Abstracts Of Wills Of
Rensselaer County, New York

Volume I of Manuscript

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

Transcriber's notes: This transcription was made from a very old copy of the original, which was typed on an antique typewriter that caused some letters to fill in with ink, especially a, e & o. When a name or word is all but illegible I note it, or put a question mark.
If you find a name that you know well because perhaps it appears in your tree, and you want it to be cleared up and spelled correctly, please email me at: CL38911@cox.net.

Volume 5 continued & start of Volume VI, 1816-1821

Nephew: Elicom Roberts.
Wife: Peggy.
Exec.: Wife; Timothy Hyde, Elicom Roberts.
Wit.: Samuel Van Vleck, Gilbert Eddy, Nicholas Williams.
Dates: Dec. 8, 1809, Probate Aug. 10, 1816. Vol. 5, P. 348.

Wife: Mary.
Guardian Zachariah Paddock to be guardian of children Nancy and Sarah.
Exec.: friend Garret Hollenbeck.
Wit.: Otis Dimick, Anthony J. Brees?, Stephen Cobb.
Dates: March 5, 1816, Probate Sept. 18, 1816. Vol. 5, P. 354.

Sons: Frederick, Coonradt, Aaron, William.
Wife: Elizabeth.
Daus.: Hannah, Mary, "Naley"
To: Elizabeth Kenter, dau. of my dau. Caty.
"Nephew" Elizabeth Kenter. [have no idea what this means.]
Exec.: Frederick Sharpe, Wendel Semon?, Storm T. Vanderzee.
Wit.: Abraham Price, Nathan Frazee, Storm T. Vanderzee.
Dates: July 29, 1809, Probate Oct. 17, 1816. Vol. 5, P. 358.

Dau.: Martha Tallman.
Sons: Jacob, Shepard.
Sons: Samuel, John, Abraham, Peter, William, Isaac, Henry, Ethan.
Daus: Sally Rose, Ruth Swift, Phebe.
Wife: Sarah.
Exec.: sons Ethan, Henry, Isaac.
Wit.: George R. Davis, Asanel Morris, John Carpenter Jr.
Dates: Aug. 31, 1816, Probate Nov. 4, 1816. Vol. 5, P. 361.

AMOS MORSE - Nuncupative Will, Schaghtcoke
Presence of: Milton Morse, Polly Morse, Ira Morse.
Children - not named.
Dates: Oct. 1, 1816, Probate Nov. 7, 1810. Vol. 5, P. 365.

Son and dau. of my son Cornelius - Lanye and Wm. Henry.
Note: Land adjoining Peter Carmichael.
To: children of Daniel Lappes: - Henry, Anna, Elizabeth, Auley and Maria.
To: Christina Craver, my 3rd au., wife of Philip.
Grandson William, son of William Jr.
To: William Martin, husband of Catherine, my 4th dau.
Eldest son John.
Eldest dau. Addriancher, wife of William Wooley.
To: Lenaa, wife of Barent Guay (Goeway?), my 2d dau.
To: Elizabeth, my 4th daughter, wife of Abraham Coons.
Exec.: Matthias Younghans, Simon Westfall, Calvin Thompson.
Wit.: Bernhard Uline, David Loun, Leonard Forasin.
Dates: Oct. 9, 1816, Probate Nov. 18, 1816. Vol. 5, P. 367.

Wife: Bacco.
Sons: Abraham Jr., Samuel, John, Nathaniel.
Daus: Polly, Bacca.
Exec.: son Samuel.
Wit.: Robert Woodworth, Thomas Mesick, Tobias Van Buren.
Dates: Jan. 14, 1809, Probate Nov. 27, 1816. Vol. 5, P. 374.

Wife: Hannah.
Daus: Mary, Margaret, Rebekah.
Daus: Catherine Price, Christeen Sedgwick.
Sons: Frederick, Nicholas.
Exec.: Wife; David Barringer.
Wit.: Samuel D'Kammater, Mathew Moody, E. Foster.
Dates: July 3, 1812, Probate Nov. 30, 1816, Vol. 5, P. 377.

ETHUREL BROOKS, Schaghticoke
Wife: Sally.
Children: Maria, Jacob, Caroline, Sally, Ethural Jr., Henry.
Exec.: Wife; friend David Bryant.
Wit.: John Storm, Timothy Cone, Jacob C. Lansing.
Dates: Oct. 16, 1816, Probate Dec. 5, 1816. Vol. 5, P. 380.

CALEB W. GIFFORD, Schaghticoke
Wife: Eliphel.
Dau.: Patience.
sons: Ellery, Gideon.
To: Eddy, wife of Bingham Patteson; Hilda or Hulda, wife of Benjamin Sanford.
Dau.: Mary, wife of Amasa Lessure - land in Trenton, Oneida Co.
Grandson: Simon Lessure.
Exec.: Wife; friend Daniel Wetsel, Christopher Gifford.
Wit.: Peter Wetsel, John P? Wetsel, Herman Knickerbocker.
Dates: Nov. 15, 1816, Probate Dec. 10, 1816, Vol. 5, P. 383.

Eldest son Isaac - under 17.
Son: Philander.
Dau.: Olive Edna.
Wife: Olive.
Sons: Stafford - his dau. Lois; John.
Daus.: Huldah Allen, Desire Waterbury.
Exec.: Ezra Robertson of Nassau; Wife Olive.
Wit.: Simeon Finch, James Hoag, William F. Averill.
Dates: Dec. 4, 1816, Probate Dec. 17, 1816. Vol. 5, P. 386.

Nephew: John, son of my brother Joseph.
Brother: Stephen.
Son: William.
Exec.: Brother Joseph.
Wit.: Simeon Lamb, Francis Francisco, Jesse L. Button.
Dates: Aug. 19, 1816, Probate Jan. 4, 1817. Vol. 5, P. 390.

Only child: Peggy F.
Sister: Peggy Brown
Children of my brother Lebbeus and William H. Ford.
Exec.: sister Peggy Brown.
Wit.: Jonan. Brown, Gilbert Eddy.
Dates: Oct. 12, 1816, Probate Jan. 9, 1817. Vol. 5, P. 391.

Wife: Eleanor.
Eldest sister: Sally.
Sister: Jerusha.
Brothers: Matthias, Jonas, Ira, Uriah, Judd.
Sister: Debbe? Ann?
Exec.: brother Judd.
Wit.: Martin Springer, Jacob Derick, Daniel Way.
Dates: Dec. 18, 1816, Probate Jan. 28, 1817. Vol. 5, P. 395.

Wife: Christina.
Daus: Gertrude, Cristina, Catherine, Margaret.
Sons: Jeremiah, Charles, Adam.
Exec.: Wife; son Adam and Jeremiah; Jospeh D. Monnell?
Wit.: Mulford B. Rose, JOseph D. [illegible, Honell?], Maria Monell.
Dates: July 30, 1816, Probate Jan. 31, 1817. Vol. 5, P. 397.

Nephew: Harman Gasevort.
Nephews and Nieces: Wessel Van Schaick, Anthony Van Schaick, Martha Van Schaick, Christina Van Schaick, Gerard Van Schaick, Henry Van Schaick; all children of brother John G.
Sister: Catherine Gansevort?, widow of Gen. Peter, and her children: Harman, Leonard, Peter, Maria, wife of Allen Melville.
Exec.: Nephews Anthony and Gerard Van Schaick; Nieces Maria and Christina Van Schaick.
Wit.: G. Tracy, L.N. Bliss, Chas. Marsh Jr.
Dates: Sept. 20, 1816, Probate Feb. 6, 1817. Vol. 5, P. 399.

