Inscriptions on the Grave-Stones
in the Old Churchyard of
St. Paul's Narragansett
North Kingstown, Rhode Island
With a Record of the Inscriptions in the
Graveyard of the Old Church at Wickford

Compiled by James N. Arnold
Privately Printed, Boston, 1916

In Memory of Amos GARDINER who died Sept. 29. 1827. In the 72 year of his age.

In Memory of Abigail, wife of Amos GARDINER, who died June 29, 1840 In the 78th year of her age.

In Memory of Thomas B., son of Amos & Abigail GARDINER, Died Mar. 4, 1860, Aged 81 yr's 3 mo. & 13 dy's
Silent but peaceful be thy sleep, My loving husband dear. While o'er thy grave I come to weep, And drop a widow's tear. .

Six Field Stones.

William E. GREEN, Born Nov. 17, 1817. Died Dec 4, 1882. ~ Eliza Sherman, his Wife, Born July 7, 1821. Died May 16, 1884.

Field Stone.

In Memory of Col. John GARDINER, who died Oct 18, 1808, in the 62d year of his age. ~ Foot-stone: Col. John GARDINER, 1808.

In Memory of Mrs. Sarah, Relict of Col. John GARDINER, who died Jun 16, 1816, in the 62 year of her age.

[Slate: masonic emblems, skull & bones]
In Memory of Robert C. GARDINER Esq., Late American Consul at Sweden, Lost at sea Sep 7, 1804. Aged 31
[Square & compass]
Capt. John GARDINER died at Sea Feb 25, 1806. Aged 33
Sons of Col. John GARDINER
Foot-stone: Robert C. GARDINER, Esq., 1804. Capt. Jno GARDINER 1806.

Five field stones.

[Slate: ornamental scroll at sides, head with wings]
Benjamin, Son of Benjamin & Elizabeth GARDINER died April 3d 1780, aged 8 Mo 20 Days.

[Slate: ornamented like above]
In Memory of Thomas, Son of Benj. & Elizabeth GARDINER, died August 11th 1775 aged 7 Weeks.

[Slate: crowned head with wings; scrollwork around inscription at sides & bottom]
Here lieth interrd the Body of William GARDNER who died Decem'br ye 14th 1732 aged about 61 years
Foot-stone: [Hour-glass, with flower on each side] William GARDNER 1732.

[Slate: similar ornamention to above]
In Memory of Abigail ye Wife of Job ALMY of Newport, Merchant, died Feb'y ye 6th 1763 in ye 85th Year of her Age.
Foot-stone: Abigail ALMY 1763

[Slate: ornamented like above, but no scroll at bottom]
In Memory of Mary ye Daughter of John GARDNER & Mary his wife died Oct ye 16, 1762 aged 18 Years & 3 Mo.
Foot-stone: Mary GARDNER 1762

[Slate: death's head with wings; scrollwork at sides]
Here lies ye body of Abigail Dafter of Josiah & Lydia ARNOLD who died Defem'r ye 18th 1725 Aged one year & 1 day.

[Slate: same ornamentation as above]
Here lies the body of Lydia, wife of Josiah ARNOLD, who died Janua'y 22d 1727/8 aged 20 yea'rs, 11 mos and 20 days
Her loss is ours also, Death is her gain. Her soul may rest, Her body's free from pain
Foot-stone: Lydia ARNOLD 1727

[Small slate: same ornamentation as above]
Here lies ye body of Sylvester, Son of Josiah and Lydia ARNOLD, he died Feb 10th 1730 aged 3 years 19 day's.

[Slate: ornamentation of grapevine at sides, scroll only at bottom]
Here lieth Interred ye Body of Mr. Samuel PHILLIPS, died March ye 30th 1736. In ye 81st year of his age.
Foot-stone: Samuel PHILLIPS. 1736.

[Grave, with common wall stone, north]
Probably Mr. PHILLIP's wife

[Field stone very near head-stone of next grave]
Probably foot-stone of infant's grave.

[Slate: head with wings, scroll at sides of inscription]
Here lieth Intered ye Body of Mary ye wife of Mr. Thomas PHILLIPS & Daughter of Mr. Samuel BROWN, died April ye 17th 1737 In ye 32th year of her age.
The flowers that to Day Appeareth fresh and Gay At night may be Withered and dead like me.

[Slate: similar ornamentation]
Here lies ye body of Thomas fon of Thomas & Mary PHILLIPS died July ye 27, 1728 aged 4 Mo, & 13 days.

