Abstracts Of Wills Of
Rensselaer County, New York

Volume III of Manuscript

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

Transcriber's notes: This transcription was made from a very old copy of the original, which was typed on an antique typewriter that caused some letters to fill in with ink, especially a, e & o. When a name or word is all but illegible I note it, or put a question mark.
If you find a name that you know well because perhaps it appears in your tree, and you want it to be cleared up and spelled correctly, please email me at: CL38911@cox.net.

Volume 17 continued & start of Volume 22,

Brother: Levi D. Yeamans.
Nephews: Alonzo and William, son sof brother Moses.
Exec: Richard P. Herrick, James Walker, William H. Thomas.
Wit.: William Haws, John Goeway.
Dates: Dec. 7, 1835, Probate 1836. Vol. 12, P. 352.

Sons: Simon, John.
Daus: Catherine, Jean, Elizabeth, Tabitha, Christina.
Wife: Not named.
Exec: sons.
Wit.: Humphrey Witbeck, Artemas Wright, Isaac J. Van Valkenburg.
Dates: July 17, 1832, Probate Feb. 2, 1836. Vol. 12, P. 3.

Exec: Wife.
Wit.: Nathan Warren, Stephen Warren, A.J. Rosseau.
Dates: Oct. 18, 1823, Probate Feb. 15, 1836. Vol. 12, P. 359.

Wife: Cordelia.
Mother:Mary, now wife of Jonathan Marsh, of Ware, Mass.
To: Joel S. Paige; Lucy Ruggles, wife of Anson; Mary Ann Haskin, wife of Franklin; Moses Paige; Hannah Haywood, wife of Horace, and Clarissa Brickenridge, wife of William.
Exec: Wife; friend Levy Clark.
Wit.: Archibald Bull, Abel B. Morse, Elias J. Pattison.
Dates: June 4, 1835, Probate Feb. 18, 1836. Vol. 12, P. 301.

JOHN LAMB, Pittstown
Wife: Eliza Ann.
Wit.: Marcus S. Filley, Elisha Briggs.
Dates: July 11, 1835, Probate Feb. 25, 1836. Vol. 12, P. 371.

Friend: Catherine Brown, late the widow of John Stafford, decd. of Albany.
Sister: Mary, widow of Daniel Smith, of the County of Westchester.
Grand-dau: Sarah Elizabeth, wife of Pardon Bassett, child of daughter Sarah Boggs.
Grand-dau: Caroline Maria Boggs, dau. of dau. Sarah.
Grand-dau: Sarah L. Summers, wife of Rev. Charles G., and her children: Thomas Skelding, Eliza Mery Yates Summers, Mary Rhena, Sarah Lockwood, and John B. Yates Summers.
To: Rhena A. Converse, wife of Josiah, and her children: Daniel S., Allen A., and Sarah Eleanor Converse.
Grandson: Ebenezer Bochus Jones, child of my son Ebenezer Jones, decd., and his son Llewellyn.
Exec: William Tell Jones; Stephen Converse; Alfred Wotkyns or Wotkyne.
Wit.: Archibald Bull, Betsey and Esther M. Powelson.
Dates: Aug. 14, 1833, Probate April 11, 1836. Vol. 12, P. 403.

Wife: Margaret.
Wit.: A.H. Vail, George Palmer.
Dates: Dec. 8, 1835, Probate April 11, 1836. Vol. 12, P. 407.

WILLIAM S. PARKER, "Bookseller of Troy."
Wife: Delia.
Children: John F., Samuel S., Mary S., Henry S., Matthew S., Phebe Janette.
Brothers: Henry R., Matthew S., Samuel H.
To: Rev. Mark Tucker; Rev. Isazaniah Crosby; Melvin Lord.
Friends: Stephen Warren, Mrs. Harriet S. Tucker, Mrs. Nancy Parker, Mrs. Sarah Parker, Mrs. Hannah Rust Parker.
Niece: Ann Crosby.
Wit.: Matthew Lane, Franklin Cummings, Dan R. Peck.
Dates: Aug. 12, 1835, Probate April 21, 1836. Vol. 12, P. 414.

Wife: Elizabeth.
Son: Samuel George.
Exec: Wife; friend Harvey Mosher?
Guardian: John Carpenter.
Wit.: David Gleason, Sebe? W. Britton, Caleb Williamson.
Dates: March 7, 1836, Probate April 21, 1836. Vol. 12, P. 118.
To: Charles Augustus Davis - "all except the copartnership in Tillman and Kendrick."
To: Job Pierson, of Schaghticoke.
Wife: Not named.
Daus: Catherine Schuyler, Elizabeth Dickenson.
To: Samuel Kendrick.
Exec: Charles Augustus Davis, of new York City; Wife, and 2 daughters.
Wit.: Bathan? Dauchey, Edmund D. Lyman, Hamet Bontecou.
Dates: Oct. 30, 1829, Probate April 21, 1836. Vol. 12, P. 420.

Wife: Maria Sevilla.
Sons: James, George, Christian, Leonard.
Daus: Elizabeth Ham, wife of Coonrad; Mary and her children: Jane, Catherine, Hannah, Eve.
Exec: Walter McChestney, Augustus Burdick, Jacob S. Wager, my son in law.
Wit.: Daniel Rockenstyre, Walter Morrison Jr., Henry A. Clum.
Dates: July 8, 1828, Probate May 16, 1836. Vol. 12, P. 444.

VOLUMES 13 to 21 incl. Letters of Administrations and Guardianships, etc.


LYDIA BASIL, Lansingburg
To: Charities
My decd husband, Thomas.
Exec: Elias Parmelee; Seth Selyee.
Wit.: Phineas S. Whipple, Johno. Holme.
Dates: May 1, 1833, Probate May 26, 1836. Vol. 22, P. 1.

Wife: Sophia - and children not named.
Exec: Wife.
Wit.: Norman Baker, John Van Namee, Clark Baker.
Dates: March 13, 1836, Probate May 2, 1836. Vol. 22, P. 4.

Son: Peter.
Daus: Susan - resident of Ireland; Nancy.
Exec: Joseph Donnelly, Alexander Crady.
Wit.: James McDonald Job; William Job.
Dates: March 2, 1836, Probate June 6, 1836. Vol. 22, P. 7.

Wife: Esther.
Sons: Josiah W., Rensselaer S.
Daus: Narcissus Smith; Mary Ann Humphrey.
Exec: Wife.
Wit.: Elijah Graves, Daniel Tyler.
Dates: April 8, 1836, Probate June 27, 1836. Vol. 22, P. 10.

Son: Oliver.
Daus: Nancy Crandall, Jemima Slason, Rachel Benjamin, Charity Ryan, Almira Niles or Miles, Emily Austin.
Son: Harman.
Grand-dau: Diantha Osborn.
Grandson: Enoch Osborn 3rd.
Children of dau. Matilda Norton: Peggy Peggy; Judia McDonald, Blendina Brenensthul?
Wife: Elizabeth.
Exec: Samuel S. Hyde, Norman Baker.
Wit.: Peleg Sherman, Eliza B. Sherman.
Dates: Dec. 2, 1834, Probate July 28, 1836. Vol. 22, P. 20.

Wife: Rhoda.
To: Adaline Catlin, niece of my said wife; Sarah, wife of Dr. Joel Talmadge Jr.; children of sister Mary Way, decd.
Sisters: Elizabeth Foster; Clarissa Phelps; Ann Stoddard; Eunice Hawley, wife of Ira.
Children of sister"Louie" Whitney - Richard, Sophia, Delia.
Brother: Lyman.
Nephews: Merritt Bennett and (_____) Baker, children of my brother Freeman (or Treman); Ezekiel Sheldon 2nd; Henry S., Truman, Lorenzo ., and Lyman E. Sheldon.
Exec: Wife; Ezekiel Bakser 2nd; Lorenzo D. Baker; friend Nicholas P. Masters.
Wit.: Nicholas and Albert P. Masters.
Dates: June 10, 1833, Probate July 28, 1836. Vol. 22, P. 24.

The will of TITUS HUSTED appears on page 29 again, but was abstracted in Volume 18.

"General Hunter is to hif oll the money that is in the bink with the Intres from this date also the luckin gless, clock, six chaires, two glass lamps."
Lisia Allen one hundred dollars. Bill Hunter is to hif oll that remenes after funeral expencse ore (____) dept is peded.
Execters Mr. Wria? Wales Mr. Israel Seymour.
Charles Moerhead; John Allen, William Hunter.
Dates: May 12, 1836, Probate March 16, 1836. Vol. 22, P. 40.

Wife: Mary Ann.
Mother: Anna Chubb.
Sister: Mrs. Betsey Bennet.
Nieces and nephews - children of brother Simon - not named.
Exec: Wife; friend Thaddeus Bigelow.
Wit.: Rutherford Moody, Charles D. Bliven, D. Brown Jr.
Dates: Feb. 20, 1836, Probate Aug. 9, 1836. Vol. 22, P. 42.

Sons: John, George Jr., Jacob, Peter.
Wife: Catherine.
Daus: Hannah, Christina, Elizabeth.
Exec: sons John and George.
Wit.: Thomas Reynolds, Daniel Brimmer, John Warren.
Dates: Jan. 2, 1836, Probate Sept. 3, 1836. Vol. 22, P. 46.

