Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 462

Bazey BAKER, Middletown. Invt. 1042-06-07 (for dist.) Taken 4 Oct 1723, by John COLLINS, Joseph ROCKWELL & David ENSIGN, 212 acres, 212. This in Farmington: 2 1-2 acres in the South Meadow, in ye Indian Ground, 47-10-00; 6 acres near Hog River, at 4-10-00 per acre, 27-00-00.

Court Record, Page 29 -- 5 Oct 1723: Adms. granted to Hannah BAKER & Nathaniel BAKER, son of sd deceased.

Page 37 -- 3 Jan 1723-4: This Court appoint Hannah BAKER to be guardian to her children, viz., Timothy BAKER, age 17 years, Thankfull 14 years, Jeremiah 11, Hannah 8, & Susannah 5 years of age. Recog., 500.

Page 59 -- 1 Dec 1724: Hannah & Nathaniel BAKER, Adms. exhibited an account of thier Adms. Accepted. This Court order the estate dist. to the heirs, viz.: To Hannah BAKER, widow, 48-12-02; to Nathaniel BAKER, eldest son, 397-09-08; to Timothy, Hannah & Susannah BAKER, to each of them, 198-14-11, which is their single portion of sd. estate. And appoint Joseph ROCKWELL, Joseph CORNWALL, & Benjamin CORNWALL, of Middletown, distributors.

Page 171 -- 5 Dec 1727: Joseph WEBSTER of Hartford, now husband to Hannah WEBSTER, formerly Hannah BAKER (widow relict of Basey BAKER, late of Middletown deceased), representing that the Court of Probates holden at Hartford 3 Nov 1724, ordered a dist. of sd. estate and appointed Messrs. Joseph ROCKWELL, Joseph CORNWALL & Benjamin CORNWALL, of Middletown, distributors, and sd. men so appointed to distribute sd. estate have hitherto neglected sd. service, or have not perfected and sent sd. distribution to sd. Court, and desires this Court to now appoint James ENSIGN, William BAKER & David ENSIGN, Jr., of Hartford, to make dist. of sd. estate: This Court do now appoint James ENSIGN, William BAKER & David ENSIGN, Jr., of Hartford, to distribute sd. estate.

Page 72 -- 2 Jan 1727-28: This Court appoint Nathaniel BAKERto be guardian (instead of his mother Hannah BAKER, alias WEBSTER) to his sister Hannah BAKER, 12 years of age, & Susannah BAKER, 9 years of age. Recog., 500.

Page 31 (Vol. XIII) -- 4 Jul 1738: Joseph WEBSTER, husband to Hannah WEBSTER, alias Hannah BAKER, showing this Court that in the dis. of the estate of sd. decd. in a lott in Farmington, her part was not set out by meets & bounds, this Court appoint David ENSIGN, William BAKER & Jonathan SEDGEWICK to set out to sd. Hannah her right of dower in sd. lott.