[Slate: head, with scroll at top; floral scrollwork at sides]
Here lieth ye Bocy of William Son of Christopher & Sarah PHILLIPS, died Sep't ye 10th 1727 aged 8 Mo & 4 days.
Blessed are those that Dye in the Lord.

[Large slate tablet: two heads with wings scrollwork, scallop shell and heart; below, a large fleur-de-lis in each corner]
Here lyeth Interred Chriftopher PHILIPS Esq'r who departed this life Auguft ye 10th 1753 in ye 60th Year of his Age.
And alfo Sarah his Wife, who departed this life July ye 10th 1753, in ye 53 Year of her Age.
Whereas one Bed did Both contain in life, This constant Husband, his faithful Wife, So doth this Tomb thier mortal parts confine, In sure expectance of the apointed Sign, Whe the Arch-Angel, with fhrill Trumpet's Sound, Shall call to life, the renovated ground; Then fhall thier Souls a Resurection fee, And re-united to their Bodies be.

[Slate: similar ornamentation to that of Mary, wife of Thomas PHILLIPS]
Here Lieth ye Body of Mary ye wife of John GARDNER, who died June ye 11th, 1739. In ye 38th year of her age.
Foot-stone: Mary GARDINER | 1739

[Slate: similar ornamentation to above]
In Memory of Mr. John GARDNER, who died Jul 6th A. D. 1770, in the 74th Year of his Age.
Foot-stone: John GARDNER | 1770

[Slate: similar ornamentation to above]
In Memory of Mary, Second wife of John GARDINER, Deceas'd, who Departed this life, April 21d A. D. 17__, in the 60th Year of her Age.
Foot-stone: Mary | GARDINER | 1774

[Slate: head with wings: hour glass; scrolls at top and sides. At bottom, intersecting lines]
In Memory of Mifs Sarah GARDINER, Daughter of Mr. John GARDINER and Mary his Wife, she departed this Life, June the 16th AD 1771, in the 20th Year of her Age. Memento Mori.
Foot-stone: Mifs | Sarah | GARDINER | 1771

Field stone only

[Slate: Head with wings; scrolls at side]
William ye Son of Chriftopher & Mary PHILLIPS died March 28th 1757 Aged 1 Year & 5 Mo
Foot-stone: W: P: | 1757

[Slate: simialr ornamentation to that of Mary, wife of Thomas PHILLIPS]
In Memory of Cap't Chriftopher PHILLIPS, who died May ye 11th 1757 in ye 30th Year of his Age.
Foot-stone: Cap't | Chriftopher | PHILLIPS | 1757

[Slate: head with wings]
In Memory of Mary, Consort of Henry WALL, Esq'r & Daughter of Thomas PHILLIPS, Esq'r & Mary his Wife, She died Decemb'r 9th 1783, aged 56 years.
Foot-stone: Mrs. | Mary WALL, | 1783

[Slate: light scrolls at top and sides]
In Memory of Capt. Thomas WALL, Who departed this Life at Wickford, on the 22d of Auguft, 1802: In the 42d Year of his Age.
Foot-stone: Capt. | Thomas WALL | 1802

[Marble: head with wings; palm and flowers]
In Memory of Mrs. Sarah, wife to Mr. Amos GARDINER, who departed this life April 13th 1777, in the 50th Year of her age.
My lover friend familiar all, Remov'd from sight & out of call, To dark Oblivion is retir'd, Dead, or at least to me expir'd.
Foot-stone: Mrs | Sarah | GARDINER

[Slate: rose on stem; light scroll]
In Memory of Amos GARDINER, of South Kingstown, in the County of Wafhington, who departed this Life April 3d. 1793, in the 67th Year of his Age.
Foot-stone: Amos | GARDINER, | 1793

[Slate: scroll around inscription; head with wings]
In Memory of Ann, ye Daughter of Elifha COLE, Efq'r & Elizabeth his Wife, Died Aug ye 6th 1742 In ye 25th year of her Age.
Foot-stone: Ann COLE | 1742

Five small field stones

Two large field stones

[Brown stone: scroll around inscription; head with wings]
In Memory of John CASS, Efq'r of Tower-hill, he departed this Life July 29th A.D. 1770 in the 70th Year of his Age.
Foot-stone: John CASS | Efq'r | 1770

[Brown stone: scroll around inscription; head with wings]
In Memory of Mary, Wife of Benjamin SHERMAN who died May 12th 1763, age 37 Years.
Foot-stone: Mary | SHERMAN | 1763

LD DI__ A. 81, 1735

Four field stones

[Granite: ornamented with raised cross]
Samuel BRENTON, son of Jahleel, son of William, son of Gov. Wm. BRENTON. OB. Feb. 1797, AET 61.
Susan Cooke, his wife, OB. Sept. 1793, AET 57.

