Abstracts Of Wills Of
Rensselaer County, New York

Volume I of Manuscript

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

VOLUMES 2 & 3 - 1806-1812

Transcriber's notes: This transcription was made from a very old copy of the original, which was typed on an antique typewriter that caused some letters to fill in with ink, especially a, e & o. When a name or word is all but illegible I note it, or put a question mark.
If you find a name that you know well because perhaps it appears in your tree, and you want it to be cleared up and spelled correctly, please email me at: CL38911@cox.net.

Wife: Christa Stewart Thompson.
Step.-dau.: Christa Mushet or Hushet [first letter hard to read].
Grandson: John Thompson, son of William, dec'd.
"Only child and daughter, Nancy Thompson."
Exec.: Daughter Nancy; Grandson John Thompson; Friend Josiah Masters.
Dates: June 10, 1806, Prob. Oct. 10, 1806. Vol. 2, P. 380.

Wife: Elizabeth.
Son: Aaron.
Grandchildren: Elizabeth Spencer; Phebe Spencer; Hannah Spencer.
Grandsons: John and Nicholas Spencer.
Son: William.
Sons: George, Hezekiah.
Son: Daniel - one half of lot bought from John Taylor in the County of Herkimer and lying on the west part of which he now lives.
Grandsons: Amherst and David Coon.
Grand-dau.: Anna and Delana Coon, sisters of Amherst and David.
Exec.: sons William and Aaron Coon.
Wit.: William Allen, John Greene, John Reev.
Dates: Sept. 8, 1803, Probate Oct. 16, 1806. Vol. 2, P. 411.

DERICK WILSON (Nassau) Philipstown
Wife: "Mordecai" - farm where I now live bought of Arent Ostrander.
Son: Jehoikim
Son: Hue (Hugh)
Son: John - under age.
Daus.: Jane, Albettie, Annatje, Elizabeth
"my infant children, John, Annatie and Elizabeth."
Exec.: son John; son-in-law Henry Waderwax; Wife.
Wit.: Jonathan Hoag, David Miller, R. Van Vleeck.
Dates: July 3, 1806, Probate Oct. 17, 1806. Vol. 2, P. 417.

Wife: Elizabeth.
Note: Land in the Town of Pawlet, County of RUtland, Vt., now occupied by John Edgerton. 2 lots in Burlington, Vt.; 50 acres in the town of Bolton, Co. Crittenden, Vt.; 100 acres, Town of Mansfield, Co. Crittenden.
Dau: Mary.
Chid: unborn.
Mentions: Father Bernard Kelly, at Longford, Ireland.
Brother: Terence Kelly.
Exec.: Wife; Andrew Henry of Pawlet; Nathaniel Hamlin, of Pawlet.
Wit.: Alex. Raufreau (or Rosseau); Sidney Dole; Jacob Houghton.
Dates: Sept. 14, 1806, Probate Oct. 28, 1806. Vol. 2, P. 426.

2 Daughters under 16 not named.
Wife: Ruth.
Sons: David and Gibson.
Exec.: Wife and son David.
Wit.: John S. Center; John Center; Benj. Joslin.
Dates: July 20, 1801, Probate Nov. 12, 1806. Vol. 2, P. 444.

Relict of Henry.
Daus.: Marritie; Anges, wife of James I. DeFreest?, Jemima, Annatie.
Sons: Wilhelmus, Christopher, Peter.
Exec.: Dau. Agnes; son-in-law James I. De Freest(? DeForest?); friend John Van Alen.
Wit.: Cornelius Van Deusen; Lois Leech, Tiny Manzer.
Dates: Oct. 10, 1806, Probate Nov. 20, 1806. Vol. 2, P. 449.

Wife: Easter.
Eldest son John.
Son: Peter.
Eldest daughter's sons: Hosea and John Martin.
Daus.: Rachel Du Bois, Easter Clark.
Youngest son William.
Dau.: Martha Harris.
Youngest dau. Huldy Carmichael.
Exec.: William Gorsline, Carptenter Conklin, William Carmichael.
Wit.: Daniel Boyce, Nathaniel Hammond, Jedediah Deen Jr.
Dates: Nov. 17, 1806, Probate Dec. 9, 1808. Vol. 2, P. 463.

Sons: John, Ryer.
Daus.: Gertie, Lena.
Exec.: son John D.; friend Jacob A. Ten Eyck.
Wit.: Garrettie Van Valkenburg, Samuel Schermerhorn.
Dates: Feb. 21, 1806, Probate Jan. 17, 1807. Vol. 2, P. 477.

Eldest son: Jacob.
Wife: Jannetje.
Sons: Wouter, Jacob.
Dau.: Rachel, wife of Jacobus Folmsby.
Exec.: John J. Van Valkenburg; Thomas Barhydt, son Jacob.
Wit.: not noted.
Dates: Aug. 15, 1801, Probate Jan. 31, 1807. Vol. 2, P. 479.

URIAH MITCHELL, "Town of Phillips"
Wife: Freelove.
Son: Thomas S.
Mentions: Isaac, Robert, and Platt.
Daus.: Phebe, Susannah, Sarah, Margaret.
Exec.: Fenner Palmer; Wife; William Jacobie.
Wit.: Samuel S. Thorn; James Mc Calin; Isaac Mc Calin.
Dates: Oct. 8, 1806, Probate Feb. 17, 1807. Vol. 2, P. 487.

ARCHIBALD SHANNON, Philipstown, Merchant.
Mother - not named.
Sister: Ann.
Note: "all of estate in Ireland."
Wife: Siche.
Note: house and lot in Union Village (Nassau).
To: Anna, daughter of Fenner Palmer; Eldest son of Polly Cowley, wife of John W. Rockwell?; Archibald Adair; Archibald Campbell; George Shannon; David Hillard, Barent Van Valkenburg; Albert Loomis.
Exec.: Wife; Fenner Palmer; Barent Van Valkenburg.
Wit.: David Miller, Joshua Phillips, Darius Phillips.
Dates: Nov. 28, 1806, Probate Feb. 18, 1807. Vol. 2, P. 481.

JOHN E. VAN ALEN, Town of Rensselaerwyck
Wife: Anne.
Brothers: Abraham, Louren, Jacobus, Dentz (Darick?), Adam.
Nephews: Evert Van Alen, son of brother Abraham; Evert's sister Helena?
Nephew: John P. Van Buren, son of brother-in-law Peter B. Van Buren, decd.
Nephew: Andries Kittle, son of brother-in-law Nicholas Kittle.
Children of brother Abraham: Fynnemost, Maria, and Abraham.
Children of brother Lourens: Dirck, Jacobus, Adam.
Exec.: Wife Anne; brother Lourens E. Van Alen; Nephew Evert Van Alen; friend Peter Van Schaick.
Wit.: Jacob Van Alstyne, Anna Van Alstyne, Catherine Van Alstyne.
Dates: Nov. 21, 1793, Probate March 25, 1807. Vol. 2, P. 502.

