Abstracts Of Wills Of
Rensselaer County, New York

Volume II of Manuscript

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

Transcriber's notes: This transcription was made from a very old copy of the original, which was typed on an antique typewriter that caused some letters to fill in with ink, especially a, e & o. When a name or word is all but illegible I note it, or put a question mark.
If you find a name that you know well because perhaps it appears in your tree, and you want it to be cleared up and spelled correctly, please email me at: CL38911@cox.net.

Volume 9 continued & start of Volume 12, 1828-1832

Nephew: Volkert Witbeck, son of Lawrence and Susanna.
Brother: William, and his son Abraham V.H.
Brother: John.
Nieces: Maria Whitbeck (Witbeck), Maria, dau. of brother John.
Nephews: Abraham, Abraham L., son of Lawrence and Susannah Witbeck.
Exec.: John Defreest Jr., John W. Witbeck, William Vandenburgh.
Wit.: Lawrence Rysedorph, Philip L. Rysedorph, Alexander Cumming.
Dates: Feb. 3, 1828, Probate March 5, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 133.

JOHN REYNOLDS, Petersburgh
Wife: Eunice.
Eldest dau. Polly, by my 1st wife Lucy - the wife of John Powers Jr.
2nd dau.: Lucy, by my second wife Eunice.
Youngest son: Linden.
Eldest son: Noel I.
Exec.: son Novl I.
Note: land conveyed to me by Rensselaer Schuyler formerly leased by General Ten Broeck.
Wit.: Ezekiel Belding, William Weaver, John Weaver.
Dates: Nov. 4, 1824, Probate March 19, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 135.

Wife: Elizabeth.
Brother: Timothy.
\ 4 children: Mary, William, George, Sarah.
Mother-in-law Mary Young - land in Caldwell, Warren Co., N.Y.
Israel Seymour, guardian for dau. Mary.
Josiah Converse, guardian for son William.
John G. Buswell, guardian for son George.
Abner Loveland, guardian for dau. Sarah.
Exec.: Stephen Covell, Abraham Nash, Joshua Harpham.
Wit.: William W. Witbeck, Zebulon Gillett, Alfred Wotkyns.
Dates: March 7, 1828, Probate March 18, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 138.

HENRY DATOR, Brunswick
Wife: Mary Christina.
Sons: George, John, Phlip, Henry Jr.
Daus: Catherine Coons, Mary Springer, Hannah Haner.
Exec.: son George; friend John R. Haner.
Wit.: Jon. Brown, Robert Collins, Samuel S. McChestney.
Dates: March 2, 1828, Probate March 4, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 140.

Sons: Aaron, Nathaniel Jr., Henry.
Daus: Polly Maxson, Eunice Maxson, Lucinda.
Wife: "Abagale"
Dau.: Mehala.
Grandsons: Nathaniel Brown, son of Aaron; (_______) son of Henry.
Exec.: son Aaron; friend William S. Brown.
Wit.: Jon. Brown, Isaiah Richmond, Zephaniah Fox.
Dates: Nov. 12, 1826, Probate March 24, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 143.

Wife: Fanny.
Sons: Abraham S., Joshua Jr.
Dau.: Mary Melissa.
Exec: Joseph Burdick, Stephen Burdick, George W? Scriven.
Wit.: Moses L. Burdick, John Steward, Sally Parks.
Dates: Feb. 25, 1828, Probate March 26, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 145.

Brothers: John Jr., Henry.
To: Sophia, widow of brother Leonard.
Nephew: Cornelius Beeckman.
Niece: Hester Beeckman, dau. of Leoanrd, now wife of Peter Prosius.
Nephews: John Beeckman, son of Leonard; Martin, son of Leonard.
Niece: Maria Ann, dau. of Leonard.
Nephew: Henry Beeckman, son of Leonard.
Exec.: John Brinnckerhoff, Jacob A. Ten Eyck.
Wit.: Richard Miller, James Downer, W.W. Doughty.
Dates: June 6, 1827, Probate March 31, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 146.

Wife: Ann.
Children: Edward, Emily, Ann, Mary S., Henry, Charles.
Guardians: Philip Viele; William Heartt.
Exec.: Wife; son Edward; William Heartt.
Wit.: Mary J. Herrick.
Dates: March 29, 1828, Probate April 11, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 149.

RUTH ABBOTT, Brunswick
To: Trustees of the Presbyterian Church.
To: Ruth Caroline Abbott; Harriet, wife of Jonas Abbott; Melissa, wife of John Younglove.
Exec.: Jonas Abbott, John Younglove.
Wit.: Daniel Simmons, Judd Abbott, Elizabeth Abbott.
Dates: March 20, 1828, Probate April 14, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 151.

JONATHAN I. SWEET, Stephentown
Wife: Margaret.
4 daus: Joanna, Mehitable R., Caroline A., Lavinia Louise.
Son: Jonathan I. Jr.
Father: Elnathan.
Dau.: Mary Brown, wife of Randall A.
To: Joseph Rogers Chase, son of Benjamin; Benjamin I. Green; Olive Curtis - now Olive Main.
Exec.: Wife; Brother Elnathan; Randall A. Brown.
Wit.: Griffin Eldridge, Ezekial Sheldon, Hosea Brown.
Dates: April 4, 1827, Probate April 16, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 153.

Wife: Alicia - money bequeathed her by Richard Milford Esq., of Bath, England.
To: Trustees of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in U.S. - to be used for Theological Seminary, Princton, N.H. for scholarship - failing that - to Theological Seminary in Virginia.
Children: Mary Milford Windeatt, Samuel Milford, Richard Milford, John Heath, Jane Heath, Edgecombe Heath.
To: Rebecca and Henry, children of son, Henry, decd.
Exec.: Wife and son Richard.
Wit.: Jesse Parish, Mark Tucker, Samuel G. Huntington.
Dates: Sept. 13, 1827, Probate April 20, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 157.

Wife: Mary.
Children - not named - under 21.
Exec.: Wife; Joshua Harpham, Stephen Clark of Greenbush.
Wit.: Henry G.W. Masten, William I. High, Charles Atwood.
Dates: Feb. 23, 1828, Probate April 22, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 163.

Wife: Lavinia.
Sons: John, Henry, Francis Edward.
Dau.: Sarah.
To: Esther Dyke, dau. of my said wife Lavinia.
To: Children of Elizabeth Dyke: - Julia Ann Elizabeth, Adah Maria, Frances Abigail.
Exec.: Wife and friend John Newhouse.
Wit.: Samuel Kendrick, William N. Wade, William Coons.
Dates: Feb. 11, 1828, Probate April 29, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 165.

WILLIAM WALSH, Lansingburg
To: Peletiah Bliss, son of Luther and wife Mary Ann.
To: Jane Bliss, dau. of Peletiah; Elizabeth, dau. of Peletiah.
"There is a suit now depending in Vermont between John Van Der Spiegel and me."
Sisters: Mary Ann Bliss, Eliza Walsh.
To: Alexander Walsh, son of my borhter Thomas Walsh.
Exec.: Ebenezer Walbridge, Brother Thomas.
Wit.: Reuben Field, Thomas C. Brinsmade, Frederick B. Leonard.
Dates: April, 1828, Probate May 15, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 167.

Sons: Joatham, Masten, Jesse Jr., John.
Daus: Elizabeth, Mary.
Grandson: Levi.
Exec.: Timothy Carpenter, John B. Carpenter.
Wit.: Reuben Brownell, Joseph Mead, Joseph Sherman.
Dates: May 2, 1828, Probate June 3, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 169.

Wife: Keziah.
Sons: Jepthah, Ambrose, Ezra, Peabody, Permenus.
Daus: Jemima Harrington, Perthenia Sherman, Meriam Wing, Phebe.
Exec.: sons Jepthah and Ambrose.
Wit: Noah Baker, Ira Sperry, Clark Baker.
Dates: July 5, 1821, Probate 1828. Vol. 9, P. 172.

