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Geographical-Topographical-The "Loving Parting" between Saybrook and Lyme-Ecclesiastical History-Congregational Church, Grassy Hill-Congregational Church, Hamburg-Baptist Church, North Lyme-Baptist Church, Hadlyme-Civil and Military History-Organization of the Town-Representative from 1667-1882-Military Record.

The town of Lyme is locate din the southwestern part of New London County, and is bounded as follows: on the north by Middlesex County and the town of Salem, on the east by East Lyme, on the south by Old Lyme, and on the west by the Connecticut River, which separates it from Middlesex County. Its surface is hilly but generally fertile. Although this portion of ancient Lyme retains the original name, the first settlement was made in what is now Old Lyme, and much of the history of Lyme is given in the history of that town, to which the reader is referred.

The "Loving Parting" between Saybrook and Lyme.-The following is a copy of the articles of agreement executed between the towns of Saybrook and Lyme when the latter was set off as an independent plantation. It is dated Feb. 13, 1665: "Whereas there hath been several propositions betwixt the inhabitants of east side of the River and the inhabitants on the West sid of the River of the towne of Saybrok towards a Loving parting.

"The inhabitants on the east side of the River desiring to be a plantation by themselves; doe declare that they have a competency of Lands to enteraine thirty families.

"They declare that they will pay all arrears of Rates past and all rates Dew by the 2 of May next insuing that belongs into the towne and ministry, to be brought into the townsmen in the town plots, to wit: Richard RAYMENT and Abraham POST now in Place. At the request of thos on the east side of the River to abate them ther proportion belonging to the ministry from the first of maye to the Latter end of January next ensuing, the towns doe consent ther unto, and in case they have not a minister selected amongst them, then they are to pay Rats to the minister on the west side, as formerly, unless a minister be settled amongst them.

"In reference to the Lands of hamanasuk, they on the east side of the River doe fully and freely Resign all their Rights, titles, and claims to all and every parcels of the Lands to the inhabitants of the West side, engaging themselves to afford what help they have amongst them for the Recovery of those Lands, they being Resonably considered for their pains. That the Indians at Nehantic have the Land agreed upon by the covenant maid betwixt the inhabitants of Saybrook and them.

"The above laid articles being agreed upon by the conites chosen on both sides of the River, the inhabitants ease side have Liberty to be an plantation of themselves. In witness whereof the committees chosen on both sides have sett tot heir hands.

"John WALDO, William PRATT, Robert LUZE, William PARKER, Zachariah SANFORD, "For the West Side.

"Nathan GRISWOLD, William WALLER, Renald MARVIN, John LUZE, Sr., Richard SMITH, John COMSTOCK, "For the East Side." Congregational Church, Grassy Hill.-This church was organized in 1755. Rev. Daniel MINER was the first pastor, who was settled in 1757. The following is a list of the pastors that from that time to the present: Daniel Miner, 1757, died April, 1799; Seth LEE, 1817, died October, 1826; Nathaniel MINER, 1827-29; A. ALDEN, 1830-31; Mark MEAD, 1833-36; --WARNER, 1837-38; Oliver BROWN, 1839, died February, 1853; Alpha MILLER, 1853-63; Rev. William A. HYDE, 1864, died in 1874, while in the ministry Benjamin B. HOPKINSON, 1875, present pastor. The present (July, 1881) deacons are William HILL and Richard W. LEE.

Congregational Church, Hamburg.-This church was organized probably in 1727, with Rev. George BECKWITH as first pastor. He died in December, 1785. The pastors from that time to the present have been as follows: David HIGGINS, 1787; David HUNTINGTON, 1803; Asahel NETTLETON, 1813; Josiah HAWES, 1814; Harvey BUSHNELL, 1835; Philip PAYSON, 1838; Charles E. MURDOCK, 1842; James A. MOORE, 1844; Daniel C. TYLER, 1844; Samuel GRISWOLD, 1845; E. F. BURR,1 D.D., 1850, to the present time. [1 Dr. BURR is the author of the following well-known works: "EEcce Cum," "Pater Mundi," "Ad Fidem," "Doctorine of Evolution," WWork in the Vineyard," "Toward the Strait Gate," "Sunday Afternoon," "Thy Voyage," "From Dark to Day," "Dio, the Athenian."] Before the division of the town this was the third church in Lyme, now the first. After Mr. HUNTINGTON's death the pulpit was supplied one year by the Middlesex Association. There was a revival under Mr. NETTLETON's labors, attended with great solemnity and deep conviction of sin, promoted by the preaching of the distinguishing doctrines of the gospel; thirty-one added. Also in April, 1824, a work of divine grace commenced under the ministration of Rev. Noah C. SAXTON, progressed rapidly, and forty-eight were added, four of whom entered the ministry. In April, 1831, Rev. Warren G. JONES commenced assisting Mr. HAWES, and a powerful revival followed, adding forty-five to the church. There was also a revival in the winter of 1836, and there have been several since.