Wife: Rebecca.
Eldest son Howland.
Eldest daughter Martha.
2nd dau.: Mary.
3rd dau.: Rebekcah - minor.
2nd & 3rd sons, Prince and Gideon.
4th son: Derick - minor.
Exec.: David Norton; Nathan Nichols, of Hoosick.
Wit.: Nathan Peekham, Micajah Hunt.
Dates: March 14, 1807, Probate May 15, 1807. Vol. 2, P. 515.

JAMES ADAMS, Stephentown
Wife: Mary.
Sons: James, Parks, Nathan.
Daus.: Polly, Priscilla, Esther, Sarah.
Exec.: son James.
Wit.: Cleo Moffitt, Elizabeth Moffitt, Hosea Moffitt.
Dates: Oct. 19, 1802, Probate June 3, 1807. Vol. 2, P. 520.

Eldest son Charles - and his mother Ester.
Son: David.
Mentions: Ezekiel Mulford.
2nd son: Joel.
Dau.: Abigial.
"forth son": John G.
Wife: Ester.
Exec.: Wife, George Fake Jr., Nathan Conklin.
Wit.: David Mulford, Jonathan Brown, Samuel Baker.
Dates: Dec. 23, 1806, Probate June 13, 1807. Vol. 2, P. 523.

EZRA HICKOK, Lansingburg
Daus: Abigail; Electa - her heirs; Matila.
Son: Durline.
3 other sons not named.
Exec.: Washington Kellogg, John Bliss, Jonas Morgan Jr.
Dates: Oct. 11, 1802, Probate Aug. 4, 1807. Vol. 2, P. 535.


PETER SHARP, Greenbush
Son: Frederick - 1 yoke of oxen.
Wife: Cathrine.
Daus.: Barbara, wife of Isaac Van Alstyne; Margaret, wife of Seaman Yager.
Exec.: Wife; Zachariah Barringer.
Wit.: Philip Barringer, Andrew Finch, Isaac Van Alstyne.
Dates: Aug. 29, 1800, Probate Aug. 24, 1807. Vol. 3, P. 1.

Son: Jacob - farm leased from Stephen Van Rensselaer.
Son: Barent G.
Wife: Cahterine.
Daus.: Deborah, Neekthe [first letter blurry], Ann.
Son: John G.
Grand-dau.: Catherine, child of dec'd son Jochim.
Exec.: sons Jacob and Barent; son-in-law Nicholas Bleecker.
wit.: Nicholas Staats, Aaron Read, Jno Amory.
Dates: April 3, 1805, Probate Oct. 5, 1807. Vol. 3, P. 9.

JOHN BENTLEY, Stephentown
Sons: Reuben, Eldred, John, Joseph, Joshua.
Daus.: Catury, Bethany.
Exec.: sons Reuben and Eldred.
Wit.: Caleb Bentley, Mary Bentley, William Bentley.
Dates: March 2, 1805, Probate Oct. 5, 1807. Vol. 3, P. 15.

Wife: Charity.
Daus.: Betsey Filkin, Polly Elliot, Deborah Storow (or Storm), Abigail Filken, Eunice Filkin.
Sons: Thomas, Timothy, Barent, Smith.
Exec.: Timothy Filken.
Wit.: Cornelius Filkin, Isaac Filkin, Jon Brown.
Dates: July 25, 1806, Probate: Nov. 21, 1807. Vol. 3, P. 29.

JOSEPH S. MABBETT, Lansingburg.
Wife: Mary.
Daughter and only child: Martha C.
If Martha die - then to sister Mary Parkinson; sister Susanna Mabbett.
If sister Martha die - then to (see previous) and Ruth Lewis, nieces Tamma E. Sutherland and Hannah M? Sutherland.
Exec.: Wife; brother-in-law Thomas C. Thorne; cousin Isaac Burr; cousin Joseph Burr.
Wit.: Thomas Wallace, John Stewart, Ira Ford.
Dates: Oct. 10, 1805, Probate Dec. 8, 1807. Vol. 3, P. 33.

Nephew: Ishmail Gardner.
To: Baptist Church, Lasingburg; Gardner Perrry, son to Aaron; Gardner Cole, son to Samuel; Ishmael Cole, son to Jones.
Cousin Joshua Gardner - at his death to his son Ishmael.
Newphew: Robert Cole.
Exec.: Samuel Cole, Ishmael Cole.
Wit.: Samuel Kendrick, John Lockwood, Samuel Baker.
Dates: Aug. 31, 1807, Probate Dec. 9, 1807. Vol. 3, P. 37.

Wife: not named.
Son: George - to have college education.
Dau.: Cornelia Genet - a decent female education.
Exec.: John Hogeboom.
Wit.: John Landon, Corn's P. Hermance.
Dates: Dec. 10, 1807, Probate Jan. 20, 1808. Vol. 3, P. 39.

Wife: Maria Barbara.
Eldest son Isaac.
Son: Jacob.
Son: George and his son Ludwig.
Exec.: George Schneider; Henry Dather?
Wit.: Adam Lohnes, Andrew Lohnes, Anthony Braun.
Dates: March 20, 1804, Probate Jan. 20, 1808. Vol. 3, P. 43.

SAMUEL VARY, Stephentown
Wife: Hannah.
Son: Richard H.
Sons: Samuel, Nathan, Simon, Gideon, William, Willett.
Daus.: Patious (Patience?), Hannah.
Exec.: sons Richard, Samuel, Nathan.
Wit.: Joseph Sheldon, Stephen Sheldon, Jonathan Howard.
Dates: July 15, 1806, Probate Feb. 5, 1808. Vol. 3, P. 45.

Wife: Alida.
Exec.: Wife; Brother-in-law John Van Schaick.
Wit.: John W. Woods, Asa Mann, Jahaniel Showman.
Dates: Feb. 15, 1801, Probate Feb. 5, 1808. Vol. 3, P. 49.

Son: Daniel.
Dau.: Rebecca Gardner (or Garner).
Dau.: Mary Dean.
Dau.: Sarah Lamport.
Exec.: Daniel David.
Wit.: Stephen Shearman, Timothy Filkin, Benjamin Read.
Dates: June 12, 1807, Probate Feb. 8, 1808. Vol. 3, P. 51.

Wife: Trintie.
Son: Myndert.
Exec.: Wife.
Wit.: Anthony Ten Eyck, Ebenz Ballatine, Isaiam Turke.
Dates: April 1, 1805, Probate Feb. 17, 1808. Vol. 3, P. 53.

ASA CHAPMAN, Stephentown
Wife: Elizabeth.
Son: Ansel.
Exec.: Caleb Chapman, Jeremiah Green.
Wit.: David Brainerd, William Greenman, Nathaniel Sweet, Daniel Brainerd, David Brainerd Jr.
Dates: Jan. 22, 1805, Probate Feb. 29, 1808. Vol. 3, P. 57.

PETER HAM, Schodack
Oldest son, Casper.
Sons: Andrew, John, Peter, Henry.
Daus.: Hannah, Caty, Mary.
Exec.: Capt. John Witbeck.
Wit.: Jonathan I. Witbeck, Andrew V.D. Berg (Vandenburgh).
Dates: June 7, 1806, Probate Feb. 24, 1808. Vol. 3, P. 61.