Wife: Hannah.
Daus: Priscilla, Joanna Wolcott, Susanna Franklin, Deborah Read.
Sons: Joseph, Menick, John, Abijah, Jesse, Shubal Jr.
Exec: Jesse Brockway; sons John and Shubal.
Wit.: Wolston Brockway or Breckway, John Garrison, Francis Baker.
Dates: March 7, 1828, Probate June 14, 1828. Vol. 9, P 175.

Wife: Hannah.
Sons: William, Nicholas.
Daus: Catherine Heysradt, Chilly Linck, widow of Philip; Charity Smith, widow of Zachariah; Christine Bink?, Hannah Koon, wife of John; Betsey Lasher, wife of Peter.
Exec.: friend John Hollenbeck, Abraham Herrington.
Wit.: Abraham Herrington, Samuel R. Campbell, John Hallenbake.
Dates: Feb. 16, 1826, Probate June 14, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 177.

Wife: Susannah.
Grandson: Alexander W. Teelin.
Sons: John, William, Charles, Alexander.
Daus: Elinor, Margaret, Alida.
Exec: Charles Earing; Wife; Henry I. Traver.
Wit.: Martin Barringer, William Ostrander, Samuel Earing Jr.
Dates: May 1, 1826, Probate 1828. Vol. 9, P. 180.

Brothers: Eliphalet Hull, Lazarus Hull, Hezekiah Hull.
Sister: Abigail Reed.
To: Martha Belden, wife of David; Elizabeth Townsend, wife of Henry.
Nephew: Rev. Samuel B. Hull.
Nieces: Elizabeth S. Belden, Sarah S. Townsend.
To: Vestrymen - Episcopal Church, Redding, Ct.
Sister: Elizabeth Townsend.
To: Episcopal Church, Bath, Steuben Co., N.Y.; Second Congregational Church, Troy.
Exec.: David Buel.
Wit.: Lydia Kellogg, S. Bouton Jr.
Dates: May 21, 1828, Probate July 10, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 165.

Wife: Phebe.
Daus: Mary, Sarah, Lydia, Julia, Harriet.
Sons: Thomas, Cornelius, George, Jonathan, Fenner Jr.
To: Thomas Sherman - in trust for Phebe (wife?)
To: Enoch Sherman, guardian for Fenner Jr.
Exec.: Thomas and Enoch Sherman.
Wit.: Samuel McClellan, Montillion Beckwith, J. Koon.
Dates: June 16, 1828, Probate July 11, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 187.

Widow to Barnabas.
To: Henry Witbeck, infant son of Jonathan and Catherine, his wife.
Exec: Renier Van Alstyne of Greenbush; E. Wilson Jr., Peter Vontecou?, Mary Wilson.
Dates: Probated June 25, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 191.

Wife: Anna.
Sons: David, Daniel, Hosea, Sacket?
5 daughters - not named.
Exec.: sons John and Daniel.
Wit.: Robert Waterbury, Samuel Waterbury, Ezra Waterbury.
Dates: June 4, 1828, Probate Aug. 16, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 193.

CATHERINE MYER, Schaghticoke
Brothers: Jacob Myer, John Myer, David Myer, Nathan Myer.
Dau.: Amy Miller.
Nephew: Miram Myer.
Mother: Elizabeth.
Exec.: Brothers Jacob and David.
Wit.: Jacob M. Stover, William Wiley, Job Pierson.
Dates: May 2, 1828, Probate Aug. 18, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 196.

JAMES AGAN, Brunswick
Wife: Elsey.
Daus: Simney? Shiffer, wife of Henry; Elsey Wager; Elizabeth Hill.
Sons: Patrick I. Agan, Nicholas Agan, James Agan.
Exec.: Reuben Halsted.
Wit.: James Agan, Jon. Brown.
Dates: Feb. 15, 1826, Probate Aug. 22, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 197.

Wife: Elizabeth.
Daus: Ann Hayner, wife of Peter - and her son John; Infant - Lydia Catherine.
Sons: Andrew, Peter, William.
Frederick Smith, Guardian of Liddy.
Wit.: Walter S. McChestney, Gerrit R. Miller, Hermanus Taylor.
Dates: April 11, 1828, Probate Aug. 28, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 199.

Sons: Barent, John, Peter, Joseph.
Daus: Margaret - wife of Israel Platt; Maria; Sarah, wife of Joseph Freyer; Garetine, wife of Isaac Jessup; Ann, wife of Louis Younglove.
Grandchildren: Catherine and Joseph.
Wife: Cathline.
Exec.: sons John, Barent and Peter.
Wit.: John S. Van Alstyne, Cornelius V. Schermerhorn, Amaziah Blanchard.
Dates: Nov. 16, 1827, Probate Sept. 24, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 202.

ELIZABETH SMITH, "Otherwise Elizabeth Parks", Lansingburg
To: Margaret Armstrong, Genette Atwood, Lydia Armstrong.
To: Robert and Thomas, sons of Thomas Nelson.
To: Elizabeth Atwood, dau. of William F.; Eliza Smith.
Exec: William F. Atwood.
Wit.: John Ball, Noel Atwood, Charles Rowland.
Dates: Aug. 6, 1828, Probate Sept. 29, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 205.

ASA EDDY, Stephentown
Wife: Thankful.
Daus: Anne, Camille Blake, Nancy Fillow.
Son: Ira.
Exec.: Wife.
Wit.: Silas Thomas, Thomas W. Roberts, Naomi Stevens.
Dates: Jan. 30, 1828, Probate Oct. 1, 1828. Vol. 9, P 207.

JOHN COX, Hoosick
Sons: Ralph, William, "Malicha"l Warren, Levi, John.
Wife: Lois.
Exec.: friend Benjamin G. Sweet; son John.
Wit.: Clark Baker, Anthony Brees, Jacob Chase.
Dates: May 3, 1825, Probate Oct. 10, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 209.

Father: John, of England.
Late of England "County of Shropshire, Striton Bridge, near Covan Arms - Sawyer (or Lawyer)"
Exec.: friend John Thomas.
Wit.: George Squire Jr., T.V.C. McChestney, Pierpont E. Bale.
Dates: Sept. 8, 1828, Probate Oct. 6, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 210.

Wife: Elizabeth.
Sons: John Lansing, Obadiah Cooper.
Dau.: Annatie.
Exec: Wife; John E. Lansing, Obadiah Cooper, Jacob Van Alstyne.
Wit.: Gerrit Staats, Phebe M. Witbeck, Catreina Yates.
Dates: June 3, 1880, Probate Oct. 13, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 212.

Half brother Charles W. French - land in Williston, Vt.
Wife: not named.
Exec: General Daniel Kellogg of Rockingham, Vt.; Alanson Douglas; Nathan Warren.
Wit.: Daniel Butler, William Williams, Ann Harriet Vail, Alfred Wotkyns?
Dates: Sept. 11, 1828, Probate Nov. 6, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 214.

Wife: Polly.
Sons: Christopher Burch Shrieve, Prisemus Shrieve.
Daus: Betsey Balch, Calista Chamberlain, Ruth Brown.
To any grandchild named Christopher or Polly.
To: Merrit Gifford, son of my dau. Polly Gifford.
Dau.: Phebe Smith.
Exec: Thomas Filkins, Henry Schrieve, Orlin Chamberlain.
Wit.: Isaiah L. Masters, Increase Burch, Wilson Brownell.
Dates: July 31, 1825, Probate Nov. 22, 1828. Vol. 9, . 216.

ASHBEL LEE, Pittstown
Wife: Ann.
To: William Pitt Ford; Zebulon Lee, brother.
Exec: Philip Van Ness Morris; David S. Benway.
Wit.: Isahel Morris, Derrick M. Van Buskirk, Lydia Ford.
Dates: July 8, 1828, Probate Dec. 22, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 220.