Three field stones

Sacred to the memory of Capt. Henry SHERMAN who died, April 8th 1830, in the 68th year of his age.

Two field stones

[Memorial Cross: granite]
North side: Erected in grateful memory Of James McSparran, D. D. By authority of the Diocese of Rhode Island in 1868.
West side: Missionary of the Venerable Society For Propagating the Gospel in Foreign Parts, And Rector of the Church then here, From 1721 to his death in 1757.
East side: He was buried beneath this stone. Here also lie the remains of The Reverend Samuel FAYERWEATHER, His successor, From 1760 to 1781.
South side: St. Paul's Church, Narragansett, Was built here in 1707 and Removed to Wickford in 1800.

South of the westerly end of the McSPARRAN lot, just beyond the wall, and quite near the McSPARRAN Monument itself, are three stones having inscriptions upon them and twenty-two without inscriptions - field stones; Also several other probable graves. The three inscribed are as follows:

Mr. Bowen CARD Died Nov 30, 1793. Aged 35 Years.

Mrs. Margaret CARD, wife of Mr. Bowen CARD. Died May 2d, 1829. Aged 72 Years.

[Rough stone]
Martha CARD, wife of Job CARD, who departed this life October 11th A D 1778 in the 51 year of her Age.

Inscriptions in the Graveyard of The Old Church Wickford
Transcribed in 1908

My Mother. Polly Nichols, Wife of Richard THOMAS, Died Feb 29, 1868. Aged 93 years, 7 mo. & 5 days.
Foot-stone: P. N. T.

Erected To the Memory of My Father Richard THOMAS, Who died Aug. 12, 1859, Aged 82 years, 6 mo. & 21 days.
Foot-stone: R. T.

Elisha Peck SMITH, Died Sept. 12, 1832, Aged 55 years.
Also Hannah Phillips SMITH, Wife of Elisha P. Died Oct 1, 1841, aged 61 years.
Foot-stone: E. P. S. \ H. P. S.

In Memory of Nathaniel P. Smith. Son of Allen M. & Charlotte P. THOMAS, who died Jul 1, 1844, aged 19 mo. & 22 days.

Headstones: Charlotte. | A. M. T.

[on Marble Monument]
North side: Elisha P. SMITH. Died Sep 12, 1832. Aged 55 years.
Hannah P. SMITH, Wife of Elisha P. SMITH. Died Oct 1, 1841. Aged 61 years.
West side: Richard THOMAS, Died Aug 12, 1859. Aged 82 years.
Polly Nichols THOMAS. Wife of Richard THOMAS. Died Feb 29, 1868. Aged 93 years.
South side: Nathaniel. Son of A. M. & C. P. S. THOMAS. Died July 1, 1844. Aged 1 year & 7 mos.
East side: Allen Mason THOMAS, Born July 25, 1806, Died April 13, 1887.
Charlotte P. SMITH. Wife of Allen M. THOMAS & Daughter of E. P. & H. P. SMITH. Died April 6, 1872, Aged 61 years.

Sacred to the Memory of Susan Elizabeth, Daugther of J.S. & J.M. McLAUGHLING. She died Nov. 24, 1854, Aged 32 years.
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."
Foot-stone: S. E. McL

Sacred to the Memory of Capt. John S. McLAUGHLING. Born 1791. Died 1866.
Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God."
Foot-stone: J. S. McL

Sacred to the Memory of Joanna M. wife of Capt. John S. McLAUGHLING. Born 1796. Died 1853.
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints."
Foot-stone: J. M. McL

In Memory of Elizabeth E. Daughter of Susan W. REYNOLDS, Dec 3, 1827. Feb 20, 1903.

In Memory of Susan W. Daughter of Mrs. Susan W. REYNOLDS. Born Jun 25th 1810. Died Mar. 10th 1856.
Foot-stone: S. W. R.

In Memory of Mrs. Susan W. REYNOLDS, daughter of Samuel & Mary NICHOLDS, who departed this life March 27, 1849, in the 60, Year of her age.