Son: Frederick - farm from Stephen Van Rensselaer, 84 acres.
Sons: Conradt, Casper.
Daus.: Elizabeth, Rachel, Hannah, Caty, Lana Christina, Mary.
Exec.: sons Frederick and Conradt.
Wit.: Joseph Garrison, Coonradt Face?, William Fursman.
Dates: March 19, 1806, Probate Feb. 25, 1808. Vol. 3, P. 63.

Wife: Lowis (Lois?)
Sons: Jacob, John, William.
Daus.: Mary, Lydia, Lowis, Rebecca and Sarah Newcomb.
Grandson: Daniel Marster.
Exec.: Simon Newcomb, Anthony Miller.
Wit.: Anthony Miller, Isaac Shearwood, Charles Follett.
Dates: Feb. 1, 1808, Probate March 26, 1808. Vol. 3, P. 67.

THOMAS CLARK, Phillipstown (Nassau)
Wife: Betsey.
Sons: Thomas, Richard.
Dau.: Lucy.
Sons: Shubal, Andrew.
Youngest son: Richard.
To: "younger sons, jointly, I give all my right an title to a certain grant of land in the province of upper Canada made to me by the Government of said province...."
Exec.: Wife; Charles Brown, of Phillipstown.
Wit.: Simeon Finch, John Alburtus, Timothy Benedict.
Dates: Jan. 13, 1808, Probate April 29, 1808. Vol. 3, P. 70.

Sons: Peter, Phillip.
Grandson: William Cooper, son of Coonrad Cooper.
Eldest son: John.
Son: George.
Dau.: Susanna.
wife: Catherine.
Exec.: Philip Killmore; friend John Craver Jr.; Thomas Cole.
Wit.: William Cooper, Christian Cooper, Thomas Cole.
Dates: Sept. 17, 1807, Probate Jan. 14, 1808. Vol. 3, P.73.

JOHN AMORY, Greenbush
To: Mother - all land in Canada which has been given me by the British Government.
Sisters: Mary Vandenburgh; Nancy, wife of John Van Deusen; Mary, wife of Jacob Vandenburgh; Elizabeth, wife of Lawrence Sneeden?.
Exec.: John Van Deusen, Philip Staats, Hugh Boyd.
Wit.: Thomas Witbeck, Petrus Myers, Gisbert V.D. Bergh.(Vandenburgh?)
Dates: April 5, 1808, Probate June 6, 1808. Vol. 3, P. 81.

Oldest son Jacob.
Wife: Sarah.
Exec.: sons John and Morris; Walter Carpenter.
Wit.: Thomas Hitchcock, Andrew Sprong, Cornelius P. Hermance.
Dates: May 20, 1808, Probate June 6, 1808. Vol. 3, P. 81.

PETER YATES, Schaghticoke
Wife: "provided for" - not named.
Son: Christopher - land in the County of Montgomery, district "Canajohary" on the south side of the Mohawk River - purchased from Henry OUthout and Jeremiah Van Rensselaer, Aug. 16, 1787.
Sons: Abraham, Jacob.
Son-inlaw: Dirck T. Van Veghten.
Daus.: Catalina; Maria; Annatie - land in Saratoga County called Shenondehowa(sp?), or aliad Clifton Park.
Grandson: Henry Frey Yates.
To: Peter Yates, son of Jacob - $60.
To: Sarah Van Veghten, wife of Philip Winne.
Daus.: Pierterty, wife of Dirck Van Veghten; Catalina, wife of John Van Antwerp; Annatie, wife of Philip Vandenburgh.
To: Peter, son of Abraham Yates.
Exec.: Jacob Yates, Jellis Yates, Gerrig Yates, Abraham Yates.
Wit.: John G. Yates, Elijah Bryan, Benjamin Rosekrans.
Dates: Aug. 15, 1807, Probate Aug. 9, 1808. Vol. 3, P. 91.

Daus.: Mary Fowler, wife of Isaac; Rachel Carpenter, wife of Jacob.
3 grand-daughters: Phebe Smith, Fanny Thompson, Lydia Underhil (daughters of John Underhill).
Dau.: Fanny Totten, wife of Peter.
Exec.: Daniel Smith, of Westcheser Co.; Isaac Fowler, of Troy.
Wit.: Alexander Rsseau, Ammon Fowler, John Adams.
Dates: Dec. 19, 1805, Probate Oct. 25, 1808. Vol. 3, P. 122.

To: Mary Sharp, wife of (something crossed out) Martin.
Note: "....chest when I have equally divided between her and Gerritie Miller, wife of Philip Muller" (Miller?)
To: Sarah Downer; Jacobus Van Hoesen, son of Henry.
Exec.: Martinus Sharp.
Wit.: Abm. A. Lansing Jr.; Henry W. Chadwick; Evert Van Alen.
Dates: Oct. 10, 1808, Probate Oct. 27, 1808. Vol. 3, P. 125.

Wife: Molly.
Son: William, under 21.
4 children: Volkert, William, Teney, Auley?.
Exec.: James Hilton, John Lansing.
Wit.: Jacob Brinckherhoff, Harman Van Hoesen, Harman M. Van Hoesen.
Dates: Sept. 1, 1808, Probate Oct. 28, 1808. Vol. 3, P. 127.

Wife: Mary.
Dau.: "Frite" (or Feite)
Sons: Abraham, Samuel, Jonas, James.,br> Exec.: wife Mary; Adolph Banker (or Barker).
Wit.: Simeon Viele, Stephen L. Viele, Asa Chatfield.
Dates: Oct. 15, 1808, Probate Nov. 16, 1808. Vol. 3, P. 131.

JACOB WINSONE, Stephentown
Wife: Hannah.
"Honored Father, Abraham" .... use of land ....bridge near James Martins.
5 daus.: Clara, Parmela, Hannah, Polly, Alma.
Exec.: Wife; Abraham Winstone Jr., of Stephentown.
Wit.: John Gould, Ira Hill, Hosea Moffitt.
Dates: Oct. 18, 1808, Probate Jan. 3, 1809. Vol. 3, P. 139.

Wife: Maria.
Sons: Jacob, Michael.
Son: Frederick.
Dau.: Catherine, wife of Jacob Barett?
Sons: George, John, Bernhard.
Daus.: Magdalena, Regina.
Exec.: Wife; friend Alex. Bulson, friend Martinus Haener.
Wit.: friend Andrew Lohens, friend Anthony T. Braun.
Dates: Feb. 7, 1804, Probate Jan. 15, 1809. Vol. 3, P. 143.

AMOS BABCOCK, Petersburg
Wife: Zerviah.
Sons: Azariah, Amos, Johnson, Cottrell, Benjamin.
Children: Phebe Reynolds, wife of Zacheus; Mary Doty, wife to Joseph; Lucy Sweet, wife to Godfrey; Zerviah, wife to Asa Sweet.
Son: Frederick.
Grandson: Johnson.
Grand-daus.: Mary and Betsey Babcock, daus. of son Benjamin.
Exec.: son Jonathan.
Wit.: John Bowles, George Gardner, Asa Gardner.
Dates: May 20, 1802, Probate Jan. 17, 1809. Vol. 3, P. 147.