JACK "blackman" SWIFT, Schodack
Wife: Cloey.
Son-in-law: Jacob.
Dau.-in-law: Phebe (chidren of Cloey).
Will made at Hillsdale, N.Y.
Exec.: None.
Wit.: Nathaniel Swift, Judah Swift, Henry White.
Dates: Aug. 30, 1811, Probate Feb. 11, 1817. Vol. 5, P. 403.

CALEB BROWN, Stephentown
Wife: Mary.
Son: John
Daus: Massey, Ellinor.
Exec.: son John.
Wit.: Thomas Frost Jr., Enos Mead, Nathan Frost.
Dates: March 4, 1805, Probate Feb. 12, 1817. Vol. 5, P. 405.

Wife: Sarah.
Exec.: James Mallory Esq., Stephen Ross, Isaac McConihe, Nathan Sargeant.
Dates: Oct. 12, 1816, Prob. Dec. 5, 1816. Vol. 5, P. 416.

JOHN JONES, Schaghticoke
Wife: Mabel.
Dau.: Harriet Slingerland, wife of Henry.
Sons: Henry, Josiah P., Hyram.
Exec.: Wife.
Wit.: George N. Huddleston, Richard Hubert, William Haff (or Hoff).
Dates: Nov. 27, 1816, Probate March 4, 1817. Vol. 5, P. 421.

DANIEL BLY, Stehentown
Wife: Margaret.
Son: Daniel.
Daus: Margaret, Lidy.
Exec.: Wife.
Wit.: Rowland Hall, Samuel Shaw, Henry Reynolds.
Dates: July 1, 1802, Probate March 5, 1817. Vol. 5, P. 423.

JOHN EATON, Schodack
Wife: Elizabeth.
Sons: John Jr., Ira, William.
To: Ebenezer Eaton.
Daus: Easter, "Mary, wife of Delamater," Betsey "wife of Gillett," Hannah - single, Liddia, wife of Blunt.
Exec.: sons John, Andrew, Abraham; Joshua Wildey.
Wit.: Joel Beckwith Jr., Joshua Wildey, Cornelius P. Schermerhorn.
Dates: Jan. 22, 1817, Probate March 8, 1817. Vol. 5, P. 425.

Wife: Lydia.
Dau.: Hannah.
Exec.: Wife; Matthias Nichols.
Wit.: John Foster, Samuel Eddy, Fanny Foster.
Dates: March 3, 1817, Probate March 15, 1807. (?) Vol. 5, P. 429.

Wife: Anna.
Sons: Christopher, Isaiah.
Daus: Lydia, Rebecca, Rachel, Sally, Eliza Jane.
Exec.: Wife; son Christopher; friend Adam Derick.
Wit.: John Adams, John G. Adams, E.T. Adams.
Dates: Dec. 26, 1816, Probate March 19, 1817. Vol. 5, P. 431.

Mentions estate of Henry Cuyler, decd., to James Cuyler, decd.
Sister: Margaret, now Smith.
Sister: Eliza.
Nephews: George and William, sons of brother William Howe Cuyler, decd.
To orphan girl named Margaret Ranger.
Exec.: Storm T. Vanderzee, Isaac Hansen, Teunis Van Veghten.
Wit.: L. Norton, Albert Rathbone, David Vanderzee.
Dates: March 4, 1817, Probate April 3, 1817. Vol. 5, P. 434.

Wife: Lucy.
Sons: Ichabod, Benjamin Jr., Nathaniel, Stephen.
Eldest dau.: Lucy Hall or Hull.
Daus.: Lois Thomas, Elenor Green, Betsey Hewit.
Grandchildren: Joseph Dearborn White and Lucy White, children of daughter Abigail.
Sons-in-law: John Green of Berlin; Sanford Hewit.
Exec.: son Ichabod.
Wit.: Elisha Boves, Martin Emerson, Mary Davis.
Dates: June 3, 1816, Probate April 3, 1817. Vol. 5, P. 440.


Dau.: Caty.
Son: Henry.
Son-in-law: Anthony Hembert?
Grandson: Peter Jr.
Wife: Catherine.
Exec.: son Henry, Anthony Membert?.
Wit.: Daniel Simmons, Samuel Simmons, Mary Simmons.
Dates: March 2, 1816, Probate May 29, 1817. Vol. 6, P. 3.

Sons: John, Elisha, Stephen.
Son: Thomas - land in Grand Isle, Vt.
Daus: Ceila Randall, Philippa Gardner, Waity.
Grandson: Benjamin Reynolds.
Grand-dau: Alie Salsberg.
Exec.: son Stephen.
Wit.: John Bowles, Luther Hanks, Potter Maxson.
Dates: Sept. 10, 1813, Probate July 18, 1817. Vol. 6, P. 11.

Late wife of William.
Youngest dau.: Susanna Kilmer.
Grand-dau.: Catherine, dau. of son William.
Dau.: Christina Shaver.
Exec.: Thomas Cole, John Craver Jr..
Wit.: Nicholas M. Masters, Elizabeth Link, Samuel Cheever.
Dates: April 20, 1816, Probate Sept. 9, 1817. Vol. 6, P. 19.

Son: Decount Alanson Jerome.
Daus: Waity Jones, wife of James Jones; Elizabeth Jones, wife of Daniel; Hannah Hull, wife of Justus P.; Caty R. Jerome, Polly Jerome.
Son: Hilton R.
Grand-dau:Hannah Foster, single.
Note: Land in the town of Berlin.
Exec.: Samuel Vary Esq., Daniel Jones.
Wit.: Samuel Vary, Samuel C. Burdick, J.W. Thomas.
Dates: July 7, 1817, Probate Sept. 15, 1817. Vol. 6, P. 21.

Wife: Abigail.
Dau.: Diademya Gardner - note against Samuel Rathbone, of the town of Johnstown.
Son: Simeon R.
Grandson: Simeon Gardner.
Son-n-law: Benjamin Gardner.
To: Lonad Gardner, my grand-daughter; Mary Gardner, my grand-daughter.
Grandsons: Nelson Gardner, Benjamin F. Gardner.
Grand-dau.: Hannah Gardner.
Grandsons: John Gardner, Edward Gardner.
Nephews: Avery Pool, Simeon H. Gardner.
To: Diademy Crandall, dau. of Jasper.
Exec.: brother Caleb Gardner, of Stephentown; Wife Abigail.
Wit.: Rowland Hall, Benoni Hall, Charles Hall.
Dates: Aug. 4, 1817, Probate Sept. 16, 1817. Vol. 6, P. 23.

Nuncupative Will.
Presence of Job Wilcox, Richard Menter and Rachel, his wife.
Youngest dau.: Patience Welch - youngest cow.
Grand-dau.: Almira Menter - oldest cow.
Dates: April 4, 1817, Probate Oct. 8, 1817. Vol. 6, P. 29.

JAMES STITT, Pittstown
Wife: Ama?>br? Dau.: Elizabeth Green.
2nd dau.: Mary Orser.
3rd dau.: Ama? Akin.
4th dau.: Amy May.
eldest son: John.
2nd son: Thomas.
3rd son: Lovitt H.
To: James Van Namee?, son of Aaron and Hannah, his wife.
Children of Lovitt H.: - William and James - land in Durham, Greene Co.
4th son: James Jr.
Exec.: Wife Ama, James Stitt Jr., Richard Burtis, Jonathan Rouse Esq.
Wit.: Israel F. Stitt, Robert A. Stitt, Abiah Stitt.
Dates: Sept. 1, 1817, Probate Oct. 13, 1817. Vol. 6, P. 31.

