First series.
A Family Register for the People
By James N. Arnold
Editor of the Narrangansett Historical Register
"Is My Name Written in the Book of Life?"
VOL. VIII. Episcopal and Congregational
Published under the Auspices of the General Assembly.

Providence, R.I.:
Narragansett Historical Publishing Company

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]





From May 1, 1848 to Dec. 15, 1874


These marriages are 219 in number and performed by the following clerymen:
From Jan. 1, 1848 to April 24, 1851, R. Livesey 26.
to May 11, 1856, Elisha Grant, 30.
to Nov. 16, 1858, Andrew McKeoun, 21.
to May 11, 1862, David H. Ella, 23.
to June 10, 1864, Samuel F. Upham, 23.
to Nov. 30, M.J. Talbot, 13.
to May 10, 1868, F. Snowden Thomas, 31.
to April 16, 1870, D.A. Wheeden, 13.
to May 8, 1872, G.L. Westgate, 13.
to July 3, 1873, E.M. Smith, 1.
to Dec. 15, 1874, W.F. Howland, 13.

Mary A.N. Alger and Sylvanus L. Pearce, April 11, 1859.

Charles S. Allen and Amey D. Northup, June 1, 1856.
Thomas D. Allen, of New Shoreham, and Mary E. Kenney, of Bristol, Dec. 5, 1865.
Almira Allen and Isaac L. Hyde, April 18, 1874.

Emeline C. Allyn and Charles Wachter, March 14, 1865.

John A. Angell, of Providence, and Anna W. Usher, of Bristol, Aug. 24, 1865.

Joseph Anthony, of Portsmouth, and Caroline Boyd, of Bristol, Nov. 23, 1859.
Charles W. Anthony, of Fall River, and Julia F. Gladding, of Bristol, Sept. 3, 1862.

Sarah Argroves and Leonard Waldron Jr., July 4, 1852.

Seth Arnold, of Woonsocket, and Abby A. Tillinghast, of Bristol, Aug. 28, 1851.

George O. Ashworth and Fanny Moore, of Warren, Oct. 21, 1848.

Oliver M. Atkinson and Sarah J. Peckham, both of Newport, July 4, 1867.

Anna E. Baker and Cornelius Eddy, Jan. 29, 1860.
Sarah J. Baker and Charles H. Borden, Feb. 27, 1862.
Ermin A. Baker, of Providence, and Ann R. Pearse, of Bristol, Feb. 22, 1866.

Seneture S. Barnard and Phebe A. Williston, June 12, 1848.

Benjamin Barrus and Zilpha Ann Field, June 26, 1849.
Althea R. Barrus and John Everson, June 11, 1852.
Phebe M. Barrus and John R. Grant, Dec. 12, 1852.

Sarah M. Bennett and Charles D. Eddy, March 9, 1862.
Elizabeth A. Bennett and Benjamin F. Hoar, Dec. 24, 1863.
Abbie B. Bennett and N. Andrew Dean, Nov. 30, 1865.
Julia F. Bennett and James H. Hoar, Oct. 27, 1870.

Peddy Bliss and William A. Franklin, Sept. 12, 1848.

Barney Blossom and Nancy M. Davis, of Somerset, Dec. 25, 1849.

Julia L. Blye and Theodore M. Smith, Nov. 7, 1861.

Charles H. Borden and Sarah J. Baker, Feb. 27, 1862.

Mary A. Bosworth and Isaac Brayley, Aug. 8, 1852.

Maria F. Bowler and Thomas F. Lindsey, Jan. 10, 1850.
Abby C. Bowler and William J. Reynolds, July 3, 1851.
Phebe A. Bowler and Charles H. Williams, Jan. 1, 1852.
John M. Bowler and Anna C. Gladding, May 11, 1856.
Charles F. Bowler, of Portsmouth, and Susan F. Munro, of Bristol, June 10, 1864.
Mary E. Bowler and Frederick P. Manchester, Nov. 6, 1864.
Ann E. Bowler and Abner J. Sisson, April 9, 1865.
Louisa B.T. Bowler and Oliver H. Perry, March 14, 1866.

Richard Boyd and Susan Elizabeth Dennis, March 27, 1859.
Caroline Boyd and Joseph Anthony, Nov. 23, 1859.
Mary Boyd and Charles H. Gooding, May 21, 1863.

Elliott William Brainard, of South Glastenbury, Conn., and Sarah Kate Sisson, of Bristol, June 27, 1867.

Isaac Brayley, of New Bedford, and Mary A. Bosworth, of Bristol, Aug. 8, 1852.

Ellen J. Broderick and Edward E. Marble, Aug. 3, 1862.