Wife: Ann.
Sons: Robert [initial illegible] and Elijah.
Daus: Elizabeth Fenner, wife of Henry; Hetty Ann Adams, wife of James.
Exec: son Robert; Thomas White; Ebenezer Bell.
Wit.: David Gleason, Henry H. Hooper.
Dates: Oct. 13, 1834, Probate Sept. 17, 1836. Vol. 22, P. 104.

DANIEL M? KELLOGG of Perrysburgh, Wood Co.. Ohio, now of Troy
To: David C. Doane, of Perrysbugh; Daniel R. Biddle.
Sister: Chloe I. Kellogg.
Brothers: John C. Kellogg, Christopher V. Kellogg.
To: Adaline Kellogg, wife of brother Giles B.; George W. Francis, husband to my sister Martha A.
Exec: Brother Luther B. Kellogg, of Troy.
Wit.: Justin Kellogg, Samuel S. Francis, H. Z? Hayner, Dillon Beebe.
Dates: Aug. 20, 1836, Probate Sept. 16, 1836. Vol. 22, P. 111.

Brother: Smith Germond.
Children of decd. brother Samuel and (widow) Mary: - Anna, wife of John Mabbitt?; Levina, James, Phebe, Rebecca Jane, Almira, Mary Elizabeth, Susan Germond.
Sister: Anna Bloom.
To: William Smith; James Germond Mott, son of John M.; Stephen Germond Mott, son of John M.
To: Mary Hall; Betsey Henry; heirs of Susan Mott (decd).
Nephew: Addison Mott.
Nieces: Sarah, Lydia P., and Jane Germond Mott; Mary Hall.
Exec: brother Smith Germond; John S. Fake.
Wit.: F.B. Leonard, Michael Latouchi, Martin Stover.
Dates: April 7, 1836, Probate Sept. 29, 1836. Vol. 22, P. 121.

MARY GUEST, Lansingburg
Daus: Ann, Sally.
Sons: Sidney; Thomas; George, of Ogdensburg. (Thomas of Albany).
Exec: son Thomas.
Wit.: Rufus Fisher, John Holme?
Dates: June 18, 1836, Probate Oct. 5, 1836. Vol. 22, P. 127.

Wife: Lucy.
Son: John D. - "my wife's pertrets."Mbr< Grandson: John L., son of John D.
Daus: Hannah Bellings; Olive Rattoon, wife of Thomas; Rebecca Reid, wife of James.
Grand-dau: Harriet Cleveland.
Exec: William S.
Wit.: Austin Stiles, William Twogood, Stephen Cushman.
Dates: June 13, 1834, Probate Oct. 3, 1836. Vol. 22, P. 131.

Son: David Jr.
Friend: Philander Wells.
Daughter: Mary Delia, wife of Harman Knickerbocker.
Grandson: Augustus Buel.
Exec: son David.
Wit.: Henry Hayner, John J. Taylor.
Dates: Dec. 27, 1830. Probate Oct. 6, 1836. Vol. 22, P. 144.

Wife: Dorothy.
Daus: Charity, Susanna, Fanny, Freelove.
Sons: Andrew, Hiram, Harvey, Stephen, Happy.
Exec: Wife; Aaron Eldred.
Wit.: Lyman D. Munroe, John Munroe.
Dates: May 7, 1836, Probate Oct. 13, 1836. Vol. 22, P. 151.

Sons: John and Thomas.
Daughter "whose Christian name I know not - now of Ireland."
Exec: Keating Rawson, Patrick Purcell.
Dates: May 18, 1836, Probate Oct. 24, 1836. Vol. 22, P. 163.

Children: William Henry Wendell, Maria Augustua, Elizabeth Wendell, Sarah Jane Wendell.
Exec: Abraham Ten Eyck of "Water Vleet" (Watervliet); Harmanus Bleecker; John Trotter.
Wit.: Levi Palmer, Helena Farnam of Albany (name written by S.H. Palmer).
Dates: Dec. 3, 1831, Probate Nov. 3, 1836. Vol. 22, P. 183.

Grandson John S. Brown.
Dau.: Caroline.
To: Hellena, Harriet, Frances and Sally, children of said daughter Sarah; Gysbert Vandenburgh, son of said dau. Sarah.
Grandson: Wynant Vandenburgh.
Grandchildren: Catalina and Sally, children of son Peter; Carolina Louise Brown; Anna, wife of Peter Vandenburgh.
Dau.: Hugbiete??
Daus: Wilmina, wife of Royal Abbott; Caroline, wife of John D. Brown.
Grandson: John S. Hogeboom.
Exec: John S. Hogeboom; friend Nicholas M. Masters.
Wit.: Elisha Hoag, John Ray 2nd.
Dates: June 29, 1836, Probate Nov. 10, 1836. Vol. 22, P. 195.

Wife: Jane.
Son: Jacob G.
Dau: Sally, wife of John I, Van Valkenburgh.
Children of daughter Susan, wife of George Vanderwerken.
Dau.: Catherine.
Daus: Catalina, wife of Lawrence Risedorph; Gitty, wife of Philip Rosedorph.
Children of decd. son William.
Exec: friend Alexander Cumming; son in law Lawrence Risedorph.
Wit.: Jacob T.B. VanVechten, Michael Bleecker, J.A. Van Ingen.
Dates: Nov. 1, 1825, Probate Nov. 10, 1836. Vol. 22, P. 200.

Wife: Sarah.
Sons: Michael, Samuel, Charles.
Wife: Sarah.
Grandsons: Samuel, son of Michael; Peter, sonof Charles and Caty; Samuel, son of Samuel Jr.
4 daus: Gertrude, wife of Jacob G. Sharpe?; Jane, wife of Adam Barringer; Nelly, wife of David Goeway; "Naley" wife of Leonard I. Risedorph.
Exec: 3 sons.
Wit.: William W. Vanderburgh, James Mason, John Burton.
Dates: Dec. 20, 1832, Probate Dec. 3, 1836. Vol. 22, P. 203.

Grandson John S. Brown.
Daus: Caroline, wife of John D. Brown; Helena, Harriet, Francis Sally.
This will repeated on page 241. See previous page.

Wife: Maria.
Children: Ryer, Henry, Garret G., William, Jacob.
Daus: Ann Maria, wife of Daniel Phillips; Jane Hellen, wife of William Castle Herrick.
Exec: son Ryer; son Jacob and son Garret G.
Wit.: William Jacques, John Mynders.
Dates: Aug. 6, 1836, Probate Jan. 16, 1837. Vol. 22, P. 344.

Wife: Christine.
Daus: Lany Fornsbee?; Margaret Sprung; Betsey Paine; Dolly Bivens; Becky Smith.
Sons: Caspar, Isaac, Henry, Abraham.
Grandson Darius Beckwith.
Grandsons: Ryer and John, sons of son Henry.
Exec: Abraham L. Schermerhorn, John Carpenter.
Wit.: William Vosburgh, Walter Carpenter, Ryer B. Schmerhorn.
Dates: July 16, 1830, Probate Jan. 30, 1837. Vol. 22, P. 248.

COONRAD C. HAM, Schodack
Nephew: Peter A.
Wife: Elizabeth.
Exec: Peter A. Ham, Isaac Ham.
Wit.: S.B. Ludlow; C.P. (or E.D.) Bassett of Troy.
Dates: Feb. 21, 1835, Probate Feb. 2, 1837. Vol. 22, P. 259.

EZEKIEL BAKER, Schaghticoke
Wife: Roda (Rhoda).
To: Adaline Catlin, niece of my wife; Laura, wife of Dr. Joel Talmadge Jr.; Children of Mary Way, my decd. sister.
Sisters: Elizabeth Foster; Clarissa Phelps; Ann Stoddard; Eunice, wife of Ira Hawley.
Children of sister Louise Whitney: - Richard, Sophia, Delia.
Brother: Lyman Baker.
Nephew: Merritt Bennett and Charles Baker, children of brother Freeman (or Truman).
Nephews: Ezekiel 2nd; Henry S., Truman, Lorenzo D., Lyman E. Baker.
Exec: Wife Rhoda; nephew Ezekiel 2nd; Lorenao D.
Wit.: Nicholas Masters, Albert Masters.
Dates: June 10, 1833, Probate July 28, 1836. Vol. 22, P. 275.

Wife: Rosannah.
Mother: Anna.
Brother: John.
Exec: John Brown, Francis Hoag.
Wit.: same as exec.
Dates: Dec. 12, 1836, Probate Feb. 9, 1837. Vol. 22, P. 278.

Daus: Amy Richmond; Ann? Goeway; Margaret Wilson, wife of Jacob; Catherine Schemerhorn; Sally Brown, wife of Robert.
Son: Richard I.
Children of Elijah Budd: - Eliza, Jane, Jesse, John S., Mary.
Exec: Richard I. Steves; James H. Carshore; Elijah Budd.
Wit.: James S. Carshore of Chatham; Elijah Budd of Schodack.
Dates: Nov. 26, 1836, Probate Feb. 16, 1837. Vol. 22, P. 282.

Son: Hubbard.
To: Phebe, wife of Hubbard . . . claim by heirs of James Phillips.
Daus: Ruth, Levinia, Polly, Jane.
To: Amria Gray.
Son: Israel I. - land I bought of Charles Brown.
To: Hubbard Forgason - for clothes for John.
Property to be divided between Hubbard, Aaron and Jerman Forgason.
Exec: Hubbard; Henry Lord; John G. Dusenbury.
Wit.: John G. Dusenbury; Smith Dusenbury.
Dates: Oct. 3, 1836, Probate Nov. 20, 1837. Vol. 22, P. 285.

