Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 1, p 535-536

          BAILEY, John, sen., Haddam. Invt. 186-10-06. Taken 29 August, 1696, by Daniel CONE, Timothy SPENCER, & James WELLES. Will dated 17 June, 1696.

          I John BAILEY sen. of Haddam, in the County of Hartford, doe make this my last Will & Testament: I give half of my Lands, both Meadow & Upland, to my eldest son John, to be his on an equal division with his two brothers Benjamin & Nathaniel, to whome I doe give the other half to be equally divided between them two. I mean all that my Land at a place in Haddam Bounds called Higganum. I give to my son John 20 acres of that 40 acres of upland I have in the upper Meadow on the East side of the Great River. Also I give to my daughter Lydia 20 shillings. I give unto my two sons Benjamim and Nathaniel all my other Land in Haddam and all Rights, to be divided equally between them, only that Nathaniel shall have that Lott whereon the house stands, & the house I now dwell in, as part of his division, and Benjamin the other half, the house to be Nathaniel's. And It is my Will that my daughters Susannah and Mary shall continue in the house until one or both of them marryeth or when they see cause of their own Will to leave the same; and when Susannah marryeth I would have her take the Care of Mary and let her live with her until she be married away. It is my Will to give to my daughter Susannah 8. My Will is that my two Executors shall pay 40 Shillings yearly until she marry away; and if in seven years she marryeth, I give her 7. My sons Benjamin and Nathaniel I appoint to be my Executors. And my neighbors Timothy SPENCER & James BRAINARD to be Overseers.

Witness: Jeremiah HOBERT,           JOHN BAILE.

          Upon the other side of the paper, Haddam July 3d, 1696 (was written) : Account of my several debts sch I will my Exequators to pay unto the several Creditors after my decease. Imprs. I owe to Samll STONE of Salem fiftie four Shills in pay, & 6 shll in money. It. Debts to the Widd Mrs. WAIE of Hartford, two pounds 16s & six pence in pay. It. To Ensign STANLY of Hartford, seventeen Shills & odd pence, to be payd by my Exequtors out of my small share of Hartford mill, viz, the rent for it; & the rest of the soms aforesayd to be payd & made up to him pr my Exequators, the wholl in pay. It. To my son John ten shills given him pr his grand father to buy him a Bible. It. To my Daughter Lydia ten shs given her pr ditto to buy her a Bible with (all). It. To my Daughter Elizab. CLARK fifty shills in pay for a weding gown I promised her. It. To my son Thomas CLARK pr an old debt of five pounds 5s, & for work of himself & teame thirty six shills; both added together make in all seven pounds one shs in or pay. It. Debts to Thomas Dunke deceased, ye sum of fourteen shs in pay. These are the principal of my debts as far as I know at present, which I require you to pay or cause to be payed, as witness my hand on the day of the date hereof. JOHN BAILY.
(Copied from original Paper on file.)

          Court Record, Page 114 -- (Vol. V) 3 September, 1696: The last Will now exhibited and Proven. Nathaniel BAILEY, Executor, accepted of being Executor with his Brother in Court.