In Memory of Mrs. Mary NICHOLS, widow of Samuel NICHOLS, & daughter of Henry & Mary WALL, who departed this life Jan. 13, 1848, in the 85, Year of her age.
Foot-stone: M. N.

In Memory of Mrs. Mary P. SHAW, wife of George M. SHAW, & daughter of Samuel & Mary NICHOLS, who departed this life May 27, 1844, in the 45. Year of her age.
Foot-stone: M. P. S.

[Granite Cross]
Frances Irene Burge GRISWOLD, Apr 18, 1826 - Nov 11, 1900.
Alive unto God, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Rom. 6. 11.

In Memory of Anna S. THOMAS, Wife of Geroge B. THOMAS, & Daughter of Lemuel & Elizabeth BURGE, She Died Aug 27th 1845, In her 24th year.

Sacred to the Memory of Mary A., Wife of George B. THOMAS & Daughter of Henry G. & Mary SHERMAN, who died Apr 6, 1841, aged 34 Years.

Sacred to the Memory of Henry G. SHERMAN, who died at sea July 31, 1810, aged 25 years.
also Mary, his wife, died Mar 24, 1838, aged 52 Years.
Foot-stone: H. G. S. | M. S.

Esther, widow of Jeremiah CARPENTER. Born Jun 9, 1779. Died Jan 17, 1848.

North of this point there are two graves not inscribed; further north a group of three large and four small graves also uninscribed. Two of these graves are probably those of Phebe & Mary B. CARTER. The inscriptions formerly at their graves were as follows:

Mary B. CARTER Died August 18th 1855 In her 17th year

Phebe, Wife of Benj. P. CARTER, Died Nov 15, 1846, 53 Yrs. 4 Mos. & 5 Ds.

The following have been removed from the yard since May 1, 1881:

John N. son of Benoni and Abigail BATES died Feb 16,1822, 1881
Charles N. son of above died Nov 28, 1829

Two unmarked graves of children of same

Martha BATES, widow of Sherman BATES d. Aug 7, 1810, aged 64 years.

Benoni P. BATES died Feb 12, 1867 in his 70 year.

Abby Mahala wife of Benoni P. died Nov 16, 1851 age 50 yrs 6 mos.

Charles R. son of Benoni P. & Abby M. d. June 15, 1848, aged 17 y, 5 mo. 21 d.

Lois MOWRY, wife of Colonel MOWRY, daughter of Sherman BATES, died Sept 3, 1830 in 31 year.

Two large graves and one small grave, not marked.

In Memory of Mrs. Jane MUNDAY, wife of Nathaniel MUNDAY Esq'r & Daughter of John BAYLY Esqr county of Tipperary, in the Kingdom of Ireland, she died at Wickford, August 3, 1808, in the 36 year of her age.
Blest shade ! if bending from thy starry sphere, The ways of mortals may deserve thy care, This mournful tribute of our love receive, A tear, a verse, is all thy friends can give.

Capt. Nathaniel MUNDAY died Jan 2, 1827 aged 72 years.

Elijah JOHNSON died 1874.

In Memory of James UPDIKE, who departed this life Feb. 20, 1822, in the 51, Year of his age.
Foot-stone: J. U.

In Memory of Cap't Richard UPDIKE, who died Feb. 26, 1805, in the 75, Year of his age.
He was an excellent Citizen, remarkable for Industry & Probity, strongly attached to the Liberties of his Country & brave in her cause.
A Wit's a feather, and a Chief a rod, An honest Man's the noblest work of God.
This Stone was Erected by Filial Gratitude
Foot-stone: Cap't Richard UPDIKE
Mrs. Jemima, widow of Capt. Richard UPDIKE, died March 4, 1827. Aged 87 years.
Foot-stone: J. U.

In Memory of John Wall UPDIKE, 2d Son of Daniel E. UPDIKE, Esq. & Elizabeth his wife, who departed this life, August 10, 1809, aged 16 years 10 months & 10 days. He was respectable for genius & virtue.
The wintry blast of death kills not the buds of virtue, no, they spread beneath the heavenly beam of brighter sons, through endless ages, into higher powers.
Foot-stone: J. W. U.

In Memory of Daniel E. UPDIKE, Esq., who departed this life Aug. 5, 1835, in the 71, Year of his age.
Foot-stone: D. E. U.