Daus: Phene, Emeline.
Sons: Cornelius H., Jacob, Abraham, John, Isaac Jr., Frederick R., Benjamin.
Wife: Sarah.
Daughter Elizabeth's and wife's graves.
Daus: Sarah Miller; Hannah Degrodt?; Syntha Barber; Katherine Manchester; Ellie? Marsh; Mary L. Wallace; Jane Clark; Elenor Rice.
Exec: son Cornelius H.; friend Eber Crandall; Israel Keach.
Wit.: Alanson Brayton, Daniel A. Brayton, Israel Keach.
Dates: Feb. 6, 1835, Probate March 6, 1837. Vol. 22, P. 289.

HANNAH HIDELEY, widow of John, Greenbush
Daus: Catherine, wife of Samuel Earing Jr.; Elizabeth, wife of Charles Wilard; Hannah, wife of Barney Weatherwax.
Son: George J.
Exec: son George J.; friend Thomas Cole.
Wit.: John G. Hideley, Lany Hideley, Maria Ostrander.
Dates: June 18, 1835, Probage March 18, 1837. Vol. 22, P 293.

Wife: Rachel.
Children: Abraham S.?; Hester Allen; Elizabeth Gaston, wife of John.
Grandsons: Richard S., Lansing, and Jacob McDonald.
Grandaus: Sally Van Schaick; Elizabeth Wells; Catherine Thompson; Jane McDonald; Alida McCullough.
Son: Jacob I. and his son Levinus.
Exec: son Abraham S.
Wit.: Hiram P. Hunt, John Ball, Stephen S. Hunt.
Dates: March 18, 1829, Probate April 10, 1837. Vol. 22, P. 312.

HENRY COON, Sandlake
Wife: Mary. (looks like Hary as well.)
Sons: Jonas, John, Henry H.
Dau.: Beteey or Betsey.
Exec: 3 sons.
Wit.: Johannes Kenter, John Earring (or Harring?), David Elliot.
Dates: March 1, 1837, Probate April 24, 1837. Vol. 22, P. 331.

JOSEPH D. SELDEN, Ballston, Saratoga Co.
Wife: Ethelinda.
Exec: Wife.
Wit.: Lebbeus Booth, Lucretia Booth, of Ballston.
Dates: April 18, 1836, Probate May 1, 1837. Vol. 22, P. 342.

JOHN DRAKE, Lansingburg
Wife: Catherine.
Dau.: Martha Chechester.
To: John Drake Chechester, son of Elijah.
Grand-daus: Caroline Drake; Louisa Drake; William Henry Drake; Augusta Drake; Catherine Drake Hutchins.
Grandson: William Henry Drake.
Exec: Wife; Abraham C. Lansing; John Davenport.
Wit.: Jacob C. Lansing, William F. Atwood.
Dates: Oct. 4, 1831, Probate May 1, 1837. Vol. 22, P. 345.

Wife: Polly.
Son: Jeremiah.
Daus: Anna Holly, wife of Henry Jr.; Louis (Lois) Brickway, wife of Nathaniel Jr.; Eliza Witbeck, wife of John Jr., Thirza Rogers; Sally Ann Robinson; Harriet; Maria.
Exec: Wife; brothers David and Jeremiah.
Wit.: Thomas Mackell of Nassau; Gratia T. Cook, Schodack; Samuel McClellan, Schodack.
Dates: March 5, 1830, Probate June 1, 1837. Vol. 22, P. 356.

Wife: Diantha B.
Wife's grandfather, Benjamin Austin.
3 children: Catherine Maria; Daniel Chauncey; Julia Ann.
Brother: John Jr.
Exec: Wife; Nathan Brownell of Pittstown; Reuben Peckham of Troy.
Wit.: Jacob Tinslar; E.W. Walbridge.
Dates: May 4, 1837, Probate June 5, 1837. Vol. 22, P. 373.

Wife: Mary.
Sons: Varnum G. John; Daniel; Jacob.
Grandsons: Albert and Varnum.
Daus: Mary Tifft; Ruth McGowan; Catherine Babcock.
Exec: Norman Baker.
Wit.: Norman Baker of Pittstown; Sarah Ann Van Namee; Charlotte Van Namee.
Dates: Oct. 22, 1836, Probate June 8, 1837. Vol. 22, P. 385.

Wife: Margaret.
Daus: Margaret, Heroe?
Son: John.
Six daughters: only above two named.
Exec: son in law Joel Mallory; Silas K. Stow; friend John Whitford.
Wit.: Barzaleel Streeter, Rensselaer Bentley, Square S. Allen, all of Berlin.
Dates: March 6, 1837, Probate June 12, 1837. Vol. 22, P. 389.

Wife: Sarah.
Sons: Nathaniel, Joseph, Jeremiah.
Daus: Lydia, wife of Jeremiah Shibley; Julia Ann, wife of Henry M. or K. Smith; Eliza, wife of Thomas Birdsall; Sylvia, wife of Nicholas Huested; Caroline, wife of Lewis Walker; Sarah P. Brockway.
Exec: son Joseph; son in law Jeremiah Shibley; Jesse Brockway.
Wit.: Jeremiah Shibley, Jesse Brockway, Samuel R. Campbell.
Dates: Dec. 21, 1834, Probate June 12, 1837. Vol. 22, P. 401.

Wife: Hannah.
Son: Samuel McCoun Card.
Exec: George Sheldon of Erie, Pa.; Ezra C. Read of N.Y. City; Townsend M. Vail of Troy.
Wit.: J.F. McCoun, A. Slason.
Dates: Jan. 6, 1837, Probate July 7, 1837. Vol. 22, P. 416.

4 infant children: Jacob, Loiza?, George Henry. (should there be a comma after George?)
Custody of children to Jacob Fosmyre and John A. Lynd.
Exec: Jacob Fosmyre; my father in law John A. Lynd.
Wit.: Martin Springer, Gerrit Miller, both of Brunswick.
Dates: May 30, 1837, Probate July 20, 1837. Vol. 22, P. 425.

Wife: Charlotte.
Son: Cornelius.
To: 1st Presby. Church, Lansingburg.
6 children: Cornelius, Charlotte, Shubal G., William, Catherine, Abraham C.
Exec: Wife; son Cornelius; son Shubal G.; son in law Barnard Blair.
Wit.: Cornelius S. Tracy, John Taylor.
Dates: June 13, 1837, Probate July 29, 1837. Vol. 22, P. 437.

Sons: John W., Jacob W.
Daus: Mariah, Eve, Ann, Rebecca.
Son: Abraham V.
Exec: John W. Groesbeck, William Knickerbocker, Abraham V. Groesbeck.
Wit.: William and Alida Knickerbocker.
Dates: Oct. 7, 1834, Probate July 31, 1837. Vol. 22, P. 448.

Sons: Elijah, Hazard W., Rufus, Augustus.
Daus: Abigail, Fanny, Polly, Sally, Anna, Clarissa?
To: Ursula Johnson - under 18.
To: Children of Freelove Bowers, decd.; Children of Betsey Potter, decd.
Exec: Benjamin G. Sweet; son Augustus.
Dates: March 6, 1831, Probate Aug. 3, 1837. Vol. 22, P. 452.

8 children: Clarissa Slawson; Charlotte; George; Harrison; Marietta; Rue?; Albert James - "including William and Benjamin Hyatt."
Wife: not named.
Exec: not named.
Wit.: Abner Roberts, Henry A. Clum.
Dates: June 20, 1837, Probate Aug. 3, 1837. Vol. 22, P. 472.

Sons: Lawrence, Peter, Bartholomew, John.
Daus: Catherine, wife of Daniel B. Davis; Margaret Van Hagen.
Grandson: John Van Hagen Jr., son of my dau. Margaret.
wife: Mariah.
Dau.: Bothia??
Exec: sons Peter, Lawrence, John and Bartholomew; Martin De Freest.
Wit.: Charles Ostander, Elijah Woodward, David Ostrander.
Dates: Aug. 7, 1825, Probate Sept. 4, 1837. Vol. 22, P. 484.


Dau.: Mary P. Lyman, pew #111, St. Pauls Epis. Church, wife of Lewis.
Daughters Abby, Francis, Lucretia.
Son: John.
Elizabeth Paine was the widow of Amasa Paine.
Exec: son John; dau. Abby.
Wit.: S. Warren, Henry Bender.
Dates: Oct. 2, 1838 (1837?), Probate March 12, 1838. Vol. 26, P. 1.

Wife: Silva.
Daus: Dorcas Hall; Silvia Porter.
Sons: David, Stephen, Wolston, Jeremiah, Jesse.
Exec: sons Wolston and Jesse.
Wit.: Abraham LaDue, Jesse B. Fursman.
Dates: Feb. 3, 1830, Probae 1837. Vol. 26, P. 71.

JOHN CLAPP, Schodack
Wife: Sarah.
Dau.: Elizabeth Carmichael, wife of William, of Sandlake.
Daus: Mary Clapp; Phebe Bullock, wife of Thomas, of Sandlake.
Sons: Daniel and his wife Phebe; Joseph W.
Grandchildren: Milton, Emma and Betsey, children of son William.
Exec: Daniel Clapp, Thomas Bullock.
Wit.: Joseph Thompson, Alanson Myers, John S. Bliss.
Dates: June 19, 1835, Probate Dec. 21, 1838. Vol. 26, P. 79.

Brother: Daniel F.
Sister: Rhoda Ann.
Uncle John H., of Cincinnatti, Ohio.
Exec: friend Isaac Talmadge.
Wit.: N.M Masters, Daniel Miller.
Dates: Dec. 21, 1838, Probate Jan. 28, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 82.