John C. Brown, of Providence, and Mary Renelta, col., of Bristol, June 26, 1865.
Emma J. Brown and William R. DeWolf, Nov. 5, 1868.
Samuel S. Brown, of Smithfield, and Ann W. Thompson, May 7, 1870.

James E. Buffinton and Mary A. Manchester, Nov. 27, 1862.
Ellen Irene Buffinton and Charles Seymour Darling, Nov. 30, 1865.

Amos K. Bullock and Julia E. Miggott, Nov. 26, 1868.
Nancy R. Bullock and Samuel A. Taylor, April 26, 1870.

Hosea C. Bumpus, of Warren, and Emma B. Shipley, of Bristol, Dec. 20, 1857.

John N. Burgess and Hannah Sparks, Feb. 3, 1850.
Joseph B. Burgess and Abbie B. Mason, Dec. 5, 1860.

Jacob Burt, of Taunton, and Anna Stoddard, of Bristol, Oct. 5, 1859.

Emma W. Burton and George F. Easterbrook, Oct. 29, 1870.

Elizabeth A. Bush and William C. Manchester, Oct. 15, 1863.

Fanny Cain and John M. Stowe, May 25, 1861.

James B. Card and Mary E. Franklin, July 17, 1861.
James T. Card and Martha Redfern, Aug. 19, 1862.
Henry F. Card and Rosina M. DeCosta, Dec. 24, 1867.
Susan E. Card and George T. Gladding, Jan. 8, 1868.

Charles N. Chace, of Portsmouth, and Hattie R. Tanner, of Warren, May 14, 1870.
Alpheus A. Chace and Josephine Leslie, both of Swansey, July 4, 1873.
Robert H. Chace and Henriettta Ford, Feb. 8, 1874.

Samuel R. Chaffee and Laura A. Munro, April 24, 1867.

Rosalie Chosen and Frank Grammais, Jan. 9, 1868.

Betsey E. Church and Edward L. Hunt, Nov. 16, 1858.
Robert N. Church, of Providence, and Hattie H. Freeborn, of Bristol, June 10, 1868.

Louisa Clarke and John Howland, Oct. 27, 1848.
Augustus P. Clarke and Mary H. Gray, Oct. 23, 1861.
Richard R. Clarke and Georgia A. Hicks, col., Nov. 23, 1862.

Sarah Clough and James Standring, Feb. 25, 1865.

Isaac N. Cobb, of Clinton, Conn., and Elizabeth M. Sayer, of Bristol, Oct. 19, 1856.

Emily P. Coggeshall and John M. Munro, May 11, 1852.
William H. Coggeshall, of Warren, and Mary E. Munro, of Bristol, Jan. 7, 1859.
Lucy M. Coggeshall and John Laurence, April 21, 1861.

Joseph E.Cole, of Warren, and Mary Kate Peckham, of Bristol, Oct. 12, 1857.
Charles Cole and Phebe A. Handy, May 8, 1858.
Shubael B. Cole and Sarah B. Munro, May 11, 1862.

Abby J. Collins and Samuel Smith, Dec. 26, 1857.
Susan E. Collins and Daman D. Young, Sept. 7, 1870.

Giles S. Congdon and Mary E. Mason, Nov. 15, 1870.

Harriet F. Cooke and William Pearce, Aug. 17, 1852.
Caroline B. Cooke and Gustavus T. Gray, Jan. 2, 1853.

Mary E. Coomer and William A. Martin, Nov. 20, 1851.

Hannah Coop and Thomas Riley, Oct. 10, 1868.

Joseph E. Cornell and Abbie A. Manchester, Dec. 17, 1862.

William H. Cory, of Portsmouth, and Emily Doty, of Bristol, May 6, 1863.

Margaret Cotterall and William Kenyon, April 30, 1870.

George Cross and Mary Ellen Greene, Jan. 14, 1867.

Lydia B. Crump and Elisha L. Munro, Dec. 26, 1852.
Lydia Crump and Jeremiah W. Munro, Jan. 12, 1867.

Joseph Dailey, of Providence, and Mary E. Hazard of Bristol, Dec. 13, 1866.

Abraham Dakin and Ellen A. Timperley, June 16, 1860.

Charles Seymour Darling and Ellen Irene Buffington, Nov. 30, 1865.
Nellie F. Darling and George J. Hazard, March 8, 1872.

Samuel Davenport, of Little Compton, and Sarah E. Simmons, of Portsmouth, Sept. 17, 1851.
Sarah Elizabeth Davenport and Norris Day Sterry, Aug. 21, 1873.

Nancy M. Davis and Barney Blossom, Dec. 25, 1849.
Mary S. Davis and George W. Douglass, Dec. 1, 1857.
Isaiah H. Davis and Jane E. Slade, col., May 27, 1863.
William J. Davis and Elizabeth A. Smith, Oct. 17, 1868.