In Memory of Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of Daniel E. UPDIKE, & daugher of Henry & Mary WALL, who departed this life Feb 19, 1847, in the 83, Year of her age.
Foot-stone: E. U.

Grave at foot of these not marked.

In Memory of Hennah CONGDON, wife of Henry J. CONGDON, who died April 27, 1827, in her 51 year.

Two graves north, uninscribed.

In Memory of John F. GONGDON, who died Sept. 3d 1836, in the 28th year of his age.
Young man while in your greatest strength, Think not yourself secure; But be prepared whilst you are young, To meet a dying hour.
Foot-stone: J. F. C.

In Memory of Henry Clay, Son of John F. & Julia A. CONGDON, he died Aug 29th 1836, age 17 months & 26 days.
Foot-stone: H. C. C.

In Memory of George Jackson CONGDON, son of Henry J. & Sarah CONGDON, who departed this life Sept. 24, 1833, aged one year, 2 months & 11 days.
Sleep sweet my babe thy parents love shall seek Thee in the worlds above.
Foot-stone: G. J. C.

Two graves north, unmarked.

E. M. | 1839
Foot-stone: E. M.

Two graves at foot, unmarked.
In Memory of an infant Son of Eliphalet & Ruth F. YOUNG. was born Jun 15th & died the 17th 1831.
Foot-stone: 1831

In Memory of Alfred Son of Eliphalet & Ruth F. YOUNG, died Sept. 23, 1834, aged 13 months & 8 days.
Foot-stone: A. Y.

In Memory of Benj. C. son of Eliphalet & Ruth F. YOU[N]G, died August 22d 1836 aged 8 mon. & 16 days.
Foot-stone: B. C. Y.

Mariah C. daughter of Eliphalet & Ruth F. YOUNG. Born April 1839. Died Jan. 1840.
She suffered but a little while In this world of Sin. The Saviour saw her with a smile, And kindly called her in. Blessed babe with placid face, Heaven is thy dwelling place.
Foot-stone: M. C. Y.

Alfred Hammond YOUNG, Son of Eliphalet & Ruth YOUNG, Born Jul 15, 1834, Died Jan 31, 1900

[On Marble Monument]
[South side:] Ruth F., widow of Eliphalet YOUNG, Daughter of Wm. & Alice HAMMOND. Died Nov 25, 1870. Aged 71 years 5 mo's.
[West side:] In Memory of Eliphalet YOUNG, born Oct 27, 1798, At Willimantic, Conn. Died April 15, 1859, at Wickford, R. I. Aged 60 y'rs. 5 mo's.
[East side plain]
[North side:]
Alfred H. YOUNG, Born Jul 15, 1834, Died Jan 31, 1900

In Memory of Miss Sarah N. BENNETT, Daughter of Capt. Cornelius BENNETT, & Silvina his Wife, who died April 11, 1814, in the 15 year of her age.
She was an affectionate daughter, tender sister, & endearing friend. Beloved by all who had the pleasure of her acquaintance; but neither youth nor virtue can ward off the shafts of Death.

Three graves, not marked

The following four graves (of the Lewis family) have been removed elsewhere:
Mary E. daughter of John & Rebecca LEWIS born July 2, 1816, died Sept 13, 1851.
George, son of the above, born Oct 19, 1812, d. Aug 11, 1859.
John LEWIS, born Calais, France, April 5, 1783, died at Wickford Dec 3, 1848.
Rebecca LEWIS, wife of John, daughter of John & Mary PEIRCE, born July 13, 1789, died Mar 10, 1858.

Charlie In Heaven Son of Edwin & Susan W. MONTGOMERY, Died Feb. 14, 1859, Aged 6 years, 3 mo & 20 days.

Susan W. MONTGOMERY, Born Apr. 11, 1830, Died Aug 19, 1906.

Edwin MONTGOMERY. Born Oct 1818, Died Aug. 4, 1886.

H. W. BAKER, born Apr. 1, 1843, Died May 20, 1904.

W. H. BAKER, Born Sept. 18, 1835, Died Dec 24, 1882.

T. S. WIGHTMAN, Born Oct 2, 1798, Died Aug 28, 1881.
M. W. WIGHTMAN, Born Oct 26, 1805, Died Mar. 6, 1886.

In Memory of George FOWLER, who was Born May 16, 1769, and died Feb 20, 1852.
Foot-stone: G. F.