The present deacons are Allen GRIFFIN and Thomas B. PECK.

Baptist Church, North Lyme.-This church was organized in 1810, by the covenant union of six members. During the year twenty-five others were added, and one in the following year. During the first three yeas Elder Asa WILCOX administered the church ordinances.

In 1813, Brother Matthew BOLLES was ordained pastor, and continued three years, during which thirty-seven were added. He was succeeded by Elder William PALMER, who continued six years, and twenty-five more were added. In 1822, Brother Jabez S. SWAN received a license to preach the gospel. The two succeeding years they had no stated pastor, but sustained the ordinances of the church through the ministry of several of the Lord's ambassadors, and during the time were encouraged by the addition of twenty-four by baptism.

In 1824, Brother Henry STANWOOD commenced laboring with them, and rendered essential service by setting things in order, and inducing a good degree of discipline. He was subsequently ordained. During his ministry thirty-four were added to the church by baptism.

in 1827, Elder Tubal WAKEFIELD accepted the pastorate, and Brother J. PILGRIM and James STARK were licensed. Their numbers continued about the same. In 1830 they were again without a pastor, but the ordinances of the church were administered to them by Elder B. G. GOFF, and though laboring under such disadvantages, the church enjoyed a good degree of prosperity.

In 1831, Elder Alvin ACKLEY became pastor, and thus continuing three years, during which the church was strengthened in grace as well as in numbers. The same might be said of the two succeeding years, when Elder Andrew M. SMITH dispensed to them the word of life.

In 1846, Elder Ebenezer LOOMIS accepted the pastorate for one year, when he was succeeded by Elder E. DENISON, about one year, when he again succeeded, and continued two years. During their pastorship the church prospered. For a few months they were again without a pastor, then for a short time Elder Willson COGSWELL labored successfully among them.

In 1842, Elder Thomas DOWLING commenced his labors with them, during whose ministry of almost four years many difficulties were passed through and much good accomplished.

In 1846, Elder Chester TILDEN succeeded to the pastorate, and was followed by Elder Simeon SHAILER. Brother W. W. MEECH was ordained their present pastor in June, 1850. Their present number of members is one hundred and forty-four.

Baptist Church, Hadlyme.-Early in the present century a few families had Baptist members, but, scattered and disorganized, they were incapable of exerting any efficient influence. They were, however, visited occasionally by Elders Matthew BOLLES and Simeon SHAILER, whose labors were blessed, and thus a branch of the North Lyme Baptist Church was established.

In 1820 this branch was organized into a church, under its present name, and for several years enjoyed a good degree of prosperity, but at length, in 1840, through dissensions, the church became extinct.

In 1849 it was reorganized, when ten were added, marking their whole number thirty-two. They were supplied by Brother William HARRIS in 1851.

Civil and Military History.-This town was organized in 1667, and is one of the oldest civil organizations in the State of Connecticut. A portion of the present town of East Lyme was set off in 1839, and the town of Old Lyme in 1855.