N. Andrew Dean, of Norton, Mass., and Abbie B. Bennett, of Bristol, Nov. 30, 1865.

Rosina M. DeCosta and Henry F. Card, Dec. 24, 1867.

Susan Elizabeth Dennis and Richard Boyd, March 27, 1859.

Alice M. DeWolf and Stephen A. Gray, June 30, 1851.
Emma DeWolf and Charles E. Read, col., Nov. 8, 1859.
William R. DeWolf and Emma J. Brown, Nov. 5, 1868.
Anna P. DeWolf and Carrington P. Slade, Feb. 16, 1869.

Joanna Diman and Benjamin H. Whitford, Nov. 29, 1848.
William James Diman and Catherine Mickle, Nov. 23, 1851.
Susan C. Diman and Bradford L. Easterbrooks, Feb. 5, 1874.

Harriet J. Dorsey and William Greenville, Sept. 14, 1860.

Emily Doty and William H. Cory, May 6, 1863.
Sarah Doty and William H. Sanford, May 6, 1863.

George W. Douglass and Mary S. Davis, Dec. 1, 1857.

William Dunbar and Hannah H. Gladding, May 1, 1848.
Robert R. Dunbar and Sarah M. Guyton, June 1, 1856.
John A. Dunbar and Sarah E. Wilmarth, Oct. 4, 1866.
Mary E. Dunbar and Joseph N. Morris, Jan. 31, 1867.

Rebecca Dykes and David F. Gibbs, May 15, 1857.

John Easterbrooks and Harriet Jane Whitford, Nov. 23, 1848.
Mary L. Easterbrooks and Nelson Waldron, Dec. 17, 1860.
George T. Easterbrooks and Mary Ann Gladding, Oct. 6, 1866.
Maria L. Easterbrooks and Albert A. Munro, May 16, 1868.
George F. Easterbrooks and Emma W. Burton, Oct. 29, 1870.
Crawford L. Easterbrooks and Susan C. Diman, Feb. 5, 1874.

Cornelius Eddy and Anna E. Baker, Jan. 29, 1860.
Charles D. Eddy and Sarah M. Bennett, March 9, 1862.
Annie Maria Eddy and Henry E. Paul, Jan. 16, 1868.

Cyrus H. Edson, of New Bedford, and Rachel J. Sparks, of Bristol, Dec. 31, 1848.

Henry W. Ellis, of Providence, and Abby W. Leonard, of Bristol, Aug. 23, 1849.

John Everson, of Fall River, and Althea R. Barrus, of Bristol, June 11, 1852.

Mary A. Farnum and William B. Meigs, Jan. 16, 1853.

Zilpha Ann Field and Benjamin Barrus, June 26, 1849.

Bennett J. Fish, of Portsmouth, and Eliza F. Manchester, of Bristol, March 8, 1860.
Richard Fish and Mrs. Eliza A. Hanley, both of Tiverton, Nov. 16, 1860.
E. Augustus Fish, of Milford, Mass., and Harriet S. Pearse, of Bristol, Dec. 19, 1860.
Stephen F. Fish and Elizabeth P. Manchester, April 7, 1865.

John W. Fisher, of Providence, and Mary C. Meshan, of Bristol, Feb. 23, 1869.

Emma E. Fletcher and William Magee, Oct. 19, 1867.

Anne B. Ford and Herman J. Kemp, July 4, 1870.
Henrietta Ford and Robert H. Chase, Feb. 8, 1874.

William A. Franklin, of Swansey, and Peddy Bliss, of Rehoboth, Sept. 12, 1848.
Mary E. Franklin and James B. Cord, July 17, 1861.
Richard B. Franklin and Sarah S. Gladding, Oct. 17, 1861.
Martha A. Franklin and Edward W. Spencer, Dec. 13, 1857.

Augusta H. Freeborn and Ezekiel Rich, July 25, 1861.
Hattie H. Freeborn and Robert N. Church, June 10, 1868.

Matthias Frederic and Mary E. Lindsey, Sept. 5, 1849.

Charles Freeman and Mary A. Tomson, Jan. 30, 1853.

Phelena A. Fuller and Richard Smith, Jan. 11, 1853.

John Gage, of New York, and Mrs. Jane Munro, of Bristol, May 17, 1860.

Andrew J. Gale, of Providence, and Lizzie B. Pearse, of Bristol, Nov. 24, 1862.

Mary Garrett and Archibald McArthur, July 3, 1873.

Sarah M. Gayton and Robert R. Dunbar, June 1, 1856.

