Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 487

Solomon ADKINS, Middletown. Invt. 953-05-03. Taken 16 Nov 1748, by Ephraim ADKINS, Jonathan ALLIN & William ROCKWELL. Will dated 13 Sep 1748.

I, Solomon ADKINS, of Middletown, in the County of Hartford, do make this my last will & testament: I give unto my eldest son, Samuel ADKINS, 46 acres of land, lying in the south range of lotts, that is to say: that part of my land there that did belong to Richard HUBBARD decd. & Samuel CORNWELL, Sen., decd., together with the dwelling house and barn that I built on sd. land, to him forever. I give unto my 2nd son, Solomon ADKINS, the equal half of my land tht lyes in the third division that lyes by the West River, and of that land that I bought from Harles HAMLIN, and of the remaining 8 acres that I bought of Deacon Joseph TIBBALS, of Durham, lying in the south tier of lotts, and of my 2 bogg meadow lotts, each containing 1 1-2 acres, one lying at a place called Brown's Point and the other lying near Bacon's Landing so called; and the whole of eight acres of land which I bought of Giles HALL, Esq., and the dwelling hous & barn where my sd. son Solomon now dwells, to him, his heirs & assigns forever. I give to my youngest son, Jabez ADKINS, and to his heirs forever, all my land called my pasture, containing 8 acres, lying between the land of Jabez HAMLIN, Esq., & James WARD, Sen.; and the equal half of the land that lyes in the west division, on the west side of the Great River, that I bought of James WARD, Se., & Ephraim WILCOCKS; and ye equal half of my land in sd. division that lyes by the West River, and of that land that I bought of Charles HAMLIN; and the remaining 8 acres that I bought of Deacon Joseph TIBBALS of Durham, lying in the south tier of lotts above mentioned. I also give to my two youngest sons, Solomon & Jabez, all my husbandry tools & utensils, to be equally divided between them. I further give to my son Jabez ADKINS, and to his heirs and assigns forever, all my land called barn lott, as well what is in my imporvement as what is in the improvement of my son-in-law Allin WARD, together with the dwelling house standing thereon, in which my sd. son-in-law now dwells. And the reason why I have not given to my sd. son-in-law the land now under his improvement and the dwelling house where he now dwells, is becasue I have been obliged to advance a considerable sum of money to answer his obligation. I give to my wife Phebe all and every part of my household goods and family provisions and stock of creatures, to be at her dispose. I give to my four youngest daughters, Rebeckah, Phebe, Esther & Abigail, to each the sum of 100 old tenor, including about 40 or 50 which will appear by my account which I have given tomy daughter REbeckah and shall be accounted as so much of her 100, to be paid by my sd. three sons in equal parts. And I do hereby authorize & fully impower my two eldest sons, Samuel & Solomon, to sell and give lawful conveyance of all my homelott and building thereon, and divide the produce thereof among themselves and all the rest of my children, to each an equal share, including my daughter Hannah (not to debar my wife having the improvement of my dwelling house during her pleasure). And further, I do hereby give to my youngest son Jabez ADKINS all my apparrel and my gunn, sword & amunition. I appoint my eldest sons, Samuel ADKINS & Solomon ADKINS, executors.

Solomon ADKINS, L.S.
Witness: Ebenezer ROCKWELL, Simon DeWOLFE, William ROCKWELL.

Court Record, Page 80 -- 6 Dec 1748: The last will & testament of Solomon ADKINS, late of Middletown decd., was now exhibited by Samuel & Solomon ADKINS, executors, with inventory. Proven & ordered to be recorded.

Page 43 (Vol. XVI), Solomon ADKINS, one of the executors to the last will & testament of Solomon ADKINS, decd., exhibited an account of debts & charges, which account this Court allowed. The sd. executors now move that distribution be made: Whereupon this Court appoint William ROCKWELL, Jonathan ALLEN & Samuel MERRIMAN, of Middletown, to make distribution of the real & personal estate according to the last will of the deceased.

Dist. File: 26 Mar 1753: To the widow, to Rebeckah PLUMB, to Phebe ADKINS, to Esther, to Abigail, to Solomon, and to the heirs of Jabez ADKINS. By William ROCKWELL & Jonathan ALLEN.

Page 92 -- 26 Mar 1753: Report of the distributors.