Abstracts Of Wills Of
Rensselaer County, New York

Volume II of Manuscript

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

Transcriber's notes: This transcription was made from a very old copy of the original, which was typed on an antique typewriter that caused some letters to fill in with ink, especially a, e & o. When a name or word is all but illegible I note it, or put a question mark.
If you find a name that you know well because perhaps it appears in your tree, and you want it to be cleared up and spelled correctly, please email me at: CL38911@cox.net.

Volume 6 continued & start of Volume 7, 1821-1825

Wife: Elizabeth - 6 acres bounded by: - North, Asa Corbin; east: Richard Oenster or Censter?; south: Clark Curtis.
To: Lovey? Byington?
Exec.: Wife.
Wit.: Charles Maynard, Silas Casey, Abel Guild.
Dates: April 14, 1818, Probate June 19, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 467.

Wife: Helena.
Sons: Stephen Van Rensselaer Schuyler, Courtlandt Schuyler.
Note: "I have already in my life time made advancements to my other children: not named.
Exec.: 2 sons.
Wit.: William M. Bliss, Dercik Y. Vanderheyden, Henry Swartwout.
Dates: Sept. 26, 1815, Probate Aug. 8, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 470.

Relict of Zachariah.
To: Mary Hoey, wife of Abram; Anna Hoey, dau. of Abram; Mercy Marvin, grand-dau. of above Zachariah; Asa Hoey.
Exec.: Abraham Hoey, Asa Hoey.
Wit.: Andrew Ryan, Anna Hoey, John Boggs.
Dates: Nov. 21, 1820, Probate Aug. 25, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 473.

DANIEL MASON, Lansingburgh
To: Robert Harrison - all my clothes except my new hat.
Friend: Benjamin Payne.
To: Sydney David Smith - my unbrella and shoes.
To: Ann Smith.
To: Richard Handford jr., and Mary Ann Handford.
Exec.: Samuel Bontecou? [illegible], David Smith.
Wit.: Jno. B. Chapman, Levi Coley, David Smith.
Dates: Aug. 27, 1821, Probate 1821. Vol. 6, P. 476.

Thomas Reynolds, Greenbush
Wife: Claristina.
Daus: Hannah, Margaret, Caty Earing?, Polly Gorsline, Elizabeth Ostrander.
Grandson: Thomas Jr., son of George Reynolds, Grandson Thomas Jr. son of John Reynolds.
Sons: John, Edward, James - of Verona, Oneida Co.; George, Peter, William.
Exec.: John More Jr., William Reynolds, Peter Reynolds.
Wit.: Nicholas B. Harris, William Miller, William Craver.
Dated: Aug. 16, 1821, Probate Sept. 36, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 484.

Sons: Jacob, Christopher Jr., Nicholas, William.
Daus: Susannah Snyder "or Westfall"; Joanna Snyder "or Westfall"; Caty Snyder "or Snook."
Grandsons: Christopher Snyder Jr., Philip Snyder.
Grand-daus: Mary Snyder, Eve Snyder, Caty Snyder, Anna Snyder "of Sliter."
Grandson: Adam Snyder, Daniel Snyder.
Grand-daus: Elizabeth Snyder "or Sparbeck"; Lany Snyder "or Traver"; Naomi, under 18; Caty Snyder "her being a Lapisus">; Clarry.
Grandson: Henry.
Son: Jacob.
Exec.: son Jacob, Gilbert Westfall, Simeon Westfall.
Wit.: Peter Myers, Francis Miller, Nicholas B. Harris.
Dated: July 30, 1811, Probate Sept. 6, 1821. Vol. 6, P 486.

SILAS COOK, Lansingburg
brother: George.
Wife: Sarah.
Sister: Sally Trowbridge.
Children of brother-in-law Fitch? Skinner.
Exec.: Elisis? Parmelee, Abraham C. Lansing.
Wit.: w. Raleigh, Adolphus Walbridge, Frs. Yates.
Dated: No date, Probate Oct. 24, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 491.

AMELIA SIM, Lansingburg
Widow of Peter Sim.
Sons: William - land in Cato, County of Oswego; Francis S., Peter.
Grandson: William Ferbus son of my son Peter.
Exec.: Isaac Brinckerhoff, Michael Flack, John Toppin.
Wit.: Sophia C. Brinckerhoff, Caroline Brinckerhoff, W. Yates Brinckerhoff.
Dates: No date, Probate Nov. 2, 1821. Vol. 6, P 494.

Sons: Adam, David, Paul, Jacob, Christopher, Isaac.
Daus: Sarah, Anna Maria, Maria Emerich, wife of Henry; Anna Lansing, wife of John.
Exec.: son Isaac; sons-in-law George Brust, John Lansing.
Wit.: John Wager, Johannes Hense or Henze, Andrew Rayner or Kayner??
Dates: June 9, 1807, Probate Oct. 30, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 493.

ANTHONY SHAW, Stephentown
Wife: Dinah.
Sons: Peter, John, Russell, Justus, Anthony Jr., Jesse, George, Remington, Sisson? N., Benjamin, Phineas.
Daus.: Rebekah - single; Susannah - single; Sarah Solomons; Abigail Thomas; Mercy, Roxanna, Mary.
Exec.: Arvin Wood, Jonathan I.J.? Sweet.
Wit.: Hervey Reynolds, Samuel Allen, Jonathan J. Sweet.
Dates: March 9, 1811, Probate Nov. 4, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 502.

JOHN DICK, Brunswick
Wife: Cornelia - 8 bushels of rye, 8 bushels of Indian Corn, 4 bu. Wheat, 25 lb. Flax, 200 lb. Pork.
Daus.: Mary, Catherine, Leena, Hannah, Elizabeth.
Sons: John D., Jacob.
Exec.: Patrick Agan, Harvey Rosenburger.
Wit.: John Kertwright?, Moses F. Avery, Benjamin W. Avery.
Dates: May 25, 1820, Probate Dec. 6, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 505.

