Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 494


          BAILEY, David, Middletown. Invt. 562-07-06. Taken 30 September 1747, by Isaac SMITH, Ebenezer CLARK and William BEVEN. Will dated 16 August 1747.

          The last will and testament of David BAILEY: I give to my wife Jane 10 to be her estate forever, and the use of my whole estate so long as she remains my widow relict, whom I do appoint to be my executrix. I also appoint Samuel WADSWORTH to be executor with my wife Jane. To my son David I give my gunn. To my son David and to my son Joshua and to my son Elijah and to my son James, besides what I have already given to my son David, I give to each of them 2/12 parts of my estate. To my daughters, Phebe and Elizabeth, I give to each of them 1/12 part of my estate. The foregoing legacies to my four sons I order to be paid unto each of them when they arrive to the age of 21 years, paying to their mother the lawful interest provided she remains my widow and relict. And likewise the legacies to my daughters, Phebe and Elizabeth, to be paid when they arrive to the age of 18 years, paying to their mother lawful interest. The foregoing instrument I declare to be my last will and testament.

Witness: Ebenezer Clark                               David BAILEY, LS.
Joseph PARKS, Isaac SMITH.

          Court Record, Page 47 --- 6 October, 1747: The last will and testament of David BAILEY, late of Middletown, was now exhibited in Court by Jane BAILEY, widow and Executrix, and Samuel WADSWORTH, executor. Jane BAILEY alone accepted the trust. Will proven and ordered to be recorded and kept on file. And whereas there is a 2/12 part of the estate intestate: therefore this Court grand Adms. on the 2/12 of sd. estate unto Jane BAILEY, widow, who gave bond with Ebenezer CLARK of Middletown of 500. This court appoint Jane BAILEY, widow, to be guardian to her children, viz., Joshua BAILEY, 13 years of age; Elijah BAILEY, 9 years; James BAILEY, about 5; and Phebe and Elizabeth, 7 years of age, children by David BAILEY. Recog., 300.

          Page 130 -- 2 May, 1750: Jane BAILEY, Adms., exhibits an account of her Adms. Accepted.

          Page 131 -- 14 May, 1750: David BAILEY, a minor, 16 years of age son of David BAILEY, chose his mother Jane BAILEY to be his guardian. Recog., 500. Cert: Epapharus LORD, J.P.