JOHN I. MILLER, Schodack
Wife: Margaret.
To: Nicholas Miller, son of John N(?).
To: John N. Miller, John Miller Lodowick, Casparus Miller, Adam Miller, brother of John N.; Tiny Van Valkenburgh, dau. of Jeronimus; Eve Miller, wife of Calvin Pardee; Betsey Spore, Betsey, dau. of Matthew Van Valkenburgh, wife of D.A. Van Ness.
Note: "I manumit and give freedom to me negro Mink when he arrive to the age of thirty years."
Exec.: Wife Margaret; Derick Van Vliet, John I. Kittle.
Wit.: Chauncey Gredley, Peter Ham, H.A. Simmons.
Dates: May 18, 1816, Probate July 12, 1817. Vol. 6, P. 38.

Sons: Benjamin Jr., John, Stephen, Jonah.
Youngest son: Asa.
Wife: Mary.
Daus: Hannah, Rocksa, Matilda, Sarah, Esther Mary (comma between??), Waity, Aurilla.
To: Hannah Chapman's son John T. Herrington.
Exec.: Benjamin Chapman, Jirah Baker.
Wit.: William L. Brownell, Richard Covell, Caleb Nichols.
Dates: July 9, 1817, Probate Nov. 17, 1817. Vol. 6, P. 42.

Son: John - when 21.
Dau: Jane, wife of Solomon Hollenbeck.
Wife: Peggy.
Exec.: John I. Miller, James Lansing.
Wit.: John Dingman, Evert Van Ness, George Pool.
Dates: July 25, 1817, Probate Nov. 22, 1817. Vol. 6, P. 45.

To: Margaret Ebert, wife of Robert Martin, of Greenbush.
Brother: Samuel Alexander.
Brother: William Alexander.
Exec.: Jacob Brinckerhoff.
Wit.: Isaac Swain, Sally Fuller.
Dates: Jan. 9, 1817, Probate Jan. 22, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 50.

Wife: Susan.
Dau.: Sally.
Sons: Matthew, Samuel.
Son: Daniel - 1 jacket.
Note: to sell lot of land I bought of Ziba Hewit lying west of Joshua M. Scriven's land.
Exec.: Joshua Scriven, Zebulon Scriven, Ziba Hewit.
Wit.: Ephraim Prentice, James Fuller, Ziba Hewit.
Dates: Aug. 23, 1816, Probate Jan. 26, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 51.

TALLMAN CHASE, Stephentown
Wife: Elizabeth.
Youngest son: Alfred.
Exec.: Wife; Benjamin Chase.
Wit.: Elijah Graves, Benjamin Chase, Clariss Shelden.
Dates: July 6, 1817, Probate Jan. 30, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 58.

Relict of Henry, decd.
Sons: Henry, George.
Daus: Catherine, Margaret.
Grandsons: George Washington Cuyler, William Howe Cuyler.
Dau.: Elizabeth Cuyler.
Exec.: Dau. Elizabeth; friend James Van Ingen.
Wit.: John La Grange, Richard Leonards, P. Van Ingen.
Dates: March 26, 1817, Probate Feb. 12, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 62.

ASA PROSSER, Lansingburg
Wife: Elizabeth.
4 sons: John, Asa, Ichabod, Joseph.
3 daus: Patience Olds, Avis Coon, Elizabeth Burdick.
Grand-dau.: Pooly Olds.
Exec.: son Asa.
Wit.: John G. Crary?[illegible], John Rowles, Elihu P. Powers.
Dates: July 5, 1814, Probate Feb. 16, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 64.

Dau.: Jane Elizabeth.
Son: Dirck Yates Vanderheyden.
Sister: Catherine Lansing, wife of Jacob L.
Brothers: John P., John G.
Late father: Jacob D.
Sisters: Sally Anne Vanderheyden, Blandina Vandeheyden.
Brother: Samuel.
Cousin : William Yates.
Brother: Jacob D. Edward Vanderheyden.
Brother-in-law: Francis Bacon, brother of my late wife Julia.
Exec.: brother John P.; Benjamin Smith.
Wit.: Eisha Sheldon, Samuel Eddy, Derick Hinman.
Dates: Nov. 4, 1817, Probate March 24, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 76.

Wife: Esther.
Grandsons: Peter W. Sperry, Ira Sperry.
To: Hezekiah A. Matteson, son of Pooly Matteson, widow.
Dau.: Lucina Sperry and her 3 dau.: Esther, Lucina, Polly.
Exec.: Ambrose Moseley.
Wit.: Jirah Baker, Benjamin Herrington, Jepthah Moseley.
Dates: March 10, 1818, Probate March 25, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 82.

Wife: Catherine.
Sons: Peter, Stephen, Thomas.
To: Stephen, son of Thomas.
To dau.: Catherine, wife of Frederick Barringer.
Daus: Eliza Maria; Mary, wife of Peter Schermerhorn; Lany, "tanny" or Tamy.
Son: John - a young horse.
Exec.: sons Stephen, Peter, Thomas.
Wit.: Steohen I. Miller, Cornelius Snook, Richard Miller.
Dates: Jan. 9, 1816. Probate April 10, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 86.

ROYAL CADY, Sandlake
Wife: Hannah.
Children: Betsey Cady, Calvin Cady, Perus? Cady.
Infant dau.: Chloe Cady.
Exec.: Royal Cady, Ellis Foster, Otis Pould?
Wit.: Alderman Baker, Theodore Child, Nathaniel Child.
Dates: Jan. 8, 1818, Probate April 11, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 93.

Sons: John, Bastian, Thomas.
Wife: Hannah.
Daus.: Hannah Overacker; Jane Gregory, wife of David; Elizabeth Sawer?, wife of Christopher.
Grandchildren: Rachel, John, Stephen, children of my son Andrew, of Schaghticoke.
Exec.: sons John and Bastian.
Wit.: George Fake Jr., Hathanah (or Halanah) Fake; Catherine Fake.
Dates: Oct. 8, 1814, Probate March 11, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 99.

"who have been a Jornaman Hatter in the County of Washington, State of New York, and now of Stephentown."
Brother: Royal.
Half brother: Sheffield Maxson.
Cousin: John Babcock Jr. - my hat.
"my undle John ..... my watch Bootees and light colored Broadcloth Coat."
My Uncle John Babcock and my Aunt Almy Babcock, his wife.."....putting Lanesbrough marble stone to my grave."
Exec.: Uncle, John Babcock; Clark Vary.
Wit.: Nathan Vary, Varnum Maxson, Clarissa S. Holcomb.
Dates: April 2, 1816, Probate May 1, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 104.

Daus.: Peggy, Polly, Catherine.
Wife: Christeen.
Sons: Peter, Henry.
Exec.: not named.
Wit.: Joshua Littlefield, Henry Smith, John H. Smith.
Dates: March 2, 1818, Probate May 2, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 107.

Wife: Deliverance.
Oldest dau: Mary Tyler.
Daus.: Deliverance, Rebecca.
Sons: Amos, Richard.
Note: Amos Knowles and son Amos, guardian to son Richard.
To: Richard, son of my son Richard.
Exec.: Wife; John Tyler; Amos Knowles Jr.
Wit.: John Loudon, Atteman? Osgood, James Rankin.
Dates: Jan. 12, 1818, Probate May 4, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 109.

Son: Isaac - estate I bought of Peter Van Valkenburgh.
Son: Abraham - land in Coeymans where he lives.
Son: Jacob - farm in Rensselaer County - where he lives.
Son: Philip - farm I bought of Philip Vosburgh in Kinderhook.
Dau.: Mariah, wife of Matthew Bove (Bovie?)
Dau.: Hanney Schermerhorn.
Son: John - all the estate I now live on in Schodack.
Son: Cornelius.
Grand-dau: Polly, wife of Ryer Springsteen.
Exec.: Sons Jacob, John, Cornelius.
Wit.: E. Vallantine (Ballantine), Ryer B. Springsteen, Anthony Ten Eyck.
Dates: Jan. 1, 1818, Probate May 5, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 112.