In Memory of Miss Hannah FOWLER, daughter of George & Deborah FOWLER, who died April 10th 1839. in the 72d Year of her age.
She was esteemed by her friends for her simplicity of character her strong integrity which she sustained through a long and irreproachable life.

One grave north, uninscribed; also one east, and two north of this.

Anna H., Wife of James R. WIGHTMAN, & Daughter of Capt. Abel & Eliza A. BAKER, Died March 18, 1873. Aged 30 years & 3 ms.
Nearer my God to thee, nearer to thee."
Foot-stone: A. H. W.

Gone Before | Alfred R. Son of Thomas S. & Mary WIGHTMAN. Died Sept 1, 1865. Aged 29 y'rs 2 ms.
We shall meet beyond the river.

Three graves north, uninscribed.

Miss Hannah WEEDEN, daughter of Peleg & Mary WEEDEN. Died Jan 6, 1854, in the 37th year of her age.
"God my Redeemer lives, And ever from the skies Looks down and watches oer my dust, Till he shall bid it rise." ~ She hath done what she could. Foot-stone: H. W.

In Memory of Benjamin O. F. WEEDEN, Son of Peleg & Mary WEEDEN, who died September 23d 1837 in the 25th Year of his age.
Behold and see as you pas by; As you are now so once was I. As I am now so you must be; Prepare for death and follow me.

Grave north, uninscribed.

In Memory of Benjamin Fowler WEEDEN, Son of Peleg & Mary WEEDEN, who died Feb 22, 1812, aged 3 months & 11 days.

Small grave north, uninscribed

In Memory of Peleg WEEDEN, Esq. who departed this life on the 20th of October, 1839, in the 68th Year of his age.
While his bereaved Widow with her children and other connexions mourn the loss of a kind & indulgent Husband, Father & Friend: & while a large circle of friends & acquaintances weep over his grave may they all heed the admonition which seems to be echoed from his coffin; Be ye therefor ready also for the Son of man cometh at an hour when you think not.
Foot-stone: P. W. 1839

In Memory of Mary WEEDEN, Widow of Peleg WEEDEN, and daughter of Benjamin & Freelove FOWLER. She died Jul 7, 1858, in her 82d year.
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth, Yea, saith the Spriit, that they may rest from thier labors; and their works do follow them.

In Memory of Benjamin, Son of Mr. Benjamin FOWLER, Merch't who died Decem'r 7th 1803, in the 30th year of his age.
The desire of Man faileth.

Sacred to the Memory of Christopher FOWLER, who was lost at Sea, Sept'r 1758, aged 23:
and also of Christopher FOWER, who perished, in a like manner, Sept'r 1804, aged 24 years;
this Monument was erected by Benjamin FOWLER, Esq'r of Wickford, brother of the former, and father of the latter, as a tribute of his Affection.
Foot-stone: Mr. Christopher FOWLER, 1804

Three graves north, uninscribed.

In Memory of Sibel LARKIN, late consort of Phineas LARKIN & daughter Benjamin & Susanna WEEDEN who died April 2d 1836, in the 57th Year of her age.
& also Benjamin WEEDEN her father died Feb. 18, 1808. in the 76 Year of his age. Berryed in Richmontown.
Foot-stone: S. L.

In Memory of Susannah WEEDEN, Relict of Benjamin WEEDEN, who died Dec. 11th, 1819, In the 82d year of her age.
Foot-stone: Susannah | WEEDEN | 1819

In Memory of Hulder, Wife of Benjamin FOWLER Esq'r who died Dec. 16th 1811, in the 65th year of her age

In Memory of Freelove, Wife of Mr. Benjamin FOWLER, who died May 12th 1789, in the 52d Year of her Age.
Foot-stone: Freelove | FOWLER | 1789

Sacred to the Memory of Benj. FOWLER, Ewq. Who died August 5th A.D. 1818, In the 80th year of his age.
Long have I tried terrestrial joys, But here could find no rest. Far from all vanity and noise, To be with CHRIST is best.
Foot-stone: Benjamin | FOWLER | 1818

In Memory of Mary Widow of Capt. Silvester PEIRCE, & Daughter of George & Mary FOWLER, who died Dec'r 2d 1808, in the 80th year of her age.

In Memory of Mary, the Wife of Mr. George FOWLER. She departed this Life June 22nd 1774, in the 84th Year of her Age.
Foot-stone: Mary | FOWLER | 1774

In Memory of Mr. George FOWLER who departed this Life, April the 14. 1782 in the 90th Year of his Age. Field stone at foot

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