JOHN VAN HUSEN (John Van Hoesen), Greenbush
Wife: Pegge.
Sons: Alexander, Mindert.
Daus: Gitty, Susan, Elenor.
Exec: son Alexander, William M. Vandenbergh, Peter Van Alstyne.
Wit.: Stephen Williams, Chilester G. Campbell, John I. Head Jr.
Dates: Sept. 26, 1828, Probate Dec. 18, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 222.

Niece: Margaret (or Magdalena) Schermerhorn, relict of Ryer L.
"....lands I bought from Chauncey Gridley."
To: Jane Schermerhorn, dau. of Jacob L.; Jacob A. Van Valkenburgh and his wife Ave; Cornelius Barhydt, son of Jacob; "ave, Catherine, Maria, Magdalena, daughters of Andrew Vanderpoel daughters by his first wife my niece."
Jacob L. Van Valkenburgh, a note I hold against his father Lambert.
Tunis Van Valkenburgh.
Nicholas V. Schermerhorn, son of late Cornelius L.
Isaac and Abraham, sons of late Jacob Van Valkenburgh.
Maria, wife of Cornelius Van Ness.
Abraham D. Van Valkenburgh.
Ave and Wantie Schermerhorn, daus. of late Ryer L.
Angelica Van Valkenburgh - relict of Derick Van Valkenburgh.
Walter P. Barhydt.
Catherine Skinner, relict of Solomon Skinner.
2 servants - Tote and Pomp.
Philip L. Schermerhorn; Magdalena Schermerhorn.
Ave and Catherine Van Valkenburgh, daus. of Jacob A.
Exec.: friends Abraham R. Schermerhorn, John A. Van Alstyne, Cornelius L. Schermerhorn.
Wit.: John I. Van Hoesen, John Traver Jr., William Eaton.
Codicil mentions: To Jacob A. Van Valkenburgh, of Lexington, Greene Co., N.Y.
Dates: July 5, 1821, Probated 1828. Vol. 9, P. 228.

Wife: Margaret.
Sons: Samuel, Robert.
Note: Land in the Town of Schodack bought from Stephen Van Rensselaer, Feb. 14, 1793 by Solomon and Thomas Hitchcock.
Step-son: Henry Livingston.
Step-dau: Margaret Jenkins.
Exec.: son Robert; Henry Jenkins and Henry Livingston.
Wit.: Gilbert Hitchcock, Orville Hurd, J.V. Ostrander.
Grand-dau: Caroline, dau. of son Samuel - land at Chatham.
Dau.: Abby, wife of Auger Wells.
Dates: Aug. 20, 1826, Probate Jan. 10, 1829, Vol. 9, P. 235.

Sons: David, John.
Daus: Elizabeth, wife of Andrew Van Buren; Polly, wife of Peter Ostrander.
Sons: Zachariah, John.
Exec: sons Zacharish, John and David.
Wit.: John Willson, Timothy D. Willson, Samuel R. Campbell.
Dates: June 30, 1825, Probate Jan. 27, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 242.

Son: Thomas - of Dey St., New York City.
Wife: Hannah.
Exec: John Wendell, of New York City; Wife Hannah.
Wit.: Simeon Newcomb, Dela Fayette Goreham, Josiah S. Masters.
Dates: July 9, 1825, Probate Feb. 7, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 244.

Wife: not named.
Sons: Hosea, David Jr., Russell, William A., Elijah.
Dau: Harriet Wallis, William Wallis, Washington Wallis, Pratt Willis, Debby Wallis, above sons and dau. of my dau. Anna, wife of William Wallis.
Daus: Polly, wife of John Green; Debby, wife of Alfred Cornell; Phebe, wife of Elihu Ford.
Exec.: son David, Alfred Cornell, David S. Benway.
Wit.: L. Viele, Samuel G. Bigelow, M.W. Buskirk.
Dates: Nov. 16, 1828, Probate March 3, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 246.

Wife: Hannah.
Sons: Lawton, Nathan, Harvey.
Exec: son Harvey.
Wit.: Benjamin Read, Joseph Slade, Nelson Slade.
Dates: May 19, 1828, Probate March 3, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 248.

Dau.: Sarah Ann Bosworth, wife of Mason.
To: Nicholas Gilman Lougee.
Exec: Mason Bosworth.
Wit.: Clark Baker, Hannah Herrington, Richard L. Mason.
Dates: March 6, 1827, Probate March 4, 1828. Vol. 9, P. 250.

Brother: Jacob - "partner with me in the Flouring business"
Mother: Margaret.
Brother: Henry.
Sister: Mary.
Exec.: brother Jacob.
Wit.: Jno. S. McDonald, Ebenezer Bartholomew.
Dates: Aug. 7, 1826, Probate March 9, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 252.

Children: Ira B., Elizabeth, Henry T., Devotion C., Mary S., Jacob F., Ruth Ann.
Exec.: son Ira B.
Wit.: Simeon Button, D.E. Williams, George Snyder.
Dates: Feb. 7, 1829, Probate March 10, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 254.

Sons: Richard, Peter, John.
Daus: Catherine Bratt, wife of Christian; Lanah Leigh, wife of Charles; Hannah Quackenbush, wife of John.
Exec.: John B. Ryan, Samuel Milliman.
Wit.: Ch. M. Davis, John Lewis, Peter Quackenbush.
Dates: Oct. 5, 1827, Probate March 19, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 256.

ARTEMAS RAY, Greenbush
Wife: Ruth.
5 children: William D., Asa M., Thomas S., Elizabeth, Loes B.
Exec.: Wife.
Wit.: Martin De Freest, William D. Butts, Charles Alexander.
Dates: March 4, 1829, Probate March 21, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 258.

Sons: John, Jeremiah, Leonard.
Daus: Elizabeth, Catherine, Mary, Sally Maria.
Exec: friend Adam File; brother Frederick.
Wit.: David File, David P. Hayner, Henry A. Clum.
Dates: Jan. 16, 1829, Probate March 21, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 259.

Father: Amos.
Uncle: Daniel Cady, of Johnstown, N.Y.
Mother: Anna B. - decd.
Brothers: Charles Linneus Eaton - decd.; Buckland Eaton, decd.
Sisters: Sarah Cady Eaton, Catherine Van Rensselaer Eaton.
Brothers: William Bradley Eaton, Curvice? Eaton.
Grand-father: Eleazer Cady.
Brother: Thomas Hurd Eaton.
To: Rensselaer School - College of Natural History, Mineraology, Botany & Zoology.
Exec.: Father and Uncle Daniel Cady.
Wit.: Elijah Adams, Lemuel Capron, I.M. Barrows.
Dates: Sept. 2, 1828, Probate March 24, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 262.

JOHN G. YATES, Brunswick
Son: Adam.
Dau: Hannah Vandenburgh, wife of Martin, of Greenbush.
4 grandchildren: Dirck G. Vanderheyden; John G. Vanderheyden; Catherine Lansing, wife of Jacob L.; Elizabeth Lansing, wife of Rev. Derrick C., of Onondaga, County of Onondaga, N.Y.
Grandsons: John G. Yates, Cornelius M. Vandenburgh of Greenbush.
Exec.: Adam Yates, Matthias Vandenburgh, Derick Y. Vandenburgh.
Wit.: Jarvis Dusenbury, Theodorus Dusenbury, William McManus.
Dates: May 13, 1811, Probate March 20, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 264.

JOHN YOUNG, Lansingburg
Wife: Mary.
Children of son George; Children of son John.
Exec.: Wife; son John Jr.; Ebenezer W. Walbridge.
Wit.: Samuel Bontecou, Jno. Taylor, E.W.? Walbridge.
Dates: June 4, 1822, Probate March 6, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 267.

Sons: Henry, John.
"boys of Philip Jr., deceased: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, John, David, Philip P.
Daughter of Phlip Jr.: - Christina Maria.
Dau.: Susan, decd., wife of Andrew Weatherwax, and her children: Caty, Dorothy, Philip.
Dau.: Caty, wife of Henry Waterbury.
Exec: sons Henry and John.
Wit.: James Westfall, Noah Hodges, Jacob Westfall.
Dates: May 15, 1828, Probate April 21, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 268.

