First series.
A Family Register for the People
By James N. Arnold
Editor of the Narrangansett Historical Register
"Is My Name Written in the Book of Life?"
VOL. VIII. Episcopal and Congregational
Published under the Auspices of the General Assembly.

Providence, R.I.:
Narragansett Historical Publishing Company

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]



1784 - 1829
[trans. note: a few in the 1830s as well]

N through Y


Simon Nash, of Montpelier, Vt., and Abigail Throop, Dec. 22, 1803.

John Navy and Matilda Rhodes, col., July 16, 1831.

Dulcinea Nelson and Charles Henry Tillinghast, Sept. 29, 1807.
Dian Nelson and Matthias Munro, May 18, 1809.

James Newman and Abigail H. Munro, Oct. 3, 1819.

Isaac Lafayette Newton, of Richard and Lydia, and Elizabeth Finney, of Jeremiah and Deborah, Feb. 26, 1803.

TImothy Nooning, of James and Rebecca, and Elizabeth Harding, of William and Hannah, Oct. 29, 1797.
Jonathan Nooning, of James and Rebecca, and Hannah Talbee, of Stephen and Mary, March 18, 1805.
Jonathan Nooning, of Jonathan and Hannah, and Eliza J. Bowler, of Capt. Charles and Happy, Feb. 23, 1834.

Ann Norman and Edward Talbee, Feb. 12, 1797.

Mary Norris and William Munro, March 6, 1785.
Paul Vannis Norris, of John and Elizabeth, and Martha Manchester, of Seabury and Marian, Nov. 3, 1790.
Jeremiah Norris, of Thomas and Patience, and Rebecca Norris, of John and Elizabeth, Sept. 2, 1799.
Rebecca Norris and Jeremiah Norris, Sept. 2, 1799.
Sally Norris and Thomas Swan, Dec. 2, 1805.
Elisha Norris, of Daniel and Rachel, and Fanny Dennis, of Arthur and Elizabeth, June 23, 1811.
Hannah Norris and Woodbury Lindsey, June 24, 1812.
Rebecca Norris and Benjamin Wyatt, July 9, 1814.
Abigail Norris and William Swan, Oct. 22, 1814.
Ann Burt Norris and Winthrop Pidge, June 7, 1815.
Gilbert Norris, of John and Elizabeth, and Eliza Cox, of William and Mary, April 2, 1820.
Eliza Burne Norris and William G. Field, April 23, 1820.
William Eunice Norris, of Benjamin Esq. and Mary, and Elizabeth Wardwell, of John and Hannah, Oct. 25, 1823.
Mary Eunice Norris and Gersham Burr, Jan. 7, 1827.
Eliza Bourne Norris and Jonathan Douglass, Dec. 10, 1829.
Thomas Norris and Mary M. Pitman, Dec. 21, 1829.
Hannah Norris and Isaac Dennis Hall, Dec. 12, 1831.

Andros Massena Oliver, of the Isle of Tenneriffe, and Martha Townsend, of Capt. Samuel and Martha, May 23, 1817.

Joseph Oldridge, of Joseph and Elizabeth, and Hannah Munro, of William 1st and Mary, June 9, 1791.
Sarah T. Oldridge and Charles Washburn, Sept. 25, 1825.

Ballentine Otterson and Hannah Phillips, Feb. 7, 1822.

Hannah Oxx and Aaron Usher, Feb. 6, 1791.
Jemima Oxx and William Throop Waldron, Feb. 26, 1793.
William Oxx, of Capt. Samuel and Rebecca, and Lydia Munro, of Nathaniel and Abigail, May 13, 1794.
Mary Oxx and Edward Munro, Jan. 22, 1804.
William Oxx, of Capt. George, and Hannah Bosworth, of William Jr. and Elizabeth, March 27, 1804.

Elijah Macomber Padelford, of Dr. Philip and Elizabeth, and Mary Goodwin, of William and Lucy, July 28, 1812.

Capt. Comfort Paine, of Providence, and Elizabeth P. Fales, Nov. 9, 1825.

Josiah Parlin, of Josiah and Sarah, and Peggy Swan, of Thomas and Elizabeth, Aug. 14, 1803.

Zebedee Paul, of William and Hannah, and Alethea Wilson, of William and Alethea, Jan. 4, 1801.
William S. Paul and Maria Audenett, Dec. 11, 1811.

Sarah Ann Peabody and John Manchester, Dec. _, 1828.

Isaac Pearse and Kate Mingo, col., July 9, 1786.
Anna Pearse and Nathaniel Fales, March 21, 1791.
William Pearse, of Thomas and Abigail, and Mary Gladding, of Capt. Daniel and Susanna, Dec. 14, 1794.
Jeremiah Pearse, of Thomas and Abigail, and Mary Munro, of Sanford and Mary, April 17, 1800.
Catharine Pearse and Samuel Burton Brown, Oct. 26, 1800.
Josiah Pearse, of Thomas and Abigail, and Sarah Wilson of James and Jemima, Jan. 1, 1804.
Esther Pearse and Charles Pinckney, col., Oct. 14, 1804.
Mary Pearse and David Fish, June 10, 1805.
George Pearse, of William and Abigail, and Sally Lindsey, of William and Catharine, Nov. 16, 1809.
Timothy Pearse and Elizabeth Deblisse, of Newport, Dec. 17, 1810.
Edward Pearse and Mary Lewis, col., Sept. 19, 1811.
Mary Malvina Pearse and David Felfair, Nov. 23, 1813.
Capt. John Pearse and Elizabeth Rand, April 4, 1816.
Sarah Pearse and Samuel Reynols 2d, Sept. 22, 1822.
Sanford Munro Pearse, of Capt. Jeremiah and Mary, and Rebecca Waldron, of Ambrose and Hannah, Dec. 31, 1832. [1823?]
John Pearse, of Bowen and Sarah, and Mary Bradford, of John and Jemima, Dec. 28, 1823.
Martin Pearse, of Martin and Sarah, and Ann Jenckes Lewis Vose, of John and Judeth, Oct. 19, 1824.
Albert S. Pearse, of Nathaniel and Lucy, and Mary Bradford, of Capt. William and Mary, Sept. 1, 1831.
Walker Pearse and Martha W. Franklin, Dec. 14, 1834.