Wife: Margaret.
Sons: Asa W., Albert H., Edwin A.
Children: Betsey C., Merriam P. Lewis, Nancy W., Emelina A., William H., Andrew A.
Appoints: Erastus Brown as guardian for son Edward A. Douglas; Beriah Douglas as guardian of dau. Nancy; Moses Hunter as guardian for dau. Emeline, Andrew H. Green as guardian for sons Wm. H. and Andrew A.
Exec.: Wife; Andrew Green, John Gardner.
Wit.: Eli Douglas, Asher Wheeler, Calvin P. Carpenter.
Dates: Dec. 4, 1821, Probate Dec. 20, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 509.

Wife: Margaret.
To: St. Pauls Epis. Church, Troy; Episcopal Church, Brookfield, Ct., Fairfield Co.
Nephew: Lemuel Hawley Sherman.
To: Jotham Hawley, of Newtown, Ct.
Sister: Betsey Sherman, of Brookfield.
Brother: Jonathan Hawley.
Sister: Betsey Sherman.
Exec.: Wife; Daniel Simmons, David Buel Jr.
Wit.: John Fonda, Erastus Williams, Miner Simmons.
Dates: June 26, 1811, Probate Dec. 31, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 512.

NANKING? NANNIO? [illegible] VISSCHER, Greenbush.
Trustees: Barent Bleecker, James McKown.
Children of sister Elenor, wife of Isaac Deniston; Children of sister Alida, wife of George Shepard.
To: Catherine Visscher Van Rensselaer, dau. of friend Solomon Van Rensselaer.
Exec.: Wife Catherine Glen Visscher.
Wit.: S. Cheever, Wm. Aiken, G? T. Vanderzee.
Dates: Dec. 9, 1821, Probate Jan. 11, 1822. Vol. 6, P 514.

Son: Joseph.
To: heire of son Jeremiah, decd.
Son: Stephen R. - farm commonly called the Maxcon place.
Youngest son: Joahua.
Grandsons: Nathan HIgbie - land in Verona, N.Y.; Nathan Dewley, land in Verona, N.Y.
Wife: Mary.
Daus.: Eleanor Baxter, Ruth Crandall.
Grand-daus: Polly Darby (or Dewly or Danby); Abigail Burdick.
Grandson: Daniel Burdick.
Exec.: son Joseph; son Stephen; son Joshua.
Wit. : John Steward, Joseph T. Burdick, Daniel Mills.
Dated: Dec. 24, 1821, Probate Oct. 20, 1821. Vol. 6, P> 517.

Sons: John, Henry.
Daus: Peggy, Catey, Mary, Leane?
Daus: Elizabeth, Jemima and Rebecca "have had their share."
Exec.: son John; Martin Defreest, George M. Sharpe.
Wit.: James Cranell, Barent Geeway or Goeway or something, Martin Defreest.
Dated: July 12, 1820, Probate Jan. 21, 1822. Vol. 6, P. 520.

Note: "...to be buried without any funeral."
Exec.: Wife, not named.
WIt.: C.I. Schermerhorn, Jno. I. Van Alstyne, Jno. C. Schermerhorn.
Dates: Oct. 9, 1821, Probate Jan. 2, 1822. Vol. 6, P. 522.


Son: Guysbert.
Grandsons: Henry Jacob.
Grand-dau: Maria.
Grandsons: Robert and Wynant Crandell; William and John Mallory?
Sons: Wynant, Peter.
Exec.: son Guysbert, James Mallory, Tunis Kipp.
Wit.: James Mallory, James Swart, Joshua Sever.
Dates: Jan. 16, 1822, Probate Feb. 1, 1822. Vol. 7, P. 1.

Wife: Ruth.
Sons: Nicholas, Timothy.
Mentions: Hannah Groat?; William and John Banker; Eunice Leverty; Timothy Banker.
Exec.: Martin Stover; sons John and Timothy.
Wit.: Theodore May, Moses A. Beebe. Stephen Banker.
Dates: Oct. 2, 1820, Probate Feb. 4, 1822. Vol. 7, P. 8.

GEORGE FAKE, Brunswick
Dau-in-law Olive, widow of my son Jacob.
Children of my son Jacob.
Son: Adam.
Exec.: George Fake, Henry Dator.
Wit.: F.S.? Sim, Elisha Sender, William Greene.
Dates: Nov. 1, 1817, Probate Feb. 16, 1822. Vol. 7, P 10.

HENRY GARDNER, Stephentown
Wife: Ruth.
Son: William Lamport Gardner.
Daus: Lois Lane, Elizabeth Smith, Nancy Holley or Rolley.
Exec.: son William L.
Wit.: Henry Platt, Robert H. Babcock, Israel Platt.
Dates: Feb. 15, 1813, Probate Feb. 25, 1822. Vol. 7, P. 14.

Wife: Mary.
Dau.: Sally Mills.
Exec.: Wife; brother William Carmichael.
Wit.: Carpenter Conklin, Samuel Purdy, Henry Conklin.
Dates: March 20, 1822, Prob. April 17, 1822. Vol. 7, P. 30.

Wife: Phebe.
Son: Barnabas.
3 daus: Sabra Goeway, Orpha Gates, Margaret Botsford.
Step-daus.: Polly Hulbert, Caty Witbeck.
Exec.: Wife and son Barnabas.
Wit.: Ebenezer Boyce, John Potts Jr., Thomas Hughson.
Dates: June 13, 1821, Probate June 1, 1822. Vol. 7, P. 35.

Wife: Rebecca.
Exec.: Wife; brother Edwin?, Alfred Wotkyns, J. Grier, D.D. Tompkins Jr.
Dates: April 4, 1822, Probate June 13, 1822. Vol. 7, P. 39.

Sons: Cornelius I., John I., Barent I.
Note: home lot in the City of Albany.
Daus.: Maria, wife of Daniel Van Buren; Gerritie, wife of Joseph G. Sebring; Arriantie, wife of James B. Vanderpool.
Exec.: 3 sons.
Wit.: Edward Austin, John A. Witbeck, Anthony Ten Eyck.
Dates: July 2, 1818, Probate June 15, 1822. Vol. 7, P. 39.