Wife: Hannah.
Sons: Charles S., Joseph, Simeon Jr., Lewis, Hiram, James.
Daus: Sally Chase, Betsey Smith, Julia Reed, Tirza Reynolds, Fanny Smith.
Exec: Rufus S. Waite; son Charles, when 21 years of age.
Wit.: Israel Smith, Daniel Smith Jr.
Dates: March 1, 1830, Probate Jan. 12, 1838. Vol. 26, P. 101.

DANIEL SMITH, Stephentown
Land in Hancock, Mass.
Wife: Eunice.
Sons: Augustus of Hancock; Gardner of Hancock.
Grandsons Hiram and Henry J. Bentley, son of Cyrus J. and Hannah, of Veteran, Tioga Co., N.Y.
Sisters: Laura, Levina, Miranda, Frances, Agnes, Helen Jane (Irene).
Daus: Rebecca, Weighty, Sally Maria, Elizabeth C.
Weighty, wife of Lansing Sheldon; Sally, wife of Caleb Eldridge, Amanda, wife of Laurin Townsend; Elizabeth, wife of Helancthon Bentley, Rebecca, wife of Henry Cranston.
Son: William.
Exec: sons Augusts, Gardner and William.
Wit.: Erastus Brown, Elijah Arnold, Ephraim Babcock.
Dates: Dec. 5, 1835, Probate Feb. 4, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 104.

MARY M. L. RAYMOND, Lansingburg
To: Wardens of Trinity Church.
To: Huldah C. Bishop.
Friend Mary Rogers, wife of Edward.
Grandmother Mary Leonard, of Lansingburg.
Aunt Ann B. Holme, wife of John.
Uncle Frederick B. Leonard.
Exec: Frederick B. Leonard; friend John Holme.
Wit.: Margaret C. Leonard, Josephine Stuart.
Dates: Dec. 1, 1838, Probate Feb. 25, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 119.

Sons: Nathaniel, William F., Henry F., Richard P., Edward, John W.
Daus: Rebecca Sisson?; Jemima Herrick; Mary Stitt; Hannah Van Ame (Van Name?)
Exec: Nathaniel Welling, Richard P. Welling, Levi Sherman.
Wit.: Levi Sherman, David Norton, Robert I. Whipple.
Dates: July 1, 1833, Probate Feb. 28, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 141.

Sons: Palmer S., William S., Richard.
Wife: Louisa.
Daus: Tammy, Raney, Mary, Hannah, Sally.
Exec: Andrew Biand?; Palmer S. Ketchum; William Ketchum.
Wit.: Thomas Turner, Horace Turner, Sally Vanderwerken.
Dates: April 9, 1830, Probate Aprl 1, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 154.

To: Wardens and Vestrymen of St. Josephs Church for a new bell.
To: Joseph V.B. Troyon; William A. Tryon of N.Y. City, under 20.
Wife: Ann Eliza.
Dau.: Julia Eliza.
To: Vestrymen and Wardens of St. Johns church, Troy; Vestrymen and Wardens of St. Pauls church, Troy.
Exec: Wife; friend Jonas C. Heartt; Stephen Warren; David Buel.
Wit.: D. Southwick, J. McConihe.
Dates: April 9, 1836, Probate April 3, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 164.

Wife: Martha L.
Children: not named.
Trustee: Jonas C. Heartt.
Exec: Jonas C. Heartt.
Wit.: Philip Heartt; G.V.S. Quackenbush.
Probated April 19, 1839, Vol. 26, P. 173.

ELIPHEL? GIFFORD, Schaghticoke
To: Betsey Gifford, wife of Gideon C.
Dau.: Lois Hoag, widow of Elisha.
Son: Perry Brightman.
Dau.: Patience Burch, widow of Jacob W.
Exec: Jacob Myers; daughter Patience.
Wit.: N. Mosher?, Orin Marshall.
Dates: Oct. 12, 1838, Probate April 22, 1829. Vol. 26, P. 183.

JAMES HUNT, Pittstown
Wife: Susan.
Sons: William, James, Horton, Thomas.
Daus: Maria Follett, wife of William; Margaret, relict of David Groesbeck; Penniah, wife of Isaac Follett; Getty, wife of Abraham Williams.
Exec: Wife; Timothy Bancker; John F. Miller.
Wit.: N.M. Masters, William P. Bliss, John F. Masters.
Dates: Aug. 14, 1838, Probate April 22, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 191.

Wife: Catherine.
Brother Justin.
Brotheres: David, Jason, Charles, Stephen, Lorenzo, Francis, Norris.
Sisters: Louise Barber, Elizabeth Peirce.
Exec: Wife.
Wit.: Dyer Richmond, William Babcock, Prosper M. Armstrong.
Dates: Feb. 13, 1839, Probate April 25, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 204.

Wife: Catherine.
Sons: John B., William.
Daughter Margaret Eychlesheimer.
Grandsons: Pardon, William, Stephen, Charles and John Russell, son of daughter Catherine.
Exec: sons.
Wit.: Francis Benjamin, Nathaniel Welling, Jonathan Rouse.
Dates: Aug. 11, 1838, Probate April 25, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 215.

Wife: Esther Mary.
Children: Esther Mary, Sarah Elizabeth, and Henrietta Cannon.
Guardian: friend Day Otis Kellogg.
Exec: Wife; Stephen Warren; Jacob L. Lane.
Wit.: Joseph Brintnall, Jesse Patrick.
Dates: Jan. 18, 1839, Probate May 2, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 228.

Children of decd. brother Samuel: Anna, wife of John Mabbett; James; Phebe; Rebecca Jane; Almira; Mary Elizabeth; Susan.
Sister: Anna Bloom.
To: William Smith; James Germond Mott, son of John Stephen Germond Mott; Mary Hall. Nephews: Smith Mott, Sarah Mott, Jane Germond, Mary Hall.
Brother: Smith Germond.
Exec: Brother Smith; friend JOhn S? Fake.
Wit.: F.B. Leonard, Michael LeTouche, Martin Stover.
Dates: Aug. 7, 1836, Probate May 3, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 276.

Son: Allen.
Daus: Roxy Chapman; Abby Hutton; Cynthia Lamb; Ruth Chapman of Ledyard, Conn.
Exec: William Chapman; Erastus Gear.
Wit.: Henry R. Lamb, Alexander McCulllock, David S? Gibbs. Dates: March 25, 1839, Probate May 4, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 289.

Son: Alexander H.
Wife: Elizabeth Sliter, alias Thompson.
Dau.: Caroline L. Myrick.
Sons: Royal, Rumsey, Richard H.
Exec: son Alexander H.
Wit.: R.J. Knowlton, Charles H. Taylor.
Dates: March 30, 1839, Probate May 13, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 299.

Grand-dau. Mary Ann, dau. of my dau. Mercy Lockwood.
Sons: Stephen, Daniel, Valentine.
Exec: sons Daniel, Valentine.
Wit.: Henry R. Hubbell, Reuben Peckham.
Dates: Nov. 7, 1838, Probate May 27, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 307.

Wife: Betsey.
Brother: Patrick.
Exec: Not named.
Wit.: James Brady, John Hogan.
Dates: May 15, 1839, Probate June 6, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 316.

Wife: Polly.
Dau.: Eliza Ann Merritt.
Sons: Warren, William.
Exec: Wife; Thomas Tillinghast.
Wit.: Lydia Benson, Philo Brown, Merrit Benson, all of P.
Dates: Sept. 1832, Probate June 24, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 329.

DAVID SMITH, Lansingburg
Sons: Sidney, Charles, Levi.
Grandchildren: Burr Smith Kellogg; Charles Day Kellogg.
Wife: Ann.
Exec: sons Sidney D.; James Doughry; Horace Jones.
Wit.: Thomas Brinsmade; Ebenezer Wallbridge.
Dates: July 23, 1832, Probate July 15, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 339.

Brother: Robert, of Amesbury, Essex Co., Mass.
Sisters: Hannah I. Spalding; Caroline Williamson.
Nephrew: William Cross, of Boston.
Brother: George.
Sisters: Ruth, Margaret.
Exec: Brother George.
Wit.: Erasmus Walbridge, Edward Babcock, Marcus Eldridge.
Dates: Feb. 23, 1833, Probate Aug. 6, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 343.

Wife: Mary.
Sons: Ezra Thompson Gale; John Benjamin Gale.
Sister: Sally Gale.
Exec: Wife; brother John Gale of Greenwich; Alfred Mason; John Leland Thompson; Jonas C. Heartt - all of Troy.
Wit.: J.L. Lane; Jno. T. McCoun; William H? Bliss.
Dates: Dec. 19, 1834, Probate Aug. 12, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 357.

Wife: Rachel.
Exec: Wife; Abraham Newman, Elias Gregory.
Wit.: A.V.P. Gregory; William F. Averill; Sarah Gregory.
Dates: May 28, 1834, Probate Aug. 19, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 369.

Wife: Margaret.
Dau.: Jane S. Hagan, wife of William.
Grand-dau: Margaret, infant dau. of my son Eleazer.
Exec: Wife; friend Thomas White; John Thomas.,br> Wit.: Joseph Brintnall of Troy; Joseph M. Brintnall of Albany.
Dates: Feb. 11, 1839, Probate Aug. 22, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 375.