JOHN LEWIS, Schodack
Son: William - tp pay those following - out of $1900. he owes me.
Daus.: Elizabeth, Margaret, Hannah or Halanah Sarah, Eve, Hannah.
Sons: John, Jacob.
Exec.: sons William and Jacob.
Wit.: John Lavens (Leavens), W.? Gorsline, John Howard.
Dates: Oct. 2, 1815, Probate May 8, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 114.

Wife: Loisa.
Sisters: Lorinda, Betsey, Melissa, Atella?
Only dau.: Meriah Loisa.
Guardian: Samuel Burrell, to my infant dau. Meriah Loisa.
Exec.: William Lamport - in case of his death, Nathaniel Bishop and Benjamin Randall, or either.
WIt.: John Comstock, David Gleason, N.N. Nichols.
Dates: March 6, 1818, Probate May 15, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 116.

Wife: Elizabeth.
Sons: John, Peter.
Dau.: Sarah.
Eldest son: John L.
Youngest son: Peter.
Exec.: Wife; Brother-in-law Jacob Sipperley.
Wit.: Robert Collins, George W. Wheeler, Sylvanus Ludden.
Dates: May 26, 1817, Probate May 18, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 119.

Wife: Mary.
5 children: Henry, Alexander, John, Olive, Mary.
Guardian: Alesander Bulson.
Exec.: Brother Nicholas.
Wit.: Jon. Brown, Samll. Lawson, Wm (sic) G. Palmer.
Dates: April 10, 1818, Probate May 27, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 124.

Son: Simon - under 21.
Dau.: Phebe - whom I had by Elizabeth Becket.
Child of brother Henry.
Exec.: Fenner Palmer, Barent Van Vleck, Esq.
Wit.: Cornelius Hoag, Joshua N. Robbins, Samuel B. Ludlow.
Dates: March, 1813, Probate Feb. 2, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 125.

Eldest son: Jeremiah.
Daus.: Deborah Palmer, Ruth Duzenbury, Loviny Rouse.
Son: Israel.
Exec.: son Jeremiah; Bernard Huycks (Hicks).
Wit.: Ich. Lester, Michael T. Smith, Daniel Little Jr.
Dates: Jan. 5, 1814, Probate June 1, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 137.

Widow of John Johnson, late of Nassau.
Dau.: Cattina.
3 sons: Robert, Andries, Ralph under 21.
Exec.: brother-in-law Abraham Johnson; friend Jacob A. Ten Eyck.
Wit.: Robert Johnson, Elizabeh Johnson, Lucretia Johnson.
Dates: 1818?, Probate July 7, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 141.

To: Mother.
Brothers: Elijah G., Henry.
Sisters: Olive Moore - land in Burlington deeded me in 1815; Lydia Keyes.
Nephews: Norman Keyes, Stephen P. Keyes.
To: Mother.
Exec.: Brother Henry - "him to sell my stock in trade in the conern of Stanton, Soutwick & Co., to my partners."
Wit.: Platt Titus.
Dates: Nov. 19, 1817, Probate July 17, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 146.

JAMES ADAMS, Lansingburgh
Wife: Catherine.
5 children: Ann Alicea, George Washington, Catherine Lansing, James Elisha, Elizabeth.
Brother: Jacob E. Adams.
Exec.: Brother Jacob E. Adams; Abraham C. Lansing.
Wit.: David Allen, Jacob C. Lansing.
Dates: July 1, 1818, Probate Aug. 3, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 148.

Son: Daniel.
Grandson: John, oldest son of my son Daniel.
Dau.: Martha Bostwick.
Sons: Joseph, Mathew.
Daus: Patience, Sarah, Sibbel.
Exec.: Thomas Turner of Troy; Jesse L. Button, Simon Button.
Dates: May 19, 18__, Probate Aug. 3, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 148.

Dau.: Rachel.
Wife: Hannah.
Daus: Sarah, Ellenor, Elizabeth Ann.
Sons: Jacob, Martin, John Locey or Looey?
Exec.: Jeremiah Bonesteel, Keuliff Kipp.
Wit.: Daniel Witreb? (or Witsel), Israel Traver, Philip Bonesteel.
Dates: July 26, 1818, Probate Aug. 20, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 152.

ABSALOM TOWNSEND, City and County of Albany
Grand-daus.: Hellen D. Fowler, Hannah Cruger, Christina Taylor.
Dau.: Sally Page.
Grandson: Charles Seeley - under 21.
Son: Solomon D.
Grand-dau: Cornelia Townsend.
Grandson: Josiah Townsend.
Son: Henry A. Townsend.
Late son Robert and his heirs, George, Cornelius, Joshiah.
Son: Charles D.
To: Hellen Ann Gardner.
Son: Absalom Jr.
To: Hannah Noyes and Patty Fonday.
Exec.: sons Henry A., Charles D., Absalom.
Wit.: James Vosburg, Jno. Van Schoonhoven, George Upsold? Jr.
Dates: July 20, 1815, Probate Aug. 22, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 154.

Dau.: Ester.
Grandsons: Lee H.T. Maxson, Paul Maxson.
Grand-daus: Nancy, Martha.
To: Sally Willcox.
Sons: Silas, Jarus, Jesse, George.
Son: David - farm in Berlin where I live.
Exec.: Son Silas.
Wit.: Daniel Gray, Henry J. Rose, Charles G. Denison.
Dates: July 10, 1818, Probate Sept. 15, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 161.

Wife: Martha.
Dau.: Polly.
Grandson: John Covey 3rd.
Sons: John, Matthew.
Dau.: Olive Wallis.
Grandson: Sylvester Covey.
Exec.: John Covey.
Wit.: William Coon, Benjamin Babcock, Bareton Maxson.
Dates: May 3, 1818, Probate Sept. 30, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 163.

PERMELA? BARBER, Sandlake [first name illegible], Sandlake
Eldest son: Nathan.
Next son: Thomas.
3rd son: Israel.
4th son: William.
5th son: David.
6th son: Benjamin.
7th son: Martin.
Eldest dau.: Permela.
2nd dau.: Rhoda Randal.
4th dau.: Lucy Cottrell.
8th son: John.
3rd dau.: Elizabeth.
Exec.: son Nathan.
Wit.: Otis Gould, Henry Searle, Royal Cady.
Dates: May 24, 1818, Probate Oct. 1, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 165.

Sons: Lodowick, Jacob Jr., Martin, George.
Note: Land in Grafton to sons Jacob and Martin.
Daus: Frenaugh Simmons, Mary Sharp.
Son: Henry.
Exec.: son Jacob; friend Wm. McManus.
Wit: Wendel Simmons, Philip P. Dater, Catherine Dater.
Dates: Aug. 19, 1815, Probate Oct. 12, 1818. Vol. 6, P 167.

Wife: Cornelia.
Daus: Ann, Maria, Catalina.
Grandson: Peter Lyle?, Jacob Van Benthuysen, David Van Ness Radcliff.
Grand-dau: Cornelia Van Benthysen.
Sons: David, Jacob, William.
Dau.: Getty, wife of Henry Lyle.
To: John Van Benthuysen, husband of my dau. Catherine; John Radcliff, husband to my dau. Jane; John T. Close, husband to my dau. Cornelia.
Exec.: son Jacob, of Poughkeepsie; friend Martin Heermance, of Rhinbeck.
Wit.: Edwrad H(___)oe; Algernon T. Hubbell, James F. Mason.
Dates: Aug. 26, 1818, Probate Oct. 24, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 173.