Brother: Benjamin Quackenbush.
To: John Quackenbush, son of Henry.
Exec.: John Quackenbush.
Wit.: Chs. M. Davis, Archi Bull, Samuel Comstock.
Dates: May 13, 1814, Probate June 25, 1822. Vol. 7, P. 54.

Eldest son: Abraham.
Sons: James, Caleb.
Daus.: Stella, Betsa.
Wife: not named - "my mair"
Note: "my right in the Petersburg Library"
Grandson: Shiffie Clark.
Grand-daus: Goodeth Clark, Ennis Clark, Sally and Electa Clark.
Grandchildren: Abraham, Stephen and Hannah Peaarsee??
Grand-daus: Eliza, Polly, Zalina? and Clarissa Brooks.
Grandson: John Brooks.
Note: ".....will and testament maide and ?Ritten"
Exec.: son Caleb.
Wit.: David Lewis, Z.? Lewis Jr., Esther Lewis.
Dates: May 4, 1822, Probate June 29, 1822. Vol. 7, P. 46.

Sons: David, Philip M., John.
Note: "son Philip M. oons shall pay over to these children: Julia, Rashel, and Delia which my son John had by his first wife, Maria Hanson..." (or Hansen?)
Exec.: son Philip M.
Wit.: John Younglove, Lucy Younglove, Elizabeth Wheeler.
Dates: March 24, 1820, Probate July 5, 1822. Vol. 7, P. 50.

HENRY ROWE, Schodack
Wife: Christina.
To: Henry Smith, son of my sister Catherine.
Brother: Peter.
Sisters: Elizabeth, Mary.
To: Nicholas T. Smith; Henry T. Smith; Coonradt Smith, and Jacob Smith.
To: Catherine Palmer, wife of Cornelius.
To: Zion Lutheran Church, Sandlake.
To: Children of Michael T. Smith by my sister - excpet his sons Henry, "son of daughter Catherine."
Nephew: Henry Younghans, son of sister Barbara.
To: Christina Rockefeller, wife of Teal W., of Greenbush; Cath Hitchcock, wife of Samuel H. Hitchcock Jr.; Henry Rowe Hitchcock, son of Samuel Jr.; Betsey Tator, wife of Philip; Peter Hawk; my negro woman Dyon; Nicholas T. Smith; Henry T. Smith,, and Michael Younghans; Henry Smith, son of sister Catherine.
Note: Henry Smith shall keep the burying ground in good fence and repair.
Exec.: Samuel R. Campbell, Michael T. Smith, Teal W. Rockefeller.
Wit.: Ira Garrison, Olinter? Marshall (Clinton? Marshall), Henry Iler.
Dates: April 16, 1822, Probate July 24, 1822. Vol. 7, P. 54.

Wife: Abigail.
Servant: Maria Newcomb.
Dau.: Eliza Maria.
My first wife: Eliza Hunting.
Sons: Edward Morris Coe, John Rogers Coe.
Exec.: son John R. Coe, Gurdon Corning, Jonas Coe Heartt.
Wit.: Philip Heartt, John P. Cushman, Nelly Livingston.
Dates: Probated July 5, 1822. Vol. 7, P. 59.

JOSIAH MASTER, Schaghticoke
Wife: Ann.
Son: Josiah Junior.
Daus.: Eunice Stebbins, Abigail Louise Masters.
Sons: Samuel James Masters, Augustus Erastus Masters.
? "Ianthi Vollomie"
Dau.: Eliza Lydia, Anna Margaret.
Exec.: Wife; son-in-law Charles Stebbins; Alexander B. Johnson, Henry Knickerbocker.
Wit.: Jonathan Mosher, Nicholas Masters, Nicholas H. Masters, Albert P. Masters.
Dates: March 12, 1822, Probate Feb. 8, 1822. Vol. 7, P. 63.

JAMES WALLACE, Schaghticoke
Daus.: Hannah Delavan, Abigail Cox.
Son: Robert.
Grand-dau: Harriet Newcomb.
Son: Isaac.
Exec.: son Isaac.
Wit.: G. Tracy, E.W. Walbridge, Abraham C. Lansing.
Dates: March 12, 1819, Probate Sept. 17, 1822. Vol. 7, P. 70.

Sons: Charles, George, Samuel Jr., Robert, William.
Daus: Jane, wife of John St. John; Polly, wife of Ezra Waterbury; Betsey, wife of James St. John.
Exec.: sons Charles and Samuel.
Wit.: S?B. Ludlow, Chauncey Porter, Henry G. Ludlow.
Dates: Sept. 11, 1816, Probate Sept. 30, 1822. Vol. 7, P. 75.

Wife: Rosetta.
Sons: John, Stephen, David, Leonard.
Daus: Polly Lewis, Lydia Simmons, Caty Morrison, Phebe Lynd, Eliza Lynd, Almira Lynd.
Sons: Lasarus, Andrew.
Exec.: George Peck?; John Polock.
Wit.: John Simmons, Abraham Newman, E. Foster.
Dates: July 12, 1822, Probate Oct. 2, 1822. Vol. 7, P. 77.

ROBERT WAND, Lansingburg
Wife: Elizabeth.
Son: Marmaduke.
Daus: Ann, wife of Richard Hrdeker?, Ellen, wife of George Humphrey.
Son: Edward.
Exec.: Wife.
Wit.: James Adams, James Ruel?, Andrew Thompson.
Dates: April 28, 1815, Probate Oct. 10, 1822. Vol. 7, P. 81.

Son: Jacob.
Daus: Maria, wife of John Hicks; Catherine, wife of Daniel St. John and her children, Jacob and Conradt; Elizabeth, wife of Cornelius Van Keuren (or Heusen).
Exec.: son Jacob; son-in-law C. "Keuren"
Wit.: Chester Griswold, Ebenezer D. Bassett, B. Van Vleck.
Dates: Probated Oct. 16, 1822. Vol. 7, P 84.

