Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 144

ACKLEY, Nathaniel, Haddam. Invt 130-12-10. Taken 7 Mar 1709-10 by Daniel Brainard, Joshua Brainard and James Parsivall.

I, Nathaniel ACKLEY of Haddam, do make my last will and testament: I give to Esther HUNGERFORD 16 cash. The rest of my estate to be divided into nine equal parts, to be paid to my brothers' and sister's children: to my brother John ACKLEY's children a ninth part, to be divided equally between them; and so of the rest, to my brother Thomas ACKLEY (deceased), his children, and to my sister Elizabeth (deceased) her children. This to be secured in the hands of my brother Thomas ROBINSON, to be paid to said children when they come of age. The rest of the children's part to be put into the hands of the parents, to be paid to the children when they come of age. I appoint my brother James ACKLEY and my brother Thomas ROBINSON to be executors of this my will.

Witness: Ebenezer HILLS,                                     Nathaniel X ACKLEY, L.S.
Hannah ROWLEY, William SPENCER Jr.

Court Record, Page 8 -21 Mar 1709/10: Admis. with the will annexed to James ACKLEY and Thomas ROBINSON.

          Page 17 - 3 Jul 1710: Whereas this Court, the 14th of August, 1705, did appoint John ACKLEY and Nathaniel ACKLEY of Haddam to be guardians to Thomas, Job, Hannah, and Anne, four children of Thomas ACKLEY, late of Haddam, decd, ant the sd. Nathaniel ACKLEY being lately dead, the sd. John now appears and offers to take the guardianship upon himself.

          Record on File: 14 May 1711: We the undersigned have received into our hands both real and personal estate of Thomas ROBINSON and James ACKLEY, Adms. to sd. estate that doth belong to our children.
      William SPENCER
      Samuel ACKLEY
      Edward X PURPLE
      Thomas GIPSON
      John ACKLEY