Wife: Mary Ann.
Exec.: Wife.
Children: not named.
Wit.: David Buel Jr., Henry T. Hayner, Sarka? Dimond.
Dates: July 16, 1828, Probate April 22, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 270.

Daus: Amy Whitford, Hannah Babcock.
Grandsons: Howard R. Reynolds - deceased; William Wait Reynolds, William Babcock.
Sons: Thomas, Parley, Elijah.
Exec: 3 sons.
Wit.: Stephen J. Brown, Aaron Worthington, Lyman Reynolds.
Dates: April 9, 1829, Probate June 1, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 271.

GEORGE ARNOLD, Stephentown
Sons: Gorton - land in West Greenwich, Co. Kent, R.I.; Benjamin, Joseph H., George Anson, Simon Elijah.
Dau.: Minerva, Zelpha Taylor, Freelove Thomas, Mary Whitman, Weighty Briggs, Alsey Ford, Elizabeth Reynolds, Phebe Moffitt.
Grandson: George A. Taylor.
Exec.: sons Simon and Elijah.
Wit.: Eldred Bentley, John Moon, Elijah Graves.
Dates: May 12, 1826, Probate June 5, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 273.

EBENEZER JUDDE? [last letter illegible], Stephentown
Wife: Eleanor.
Dau.: Lydia Ann.
Exec: Wife and Meshack Strait.
Wit.: Isaiah F. Knapen, Samuel Knapen 2nd, Lyman Bailey, Meshack Strait.
Dates: April 4, 1829, Probate June 30, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 275.

JOHN SMITH, Greenbush
Wife: Elizabeth.
Sons: John, George, Jacob, under 21.
Dau.: Mary Ann.
Brother: Robert.
Exec.: Brother Robert; Brother-in-law Jacob Hideley?
Wit.: Peter Sagendorph, George Hideley, Thomas Cole.
Dates: April 30, 1827, Probate Aug. 4, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 228.

Dau.-in-law Christine, wife of son Stephen.
Dau.: Frenaugh, wife of Peter Thompson.
Grandsons: George, son of George Jr.; George, son of Lodowick George, son of Stephen; George Boyle, son of dau. Barbara; George Brown, son of dau. Eve Brown; George Brown, son of dau. Mary Brown.
Exec.: son Stephen; friend John Wheeler; Wm. McManus.
Wit.: Lodowick Colehamer; William McManus.
Dates: April 19, 1829, Probate Aug. 1, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 280.

Wife: Esther.
Daus: Lydia Olin, Agigail Jones.
Children of dau. Betsey, decd; Children of dau. Hannah, decd.; Children of dau. Priscilla, decd.
Sons: Ezra and Andross.
Exec: Zebulon Jones.
Wit.: William Hartshorn; Job W. Mattison; Isaac Saunders.
Dates: March 15, 1824, Probate Aug. 12, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 280.

Son: Jacob A.
Daus: Sarah, wife of Winant C. Vandenburgy; Annatie, wife of Peter Van Ness.
To: Margaret Orlop.
Exec: 2 daughters and their husbands.
Wit.: Gerret Chase; Catherine Benway; D.S. Benway.
Dates:July 26, 1819, Probate Aug. 1, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 283.

Wife: Sabra.
Son: Henry W.
11 sons and 1 daughter: Platt, Amos, David Jr., George, Peirce, Peleg, Leonard, Alvy, Major, Truman, Rhody.
Exec: Wife; son George and William D. Butts.
Wit.: John King, Alderman Butts, Abraham C. Simmons, Wm. D. Butts.
Dates: Dec. 19, 1825, Probate Aug. 2, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 286.

ABRAHAM VIELE, Schaghticoke
Son: John - and his son William.
Dau: Eve.
Grandson: Abraham, son of son William.
Exec.: Dau. Eve; friend John Knickerbocker Jr.; John W. Groesbeck.
Wit.: Rachel Kickerbocker; Elizabeth Knickerbocker; Harman Knickerbocker.
Dates: Feb. 7, 1820, Probate Aug. 9, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 289.

Daus: Catherine, Margaret.
Son: William.
Wife: Catherine.
Exec: Wife; Martin Witbeck; John C. Bloemendale.
Wit.: Jno. Lansing, Myndert H. Van Hoesen; Wm. Witbeck.
Dates: July 22, 1829, Probate AUg. 31, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 292.

To: Trustees of St. Pauls P.E. Church.
wife: Lydia.
Son: George B.
Daus: Phebe, Lydia, Eliza Ann, wife of John Paine.
Exec: brother Stephen; son George B.; son-in-law John Paine.
Wit.: David Buel Jr., Lewis Lyman, Elisha Sheldon.
Dates: April 19, 1829, Probate Sept. 21, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 297.

Wife: Maritie.
Dau.: Jemima.
Sons: Jacob, David.
Exec: Wife; sons.
Wit.: John Link, William Ostrander, Jonathan Ostrander.
Dates: Nov. 26, 1822, Probate Oct. 27, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 302.

Daus: Katherine, Caroline.
Wife: Margaret.
Exec: Wife; Frederick G. Barringer.
Wit.: Henry Minick, Jacob Minick, Jacob Kilmer.
Dates: Oct. 8, 1829, Probate Nov. 12, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 304.

Sisters: Amy Collins, Wealthy Collins.
Nephews: George B.; Ambrose and Charles Collins.
Nieces: Louise Collins, Mary Ann and Henrietta.
Above nephews and nieces - children of my brother Ralph.
Sister: Elizabeth Phelps.
Nephew: Franklin C. Phelps, son of sister Elizabeth.
Nephew: George B.L. Collins, and niece Ona Anna, children of brother Daniel.
To: Troy Female Academy.
Sister: Olive, wife of Ransom Williams, of Berkshire, N.Y.
Exec.: Ransom Williams.
Wit. : Th. Clowes, William M. Bliss, G? I. Lansing.
Dates: June 8, 1829, Probate Nov. 16, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 306.

Brothers James P. Sheldon, Elisha Sheldon.
Sister: Sarah Sheldon.
Mother: Agnes Sheldon.
Exec.: Elisha Sheldon, Physician; Daniel Gardner.
Wit.: Stewart Lemmon, Thomas Lemmon, William Moore.
Dates: Sept. 14, 1829, Probate Nov. 19, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 308.

Wife: Charity.
3 children: Martin, Polly and Rachel.
Exec.: brother Robert; friend Martin Springer.
Wit.: Volker J. Vandenburgh, John Castle, Philip I. Coonradt.
Dates: Nov. 21, 1829, Probate Nov. 25, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 309.

5 children: Harriet Smith, wife of Henry G.; Freeman, Harman, William and Ambrose Adams.
Wife: not named.
Exec: friend William Kelsey; Harman Adams.
Wit.: J.W. Churchill, John Hall, Henry Koon.
Dates: Sept. 28, 1829, Probate Dec. 2, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 311.

Sons: Michael S? Gilbert; John; Simon Jr.; Lester; Henry; Frederick; Mordecai.
Daus: Hannah, Louise, Cornelia, Sarah Northrup, wife of Joel; Hester Snyder, wife of Jacob.
To: Mahala, Levina, Maria, Henry, Louisa, children of dau. Cornelia Filkin, decd.
Exec.: sons Michael S. and Peter; Andrew Ryan.
Wit.: William Haner, John E. Ryan, Charles H. Barry.
Dates: May 1, 1826, Probate Nov. 2, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 314.

Sons: Ezra, George W., Hezekiah, Anson, Enos Jr., James.
Wife: Martha.
Daus: Zada Brown; Cynthia Mickle; Phebe Williams; Sarah Boyce; Asenath Traver.
Exec.: son Ezra.
Wit.: Enos W. Woodward; David W. Pitts; Joel Bristol.
Dates: Sept. 21, 1829, Probate Dec. 30, 1829. Vol. 9, P. 320.

