Abstracts Of Wills Of
Rensselaer County, New York

Volume III of Manuscript

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

Transcriber's notes: This transcription was made from a very old copy of the original, which was typed on an antique typewriter that caused some letters to fill in with ink, especially a, e & o. When a name or word is all but illegible I note it, or put a question mark.
If you find a name that you know well because perhaps it appears in your tree, and you want it to be cleared up and spelled correctly, please email me at: CL38911@cox.net.

Volume 37 continued & Volume 41,

Wife: Prudence.
Uncle: William Ennis, late of Rhode Island.
Sons: William E., Lancy S.
Daus: Miranda Green, Prudence Bly, Sarah E. Burdick.
Grandson: William J. Himes.
Exec: sons.
Wit.: Jonathan Nichols, Isaac S. Gifford.
Dates: Oct. 11, 1846, Probate Nov. 30, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 130.

CLARINDA BOARDMAN (widow of John), Troy
Children: William C.; Christopher C.; Henry A.; Mary A.
Dau-in-law Rosina C., wife of son William C.
Dau-in-law Eliza B., wife of Henry A.
Grandchildren: Clara Frames, dau. of my son Christopher C.
Brothers: Kimball Starbuck, and his wife Mary; Elisha Starbuck.
Nephew: John Boardman Starbuck.
Relative: Louisa C. Macy.
Friends Joseph Russell and Hannah, his wife, and Frederick, his son.
To: Charities.
Exec: son William C., son Henry A., friend Charles H. Reed; dau. Mary.
Wit.: Robert H. Andrews, Mobile, Ala.; Amatus Robbins, Troy; George M. Coffin, Troy.
Dates: Sept. 6, 1842, Probate Nov. 30, 1846. Vol. 37, P. 133.
[Trans note: there could be a connection with Nantucket Mass. going on here. The names Starbuck, Macy and Coffin are all over the vital records of Nantucket.]

Mother: Hannah Abbott.
Brother-in-law George Bailes.
Wit.: Prentiss W. Marsh; E. Gardner.
Exec: George Bailes.
Dates: Oct. 20, 1846, Probate Dec. 7, 1846. Vol. 37, P. 138.

Wife of Lemuel.
Son: Charle Edward.
Daus: Lydia M., wife of James S. Bliss; Mary Elizabeth, wife of Barnabas C. Bostwick.
Grandchildren: Cornelia Frances Fairchild and Charles Alfred Fairchild, children of deceased dau. Sarah Ann Fairchild.
Exec: brother Stephen Covell.
Wit.: Stephen Bostwick, John L. Thompson, Townsend M. Vail?
Dates: Oct. 10, 1845, Probate Dec. 7, 1846. Vol. 37, P. 140.

SQUIRE ALLEN, Petersburg
Wife: Clarissa.
Sons: Squire L., Almon N.
Dau.: Mary E.
Exec: Wife; sons, and "Francis N. Mann be umpire of this my last will," etc.
Wit.: Asa Stillman, Justic Nolton, Joshua S. Lewis.
Dates: Nov. 22, 1846, Probate Dec. 14, 1846. Vol. 37, P. 143.

Sons: Abraham Jr., John. John of Galway, NY; Benjamin of Sandlake; Jacob of Worcester, Otsego Co., NY; David of Greenbush.
Daus: Mary, widow and relict of Philip Binck?; Catherine, wife of Henry Smith of Worcester, NY; Jane, former wife of Abraham Bliss; Elizabeth, wife of Cornelius Miller of Sandlake.
Children of deceased son, Daniel.
To my housekeeper, Hanner Van Salisbury, widow of Tobias.
Exec: son Abraham Jr., Grandson Abraham Bink of Nassau.
Wit.: Nicholas Sliter, William Link, Elizabeth Bewys?
Dates: Sept. 26, 1839, Probate Dec. 14, 1846. Vol. 37, P. 146.