JOHN AKIN, Attorney at Law, Troy
"Lying now sick and very weak in body in the Town of Washington, in Dutchess County....."
Wife: Belphame.
Exec.: Friends Philip Hart of the Town of Washington, William Lathrop of same, Samuel Mott of same, Daniel Merritt of the City of Troy.
Wit.: Benjamin Aiken, Beriah Swift, Robert Swift.
Dates: Nov. 21, 1808, Probate Jan. 24, 1809. Vol. 3, P. 150.

Wife: Elizabeth.
Son: Simeon
Dau.: Else Brockway.
Grandson: Uriah Bentley.
Son: Benjamin.
Dau.: Elizabeth Herrington
Sons: Howland, Nathaniel, Caleb, Olin.
Daus.: Sarah Northrup, Margaret Congdell.
Daus.: Ann Herrington, Eunice Williams.
Exec.: son Olin.
Wit.: Eber Moffitt, Claudius Moffitt, Hosea Moffitt.
Dates: Dec. 10, 1803, Probate Feb. 5, 1809. Vol. 3, P. 159.

Wife: Elizabeth - note against Jonathan Carpenter - also furniture "till she has time to bring her own from RoadIsland."
Daus.: Lydia Carpenter, Sally Maxson.
Sons: William, Benjamin W., Reynolds.
Dau.: Susanna.
Grandsons: Israel Lockwood Greenman; William.
Great-grandchild:- 1st son of William Crandall, named William Greenman.
Sons: Jonathan, James. - land purchased of Ichabod Cone.
Exec.: sons Jonathan and James.
Wit.: Joshua Gardner, John L. Thurston, Hosea Moffitt.
Dates: Aug. 1, 1808, Probate: March 1, 1809.

Wife: Christine.
Sister: Christine Dum (or Dunn).
Nephews: Philip and John Shoulter (Showalter?), David Shoulter, John Vosburgh.
Sister: Margaret Bratt.
Sisters: Catrine Vosburgh, Jennie Freehoudt.
Nieces: Christine Best, Hannah ? Pender - (blotted).
Exec.: William Mackay, William Magowan or Magovan.
Wit.: Daniel Eldred, Wanton Ellsworth, Samuel S. Ellsworth.
Dates: Oct. 1, 1807, Probate March 20, 1809. Vol. 3, P. 168.

Sons: William, Stephen, Isaac, Benjamin.
Daus.: Rebecca, Mary, Phebe.
Wife: Mary.
Exec.: Isaac Ketchum, Joseph Ketcham, John Ketcham.
Wit.: Thomas Turner, Daniel Livermore, Thomas "Turnier" Junior.
Dates: Feb. 12, 1809, Probate May 8, 1809. Vol. 3, P. 173.

Eldest son Hiram.
Son: Stephen.
Wife: Mary - $250.00 indebted to me in the County of Saratoga.
Daus.: Helena, Deborah, Martha, Mary, Anna.
Exec.: Hiram Hunt, Stephen Hunt.
Wit.: Michael McGuigan, Abm. L. Viele, Zebulon Lee.
Dates: March 22, 1809, Probate June 2, 1809. Vol. 3, P. 181.

Dau.: Peggy, wife of James Loyd.
Grandson David Cumming.
Sons: Alexander, John.
To: James Loyd - wagon and stove.
Exec.: son Alexander; Archibald McIntyre.
Wit.: Jno. McDonald, T.V. Graham.
Dates: June 21, 1809, Probate July 12, 1809. Vol. 3, P. 187.

Sons: Amos, Uldrick, Philip, Henry, Karner, Ashbel Jr.
Daus.: Elizabeth, Margaret, Lydia.
Wife: Lucy.
Exec.: Uldrick Winegar; friend Gershom Reed.
Father: "my aged father Uldrick."
Wit.: Levi Lobdell, Joseph Reed, Titus Husted.
Dates: July 10, 1809, Probate Aug. 31, 1809. Vol. 3, P. 196.

Son-in-law Jeremiah Smith.
Heirs of my deceased son Frederick.
Sons: Lodowick, Philip, Henry.
Daus: Anna Margaret, wife of Henry Simmons Jr.; Catherine, wife of Abraham Simons; Anna Mria, wife of Killean Richard; Hannah, wife of Jeremiah Smith; Magdalena, wife of Henry Wager.
Exec.: son Lodowick; Anthony Smith, William Smith.
Wit.: Ebenezer W. Walbridge, Joseph Comstock, James Adams.
Dates: Nov. 6, 1806, Probate Sept. 5, 1809. Vol. 3, P. 198.

Wife: Dinah.
Exectx.: wife Dinah.
Wit.: John Allen, Ephraim Bacon, William Bentley.
Dates: April 17, 1805, Probate Sept. 7, 1809. Vol. 3, P. 201.

Son: John.
Exec.: son John.
Wit." Edward Brown, Margaret Bogart, Gerrit Bogart.
Dates: Oct. 1, 1806, Probate Sept. 12, 1809. Vol. 3, P. 204.

Wife: Catherine.
Daus.: Cattern and Mary.
Eldest son Bastian.
Sons: Jeremiah, Leonard, Henry.
Daus.: "Elizabeth Madalin Catherine & Mary"
Youngest sons Frederick and John.
Exec.: Friend William Smith; William Coonradt; Henry Morrison.
Wit.: John Hydorn Jr., Henry Hydorn Jr., Robert McChestney.
Dates: April 8, 1803, Probate Sept. 26, 1809. Vol. 3, P. 205.

ALEXANDER CONE [third letter of surname hard to read], Stephentown
Wife: Mary.
Mother: Martha Brainerd.
Daus.: Anne Graves, Martha Wadsworth.
Exec.: Wife Mary; Constant Wadsworth.
Wit.: Robinson Keech, Harriot Burton, Hosea Moffitt.
Dates: July 21, 1808, Probate Oct. 7, 1809. Vol. 3, P. 212.

Dau.: Catherine Lansing, wife of Jacob L.
Son: Derick Y.
Dau.: Elizabeth Lansing, wife of Derick C.
Son: John G.
Daus.: Jane, Sally Ann, Maria, Blandina.
Sons: Samuel, Jacob D. Jr.
Exec.: "to be chosen"
Wit.: William M. Bliss, William L. Marcy, Daniel Hall.
Dates: April 3, 1809, Probate Oct. 17, 1809. Vol. 3, P. 221.

Wife: Polly.
Sons: Abraham, James.
Daus.: Elizabeth; Ann, wife of Henry Coon.
Exec.: Wife Polly; son Abraham.
Wit.: Peter W. Witbeck, John Downs, Evert Van Alen.
Dates: June 30, 1809, Probate Oct. 26, 1809. Vol. 3, P. 236.