VOLUMES 10 & 11 - Letters of Adms. and Guardianships.


JOHN ALLEN, Jr., Nassau
Wife: Judith.
Mentions "bed clothes that was first wife's."
Daus: Sally Ann, Hannah L., Susan Maria.
Sons: Joseph, David, Jay.
Exec: Willett Vary 2nd.
Wit.: John Babcock, Benjamin F. Coleman, Eliza Ann Rowe.
Dates: May 18, 1829, Probate Feb. 18, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 3.

5 children of son George.
Dau.: Hannah Shed.
Sons: Potter, Benjamin T., Whitman, Daniel, Thomas.
Exec: Jirah Baker, Thomas Joslin, Daniel and Thomas Joslin.
Wit.: Jesse Baker, William Carpenter, Sally Carpenter.
Dates: Feb. 18, 1829, Probate Feb. 25, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 6.

JOHN SMITH, Greenbush
Dau.: Susan.
Wife: Elsey.
Nieces: Emela and Elenor Higginbotham, infant daughters of Augustus.
Exec.: Wife.
Wit.: William M. Fryer, Martin Freyer, James Woods.
Dates: Nov. 12, 1829, Probate March 4, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 9.

JOHN ALLEN, Stephentown
Sons: Daniel, John.
Daus: Sarah, Polly, Betsey, Azubah.
Exec.: son Daniel.
Wit.: Benjamin Kittel, Meshack Strait, Cuyler Tanner.
Dates: Dec. 11, 1829, Probate March 4, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 13.

Sons: Martin, John, Peter, William.
Daus: Eve, wife of William Vandenburgh, decd.; Frances, wife of James Lansingh; Trintije, wife of Lawrence Bloemendale.
Exec.: sons Martin and John; James Lansingh.
Wit.: Henry D. Blunt, Rinier Van Alstyne, Evert Van Alen.
Dates: May 14, 1825, Probate March 8, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 15.

Wife: Mary.
Sons: Ransom, Abijah, John, Truman.
Daus: Sally, Polly, Mehitable, Eunice.
Exec: friends Otis Gould, Ellis Foster.
Wit.: Martin Springer, Jacob Whyland, Cornelius Miller.
Dates: Feb. 8, 1830, Probate March 15, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 18.

Wife: Sarah.
Grandsons: Henry; Thomas Mapes - land in Spafford, Onondaga Co., N.Y.
Daus: Anna; Betsey Sisson.
Exec: son Henry.
Wit.: Jirah Baker, Salmon Moses?, Eunice Marsh.
Dates: Feb. 9, 1828, Probate March 25, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 23.

SARAH SCOTT, Greenbush
Daus: Polly Tupper, Elizabeth Aldrich, Ann Pennell (decd.), Gertrude Granham.
Sons: Richard Hilton, Nicholas Hilton, William B. Hilton, John T. Hilton, Volkert D. Hilton.
Exec: John O. Cole.
Wit.: James Merrifield, Anthony Brooks, Richard Merrifield.

Sister: Polly Bly.
Brother: Rensselaer Bly.
Nephew: Carl C. Bly.
Sisters: Roxy Hall, Nancy Bentley.
Nephew: Lorenzo Allen.
Exec: Father and brother Rensselaer.
Wit.: Justus Hall, Samuel Vary, James Bly.
Dates: Aug. 29, 1826, Probate April 15, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 27.

Sons: Jonas, John.
Wife: Chloe.
Wife's children: Ira, Obed, Jediah, Mercy, Walter, Durkee, Cloe.
Six children of my dau. Joanna: - Joanna, Mary, Jacob, Henry, Elizabeth, Chloe.
Dau.: Sally.
Children of son Robert: - Walter, Mary, Margaret.
Exec.: son-in-law John Dater; son Robert.
Wit.: John Younglove, Isaac D. Towle, Job Green Jr.
Dates: July 11, 1827, Probate April 15, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 28.

Wife: Margaret.
Son: John T.
Sister: Hannah Card.
Nephew: Samuel McCoun Card.
To: each of deceased Uncle Samuel's daughters.
To: Phebe Buckley, dau. of my brother Townsend.
Sister: Sally Tibbitts.
Exec.: Wife; brother Townsend; son John T.; George Tibbitts; Jacob L. Lane.
Wit.: Joseph Brintnall, M. Lane, D. Sackett.
Dates: Dec. 27, 1829, Probate April 17, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 31.

Son: Douw, decd.
Daus: Nelly, Hester, Elizabeth.
Sons: Simon, David.
Exec: sons Simon, David.
Wit.: Alfred Mosher, Matthias D. Coons, Archi Bull.
Dates: Sept. 17, 1817, Probate April 22, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 36.

Wife: Sarah.
To: Samuel Waterman.
Sister: Hannah Kipp.
To: Roeliff De De Yee?, son of Peter.
Brothers: Tunis, John.
Exec.: Wife; Tunis Kipp.
Wit.: Jesse Lumroux, Nelson Mosher.
Dates: March 25, 1830, Probate May 1, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 38.

Nephew William Morrison - land in Cortland Co., N.Y.
To: Henry and George, sons of William Perry.
Brother: George Morrison.
To: John Barney; Children of Andrew Morrison, decd.; Children of Thomas Morrison.
Wife: Gitty.
Exec: Wife; nephew William Morrison.
Wit.: G.H. Birch, John W. Woods, Samuel R. Campbell.
Dates: Sept. 9, 1822, Probate May 8, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 51.

Father: Frederick Milliken.
Exec.: Dr. Samuel Gale.
Wit.: Daniel Paris, Henry Swartwout.
Dates: April 27, 1830, Probate May 7, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 54.

Wife: Russel.
Daus: Amy Tanner, Esther Vary, Mehitable Vary, Deborah Godfrey.
Sons: Archibald, Abiel, Jeffrey W., Peleg, Silas.
Grandsons: Peleg R.; Jarvis and David Green; Rowland, son of Rodman Thomas.
Exec.: son Rodman.
Wit.: Gideon Hull, James Jones, Erastus Brown.
Dates: Aug. 3, 1829, Probate May 20, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 59.

Sons: John Jr., Silas.
Note: Mentions land in Columbia County.
Sons: Martin, Adam.
Daus: Mary Fritts, wife of Peter; Cartri? Vosburgh, wife of John Jr.; Elizabeth Silvernail, wife of John T.; Caty Peck or Peek, wife of Lucas.
To: Cornelius Taylor, son of Solomon.
Exec: "John P. Clapper, Silas Miller, son and John Vosburgh Jr. of Adam Miller."
Wit.: Calvin Thompson, Aretus Lyman, Theda Thompson.
Dates: May 28, 1820, Probate May 22, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 61.

Dau.: Lavina Clark.
Dau-in-law Catherine, wife of John Breese, decd.
Exec.: Lavina Clark, Gerret T. Breese, Asher Armstrong.
Daughter Nelly, wife of William.
Wit.: Henry Patterson, Volney Richmond, Thomas I. Albis.
Dates: April 11, 1829, Probate May 31, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 52.

Wife: Jerusha.
Daus: Mary Ann, Sally, Ann Bancker, Elizabeth Gardner.
Sons: David, Peter, Jacob B.
Exec: Wife.
Wit.: Caleb Potter, Cynthia Potter, William Potter.
Dates: June 27, 1815, Probate June 3, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 65.

Wife: Tamar.
Sons: Stephen, George Platt.
Daus: Betsey, Charlotte, Martha.
To: George Smith Eldridge, son of daughter Sally.
To: Thomas Smith Carpenter, and Henry, sons of my daughter Sally.
Daus: Nancy, wife of John H. Quackenbush; Maria, wife of Philip V.H. Smith.
Exec: Wife; John H. Quackenbush; Clark Baker.
Wit.: D. Benway, Jacob Vandenburgh, Russel Rising.
Dates: Jan. 2, 1829, Probate Oct. 3, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 65.