Robert Peckham, of John and Tabitha, and Mary Fales, of Nathaniel and Sarah, Jan. 19, 1786.
John Peckham, of Joshua and Deborah, and Catharine Lindsey, of William and Catharine, Dec. 12, 1799.
Thomas Peckham, of Thomas Esq. and Hannah, and Sarah Wardwell, of Col. Samuel and Lydia, Nov. 29, 1809.
Phebe Peckham and Thomas Goff, Aug. 16, 1812.
James Peckham, of Benjamin and Sarah, and Sarah Wilson Coggeshall, of James and Abigail, May 13, 1824.
Sally Peckham and Thomas W. Lees, Dec. 28, 1824.
Sarah Peckham and James Everett, March 26, 1832.
Ann Peckham and Joseph Simmons, Jan. 1, 1835.

Nicholas Peck, of Capt. Jonathan and Mary, and Elizabeth Smith, of Stephen and Mary, Oct. 2, 1785.
Sarah Peck and George Ingraham, May 21, 1786.
Mary Peck and Jonathan Reynolds, Jan. 1, 1789.
Hezekiah Peck, of Peleg and Phebe, and Abigail Gray, of Col. Thomas and Abigail, July 17, 1791.
Nathaniel Peck, of Thomas and Mary, and Mary Wilson, of John and Mary, Dec. 14, 1791.
Elizabeth Peck and William Reynolds, Feb. 2, 1797.
Samuel Viall Peck, of Thomas and Mary, and Martha Howland, of John and Elizabeth, June 11, 1797.
Martha Peck and Ephraim Munro, Sept. 1, 1797.
Hannah Peck and Nathaniel Howland, Sept. 27, 1797.
Nicholas Peck, of Capt. Jonathan and Mary, and Jemima Garbana, of Capt. Isaac and Sarah, Oct. 1, 1797.
Nancy Peck and Nathaniel Gladding, July 27, 1800.
Lydia Peck and Thomas Richmond, Feb. 7, 1802.
John Peck, of Capt. Jonathan and Mary, and Anna Reynolds, of Joseph Esq. and Sarah, May 16, 1802.
Mary Richmond Peck and Philip Morse Topham, Dec. 11, 1803.
Mary Peck and Lemuel William Briggs, Aug. 2, 1807.
Sarah Gray Peck and Eleazer Waldron, Jan. 25, 1808.
Nicholas Peck, of Nicholas and Elizabeth, and Nancy Bradford, of John and Jemima, Oct. 7, 1815.
Susan Peck and Mark Anthony DeWolf Smith, Nov. 19, 1822.
Col. Seth Peck and Sally Chase, of Warren, Dec. 29, 1822.
Stephen Peck, of Joseph and Abigail, and Mary Sylvester, of Joseph and Phebe, Oct. 28, 1826.
Samuel Peck, of Abiah and Hannah, and Martha Allen, of William and Eunice, July 5, 1830.
Thurza M. Peck and Joseph Fearney, Sept. 19, 1833.
Mrs. Hannah Peck and Aaron Chaffee, Oct. 5, 1834.
Hannah Peck and John Harris, col., Oct. 12, 1834.

Bettey Pero and James Sherman, col., June 22, 1802.

Raymond Henry James Perry, of Capt. Christopher Raymond and Sarah, and Mary Ann DeWolf, of James Esq. and Ann, May 16, 1814.
Prince Perry and Rebecca Reed, Aug. 25, 1814.

Sarah Peters and Solomon Simons, col., April 2, 1823.

Louisa Hicks Pettes and William E. West, Sept. 17, 1820.

Delaney Phelps and John Dickenson, Nov. 11, 1815.

Rebecca Phillips and William Carr, Aug. 3, 1794.
Nathaniel Phillips, of Capt. Nathaniel and Sarah, and Martha Wardwell, of William and Martha, Jan. 29, 1799.
Sarah Phillips and William Church, Sept. 30, 1804.
John Phillips, of Edward and Mary, and Nancy Hathaway, of Asa and Mary, July 6, 1805.
John Phillips, of Capt. James and Martha, of Newport, and Eliza Gardiner, of Caleb Esq. and Sarah, Oct. 29, 1808.
Fanny Phillips and William Washburn, June 6, 1810.
Martha Phillips and William Smallage Barrett, July 27, 1817.
________ and Lucy C. Waldron, Aug. 1, 1819.
Hannah Phillips and Ballentine Otterson, Feb. 7, 1822.
Sarah Phillips and John Glover Harding, Dec. 25, 1834.

Rebecca Phinney and Jesse Davis, Nov. 10, 1785.

Sarah Pickett and Daniel C. Beewith, March 29, 1832.

Winthrop Pidge, of Benjamin and Lucy, and Ann Burt Norris, of Capt. Paul Vannis and Martha, June 7, 1815.

Charles Pinckney and Esther Pearse, col., Oct. 14, 1804.

Samuel Pitman, of Peleg and Mary, and Polly Ingraham, of John and Mary, Nov. 29, 1792.
Capt. Samuel Pitman, of Peleg and Mary, and Sarah Howland, of John Esq. and Elizabeth, Sept. 30, 1798.
Benjamin Pitman, of Peleg and Mary, and Lucy Kent, of Samuel and Ruth, July 21, 1799.
Rebecca Pitman and Jonathan Fales, April 16, 1800.
James Davis Pitman, of Capt. Samuel and Mary, and Mary Ingraham, of Capt. Nathaniel and Mary, April 12, 1818.
Mary M. Pitman and Thomas Norris, Dec. 21, 1829.
Benjamin Pitman Jr. and Elizabeth Reynolds, Jan. 9, 1831.
Ellen Pitman and John Liscomb, May 16, 1831.

Lucretia Pitts and Nathaniel Luther, Oct. 14, 1833.

Mary T. Pollock and George Wilson, May 2, 1833.

Content Potter and Joseph Whiting, col., Feb. 23, 1800.
Nancy Potter and Jonathan Slead, May 14, 1807.
Mrs. Frances Potter and Major William Helme, Dec. 24, 1808.
Alice Potter and Joseph W. Anthony, May 10, 1827.
Mary Potter and John Douglass, Dec. 24, 1828.

James Powell and Abby Fredericks, July 7, 1812.