Brothers: John L. Witbeck; Lambert Witbeck.
Sisters: Letty (or Getty), wife of George Adriance; Betsey Dustin, Jane Dustin, Olive Dustin.
Children of George Adriance: - Polly, Diana and Allen, and Richard.
Exec.: brother Leonard Witbeck; brother-in-law George Adriance.
Wit.: John Ostrander, Henry I. Best, David Craver.
Dates: Oct. 18, 1809, Probate Nov. 17, 1809. Vol. 3, P. 243.

Brothers: Nicholas, Samuel, Isaac.
Sister: Hannah Covil.
Sister: Sarah Deuel.
Sons of my sister Susanna Nichols: Glibert Nichols, Joshua Nichols.
Nieces: Mary and Sarah Haight, daus. of sister Rebecca Haight decd.
Nephews: Barker and Hiram Haight sons of above Rebecca.
Friend: John Gifford.
Exec.: Abraham Staples, Joseph Brintnall.
Wit.: Seth Peckham, Hezekiah Williams, Robert Barton.
Dates: Sept. 16, 1809, Probate Nov. 14, 1809. Vol. 3, P. 251.

Dau.: Catherine Danker, and her son Albert.
Note: Property bounded north by Hoosick Road; east Henry H. Gardner; south Henry Danker, west Cornelius Swartwout.
Grandsons: Jacob and Albert Danker.
Grand-dau.: Hannah Danker.
Son: Barent Smith.
Daus.: Hannah Armstrong, Elizabeth Parks.
Grandsons: Jeremiah and William Smith.
Exec.: friends Abraham Ten Eyck, Jacob I. Vanderheyden.
Wit.: William McMaury, Andrew H. Gardiner, Barent Bradt.
Dates: Oct. 18, 1809, Probate Dec. 20, 1809. Vol. 3, P. 255.

To: Mary Irena Curtis, dau. of Susan Curtis, the widow of my brother, Moses, decd.
Brothers: Amos, Sylvester, John, Philo.
Exec.: brother Philo.
Wit.: Samuel Blatchford, David Allen, Edward A. Cook.
Dates: Dec. 14, 1804, Probate Jan. 7, 1810. Vol. 3, P. 266.

Mother: Jane Lynch, living in Dublin, Ireland.
To: my wifes mother Mijah Roe who lives in the City of London.
Son: John, also in London.
Dau.: Mary, also in London.
10 brothers and sisters: James Lynch, of Philadelphia; Henry Lynch of Dublin; William Lynch of DUblin; Luke Lynch of Dublin; Lawrence Lynch of Dublin; Mary Ann Lynch of Dublin; Judith Lynch of Dublin; Margaret Lynch of DUblin; Maria Lynch of Dublin.
Exec.: Joseph Russell, Jedediah Tracy.
Wit.: Thos. Turpin, John Donaldson, William M. CLure (McClure?)
Dates: Jan. 4, 1810, Probate Jan. 18, 1810. Vol. 3, P. 268.

Wife: Elizabeth.
Daus.: Sarah, "Nueces"?, Pernice?, Ruth, Mary.
Sons: Paul, William.
Exec.: Wife Elizabeth; Anthony Miller.
Wit.: Simeon Newcomb Jun., David Lee (or See), Francis Purdy.
Dates: Sept. 24, 1801, Probate Feb. 19, 1810. Vol. 3, P> 272.

JOEL CURTICE, Stephentown
Wife: Thankful.
Only son: Joel.
Daus.: Thankful Bailey, Lydia Bailey, Rachel Griffin, Polly Winstone.
Grandson: Rensselaer Bailey.
Exec.: grandson Rensselaer Bailey.
Wit.: Claudius Moffitt, Sally Moffitt, Hose Moffitt.
Dates: Jan. 6, 1810, Prob. Feb. 21, 1810. Vol. 3, P. 275.

Son: John, "the uplands"
Son: Anthony "the lowlands called Cripple Bush"
Grand-dau.: Catherine, dau. of my son John.
Daus. of my son Anthony: Maria and Catherine.
Sons: Gerrit, John, Anthony.
Exec.: son Gerrit T. Brees; friend Evert Lansing, son of Obadiah.
Wit.: Peter Beeckman, Catherine Brees, Abraham Cole.
Dates: Oct. 1, 1809, Prob. Feb. 28, 1810. Vol. 3, P. 282.

BENJAMIn SMITH, Petersburg, formerly of Grafton
Wife: Susan.
Extx.: Wife Susan.
Wit.: Amos Potter, George Rex Davis, Sabra Smith.
Dates: May 5, 1805, Probate July 28, 1810. Vol. 3, P. 284.

Wife: Mary.
Son: Solomon Jr.
Eldest dau.: Priscilla.
Daus.: Polly Carver, Electa Taylor.
Youngest dau.: Dolly Taylor.
Exec.: son Solomon.
Wit.: Calvin Thompson, Silas Willmott, Uriah M. Gregory.
Dates: Sept. 23, 1809, Probate Feb. 28, 1810. Vol. 3, P. 286.

Son: George.
6 sons: John, Rowland, Thomas, Samuel, Isaac, Joseph.
Note: All my land in the Town of Cambridge (Wash. Co.) and Hoosick.
6 daus.: Anna Bump, Hannah Sharp, Elizabeth Hodge, Mary Soule, Amy Carlton, Sarah Milliman.
Wife: Hannah.
Exec.: son Thomas.
Wit.: Amherst Dyer, Burgess Hall Jr., William White.
Dates: April 20, 1798, Probate March 7, 1810, Vol. 3, P. 303.

Wife: Hannah.
Note: to educate James Johnston Murray, son of William H. Murray.
Nephew: James Johnston Murray (above); "Wililam H. Murray, son to my nephew James Murray, decd."
Exec.: Wife, and John Nichol.
Wit." David Comstock, D. Gray, Benjamin Bentley.
Dates: Sept. 23, 1803, Probate March 14, 1810. Vol. 3, P. 305.

Wife: Martha.
Daus.: Honor Carpenter, wife of Samuel; Martha Douglas, wife of Benajah; Amy Gardner, wife of Robert.
Grand-dau.: Martha Arnold, dau. of Beriah, decd.
Exec.: Wife, and grandson Arnold Carpenter.
Wit.: William Douglas, Needham Northrup, Needham Northrup Jr.
Dates: Feb. 8, 1810, Probate April 4, 1810. Vol. 3, P. 309.

Wife: Susannah.
Sons: Samuel, Reuben, Calvin, Thomas.
Eldest dau.: Susannah Brockway.
2nd dau.: Mercy Bentley.
3rd dau.: M(____) Bently.
4th dau.: Mary Bently.
5th dau.: Elizabeth Bently.
Exec.: Wife.
Wit.: Gideon Hall, Eldred Bentley, Eldred Bentley Jr.
Dates: Jan. 20, 1810, Probate April 6, 1810. Vol. 3, P. 311.