JOHN I. FONDA, Greenbush
Son: Walter.
Grandson: John I., son of decd. son John.
Grand-daus: Maria, Ege.
Daus.: Susannah, wife of David I. De Freest; Mary, wife of Derick D. DeFeest; Hannah, wife of Lucas De Freest; Elizabeth, wife of Nicholas Franck; Wyntie, wife of Lawrence Van Alstyne.
Exec.: son Walter; grandson John I. Fonda Jr.; John R. De Freest.
WIt.: Aaron Lane, Amasa Paine, John Pain.
Dates: July 9, 1818, Probate Nov. 16, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 181.

Wife: Elizabeth.
Sons: John, George.
Daus: Elizabeth, Christeen, Hericher or Mericher, Catey.
Exec.: son-in-law Henry Hayner.
Wit.: Jonathan Brown, Thomas Collins, William Brown.
Dates: March 22, 1813, Probate Nov. 11, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 186.

Wife: Desire.
Infant dau. Diana.
Exec.: Philip Roberts, Wife Desire.
Wit.: Nathan L. Crandall, William Larkin, William F. Averhill.
Dates: June 6, 1818, Probate Nov. 24, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 191.

MARY MITCHELL, "At present a resident of the town of Schodack"
Note: single woman.
My niece Phebe Birtch, dau. of my brother Uriah Mitchell.
Children of above niece: Frederick Birtch and Phebe Fairlee?
Niece: Sally Boyce, daughter of my said brother.
Exec.: George H. Birtch, husand of said Phebe; Cornelius DuBois, Senior.
Wit.: Casper Lodowick, John P. Hyser, Jacob Milham Jr.
Dates: March 2, 1816, Probate Dec. 4, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 197.

Wife: "Harit"
Son: Stephen Van Rensselaer Bateman.
Exec: Wife.
Wit.: Reuben Smith, William Elmore, David W. Elmore.
Dates: Feb. 10, 1818, Probate Dec. 15, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 199.

Mother: Levisy?
Note: "$200.00 which I wish paid to Dr. Noadiah Swift, of Bennington, Vt."
Wife: Sally.
Brother: James C., of New York City, guardian of my oldest son Le Grand Cannon Bliss.
Guardians: Mr. Jeded Tracy and James Wallace, jointly, of my other children.
Exec." Wife; Jeded Tracy, Gurdon Corning, Ira W. Wells, Gardner Tracy.
Wit.: Algernon B. Hubbell, Luther Bliss Jr., Edward E. Coe.
Dates: Sept. 10, 1818, Probate Dec. 19, 1818. Vol. 6, P. 201.

ANN Van ALEN, Greenbush
Widow of John E. Esq.
To: Mary Van Alen, wife of son Abraham E.; Ann Maria Van Alen, dau. of Evert; Judith Ann Labach, dau. of Peter; "....bedstead and appurtances thereto as it srands in the Green Room."
To: Isaac Labach, son of Peter; Dericka Van Alen, wife of Evert; Nicholas Kittle, of Kinderhook; John E. Van Alen, son of Evert; nephew Evert Van Alen.
Exec.: nephew Evert Van Alen.
Wit.: Ann DeFreest, Oliver Phelps, John Defreest Jr.
Dates: Nov. 23, 1816, Probate Feb. 3, 1819. Vol. 6, P. 210.

JACK FORT, Schaghticoke
"In the name of God Aman"
To: Jacob Quackenbush.
Exec.: Jacob Quackenbush; John Benway.
Wit.: John Benway, John Benway Jr., James Smith.
Dates: Sept. 28, 1818, Probate Feb. 25, 1819. Vol. 6, P. 213.

FOLKERT VAN DEN BERGH, Manor of Rensselaerwyck
Wife: Neeltie.
Son: Gysbert.
"to my Gilbert Vandenbergh Son Folkert Vandenbergh"
Son: William.
Dau.: Catrine.
Exec.: Wife; sons Gysbert and William.
Wit.: Garrit Van Den Bergh, Jun., John Jorlin, Matthew R. Van Den Bergh.
Dates: June 18, 1800, Prob. March 16, 1819, Vol. 6, P. 217.

Sons: Joseph; James - my walking stick.
Dau.: Betsey.
Sons: Walter, Jeremiah Jr.
Dau.: Freelove.
Exec.: sons Walter and Jeremiah.
Wit.: Benjamin Vaughan, Martin Van Alstyne, Cornelius Bloemendale Junr.
Dates: Sept. 10, 1813, Probate March 24, 1819. Vol. 6, P.218.

Wife: Maria.
Oldest son John Jr.
2nd son: Philip.
3rd son: William.
4th son: Hiram.
Daus.: Catherine Dator, Lurany Wheeler, Elizabeth Wheeler.
Exec.: brother-in-law Philip Coons, of Greenbush; nephrew William McManus Esq. of Troy; son John Jr.
Wit.: George Joseph Wichtermann, Henry Swartwout, Judd Abott Jr.
Dates: Dec. 15, 1817, Probate Aprl 20, 1819. Vol. 6, P. 222.

Wife: Ruth.
Sons: Benjamin, Morris.
Note: "farm I now live on & some Land in Lou (Lower) Canady Near Grand River"
6 sons: Benjamin, Moris, James, Emith?, John, Stephen.
Daus.: Nancy Buck, Poley Bebe, Dority Tabor, Martha Murphey, Ruth Murphey, Hannah and Caty Murphey.
Exec.: sons Morris and Stephen.
Wit.: Nicholas B. Harris, Phillip Williams, David Wolcott.
Dates: May 15, 1818, Probate April 21, 1819. Vol. 6, P. 226.

PETER SIM, Lansingburg
Wife: Emelia.
Note: "money in my name or in names of Peter Sim and William Sim which were assigned to me by William Sim which were assigned to me on dissolution of .......Peter Sim & Son."
Note: Lot 80 Town of Solon, Cayuga Co., N. Y.
Exec.: Wife; Isaac Brinckerhoff; Michael Flack.
Dates: Aug. 23, 1815, Probate June 2, 1819. Vol. 6, P. 233.

Wife: Joanna.
sons: Joseph, Isaac.
Daus: Joanna, Jane.
Grandson: John Plumb McChestney.
Exec.: Wife; Walter McChestney, Daniel Simmons.
Wit.: Hatthiae? Abbott, Abraham File, Peter Boomhower.
Dates: Sept. 6, 1814, Probate June 18, 1819. Vol. 6, P. 237.

MARY MARSH, Lansingburg
To: "Protestant Episcopal School, in New York City, now about to be established."
Father: Timothy Leonard.
Mother: Mary.
Exec.: Mary Leonard, Ebenezer Walbridge.
Wit.: Cornelia Leonard, Sarah Cutler, Ebenezer Walbridge.
Dates: Dec. 16, 1817, Probate July 7, 1819. Vol. 6, P. 243.

Wife: Susanna - my farm in Charlestown, R.I.
Son: Isaac Jr.
Dau: Waity Scriven.
Sons: Gardner, Russell, William.
Grand-daus: Susannah, Lydia.
Grandson: Willian N. or H.
Exec.: son Isaac Jr.
Wit.: Z.? Lewis Jr., Jabish Y. Lewis, William Hiscox.
Dates: June 9, 1819, Probate July 4, 1819. Vol. 6, P. 244.

Wife: Anna.
Sons: Charles S., Giles.
Daus: Betty, wife of Charles Olmsted; Mary W., wife of Stephen Hunt.
Exec.: Wife; Robert Wood; Charles Shepard.
Wit.: Walter Van Veghten, D.S. Benway, William Woodward.
Dates: Dec. 20, 1816, Probate July 23, 1819. Vol. 6, P. 250.

Eldest son: George.
Sons: John, Philip.
Note: Land from Stephen Van Rensselaer.
Dau.: Maria.
Daus.: Elizabeth and Catherine.
Daus: Maria, wife of Philip Snyder; Elizabeth, wife of Christopher Snyder.
Wife: Margaret.
Exec.: Aaron Vandecar?, William Lape, George Cipperly.
Wit.: Aaron Van Der Karr, William Lape, Margaret Lape.
Dates: Sept. 28, 1818, Probate Aug. 16, 1819. Vol. 6, P. 252.