Wife: Hannah.
Sons: William P., David, Adam, Philip, John, Jacob, Henry, Peter.
Daus: Hannah, wife of George Coonradt; Elizabeth, wife of Spencer Gibbs; Mary Ann Coonradt, single; Margaret, wife of John File.
Exec: sons David and William.
Wit.: Daniel Simmons, of Brunswick; John Clint, of Sandlake.
Dates: Aug. 1, 1835, Probate Aug. 2_, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 385.

Wife: Sibil.
Children: Hiram, Oliver M?, Harriet Evans.
Exec: son Hiram; Nathan Nolton.
Wit.: Moses S. Hovey, Rufus Hovey.
Dates: May 16, 1836, Probate Sept. 9, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 391.

Wife: Phebe.
Brother: James.
Exec: Wife; Reuben Peckham; Nathan Howard Jr.
Wit.: Elizur S. Brainerd, Eliza A. File.
Dates: July 7, 1839, Probate Sept. 9, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 396.

Wife: Elizabeth.
Dau.: Catherine, wife of George Walker.
Son: Charles G.
Daus: Esther M., Mary E.Y.
Exec: Wife; friend Alfred Wotkyns; Fredk. A. Sharpe.
Wit.: Samuel F. Mather, Archibald Bull.
Dates: July 6, 1839, Probate Sept. 12, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 404.

Wife: Sarah Rachel Rosina.
Daus: Sarah R.; Elizabeth H. Fonda; Katherine V. Duncan.
Exec: Robert Lottridge, Daniel B. Bratt; Wife.
Wit.: Not given.
Dates: Nov. 15, 1830, Probate Sept. 16, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 411.

Sons: Andrew, Barnet, John P., Elias R., Stephen.
Daus: "Julyan" Ketcham; Jamima.
Exec: son James P.; friend Reuben Halsted.
Wit.: Jno. Brown; Stephen Cushman; Wm. Twogood.
Dates: Jan. 17, 1831, Probate Sept. 16, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 419.

Only dau. Elizabeth DuBois.
Sister: Lucy Clark.
To: James M? Barber.
Sons: Leonard, William H.
Exec: Nathan Barber.
Wit.: Barnard Whyland, Moses Hill, David Luce.
Dates: Feb. 4, 1839, Probate Sept. 16, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 426.

Wife: deceased.
Children: Lemuel Jr., Lyman, Loren, Youngs, Luman, "Samalwa."
Daus: Spphronia Sweet, Salina, Sadelia.
Son (or dau) "Leouise"
Exec: son Lyman; friend Garret Van Hoesen.
Wit.: Samuel Bradford, Pennington, Vt.; John L. Quackenbush, Hoosick.
Dates: March 7, 1839, Probate Sept. 16, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 436.

JOHN T> LAPE, Brunswick
Aged 55 years.
Sons: John T., William, Henry, Frederick A., Jacob.
Daus: Christina M.; Elizabeth E.; Fanny A.; Margaret.
Exec: sons Henry and John.
Wit.: Zachariah A. Smith, Henry A. Clum.
Dates: July 28, 1839, Probate Sept. 26, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 445.

MARK CURTIS, Schaghticoke
Daus: Ellen, Sarah Maria.
Sons: Leander, Daniel.
Daus: Phebe, wife of James A. Parker or Parker; Elizabeth, wife of John D. Perry.
Grand-dau: Annie Curtis Phelps.
Daus: Phebe, Elizabeh Ellen and Sarah Maria.
Exec: son Daniel; friend Nicholas M. Masters.
Wit.: Nicholas Masters, John T. Masters.
Dates: Dec. 24, 1836, Probate Oct. 10, 1839. Vol. 25, P. 453.

DAVID MAXSON, Petersburg
Wife: Not named.
Son: David G.
To: Albert Holmes.
Daus: Not named.
Exec: son David G.
Wit.: Benjamin Clark, George Crandall, Hamilton Clark.
Dates: Nov. 15, 1827, Probate Oct. 14, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 461.

Sons: John, Joseph.
"to my Darters Hannah Arnold and Sarah Arnold"
Exec: Moses Armstrong, Joseph Arnold.
Wit.: John, Sarah and Rebecca Haviland.
Dates: Jan. 18 ,"1919," Probate Oct. 14, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 474

ANN GROESBECK, Schaghticoke
Sisters: Eve, Maria, Rebecca.
Daus.: Cornelia and Sarah.
Niece: Caroline, dau. of sister Maria.
Exec: Derrick E. or D?, William, and Abraham Van Veghten.
Wit.: John Knickerbocker, of Schaghticoke, farmer; H.M. Boyd, Minister of the Gospel of the Reformed Church.
Dates: April 15, 1839, Probate Oct. 16, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 480.

Sons: William H., John F.
Dau.: Mary A.
Wife: Anna B.
Exec: Wife Anna B.
Wit.: W.C. Tourtellotte; C. Kirk; Godfrey Wood.
Dates: Sept. 4, 1809, Probate Oct. 21, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 487.

Son: Francis.
Children of sons John and Jacob.
Daus: Salome Hoard, wife of Ansel; Sarah Smith, wife of Lewis.
Exec: Friend Henry Vandenburgh, Andrew Boughton.
Wit.: Samuel R. Campbell, Gilbert Green, William M. Lape.
Dates: May 2, 1839, Probate Oct. 28, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 496.

Wife: Anna.
Children: not named.
Brother: Zoroaster.
Exec: Wife.
Wit.: Zoroaster Comstock, Gilbert Green.
Dates: Sept. 21, 1835, Probate Oct. 31, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 503.

Aunt Louise Coon.
To: Jared Crandall, wife of D(____); Treas. of the Mission to the Jews.
Exec: Aunt Louise Coon.
Wit.: Winter Green, Asa Coon.
Dates: May 3, 1839, Probate Oct. 31, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 510.

Wife: Annatie.
Sons: Abram F., Cornelius V.W.
Daus: Eveline, wife of Jesse Woodruff - land in Ohio; Sarah, wife of Daniel Fort.
To: Peter Milliman; Jacob; Cornelius and Sarah Jane, children of my dau. Alida, decd. wife of John Milliman.
Exec: son Abram F.; son Cornelius V.W.
Wit.: Douw Van Veghten, Delaney Fort.
Dates: Feb. 10, 1837, Probate Nov. 11, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 317.

ISAAC FILE, Brunswick
Wife: Rebecca.
Daus: Mary, wife of John Halsted, resident of Ohio; Elizabeth, wife of John Dater.
Grandchildren: Isaac, George and Mary Ann Snyder.
Exec: Coonradt Clum, John Dater.
Wit.: Henry A. Clum, John A. Hayner.
Dates: April 29, 1833, Probate Nov. 11, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 526.

RACHEL WOLF, Pittstown
Sons: John I., Martin I., Michael I., George I.
Mentions Charles Stark, Jacob Houk?, Ann Elizabeth Holland.
Exec: Charles H. Bany, Jacob Fake, James Mosher.
Wit.: Jonathan Mosher, Samuel Hitchcock.
Dates: Jan. 4, 1837, Probate Nov. 14, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 534.

PATRICK KEWLEY, Schaghticoke
Wife: Charlotte.
Children: not named.
Exec: Isaac Miller.
Wit.: Ezekiel Baker, Lewis Finch or Finsh.
Dates: Oct. 10, 1839, Probate Nov. 14, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 541.

Wife: Christine.
Son: Adam Charles.
Exec: Wife.
Wit.: Antony Barret, Lorenzo Miller.
Dates: April 3, 1839, Probate Nov. 21, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 546.

Children: Matthew P., Rolin R., Catherine M., Hannah Haddock, wife of Charles R.; Arba Read, Mary Ann Read.
Exec: sons Matthew, Arba, Rollin.
Wit.: F.W. Mann, George A. Mayhew, Martin W. Hicks.
Dates: Sept. 21, 1839, Probate Dec. 2, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 553.

JABEZ HILL, Pittstown
Wife: Emily.
Exec: Wife; Norman Baker.
Wit.: Clark Norton, Lewis Burdick.
Dates: Oct. 17, 1839, Probate Dec. 2, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 562.

Wife: Sarah.
Exec: Wife; George R. Davis or Dawis.
Wit.: Otis Sprague, H.N.W. Masters.
Dates: Nov. 12, 1839, Probate Dec. 12, 1839. Vol. 26, P. 566.

CHRISTINA ROWE, widow of Henry, Schodack
To: Dutch Reformed Church, Nassau.
Brother: Jacob T. Smith.
Heirs of brother Nicholas T. Smith.
Brothers: Coonradt Smith, Henry T. Smith.
To Peter, Tunis, John and William Harder, sons of brother in law Nicholas Harder, decd.
To: Eve Hawk, wife of Peter.
Exec: brothers Coonradt and Henry T. Smith; nephew Henry N. Smith.
Wit.: Paul Smith, Nassau; Lewis Hammond, Chatham.
Dates: June 13, 1839, Probate Jan. 2, 1840. Vol. 26, P. 571.

Wife: Elizabeth.
Children: not named.
Exec: Wife; Hosea Devereaux; Epaphradotus Devereaux.
Wit.: William Crockford, Seymour Devereaux.
Dates: Aug. 19, 1839, Probate Jan. 22, 1840. Vol. 26, P. 576.

Wife: Margaret.
Dau.: Sarah Maria.
Exec: brother Esek Hawkins Jr.; Jabez Hawkins.
Wit.: C.L. Tracy, George McAuley.
Dates: Dec. 7, 1838, Probate Jan. 3, 1840. Vol. 26, P. 583.