Betsey Pratt and John Nelson Miller, Aug. 3, 1828.

Isaac Proctor, of Simeon and Rebecca, and Hannah Slocum, of John and Eleanor, July 8, 1810.

Mrs. Abigail Putney and Wentworth F. Thompson, June 23, 1833.

Sarah Ralph and James Goffram, Sept. 1, 1811.

Thomas Randall, of Thomas and Elizabeth, and Sarah Esleck, of Capt. Isaac and Ruth, Nov. 21, 1819.

Elizabeh Rand and Capt. John Pearse, April 4, 1816.

Joseph Rawson, of Edward and Sarah, and Rebecca Allen, of Gen. Thomas and Rachel, Dec. 21, 1797.
Susan Rawson and Thomas Allen Harding, May 3, 1833.

Ruth Reed and Isaac Esleck 2d, Aug. 13, 1786.
Catherine Reed and Thomas West, Nov. 25, 1787.
John Reed, of Joseph and Mary, and Elizabeth Bullock, of Lenox and Elizabeth, Jan. 24, 1791.
Samuel Reed, of Benjamin and Deborah, and Hope Carter, of Henry and Mary, Aug. 18, 1805.
Samuel Reed, of Benjamin and Deborah, and Hannah Slocum, of Capt. Peleg and Elizabeth, Jan. 16, 1809.
Rebecca Reed and Prince Perry, Aug. 25, 1814.
Harriet Reed and Daniel Adams, May 26, 1815.
Hannah Reed and William Kinsley, Jan. 9, 1833.
John Reed and Margaret Munro, Sept. 12, 1834.

Samuel Remington and Mrs. Hannah Mann, Jan. 8, 1818.

John Rex, of George and Patience, and Elizabeth Handy, of Martin and Sarah, Oct. 25, 1828.

Benjamin Reynolds, of John and Dorothy, and Molly Waldron, of Capt. Daniel and Phebe, Oct. 15, 1786.
Jonathan Reynolds, of Joseph Esq. and Lydia, and Mary Peck, of Capt. Jonathan and Mary, Jan. 1, 1789.
Sybil Reynolds and John Lewis, col., Nov. 14, 1798.
Sarah Reynolds and Daniel Bradford, Nov. 27, 1799.
Greenwood Reynolds, of Joseph Esq. and Sarah, and Mary Caldwell, of Robert and Elizabeth, Dec. 8, 1799.
Anna Reynolds and John Peck, May 16, 1802.
Maria Reynolds and Nathaniel Peck Swan, Nov. 11, 1807.
Hannah Reynolds and James Peckham Burgess, May 6, 1810.
Lydia P. Reynolds and Sylvester Luther, March 23, 1820.
Samuel Reynolds 2d and Sarah Pearse, Sept. 22, 1822.
Stephen D. Reynolds and Lydia Wilson, Nov. 18, 1828.
George Reynolds and Mary Usher, Oct. 18, 1839. [1829?]
Elizabeth Reynolds and Benjamin Pitman Jr., Jan. 9, 1831.

Lovius Rhodes and Deborah Finney, of Jeremiah and Deborah, Dec. 22, 1785.
Matilda Rhodes and John Navy, col., July 16, 1831.

Gilbert Richmond, of Gameliel and Judeth, and Prudence West, of John and Lydia, Oct. 16, 1797.
Thomas Richmond, of Edward and Reliance, and Lydia Peck, of Jonathan and Mary, Feb. 7, 1802.
Lemuel Clarke Richmond, of Capt. Gilbert and Alethea, and Hannah Gorham, of Capt. Isaac and Sarah, Oct. 28, 1803.
Nancy Richmond and James Lockwood, Feb. 8, 1809.
Galen Richmond and Eliza Wheeler, both of Providence, Aug. 28, 1809.
Harriet Richmnd and Job W. Gardiner, Jan. 22, 1810.
Gilbert Richmond and Elizabeth Liscomb, April 7, 1822.
Thomas Richmond, of Edward and Reliance, and Ann Potter Bosworth, of Benjamin Esq. and Hannah, Aug. 10, 1829.

Hannah Richardson and Jonathan West, Jan. 30, 1791.
John Richardson, of Haman and Mary, and Nancy Diman, of Nathaniel and Anna, Oct. 6, 1803.

Rebecca Robbins and Benjamin Wing, col., Nov. 22, 1801.
James Robbins and Lydia Harrison, col., Oct. 22, 1835.

Nancy Robinson and William Harding, Oct. 30, 1796.

Maria Rodman and Charles Munro, col., Nov. 26, 1801.

Robert Rogers, of Daniel and Ann, and Maria DeWolf, of Col. William and Charlotte, Dec. 27, 1814.
Betsey Rogers and John W. Smith, col. Oct. 17, 1833.

Edward Rose, of Nathaniel and Mary, of Wellington, Mass., and Nancy Thayer, of Edward and Rebecca, of Conway, Oct. 27, 1816.

William Maltby Rowland, of Samuel Esq. and Sarah, of Fairhaven, and Clarrissa T. Leonard Wight, of Rev. Henry and Clarrissa, Aug. 22, 1839.

John Willard Russell, of Nathaniel and Elizabeth, and Nancy Smith, of Nathaniel and Parnel, June 1, 1802.
Ann Russell and Smith Bartlett, Aug. 26, 1802.

John Sabin, of John and Lucretia, and Lucretia Wardwell, of Col. Benjamin and Sarah, June 17, 1798.
Sarah Smith Sabin and Oliver Wilson, June 1, 1814.

Sarah Salisbury and Stephen Cranston, Feb. 19, 1789.
Rebecca Salisbury and John Coy, June 21, 1794.
Thomas Salisbury, of Barnard and Elizabeth, and Abigail Stronge, of John and Martha, Jan. 15, 1799.
Harriet T. Salisbury and Thomas Swan, Dec. 24, 1832.

Abigail Sanford and John Liscomb, March 19, 1786.
Restcome Sanford, of Restcome and Abigail, and Betsey Lincoln, of Thomas and Elizabeth, July 10, 1796.
Lois Sanford and Benjamin Ingraham, July 4, 1808.
Joseph Sanford, of Joshua and Waite, and Sarah Young, of Isaac and Joyce, Oct. 16, 1806.
Rhoda Sanford and Jeremiah Diman, Oct. 4, 1810.
Daniel Sanford, of Royal and Rhoda, and Lydia Liscomb, of Richard and Lydia, July 22, 1811.