ARNOLD G. TIFFT, Pittstown
Grandsons William Henry Smith; John Evans Smith.
Wife: Mary.
Daus: Elizabeth Gennett Smith, Mary Minerva Sherman, Catherine Miranda Rosenbury.
Exec: son-in-law Peleg Sherman; friend Perry Warren.
Wit.: Cyrus Sayles, Richard Vandenburgh.
Dates: Nov. 7, 1846, Probate Dec. 28, 1846. Vol. 37, P. 151.

Brother: Jacob P.
Nephew: Yates Comstock, son of John H.
To: Jacob P. Yates, in trust for Christopher Yates, son of Peter.
To: Mary, dau. of Jacob P. Yates; Jacob B. Yates, son of Montgomery.
Son: Samuel.
Dau.: Frances - (Sarah Frances)
Exec: Jacob P. Yates.
Wit.: Isaac K. Gorham, James Mosher.
Dates: Nov. 2, 1846, Probate Dec. 21, 1846. Vol. 37, P. 154.

Executors: Nephew Rev. Rodney A. Miller; Nieces: Sarah Ann Miller, Nancy Maria Spafford (dau. of brother William); Cornelia Mahala, dau. of brother William; Elizabeth Baldwin, dau. of brother Wm., Jane Borner?, dau. of brother Wm.
Sisters: Calinda Moulton, Cynthia Caulkins.
Nieces: Mary Louisa Miller, dau. of Uriah; Frances Helen Miller, dau. of Uriah.
Sister: Sally Hiller or Miller, wife of Uriah.
Niece: Julia Maria Boyd, dau. of Uriah Miller.
Nephew: Lewis Spafford Miller, son of Uriah Miller.
Wit.: Andrew Hemphill, Charles Lyman, John Paine.
Dates: June 25, 1834, Probate Jan. 4, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 157.

Wife: Susan.
Daus: Esther Brown, Mary Moseley.
Sons: Jirah E., Clark, Increase.
To: Waity Baker, wife of Norman; Sarah Jane Baker, dau. of Norman.
3 grandchildren: Sidney S., Esther and Mary, children of Jonathan Baker, deceased.
To: Ezekiel Cronk (or Cook)
Exec: sons Norman and Jirah E.
Wit.: William H. Paddock, Stephen Paddock.
Dates: June 25, 1845, Probate Jan. 18, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 163.

Daus: Mary M.W., Sophia and Ethelinda Jane.
Note: "property which I am entitled to receive on the death of Mrs. Ketts?[illegible] of England."
Exec: Sons Thomas Windrett Blatchford; Richard Milford Blatchford; Edgecombe Heath Blatchford.
Wit.: John Taylor, Villency D. Reec.
Dates: Nov. 27, 1846, Probate Feb. 8, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 167.

Wife: Ann.
Dau.: Lydia Swain (or Lorain)
Grandchild Charles R. German.
Exec: Not named.
Wit.: Jacob P. Barringer, Avery J. Skilton.
Dates: Dec. 19, 1846, Probate Feb. 5, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 171.

Wife: Sally.
Daus: Sally Carpenter, Tabitha, Mary Paddock.
Sons: John, Anson.
Exec: William Carpenter, William M. Paddock.
Wit.: Thomas Baker, Stephen Paddock.
Dates: Aug. 29, 1845, Probate March 8, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 173.

Brother: Joel.
Mother: Thankful Fuller.
Exec.: John Carpenter, Esq., of Schodack.
Wit.: A. Beeckman, John Mesick.
Dates: May 9, 1844, Probate March 22, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 175.

Wife: Frelove (Freelove)
Sons: Albert P., Alonzo, Burton A., Rowlad.
Daus: Mary E., Manilla, Minerva, Sarag (Sarah?) S. Vary; Phebe Thorn; Russell Traver.
Exec: Burton A. Thomas, Alonzo Thomas, Wife Freelove.
Wit.: Philander H. Thomas, Wm. M? Holsapple, John G. Craver.
Dates: Feb., 1847, Probate April 5, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 177.

Wife: Mary.
Sons: Joshua S., John D., William, Nathan.
Dau.: Amy Scriven.
Exec: Wife; son Nathan.
Wit.: Hannah Scriven, Hannah K. Hakes.
Dates: April 28, 1842, Probate May 5, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 181.