Daus.: Rachel and Eliza Maria.
Brothers and Sisters: Lucas, Abraham W., Gitty, Fonda, Rebecca.
Exec.: brother Abraham W.; brother-in-law Martin De Freest, Peter Van Alstyne.
Wit.: Wm. McManus, George Squire, John Taylor.
Dates: Dec. 16, 1823, Probate June 14, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 71.

Wife: Elizabeth.
Son: Edwin R.
Grandson James, son of Edwin R.
To: Emma Eliza Elmore, dau. of Doctor Elmore.
Daus: Ida E. Ball, Emma W. Elmore.
Exec: Wife; son Edwin R.
Wit.: Henry Merry of Nassau; Eli Cummins of Nassau; Stephen Gregory of Sandlake.
Dates: May 24, 1830, Probate July 5, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 72.

BENJAMIN JOY, of Boston, Suffolk County, Mass.
Wife: Hannah.
Brother: Charles.
Children: not named.
Exec.: Wife; John T. Apthorp Esq., all of Boston.
Notes: Mentions lands in the District of Maine.
Wit.: William Sullivan, W.P. Mason, D.N or H Bradford.
Dates: Oct. 6, 1817, Probate Dec. 2, 1829. Vol. 12, P. 76.

ABEL TANNER, Stephentown
Wife: Lydia.
Son: Amos.
Grandson Cuyler T. Boughton.
Son: Cuyler Tanner.
Daus: Hannah Brown, Elizabeth Cranston, Ada Boughton, Lydia Gardner.
Exec: Wife; son Cuyler.
Wit.: Wm. N. Bentley, Amy Moffitt, Hosea Moffitt.
Dates: Nov. 17, 1824, Probate July 5, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 81.

Sons: Perry, Charles, Samuel, Antony.
Dau.: Elizabeth.
Guardians: Wilbert Sherman, Elisha Sherman.
Exec.: sons Charles, Samuel.
Wit.: Samuel Davis Jr., Isaac Davis, Jno. Brown.
Dates: April 8, 1829, Probate July 15, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 85.

JOHN BRIMMER, Petersburg
Sons: Solomon, John.
To: male heirs of Jacob Brimmer.
Daus.: Polly Cavin?, Catherine Crandall, Hannah Prosser?.
To: Clark Sweet Jr.
Wit.: Silas Maxson, Amos Fuller, Fareley? Fuller.
Dates: April 10, 1819, Probate July 19, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 89.

Wife: Jemima.
Sons: Stephen R., Nelson, Schuyler, Thomas R.
Daus: Polly Jones, Hannah Hull, Carole.
Exec: Children: Eliphalet Jones; Harry Hull; Stephen R. Gray.
Wit.: John Green, Thomas Hull, Nathan Walker.
Dates: Jan. 8, 1826, Probate July 19, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 91.

Wife: Elizabeth (Cotton).
Commissioners and Trustees: - William P. Heermance, Barent Van Vleeck.
Son: Isaac.
Daus: Christina, Eliza; Hannah, wife of Frederick Shufelt.
Exec: Son Isaac Smith; Frederick Shufelt; Barent Van Vleeck.
Wit.: W.P. Hermans, Nassau; John Van Vleeck, Catskill, Greene Co. NY.
Dates: Feb. 28, 1830, Probate July 31, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 94.

Wife: Almira.
Son : George H or M or N.
Exec: friends Henry Swartwout, Justin Kellogg, Jared Betts.
Wit.: Wm. McManus, A.B.Storm, Lewis G. Dole.
Dates: July 8, 1830, Probate Aug. 21, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 99.

BETSEY EDDY, Pittstown
Widow of Sherman Eddy.
Nephew: Gasper S. Thurber.
Brothers: Cromwell and John Thurber.
Exec.: Gilbert Eddy, Erastus Gore?
Dates: Aug. 14, 1830, Probate Sept. 25, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 100.

Wife: Sarah.
Grandson: Elias Vrooman.
Children: Hercules, Susannah, Daniel, Saphia or Sophia, Rachel, Nathaniel.
Exec: James Wallace, Daniel Wallace, Daniel Badeau.
Wit.: Elijah Smith, Eliakim Meeker, John Haskell.
Dates: Probated Sept. 20, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 101.

Sons: Joshua, Isaac Jr.
Daus: Prudence, wife of Abraham Payne; Ann, wife of Leonel (Lionel) Lawrence.
Grandson: Solomon Philips.
Exec.: Chester Griswold, Thomas Sherman.
Dates: May 6, 1830, Probate Sept. 20, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 102.

Wife: Barbary.
Sons: Moses, George.
Dau.: Catherine, wife of John W. Witbeck.
"Wife Caty."
Dau.: Rachel.
Exec: 2 sons and son-in-law.
Wit.: Moses C. Bloemendale, John Risedorph, Peter A. Boice.
Dates: Sept. 16, 1828, Probate Oct. 30, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 103.

Sons: Isaac, Bramsley, Enoch, Ashbel.
Grandau.: Candace Neal.
Wife's grand-dau: Rachel Carrier.
Exec.: son Ashbel; David Wolcott.
Wit.: David Wolcott, Lewis Wolcott, David Elliot.
Dates: June 19, 1830, Probate Nov. 11, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 105.

Wife: Ruth.
Sons: Jeremiah, Enoch, Smith, Benjamin.
Daus: Phebe, wife of Richard Vincent; Elizabeth, wife of James W. Harris; Deborah, wife of Mordecai Hicks; Ruth, wife of Warren G. Cox; Mary Ann Dusenbury; Lovina Dusenbury.
Note: Farm leased from Stephen Van Rensselaer, Nov. 3, 1793.
Sons: John E.; Jacob, decd.
Exec: sons Enoch and John E.
Wit.: Meshack Strait, John G? Dusenbury.
Dates: March 15, 1830, Probate Nov. 29, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 107.

Sons: Gardiner, Stanton, Daniel H., Benjamin R., Henry.
To: Thomas Groghan, my grandson.
Dau.: Mary Willcox.
To: Charles Groghan's 3 eldest children.
Wife: Elizabeth.
Exec: sons Gardiner and Stanton.
Wit.: Varnum H. Gardner, John Church, Nathan G. Green.
Dates: Jan. 9, 1830, Probate Dec. 13, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 108.

"My partner in trade Mr. Nathan Dauchey."
Cousins: Josiah R. Keeler and Smith Keeler, of the town of LeRoy, N.Y.
To: Trustees of the Theological Seminary, of the Protestant Episcopal Church, for founding a fellowship at Geneva, NY.; St. Pauls Church, Troy; Episcopal Church, of Ridgefield, Connecticut; American Bible Society.
Mother: Sarah Smith, and her brother Jonah Keeler, of Ridgefield, Conn.
Exec.: Nathan Dauchey, David Buel.
Wit.: Philander Wells, Jonathan Woodworth, H.T. Bender.
Dates: Jan. 6, 1824, Probate Dec. 20, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 112.

Wife: Amie - her Aunt Mrs. Ann Babcock, of Troy.
Friends: Mrs. Ann Babcock, Dennis Belding, Archibald Bull.
Exec.: Wife.
Wit.: Joseph Wicker or Vicker, Dennis Belding, Archi Bull.
Dates: Dec. 6, 1830, Probate Dec. 10, 1830. Vol. 12, P. 113.
Codicil: Mentions property from Samuel Lounsberry, viz., "I, Samuel Lounsbery, of the Parish of Temple, otherwise Holy Cross, in the City of Bristol, miller...."
Dated April 29, 1802. (Country or state not given).

Wife: Nancy.
Son: Henry.
Grandson: Daniel Sammons.
Gr-dau.: Nancy Sammons.
5 daus: Margaret, Catherine, Maria, Elizabeth, Hannah.
Exec.: John Wesley Groesbeck, James Webster, Horatio Heacock.
Wit.: Bedford Filkins.
Dates: June 23, 1830, Probate Jan. 31, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 116.