William Saunders and Martha Williams, col., June 5, 1836.

James Sayer, of Samuel and Sarah, of Newport, and Nancy Slocum, of Ebenezer and Mary, May 4, 1828.

Elizabeth Scott and Capt. Benjamin Harris, May 10, 1816.

Joseph Seamans, of Thomas and Meriam, and Mary Wilson, of Thomas and Mary, Feb. 2, 1801.

John Semanatt and Abigail Waldron, May 31, 1812.

Capt. Nathaniel Greene Senter, in the service of His Britanic Majesty, and Mary T. Wenwood, of Newport, Sept. 16, 1806.

Rebecca Sheldon and Nathaniel Hicks West, Feb. 2, 1786.

Betsey Shepherd and John Young, June 8, 1816.

James Sherman and Betsey Pero, col., June 22, 1802.
Peleg Sherman, of Levi and Hannah, and Cynthia Stoddard, of Arnold and Elizabeth, Aug. 15, 1820.
Simeon H. Sherman, of Simeon and Lucy, of Portsmouth, N.H., and Betsey Munro Greer, of Daniel and Sophronia, of Liverpool, Eng., Oct. 18, 1827.

Mary Simons and Ceazer Miller, col., Oct. 25, 1803.
Solomon Simons and Sarah Peters, col., April 2, 1823.

Ephraim Simmons, of Constant and Lydia, and Prescilla West, of Nathaniel and Rebecca, July 12, 1801.
Comfort Simmons, of Comfort and Abigail, and Mary Drowne, of Joseph Jenckes and Hannah, Aug. 25, 1805.
Mary Simmons and Charles Clarke, June 25, 1807.
Lydia Simmons and Robert Wyatt, Nov. 24, 1813.
Amarette Simmons and Paul Gregory, col., July 31, 1825.
Alice Simmons and William Munro 1st, March 24, 1826.
Hannah B. Simmons and Sylvanus B. Coggeshall, Jan. 29, 1833.
Edward Simmons, of Edward, and Nancy Cummings of William and Elizabeth, Nov. 10, 1833.
Joseph Simmons, of Fairhaven, and Ann Peckham, Jan. 1, 1835.

George Washington Sing, of Sylvester and Jane, and Sarah Amarentia Lewis, of John and Ann Jenckes, Sept. 24, 1826.

Stephen Sisson, of Wilson and Sarah, and Phebe Fuller, of Capt. Liscomb O. and Elizabeth, Sept. 17, 1822.
Ardelia Sisson and George Douglass, March 18, 1824.
Melinda Sission and Edward Usher, May 20, 1828.

Jonathan Slead, of John and Prudence, and Nancy Potter, of Thomas and Ruth, May 14, 1807.
Charlotte Slead and William Christopher Van Doorn, Oct. 29, 1827.

Phebe Slocum and Stephen Gladding, Feb. 28, 1807.
Hannah Slocum and Samuel Reed, Jan. 16, 1809.
Nancy Slocum and Edward Meloy, July 3, 1810.
Hannah Slocum and Isaac Proctor, July 8, 1810.
Mary Slocum and Joseph Morris, July 8, 1810.
Nancy Slocum and Francisco Brownson, July 2, 1811.
Jonathan Slocum, of Jonathan and Elizabeth, and Lucy Ann Hammond, of Joseph and Mary, Nov. 1, 1811.
Charlotte Slocum and Samson Guliver, May 4, 1813.
Nancy Slocum and Paul Thurrell or Thruual, Jan. 10, 1819.
Nancy Slocum and James Sayer, May 4, 1828.

Elizabeth Smith and Nicholas Peck, Oct. 2, 1785.
Stephen Smith, of Samuel and Elizabeth, and Ruth Boswell, of Samuel and Elizabeth, Dec. 1, 1785.
Abigail Smith and Allen Wardwell, Sept. 3, 1786.
Mary Smith and Daniel Diman, July 5, 1787.
Nathaniel Smith, of Benjamin and Abigail, and Amarentia Fales, of Jonathan and Hannah, Feb. 26, 1791.
Lydia and Levi DeWolf, Aug. 19, 1792.
Barnard Smith, of Joseph Esq. and Molly, and Elizabeth DeWolf, of Capt. Mark Anthony and Elizabeth, Sept. 20, 1792.
Benjamin Smith, of Josiah and Eleanor, and Elizabeth Bourne, of Shearjashab Esq. and Ruth, Nov. 6, 1794.
Sally Smith and Luther Andrews Crossman, Feb. 19, 1795.
Sukey Jarvis Smith and Edward Spaulding, Jan. 1, 1797.
Josiah Smith, of Benjamin and Abigail, and Mary Wardwell, of John and Phebe, April 29, 1798.
Eleanor Smith and John Munro, May 19, 1799.
Samuel Smith, of Stephen Esq. and Mary, and Hannah Bourne, of Shearjashab Esq. and Ruth, Dec. 10, 1799.
Sukey Smith and Thomas Moore, Feb. 28, 1802.
Nancy Smith and John Willard Russell, June 1, 1802.
Mary Smith and William Bradford, Feb. 1, 1804.
Elizabeth Smith and Allen Bourne, June 7, 1805.
Rebecca Smith and Noah Hall, Aug. 25, 1805.
Louisa Smith and John Howe, Dec. 7, 1806.
Ruth Smith and Allen Munro, Nov. 20, 1808.
James Smith, of James and Phebe, and Sarah Smith, of Samuel and Phebe, Feb. 16, 1809.
Sarah Smith and James Smith, Feb. 16, 1809.
Allen Smith, of James and Phebe, and Lydia Wardwell, of Col. Samuel and Lydia, Nov. 29, 1809.
George Smith, of Capt. John and Ann, and Sally Luther, of Col. Giles and Betsey, Oct. 23, 1814.
Lucy Smith and George Watkins, col., Nov. 16, 1815.
Elisha G. Smith and Abby Carpenter, both of Warren, July 20, 1817.
James Smith, of ______ and Sarah, and Martha Van Doorn, of Anthony and Phebe, Feb. 8, 1818.
Jesse Smith and Ruth Cotton, col., Feb. 14, 1820.
Ebenezer Smith, of Nathaniel and Lillis, of Barrington, and Martha Bourne, of Shearjashab and Ruth, April 3, 1820.
Violet Smith and James Porter, col., Aug. 24, 1820.
Mark Anthony DeWolf Smith and Susan Peck, Nov. 19, 1822.
John Smith and Louisa Clarke, col., May 21, 1833.
John W. Smith and Betsey Rogers, col., Oct. 17, 1833.
Mary Smith and John Haskell, col., March 4, 1835.