Wife: Caty.
Eldest son: Cornelius.
Youngest son: William - under 21.
Daus.: Elizabeth, Jane.
Exec.: Wife Caty; John Witbeck; Samuel Koon.
Wit.: James M. Vanderpoel, Michael I. (or T.) Harder, John Pl Hyser.
Dates: March 2, 1810, Probate April 12, 1810. Vol. 3, P. 314.

"$30.00 for 2 pairs of tombstones one to be erected over the grave of my honored father and the other over my own grave...."
$5.00 of my estate should be appropriated for the purchasing of 9 bibles, and that my mother and each of my Brothers and Benjamin Sprague who intermarried with my half sister Abigail and also my sister Esther should each of them have one of the said bibles...."
$20.00 to William D. Butts, Gideon Butts & William King, my neighbors....to be expended at their discretion for the support of a school to be kept in the school house near the nine mile tree in this neighborhood...."
Exec.: "my brother William, Administrator"; "my brother David King & William Butts, Executors."
Wit.: Uriah M. Gregory, Gideon Butt, Abel Hovey, Major Lockwood, Alderman Baker.
Dates: March 25, 1810, Probate May 31, 1810. Vol. 3, P. 319.

To: Conradt Harman, Jr., son of my brother Jacob, my lawful heir.
To: his sisters Elizabeth, Mary, and Esther.
"my body to be entered in the family burial ground on the farm whare we now live on...."
Exec.: Conradt Harman (Herman?)
Wit.: Martin Piser, Peter Piser, John Klein.
Dates: April 20, 1805, Probate June 29, 1810. Vol. 3, P. 326.

Son: Nicholas H.
Dau.: Hannah, wife of Jacob Quackenbush.
Wife: not named.
Exec.: Nicholas H. Groesbeck; son-in-law Jacob Quackenbush.
Wit.: Cornelius Yates; Douw Van Antwerp, Jacob Yates.
Dates: May 19, 1807, Probate June 29, 1810. Vol. 3, P. 328.

Sons: Isaac, Luke, Richard, and John when 23.
Daus.: Sally, Margaret, Jean?, Eliza.
Wife: Matty.
Note: "I have already allowed them (my 2 youngest children) the amount of my yearly income of my f(____) estate in Ireland."
Exec.: Philip Hart; sons Philip and Richard.
Dates: July 12, 1801, Probate July 2, 1810. Vol. 3, P. 331.

Spn: Joshua - land in Voluntown, Conn.
".....furthermore an obligation on the widow Temperance Palmer."
Sons: Paul, Jarus, and Jaffett.
Son: Joshua "my grate Bible."
Note: aginst Eliphalet Niles or Miles.
Son: Jeffett's son Gideon and his dau. Temperance.
Daus.: Deborah Palmer, wife of Elihue; Comfort Kinney, wife of Cyrus; Hannah, wife of William Brown.
Exec.: son Joshua; Respected friend Ephraim Brown.
Wit.: Ephraim Brown, Sarah Bacon, Deborah Palmer.
Dates: Dec. 10, 1804, Probate July 3, 1810. Vol. 3, P. 333.

Wife: Martha.
Daus.: Nancy, Jerusha, Sally, Esther.
Sons: Charles, Wheeler, Rinaldo Rinaldinado.
Exec.: Burton Hammond, Daniel Hull.
Wit.: Hezekiah Hull, Samuel Wells, Alexander Brown.
Dates: May 19, 1808, Probate July 10, 1810. Vol. 3, P. 336.

Wife: Catherine.
Children: not named.
Exec.: Wife, and William McManus.
Wit.: Henry T.E. Shuyler, Thomas Bennet, George Lent.
Dates: June 5, 1810, Probate Aug. 2, 1810. Vol. 3, P. 341.

Eldest son John.
Wife: Mary.
Daus.: Jemima Stickles, wife of Nichoas, of Claverack; Elizabeth Coons, wife of Philip, of Greenbush; Margaret Finger, wife of John, of Livingston Manor; Jane Coons, wife of Jacob, of Charlotte, Crittenden County, Vermont.
Grandchildren: John, Mary, Catherine, Elizabeth, Nicholas, Sarah, children of Wilhelmus Hayner and Mary, my daughter, of Brunswick.
Daus.: Sarah Van Arnum, wife of John; Catherine, wife of Thomas Betts.
Sons: Peter, of the town of Charlotte; George, of the town of Greenbush; Nicholas Jr.
Exec.: Philip Coons, Peter Wheeler, Nicholas Wheeler Jr.
Wit.: William McManus, Peter Van Allen, John Wheeler Jr.
Dates: Sept. 1, 1807, Probate Aug. 7, 1810. Vol. 3, P. 344.

Wife: Maria.
Sons: Barend; Nicholas - "a large german bible'; John, Michael.
Daus.: Maria, Gertrude.
Exec.: friends George Cipperley, Peter Minick, Matthias Younghans.
Wit.: Henry Cipperley, Andreas Uline, George Cipperley, John Leifheit.
Dates: July 20, 1809, Prob. Oct. 12, 1810. Vol. 3, P. 350.

Wife: Margaret.
Dau.: Margaret.
Children: not named.
Note: "my house in the town of Schodack near the Baptist Meeting House."
Exec.: Wife; Derick Y. Vanderheyden; Stephen Covell.
Witnesses: William McManus, John McManus, Elijah Adams.
Dates: Jan. 11, 1809, Probate Nov. 3, 1810. Vol. 3, P. 361.

Wife: Eleanor.
Dau.: Rachel - under 21.
Sons: John - udner 21; Stephen - under 21.
Exec.: "brother John Jno."; Wife.
Wit.: Isaac de la Vergne, Calvin Bemis, Isaac Wallace.
Dates: Nov. 14, 1810, Probate Dec. 1, 1810. Vol. 3, P. 374.

Wife: Elizabeth.
Dau.: Nancy.
Sons: Benjamin L., Francis, John F.
Daus.: Susan Belding, Eliza Hendrick.
To: Francis "my Dirk which was given me by my grandfather Francis Choate."
Exec.: Wife; Nathaniel Hendrick.
Wit.: Napthah Guild, Esek Hawkins, Josiel Lawrence.
Dates: July 12, 1810, Probate Dec. 12, 1810. Vol. 3, P. 377.

JAMES G> MYRES, Schodack
Wife: Sabra Myres.
Sons: Eber M., Alanson.
Daus.: Phebe Clapp, Sabra.
Exec.: Richard D. Myres, Samuel Myres, Eber M. Myres.
Wit.: Thomas Frost, Stephen Van Voorhees, Henry Du Bois.
Dates: Nov. 19, 1810, Probate Jan. 11, 1811. Vol. 3, P. 385.

Wife: Getty.
Eldest son Volkert.
Sons: John, Harman.
Dau.: Maly.
Other daughter not named.
Exec.: son John, son Harman.
Wit.: Volkert V. Denbergh, John P. Witbeck, Walter Elliott, Lawrence Manser.
Dates: Jan. 2, 1811, Probate Feb. 25, 1811. Vol. 3, P. 389.

