Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 1

Dea. Thomas ALLYN, Middletown. Invt. 1204-18-04. Added, 949-10-00. Taken by Jabez HAMLIN, Solomon ADKINS, & Nathaniel BACON. Will dated 1 Dec 1733.

I, Thomas ALLYN, of Middletown, do make this my last will & testament: Imprs, I give to my wife Hannah ALLYN fourty pounds out of my moveable estate, also the use of one-half of my dwelling house & cellar, and the use of one-third of my barn & yard & orchard and of all my improved lands; all this so long as she continues my widow. Item. I give to my daughter Elizabeth, and to her heirs foreve, my lot on which my dwelling house now stands, from the highway eastward so far as my lot extends, with all the buildings, yards & orcharding upon the said land, and also westward from said highway the whole breadth of my lot unto the highway on Stony Hills, about 75 acres. Also, I give her the sixty acres of land lying in the long lots on the east side of the Great River, which I bought of brother Jonathan SMITH. Also, all my right in uncle Thomas ALLYN's new division on the east side of the Great River: i.e., my own right a heir to him, and what I bought of my brethern; and also the one-half of all my rights to undivided lands and commanage. Also, two-thirds of my sheep, and one-half of all my other stock & moveable estate whatsoever (after her mother has taken the fourty pounds I have hiven her in what she pleaseth), hereby obliging my said daughter Elizabeth or her heirs seasonably to pay the one-half of my just debts and funeral charges and half the legasie hereafter mentioned. Item. I give to the children of my daughter Hannah GILBERT, deceased, and to her heirs forever: Imprs. I give to her eldest son Allyn GILBERT, the west end of my new field lot which my house standeth on, about 70 acres. Item. I give to her second son, Nathaniel GILBERT, all my right in the long lot on the east side the Great River, which was originally uncle Thomas ALLYN's, about eight schore acres. Item. I give to her two daughters, Hannah & Dorothy GILBERT, one-third of my seep and one-half of all my other stock. Also, I give them the half of my right in undivided lands and commonage so far as to make each of their portions half as much as one of their brothers. Item. I give to my four grandchildren, Allyn, Nathaniel, Hannah & Dorothy GILBERT, 10 acres of land at the west end of my lot in the new division on the east side ye Great River. Item. I give five pounds in money to be improved for the religious instruction of the children in the New Field Quarter, and my will is that the minister who shall have the pastoral charge of the people in said Quarter shall be desired to spend a convenient time in the month of June annually in giving pious & Godly instructions to the children. And I do appoint the committee for the school in said Quarter to receive and improve said money for the above-said, ordering them to pay said minister annually six shillings. I appoint my two sons-in-law, Nathaniel GILBERT & Jonathan ALLYN, executors.

Thomas ALLYN, L. S.
Witness: Zacheus CANDEE, Joseph BLACKE, William ROCKWELL.

Court Record, Page 103 -- 1 Jan 1733-4: The will & inventory now exhibited in Court, proven, and both accepted and ordered to be recorded and kept on file.