1670.-Reinold MARVIN.
1671.-Mathew GRISWOLD, Ens. William WALLER.
1672.-Mathew GRISWOLD, Lieut. William WALLER, Reinold MARVIN.
1673.-Mathew GRISWOLD, Sergt. Reinold MARVIN.
1674.-Mathew GRISWOLD, Sergt. Reinold MARVIN.
1675.-Lieut. Reinold MARVIN.
1676.-Lieut. Reinold MARVIN, William MEASURE, Jos. PECK, Thomas LEE, absent.
1677.-Mathew GRISWOLD, William MEASURE.
1678.-Mathew GRISWOLD, Richard SMITH.
1679.-Mathew GRISWOLD, Richard SMITH.
1680.-William MEASURE, Mathew GRISWOLD.
1681.-Mathew GRISWOLD, William MEASURE.
1682.-Mathew GRISWOLD, Lieut. Abram BRUNSON.
1683.-Mathew GRISWOLD, William MEASURE.
1684.-Mathew GRISWOLD, William MEASURE.
1685.-William MEASURE, Sergt. Thomas LEE.
1686.-William MEASURE, Capt. Joseph SCILL, Lieut. Abram BRUNSON.
1687.-Lieut. Abram BRUNSON.
1688.-Sir Edmond ANDROSS, Governor.
1689.-Lieut. Abram BRUNSON.
1690.-Capt. Jos. SCILL, Ens. Jos. PECK, William ELY.
1691.-Capt. Joseph SCILL, abs., Lieut. Abram BRUNSON, Ens. Joseph PECK.
1692.-William ELY, LIeut. Abram BRUNSON.
1693.-William ELY, Lieut. Isaac BRUNSON, Isack WATERHOUSE.
1694.-William ELY, Lieut. Abram BRUNSON.
1695.-William ELY, Abram BRUNSON, Ens. PECK.
1696.-Wilt EELIE, Mathew GRISWOLD, abs., Joseph PECK.
1697.-Capt. Wilt EELIE, Ens. Joseph PECK.
1698.-Capt. Wilt EELYE, Ens. Joseph PECK, Lieut. Abraham BROWNSON.
1699.-Capt. Wilt EELYE, Ens. Joseph PECK, Lieut. Abraham BROWNSON.
1700.-Capt. Wilt EELYE, Ens. Joseph PECK, Thomas BRADFORD.
1701.-Lieut. Abraham BROWNSON, Capt. William EEELYE, Deacon Joseph PECK.
1702.-Ens. Joseph PECK, Capt. William EELY, Ens. Joseph PECK.
1703.-Capt. William EEELYE, Ensign Joseph PECK, Lieut. Abraham BROWNSON.
1704.-Capt. William EELEY, Ensign Joseph PECK, Mathew GRISWOLD, Thomas BRADFORD.
1705.-Capt. William ELY, Ensign Joseph PECK.
1706.-Capt. William ELY,1 Ensign Joseph PECK. [1 Names of deputies without towns are given in 1706, but these are undoubtedly correct.] 1707.-Capt. William EELY, Mathew GRISWOLD.
1708.-Capt. William EELY, Joseph PACK, Thomas BRADFORD, Mathew GRISWOLD.
1709.-Capt. William EELY, Joseph PECK, Abraham BROWNSON, John LEE.
1710.-Joseph PECK, Mathew GRISWOLD.
1711.-Capt. William EELY, Reynold MARVIN, Abraham BROWNSON, Samuel MARVIN.
1712.-Ensign John COLT, Mr. Renold MARVIN, Abraham BROWNSON, Capt. William EELY.
1713.-Capt. William EELY, Renold MARVIN, Abraham BRUNSON, Thomas LEE.
1714.-Lieut. Abram BRUNSON, Thomas LEE.
1715.-Lieut. Abram BRUNSON, Thomas LEE, Capt. William ELY.
1716.-Thomas LEE, Lieut. Abram BRUNSON, Reginald MARVIN.
1717.-Abram BRUNSON, William MINOR, Thomas LEE.
1718.-Abraham BRUNSON, Reinold MARVIN, John COLT.
1719.-Thomas LEE, Richard ELY, Lieut. John COLT, Richard LORD.
1720.-Capt. Reignold MARVIN, Lieut. John COLT, Aaron HUNTLY, Thomas LEE.
1721.-Capt. Reignold MARVIN, John GRISWOLD.
1722-23.-Lieut. John COLT, Samuel MARVIN, Capt. Reignold MARVIN.
1724.-Thomas LEE, Richard ELY, Capt. Reignold MARVIN, Capt. John COLT.
1725.-Capt. Reignold MARVIN, Jno. GRISWOLD, Thomas LEE, Richard ELY.
