Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 148

Obadiah ALLYN, Middletown. Invt. 343-12-01. Taken 28 Apr 1712, by Joseph WETMORE, Nathaniel STOWE & Joseph ROCKWELL.

Will dated 14 Mar 1706-7: I, Obadiah ALLYN of Middletown, do make this my last will & testament: I give to my son Thomas ALLIN, and to his heirs forever, that whole settlement of land in the boggy meadow quarter upon which he now lives. Item. I give unto my grandson, Obadiah ALLIN, son of Obadiah deceased, 100 acres of land, being part of my long lot on the east side of the Great River, to be laid out to him without damnifying the rest of the lot, I having formerly by deed of guift given to him and his mother other land besies this. I give to my two sons, Samuel & John, 100 acres more of that lott on the east side of the Great River, and my lotment in the 2nd part of the first division, and my lot in this west range oflots. Further, it is my will that my houses, homestead, and my lands on the West River, with what of my lands is within the Common Field, as also all my moveable estate (after my just debts are paid), shall be equally shared amongst my two sons Samuel & John, and my tow daughters Mary & Anna. Also I do except what is provided for my dear wife in the long meadow lot. And if any of my two sons Samll & John or daughters Mary & Anna should depart this life before marriage, then their shares or what may not be expended by them shall fall to their survivors equally. The consideration that moves me to this is because said sons Samuel & John and my two daughters have been very dutiful and helpful to their deceased mother andme in our many long and tedious sicknesses and are very probably to be still helpful to me in my old age. (A covenant in writing was make with his wife before marriage that she was to have paid to her 20.) Also I do further add that if my said dear wife shall have any child or children by me, that then she shall have the remainder of my long lot on the east side of the Great River, which I judge about 130 acres of land, to dispose of as she sees meet. I appoint my sons Thomas & Samuel to be executors. Where Dorcas lives, it is my will that the half of that new field lot within the fence shall be Samuel's & John's.

Obadiah ALLYN, L.S.
Witness: Nodiah RUSSELL, Joseph ROCKWELL, Alexander ROLLO

Court Record, Page 72 -- 5 May 1712: Will proven.