MARY DAY, Nassau
Grandmother Cornelia W. Wilber.
Mother: Hannah Hoag.
Stepson: Thomas H. Day.
To: Edward and Caroline H. Day, children of Robert and Eliza Day.
Sister: Eliza, wife of Robert Day.
Niece: Hannah, wife of Heman Pratt.
Brother: Samuel, and his children.
Exec: Robert Day.
Wit.: Henry Jones, Simeon P. Ostrander.
Dates: Jan. 29, 1847, Probate April 7, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 183.

Wife: Lovisa.
Sons: Sidney, Tine, Lewis, Zara (or Tara), Orrin, Noah Jr.
Dau.: Lucinda Cross.
Exec: Sidney Baker.
Wit.: Jirah E. Baker, Gibson Sprague.
Dates: Sept. 5, 1844, Probate April 12, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 186.

ISAAC B. FOX, Sandlake
Sons: Albert R., Samuel H., Isaac W., Henry W.
Daus: Emily D., Julia Antoinette.
Niece: Eunice M. Washburn.
To: 2nd Baptist Church, Sandlake.
Aged mother Eunice Fox.
Wife: Eunice G. Fox.
Exec: Wife; son Albert R.
Wit.: William S? Nichols, Henry M. Averill.
Dates: Jan. 12, 1847, Probate April 13, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 189.

Wife: Catherine.
Dau.: Sarah.
Friends: Samuel Kendrick Esq., William Brundage of Troy; Guardians of my children, viz: Charles, aged 16 last June; Sarah Ann, aged 15 on the 31st day of March, last; George, 2 on the 21st of April last.
Exec: Martin Springer, of Brunswick.
Wit.: George Gardner, William M. Bliss, Giles B. Kellogg.
Dates: May 22, 1834, Probate April 26, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 193.

AMOS BABCOCK, Petersburg
Daus: Harriet Wilcox; Mary Ann Philips; Sophia Burlinghame; Julia Coon; Rosalinda Wilcox; Susan Babcock.
Sons: Welcome A., Sealong A.
Grand-daus: Christina S.; Harriet A. and Mary Card, children of my dau. Amanda Card.
To: Zacheus R. Babcock.
Exec: Amos Coon, Zacheus R. Babcock.
Wit.: Hiram Stewart, Orlando D. Thurber.
Dates: July 27, 1842, Probate May 31, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 198.

Wife: Abby.
Daus: Abby, Cornelia.
Brother: George.
Sister: Eve Wager, wife of Adam.
Father: William, decd.
Sister: Margaret.
Exec: Wife; Dennie E. Baxter, Andrew P. Hayner.
Wit.: Henry Wager, Samuel Stret?; Peter T. Hydorn.
Dates: April 21, 1847. Probate May 31, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 200.

Wife: Martha C.
To: Treasurer of Committee for Domestic Missions, and Foreign Missions of the Protestant Episcopal Church.
Sons: William H.; John Hobart; Joseph W. or M.
Daus: Phebe Elizabeth, Anna Chester.
Guardians and Exec: Nephew George R. Warren; John Paine; friend Charles L. Douglas.
Wit.: S.W. Duachey; C.F. Conkey; H. Bender; John S. Christie.
Dates: June 18, 1840, Probate June 1, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 203.

Wife: Elizabeth.
Daus: Betsey Hull, wife of Thomas Jr.; Hannah Hull, wife of Elisha; Susan Hull, wife of Daniel P.; Mary Ann Saunders, wife of Leonard R.; Nancy Saunders, wife of Jonathan.
Sons: Asa, Smith.
Exec: Smith Burdick.
Wit.: John Whitford, David Potter.
Dates: Dec. 5, 1844, Probate June 14, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 218.

Mother: Martha Harris.
Sister: Martha C. Harris.
Exec: sister Martha C.
Wit.: Eber W. Carmichael, Hetty C. Barney, Mary Carmichael.
Dates: Nov. 4, 1846, Probate June 21, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 221.

