Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 15

Nathaniel BACON, Sen., Middletown. Invt. 221-01-10. Taken 8 Feb 1705-6, by Alexander ROLLO & Israhiah WETMORE. Will dated 24 Feb 1797-8.

I, Nathaniel BACON, Senior, do ordain this my last will & testament: Imprs. I give to my eldest sonn Thomas all that was mine in the ox-pasture as it is mentioned in the deed of guift made to him from myself, with three acres in the lower end of the south meadow; also, I give him my last division of land lying toward Farmingtown; all this I give him my sd. son Thomas & his heirs forever. 2nd. To my sonn John I give my now dwelling house & barn, with about 11 acres of land adjoyning it, being the east end of my homestead, as is expressed in his deed of guift from myself, with the one-half of my long meadow & swamp adjoyning, Hanna's part being first excepted, which lyeth on the north side of my lott as it is now bounded, by a highway between John HALL's and she, through the meadow and swamp butting on John HALL's and the neck & Nathaniel BROWN northward; also 20 rods in width the whole length of my lott on the north side; also a third part of my second division of land westward; all this I give to him and his heirs forever. 3d. To my son Andrew I give one-half the remainder of my holstead up to the highway, and the whole half of that lott to the westward of the highway, with the building upon it; all this I give to him my son Andrew & his heirs forever. 4th. To my son Nathaniel, I give the remainder of bothmy homstead lying on the east & west side of the upper highway, and all the rest of my land on the west side of the Great River, Hannah's and John's part being first taken out. I give to Nathaniel & Andrew to be equally divided between them for his and their heirs forever. 5. To my sonn Beriah I give my first division of upland lying on the east side the Great River near John GILL's, part of which lyeth between the pond and the Great River next to Deacon John HALL's, which part butts north and west upon the highway; also I give him one piece of meadow & swamp at Wongunk butting north & east upon John WETMORE and south upon Robert WARNER & Joseph HUBBARD. All the rest of my land on the east side of the Great River I give to John, Andrew, Nathaniel, & Beriah, to be equally divided between them. 6th. I give to my daughter Hannah 2 acres of meadow lands & half my wood lott lying between Ensign William WARD & Robert WARNER. Also my will is that after my decease all my household goods should be divided equally between my three daughters, that is Mary, Abigail & Lydia. The remainder of my land at Hartford I give to my two sonns, John & Andrew, to be equally divided between them, they paying all my just debts. Further, my will is that my executors do pay to my much esteemed friends, Capt. Nathaniel WHITE, Mr. Noadiah RUSSELL & Mr. John HAMLIN, and to the Church of Christ in Middletwon; to the church, 20s; to Mr. Noadiah RUSSELL, 20s; To Capt. Nathaniel WHITE, 10s; and to Mr. John HAMLIN, 10s. I appoint my two sonns John BACON & Andrew BACON, to be executors, and I request Capt. Nathaniel WHITE & Mr. John HAMLIN to assist my executors.

Nathaniel BACON, LS.
Witness: John HAMLIN, Noadiah RUSSELL

Court Record, Page 76 -- 13 Feb 1705-6: Will proven.

Page 4 (Vol. XIII) -- 22 Mar 1736-7: Nathaniel BACON, one of the sons of Nathaniel BACON, late of Middletown, showing by the will of Nathaniel BACON, that there were certain lands given tohis son Beriah BACON, and that he gave all the rest of his lands to be equally divided between John & Andrew, Nathaniel & Beriah BACON. And whereas, the executors of sd. will have neglected or refused to divide sd. land according to the will, the sd. Nathaniel moves in behalf of himself and the heirs of Andrew BACON decd., and the heirs of the other two brothers, decd., that this Court would appoint freeholders to divide sd. lands to Nathaniel, to heirs of John, to heirs of Andrew, to heirs of Beriah BACON: This Court appoint Joseph FRARY, Jr., Benjamin ADKINS, & Solomon ADKINS to set out sd. lands by meets & bounds according to sd. will.