Peter Sorell, of Jeanjoe or Jeanjoc and Maria Louisa, and Sally Martha Arnold, of Benedict and Mary, Jan. 10, 1819.

Samuel Sparks, of Joseph and Charity, and Rachel Gladding, of John and Rachel, Dec. 31, 1818.
Joseph Sparks, of Joseph and Charity, and Hannah Gladding, of John and Rachel, Nov. 9, 1828.

Edward Spaulding, of Edward and Oudry, and Sukey Jarvis Smith, of Stephen Esq. and Mary, Jan. 1, 1797.

Gardiner Spencer, of William and Hannah, and Sarah Borden, of Henry and Anna, July 25, 1830.

William Spence, of New York, and Lydia Woodbury Lindsey, of Jonathan and Hannah, June 21, 1835.

Mary Spooner and Nathaniel Munro, Sept. 7, 1818.
William B. Spooner, of John Wing, and Marian Wyatt Manchester, of William and Martha, Nov. 4, 1821.

Martha Springer and Elisha Barney Franklin, Oct. 10, 1833.

Otis Starrs, of Dea. Royal and Sarah, and Ann Bourne, of Capt. John W. and Nancy, April 16, 1828.

Abraham Stillwell and Eliza Wyatt, June 15, 1830.

Cynthia Stoddard and Peleg Sherman, Aug. 15, 1820.

Abigail Stronge and Thomas Salisbury, Jan. 15, 1799.

Henry S. Strong, of Northampton, Mass., son of Lewis and Mary, and Sarah G. Hadley, of Andrew and Mary, Nov. 4, 1827.

John Studley, of John and Jemima, of Providence, and Adeline Gray, of Elijah and Lydia, June 23, 1836.

Joshua Stutson, of George and Mary, and Abigail Hoar, of Benjamin and Prescilla, Sept. 18, 1814.
Isaac Stutson, of Cornelius and Susanna, and Nancy West, of Nathaniel and Rebecca, Feb. 20, 1826.

Hannah Swan and William Adams, Oct. 23, 1791.
Samuel Swan, of Thomas Esq. and Elizabeth, and Hannah Gladding, of Joshua and Sarah, April 6, 1801.
Peggy Swan and Josiah Parlin, Aug. 14, 1803.
Thomas Swan, of Thomas Esq. and Elizabeth, and Sally Norris, of Capt. John and Hannah, Dec. 2, 1805.
Nathaniel Peck Swan, of Thomas Esq. and Elizabeth, and Maria Reynolds, of Jonathan and Mary, Nov. 11, 1806.
William Swan, of Thomas and Elizabeth, and Abigail Norris, of Capt. John and Hannah, Oct. 22, 1814.
Thomas Swan, of Capt. Thomas and Sarah, and Harriet T. Salisbury, of Thomas and Abigail, Dec. 24, 1832.

Thomas Swift, of Capt. Charles and Sarah, and Susan Throop Estabrooks, of Daniel and Abigail, Aug. 27, 1811.

Mary Sylvester and Stephen Peck, Oct. 28, 1826.
Eliza Dunham Sylvester and Stephen Talbee, March 2, 1828.

David Tabor, of Edmund and Patience, and Elizabeth Fitch, of Amos and Lydia, Oct. 26, 1811.
William Tabor and Sophronia Estabrook, of Daniel and Abigail, May 18, 1815.

Edward Talbee, of Stephen and Alice, and Ann Norman, of Moses and Priscilla, Feb. 12, 1797.
Hannah Talbee and Jonathan Nooning, March 18, 1805.
Elizabeth Talbee and Capt. Benjamin McCarty, July 6, 1806.
Alice Talbee and Isaac Freeborn, Aug. 5, 1806.
Ann Talbee and John Fletcher, Aug. 29, 1819.
Stephen Talbee, of Stephen and Mary, and Eliza Dunham Sylvester, of Joseph and Phebe, March 2, 1828.

Mary Elizabeth Talcott and Seth Kelly Clifford, Dec. 31, 1830.

Abel Talman, of John and Mary, and Lucy Vose, of William and Lucy, May 13, 1813.
James Talman and Hannah Usher, Nov. 26, 1815.

James Tanner and Charlotte Thurber, col., Aug. 30, 1819.

Freelove Taylor and Nathaniel Wilson, Nov. 4, 1799.
John Taylor and Ann Mosiher, Nov. 1, 1826.
Samuel Taylor, of Samuel and Avis, of Nantucket, and Mary Crandall Williston, of Capt. Job and Mercy, July 25, 1836.

David Telfair, of Adam and Margaret, and Mary Malvina Pearse, of Israel and Alice, Nov. 23, 1813.

Rufus Thayer, of Elijah and Lydia, and Pamella Throop, of Samuel and Elizabeth, Feb. 8, 1795.
Nancy Thayer and Edward Rose, Oct. 22, 1807.

John H. Thingley, of Barton and Lorana, and Lucy C. Waldron, of Joseph and Charlotte, Jan. 3, 1825.

Cynthia Thingman and Russell Wilcox Waldron, April 13, 1824.

Charles Thomas and Lucy Haskell, col., Nov. 17, 1816.
William Thomas, of Major John DeWitt and Ann, and Larrell Hill, Chesterfield District, S.C., and Elizabeth Moshier, of Capt. Abner and Ruth, Sept. 15, 1830.

Otis Thompson, of Nathaniel and Hannah, and Charlotte Fales, of John and Maritta, Sept. 30, 1828.
Wentworth F. Thompson and Mrs. Abigail Putney, dau. of Benjamin Hoar, dec. and Priscilla, his wife, June 23, 1833.