Sister: Frances A. Adams.
Exec.: Sister Frances.
Wit.: Josephine C. Salisbury; Abby C. Salisbury.
Dates: Jan. 28, 1846, Probate June 28, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 223.

HENRY FIELDS, Lansingburg
Wife: Sarah.
Exec: Wife Sarah.
Wit.: Marous L. Filley, Samuel Stiles.
Dates: April 6, 1843, Probate July 7, 1747. Vol. 37, P. 224.

"gravestones at graves of father and myself....and mother."
To: St. Pauls Episcopal church, Troy.
Children of brother David.
Exec: Uncle Isaac McConihe.
Wit.: Isaac M. McConihe, Sarah T. McConihe.
Dates: July 28, 1846, Probate July 4, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 226.

Brother Solomon W. Thompson.
Sister Clarissa Thompson.
Brother Allen Thompson.
Exec: 2 brothers.
Wit.: Norman Baker, Daniel Kimball, of Pownal, Vt.
Dates: April 3, 1844, Probate July 26, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 228.

Widow of John S.
Dau.: Elizabeth.
Sons: Frederick, Alexander, John.
Exec: brother-in-law Cornelius Wilsey; sister-in-law Albertine Van Alstyne.
Wit.: N? A. Ten Eyck, of Schodack; C.W. Van Alstyne, of Chatham.
Dates: Jan. 16, 1847, Probate July 6, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 231.

Sister: Mrs. Winslow.
Brother: A.G. Dana.
To children of late brother Samuel Dana: - A.G. Dana and Aaron Dana.
To son of brother F.W. and William Dana.
Sons: John J.; James.
Dau.: Esther Ann.
To: Charities.
Exec: son James and R.D. Stillman.
Wit.: N. Church Jr.; Stephen H. Burton.
Dates: May 26, 1837, Probate July 17, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 234.

Wife: Bridget.
Exec: Wife.
Wit.: Henry Goodrich, John Wilson.
Dates: Feb. 5, 1847, Probate July 19, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 237.

CLARK SHEA, Pittstown
Wife: Sally B.
Father in law Nathaniel Cottrell.
Brother: Isaac.
Children: not named.
Exec: Wife; father in law and brother.
Wit.: William Herrington, Ann Herrington.
Dates: March 20, 1847, Probate July 26, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 240.

Aged 56 the 17th of December, 1845.
Wife: Amy - whose maiden name was Amy Mazugan, dau. of Mark W. Mazugan of Nazugan, of Litchfield, Ct.
Mentions Elisha B. Dow.
Exec: Wife.
Wit.: Mark I. Townsend, Thaddeus Stevens.
Dates: May 26, 1846, Probate Aug. 21, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 245.

JOHN C. FILKIN, Lansingburg
Wife: Jane.
Brother Leonard's children - land in Cayuga Co., NY
Brother Richard B.'s chidlren - land in Cayuga Co., NY
Sisters: Lorana Losee; Mary Van Allen; Nancy Vandersook?; Elizabeth Williams.
Exec: Wife; friend Edwin Filley.
Wit.: Stephen S. Hunt, A. St. John Foster.
Dates: June 10, 1847, Probate Sept. 10, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 248.

Wife: Clarissa.
Sons: Leonard B., Barnard Jr.
Daus: Julia, Martha, Mary Elizabeth, Elenor Eliza Keeler.
Exec: Wife; son Leonard B.
Wit.: Benjamin Barber, Marcus Peck.
Dates: July 10, 1847, Probate Sept. 13, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 257.

Wife: Sarah.
Daus: Adaline, Christina.
Sons: Sidney, John, William Jr.
Children of Eliza Kipp.
Exec: sons John and William Jr.
Wit.: Herman Knickerbocker, Thomas C. Ripley.
Dates: April 21, 1847, Probate Sept. 24, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 255.

ASA OBER, Hoosick
Son: Elijah P., and his chidlren - not named.
To: Ebenezer and Malinda Stearns.
Exec: Friend Lewis Crandall.
Wit.: Henry Hawkes, Jonathan P. Armstrong.
Dates: Nov. 5, 1846, Probate Oct. 14, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 257.