Will not given.

Wife: Katherine.
Children: Eliza, Margaret, Peter F., May. Mary under 18.
Exec: Philip Harder, Philip F. Harder and wife.
Wit.: Isaac Smith, Geo. L. Harder, Nicholas Mynderse.
Guardian to children: Ebenezer Wilson, Troy.
Dates: Dec. 7, 1839, Probate Feb. 17, 1830 (1840?), Vol. 28, P. 8.

Children: Henry, Julia, Mary E.
Wife: Fanny.
Daus: Eliza, wife of Cyrus D. Sheldon; Frances, wife of Chas. H. Kellogg.
Exec: son-in-law Chas. H. Kellogg, and son Charles C. Parmelee; Seth Seelye.
Wit.: L. Bliss, Lansingburg; Elijah Janes, Lansingburg.
Dates: Aug. 22, 1839, Probate March 26, 1840. Vol. 29, P. 16.

Dau.: Mary, wife of Joseph C. Houth? Detroit.
Son: Lorenzo, of New York City.
Dau.: Julia T., wife of George W. Harwood of Rochester; Henrietta, wife of Dr. Jonathan S. Ware, of Detroit.
Sons: George W., Ralph A., William H.
Dau.: Theodosia.
Exec: Wife; friend Gilbert Reiley; son Lorenzo.
Wit.: Benjamin M.F. Hice?; Alfred Wotkyns.
Dates: Dec. 2, 1839, Probate April 6, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 29.

Wife: Katherine.
Dau.: Meriam, wife of Chas. H. Hall.
Son: Abraham.
Daus: Phebe, wife of David Hall; Anna, wife of William Rowland.
Exec: son Abraham, and friend Ira Harrington.
Wit.: Israel Keach of Hoosick; Asa Chapman of Hoosick, Chas. Henry Spicer of Hoosick.
Dates: Feb. 15, 1838, Probate April 7, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 37.

Sons: Thomas, John.
Dau.: Hannah, wife of Barent Gailor (Gaylord).
Wife: Sally.
Guardian: Wife Sally and Chester Griswold.
Exec: son Thomas.
Wit.: Chester Griswold, William Jacques, Benjamin Fitch.
Dates: Jan. 13, 1836, Probate April 30, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 45.

Sons: John S., Ryer B., Isaac B. (Heirs of Isaac B., decd.)
Wife: Jane.
Mentions children of first wife - not named.
Grandson Nicholas I. Kittle.
Grand-daus: Eliza Muir?; Catalina, wife of John Schermerhorn Jr.
Exec: son Ryer B.; friend Barent C. Schermerhorn.
Wit.: James F. Folmsbee, Robert I. Johnson, John Squire.
Dates: June 9, 1835, Probate May 7, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 58.

Sons: Charles, Richard, Jonas.
To: Charles and John S. Weakes; Hannah "the mother of Jonas Kentor."
Exec: sons Jonas and Richard.
Wit.: Nicholas B. Harris, David Earring?; Andrew Miller.
Dates: Sept. 15, 1832, Probate May 18, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 68.

HENRY BURCH, Schaghticoke
Daus: Anna, wife of John Bradt; Mary, wife of Ezra Buckley; Thankful, wife of Parisonus? Shrieves.
Grand-dau: Jane Maria.
Sons: William, James, Ira, David Henry, John, Martin, Robert.
Exec: sons Ira, David, John.
Wit.: N.M. Masters, Albert N? Masters, Peter Burch.
Dates: Jan. 27, 1840, Probate May 21, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 76.

Sons: William H., John F.
Dau.: Mary Ann.
Exec: Harvey Pomeroy, and son John F.
Wit.: Asa Williams of Nassau; Patty Williams of Nassau.
Dates: March 6, 1840, Probate May 28, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 83.

JACOB PINK, Sandlake
Wife: Mahala.
Son: Jacob Henry.
5 children: Eliza Maria; Charity Ann; July Catherine; Lana Catherine or Christina.
Exec: Philip Pink, John Westfall, Henry H. Allendorph.
Wit.: Nicholas B. Harris, Tunis Snook, David I. Lown.
Dates: Feb. 22, 1839. Probate June 1, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 91.

JACOB R. SMITH, Greenbush
Wife: Hannah.
Sons: John, Jacob, Robert.
Daus: Caty Feller, Elizabeth Smith.
Exec: son Robert; William Teller.
Wit.: Thos. Thompson, son of Thomas; HEman Whitney.
Dates: Aug. 20, 1818, Probate May 29, 1840. Vol. 28, . 100.

Daus: Sarah, wife of Henry Ferguson; Hannah, wife of Reuben Reed; Polly, wife of Reuben Knapp.
Son: Cornelius.
Grandchildren: Caleb Marks, Daniel Marks, Almira, wife of Joseph Horton; and Phebe Marks - all children of son James, deceased.
Son: Jeremiah.
Exec: son Jeremiah and son Cornelius.
Wit.: Mechack Strait of Stephentown; John I. Peaster, of Nassau; Joseph Marks, of Nassau.
Dates: June 18, 1840. Probate Feb. 11, 1833. Vol. 28, P. 112.

Wife: Sarah.
Sons: Walter, Abraham, Peter, John.
Daus: Sarah Mesick; Betsey Shirley, wife of Edward, of Albany; Chaliab Westfall, wife of Ebenezer; Jane Westfall.
Grandson: John Roraback.
Exec: Wife; sons Abraham, Walter, Peter, John.
Wit.: John Carpenter, Wm. Masten, Barney Hoes?.
Dates: July 13, 1840, Probate April 4, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 120.

Wife: Sarah.
Sons: Andrew, Joseph Jr., James.
Son: Francis and Amy, his wife.
Grandsons: John F., Joseph C.
Note: Son Francis to have farm in Woster, Otsego Co., NY.
Daus: Elizabeth Birges; Sarah Garrison, wife of Archibald ... Parish, Oswego Co.; Gerrity Becker, wife of John ... Parish, Oswego Co. NY.
Exec: sons James and Andrew.
Wit.: Wolston Brockway, George W. Brockway, George W. Boughton.
Dates: Feb. 13, 1839, Probate Aug. 3, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 129.

.....to George B. Moreton, and Mary Ann, his wife.
Exec: Mary Ann Moreton; William Rich.
Wit.: James Adams, David I. Dutcher.
Dates: Feb. 13, 1840. Probate July 20, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 135.

Dau.: Fanny Houghton, wife of William.
Wife: Susannah.
Son: Amazeah?
Wit.: Thos. Upham, David Peck, James Hoag.
Dates: May 4, 1840. Probate Aug. 6, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 143.

Son: George Wilson Hideley.
Wife: Christiania.
.....farm between George Coles and Fredk. Barringer.
Brothers: Michael I. and John.
Daus: Hannah, Catherine, Maria.
Exec: friends Bernhard Weatherwax, John Ostrander.
Wit.: Wm. Barringer, Henry Frazee.
Dates: June 20, 1840, Probate Aug. 24, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 151.

Son: Peter.
Exec: son Peter.
Wit.: William W. Cooper of Troy; Thomas Knight of Troy; Myron Knowlton of Albia.
Dates: March 14, 1840, Probate Aug. 23, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 162.

Sons: James, William Jr., Isaac.
Daus: Frances, Sally, Polly, Hannah.
Grandson: William Riley, son of Isaac.
Exec: William Riley and John Whitford.
Wit.: Steward Griswold, Emerson Hull, Alson D. Hull.
Dates: Feb. 9, 1840, Probate Sept. 3, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 175.

Wife: Rebecca.
Daus: Eliza Ann; Charlotte, wife of Benjamin Walworth; Sally, wife of Randall James; Priscilla, wife of John Crane; Mary, wife of Harvey B. Fowler; Eliza Ann Eddy.
Sons: John R.; Azariah Eddy Jr.; Nathaniel B.; Jonathan.
Exec: son Jonathan; son-in-law Randall James; friend Reuben Clark.
Wit.: Hez Munsell, Thos. P. Hewit.
Dates: June 10, 1840. Probate Sept. 3, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 189.

JAMES GREEN, Pittstown
Wife: Betsey.
Daus: Mabel, Eliza Jane.
Sons: Jeremiah G., Emory B., Hiram, Leonard, James Jr.
Dau.: Maria, wife of Abel Willing?
Grand-dau: Betsey Ferguson, dau. of Jesse.
Exec: Wife; son Jeremiah, son Emory B.
Wit.: Amelia Blasdel; N. Mosher.
Dates: Sept. 16, 1838, Probate Sept. 3, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 192.

Sons: Lawrence, Peter, James, Abraham.
Daus: Maria; Cornelia Abbott.
Grandsons: James and Abraham.
Exec: sons Lawrence and James.
Wit.: Zach Roraback, Jacob Boucher, Ralph Buss.
Dates: Sept. 27, 1838, Probate Sept. 17, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 199.

Wife: not named.
Son: Winant.
Grandsons: Matthias and Peter, son of my son Henry.
Deceased dau. Sarah.
Daughter-in-law, widow of son Henry.
Exec: son Winant; Harman Vanderzee; William W. Lape.
Wit.: Wm. H. Snyder, Wm. L. Stewart, Wm. L. Stewart Jr.
Dates: March 13, 1839, Probate Sept. 21, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 207.