David F. Gibbs, of New York, and Rebecca Dykes, of Warren, May 15, 1857.

Joseph Gifford 2d and Rachel T. Gladding, April 30, 1867.
Julia A. Gifford and James D. Wardwell Jr., Oct. 28, 1868.

Hannah H. Gladding and William Dunbar, May 1, 1848.
Samuel Gladding, of Bristol, and Abby A. Sweet, of Providence, July 6, 1851.
Daniel P. Gladding, of Albany, N.Y., and Mary E. Walton, of Bristol, Oct. 9, 1851.
Anna C. Gladding and John M. Bowler, May 11, 1856.
Lucretia Gladding and William G. Wilcox, Dec. 26, 1858.
Sarah S. Gladding and Richard B. Franklin, Oct. 17, 1861.
Julia F. Gladding and Charles W. Anthony, Sept. 3, 1862.
John Gladding and Carrie E. Swan, Aug. 9, 1863.
Sarah Gladding and James B. white, Aug. 25, 1863.
Mary Ann Gladding and George T. Easterbrooks, Oct. 6, 1866.
Rachel T. Gladding and Joseph Gifford 2d, April 30, 1867.
George T. Gladding and Susan E. Card, Jan. 8, 1868.
Olive Gladding and Ambrose Waldron 2d, Sept. 1, 1868.
Mary E. Gladding and John R. Montross, Nov. 3, 1870.

Charles H. Gooding and Mary Boyd, May 21, 1863.

Frank Grammais and Rosalie Chosen, Jan. 9, 1868.

John R. Grant, of Providence, and Phebe M. Barrus, of Bristol, Dec. 12, 1852.
Ardelia B. Grant and Frederick L. Warner, June 16, 1874.

Stephen A. Gray and Alice M. DeWolf, June 30, 1851.
William B. Gray and Martha H. White, April 5, 1852.
Gustavus T. Gray and Caroline B. Cooke, Jan. 2, 1853.
Julia C.H. Gray and James C. Harding, Nov. 12, 1857.
Mary H. Gray and Augustus P. Clarke, Oct. 23, 1861.

Mary A. Greene and William M. Simmons, Dec. 9, 1849.
George T. Greene and Maria Munro, Nov. 18, 1852.
Mary F. Greene and Moses Wood, March 5, 1865.
Mary Ellen Greene and George Cross, Jan. 14, 1867.

William Greenville and Harriet J. Dorsey, both of Providence, Sept. 14, 1860.

Alice Grover and Martin Mahan, Jan. 23, 1865.

Martha F. Guild and Benjamin S. Smith, Aug. 2, 1849.

Phebe A. Handy and Charles Cole, May 8, 1858.
George E. Handy and Anna M. Manchester, Feb. 8, 1866.

Mrs. Eliza A. Handley and Richard Fish, Nov. 16, 1860.

Ellen A. Hanger and Pardon T. Kenney, Jan. 12, 1861.

James G. Harding, of New Bedford, and Julia C.H. Gray, of Bristol, Nov. 12, 1857.

Mary E. Hazard and Joseph Dailey, Dec. 13, 1866.
George J. Hazard, of Providence, and Nellie F. Darling, of Bristol, March 8, 1872.

Georgia A. Hicks and Rachel R. Clarke, col., Nov. 23, 1862.

John F. Hoar and Mary Tillinghast, April 19, 1857.
Benjamin F. Hoar and Elizabeth A. Bennett, Dec. 24, 1863.
James H. Hoar and Julia F. Bennett, Oct. 27, 1870.

Dorothea T. Horton and Jesse Wilson, Jan. 16, 1867.

John Howland and Louisa Clarke, Oct. 27, 1848.
Phebe Howland and Robert Thompson, col., June 14, 1865.
Mehitable E. Howland and Thomas Robinson, May 10, 1868.

Edward L. Hunt and Betsey E. Church, Nov. 16, 1858.

Isaac Hyde and Almira Allen, April 19, 1874.

Zwar E. Jameson, of Irasburgh, U.C., and Mary E. Wilcox, of Bristol, June 25, 1860.

Thomas W. Joy, of Cuba, and Abby Peters, of Wrentham, Sept. 10, 1857.

Lucy Kelley and Thomas Wood, Nov. 4, 1857.
Hiram B. Kelley, of Worcester, Mass., and Emily S. Waldron, of Bristol, Jan. 26, 1865.

Herman J. Kempf and Anne B. Ford, July 4, 1870.

Susan E. Kenney and Henry B. Martin, Oct. 13, 1857.
Pardon T. Kenney and Ellen A. Hanger, Jan. 12, 1861.
Mary E. Kenney and Thomas D. Allen, Dec. 5, 1865.