Dau.: Angeline.
Exec: Uriah Abbott.
Guardian: Uriah Abbott, of my children, Angeline and John J.
Wit.: Gardner Hayden, George W. Ring.
Dates: Jan. 9, 1841, Probate Oct. 25, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 260.

RACHEL PARDEE, Stephentown
Son: Ariovistus.
To: Eve, wife of Calvin Reed.
Daus: Julia Ann Bassett; Lavinia Hawley; Sarah Sackett, wife of Daniel; Malinda de Grasse Leath.
Grandson: Ario Jr.
Exec: Daniel Sackett, Ebenezer D. Bassett.
Wit.: Benjamin R. Goodrich, Hancock, Mass.; Maria Goodrich, Hancock, Mass.
Dates: Oct. 14, 1842, Probate Nov. 1, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 263.

SAMUEL SWEET, Richfield, Otsego Co., New York
Brother John, of Berlin, N.Y.
Mother _____.
Brother Eliphalet.
Brothers: Silas, Justus, Henry R., Noyes.
Sisters: Patty Pride (or Price); Polly Balch; Pamelia Smith.
Exec: brother Noyes.
To: Emeline J. Sweet, daughter of my cousin Samuel A. of Adams, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Wit.: John S. Brimmer, Samuel N. Sweet, of Whiteseone, Oneida Co., NY; Landin Griswold, Petersburg, N.Y.
Dates: Dec. 31, 1846, Probate Nov. 1, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 268.

PETER LINK, Sandlake
Son: Stephen.
Grandson Martin Link "which said Martin Link is the natural son of Betsey Thompson."
Sons: Peter, Philip, Andrew.
Wife: Elizabeth.
Exec: John Clint, Marcus Peck.
Wit.: Calvin Sliter, John I. Vosburgh.
Dates: Feb. 12, 1842, Probate Nov. 9, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 271.

"to my Lydia Hicks." (He mar. Lydia Hicks).
Daus: Charity Ostrom; Anna Holsapple; Catherine Kemble; Ann Eliza Simmons; Sally; Almina Backman [first letter of surname illegible].
Sons: John, William.
Wit.: Marcus W. Lasher, Nicholas Lester.
Dates: March 30, 1846, Probate Nov. 17, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 275.

Wife: Amy.
Daus: Patty, Annis, Sarah.
Exec: son Daniel P.; Clark.
Wit.: John Whitford, David Potter.
Dates: Aug. 10, 1842, Probate Nov. 29, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 282.

Sons: Jason, Truxton, Sidney.
Daus: Satira Sears, wife of Isaac N.; Adaline Hard, wife of Gideon; Sarah Mariah.
Children of Delia Babcock, decd.,- Frances Louise and William Currier.
Exec: son Jason; son Truxton; Benjamin G. Sweet.
Dates: Jan. 5, 1847, Probate Nov. 23, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 285.

Wife: Eleanor.
Sons: Henry [initial illegible], Peter F? Exec: friend Burton A. Thomas; Peter Shuver.
Wit.: Solomon Weatherwax, Edwin Green.
Dates: Aug. 7, 1847, Probate Dec. 3, 1847. Vol. 37, P. 289.

Brother John S.
Exec: brother John S.
Wit.: John Holme, F.B. Leonard.
Dates: Oct. 16, 1846, Probate Jan. 31, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 292.

To: Tiney Sophia Van Buren, widow of John.
Heirs of my 3 brothers:- Henry - Catherine; Peter - Jane; Tobias - Jane, Catherine, Tiny Sophia.
Exec: brother Herman Van Buren.
Wit.: Nicholas Lester, Charles Rhoda.
Dates: Feb. 18, 1841, Probate Jan. 17, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 294.