JOSHUA MUNRO, Shaftsbury, Vt.
" ....to be buried in the burying ground in the center of the town by my deceased wife...."
Wife: Miriam.
Sons: Joshua W., Lyman W.
......land about Shaftsbury.
Dau.: Harriet Clapp.
Nephew: John E. Munro, son of brother Nathan.
To: Universalist Society occupying the meeting house in So. Shaftsbury.
Exec: Nathan H. Bottom, Hiland Hall, Daniel Hall, Jas. M. Stevenson.
Wit.: Gardner Bouton Jr., Hiram Spencer, Hiland Hall.
Dates: Nov. 23, 1838, Probate Sept. 24, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 217.

Died Aug. 3, 1840.
Daus: Miriam, Rhena Atwell, Miriam, Reliance.
Sons: Arachbald, Ebenezer, John.
To Eliza, dau. of son Ezra.
Exec: sons Ebenezer and Aaron.
Wit.: Smith Griffith, Henry Jones, F.W. Jones.

Wife: Caroline.
Note: .....land in Petersburg of my late honored father, George Rosenburg.
To: Henry E. Rosenburg.
Exec: Wife. Wit.: Hez Munsell Jr. of Hoosick; Green Brimmer of Petersburg.
Dates: Sept. 10, 1840, Probate Nov. 26, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 237.

2 grandsons: Edward Norton and Caleb Norton, sons of my son Caleb, deceased.
Grandchildren: children of Phebe Ashley.
Exec: David Norton.
Wit.: Norman Baker, Edward Sinney.
Dates: July 18, 1828, Probate Nov. 30, 1840. Vol. 28, P 266.

ELI DOUGLAS, Stephentown
Son-in-law Erastus Brown (of Pittsfield, Ill.)
Grand-dau: Lucy Angeline Brown, Virginia Louisa Brown.
Sister: Abiah Adams, wife of Amaza?
To: Jonathan H. Douglas, of Wateford, Saratoga Co., NY.
Dau.: Elizabeth Pearce, wife of Roswell.
Exec: Friend and relative, Jonathan H. Douglas.
Wit.: Elijah H. Kimball of New York City; John D. Moriarty of Saratoga Springs.
Dates: Aug. 12, 1840, Probate Dec. 21, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 255.

GRATIA T. COOK, Schodack
Sister: Laura H. McClellan.
Brother: Erastus Cook (of Ashtabula, Ohio)
To: "my (brother?) Augustus Cook."
Exec: Sister Laura; Samuel McClellan.
Wit.: John Coventry, of Schodack; Jane McClellan, of Livingston, NY.; Elizabeth Carrier of Shodack.
Dates: Aug. 6, 1831, Probate Dec. 21, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 263.

Wife: Mary.
Sons: Abraham, James C.
Grand-dau: Harriet, dau. of late son Henry.
To: Cicitus? Breese.
Exec: son Abraham and William C. Raynor.
Wit.: Joachim P. Staats of Schodack; Hez Munsell of Hoosick Falls.
Dates: Nov. 16, 1839, Probate Dec. 22, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 268.

Wife: Catherine Eliza.
Son: Charles Eugene.
Note: land in Chester, Hampshire Co., Mass.
Brother: Samuel Jr.
Sister: Betsey.
Exec: Wife; brother Joseph H. Coons; friend Jacob Dater.
Wit.: I.P. Barnes, Gardner Hayden.
Dates: Feb. 22, 1839, Probate Dec. 29, 1840. Vol. 28, P. 276.

Wife: Lucy.
Daus: Mary Stewart Whiting; Clara Hewitt; Lucy Smith; Caroline Vassar.
Son : Chauncey.
Exec: son Chauncey; friend Daniel Sackett; Amatus Robbins; daughter Clara Hewitt.
Wit.: Jno. T. Namport?; J.S. Lane.
Dates: March 12, 1840, Probate Jan. 4, 1841. Vol. 28, P. 284.

Wife: Sarah.
Sons: Joseph - land in lease from Stephen Van Rensselaer; Jarvis and Theodorus.
Daus: Elizabeth Winne; Susannah Rees.
Son: Moses W.
Grandchilren: John and Caroline, children of son William; Moses, Hetty Ann and Sarah, children of son John.
Exec: son Theodorus and John D. Vanderheyden.
Wit.: J.L (or S) Lane, Dutcher Slason, borh of Troy.
Dates: March 11, 1834, Probate Jan. 11, 1841. Vol. 28, P. 291.

Sons: Peter, Henry, Jacob, William, John I., Jeremiah, Barney.
Daus: Mary Whyland, Sarah Vosburgh, wife of John; Elizabeth, wife of James Dennis.
Exec: Calvin Sliter, Marcus Peck.
Wit.: John T. Cotton, Peter Bonesteel.
Dates: Dec. 13, 1840, Probate Jan. 11, 1841. Vol. 28, P. 302.

Wife: Caroline B. (Brockway)
Children: Isaac, Judith Ann, Charles, Caroline.
Exec: Wife; brother John S. Walker; brother-in-law Daniel Reed.
Wit.: Abraham Hogeboom of Lewiston, NY; Jeremiah Shibley of Schodack.
Will signed at Cambria, Niagara Co., NY.
Dates: Oct. 30, 1840, Probate Jan. 11, 1841. Vol. 28, P. 308.

Son: Samuel.
To: Susan Mott and her son, Smith; Mary, dau. of Ami and Jannette Butler; Smith Germond Leavens, son of Joseph and Rebecca; John M. Mott; John S. Bloom, son of sister Anna; three children of Hepzibah Barnett, dau. of William.
To: William Smith "who lives with me"; 4 nephews and nieces - children of sister Susan: - Stephen G. Mott, Smith Mott, Joseph A. Mott, John M? Mott; 3 nieces, daus. of sister Susan: - Susan Janette, wife of Ami T. Butler; Sarah E. Mott; Lydia P. Mott.
To: nephew James Germond, son of deceased brother Samuel; Ann Mabbett, wife of John U, day of deceased bro. Samuel; Levina Germond, wife of Hulet, dau. of deceased bro Samuel; Phebe Grant, wife of Augusts, dau. of desc. bro. Samuel; Almina Germond, dau. of desc. bro. Samuel; Rebecca Jane, wife of Josephus Leavens, dau. of desc. br. Samuel; Mary Elizabeth Germond, dau. of desc. bro. Samuel.
Exec: nephews John M. Mott; Stephen G. Mott; James Germond.
Wit.: John F. Trowbridge of Bridgewater, NY; Job Pierson of Troy.
Dates: Sept. 4, 1840, Probate Prob. 1841. Vol. 28, P. 440.

Wife: Ann Eliza.
Dau.: Julia Maria, wife of Benjamin Ogle Taylor.
Exec: Wife; son-in-law Benj. O. Taylor; friend Daniel D. Barnard.
Wit.: P. Wells of Troy; H.G. Filkins of Troy; W.C. Cook of Troy.
Dates: Oct. 3, 1838, Probate Feb. 18, 1841. Vol. 28, P. 448.

Wife: Harriet.
Son: Jeremiah.
Dau: Jane.
Grandson Harry Thompson, son of Jeremiah; grandson Peter Schermerhorn.
Wife's grand-dau. Harriet.
Grand-dau: Eliza Schermerhorn.
Wife's dau: Margaret Schermerhorn.
Exec: Dr. Jas. Hogeboom; Zachariah Rorabach.
Wit.: Lawrence Hogeboom, Peter Hogeboom, Cornelius Winne.
Dates: Nov. 13, 1838, Probate Feb. 18, 1841. Vol. 28, P. 457.

Son: Daniel J. Miller.
Daus: Lany Coonradt; Mary Robinson; Catherine Snyder; Betsey Curtis; Sally Ann Cole.
Exec: son Daniel J.
Wit.: Margaret Earls, Abner Roberts, John M. Way.
Dates: Nov. 28, 1840, Probate April 18, 1841. Vol. 28, P. 463.

WILLIAM CRANE, City of Lafayette, Parish of Jefferson, State of Louisiana
To: Dorothy Lamb, of Troy, NY: Martha Lamb of Troy, NY; John Vanhouselaer; my mulatto boy; Harlow Lamb, of New Orleans.
Exec: friends Daniel S. Dewes?; Varnum Sheldon, both of New Orleans, La.
Wit.: Levi B. Gardener; Wm. D. Mann; Chas. F. Mann.
Dates: Oct. 4, 1840, Probate Feb. 18, 1841. Vol. 28, P. 470.

Son: John N.
Grandson: Nicholas, son of late son Isaac.
Exec: brother-in-law John I. Kittle.
Wit.: Hannah M. Hickok, Ann Hickok, H.H. Hickok.
Dates: June 6, 1829, Probate Feb. 22, 1841. Vol. 28, P. 476.

Wife: Clarissa.
Son: George W.
Grandson: Charles K. Bradway.
Son: Isaac.
Grand-dau: Elmira Pemelia, dau. of son Isaac.
Exec: John I. Barton of Albany; son George W.
Wit.: Richard P. Herrick; Amos Stave (Steves?)
Grand-dau: Lydia Bradway.
Dau.: Orinda Bradway.
Dates: Oct. 10, 1840, Probate March 1, 1841. Vol. 28, P. 490.

Wife: Sarah.
To: Teressa Haynes (or Hayner), wife of John H.
Son: Simon K.
Exec: son Simon K.; Edward R. Ball.
Wit.: Wm. Cox, Jonah Brockway, Edward R. Ball.
Dates: March 7, 1835, Probate Jan. 25, 1841. Vol. 28, P. 499.

