Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 3-4

          BACON, Beriah, Middletown. Invt. 517-07-02. Taken 27 ___ 1730, by John COLLINS, Joseph ROCKWELL and Nathaniel BACON. Will dated 9 May, 1729

          I, Beriah BACON of Middletown, do make this my last will and testament: I give to Anne, my wife, the 1-3 part of my moveable estate and the use of 1-3 of each parcel of land during life, and which room she shall choose in my dwelling house, with convenient sellering, during her life. I give my eldest son, Beriah BACON, my dwelling house and the lott it stands upon, which I bought of John RANNEY, and 8 acres of my other half-mile lott which lyethi southward of the highway my house stands by, to be taken out of the north end, upon the east side, half the width of the sd. lott; but and if that width cuts off the brook towards the south part of the 8 acres, then it shall run so wide as to leave convenient watering in the remaining parts of sd. lott southward of the sd. 8 acres. This I give to my son Beriah and to his heirs forever. I give to my son Pierpont BACON the remaining part of my aforesd. half-mile lott lying southerdly of the highway by my dwelling house. After his brother Beriah has had his 8 acres, the remaining part I give to my son Pierpont and to his heirs forever. I give the remainder of all my lands and moveable estate to be divided equally amongst all my children, sons and daughters, each one an equil share. I make my wife, Anne BACON, sole executrix.

Witness: Joseph WHITE                               Beriah BACON, L.S.

          A codicil dated 19 April, 1730: The executrix may advance some part of the moveable estate to the daughters in case of need (as of marriage before they come of full age), such advances to be a part of their portions.

Witness: Joseph WHITE                               Beriah BACON, L.S.

          Court Record, Page 21 -- 2 June, 1730: Will proven.

          Page 63 -- 4 April, 1732: Tabitha BACON, a daughter of Beriah BACON of Middletown, chose her uncle Nathaniel BACON to be her guardian. Recog., 100.

          Page 73 -- 4 August, 1732: This Court appoint Ann BACON, alias GILL, the relict of Beriah BACON, late of Middletown, and her present husband Joshua GILL to gbe guardians to Beriah BACON, age 12 years, Perepont BACON, age 8 years, Ann 10, and Bethia BACON, age 4 years. Recog., 200.

          Dist. File: 13 June, 1733: Dist. of the estate as followeth: To the widow, Anne BACON; to Elizabeth PASSEWELL, to Anna BACON, to Tabitha BACON, to Beriah, eldest son; to Pierpont BACON.

          Page 1 (Vol. XII) 28 Mar, 1731: Dist. of the estate of Beriah BACON exhibited in Court by Ann GILL, executrix, Nathaniel BACON and William ROCKWELL.