"I direct my Executors of this will to erect a tombstone to the graves of my fathers family burying ground of my grandfather."
Nephew: John Thomas Wheeler.
Half-brother: Hiram Wheeler.
Sisters: Loreny Snyder, Elizabeth Coonradt.
Niece: Mary Ann Dater.
Brothers: John and Philip Wheeler.
Exec.: Brother John; friend Theodorus Dusenbury.
Wit.: Wm. McManus, John T. Lape.
Dates: Aug. 21, 1830, Probate Feb. 1, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 111.

JOHN W. WOODS, Greenbush
Brother: Daniel.
"To my Utterine Sister Lydia now intermarried with Eliab Price."
To "children of my uterine sister Caroline."
To "my uterine sister Elizabeth now intermarried with Ward Sampson."
To "children of my uterine Sister Matilda who intermarried with Asa Barns and is now decased."
To Olivia Hall "who was brought up by William P. Morrison of Greenbush.....and is now intermarried with Robert Dalglesh."
To Elizabeth Kerner "my present housekeeper."
Brother: James Woods.
Exec.: Brother James; Manassah Knowlton.
Wit.: Robert Orsin, John Van Valkenburgh, James Livingston.
Dates: Nov. 2, 1827, Probate Feb. 10, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 123.

Widow of William.
Son: Thomas, of New York City.
Children of son Thomas.
Son: Henry, of Pittstown.
Son: William C., of New York City.
Exec: John G. Wendell of New York CIty; Munson Smith of Schaghticoke.
Wit.: Jacob S. Van Woert?, Timothy Banker, Daniel Fish.
Dates:April 15, 1829, Probate Feb. 23, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 131.

Wife: Zilpha.
Sons: George, Archibald, Benjamin, John, Harvey, Narron or Harron.
Note: Land in Shaftsbury, Vt.
5 dau.: Cynthia Potter, Lurana Potter, Nancy Potter, Hannah Mattison, Zilpha Bacon.
Exec: Sons John, Harvey and Warron.
Wit.: Ch. M. Davis, Lemuel Sherwood Jr., Benjamin Hand.
Dates: July 17, 1830, Probate Feb. 24, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 135.

Sons: Stepeh Jr., Josiah.
Dau.: Hannah Bradley.
Exec: 2 sons.
Wit.: Nathan Bouton, Stephen Warren, John Paine, Elisha Sheldon.
Dates: Dec. 4, 1830, Probate Feb. 24, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 136.

Wife: Rachel.
Sons: John James, Lewis Livingston Galusha; Orrin.
Dau.: Phebe Whitmore, wife of Frederick.
Exec: Wife; Merrick Ross.
Wit.: S. Cheever, Isaiah Breakey, Chas. Hall (or Hale).
Dates: Jan. 4, 1828, Probate March 3, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 137.

JOHN BOVIE?, Hoosick
Sons: Henry, John.
Wife: Susannah.
Daus: Polly, Elsey, Kezia; Sally, wife of David Wilsey; Polly Hannah, widow of Daniel D. Bradt; Susannah, wife of Daniel B. Bradt.
Exec: son Henry; son-in-law Daniel B. Bradt; dau. Polly.
Wit.: Hez Munsell Jr., Timothy O.C. Bratt, Daniel Kenyon.
Dates: Nov. 8, 1820, Probate March 21, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 138.

To: Aunt Hannah Benham, of Middletown, Ct.; Aunt Lydia Hall of Middletown, Ct.; Mrs. Julia Ann Gibbs of Norwalk "the only sister of my first wife." To: Asa Gardner "now a clerk in the store of Russell and Hall."
Wife: Louise.
Children: Elizabeth, Louise, Henrietta, Augustua.
Exec.: David Buel, Esq.; Daniel Hall, Esq.; Wife.
Wit.: Asa Gardner, John Prescott.
Note: George Vail appointed executor in place of Daniel Hall - bequest to Hannah Benham is taken away and given to her daughter.
Dates: Feb. 3, 1825, Probate March 25, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 144.

Wife: Sarah.
Sons: Walter N?, Abraham, Herman (decd).
Dau.: Betsey, wife of Jacob S. Quackenbush.
Nephews William M. Groesbeck, William Van Veghten.
Grand-dau: Maria, wife of Batholomew Dodds.
Children of decd. Anthony - a son.
Exec.: son Walter N,?; nephew William N, M or H. Groesbeck, William Van Veghten.
Wit.: Earl Durfee 2nd, town of Cambridge, Washington Co., NY; Isaac Welling, town of Cambridge, Washington Co., NY.
Dates: Probated April 9, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 148.

Friend Sally Ann Gallup, daughter of Samuel T.
Brothers and Sisters: Rufus P. Anderson, Elurea B. Anderson, Levi M. Anderson, Experience Jefferson, widow; Editha Anderson, Elvira Anderson.
Exec.: John Thomas Esq.
Wit.: Ezra D. Whitaker, John C. Langdon.
Dates: March 16, 1831, Probate April 9, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 150.

JOHN MYERS, Greenbush
Wife: Susannah.
Grand-dau: Polly Myers.
Exec.: Wife; Nicholas B. Harris.
Wit.: George Sharp, Derick Bratt.
Dates: Dec. 16, 1828, Probate April 28, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 150.

Wife: Angelica.
Daus: Angelica, Elizabeth Van Schoonhoven, wif of James; Alida M. Boardman.
Children's "deceased mother Maria as one of the heirs of Jacob C. Lansing, deceased."
Grandson Ferdinand Suydam, son of my sister Elizabeth by her former husband, John T. Suydam.
Exec: son Jacob S., James Van Schoonhoven, Gurdon Corning.
Wit.: D.J. Sackett, Gershom Cook, P. Wells.
Dates: May 23, 1819, Probate April 30, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 152.

Dau.: Mrs. Lucretia B.C. Thomson.
Grandson: Thomas C. Thompson.
Grand-dau: Elizabeth A. and Catherine S.
Grandsons: Augustus C. and John Taylor "the brick hosue I ilve in and all the land I purchased from Alanson Douglas."
Dau.: Lucretia Jane Taylor.
Grandsons: William Henry and Thomas Smith Carpenter.
To: Drs. John Taylor "the father and natural guardian of my grandchildren."
Exec: Sons-in-law John Taylor and Andrew Thompson.
Wit.: Davis Smith, John Walsh, Sidney D. Smith.
Dates: Feb. 17, 1831, Probate June 2, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 157.

Wife: Eliza.
Daus: Juliet S. and Angelina A.
2nd son D.M. Elmore "to have that part of the Library called the Encyclopedia."
To: William James Wainwright, son of James C. and Alce? to "have the blacksmiths stand at New Lebanon, Columbia Co., known by the name of the Hand Place and occupied by James V. Valkenburgh."
Son: Edwin R. .....and his aged mother Zerviah White.
Exec: son Edwin R.
Wit.: Zacheus H. Curtis of New Lebanon; Murray Miller of Nassauy; Robert Halls of Nassau.
Dates: Feb. 26, 1831, Probate June 2, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 159.

"now commonant at St. Augustine in the Territory of Florida."
Brother Benjamin Walker Jr....."pay unto my father, Benjamin Walker, and my mother Rachel Walker."
Sister: Sarah.
Brothers: Samuel and Jacob K.
Note: Land in the territory of Michigan "surviving partners of Walker, Bradt & Co."
To: R.D. Silliman and G. Grant.
Note: Farm at Lebanon, New Hampshire "now occupied by my father."
To: Charities; William Fiske, of Concord, N.H.
Exec: R.D. Silliman, Gurdon Grant, Stephen W. Dana, Timothy Mann.
Wit.: Alexander C. Kellogg, Townsend M. Vail, Ann C. Noyes.
Dates: Feb. 12, 1831, Probate June 7, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 160.