Wife: Lucy.
Sons: Hiram, John, Cyrenus, Simeon, Morgan L.
Daus: Hannah, wife of John King; Sally, wife of Calvin Wood.
Grandchildren, children of dau. Amy: Lewis and Elizabeth Terwilleger; Granchildren, children of dau. Polly - Esther Oconner, Alsina Clark.
Exec: sons Simeon, Hiram.
Wit.: Jedediah Carshore, William Maddock, William Brogue.
Dates: Oct. 7, 1845, Probate Feb. 7, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 298.

WILLIAM W. GEARN?, Wilton, Saratoga Co.
Exec: Wife Susanna; friend Fenner King.
Wit.: John F. Carr, G.W. King.
Dates: Jan. 7, 1848, Probate Feb. 14, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 302.

Wife: Rachel.
Sons: Stephen P., Lorenzo H.
Children of son Philemon: - George S., Lemuel, Rosina M.
Daus: Larissa, wife of Carpenter Conklin; Clarinda, wife of Nathaniel Conklin; Abby, wife of Peleg Taber; Polly, wife of John Bliss.
Grandchildren: children of David Finch: - Lemuel H., James H., Phebe.
Exec: sons Stephen P., and Lorenzo H.
Wit.: John Reichard Jr., Adam Mott.
Dates: March 28, 1842, Probate Feb. 16, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 305.

Wife: Margaret (Lewis)
Sons: Stephen, John.
Daus: Mary, Anna.
Exec: Stephen Phillips, John Phillips.
Wit.: Levi P. Hughson, Milton Clapp, Eliza Sherman.
Dates: Feb. 3, 1847, Probate Feb. 18, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 310.

OLEF RORDEN, Lansingburg
Brother Nicholas, of Hamburg, Germany.
To: Julia Pesarius? daughter of Catherine Pesarius?
Exec: James Hodge.
Wit.: E.W. Walbridge, F.G. Walbridge.
Dates: March 2, 1846, Probate Feb. 21, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 313.

Wife: Keziah.
Estate of father Amasa.
Son: Erwin Bratt Kenyon.
Exec: Henry Hawkes, Lewis Crandall.
Wit.: Richard D. Bratt, Prosper M. Armstrong.
Dates: Dec. 9, 1847, Probate Feb. 21, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 315.

REUBEN ROGERS, Nassau Village
Wife: Rosina.
Daus: Betsey, wife of David Waterburg; Sally, wife of John Holly; Harriet, wife of Guy Shaw; Lucinda, wife of Andrew Boughton; Jane, wife of Wesley Van Valkenburg; Marilla, wife of Peter Huddlestone.
Grandson: James Harvery Rogers, son of George.
Sons: John, Reuben, Harvey H., George.
Exec: son George; son-in-law Andrew Boughton.
Wit.: Smith Griffith, Ebenezer D. Bassett, Chester Griswold.
Dates: March 10, 1850, Probate March 1, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 318.

Wife: Sallie D.
Father: Noah.
To: Elizabeth Cross.
Brother: Zina.
Exec: Wife; Sylvanus Mosley.
Wit.: William M. Paddock, Sylvanus Mosley.
Dates: Aug. 9, 1847, Probate March 24, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 323.

DANIEL EILER, Schaghticoke
Wife: Catherine Ann.
Exec: Wife; Herman K. Diver.
Wit.: Herman K. Diver, John L. Doty.
Dates: Dec. 14, 1847, Probate March 21, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 324.

PELEG WAITE, Petersburg
Wife: Mary.
Son: Thomas.
To: Greene C. Waite (son of Greene, and grandson of Peleg).
Children: Greene, of Livingston Co., NY; Benjamin; Thomas; Mary Gardner, of Lewis Co., NY: Lois Hill, of Watertown, Mich.; Tabitha Madison, wife of Spink; Mary Wells.
Exec: Justis Nolton.
Wit.: Nathan Nlton, Mary M?. Wells.
Dates: Oct. 13, 1847, Probate March 17, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 327.

Wife: Jane.
Sons: William, Ande?, James, Thomas.
Dau.: Jane Ann.
Exec: Wife; son Thomas.
Wit.: Andrew Craid, Samuel McCombs, Wm. A. Caldwell.
Dates: March 7, 1845, Probate April 17, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 339.