1726.-Thomas LEE, Richard ELY, Capt. John COLT.
1727.-Thomas LEE, Capt. Reignold MARVIN.
1728.-Capt. John COLT, Capt. Reignold MARVIN, Richard ELY, Stephen LEE.
1729.-Stephen LEE, Daniel ELY, Capt. John COULT, Richard LORD.
1730.-Richard LORD, John LEE, Capt. John COLT, Capt. Stephen LEE.
1731.-Capt. John COLT, Capt. Stephen LEE.
1732.-Richard LORD, John LEE.
1733.-Richard LORD, Stephen LEE, John GRISWOLD.
1734.-John GRISWOLD, John LEE< Daniel ELY.
1735.-John GRISWOLD, John LEE, Richard LORD, Daniel ELY.
1736.-Richard LORD, Stephen LEE, John GRISWOLD, John LEE.
1737.-John GRISWOLD, Richard LORD, Richard ELY.
1738.-John GRISWOLD, Capt. John LEE, Capt. Daniel ELY.
1739.-John GRISWOLD, Joseph LEE, Capt. Stephen LEE, Capt. Daniel ELY.
1740.-John GRISWOLD, Joseph LEE, Richard LORD.
1741.-Capt. Stephen LEE, Maj. Daniel ELY, John GRISWOLD.
1742.-John GRISWOLD, Richard LORD, Capt. Stephen LEE, Maj. Daniel ELY.
1743.-John GRISWOLD, Richard LORD, Capt. John LEE.
1744.-Maj. Daniel ELY, Capt. Samuel SELDEN, John GRISWOLD, Capt. John LEE.
1745.-John GRISWOLD, John LEE, Maj. Daniel ELY.
1746.-John GRISWOLD, Richard LORD, Capt. Elisha SHELDON.
1747.-Capt. Elisha SHELDON, Richard LORD.
1748.-Richard LORD, Capt. Elisha SHELDON, Capt. Mathew GRISWOLD.
1749.-John GRISWOLD, Capt. Elisha SHELDON, Maj. Daniel ELY.
1750.-Daniel ELY, John LAY, Joseph MATHEWS.
1751.-Capt. Mathew GRISWOLD, Eleazer MATHER, Capt. Nathan JEWETT, Daniel ELY.
1752.-John GRISWOLD, Richard LORD, Capt. Nathan JEWETT.
1753.-Richard LORD, Capt. Nathan JEWETT, Richard LORD, John GRISWOLD.
1754.-John LAY, Uriah ROLLAND, Richard LORD, John GRISWOLD.
1755.-Capt. William ELY, Richard WAIT, Capt. Matthew GRISWOLD, Capt. Nathan JEWETT.
1756.-John GRISWOLD, Capt. Matthew GRISWOLD.
1757.-John GRISWOLD, Samuel ELY, Capt. Matthew MARVIN.
1758.-George DORR, Capt. Matthew GRISWOLD, Uriah ROWLAND.
1759.-Capt. Matthew GRISWOLD, (chosen assistant), Uriah ROWLAND (excluded), Capt. Samuel ELY, Eleazer MATTHEW.
1760.-Capt. Samuel ELY, George DORR, Capt. RICHARD, Capt. Nathan JEWIT.
1761.-Maj. Daniel ELY, John LAY (2), Richard MATHER, William NOYES.
1762-63.-John LAY (2), Samuel SELDEN, Samuel Holden PARSONS.
1764.-John LAY, Samuel Holden PARSONS.
1765.-William NOYES, Samuel SELDEN.
1766.-John LAY (2), Samuel SELDEN, Capt. Joseph MATHER, Capt. Elisha MARVIN.
1767.-Samuel Holden PARSONS, William NOYES, John LAY (2).
1768.-Samuel Holden PARSONS, Ezra SELDEN, Semuel SELDEN.
1769.-Samuel Holden PARSONS, John LAY (2).
1770.-John LAY (2), Capt. Joseph MATHER, Maj. Samuel Holden PARSONS, Eleazer MATHER.
1771.-Maj. Samuel H. PARSONS, William NOYES, Samuel SELDEN.
1772.-Maj. Samuel H. PARSONS, Samuel SELDEN, John LAY (2).
1773.-Maj. Samuel H. PARSONS, Samuel SELDEN, William NOYES.
1774.-William NOYES, John LAY (2), Ezra SELDEN.
1775.-Marshfield PARSONS, Ezra SELDEN.
1776.-S. SELDEN, M. PARSONS, John LAY (2).
1777.-William NOYES, S. ELY, John LAY (2).
1779.-E. SELDEN, R. WAIT, Jr.