To: my wife .....chair and harness one horse one clock two negroes name Goe and Jin.
Sons: John, Peter, Cornelius.
Daus.: Lucretia, wife of Barent Schermerhorn, Jane, Maria.
Notes: against C.I. and J.S. Schermerhorn, Aruman? St. John and Nicholas I. Kittle.
Exec.: son John; Cornelius I. Schermerhorn.
Wit.: C.I. Schermerhorn, John A. Witbeck, Francis A. Claw.
Dates: Jan. 1816, Probate Dec. 11, 1822. Vol. 7, P 92.

Wife: Sophia.
Sons: Richard, Walter, William.
Dau.: Maria.
Exec.: Wife; Dau. Charlotte, son John.
Wit.: Benjamin Smith, Stephen Rose, William Yates.
Dates: Sept. 30, 1822, Probate Jan. 3, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 98.

JOSEPH LEVENS, Lansingburg
Wife: Wainstell?
Daus.: Juliana, Jean, Ann, "Harriet Maulding?" (Spaulding?)
Son: Joseph.
Exec.: Wife; friend John Haynes.
Wit.: Peter Rose, Harvey Robins, H. Knickerbocker.
Dates: Nov. 1, 1822, Probate Jan. 21, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 105.

JOSEPH FRIOTS? [illegible], Troy
Wife: Juliana.
Sons: Joseph, John.
Daus: Elizabeth Fake, Christian Hoffman.
Exec.: Wife; 2 sons.
Wit.: Simeon Button, Corlandt? Elliot, Daniel Elliot, Sarah Elliot.
Dates: June 13, 1804, Probate Jan. 27, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 109.

Sons: Israel, Stephen, Elisha, Wilbour.
Wife: Ann.
Brother: Peleg.
Daus.: Lydia Woods, wife to Jediah; Elsa Head, wife to Joseph.
Exec.: son Wilbour.
Wit.: Catherine Fake, Hehenuah? (Nehemuah?) Denton.
Dates: May 1, 1807, Probate Jan. 27, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 112.

FREDERICK SHAVER, Manor of Rensselaerwyck
Wife: Elizabeth.
Sons: Philip, John.
Exec.: not named.
Wit.: Philip Feller, Jacob Feller, Henry Gadschen?
Dates: May 10, 1794, Probate Feb. 11, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 114.

ELIJAH JANES, Lansingburg
Wife: Phebe.
Niece: Almeria Janes Dole.
"sister Polly Stone with whom my mother resides."
Nephew: Horace Janes.
Exec.: Wife; Ebenezer W. Walbridge, Gardner Tracy, Horace Janes.
Wit.: Cadwallader R. Golden or Colden, Jacob C. Lansing, Ebenezer W. Walbridge.
Dates: Jan. 28, 1821, Probate Feb. 23, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 117.

Wife: Maria.
Son: William - farm leased from Stephen Van Rensselaer.
Son-in-law: John Lape and his wife Maritje, my daughter.
Sons: Nicholas, Henry, George.
To: Anne, wife of John J. Fellers.
Children: Nicholas, John, William, Henry, George, Marity?
Exec.: son John; son-in-law John Lape; Thomas Cole.
Wit.: Jacob Murphy, Robert Warner, Benjamin Lewis.
Dates: Jan. 21, 1823, Probate March 22, 1823. Vol. 7, P 121.

Widow of Isaac, decd.
Sons: John I., Richard, Isaac.
Daus: Cornelia, Rachel, Maria, wife of John Moffitt; Charlotte Amelia, Margaret Ann, Sarah, Caroline.
Son: Gerret William.
Exec.: son John I., dau. Charlotte A., dau. Margaret Ann.
Wit: Lois Ross, ____ Goodspeed, Stephen Ross.
Dates: March 2, 1823, Probate March 25, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 124.

Wife: Elizabeth.
Mother: Jean Thompson.
Note: ".....excepting some due from John Alkenbreg"
Exec.: William Fitch, Jeremiah Gager.
Wit.: John Alkenberg, Barent Vandenburgh, Philip Haber?
Dates: Jan. 4, 1823, Probate April 5, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 128.

Wife: Elizabeth.
DAu.: Polly Bovie.
Sons: John, Henry, David.
Exec.: son David; John Dorr?
Wit.: William Lamport Jr., John Lamport, Gideon Barnhart.
Dates: June 28, 1821, Probate April 14, 1833. Vol. 7, P. 130.

CATO BANKER (probably BARKER), Troy
To: William J. Tilley, of Newport, R.I. "a Quarto Volume entitled the life of Christ."
To: "the African School such prize as may be drawn to tocket #3037 in the seventh class of the Literature Lottery of the State of New York it being a quarter ticket signed by E. Platt, of Troy."
To: Richard Gideons; the Rev. Nathaniel Paul of Albany; Mary, sister of William J. Tilley; Baptist African Church, Albany.
Exec.: Nathaniel Paul.
Wit.: F?S. Sim, D. Buel, F. Adencourt.
Dates: April 22, 1822, Probate April 23, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 133.

Wife: Susannah.
Daus: Catherine Stover, wife of Gerardus; Phebe, wife of Samuel H. Rowland.
Grandson: Samuel Rowland.
Sons: James, Jonathan, John, Jacob.
Daus: Bertha Paulkner "wife of Paulkner"; Mary Yates, wife of Jacob; Martha Doyoe?, wife of Gerardus.
Exec.: sons John, Jonathan; Jacob Yates.
Wit.: Ezra Lewis, David Groesbeck, Jonathan Rouse.
Dates: April 11, 1823, Probate May 2, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 135.

Wife: Elizabeth - farm in Easton, Washington Co., N.Y.
Brother: Nathaniel.
Son: Charles C.
Daus: Phebe Ann, Almira, Mary C., Maria Marshall, Elizabeth Gifford. Exec.: son Charles C; son-in-law Elihu Gifford; friend Jacob C? Herritt? Merritt?
Wit.: Calvin Smith, Hiram Corliss, Benjamin I. Cornell.
Dates: May 2, 1822, Probate May 12, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 135.