Brother Jacob.
Son in law William Wright.
Nephews: Charles H. Merritt; Jacob D. Merritt.
To: friend Abner Loveland of Troy and George Corliss of Poughkeepsie.
Brother Abraham.
Son: Joseph M. and Elizabeth, his wife, land in Union Vale, Dutchess Co., NY, occupied by my brother Abraham.
Children: Benjamin C.; Frances W.; Sarah I.; George C.; Isaac; Henry S.; Sarah, deceased.
To children of son in law William Wright: - Elizabeth, Isaac M., Frances T., Hannah M?.
Children of son Joseph: - Benjamin C.; Sarah Jane; Francis W.; George C.; Henry S.; Isaac.
Grandchildren: Elizabeth Tompkins; Isaac M. and Hannah Wright.
Exec and Trustees: Jacob Merritt; William Wright; Charles H. Merritt; Jacob D. Merritt; Abner Loveland; George Corliss.
Wit.: John Silliman, David Taylor, Daniel Bigelow.
Dates: Nov. 1, 1836, Probate April 18, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 341.

Son in law Charles L. Richards.
Dau.: Maria, wife of Chares L. Richards.
Son: Calvin.
Exec: son Calvin; Charles L. Richards.
Wit.: P. I. Simmons, George Palmer.
Dates: Oct. 6, 1847, Probate June 28, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 357.

Wife: Barbara.
Children: Jacob H.; Augustus; Felix Jr.
To d. Delia Adaline, wife of William Brown.
Dau.: Mary, wife of David Kittle.
Exec: Charles H. Barry.
Grandchildren: Children of dau. Jane: - Daniel and Augustus Carpenter.
Wit.: Henry W. McChestney, David Carr.
Dates: Feb. 6, 1847, Probate May 3, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 360.

Wife: Chloe.
Son: Harvey.
Exec: Wife.
Wit.: Eli Hatch, Joseph H. Hatch.
Dates: Sept. 31, 1845, Probate May 1, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 363.

Wife: Sarah.
Sons: William, George.
Dau.: Sarah Ann.
Exec: friends Joseph Stone; John Burgess.
Wit.: George Day, Joseph Stone.
Dates: March 24, 1848, Probate May 22, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 365.

Wife: Caroline.
Daus: Barbara, wife of Michael Cipperly; Catherine.
To: Betsey Bort, now wife of William S. Stewart.
Grandson George Leonard Furgerson.
Children of son Robert by his first wife: - Catherine & Stephen; and by his last wife: - John and Mary Jane.
Grandchildren, children of John Sticklemeyer - not named.
Grandchildren, children of son Henry: - William Henry and Michael and their mother Rebecca.
Exec: son in law Michael Cipperly.
Wit.: Andrew Shaver of Sandlake; H. Frazee of Greenbush.
Dates: April 18, 1848, Probate May 24, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 368.

Wife of George Redfield.
Exec: Husband George; Daniel Hall.
Wit.: Julia B. Refield; J.F. Redfield; A.A. Thompson.
Dates: Nov. 22, 1847, Probate June 10, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 377.

COMFORT SHAW, Stephentown
Wife: Bridget.
Sons: Elisha C., Jesse, Elijah, Alvah.
Dau.: Content Swan?
Exec: sons Jesse and Elijah.
Wit.: John S. Brockway, Hosea Herrington, David Brockway.
Dates: Jan. 14, 1848, Probate Oct. 19, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 381.

ADAM DINGS, Greenbush
Dau.: Betsey, wife of Henry Johnson.
Wife: Margaret.
Sons: Peter, John, Adam Jr., Henry, Edwin.
Daus: Hannah, wife of John Guffin; Lucretia, wife of Governor Herrick; Catherine, wife of Solomon Drum; Margaret, wife of Walter Woodworth; Susan, wife of Andrew Schermerhorn.
Exec: sons Peter and Adam.
Wit.: Henry Goodrich, John S. Miller.
Dates: May 15, 1843, Probate June 26, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 384.