William Kenyon and Margaret Cotterall, April 30, 1870.

Sarah Kinder and William C.B. Weeks, April 1, 1871.

Abbie J. Knowles and George E. Luther, Sept. 10, 1873.

Sarah A. Lake and Hiram C. Luce, Jan. 5, 1852.

John Lawrence and Lucy M. Coggeshall, April 21, 1861.

John H. Leonard, of Providence, and Ann E. Peabody, of Bristol, Dec. 3, 1848.
Abby W. Leonard and Henry W. Ellis, Aug. 23, 1849.

Josephine Leslie and Alpheus A. Chace, July 4, 1873.

Ruth Lincoln and Elisha Potrage, June 24, 1849.
Eliza S. Lincoln and George N. White, Sept. 3, 1849.

Mary E. Lindsey and Matthias Frederic, Sept. 5, 1849.
Thomas F. Lindsey and Maria E. Bowler, Jan. 10, 1850.
Mary D. Lindsey and George A. Peckham, Dec. 25, 1873.

Elizabeth A. Liscomb and Richard W. Liscomb Jr., Dec. 26, 1870.
Richard W. Liscomb Jr., of Providence, and Elizabeth A. Liscomb, of Bristol, Dec. 26, 1870.

Hiram C. Luce and Sarah A. Lake, Jan. 5, 1852.

Lorenzo V. Luderiz and Mary E. Wilson, June 1, 1861.

George E. Luther, of Pawtucket, and Abbie J. Knowles, of Central Falls, Sept. 10, 1873.
William P. Luther, of Boston, and Mary J. Pollock, of Bristol, May 13, 1874.

William Magee, of Bristol, and Emma E. Fletcher, of Providence, Oct. 19, 1867.

Martin Mahan, of Providence, and Alice Grover, of Bristol, Jan. 23, 1865.

Eliza F. Manchester and Bennett J. Fish, March 8, 1860.
Mary A. Manchester and James E. Buffinton, Nov. 27, 1862.
Abbie A. Manchester and James E. Cornell, Dec. 17, 1862.
William C. Manchester and Elizabeth A. Bush, Oct. 15, 1863.
Frederick P. Manchester and Mary E. Bowler, of Portsmouth, Nov. 6, 1864.
Elizabeth P. Manchester and Stephen F. Fish, April 7, 1865.
Anna M. Manchester and George E. Handy, Feb. 8, 1866.

Edward E. Marble, of Somerset, and Ellen J. Broderick, of Fall River, Aug. 3, 1862.

William A. Martin and Mary E. Coomer, Nov. 20, 1851.
Henry B. Martin, of Sacramento, Cal., and Susan E. Kenney, of Bristol, Oct. 13, 1857.

James S. Mason and Matilda M. Austin, both of Portsmouth, Dec. 23, 1852.
Abbie B. Mason and Joseph B. Burgess, Dec. 5, 1860.
Ambrose B. Mason and Martha Smith, Nov. 28, 1861.
Mary E. Mason and Giles S. Congdon, Nov. 15, 1870.

Charles H.V. Mayo and Sarah Bowers Munro, April 6, 1865.

Archibald McArthur and Mary Garrett, July 3, 1873.

Richard Elliott McCartney, of New York, and Jane Tanner Sanford, of Bristol, Nov. 20, 1867.

Hugh McDougall, of Chicago, Ill., and Anne E. Munro, of Bristol, May 14, 1867.

James L. Meigs and Mary A. West, May 13, 1848.
William B. Meigs, of Bristol, and Mary A. Farnam, of Skowhegan, Me., Jan. 16, 1853.
James Meigs and Martha M. Munro, June 22, 1862.

Alexander F. Merchant, of Providence, and Josephine Peirce, of Bristol, Feb. 2, 1859.

Mary C. Meshan and John W. Fisher, Feb. 23, 1869.

Catharine Mickle and William James Diman, Nov. 23, 1851.

Julia E. Miggett and Amos K. Bullock, Nov. 26, 1868.

Abby Louisa Miller and Fielding M. Williams, Feb. 17, 1868.

John R. Montross and Mary E. Gladding, Nov. 3, 1870.

Fanny Moore and George C. Ashworth, Oct. 21, 1848.

Joseph N. Morris and Mary E. Dunbar, Jan. 21, 1867.