Eldsest son Hendrick.
Sons: Peter, Matthew, Tobias, Cornelius.
Daus.: Anatia, Caty and Lanah, Gartery.
Wife: "Ginys" ?
Son: Garat (Gerrit) - land he lives on - to Hickses place.
Exec.: Matthew Witbeck, William Fitch.
Wit.: Walter Carpenter, Jonathan Witbeck, Tobias Salisbury Jr.
Dates: May 9, 1810, Probate March 25, 1811. Vol. 3, P. 395.

ISAAC B. HAND, Greenbush
Wife: Lucinda.
Son: Henry.
Daus.: Eleanor and Catherine.
Exec.: Nathaniel Davis of Albany, merchant; Asa H. Center of Albany, Merchant.
Wit.: Jereh Clark Jun., Robert Orssin?, James Livingston, Johan M. Shoemaker, James De Forest, John W. Woods.
Dates: Oct. 3, 1810, Probate May 29, 1811. Vol. 3, P. 399.

Wife: Suffya.
Sons: Boltis?, Conradt, Peter, Jacob.
Daus.: Peggy, wife of Willian Enos; Elizabeth Cambel (Camel); Catherine, wife of Jacob Hun.
Exec.: Wife; son Boltus; friend Benj. Alexander.
Wit.: Benj. Alexander, Bernard I. Weager, Jacob I. Wager.
Dates: Sept. 11, 1809, Probate April 10, 1811. Vol. 3, P. 409.

Wife: Catharina.
Sons: John, Henry, Andrew, William.
Grandchildren: Cornelius and Catherine Van Buren; Margaret, wife of Leonard Forgason; Catarina, wife of Philip Crist; Maria, wife of Henry Haner; Hannah, wife of Thomas Miller.
Son: William - under 21.
Exec.: Wife; son John; son Henry.
Wit.: Henry Dunsbeck, Philip Feller, Stephen Miller.
Dates: Dec.9, 1803, Probate May 1, 1811. Vol. 3, P. 413.

OBADIAH EDDY(?) hard to read, Pittstown
Wife: Rose.
Eldest son: Jonathan.
Eldest dau.: Lois Williams.
2nd dau.: Ruth.
3rd dau.: Mary Lee.
4th dau.: Elsa Lamb.
2 grandsons: Eddy and Abraham Sherman.
5th dau.: Nancy (Sherman).
6th dau.: Elizabeth Lamb.
Grandson: William Austin, son of my dau. Ruth.
Son: Seth.
Exec.: son Winslow.
Wit. ; Nathan Nichols, Micajah Hunt, Caleb Nichols.
Dates: April 3, 1807, Probate May 29, 1811. Vol. 3, P. 421.

JACOB CIPPERLY, Schaghticoke
Wife: Elizabeth.
Sons: Peter, John, Jacob.
Only dau: Eliza.
Exec.: Elizabeth Sipperly, Jacob Bachman, Peter Sipperly.
Wit.: David Carpenter, Matthias Galer?, Andrew P. Weatherwax.
Dates: May 6, 1811, Probate June 8, 1811. Vol. 3, P. 426.

Wife: Prudence.
Sons: William, Jonathan, Peter.
Daus: Sarah, Mary Fort or Port.
Exec.: son-in-law William Powell; son Peter.
Dates: March 27, 1811. Probate June 11, 1811. Vol. 3, P. 429.

PETER DOTY, Schaghticoke
Wife: Catherine.
Son: Martin and Abigail, his wife.
Son: David and Eve, his wife.
Only dau: Anna.
To: Peter Doty
".....to be paid to my 3 sons by Michael Doty and Rachel, his wife, by Ormond Doty and Eleanor, his wife, by William Doty, and Eleanor, his wife....."
Note: Ormond and William resided Half Moon, Saratoga Co.
To: Joseph Doty.
Exec.: Martin Doty, David Carpenter.
Wit.: Jno. G. Gebhard, Josiah Rich, John Brewster.
Dates: July 2, 1811, Probate Sept. 21, 1811. Vol. 3, P. 439.

JOHN BORNT (in German with translation), Schaghticoke
Son: Lodowick.
Son: John.
Eldest son Jacob.
(part of page gone)..
Anna, wife of Andrew Lohnes.
Daus.: Catherine "Iiry" (or Liry); Elizabeth, wife of Adam Lohnes; Christina, wife of David Cipperley; Regina, wife of Solomon Bulson; Rebecca, wife of Alexander Bulson.
Exec.: Wife Anna.
Wit.: Jacob Snyder, Peter Haner, Lodowick Snyder.
Dates: Nov. 2, 1810, Probate Sept. 28, 1811. Vol. 3, P. 443.

Son: Cyrus.
Daus.: Polly, Rachel.
Wife: Rachel.
Exec.: Daniel Rogers Jr. of Hoosick; Solomon Gale of Benington, Vt.
Wit.: Lemuel Andrews, William Goodrich, Jacob Lansing.
Dates: July 6, 1811, Probate Oct. 2, 1811, Vol. 3, P. 449.

Wife: Mary.
Son: Jacob I.
Exec.: brother Jacob I.; mother Maria Vanderheyden.
Wit.: Samuel Starr, Obed Price, Lydia S. Starr.
Dates: June 24, 1811, Probate Oct. 26, 1811. Vol. 3, P. 452.


Wife: Lucy.
Son: John - land in Solon? (first letter hard to read), Cortland Co.
Dau.: Sukey, land in Ovid, Seneca Co and land in Shaftsbury, VT.
Daus.: Patty, Polly, Sally.
Son-in-law Robert Morris; son-in-law Gerrit Wendell.
Grandchildren: Charity, wife of Robert Morris; David Lake, son of my dau. Lucy lake.
Children: Patty, wife of James Goutt?; Polly, wife of Ebenezer Hopkins; Elizabeth, wife of William Lake; Sally, wife of Clark Harris.
Exec.: John Matthews, Robert Morris, friend Gerrit Wendell.
Wit.: James Dunning, Jacob Marble, Zinas Jones.
Dates: Sept. 9, 1810, Nov. 5, 1811. Vol. 4, P. 1.

Wife: Margaret.
Infant son Albert.
Infant dau. Delia and Amelia.
sister: Hannah Brown.
Exec.: brother-in-law Zephaniah Armstrong; Uncle Nathaniel Brown.
Wit.: Hez. Munsell, Jonathan Haynes, Moses Warren.
Dates: Aug. 3, 1811, Probate Nov. 7, 1811. Vol. 4, P. 5.

JAMES GILES, Lansingburg
Mother: Jennet Giles.
Sisters: Jane Giles and Betsey Giles.
Brother: John Giles.
Exec.: Mother.
Wit.: David Allen, John Taylor, Samuel Bontecou?
Dates: Sept. 8, 1811, Probate Nov. 9, 1811. Vol. 4, P. 9.

Wife: Tabitha.
Son: Zachariah.
Children of dau. Marion? decd.
Son: William.
Dau.: Margaret.
Exec.: friend John Harpsfield?; Nathan Nichols; Guilbert Travers or Travere.
Wit.: Dennis Smith, Rowland Clark, Guilbert Travers.
Dates: Nov. 20, 1811, Probate _____.
Date of will Jan., 1802. Vol. 5, P. 13.

