cows which I give my wife. My will is my wife shall have all my mouabls During her naturall life.

It. I give to my Daughter abigaill three pounds, and my son maibe to pay it her after my Deseas.

It. I give allso to my louing wife all my bees & sheep, if there be any Remaining. My will is that after my wives Deseas all my utinsils belonging to the hous shall bee my son maibes, and what Cattell shall be remaining after my Desease I give to my said son maibe. Farther, my will is, that as I have Done according to my abillety for my sons John & Thomas & Danill, so I expect, and it is my will, that John & Thomas shall pay to their mother five bushells of wheat a year, yearly, During the time of her widowhood, and Danill five bushells of wheat yearly During the same time.

Thomas BARNES Signed in the presence of Daniel HARRIS, Juner, John HALL, Senior

25 Feb 1683-4.

John HALL sen., being infirm in body & not able to come up to the Court, appeared before me and gave oath yt the above, as he was a witness, that Thomas BARNES, the siner [sic] hereof, was, to the best of his Judgement, of a sound understanding. Oct ye 6th, 1692. P. John HAMLIN, Commisior.

Court Record, Page 60 -- 7 Sep 1693: The Last Will & Testament of Thomas BARNES, of Middletown, was exhibited in Court, proved, and ordered to be recorded.