Jonathan B. Munro and Elizabeth F. Wilson, April 19, 1849.
Mary A. Munro and John D. Smith, June 16, 1851.
John M. Munro and Emily P. Coggeshall, May 11, 1852.
Maria Munro and George T. Greene, Nov. 18, 1852.
Elisha L. Munro and Lydia B. Crump, Dec. 26, 1852.
Samuel N.G. Munro and Amey E. Slade, Feb. 6, 1853.
Emma A. Munro and John H. Newman, Feb. 6, 1858.
Mary E. Munro and William H. Coggeshall, Jan. 7, 1859.
Mrs. Jane Munro and John Gage, May 27, 1860.
Sarah B. Munro and Shubold B. Cole, May 11, 1862.
Martha M. Munro and James Meigs, June 22, 1862.
Ruth A. Munro and John M. Wardwell, June 18, 1863.
Susan F. Munro and Charles F. Bowler, June 10, 1864.
Sarah Bowers Munro and Charles H.V. Mayo, April 6, 1865.
Jeremiah W. Munro and Lydia Crump, Jan. 12, 1867.
Laura A. Munro and Samuel R. Chaffee, April 24, 1867.
Anne E. Munro and Hugh McDougall, May 14, 1867.
Albert A. Munro and Maria L. Easterbrooks, May 16, 1868.
Samuel P. Munro and Ann S. Sparks, Oct. 14, 1874.

Eliza Myers and James Wilkinson, Feb. 28, 1861.

John H. Newman and Emma A. Munro, Feb. 6, 1858.

Julia M. Nichols and John F. Warren, May 3, 1848.

Amy D. Northup and Charles S. Allen, June 1, 1856.

Elisha Patrage and Ruth Lincoln, June 24, 1849.

Henry E. Paul and Anne Maria Eddy, Jan. 16, 1868.

Fitz Herbert Peabody and Phebe M. Pearse, May 18, 1848.
Ann E. Peabody and John H. Leonard, Dec. 3, 1848.

Phebe M. Pearse and Fitz Herbert Peabody, May 18, 1848.
Harriet B. Pearse and Alexander G. Sanford, Oct. 27, 151 [trans note: the yr. is represented by just 3 numbers, a typing error on someone's part.]
William Pearse and Harriet F. Cooke, Aug. 17, 1852.
Sylvanus L. Pearse Esq., of Edgartown, and Mary A.N. Alger, of Bristol, April 11, 1859.
Harriet S. Pearse and E. Augustus Fish, Dec. 19, 1860.
Lizzie B. Pearse and Andrew J. Gale, Nov. 24, 1862.
Charlse B. Pearse, of New York, and Sophia G. Usher, of Bristol, Feb. 11, 1874.

William J. Peck, of Barrington, and Virginia F. White, of Bristol, Dec. 26, 1858.
Ellem M. Peck and Benjamin T. White, Feb. 18, 1864.

Mary Kate Peckham and Joseph E. Cole, Oct. 12, 1857.
Susan T. Peckham and George J. Smith, Dec. 4, 1866.
Sarah J. Peckham and Oliver M. Atkinson, July 4, 1867.
George A. Peckham and Mary L. Lindsey, Dec. 25, 1873.
James F. Peckham and Amelia L. White, July 22, 1852.

Josephine Peirce and Alexander F. Merchant, Feb. 2, 1859.
Lydia W. Peirce and William A. Thornton, Jan. 1, 1861.
Ann R. Peirce and Ermin A. Baker, Feb. 26, 1866.
Raymond Townsend Peirce and Ellen Augusta Perry, Nov. 24, 1867.
Emily F. Peirce and Leonard P. West, Jan. 9, 1868.

Hiram F. Perry, of Barrington, and Lydia H. Slade, of Bristol, April 16, 1863.
Oliver H. Perry, of Oyster Bay, L.I., and Louisa B.T. Bowler, of Bristol, March 13, 1866.
Ellen Augusta Perry and Raymond Townsend Peirce, Nov. 24, 1867.

Abby Peters and Thomas W. Joy, Sept. 10, 1857.

Mary J. Pollock and W.P. Luther, May 13, 1874.

Alice M. Potter and William B. Potter, Feb. 15, 1857.
William B. Potter, of Prudence Isle, and Alice M. Potter, of Bristol, Feb. 15, 1857.
Myra W. Potter and W.P. Willis, Dec. 21, 1857.

Martha P. Rawson and William J. Shippee, Jan. 15, 1867.

Charles E. Read and Emma DeWolf, col., Nov. 8, 1859.

Martha Redfern and James T. Card, Aug. 19, 1862.

Thomas H. Remington, of East Greenwich, and Mary E. Whitford, of Bristol, April 24, 1851.

Mary Renelta and John C. Brown, col., June 26, 1865.

William J. Reynolds and Abby C. Bowler, July 3, 1851.

Ezekiel Rich and Augusta H. Freeborn, July 25, 1861.

Thomas Riley, of Warren, and Hannah Coop, of Bristol, Oct. 10, 1868.

Thomas Robinson and Mehitable E. Howland, May 10, 1868.