JAMES HICKOK, Lansingburg
Wife: Ann.
Son: Norman.
Sons: James William, Ezra Edmund.
Daus: Ann Chipman, Cynthia Payne.
To: Norman Hickok and William Page, of Rutland, Vt., in trust for Elizabeh Gould and her heirs.
Exec.: Wife and son Norman.
Wit.: James Reid, Joseph B. Comstock, E.W. Walbridge.
Dates: Jan. 5, 1823, Probate June 11, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 146.

Wife: Mary.
Exec.: Wife; Henry C. Myers, David Kittlehuyn.
Wit.: Gideon Buckingham, Archibald Bull, Elijah Smith.
Dates: June 15, 1823, Probate June 24, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 150.

Dau.: Harriet Fellows.
Grand-dau: Hannah Chichester, dau. of son William.
Son: Jeremiah estate in Granville, N.Y.
Son: William.
Grandson: Jeremiah Chichester, son of son William.
Exec.: Jeremiah Chichester, Abraham Fellows.
Wit.: John P. Cushman, John P. Fellows, Moses Hale.
Dates: May 7, 1823, Probate June 17, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 153.

Wife: Mary.
To: Benjamin Nichols Briggs.
Exec.: Caleb Gardner.
Wit.: Rodman Hazard, Snell Babbitt, Henry Cranston.
Dates: Feb. 18, 1823, Probate July 2, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 156.

Wife: Mary.
Sons: John, Abraham, Garrett.
Dau.: Catherine.
Note: Farm purchased by me from Stephen Van Rensselaer in April 27, 1790.
Dau-in-law: Hannah, wife of son John.
Exec.: son John; Gerrit Simmons, Daniel Simmons.
Wit.: Alpheus Brown, R.M. Livingston, Frederick Smith, Daniel Simmons, William Smith.
Dates: May 16, 1812, Probate July 14, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 158.

Wife: Nancy.
Eldest son: John.
Son: James.
Youngest son: Cornelius.
Brother: Samuel.
Exec.: Cornelius I. Schermerhorn; son James.
Wit.: David Hosford, James Lamereaux, James Hosford.
Dates: Oct. 11, 1811, Probate July 16, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 162.

Wife: Sarah.
Daus: Sarah, wife of Thaddeus Dein or Den; Abby, wife of Jared Betts; Nancy; Eliza, wife of Matthew Hoyt; Ruah, wife of Harvey Betts.
Grandson: Sanford Selleck, son of my dau. Mary.
Children of my dau. Betsey.
Sons: Silas, "James Wied Seth & Jotham"; Benajah.
Exec.: James Brown.
Wit.: not given.
Date: Probated July 17, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 165.

Niece: Eittleemelia? Bartlett.
Wife: Sarah.
Friend: Nathan Rockwood "who has been brought up in my family and commonly called Nathan Crandall."
Exec.: Wife; Nathan Rockwood.
Wit.: William C. Elmore, Mary Casey, Isaac B. Fox.
Dates: Jan. 9, 1816, Probate July 28, 1826. Vol. 7, P. 168.

To: relative Andrew Finch, of Greenbush; friend John P. Cushman of Troy.
Note: Above 2 to be guardians of my children (Not named).
Exec.: Andrew Finch.
Wit.: Ebenz. Wiswell, Prudence Wild, Anna G. Noyes.
Dates: July 10, 1823, Probate Sept. 1, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 170.

AARON HALL, Pittstown
Wife: Lydia.
Sons: Joel, Daniel, James.
Sons: Mattison and Elias.
Daus: Unice and Esther, Sarah and Abigail.
Note: Land in "Kuryshiny" ? in the County of Washington.
Exec.: friend Jeduathan Hall; John B. Williams.
Wit.: Simeon Newcomb, Thomas Henderson, John P. Oliver.
Dates: Dec. 19, 1821, Probate Sept. 1, 1823. Vol. 7, P 172.

Daus.: Hannah Moule?, Polly Craver.
Sons: John W., Matthias.
Exec.: 2 sons and Henry I. Best.
Wit.: Nicholas B. Harris, Peter Reynolds, William Reynolds.
Dates: Aug. 18, 1823, Probate Sept. 16, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 175.

DAVID THUSTON, Schaghticoke
Wife: Elizabeth.
To: Eleanor German, Maria German, Phebe German, Henry German.
Exec.: Wife; Thomas May; John Nisby or Hisby.
Wit.: Samuel Gorsline, Joshua C. Cheever.
Dates: April 9, 1814, Probate Sept. 5, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 179.

SHUBAL GORHAM, Lansingburg
Wife: Abigail.
Son: Shubal.
Grandchild: Charlotte Lansing, daughter of Charlotte, wife of Abraham C. Lansing.
Exec.: Wife and Abraham Lansing.
Wit.: Elijah Janes, G. Tracy, L. Bliss.
Dates: Aug. 24, 1814, Probate Sept. 11, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 180.

Wife: Mabel.
Children: not named.
Exec.: Wife; Jeded? Tracy, Gurdon Corning, David Buel Jr., Amatus Robbins.
Wit.: Ebenz. Wiswell, Asa Kellogg, Luma? Stratton.
Dates: Aug. 7, 1823, Probate Sept. 6, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 183.

Sons: John, Thomas.
Daus.: Elizabeth and Mary Ann.
Exec.: Wife Hannah; friend Gurdon Grant, George Smith, John Wittenkey.
Wit.: John Kettlehuyn, Elisha Sheldon, John Paine.
Dates: Sept. 10, 1823, Probate Sept. 26, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 186.

4 only daughter: Elizabeth Camel, Magdalena File, Mary Decker, Catherine Crandle.
Exec.: son-in-law Abraham File.
Wit.: John Broomhower, Adam Clickner, Daniel Simmons.
Dates: June 1, 1823, Probate Nov. 4, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 190.

Brother: Jacob Jackson.
Exec.: Howland Sherman; brother Jacob.
Wit.: Jesse Brockway, Wolston Brockway, Charles Conklin.
Dates: May 3, 1822, Probate Nov. 12, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 192.