1780.-William NOYES, M. PARSONS, Moses WARREN.
1781.-Seth ELY, R. WAIT, S. MATHER.
1782.-Ezra SELDEN, M. MATSON.
1783.-Ezra SELDEN, N. MATSON, Richard WAIT, Seth Ely.
1784.-Ezra SELDEN.
1786.-Andrew GRISWOLD, D. F. SILL, Seth ELY.
1787.-R. WAIT, Jr., M. PARSONS, John GRIFFIN, Ezra SELDEN.
1788.-Seth Ely, D. F. SILL, John GRIFFIN, William NOYES.
1790.-Ezra SELDEN, Matthew GRISWOLD, Samuel MATHER.
1791.-William NOYES, M. LEACH, Lemuel LEE.
1792.-S. MATHER, M. LEACH, Lemuel LEE, Samuel PERKINS.
1793.-S. MATHER, James HUNTLEY, Lemuel LEE, I. REEVE.
1794.-M. GRISWOLD, D. F. SILL, Samuel MATHER, Elisha WAY.
1795.-Israel REEVE, Ezra WAIT, M. GRISWOLD, Jr., D. F. SILL.
1796.-Israel REEVE, E. SELDEN, M. GRISWOLD, Jr., D. F. SILL.
1797.-L. LEE, Israel REESE, M. GRISWOLD, Jr., John NOYES.
1798.-D. F. SILL, M. GRISWOLD, Jr.
1799.-D. F. SILL, Moses WARREN, M, GRISWOLD, Jr., D. M. JEWETT.
1805.-N. MATSON, Calvin SELDEN, Roger GRISWOLD, George BECKWITH.
1806-12.-Richard McCURDY.
1806.-David M. JEWETT.
1806-17.-N. WATSON.
1806-14.-P. WARNER.
1807.-Seth SMITH.
1807-09.-William NOYES.
1807-15.-C. SELDEN.
1808.-D. M. JEWETT.
1809.-Seth ELY, Jr.
1810-12.-William STERLING.
1810-15.-E. SELDEN.
1811.-Joseph NOYES.
1812-14.-Henry PERKINS.
1813-15.-Charles GRISWOLD.
1815-16.-Henry M. WAIT.
1816-31.-E. BROCKWAY.
1816.-H. TINKER.
1816-17.-Charles SMITH.
1817-23.-R. E. SELDEN.
1817-31.-Moses WARNER.
1818-32.-P. COMSTOCK.
1818-30.-S. B. MATHER.
1821.-D. ANDERSON.
1821-32.-J. S. ROGERS.
1822-30.-Joel LOOMIS.
1834-43.-J. R. WARNER.
1825-20.-O. COUTS.
1827-43.-Charles J. McCURDY.
1828.-Z. BROCKWAY, Jr.
1834-38-48.-S. C. SELDEN.
1834.-C. STARK.
1836.-Lodowich BILL, S. CHAMPION.
1837.-J. L. SMITH, N. TIFFANY.
1839.-Joseph STRICKLAND.
1839-45.-C. C. GRISWOLD.
1840.-S. I. LORD.
1841.-William MARVIN.
1842.-D. M. JEWETT.
1843.-J. W. BILL.
1844.-S. S. WARNER.
1845.-William SPENCER.
1846.-R. E. SELDEN, Jr., J. M. BEEBE.
1847.-R. LORD, O. I. LAY.
1848.-R. L. LORD.
1849-58-59.-Z. BROCKWAY.
1849.-James A. BILL.
1850.-N. STARK, T. W. SWAN.
1851.-M. S. PARKER, Joseph WARNER.
1852.-C. P. STARK, J. R. WARREN.
1853.-J. C. COMSTOCK, Charles E. TIFFANY.
1855.-Daniel MORLEY, Joseph SELDEN.
1856.-S. C. ELY, R. L. SELDEN.
1857.-C. H. WOOD, F. FOSDICK.
1858-66.-E. D. BROCKWAY.
1859.-William HALL.
1860.-Horace ELY, S. P. ANDERSON.
1861.-E. GEER, A. STARK.
1862.-Charles A. TIFFANY, Joseph BEEBE.
1864.-J. L. LORD, Robert DAWLEY.
1865.-Nathan STARK, William MARVIN.
1866-71.-D. C. WARNER.
1867.-A. C. G. RATHBUN, James A. BILL.
1868.-B. A. RATHBUN, H. B. ROYCE.
1869.-H. S. LORD, J. F. LAPLACE.
1870.-M. S. PARKER, Elihu GEER.
1871.-R. M. JEWETT.
1872.-B. P. BILL, Charles STARK.
1873-76-78.-H. B. SISSON.
1873.-H. L. PARKER.
1874.-E. E. BROCKWAY, J. M. LORD.
1875.-J. G. ELY, P. L. GILLETT.
1876.-O. B. STERLING.
1877.-J. L. RAYMOND, J. H. LORD.
1878.-Reuben LORD.
1879.-No election.
1881.-J. W. BILL, J. F. LAPLACE.

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