Esther Throop and Ebenezer Blake, Jan. 30, 1793.
Pamella Throop and Rufus Thayer, Feb. 8, 1795.
Susanna Throop and William Cox, Nov. 21, 1801.
Lydia Throop and Seabury Manchester, Dec. 6, 1801.
Abigail Throop and Simon Nash, Dec. 22, 1803.
George Throop, of George and Polly, and Sarah Fales Church, of Col. George and Mary, June 11, 1823.

THURRELL (or Thruuall)
Paul Thurrell, of Francis and Maria Francis, of Bristol, and Nancy Slocum, of Capt. Peleg and Elizabeth, Jan. 10, 1819.

Amos Thurber, of John and Elizabeth, and Elizabeth Bosworth, of William and Mary, April 12, 1795.
Betsey Thurber and William McCarty, col., Aug. 10, 1808.
Charlotte Thurber and James Tanner, col., Aug. 30, 1819.

Lydia Tiffany and Rev. Francis Wood, Sept. 9, 1823.
Lemira Tiffany and Edmund Carpenter, Sept. 1, 1830.

Charles Henry Tillinghast, of Joseph and Ann, and Dulcinea Nelson, of Major Paul and Grace, May 22, 1817.

John Titus and Ann Cooke, col., May 22, 1817.

Phillip Morse Topham, of Col. John and Ann, and Mary Richmond Peck, of Samuel V. and Joanna, Dec. 11, 1803.
Betsey Topham and Amos Wright, April 26, 1812.

Samuel Townsend, of Solomon and Martha, and Martha May, of Sarah, Jan. 24, 1790.
Martha Townsend and Andros Massina Oliver, May 23, 1817.
Ruth Townsend and Ebenezer Bosworth, April 8, 1820.
Sarah Townsend and George B. Foster, Dec. 5, 1824.

Molly Tripp and Thomas Church, Oct. 26, 1794.

Sarah Foster and Charles Cozzens, Sept. 26, 1818.

Capt. Gilbert Updike and Hannah Dennis, Sept. 17, 1807.

Allen Usher, of Allen and Rebecca, and Susanna Diman, of Thomas and Salome, Sept. 27, 1787.
Aaron Usher, of Allen and Rebecca, and Hannah Oxx, of Capt. George and Hannah, Feb. 6, 1791.
Hannah Usher and James Tallman, Nov. 26, 1815.
Allen Usher, of Edward and Phebe, and Abigail Pearse Blake, of Ebenezer and Kezia, March 16, 1828.
Edward Usher, of Allen and Rebecca, and Melinda Sisson, of Gideon and Abigail, May 20, 1828.
William Usher, of Capt. Aaron and Elizabeth, and Phebe Howland Maxfield, of David and Merebah, Aug. 23, 1828.
Mary Usher and George Reynolds, Oct. 18, 1830.

Hannah Vaughn and Lemuel Fales, April 11, 1816.
Clarke Vaughn, of Gideon and Patience, and Julia Ann Fales, of Thomas and Sarah, Jan. 17, 1810.
Nancy Vaughn and George Church, Dec. 5, 1823.

Johannah Van Doorn and James Harding, Feb. 27, 1791.
William Van Doorn, of Moses and Lydia, and Mary Christopher, of Capt. William and Sarah, Oct. 3, 1804.
Martha Van Doorn and James Smith, Feb. 8, 1818.
William Christopher Van Doorn, of William and Mary, and Charlotte Slead, of Col. Jonathan and Sarah, Oct. 29, 1827.
Martha Van Doorn and Samuel Blake, Sept. 3, 1833.

Reuben Clement Vickery, of John and Hannah, and Cynthia Cole, of Ephraim and Waitstill, Oct. 12, 1805.
Ruth Vicery and James W. Burgess, May 4, 1820.

Ann Jenckes Vose and John Lewis, Dec. 25, 1803.
Lucy Vose and Abel Talman, May 13, 1813.
Ann Jenckes Lewis Vose and Martin Pearse, Oct. 19, 1824.

Ambrose Waldron, of Nathaniel and Hannah, and Hannah Gladding, of John and Lucretia, April 3, 1786.
Molly Waldron and Benjamin Reynolds, Oct. 15, 1786.
Rebecca Waldron and Daniel Howland, Oct. 22, 1786.
Benjamin Waldron, of Nathaniel and Hannah, and Sarah Wardwell, of Dea. Joseph and Elizabeth, Sept. 20, 1790.
Isaac Waldron, of Isaac and Abigail, and Martha Drowne, of Richard and Sarah, Feb. 25, 1793.
William Throop Waldron, of Nathaniel and Hannah, and Jemima Oxx, of Capt. Samuel and Rebecca, Feb. 26, 1793.
Joseph Waldron, of Nathaniel and Hannah, and Charlotte Coggeshall, of Mrs. Hannah, Sept. 1, 1793.
Newton Waldron, of Capt. Daniel and Phebe, and Frances Bosworth, of Major Benjamin and Mary, April 3, 1794.
Elizabeth Waldron and Jeremiah Eddy, May 4, 1794.
Nathaniel Waldron, of Joseph and Rebecca, and Ruth Bourne, of Shearjashab Esq. and Ruth, May 19, 1799.
Rebecca Waldron and David Bailey, Jan. 18, 1801.
Hannah Waldron and James Ellsbree, Nov. 11, 1804.
Hannah Waldron and James Batt, Jan. 10, 1807.
Richard Smith Waldron, of Thomas and Lucretia, and Lydia M. Gray, of Pardon and Reliance, Feb. 10, 1807.
Eleazer Waldron, of Thomas and Eliphas (Slocum), and Sarah Gray Peck, of Hezekiah and Abigail, Jan. 25, 1808.
Abigail Waldron and George Wilson, Feb. 3, 1811.
Abigail Waldron and John Semonatt, May 31, 1812.
Harriet Waldron and Capt. Thomas Jones, Aug. 30,, 1813.
Ann Waldron and Ephraim Carey, Feb. 1, 1814.
Betsey Waldron and Nathaniel Waldron, Feb. 9, 1815.
Nathaniel Waldron, of Nathaniel and Lydia, and Betsey Waldron, of William Throop and Jemima, Feb. 9, 1815.
Allen Waldron, of William Throop and Jemima, and Martha Gladding, of Capt. Daniel and Susanna, Oct. 19, 1817.
Elizabeth Eddy Waldron and James Brownell, April 5, 1818.
Hannah Waldron and John Diman, Oct. 26, 1819.
Elizabeth Waldron and Thomas Diman, July 25, 1819.
Lucy C. Waldron and ____ Phillips, Aug. 1, 1819.
Benjamin B. Waldron and Mary Fales, Oct. 24, 1819.
Eliza Waldron and Nathaniel Waldron, Nov. 29, 1819.
Nathaniel Waldron, of Ambrose and Hannah, and Eliza Waldron, of Samuel and Mary, Oct. 29, 1819.
Hannah Waldron and Benjamin Foster, Nov. 20, 1822.
Rebecca Waldron and Sanford Munro Pearse, Dec. 31, 1822.
Ann Waldron and Arold (Arnold?) Howland Bush, April 4, 1824.
Russell Wilcox Waldron, of Daniel and Susanna, and Cynthia Thingman, of Bela and Lydia, of Middleboro, Mass., April 13 or 18, 1824.
Joseph Waldron, of George and Sarah, and Louisa Ann Cummings, of William and Louisa, June 28, 1824.
Lucy C. Waldron and John H. Thingley, Jan. 3, 1825.
Nancy Waldron and Benjamin Jay, April 20, 1826.
Nancy Waldron and John Barnes, Jan. 17, 1832.
Sarah Ann Waldron and Nathaniel Gladding, July 31, 1833.
Edward Waldron, of Isaac and Martha, and Eliza Barney Cummings, of William and Eliza, May 4, 1834.