ABRAM HOAG, Pittstown
Wife: Mary.
Note: mentions legacy from Tabitha Garnryck.
Grandau.: Mary Peckham.
Son: Asa and his son Abram.
Dau.: Ann Norton.
Grandson: Abram Chubb.
Dau.: Phebe.
Exec.: sons Asa, David Norton Jr., Andrew Ryan.
Wit.: Simeon Brownell, John Osborne, Timothy Carpenter.
Dates: April 7, 1823, Probate Nov. 9, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 193.

Wife: Mary.
Niece: Elizabeth Suydam.
Brother Derick's daughter Elizabeth, son Jacob, son Aaron, son Matthew, dau. Alida, dau. Angelica, son Henry.
Sister: Nelly's son Aaron Angle? (or Aigle)
Brother Matthew's children.
Sister Charity's children.
Sister Polly's children.
Note: "Whereas Sidney Burg by his advice contributed to induce me to remove from the State of New Jersey to New York...."
Wife of Sidney Burg.
Trustees of the Presbyterian Congregation .....where Rev. Paul Jones Coe is at present Pastor..."
Exec.: brother Derick, his son Jacob; Abraham C. Lansing.
Wit.: Benjamin Poirir (or Puzir), D. Sackett, Chauncey Puvis (or Puvir?)
Dates: Feb. 2, 1821, Probate Dec. 9, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 196.

EDWARD RYAN, Pittstown
Wife: Lana.
Sons: Cornelius, Edward jr., James, William, John.
Son: Andrew.
Daus: Tina, Catherine Stanton.
Exec.: sons Andrew and John.
Wit.: Jon. Brown, Joseph Brown, William Brown.
Dates: Dec. 9, 1822, Probate Dec. 23, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 205.

JAMES PINE, Pittstown
Wife: Mary.
Sons: Benjamin, Daniel, Joshua.
Dau.: Hannah.
Exec.: Joshua Pine and Benjamin Pine, sons.
Wit.: Caleb Nichols, William C. Brownell, William L. Brownell.
Dates: 25th day, 10th month, 1822, Probate Dec. 29, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 208.

Wife: Cornelia.
Sons: John L., Isaac, Stereham?
Daus: Jane, Maria, Catherine.
Exec.: Wife and brother Robert Johnson.
Wit.: Joseph Crandall, Joseph W. Crandall, Cornelius I. Schermerhorn.
Dates: Sept. 3, 1823, Probate Dec. 30, 1823. Vol. 7, P. 210.

Wife: Mary.
Daus: Sarah Pitts, Eunice Walker, Caty Ferguson, Hannah Heusted, Anna Mills.
Grandsons: Daniel Heusted, Nicholas Heusted, Orra Heusted.
Sons: Lewis, Joseph, Barton, Sackett?.
Sons: Barton - to have farm in Chatham on which he now lives; Sacket to have farm in Nassau on which he now lives.
Exec.: sons Joseph, Barton, Sacket.
Wit.: Jacob Benedict, Sally Reeve, Enoch Benedict.
Dates: July 28, 1819, Probate Jan. 2, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 212.

Wife: Eliza.
Son: John - land in Roxbury and Northfield, Vt.
Dau.: Mary P. Lyman - land in the town of Burlington, Vt.
Daus: Abigail Kellogg, Elizabeth Hazro?, Frances Southwick, Lucretia Paine.
Exec.: Wife; son John; dau. Lucretia.
Wit.: Asa Douglas, Stephen R. Warren, Henry Bush.
Dates: Oct. 29, 1821, Probate Jan. 18, 1824. Vol. 7, P 215.

Wife: Rebecca.
Children: not named.
Exec.: Henry Bayeux, Daniel H. Stone.
Wit.: David Buel Jr., Leslie Howard, Jonas Coe Heartt.
Dates: Dec. 26, 1823, Probate Jan. 24, 1824. Vo. 7, P. 219.

Wife: Lana.
Son: David.
Dau.: Caty.
Grandson: Philip.
Dau.: Eve Carr.
Exec.: son John; Daniel Simmons Esq.
Wit.: Jon. Brown, Isaac File, John Van Namee?
Dates: Dec. 25, 1823, Probate Jan. 23, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 220.

JACOB HOGLE, Greenbush
To: Jacog Hogle Jr., son of my brother Francis.
Nieces: Maria Hogle, wife of Michael Earing; Polly Hogle, dau. of brother Francis.
Exec.: Jacob Hogle Jr., William Crannell, Charles Ostrander.
Wit.: Martin Defreest, Philip E? Fellers, Adam Fretts.
Dates: Dec. 26, 1815, Probate Feb. 4, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 223.

Son: Frederick.
Note: land -----paralelle with Charles and John M. Earings land.
Son: John Jr., - land from Palmers to Porters boundrys.
Sons: Samuel, Charles.
Daus: Elizabeth, Maria, Hannah.
Exec.: brother Samuel Earing; Charles M. Earing; son Samuel.
Wit.: John Phillips, Fenner Palmer, Daniel Waterbury.
Dates: Oct. 13, 1815, Probate March 15, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 225.

LOVETT HEAD, Village of Castleton
Wife: Elizabeth.
To: William H. Austin.
Nephew: Lovett Head.
Brother: William.
To: Hiram Shrieve, son of my friend Ellery Shrieve; Lovett Obert? son of friend Henry Obert?
Exec.: Wife; Henry Livingston, Abial Buckman.
Wit.: John Staarns, Robert Hitchcock, Hosea Noyes.
Dates: Sept. 20, 1823, Probate March 16, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 227.

SAMUEL HICKOK, Lansingburg
All to my daughter Betsey.
Exec.: Horatio Hickok, Seth Seelye, John B. Chipman.
Wit.: Timothy Cone, Edward Felley?, Augustus Filley.
Dates: March 10, 1824, Probate March 22, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 229.