MICHAEL HENRY, Lansingburg
Wife: Abigail.
Son: William.
Daus.: Mary Ann and Catherine.
Exec.: Wife and John Hazard.
Dates: Nov. 17, 1810, Probate Nov. 27, 1811. Vol. 4, P. 18.

Wife: Sarah Rose.
Sons: Joseph, Benjamin.
Note: Land in Bennington, Vt.
Sons: Daniel, John.
Daus: Susannah Rogers, Mary Potter, Hepzibah Turner, Catherine Shew?Show?, Mercy Sherwood.
Exec.: sons Joseph and Benjamin.
Wit.: Samuel Andrews, Aaron Sherwood, Nicholas C. Snyder.
Dates: March 20, 1816, Probate Dec. 24, 1811. Vol. 4, P. 20.

Sons: Henry, Solomon, Alexander Jr., Abraham.
Sons: Cornelius, John.
Daus: Maike, Catalina, Altje, Mariah.
Wife: Altje.
Exec.: sons Henry, Solomon; Abraham Ten Eyck.
Wit.: Paul Smith, Jacob Ciperly, Barent Ciperly.
Dates: Oct. 26, 1811, Probate Jan. 12, 1812. Vol. 4, P. 25.

Wife: Phebe - land in the town of Solon, Cortland Co.
Exec.: wife Phebe.
Wit.: Amaziah Carrier, Guy Bateman, Abigail Carrier.
Dates: July 6, 1810, Probate Jan. 6, 1812. Vol. 4, P. 38.

Wife: Thankful.
Daus: Anna Main, Sally Rogers.
Grandson: Ezekiel Main.
Grand-dau: Palmira Rogers.
Exec.: son Ezekiel.
Wit.: Stephen Sheldon, Julius Bateman, William F. Brown.
Dates: Dec. 24, 1810, Probate Jan. 6, 1812. Vol. 4, P. 32.

Wife: Hannah.
Daus.: Mary, Gertrude, Maria Sophya.
Sons: Jacob, Joseph, Isaac, Hopson?
Children of son John.
To: "daughter of my wife by her first husband, Betsey, wife of William Woodworth."
Exec.: son Joseph; friend Herman Knickerbocker; Executors to educate Isaac.
Wit.: Munson Smith, Isaac Filkin Jun., Elizabeth Smith.
Dates: Aug. 4, 1810, Probate Jan. 27, 1812. Vol. 4, P. 39.

Wife: Mary - one good chaise or riding chair.
Sons: Thomas, George, Cornelius.
Daus: Jane Tobias, wife of Daniel; Elizabeth Palmer, Siche Shannon, widow.
Exec.: Wife; son-in-law Fenner Palmer; son Cornelius.
Wit.: Chauncey Porter, David Hillard, Daniel Landon.
Dates: Nov. 9, 1811, Probate Feb. 3, 1812. Vol. 4, P. 53.

Wife: Thankful.
Sons: William, Eli, Benjamin.
Daus: Hannah Knox, Diadema Willis, Abiah Adams.
Note: Land in Waterord, Co. Caledonia, Vt., Glover Co. Orleans, Vt., Goshen Co. Addison, Vt., of John Douglas; Cabot, Co. Caldeonia, Vt., of Alanson Douglas; Wheelock Co. Caledonai, Vt. of Wm. Douglas; Walden, Co. Caledonia, Vt. of John H. Douglas; Chase, Clinton Co. N.Y. (Chazy) to Wheeler Douglas.
Exec.: William Douglas Jr.; Amos Douglas.
Wit.: David Harris, Calvin Pardee, Benjamin Carpenter.
Dates: Nov. 24, 1810, Probate Feb. 22, 1812. Vol. 5, P. 60.

Wife: Aphia.
Daus: Rosemond C. Barber, Sarah D., Apphia B., Eliza Ann.
Son: Jedediah H. - land in Hyde Park, Vt.
Grandson Benjamin W. Barber - land in Grotton, Vt.
Grandson John M.M. Barber.
To: Benjamin W. Cardale.
Grandson Lorinzo Barber.
sons: John, James C., Reuben H., Benjamin.
Exec.: Benjamin Randall, Jirah Baker, Reuben H. Walworth.
Wit.: James Lathrop, W.S. Cardell, Mercy Cardell.
Dates: Feb. 20, 1812, Prob. March 6, 1812. Vol. 4, P. 73.

Wife: Rebecca.
Son: Richard J.
4 sons: James, John, Philip, Walter.
5 daus: Polly, wife of Stephen Funday; Sally De Forest, Tiny De Forest, Catherine De Forest, Ailen? De Forest.
Exec.: Wife; Richard J. De Forest; James De Forest.
Wit.: Frederick Passage, Richard Sluyter, David R. Defreest.
Dates: Aug. 4, 1811, Probate March 23, 1812. Vol. 4, P. 83.

Wife: Barbara.
Sons: John P., Jacob P.I.
Daus: Tiny, Catherine, Mariah, Petra, Magdalena.
Exec.: Derick I. Defreest; Walter Funday.
Wit.: John H. Mabbett, Franz Van Stan?, David R. Defreest.
Dates: Oct. 18, 1811, Probate March 23, 1812. Vol. 4, P. 85.

Wife: Margaret.
Sons: Jacob, William, Nicholas, Andrew, John, Philip.
Daus: Susannah, Elizabeth, Margaret.
Grandchildren: Margaret and John Hidely.
Exec.: son Nicholas; John Danebough?, Lawrence Wetherwax.
Wit.: N. Gorsline, John Feller, David Craver.
Dates: Jan.30, 1812, Probate March 24, 1812. Vol. 4, P. 87.

Wife: Martha.
Dau.: Martha Fellows, wife of William.
Grandchildren: William and Reuben Fellows.
Son: Barnis - land formerly Eli Hayes.
Son: Sylvester - Holcomb P. Mory farm.
Dau.: Affiah (Strait)
Son: Gideon.
Exec.: David Osgood, Sylvester Smith.
Wit.: Timothy Benedict, Joseph S. Gale, Eliphas Spencer.
Dates: Sept. 12, 1809, Probate March 28, 1812. Vol. 4, P. 91.

Sons: John, Henry.
To: Conrad Haner, son of my decd. dau. Gertrude.
Exec.: friends Peter Hydorn, William Smith, Leonard Smith.
Wit.: Harbart? Lansing, Peter Hydorn Jun., Anthony T. Braun.
Dates: May 2, 1806, Probate April 2, 1811. Vol. 4, P. 95.

THURSTON CARR, Stephentown
Wife: Ann.
Sons: Caleb, William, (word crossed out Thurston), Peleg, Spencer.
Daus: Esther, Sarah, Mary, Audry, Elizabeth and Ann.
Exec.: Wife; Thurston Carr.
Wit.: Tallman Chase; Jeremiah Jolle or Jolls Jr., Hosea Moffitt.
Dates: July 18, 1803, Probate April 14, 1812. Vol. 4, P. 102.

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