John K. Rods and Binney Sweet, both of Warren, Sept. 25, 1866.

Eugene A. Rounds and Mary P. Sparks, Dec. 15, 1874.

Mary L. Sanford and Isaiah D. Simmons, Oct. 8, 1849.
Mary A. Sanford and George J. Smith, April 28, 1851.
Alexander G. Sanford and Harriet B. Pearse, Oct. 27, 1851.
Jane Tanner Sanford and Richard Elliott McCartney, Nov. 20, 1867.

Elizabeth M. Sayer and Isaac N. Cobb, Oct. 19, 1856.
William H. Sayer, of Boston, and Rebecca A. Simmons, of Bristol, Jan. 28, 1867.

S.A. Seeley, of New York, and Elizabeth B. Waldron, of Bristol, Sept. 3, 1868.

Emma B. Shipley and Hosea C. Bumpus, Dec. 20, 1857.

William J. Shippee and Martha P. Rawson, Jan. 15, 1867.
Rufus R. Shippee and Elizabeth A. Wells, June 16, 1867.

Isaiah D. Simmons and Mary L. Sanford, Oct. 3, 1849.
William M. Simmons and Mary A. Greene, Dec. 9, 1849.
Sarah W. Simmons and Samuel Davenport, Sept. 17, 1851.
Rebecca A. Simmons and William H. Sayer, Jan. 28, 1867.

Abner J. Sisson, of Tiverton, and Ann E. Bowler, of Bristol, April 9, 1865.
Sarah Kate Sisson and Elliott William Brainard, June 27, 1867.

Amey E. Slade and Samuel N.G. Munro, Feb. 6, 1853.
Lydia H. Slade and Hiram F. Perry, April 16, 1863.
Jane E. Slade and Isaiah H. Davis, col., May 27, 1863.
Dora P. Slade and Rev. Alfred A. Wright, Nov. 28, 1863.
Carrington P. Slade and Anna P. DeWolf, Feb. 16, 1869.

William L. Slocum, of Newport, and Hannah A. Vaughn, of Bristol, Sept. 26, 1848.

Benjamin S. Smith and Martha F. Guild, of Newport, Aug. 2, 1849.
George J. Smith and Mary A. Sanford, April 28, 1851.
John D. Smith and Mary A. Munro, June 16, 1851.
Richard Smith, of Bristol, and Phelena A. Tuller, of Chagticoke, N.Y., Jan. 4, 1853.
Ellen Smith and George Tillinghast, Sept. 21, 1856.
Samuel Smith and Abby J. Collins, Dec. 26, 1857.
Sarah J. Smith and Charles H. Waldron, Feb. 6, 1858.
Theodore H. Smith, of California, and Julia L. Blye, of Bristol, Nov. 7, 1861.
Martha Smith and Ambrose B. Mason, Nov. 28, 1861.
George J. Smith and Susan T. Peckham, Dec. 4, 1866.
Elizabeth A. Smith and William J. Davis, Oct. 17, 1868.

Rachel J. Sparks and Cyrus H. Edson, Dec. 31, 1848.
Lydia W. Sparks and James F. Stoughton, Jan. 13, 1850.
Hannah Sparks and John N. Burgess, Feb. 3, 1850.
Ann S. Sparks and Samuel P. Munro, Oct. 14, 1874.
Mary P. Sparks and Eugene A. Rounds, Dec. 15, 1874.

Edward W. Spencer, of Warren, and Martha A. Franklin, of Bristol, Dec. 13, 1857.

James Standring and Sarah Clough, Feb. 25, 1865.

Norris Day Sterry, of Bristol, and Sarah Elizabeth Davenport, of Worcester, Aug. 21, 1873.

Anna Stoddard and Jacob Burt, Oct. 5, 1859.

James F. Stoughton and Lydia W. Sparks, Jan. 13, 1850.

John M. Stowe and Fanny Cain, May 25, 1861.

Carrie E. Swan and John Gladding, Aug. 9, 1863.

Abby A. Sweet and Samuel Gladding, July 6, 1851.
Briney Sweet and John R. Rods, Sept. 25, 1866.

Hattie R. Tanner and Charles N. Chace, May 14, 1870.

Samuel A. Taylor, of N.Y., and Nancy R. Bullock, of Bristol, April 26, 1870.

THOMPSON Anna W. Thompson and Samuel S. Brown, May 7, 1870.
Noyes Thompson, of New London, Conn., and Hattie Woodruff, of Worcester, Jan. 4, 1871.

William A. Thornton, of Elizabeth, N.J., and Lydia W. Pierce, of Bristol, Jan. 1, 1861.

