Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 461

          ARNOLD, Jonathan, Haddam. Invt. 551-03-00. Taken 22 January, 1728/9, by Joseph Arnold, Caleb Cone and Josiah Arnold. Will dated 24 December, 1728.
          I, Jonathan ARNOLD of Haddam, cordwainer, do make this my last will and testament: I give to Elizabeth, my wife all my household goods, all except the two least featherbeds and their bedding, a chest of drawers, a table, four chairs, two plain chests and a box; and also I give her two cows and my black pacing mare, to be at her own use and dispose forever, and the use of one-half of my dwelling house so long as she shall remain my widow. I give to my son Jonathan ARNOLD 2 acres of land of the south end of my four-acre lot, which, with the expense of his education, I count a large double portion. Item. To my well-beloved son Samuel ARNOLD, I give my dwelling house and homestead, two small lotts in the meadow, the remainder of my four-acre lott, all my lands on Long Hill (both on the east and west side), and all my rights in the undivided land; also I give him my barn, a yoke of oxen, a cow, a bay mare, and all my husbandry tackling and implements; all of which I give him on the condition that he provides suitably for his mother's subsistance while she shall be my widow. Item: To William BRAINARD, my well-beloved son-in-law, I give 5 and the charges of settleing my estate. Item: The remainder of my household goods, chattells, personal estate and debts (after the debts are paid and the charges of my funeral are discharged) I give to my five daughters, Elizabeth, Esther, Abigail, Mary and Huldah, to be equally divided between them. And I hereby impower and authorize my executor to make sale of all the reamined of my lands not above disposed of, and my will is that the produce be divided in equal proportion to my five daughters above sd., excepting to Esther, who shall be accountable for 40 I have already given her. I ordain my son-in-law William BRAINARD sole executor.

Witness: Phineas FISKE                     Jonathan ARNOLD, LS.
Joh: FISKE , Benjamin SMITH Jr.
          Court Record, Page 37 (Vol XI) 2 February 1730/1: William BRAINARD, executor, exhibits an account which this Court accepts, orders recorded and kept on file.