JOHN CRAVER, Greenbush
Wife: Maritie.
Sons: Jacob, Nicholas, John, Hendrick, Andreies, Petrus, David, William, Jeremiah.
Dau.: Elizabeth, wife of John Shaver.
Exec.: sons John and Jacob.
Wit.: Jacob Van Alstyne, Matthew Van Alstyne, Anna Van Alstyne.
Dates: Nov. 1, 1809, Probate Aug. 30, 1819. Vol. 6, P. 254.

Wife: Elizabeth.
Grandchildren - children of my dau. Derickie, decd.
Exec.: sons Cornelius, Walter, John.
Wit.: Anna Wendell, Rebeckah Wendell, G. Wendell.
Dates: Sept. 6, 1808, Probate Sept.17, 1819. Vol. 6, P. 256.

To: Eliza Francis.
Sons: Stephen, John.
Dau.: Rachel.
Grand-dau: Elinor Baker.
Exec.: Isaac Wallice, Thomas Turner.
Wit: Peter Hunt, Peter A. Yates, Alexander Danker.
Dates: Aug. 14, 1819, Probate Sept. 21, 1819. Vol. 6, P. 260.

3 sons: Elnathan Jr., Jonathan I., Rufus.
3 daus: Mehitable Carpenter, Mercy Reynolds, Marget Chase.
Son: David.
Grandson: Roger Sweet. Grand-daus.: Lovey, Unis, Feby, Juley, Mehetable, Joanna.
Exec.: David Sweet.
Wit.: Daniel Brown, Willard Smith, Rowland Hall.
Dates: March 13, 1819, Probate Oct. 7, 1819. Vol. 6, P. 263.

ADAM HOOR, Lansingburg
Sons: Thomas, James.
Daus.: Eliza Ann, Jane.
Exec,: Elias Parmelee, Michael Flack.
Wit.: David Allen, Robert Hagan, Joshua Griffing.
Dates: Sept. 24, 1816, Probate Oct. 39, 1819. Vol. 6, P. 269.

Brother: John.
Mother: Elizabeth.
Exec.: brother John.
Dates: Nov. 9, 1819, Probate Nov. 28, 1819. Vol. 6, P 281.

PETER FORT, Schaghticoke
Sons: John P., Tunis, Jacob.
Younger sons: Abraham, Lewis - under 17.
Daus.: Maria, Gashe?, Elizabeth, Maria.
Exec.: Wife Mary; Jacob Quackenbush.
Wit.: John I. Benway, Wynant Vanderburgh Jr., Nicholas H. Goresbeck.(Groesbeck?)
Dates: Nov. 15, 1818, Probate Dec. 2, 1819. Vol. 6, P. 283.

Wife: Hannah.
Son: Welcome.
Daus: Mary, Patty, Hannah, Nancy, Jemima.
Grandchildren: Amanda, Isaac, Nancy, Martha, John and Harvey Kimball.
Exec.: Wife.
Wit.: Lovet Head, Benjamin Seaman, Daniel Wilcox.
Dates: June 26, 1819, Probate Nov. 20, 1819, P. 6, P. 285.

Wife: Freelove.
Sons: Philip, Joseph, Silas.
Dau.: Amy Mosher, wife of George.
Youngest dau.: Lucy.
Dau.: Freelove.
Younger sons: John, David.
Son: Joshiah.
Exec.: Son Josiah.
Wit.: Jirah Baker, Reuben Brownell, Nicholas Longes.
Dates: Oct. 31, 1817, Probate Dec. 22, 1819. Vol. 6, P. 289.

HENRY DAVIS, Jr. Petersburg
Sister: Sally Davis, of Petersburg.
Brother: Joseph Davis, of Petersburg.
Mother: Mary Davis.
Sisters: Malinda, Experience.
Daus.: Eunice Davis, Jane Davis, Eliza Ann Davis.
Son: Phineas Munsell Davis.
Wife: Esther.
Exec.: Brother-in-law Lodowick Babcock.
Wit.: Hez Munsell Junr., William Fuller, Charles Grogan.
Dates: Dec. 27, 1818, Probate Jan. 8, 1820. Vol. 6, P 291.

Dau.: Mercy.
Sons: Daniel, John.
Exec.: Sons Daniel, Asa, friends Gurdon Corning; Dau. Mercy.
Wit.: Benjamin Gilbert, Joshua Harphan?, Deadema Wilmarth?
Dates: April 10, 1819, Probate Oct. 15, 1819. Vol. 6, P. 293.

Eldest dau.: Jane, wife of Simeon Velie?
2nd dau.: Elizabeth, wife of Elias Gilbert Jr.
4th son: Oliver, and his wife Catherine.
To: Sally Knapp.
Son: Daniel, of Schaghticoke.
Eldest son: Daniel.
3rd son: David.
2nd son: John.
Exec.: sons Daniel, John, David.
Wit.: Nathan Mosher, Theodore Hay or May, Luke Carpenter.
Dates: Dec. 21, 1808, Probate Dec. 15, 1809. Vol. 6, P. 295.

JAMES MASTERS, Schaghticoke
Son: Nicholas.
Grandson: Robert Charles and Phineas, sons of my son James S.
Son: Josiah.
Note: Lands in Whitesborough Patent, Franklin, County Delaware, to grandson James E.
Grand-dau.: Elizabeth Herald, dau. of James S.
Grandson: James Mallery.
Dau.: Lydia R. Clark, wife of Merit Clark, and her dau. Eliz.
Grand-dau.: Hentty [illegible] Curtis, dau. of son James S.
Grand-grandchildren: grandchildren of my son James S., namely: Caroline, Edwin, Fanny, Matilda, Sally Smith.
Grandson: Jabish N.U. Hurd, George Reab, Josiah Reab, children of my dau. Elizabeth.
Wife: Elizabeth.
Exec.: sons Nicholas and Josiah.
Wit.: Jonathan Mosher, Luther Fowler, Moses Hale.
Dates: Jan. 23, 1820, Probate March 2, 1820. Vol. 6, P. 299.

JOHN LOUDON, of Troy, Physician
Wife: Blandinah.
Nephew: James Russell.
To: Louden Smith - under 21 and his mother Catherine Smith.
Nephew: Samuel Vanderheyden.
Brother: James "an inhabitant of Ireland"
Sister: Ann McMican?, decd.
Exec.: John G. Vanderheyden, Jeremiah Chichester.
Wit.: S. Vanderheyden, Sarah Ann Bloom, Jane Bloom.
Dates: Jan., 1820, Probate March 16, 1820. Vol. 6, P. 304.

Son: John R. - land in Wells, Montgomery Co.
Daus: Mary, Elisabeth, Sarah, Juiann - under 21.
Sons: Robert, Joseph.
Dau.: Deborah, wife of William J. Joslin.
Exec.: John, John R. and Robert Haswell
Wit.: Robert Lottridge, James Bress, Cornelius Van Buskirk.
Dates: April 14, 1819, Probate March 22, 1820. Vol. 6, P. 312.

Grandson: John Ladue.
Son: Abraham.
Grandson: John Beadle.
Grand-daus: Mary Gorslin; Aliche Shants and her 2 children Caty and Jeremiah; Mary or Sary Rogers.
Dau-in-law: Sary Beedle, wife of John Beadle.
Daus.: Elizabeth Tidd, Alche Swartwout.
To: Elizabeth Gorslin.
Son: George.
Exec.: George Beedle, John Ladue, Lose Beedle.
Wit.: Nicholas B. Harris, I. Burton, James Adriance.
Dates: June 7, 1817, Probate April 1, 1820. Vol. 6, P. 314.