Rebecca Walker and Benjamin Ward Doty, Nov. 19, 1795.
Olive Walker and John Grimes, Dec. 2, 1798.
Peter Walker and Roby Williston, of Tiverton, July 30, 1815.
Mrs. Roby Walker and Lenox Bullock, May 21, 1819.

Allen Wardwell, of John and Phebe, and Abigail Smith, of Josiah and Eleanor, Sept. 3, 1786.
Hannah Wardwell and Elisha May, Oct. 18, 1787.
Samuel Wardwell, of William and Mary, and Elizabeth Church, of Samuel and Ann, Nov. 15, 1789.
Sarah Wardwell and Benjamin Waldron, Sept. 20, 1790.
Peggy Wardwell and Thomas Ingraham, Dec. 29, 1793.
Jemima Wardwell and John Bradford, Nov. 17, 1794.
Mary Wardwell and Josiah Smith, April 29, 1798.
Lucretia Wardwell and John Sabin, June 17, 1798.
Martha Wardwell and Nathaniel Phillips, Jan. 29, 1799.
Nancy Wardwell and John Waldron Bourne, Oct. 3, 1799.
John Wardwell, of Joseph and Elizabeth, and Hannah Munro, of Henry and Armentia, March 19, 1800.
Benjamin Wardwell, of William and Mary, and Huldah Goff, of Joseph and Patience, Jan. 15, 1804.
Nathaniel Wardwell, of Col. Samuel and Lydia, and Dorothy Fales, of Timothy and Hannah, June 17, 1804.
Phebe Wardwell and Stephen Smith Fales, Nov. 25, 1804.
Lydia Wardwell and Allen Smith, Nov. 29, 1809.
Sarah Wardwell and Thomas Peckham, Nov. 29, 1809.
Polly Wardwell and Joseph Clarke Wood, Oct. 25, 1819.
Samuel Wardwell, of Samuel Esq. and Lydia, and Hannah Carey Munro, of Capt. Simeon and Abigail, Oct. 31, 1810.
Joseph Wardwell, of Dea. Joseph and Elizabeth, and Ann Ingraham, of Capt. Nathaniel and Mary, Dec. 5, 1811.
Abigail Wardwell and Henry Wight Jr., Jan. 23, 1817.
Samuel Wardwell, of John and Phebe, and Lucy Bowen, of Thoams and Elizabeth, Nov. 23, 1817.
Mary Ann Wardwell and William Coggeshall, Aug. 9, 1821.
Elizabeth Wardwell and William Eunice Norris, Oct. 25, 1823.
Ellen Smith Wardwell and Thomas Greene Munro, May 1, 1827.
Armentia Wardwell and Stephen Church, Aug. 12, 1832.

Russell Warren, of Gamaliel and Ruth, and Sally Gladding, of Capt. Joshua and Sarah, March 10, 1805.
Russell Warren and Lydia Gladding, Sept. 27, 1818.
Nancy Warren and Henry Brown, Sept. 11, 1826.

William Washburn, of Isaac and Mary, and Fanny Phillips, of Charles and Ruth, June 6, 1810.
Fanny Washburn and Horatio Leonard, Oct. 28, 1812.
Charles Washburn, of Raynham, and Sarah T. Oldridge, Sept. 25, 1825.

George Watkins and Lucy Smith, col., Feb. 16, 1815.

Martha Watson and Oliver Brown, Sept. 22, 1831.

Hannah Wayland and Richard Malee, Dec. 5, 1836.

Maria Carey Weeden and Alexander Black Francis, June 25, 1820.

Mary T. Wenwood and Capt. Nathaniel Greene Senter, Sept. 16, 1806.

Nancy Wesier and George Kahn, Jan. 11, 1807.

Rebecca Wesnatt and Benjamin Brown, Aug. 16, 1795.

Nathaniel Hicks West, of John and Lydia, and Rebecca Sheldon, of William and Lydia, Feb. 2, 1786.
Thomas West, of William and Jenney, and Catherine Reed, of Lydia, Nov. 25, 1787.
Sarah West and John Lawless, Jan. 2, 1790.
Jonathan West, of William and Jenny, and Hannah Richardson, of David and Mary, Jan. 30, 1791.
Rebecca West and Coomer Bullock, Feb. 16, 1792.
Prudence West and Gilbert Richmond, Oct. 16, 1797.
Priscilla West and Ephraim Simmons, July 12, 1801.
Benjamin West, of Asa and Phebe, and Anstress Lindsey, of Samuel and Priscilla, Aug. 25, 1805.
Anna West and William Harris, Jan. 12, 1806.
Olive West and Henry Keen, Dec. 6, 1810.
Jemima West and William West, Nov. 3, 1811.
Fidelia West and Alfred Carter, July 31, 1812.
Richard West, of James and Lydia, and Hannah Williston, of Ichabod and Elizabeth, Nov. 30, 1812.
Jonathan West, of Nathaniel and Rebecca, and Sally Kennicutt Coomer, of Thomas K. and Polly, Feb. ,17, 1815.
John West and Mary Ingraham, May 2, 1816.
William E. West, of Nathaniel Hicks and Nelly, and Louisa Hicks Pettis, of Nathan and Alethea, Sept. 17, 1820.
Nancy West and Isaac Stutson, Feb. 20, 1826.
Susan G. West and Daniel Mitchell, Oct. 28, 1827.
Mary West and James Hoar, Oct. 24, 1831.
John West, of James and Lydia, and Nancy Butts, of Samuel and Deborah, Oct. 27, 1833.