JOHN MARTIN AURINGER, Half Moon (Saratoga County)
Sons: Francis, John.
Daus: Mary - the bed of her mother Mary; Elizabeth - the bed of her mother Christiana.
Son-in-law: John Sebrant.
Daus.: Margaret, Christina.
Eldest son: Andrew.
Exec.: Abner Foster; Jeremiah Share?
Wit.: Elizabeth Moe?, Elizabeth Jacob, Abraham Moe.
Dates: Nov. 27, 1811, Probate March 23, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 231.

Wife: Eve.
Sons: John, Pastor of St. Johns Church, Charleston, S.C.; Jacob, Henry.
Dau.: Eve, wife of David Deele (or Dale).
To: Susannah, wife of John F. Schultz; Ruhammah, wife of John Miller.
Exec.: Jacob Snyder, George Dater.
Wit.: Sherard Kishner?, John Wicke, Henry Shep or Shop.
Dates: Sept. 13, 1820, Probate April 1, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 232.

Daus.: Elizabeth Maria, Rachel.
Brothers: Lucas Defreest, Abraham W. Defreest.
Sisters: Gitty Fonda, Rebecca Defreest.
Father-in-law: Matthew Van Alstyne.
Exec.: brother Albert Defreest; "brother in lo" Martin Defreest; Peter Van Alstyne.
Wit.: Wm. McManus, George Squire Jr., John Taylor.
Dates: Dec. 16, 1824 (probably meant for 1823), Probated April 9, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 225.

Wife: Eliza Ann.
Child: an infant.
Sisters: Anna Maria, Blandinah.
Exec.: John G. Vanderheden, Alanson Douglas, James Rice.
Wit.: Eli Douglas, John H. Douglas, Isaac Fowler.
Dates: Nov. 4, 1823, Probate April 20, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 235?

Wife: Lucretia.
Sons: Sylvester, George and William.
Daus: Lucretia Wylie, Meriam Campbell, Eleanor Holcomb.
Exec.: sons George and William.
Wit.: Wm. Bailey, Rowland Danforth, Daniel H. Moulton.
Dates: March 1, 1824, Probate April 22, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 238.

LUCY RANDALL, Petersburg
Sons: Ichabod, Benjamin, Nathaniel, Stephen.
Dau.: Abigail - also one Brittania inital tea pot."
Grand-dau: Lucy P. White.
Daus: Lucy Hull, Sally Thomas, Eunice Reynolds, Betsey Hewitt, Elenor Green.
Grand-daus: Lucy, Polly, Thursah & Priscilla Babcock.
Exec.: Sanford Hewit.
Wit.: Augustus Lewis, Hugh Henning, Thomas Rix.
Dates: March 5, 1824, Probate April 26, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 241.

To: Garret Vandenburgh Jr. and his wife Harriet.
To: Rutger Vandenburgh; Wynant C. Vandenburgh, Mary Vandenburgh, Fanny Vandenburgh, Rachel Vandenburgh, Catalina Vandenburgh, dau. of Gerrit Jr.; Alida, wife of Tunis Van Valkenburgh.
Exec.: Rutger Vandenburgh, Tunis Van Valkenburgh.
Wit.: Peter Bloemendale, Isaac Wendell, Jonas S. Manville.
Dates: Feb. 14, 1824, Probate April 27, 1826. Vol. 7, P. 245.

Sons: Lawrence, Andreas, Bastian.
Daus: Catherine, Margaret, Dorothy, Anatie, Barbary.
Grandsons: Andreas and Samuel, sons of decd. son Leonard.
Exec.: sons Lawrence and Bastian.
Wit.: James Woods, Frederick Cipperley, Henry I. Traver.
Dates: Feb. 1, 1821, Probate May 22, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 246.

Wife: Nancy.
Eldest son: George.
Sons: Charles, William.
Daus: Nancy, Maria, Caroline.
To: Mother - real estate in Durham, Greene Co., N.Y.
Daus.: Eliza Fiske.
Exec.: Wife; Henry Mallory (or Miller), Uriah Wallace.
Wit.: Uriah Miller (or Mallory), John P. Fellows, James O. Ladue.
DATES: May 7, 1824, Probate May, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 250.

Wife: Mary.
Father: Nathaniel.
Mother: Deborah.
Exec.: Wife; Jeded Tracy, Gurdon Corning, James Quintard Jr.
Wit.: Rebecca Wasson, John Ayres, John P. Cushman.
Dates: June 11, 1823, Probate June 8, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 252.

GEORGE WETSEL, Schaghticoke
Wife: Mary.
Sons: Daniel, George, John, Joseph.
Daus: Mary, wife of John Baucus; Elizabeth, wife of Peter Cipperley, Christina Stover.
Grandson: Gideon.
Exec.: Daniel Carpenter, George Witsell Jr., Daniel Wetsell.
Wit.: James Green, Roelif Kip, Wililam Matchett? Jr.
Dates: Aug. 1, 1821, Probate June 9, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 255.

Wife: Amy.
Daus: Phebe, Nancy.
Son: Andrew.
Exec.: Wife and son Andrew.
Wit.: Carpenter Conklin, Lemuel Hunt, Scott Vining.
Dates: May 19, 1824, Probate June 19, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 256.

To: Jacob, son of Cornelius, grandson of brother Jacob Schermerhorn, decd.
To: Cornelius, father of said Jacob, and son of my late brother, Jacob Schermerhorn, decd.
Exec.: Cornelius Schermerhorn.
Wit.: David Hosford, James Hosford, T. Watkins.
Dates: July 25, 1816, Probate July 7, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 258.

Daus: Catherine, wife of Daniel Hallenbeck; Elizabeth.
Son: Benjamin.
Exec.: Benjamin and Elizabeth.
Wit.: Wm. Helling, Henry Lewis, Susannah Helling.
Dates: Sept. 20, 1790, Probate July 2, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 259.

SARAH GOULD, Pittstown
Son: William Gould.
Daus: Polly Mathes (or Mather), Tamer Teason, Anna Coon.
Sons: James, Thomas.
Youngest dau.: Sally Gold (Gould).
To: Salla Lounsberry.
Exec.: sons James and Thomas.
Wit.: Archibald Robertson, Alice Robertson, John Eldridge.
Dates: July 20, 1824, Probate Aug. 16, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 260.