JOHN GROESBECK, Schaghticoke
Sons: John, William.
Daus: Henrietta, Jane, Elizabeth.
Daus: Margaret, Maria, Eve.
Grandson: Walter, son of Eve.
Exec. Wife; son William, son John.
Wit.: Jacob Yates, Nicholas H. Groesbeck, John Benway.
Dates: Feb. 19, 1820, Probate April 7, 1820. Vol. 6, P. 318.

Son: William Jones.
Son-in-law: Ethalinda Selden.
Dau.: Harriet.
Exec.: Brother Joseph D. Selden, Nephew George Selden, friend Alanson Douglas; Children - when 21.
Wit.: George M. Selden, Rufus Reichard, William M. Marvin.
Dates: Oct. 8, 1817, Probate May 3, 1820. Vol. 6, P. 322.

Sons: George, Lodowick, Jacob, John, Henry.
Daus: Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine.
Wife: Annamaria.
Exec.: Lodowick G. Snyder, John G? Snyder.
Wit.: John M? File Jr., Joseph Rodgers, Barent Wager.
Dates: ___ 27, 1813, Probate May 23, 1820. Vol. 6, P. 332.

JOHN HAYNER, Brunswick
Wife: Caty.
Sons: Andrew, Henry, "Williamhelmos"
Note: Farm leased from Stephen Van Rensselaer - to John Hunt in the Town of Grafton, in 1808."
Children of dau. Mary Wheeler: John, Caty, Philip, Reany, William, Elizabeth.
Children of son Frederick: Philip, Henry, Jacob, David, Mary.
Children of son Jacob: John, Cornelius, Caty, Elizabeth.
Dau.: Caty Weisenhauser.
Exec.: sons Andrew and Henry.
Wit.: John Brown, David File, Adam File.
Dates: Aug. 27, 1818, Probate May 24, 1820. Vol. 6, P. 332.

BENJAMIN FISH, Schaghticoke
Wife: Eunice.
Sons: Isaac, Andrew.
Daus: Elizabeth Thomas, Roby Gifford, Susannah Brownell, Lucy Austin, Esther Potter, Hannah Abeel, Bathsheba Fish.
Sons: Jonathan, Ephraim.
Dau.: Avis Loop.
Exec.: son Isaac; Benjamin Brownell Jr.
Wit.: Charles Devol, David Groesbeck, Charles West.
Dates: April 8, 1820, Probate June 6, 1820. Vol. 6, P. 339.

DAVID ALLEN, Lansingburg
Wife: Hester.
Daus: Elinr, Hester Vanderheyden.
Son: David - "my Jersey-fields in the County of Montgomery."
Sons: Cornelius L., Edward Derick.
Daus: Ellenor, Hester V., Elizabeth.
Exec.: Gurdon Tracy, Abraham Lansing.
Wit.: Elisha Hanes, W. Raleigh, Andrew Thompson.
Dates: Oct. 31, 1817, Probate June 14, 1820. Vol. 6, P. 342.

Wife: Eve.
Nephew: Jacob Schermerhorn - son of my brother Jacob.
Sons of Ryer L. Schermerhorn - Abraham, Lucas, Rover? (first letter illegible), Ryer, Isaac.
To: my negro man Toby; Pomp; Jack; Pitt.
Exec.: Wife; son Jacob.
Wit.: A.D. Van valkenburgh, Derick Van Vliet, C.S. Schermerhorn.
Dates: July 21, 1818, Probate July 24, 1820. Vol. 6, P. 344.

Wife: Lydia.
Sons: Thomas Jr., Nathan.
Dau.: Phebe Bulkley.
Sons: Elijah, Tartullus?, Ezra, John.
Daus: Deborah, Elizabeth, wife of ___ Myers - her son Frost; Hannah Finch.
Exec.: son Nathan; Wife Lydia.
Wit.: Eli Vickery, Peter Finch, William S. Green.
Dates: Aug. 9, 1818, Probate Aug. 17, 1820. Vol. 6, P. 344.

Son: David - the farm I bought of Thomas Van Alstyne in Kinderhook, Columbia Co., in possession of said David.
Dau.: Christina - the farm I bought of Martin Van Buren and Peter Vosburgh,in Kinderhook.
Son: Philip.
Exec.: Wife Albertie; sons Philip and David.
Wit.: Philip L. Defreest, Teunis Van Valkenburgh, Martin De Freest.
Dates: Sept. 23, 1817, Probate Aug. 28, 1828. Vol. 6, P. 349.

Wife: Esther.
Sons: Solomon, Wright, Allen.
Daus: Clarissa, Sally "lovel," Elmyra, Amy.
Exec.: Wife; son Solomon.
Wit.: Tisdale Eddy, John F. Smalley, Betsey Eddy.
Dates: June 19, 1820, Probate Aug. 29, 1820. Vol. 6, P. 352.

Father: Bartholomew, of Princeton, Mass.
Brother: Moses, of Princeton, Mass.
To: Brother Moses - his share of farm generally known by the name of Josiah Davis farm in Princeton, Mass., conveyed to me by Joseph Allen, of Worcester, Mass.
Exec.: Wife Jennette.
Wit.: J. Nitchie?. S. McCoun, John Van Vechton.
Dates: June 4, 1819, Probate Aug. 29, 1820. Vol. 6, P. 354.

Wife: Abigail.
Sons: David, Edward.
Daus: Theda, Mary, Sary, Abigail, Elizabeth, Martha.
Exec.: David Kendall Jr.; Wife.
Wit.: Peter Himes, Walter Rhodes, Phineas Butler.
Dates: Aug. 6, 1805, Probate Sept. 1, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 356.

Sons: Adam, Jacob, George, John.
Wife: Lana.
Dau.: Catherine.
Note: George and John lived Otsego Co. - Town of Worster.
Exec.: son Adam; Martin Springer.
Wit.: Henry Haner, John Barne?, Garret Peck.
Dates: July 24, 1820, Probate Sept. 16, 1820. Vol. 6, P. 359.

Wife: Anna Margaret.
Eldest son: Isaac.
Dau.: Margaret Younghans, wife of Matthias.
Son: Lawrence.
Exec.: Wife; son Lawrence; Matthias Younghans.
Wit.: David Coons, Harmonis Vanderzee, Sally Coone or Coons.
Dates: Feb. 13, 1806, Probate Sept. 27, 1820. Vol. 6, P. 364.

6 children: Mary, Nancy, Jane, Robert, Johannes, Andrew.
Wife: Margaret.
Exec.: Michael Flack, Seth Seelye.
Wit.: W. Raleigh, Wm. Walsh, James Vail.
Dates: July 1, 1820, Probate Oct. 21, 1820. Vol. 6, P 368.

ABNER HUNT, Schaghticoke
Wife: Rebekeh.
Son: John.
Dau.: Phebe Durfee.
Exec.: son-in-law Earl Durfee; Andrew Gifford.
Wit.: Elizabeth Baker, Phebe Brownell, Elisha Baker.
Dates: 28th of 6th month, 1819, Probate Nov. 18, 1820. Vol. 6, P. 370.

RoWLAND HALL, Stephentown
Wife: Martha.
Sons: Gideon, Benoner?, Charles.
Note: Estate be equally divided by Hosea Moffitt and Nicholas Herrington, Esquires, of Stephentown, and Dr. Jaffrey W. Thomas, of Berlin.
Daus.: Lucy Perkins, Sarah Perkins, Martha Babcock.
Grand-daus: Sarah and malinda Babcock; Martha and Artimissia Perkins - property of Roswell Perkins which I purchased at a Sheriffs sale.
Exec.: sons Gideon and Benoni.
Wit.: Cary Briggs, Jeffrey W. Thomas, Hosea Moffitt.
Dates: Nov. 4, 1820, Probate Nov. 22, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 374.