Wife: Margaret.
Son: Jacob G.
Dau.: Maria.
Exec: Brother Jacob and son Jacob G.
Wit.: John Dater, William Finkle, Jacob Moul?
Dates: Jan. 27, 1830, Probate June 20, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 162.

ANE SCHERMERHORN, otherwise called HANNAH, Schodack
Brother Philip D. and his dau. Hannah.
Brothers Abraham D. and Isaac D.
Sister: Mariah Bovee.
Brother Jacob D. and his dau. Caty Ann.
To heirs of Cornelius D.:- "Harriet Elizabeth Nelson Isaac and Anna Maria."
Exec.: Cornelius P. Van Dyck, John D. Schermerhorn Jr.
Wit.: Isaac B. Springsteen, John S. Beeckman.
Dates: Nov. 13, 1850, Probate June 23, 1851. Vol. 12, P. 165. [1850??!]

Wife: Mary.
Adopted son John H. Stone.
A Adopted dau. Mary Ann Hogle.
Exec.: Wife; brother Walter S.; friend Henry Dater.
Wit.: Henry S. Hayner, Henry A. Clum.
Dates: March 24, 1831, Probate Sept. 5, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 171.

Daus.: Amy Mosher, wife of George; Lucy Herrington; Freelove.
Son: Josiah.
Exec.: son Josiah.
Wit.: Clark Baker, Elijah Lee, Jonathan Herrington.
Dates: Sept. 24, 1820. Probate Sept. 8, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 172.

Dau.: Maria.
Sons: Stephen, Nicholas, Wynant.
Exec: friend Peter Van Alstyne; James Lansing.
Wit.: W. Lawrence, Ebenez, C. Allen, Wm. Lansing.
Dates: April 7, 1831, Probate Sept. 19, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 173.

SAMUEL WILBER, Schaghticoke
Mother: Rhoda Miller, of Easton, Washington Co., NY.
"property which I have in the name of the Estate of Samuel Wilber."
Sons: Ebenezer - under 21; Charles.
Dau.: Ruhama.
Trustee: Mother.
Wit.: Cyrus A. Lockwood, Allen Cornell.
Dates: April 11, 1831, Probate Sept. 26, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 174.

Wife: Susannah.
Sons: Caleb S., Benjamin.
Grandchildren: Parker, Betsey, Eli and Paul Albertson (the children of my deceased daughter, Lois Albertson).
Sons: Thomas, Carmi?, Eli, Nathan, Elias and Stephen.
Daus: Rhena, Hannah, Betsey and Almirah.
Exec: son Caleb S.; Stephen Phillips.
Wit.: Horace D. Bull, of Kinderhook; Wilson H. Crandall, of Nassau; Mil Emmons, of Nassau.
Dates: Feb. 10, 1831, Probate Oct. 17, 1831. Vol. 12, P 175.

Wife: Lois.
Daus: Phebe Cornell, Mary Kenyon, Lydia Cook, Abigail Cogsdel.
Sons: Benoni, Job, John, James, Christopher.
Exec: Richard Bryan, Luther Baker of Easton, Wash. Co. NY.
Wit.: Josiah S. Masters, Jonathan Mosher, Charles B. Mosher.
Dates: 18 day of 2 month, 1830. Probate Oct. 31, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 176.

EGE FONDA, Greenbush
To: David M. DeFreest.
Mother: Gitty.
Exec.: Mother; Abram M. De Freest.
Wit.: Martin De Freest, Warren Fonda, Jacob Fonda.
Dates: June 23, 1831, Probate Nov. 17, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 178.

Wife: Mary.
Son: Benjamin.
Dau.: Polly Crandall and her son Lewis.
Exec: son Benjamin; Jirah Baker.
Wit.: Joab Gile, John Brown, Norman Baker.
Dates: Dec. 15, 1818, Probate Nov. 24, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 179.

SUSAN WALL, Stephentown
Father: Jasper Crandall.
Sister: Mary Spencer; Lucy Green; Diadema Joslin.
To: Mercy Aurelia Spencer, dau. of Job and Mary; Orlando Joslin, son of David Jr. and his wife.
Exec.: Calvin P. Carpenter.
Wit.: Joshua B. Mousson?, Jairus C. Maxson, Calvin P. Carpenter.
Dates: July 31, 1831, Probate Dec. 9, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 183.

REUBEN WAIT, Petersburg
Wife: Mary.
Daus: Mary, Sarah.
Sons: Reuben, Rufus, Silas.
Grand-dau: Sardinia.
Exec.: son Silas.
Wit.: J.D. Rogers, A. Thomas Jr., Arnold Smith.
Dates: Oct. 6, 1829, Probate Dec. 29, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 184.

JACOB YATES, Schaghticoke
Wife: Elizabeth.
Sons: Peter, Cornelius, Abraham or Abram.
Grandson: Jacob.
Daus.: Maria, Sarah.
Exec.: Wife; Peter I. Yates, Christopher J. Yates; friend Gerrit Lansing.
Wit.: Elijah Bryan, Peter C. Waldron, Thomas Buckhout.
Dates: May 12, 1831, Probate Dec. 29, 1831. Vol. 12, P. 185.

Daus.: Mary Blanchard; Betsey Andrus.
Son: Randal Jr.
Wife: Rhoda.
To: Tabitha Walbridge.
Daus.: Adline and Tabitha.
Exec.: Randall Jr., Lemuel Sherwood, Harry Patterson.
Wit.: Prosper M. Armstrong, Hiram Pratt, Olive Chesborough.
Dates: Dec. 9, 1831, Probate Jan. 12, 1831. [shouldn't that be 1832?] Vol. 12, P. 190.

GEORGE W. BURCH, Schaghticoke
Wife: Maria M.?
Dau.: Lana Maria.
Exec: brother Daniel B.; Isaac Ryan.
Wit.: Daniel Wetsel, Emory B. Green, John Button.
Dates: Jan. 9, 1832, Probate Jan. 30, 1832. Vol. 12, P. 198.

Sons: Daniel, Samuel, Henry.
Daus: Polly, Betsey, Hannah, Eve, Lydia.
Exec: son Daniel.
Wit.: John M. Card, L.T. Tillman.
Dates: Aug. 25, 1831, Probate Jan. 30, 1822 [sic, 1832]. Vol. 12, P. 199.

DANIEL WEBSTER, Schaghticoke
To: Benjamin Webster Jr., of Lansingburg.
Wife: Eve - "....that she will not receive Adam Boss & Rachel Boss the youngest child of her first husband unto her family."
Children: Mathew, Jacob, Charles Henry, Mabel, George, Edward, Lydia Jane.
"my children to receive with hospitality and meet respect John Boss & Mercy Boss the eldest children of my wife by her first husband."
Exec.: Beford Filkin, son Charles M.
Wit.: Cornelius S. Tracy, James Webster.
Dates: Jan. 16, 1832, Probate Feb. 6, 1832. Vol. 12, P. 203.

Grandson: Mosher Sherman.
Grandchildren: Sarah, Howland, Jeremiah, and Leonard Sherman.
2d dau.: Millicent Mickle.
Children of dau. Millicent: - John Boyce Mickle and Theodorus Mickle.
3rd dau.: Susan, wife of David W. Pitts.
Dau.: Miranda Lewis.
Cousin: Mary Boyce.
6 sons: Leonard, Annanias, David, Samuel S., Isaac, John E.
Exec.: Henry DuBois, John W. Lewis, Annanias Boyce.
Wit.: Charles Hawley, John Ham, Leonard Myers.
Dates: June 10, 1829, Probate Feb. 13, 1832. Vol. 12, P. 204.

MYRON HAMBLIN, Schaghticoke
Wife: Clarissa.
Children: "Laura Lawrence Maria Pamelia Clarissa & Myron."
Exec.: Alexander Wickes of Schaghticoke; Samuel Westcot of Saratoga Springs.
Wit.: Cyrenus Lockwood, Abraham Cornell.
Dates: Dec. 4, 1831, Probate Feb. 16, 1832. Vol. 12, P. 206.

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