Eliza Wheeler and Galen Richmond, Aug. 28, 1809.
Mercy Wheeler and William Dale, col., Sept. 23, 1810.
Wheaton Wheeler, of Aaron and Susan, and Martha Jackson, of Nathaniel and Martha, Nov. 6, 1815.

Abby Whitaker and Adam Manchester, July 1, 1810.

James White, of William and Alice, and Sarah Bowen, of James and Sarah, Dec. 20, 1798.
Samuel White, of William and Alice, and Elizabeth Bullock, of Lenox, March 8, 1801.
Betsey C. White and Samuel Munro, Oct. 30, 1821.
Henry White, of Samuel and Elizabeth, and Elizabeth Lindsey, of Samuel and Pamella, March 24, 1826.

Joseph Whiting and Content Potter, col., July 23, 1800.
Eliza Whiting and Daniel Howland, col., July 28, 1825.

Sarah Whitman and John Chase, Sept. 4, 1834.
Martha Whitman and Daniel Chase, Oct. 30, 1834.

Seth Whitmarsh, of Joseph Esq. and Susanna, and Mercy Allen, of Dr. Samuel and Hannah, Nov. 7, 1811.

Henry Wight Jr. and Abigail Wardwell, Jan. 23, 1817.
Abigail Alden Wight and Byron Diman, June 1, 1823.
Clarrissa T. Leonard Wight and William Maltby Rowland, Aug. 22, 1830.

Arnold Wilbur and Abby Congdon, April 2, 1812.
Mrs. Abigail Wilbur and John Jay Lawrence, Sept. 14, 1835.

John Wilcox, of Benjamin and Patience, and Hannah Liscomb, of John and Abigail, Feb. 9, 1812.
Eliza Wilcox and Oliver Cummings, April 4, 1817.
Phebe Wilcox and Joseph Bateman, Oct. 15, 1826.
Betsey Wilcox and Nathaniel P. Chadwick, Jan. 14, 1833.

Mary Willard and Isaiah Burr, Sept. 24, 1792.
Hezekiah Willard, of Hezekiah and Mary, and Patty Martindale, of Capt. Sion and Sarah, Oct. 4, 1794.
Elijah Willard, of Hezekiah and Mary, and Mary Bradford, of Major William and Elizabeth, March 28, 1799.

Daniel Williams and Harriet Hopkins, col., June 9, 1811.
Martha Williams and William Saunders, col., June 5, 1836.

Hannah Willisiton and Richard West, Nov. 30, 1812.
Roby Williston and Peter Walker, July 30, 1815.
Sarah Williston and Elisha Franklin, Oct. 21, 1828.
Mary Crandall Williston and Samuel Taylor, July 25, 1836.

Mary Wilson and Nathaniel Peck, Dec. 14, 1791.
Elizabeth Wilson and Angell Meigs, July 20, 1798.
William Wilson, of William and Alethea, and Patience Arnold, of William and Elizabeth, Nov. 15, 1798.
Nathaniel Wilson, of Jeremiah and Suanna, and Freelove Taylor, of Samuel and Phebe, Nov. 4, 1799.
Alethea Wilson and Zebedee Paul, Jan. 4, 1801.
Mary Wilson and Joseph Seamans, Feb. 2, 1801.
Deborah Wilson and John Martin, Nov. 18, 1801.
Sarah Wilson and John Martin, Jan. 1, 1804.
Thomas Wilson, of Thomas and Mary, and Amey Estabrooks, of Nabby, Nov. 17, 1805.
George Wilson, of James and Mary, and Abigail Waldron, of Isaac and Martha, Feb. 3, 1811.
William Wilson, of John and Mary, and Jemima West, of Thomas and Catherine, Nov. 3, 1811.
Oliver Wilson, of Calvin and Submit, and Sarah Smith Sabin, of Capt. John and Lucretia, June 1, 1814.
Ann Eliza Wilson and James Maxfield, Oct. 10, 1819.
Lydia Wilson and Stephen D. Reynolds, Nov. 18, 1828.
George Wilson and Mary T. Pollock, May 2, 1833.

Benjamin Wing and Rebecca Robbins, col., Nov. 22, 1801.

Joseph Wood, of John and Eunice, and Hannah Gorham, of Capt. Isaac and Jemima, Feb. 8, 1787.
Joseph Clarke Wood, of Joseph and Hannah, and Polly Wardwell, of Samuel Esq. and Lydia, Oct. 25, 1810.
Rev. Francis Wood and Lydia Tiffany, at Barrington, Sept. 9, 1823.
Frances Wood and William B. Manchester, June 21, 1832.

Amos Wright, of Amos and Phebe, and Betsey Topham, of Theophilas and Margaret, April 26, 1812.

Benjamin Wyatt, of Stutley and Susanna, and Elizabeth Wyatt, dau. of Seabury Manchester and Miriam, his wife, Oct. 11, 1801.
Elizabeth Wyatt and Benjamin Wyatt, Oct. 11, 1801.
Robert Wyatt, of Stutley and Susannah, and Lydia Simmons, of Oliver and Mercy, Nov. 24, 1813.
Benjamin Wyatt, of Stuteley and Susannah, and Rebecca Norris, of John and Elizabeth, July 9, 1814.
William Wyatt and Olive Greene, March 30, 1823.
Eliza Wyatt and Abraham Stillwell, June 15, 1830.

John Young and Betsey Shepherd, of Providence, June 8, 1806.
Sarah Young and Joseph Sanford, Oct. 16, 1806.

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