Daus.: Jane, Mary Ann - the half of house sold to Eldridge Rowley.
Sons: William, Thomas, Alexander Jr.
Dau.: Eliza.
Exec.: David Smith, Ebenezer Walbridge.
Wit.: John B. Shipman, David Smith, Levi Cooley.
Dates: Dec. 30, 1817, Probate Dec. 2, 1823. Vol. 6, P. 376.

Wife: Elizabeth.
Eldest dau.: Anora Clarke.
2nd dau.: Eunice W. Barker.
Eldest son: Amasa.
3rd dau.: Elizabeth.
2nd son: Prentiss Marsh.
Exec.: Wife.
Wit.: Patrick Gannon, George Vail Wadsworth, Nenian A. Dunster of Dunsten.
Dates: Jan. 27, 1812, Prob. Dec. 18, 1820. Vol. 6, P 379.

Spn: Coonrad.
Daus: Hester Snyder, Mary, Elizabeth, decd.
Exec.: George Fake Jr.; Andrew snider.
Wit.: Jesse Finne, John Finne, Joseph Finne.
Dates: Sept. 13, 1820, Probate Jan. 5, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 385.

Son: David.
Dau.: Prudence.
Sons: Reuben, Stephen.
Children of son David.
Exec.: sons Stephen and David; friend Ira Garrison.
Wit.: Thomas Hitchcock, Samuel Hitchcock, B. Van Vleck.
Dates: Dec. 20, 1820, Probate Jan. 30, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 395.

Wife: Sarah.
Daus: Ann, Sarah, Ruth.
Dau.: Elizabeth Tyler.
Sons: Joseph, Asaph.
Exec.: Simeon Brownell, David Norton.
Wit.: John Lamb, Esther Nichols, Elizabeth Hunt.
Dates: 29th day 9th month, 1820, Probate Feb. 9, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 404.

Wife: Esther.
Sons: Robert, Elihu Wing.
Eldest dau.: Abigail Crandall.
Dau.: Catherine Follett.
Dau.: Elizabeth.
6 grandchildren: children of son Jeremiah.
Exec.: brother Elihu and his son Ira.
Wit.: Karl Durfee, Hugh Kennedy, Elisha Baker.
Dates: Jan. 27, 1821, Probate Feb. 19, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 411.

Wife: Margaret.
Sons: Ezekiel Jr., James, Daniel, Samuel E., Matthew.
Grandchildren: children of dau. Keziah Van Surdam - 5.
Grandchildren: children of dau. Elizabeth Carlton - 8.
Exec.: John Baker, Jirah Baker.
Wit.: Clark Baker, John Brown, Norman Baker.
Dates: July 3, 1818, Probate March 8, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 418.

Wife: Mary.
Father: William.
Eldest sister: Else Bassett.
Brother: James.
To: John Scriven Jr., and his son Benjamin Franklin Scriven.
To: Samuel L. Scriven; Daniel L. Scriven; Thomas W. Scriven; Zebulon Jones, son of Silas and Mary; Zebulon Scriven 2nd; Perry Scriven, son of William 3rd.
Brother John - 2 old account books "which was formerly Weedon Maxons."
To: Nathan Lewis - elder; Nathan Scriven, son of Joseph, decd.; Nathan Scriven, Else, dau. of Thomas - a Bible.
Exec.: Wife.
Wit.: Daniel Mills, Daniel A. Cobb, John Howard.
Dates: Probated Aug. 27, 1820.

Wife: Katherine.
Sons: Garrison, John, Benjamin, Roger, William.
Daus: Anna Ayre, wife of Eber; Sarah, Asenath, Phebe.
Exec.: sons Roger and Garrison.
Wit.: Wm. L. Brownell, John Brownell, Joseph Brownell.
Dates: June 9, 1820, Probate March 28, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 428.

WILLIAM MYERS or HYERS Jr., Schaghticoke
Wife: Mary.
Child - infant, not named.
Mentions wife's second marriage to his brother David.
Exec.: brother David; friend Allen Cornell; Wife Mary.
Wit.: Job Pierson, Gideon Cornell, Samuel Wilber.
Dates: March 14, 1821, Probate April 9, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 435.

[name illegible, but here goes]: FLORES BANCKER?, Brunswick
Wife: Martha.
Dau.: Elizabeth, wife of William Van Vleck.
Exec.: Wife and daughter.
Wit.: Levinus Van Arnum, Theophilus Garnryck, W. Raleigh.
Dates: Aug. 13, 1819, Probate April 9, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 438.

Wife: Elenor.
Sons: William, Smith, Peter, John.
Daus: Anna Odell, Susannah Birch, Margaret Pierce, Jememima Lebrron?, Mary Lebarron.
Exec.: friends James Brown, Daniel Case, Jirah Baker.
Wit.: John Baker, Jonathan Moseley, Jacob Guile, Shearman Baker.
Dates: Dec. 12, 1810, Probate April 13, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 440.

Wife: Rachel.
Sons: John D., Jacob D.
Daus: Maria, wife of Jacob Schermerhorn; Derica, wife of Jacob Leversee; Catherine, wife of James Adams (or Joseph Adams); Hester, wife of Levinus Leversee.
Exec.: son John D.; John G. Vanderheyden.
Wit.: Wm. McManus, Samuel T. McChestney, Tommica McChestney.
Dates: July 17, 1820, Probate April 16, 1821. Vol. 6, P 443.

Wife: Catherine.
Grandson: John E., Jr. and James K, children of son Evert.
To: Maria Van Rensselaer, wife of John H., and her children: John Killcan? Van Rensselaer and Cornelia.
To: Catherine Hun and Margaret Hun, children of daughter Annatie Hun, and Maria Hun, wife of Richard hun.
Children of decd. dau. Cornelia Yates.
Sons: Abraham and Evert.
To: Barbary Van Alstyne, wife of Isaac.
Grand-daus: Marian and Jane Alisa, children of son Evert.
Dau.: Maria Van Rensselaer.
Son: John, decd. (John Staats Lansing)
Exec.: John E. Lansing Jr., John S. Miller, Evert E. Lansing.
Wit.: Anthony Brees, Martinus Lansing.
Dates: Jan. 20, 1821, Probate May 21, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 449.

Wife: Rachel.
Sons: Rynear, Peter, Martin.
Daus: Cornelia, Catherine, Catalina, Fannechie.
Exec.: Wife Rachel; sons Rynear and Martin.
Wit.: George M. Sharpe, John Downs, Rynear Defreest.
Dates: Feb. 8, 1819, Probate may 29, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 454.

Sons: Jonathan, William.
Daus: Jemima, wife of William Goeway; Maria, wife of Peter Kilmer; Sarah, wife of John Carpenter; Rachel, wife of John Frank?
Exec.: son Jonathan, son William; John J. Ostrander.
Wit.: Henry S. Traver, Samuel Earing? Jr., Jacob Van Alstyne.
Dates: Feb. 7, 1821, Probate June 5, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 461.

Wife: Elizabeth.
Sons: John, Elijah, William C. or G.
Daus: Catherine, Hannah, Abigail, Sarah, Susannah & Betsey.
Exec.: friends and son-in-law Jabez Burdick.
Wit.: Silas Sweet Jr., Joshua Smith, Gideon Palmer.
Dates: May 5, 1821, Probate June 11, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 463.

Son: Jonathan.
Dau.: Aiche.
Wife: Sally.
Children: not named.
Exec.: Sally Case, Jonathan Cottrell.
Wit.: Henry A. Cronkhite, John Baker, Daniel Chase.
Dates: June 6, 1821, Probate June 26, 1821. Vol. 6, P. 466.


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