Wife: Phebe.
Oldest son: Benjamin.
Son: Ammiel.
Oldest dau.: Esther Marvel.
Daus.: Thankful Horton, Phebe Carpenter, Hannah Townsend, Rachel Penny.
Son: Edward Jr.
Grandson: Voleny Marvel.
Exec.: son Bangs? Penny, son Edward.
Wit.: Abner Thurber, Betsey Thurber, Isaac Townsend.
Dates: March 20, 1824, Probate Sept. 22, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 262.

To: John Henry Miller, son of Thomas.
Brothers: Stephen, Peter, Thomas.
To: Stephen, son of Thomas; Hannah, wife of Thomas; Caty, dau. of Thomas, Charity, dau. of Thomas.
Exec.: 3 brothers.
Wit.: Richard Miller, N.I. Miller, George Miller.
Dates: Nov. 24, 1824, Probate Dec. 13, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 265.

LUNER (or Luma or Laura) STRATTON, Troy
Mother: Mary Stratton.
Late father: Ebenezer Stratton.
Brothers: Cyrus and Ebenezer H. Stratton.
Sisters: Mabel Burritt, Mary Green?
To: Julia Willey.
Exec.: Gurdon Corning of Troy; David Noble of Williamstown, Mass.
Wit.: Timothy Seymour, Lenoar Whitman.
Dates: July 5, 1824, Probate Oct. 15, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 267.

Daus.: Phebe, wife of Stephen Cale or Cole; Huldah, wife of Hosea Holcomb; Betsey, wife of Nathan Bennett; Sally, wife of William Davis; Polly, wife of James Gorsline; Susannah, wife of Dennis McKee (or Micker).
Sons: David, Daniel.
Daus: Carline?, Clarissa, wife of Philip Taylor.
Son: Amos, when of age.
Note: Land in Nassau Town.
Wife: Hannah.
Sons: Daniel and David to take care of my father Ephraim Quimby.
Exec.: Jacob Haff, of the town of Sandlake; Epaphroditus Devereaus, of the town of Nassau; Miel (Hiel?) Adams, of the Town of Nassau.
Wit.: Bethel Bristol, Thomas H. Bristol, Alma H. or M. White.
Dates: April 7, 1824, Probate Nov. 6, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 269.

Wife: Catherine.
Sons: Henry, John.
Daus: Caty, wife of Tobias Folmsbee; (_)anan Mesick.
Grand-dau: Catherine Decker.
Exec.: Wife; friend John I Mesick; Peter Ostrander.
Wit.: Henry Gardner, Polly De Lue, Peter Ostrander.
Dates: Dec. 25, 1823, Probate Nov. 8, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 272.

Daus.: Patty Burdick, Emilla Bates, Diadema Hoard, Phebe Parks, Rebecca Simmons.
Wife: Olive.
Sons: Thomas, Elisha.
Exec.: son Elisha.
Wit.: Ephraim Babcock, GIdeon Hall Jr., Gideon Hall.
Dates: Feb. 8, 1824, Probate Nov. 14, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 275.

Father: Edward.
Sisers: ELizabeth Brown, Polly Agan.
Exec.: Brother Josiah.
Wit.: Jon. Brown, Joseph Brown, Zephaniah Dix.
Dates: Nov. 10, 1824, Probate Nov. 29, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 276.

To: Trustees of the 1st Presbyterian Church, Brunswick.
Son: Philip H.
Daus: Catherine Brust, wife of John; Margaret, wife of Thomas Read; Eve, wife of Daniel Strowse?[illegible] and her children: Henry, Polly, Betsey, Hannah, George, Lewis, Daniel, David, Samuel.
Son: Adam H. and his children: Henry, Mary, William.
Daus: Hannah, wife of Gideon Wilbur; Betsey, wife of John Cipperly and her children: John, Jacob, Lydia.
Note: All slaves to be freed.
Exec.: Townsend McCoun, Stephen Ross, Thomas Hillhouse.
Wit.: Benjamin Smith, John Younglove, George Butter.
Dates: Feb. 5, 1824, Probate Dec. 18, 1824. Vol. 7, P. 278.

Wife: Sarah.
Sons: Olvier Jr., William, John.
Daus: Mary Warren, Elizabeth Warren.
Exec.: Oliver Jr.
Wit.: Manus Griswold, Simeon Griswold, Daniel Gray.
Dates: Dec. 23, 1807, Probate Feb. 11, 1825. Vol. 7, P. 282.

Sons: Robert, Abraham.
Sons: James and Andrew, farm at Mutch's of Hutch's Kill (Muitseakill).
Son: John, decd.
Note: "land called Cornelius Landt lying west of the Farmers Turnpike."
Wife: Mary, decd.
Daus: Elizabeth and Lucretia.
Exec.: 4 sons.
Wit.: Law. C. Hogeboom, James Hogeboom, Benjamin Sherborn.
Dates: Jan. 26, 1821, Probate Feb. 14, 1825. Vol. 7, P. 225.

Deborah my wife or otherwise Deborah Matteson.
To: Electa LeMira Burdick.
Daus: Betsey, Polly.
Sons: Jonathan, Lyman, Aaron, Nathaniel, Ezra, Ira A., Ezekiel.
Grandson: Aaron, son to Ezekiel.
Exec.: son Ira A.
Wit.: Benjamin Bentley, Stephen Bentley, John Green.
Dates: July 13, 1824, Probate Feb. 17, 1825. Vol. 7, P. 287.

Widow of Abraham.
To: Abraham F. Vandercook, son of Henry; Hannah Vandercook, dau. of Henry, Hannah.
Exec.: Andrew Ryan.
Wit.: Jon. Brown, Henry S. V.D. Cook.
Dates: April 1, 1824, Probate Feb. 23, 1825. Vol. 7, P. 291.

Wife: Martha.
Son: John.
Dau: Caroline.
Exec.: Wife; friend Thomas White; Jeremiah Dauchy?, Jeremiah Chichester.
Dates: July 6, 1824, Probate March 16, 1825. Vol. 7, P. 292.

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