Abby A. Tillinghast and Seth Arnold, Aug. 28, 1851.
George Tillinghast and Ellen Smith, Sept. 21, 1856.
Mercy Tillignhast and John F. Hoar, April 19, 1857.

Ellen A. Timperley and Abraham Dakin, June 16, 1860.

Mary A. Tomson and Charles Freeman, Jan. 30, 1853.

Anna W. Usher and John A. Angell, Aug. 24, 1865.
Sophia G. Usher and Charles B. Pearse, Feb. 11, 1874.

Hannah A. Vaughn and William L. Slocum, Sept. 26, 1848.

William C. Vickery, of Dartmouth, and Phebe H. Waldron, of Bristol, Feb. 15, 1860.

Charles Wachter, U.S.A., and Emeline C. Allyn, of Bristol, March 14, 1865.

Leonard Waldron Jr., and Sarah Argraves, July 4, 1852.
Charles H. Waldron and Sarah J. Smith, Feb. 6, 1858.
Phebe H. Waldron and William C. Vickery, Feb. 15, 1860.
Nelson Waldron, of Hartford, Vt., and Mary L. Easterbrooks, of Bristol, Dec. 17, 1860.
Emily S. Waldron and Hiram B. Kelley, Jan. 26, 1865.
Ambrose Waldron 2d, of Biddeford, Me., and Olive Gladding, of Bristol, Sept. 1, 1868.
Elizabeth B. Waldron and S.A. Seeley, Sept. 3, 1868.

Mary E. Walton and Daniel P. Gladding, Oct. 9, 1851.

John M. Wardwell and Ruth A. Munro, June 18, 1863.
James D. Wardwell Jr., and Julia A. Gifford, Oct. 28, 1868.

Frederick L. Warner, of Bristol, and Ardelia B. Grant, of Barrington, June 16, 1874.

John F. Warren and Julia M. Nichols, May 3, 1848.

William C.B. Weeks, of North Attleboro, and Sarah Kinder, of Bristol, April 1, 1871.

Elizabeth A. Wells and Rufus R. Shippee, June 16, 1867.

Mary A. West and James L. Meigs, May 14, 1848.
Leonard P. West, of Barrington, and Emily F. Peirce, of Bristol, Jan. 9, 1868.

George N. White and Eliza S. Lincoln, Sept. 3, 1849.
Martha H. White and William B. Gray, April 5, 1852.
Amelia L. White and James F. Pierce, July 22, 1852.
Virginia F. White and William J. Peck, Dec. 26, 1858.
James B. White and Sarah Gladding, Aug. 25, 1863.
Benjamin T. White and Ellen M. Peck, Feb. 18, 1864.

Harriet Jane Whitford and John Easterbrooks, Nov. 23, 1848.
Benjamin H. Whitford and Joanna Diman, Nov. 29, 1848.
Mary E. Whitford and Thomas H. Remington, April 24, 1851.

William G. Wilcox, of Fall River, and Lucretia Gladding, of Bristol, Dec. 26, 1858.
Mary E. Wilcox and Zwar E. Jameson, June 25, 1860.

James Wilkinson and Eliza Myers, Feb. 23, 1861.

Charles H. Williams, of Providence, and Phebe A. Bowler, of Bristol, Jan. 1, 1852.
Fielding A. Williams, of Philadelphia, and Abby Louisa Miller, of Bristol, Feb. 17, 1863.

W.P. Willis, of Warren, and Myra W. Potter, of Bristol, Dec. 21, 1857.

Phebe A. Williston and Seneture S. Barnard, June 12, 1848.

Sarah E. Wilmarth and John A. Dubar, Oct. 4, 1866.

Elizabeth F. Wilson and Jonathan B. Munro, April 19, 1849.
Mary E. Wilson and Lorenzo V. Ludwig, June 1, 1861.
Emily F. Wilson and Allen Pierce, Sept. 4, 1862.
Jesse Wilson and Dorothea T. Horton, Jan. 16, 1867.
Anne J. Wilson and John H. Wright, Jan. 1, 1869.

Thomas Wood and Lucy Kelley, both of Newport, Nov. 4, 1857.
Moses Wood and Mary F. Greene, March 5, 1865.

Hattie Woodruff and Noyes Thompson, Jan. 4, 1871.

Allen G. Wright and Sarah T. Wyatt, Nov. 28, 1861.
Rev. Alfred A. Wright, of Providence, and Dora P. Slade, of Bristol, Oct. 28, 1863.
John H. Wright and Anne J. Wilson, Jan. 1, 1869.

Sarah T. Wyatt and Allen G. Wright, Nov. 28, 1861.

Daman D. Young, of Sterling, Conn., and Susan E. Collins, of Phenix, Sept. 7, 1870.

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