Wife: Maria.
Sons: Henry S., Cornelius Glen, Anthony Augustus.
Dau.: Elizabeth Gillespie, wife of John C.
Grandchildren: Gerrit Peebles Gillespie and Anna Maria Gillespie.
Exec: Wife; Benjamin Tibbetts; Ebenezer Walbridge, Joshua Mandeville.
Wit.: C.S. Tracy, James N. Barker.
Dates: March 20, 1837, Probate April 14, 1841. Vol. 28, P. 507.

Vols. XXIX and XXX - Letters of Adms., etc.


Wife: Elizabeth.
Sons: Elijah E., William, Barent.
To: Alida, widow of son Timothy.
Dau.: Azubah, wife of Peter Winne.
Exec: son Elijah E. and son Barent.
Wit.: Isaac McConihe; Wm. Yates.
Dates: Jan. 8, 1832, Probate April 15, 1841. Vol. 31, P. 12.

Wife: Lanah.
Sons: Benjamin, John W.
Grand-daus: Clementine and Emeline.
Daus: Angeline; Louisa; Catherine, wife of Caleb Slade.
Exec: Hez Munsell Jr., of Hoosick Falls; George Babcock of Grafton.
Dates: Dec. 1, 1839, Probate April 19, 1841. Vol. 31, P. 24.

Wife: Caroline Matilda.
Sons: Frederick W., Ebenezer C., George, Oliver, David.
Daus: Helem M., wife of George Tabor; Martha T.; Caroline.
Exec: son Oliver; Frederick C., Ebenezer E. and David.
Wit.: Gideon Hawley and B.S. Van Ingen, both of Albany.
Dates: Nov. 22, 1834, Probate May 3, 1841. Vol. 31, P. 33.

JOHN DOTY, Stephentown
Wife: not named.
Dau.: Eunice Kittle, wife of Stephen S.
Sons: Calvin, Samuel.
Dau.: Lugenia ?
Exec: Isaac B. Coleman.
Wit.: Elijah Graves, M.D.; Polly A. Henckley, Stephen S. Kittle.
Dates: Nov. 19, 1840, Probate May 15, 1841. Vol. 31, P. 41.

Wife: Amelia.
Sons: Amos, John, Joseph, Winter, Gardener, Wanton, Varnum.
Daus: Susannah Greenman; Esther Davis; Sarah Coon.
Son: Nicholas' widow Polly.
Grandchildren: Alonzo, Henry, Russell, Albert, Angelina and Naomi.
Note: ".....shed at the Meeting house; right in the Washington Library at Petersburg; pew in 7th Day Baptist Church at Stephentown."
Grandchildren: Hannah Saunders, Margaret Saunders, Anna Buton, Catherine Reynolds.
Exec: son Amos; sons John and Winter.
Wit.: John Whitford, Martin S. Brimmer.
Dates: Probated June 3, 1841. Vol. 31, P. 47.

Wife: Eunice.
Sons: Lyman, John M.
Note: land in Leicester Meadows, Vermont.
Exec: Wife and son Lyman.
Wit.: G. Fort and E.W. Walbridge.
Dates: Feb. 8, 1841, Probate June 21, 1841. Vol. 31, P. 56.

ELIAS BOICE, Greenbush
Sons: Peter, John, Eli.
Son-in-law Alexander Rockefeller and his son Elias Peter.
Grandson David Jeremiah, son of my son Henry, deceased.
Daus: Elizabeth, wife of George Waggoner; Margaret, wife of John Shook; Catherine, wife of John Weaver; Peggy, wife of Jerry Barnard; Lydia.
Grandson Thomas Henry, son of my son, Eli.
Exec: son Eli; son-in-law Alex. Rockefeller; friend Henry Bink.
Wit.: Henry Bink, Lawrence Mauzer, Evert Van Alen.
Dates: Jan. 8, 1841, Probate June 21, 1841. Vol. 31, P. 66.

Wife: Sarah.
Sons: Isaac, Abraham I., Gilbert.
Grandsons: John and Isaac Fonda, son of my dau. Eve.
Daus: Catherine, wife of Lawrence Vanderwerken of Waterford; Jane, wife of Tiel Rockefeller; Susan, Magdalena.
Note: Real Estate in the Town of Stuyvesant, Col. Co., NY.
Exec: sons Abraham I. and Gilbert.
Wit.: Ebenezer Eaton, A.R. Schermerhorn, Ryer R. Schermerhorn.
Dates: June 27, 1839, Probate July 1, 1841. Vol. 31, P. 76.

Wife: Hannah.
Daus: Mary Jane and Betsey Maria.
Exec: Wife.
Wit.: Nathan Nolton, Lewis Fuller, Henry Bovie.
Dates: Feb. 20, 1841, Probate July 6, 1841. Vol. 31, P. 81.

EBENEZER SMITH, Schaghticoke
SisterL Lydia Lent, of LeRoy, Genessee County, NY.
To: Eliza Howland, widow of wife's deceased brother Ruben.
Sister: Mary Worth.
To: Eliza Ann Allen, of New Haven, granddaughter of Eliza Howland.
Brother: Jethro A. Howland.
deceased wife's brother Urial Howland.
To: Anna Smith, daughter of brother Benjamin; Allen Howland, brother of my deceased wife; American Bible Socity; Presbyterian Church, Schaghticoke.
Exec: Benjamin Perry, Thos. C. Ripley.
Wit.: Cyrus A. Lockwood, Jonathan A. Noble.
Dates: July 19, 1841, Probate April 27, 1841. Vol. 31, P. 88.

JOHN UPHAM, Sandlake
Wife: Elizabeth.
Sons: John, Nathan, James M., Morgan.
Dau.: Hannah.
Exec: Wife; son Nathan.
Wit.: Marcus Peck, James H. Upham.
Dates: March 7, 1841, Probate July 19, 1841. Vol. 31, P. 96.

wife: Susan.
Note: lot #9, Clinton Tract, 76 acres.
...subject to lease of 1st day of April lat to Wm. Buffington.
Father: Solomon Simmons ... land ....and 2 calves now in possession of T[illegible] David Mann.
Notes - one against Charles Farnhouse; one against John Bidwell.
to enable father to buy land.
Exec: Thomas Willis, Troy; John Snyder, Troy.
Wit.: Ann Eliza Miller, Lucinda F. Miller, S. Kendrick.
Dates: May 20, 1840, Probate July 22, 1841, Vol. 31, P. 105.

DAVUD TUTTLE, Lansingburg
Wife: Nancy.
Exec: son Henry Blakeslee Tuttle; wife.
Wit.: Gerrit Fort, James E. Buel.
Dates: 1840. Probate July 26, 1841. Vol. 31, P. 113.

MARY BIGGS, Lansingburg
Exec: Peter Morris.
Wit.: Wm. H. Chapman, Marcus B. Filley.
Dates: Nov. 2, 1838, Probate Aug. 7, 1841. Vol. 31, P. 117.

Mother: Mary Larned, now a resident of Providence, Rhode Island.
Friend: Joseph B. Gay, of Thompson, Ct.
Exec: none given.
Wit.: Jas. Corning, John A. Patterson, Robert Gould.
Dates: Jan. 14, 1840, Probate Aug. 9, 1841. Vol. 31, P 123.

To wife Catherine (Foland or Poland).
Sole surviving daughter, Margaret, wife of Peter A. Smith.
Grandchildren: not named.
Note: Any dispute of bequests to be settled by Chester Griswold, Benjamin Fitch, and David H. Garrison.
Exec: friend Wm. Jacques; Philip Barringer.
Dates: June 2, 1841, Probate Aug. 8, 1841. Vol. 31, P. 134.

Mother: Mary Danker (or Margaret).
Exec: Mother.
Wit.: S.D. Lewis, Moses I. Winne, S.A. Lewis.
Heirs: Jacob Danker; Elizabeth Phillips; Rebecca, wife of Brigham S. Eaton, of New York City.
Dates: March 9, 1841, Probate Aug. 6, 1841. Vol. 31, P. 143.

Dau.: Caroline.
Son: Charles.
To: Missionary Society of America.
Exec: Absolom Townsend; Wm. H. Fondey.
Wit.: Martha Ovonett or Gvonett? Troy; Hannah T. Noyes, Troy.
Dates: April 6, 1841, Probate Aug. 23, 1841. Vol. 31, P. 149.

(Pamelia Farnam Green)
Dau.: Pamelia F.
Exec: Pamelia F.
Wit.: N?B. Doe, of Waterford; Mehitable Baker, Troy.
Codidil: to Orlando Montague of Troy.
Exec: Lyman S. Russell, Samuel H. Howe.
Wit.: E. Jackman, John P. Albertson.
Dates: Aug. 6, 1833, Probate Sept. 3, 1841. Vol. 31, P. 156.

Wife: Charlotte.
Daus: Sally Maria; Harriet Hawley, wife of Charles, of Wilton, NY; Polly N?[illegible]W?eher, wife of David F., and her son Erastus; Elizabeth Frost, wife of Nathan.
Sons: Abraham, Koert, David, James M.
To: Henry A. Winn; Elizabeth Root; Margaret Proper; Robert o. Winn; Catherine Neher; Jane Ann Neher.
........if Elizabeth Frost dies.....to her youngest son, Jefferson.
........to Nicholas Digest; Henry P. Digest, Elijah Digest, Eliza F. Haws?; Abraham Digest.
Exec: 3 sons.
Wit.: D. Clapp, Geo. W. Steward, Jonas Holsapple.
Dates: Dec. 30, 1840, Probate Oct. 7, 1841. Vol. 31, P. 173.

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