ISAAC TINSLAR, Lansingburg
Wife: Pamelia.
Children: not named.
Exec: Wife.
Wit.: Marcus L. Filley, R.A. Nelson.
Dates: Jan. 5, 1848, Probate May 29, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 388.

ABNER SMITH, Pittstown
Wife: Amanda.
Son: John C.
Dau.: Mary E.
Exec: Henry Holmes of Saratoga; Wife.
Wit.: John P. Ball, William Johnson.
Dates: Feb. 2, 1848, Probate July 26, 1848. Vol. 37, P 389.

Wife: Jane.
Son: Nathaniel - land in NY State; Mass., and lower Canada.
Daus: Susanna, wife of Clark Hall; Electa.
Sons: Noah E.; Lauren; Allen, decd.
Brother: Nathan - land in New Ashford, Mass.
Children of dau. Rhoda and her husband, John Spencer.
Children of dau. Polly, decd., "Anna now said to be married to Adam Shawler."
My deceased son Martin - including his grandson Charles Thomas, son of Dwight Thomas.
Exec: son Noah; grandson Rufus M.; Randolph W.
Wit.: Leland Fairbanks of Troy; James Pine of Hoosick; John Warren of Hoosick.
Dates: Jan. 5, 1843, Probate June 29, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 390.

Trustees: Gurdon Grant, Samuel Kendrick.
Nieces: Lydia Ann Fuller, widow of Dayton H.; Amanda Holmes, widow of Israel.
Nephew: John W. Stilwell.
To: Laura Hull, wife of nephew Michael Hull.
Niece: Sarah Ann Tripp, and her children Milla Denniston and Gerrit Visscher Denniston.
Chldren of niece Jane Scovil.
Nephew: Russell J. Judd.
Niece: Jane Wilson.
To: Thorn Barnes, son of niece Emily B. Barnes.
Exec: above Trustees.
Wit.: Leonard Reed, Charlotte A. Reed.
Dates: Dec. 30, 1844, Probate July 10, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 404.

Children of decd. dau. Sally Vandercook, viz: Gilbert E.; Simon H.; Russell A.; Tisdale; Charles; Prudence.
Daus: Elizabeth, wife of Jacob P. DeFreest; Sybil, wife of Nathaniel Bosworth Jr.; Maria, wife of Joseph W. Freiot.
Exec: sons Russell and Tisdale; son in law Nathaniel Bosworth Jr.
Wit.: Thomas Clowes, Stephen S. Hunt.
Dates: April 2, 1832, Probate July y, 1848. [trans note: "y" was there instead of a number]. Vol. 37, P. 409.

PHINEAS WHITE, Putney, Windham County, Vt.Back to Contents

Land in Claremont, N.H.; Greenbush N.Y.; Stratton, Vt.; Putney, Vt. dajoining the Meeting House Common.
Wife: Esther.
Dau.: Frances, wife of John Kimball Esq.
Children of Tirzah Crawford, decd. wife of James, Esq.: - Phineas W., Theophilus, William H., Susan E.W., John, James Jr.
Dau.: Abby, wife of Rev. William E. Williams of Packsonville? Illinois.
Land of Parsonage at Putney to Rev. Amos Foster, the minister there.
Son in law John Kimball, and his sons John D. and Charles.
Son: William Wallace White.
Exec: son in law John Kimball; friend David Crawford.
Wit.: Harriet S. Morse, Mary S. Ryan, Jermeiah Ryan.
Dates: Jan. 10, 1846, Probate July 26, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 411.

DANIEL WETSELL, Schaghticoke
Wife: Elizabeth.
Sons: Daniel N., George H., Peter, William B., John B.
Daus: Elizabeth Welling Christina ay, Maria Ann, Jane, Caroline, Evalina, Eliza, Margaret.
Exec: Peter Wetsell, Isaac Welling, Daniel N. Wetsell.
Wit.: Thomas C. Ripley, Merrit A. Wickes.
Dates: March 19, 1847, Probate Aug. 2, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 418.

Sisters: Mary, Christine, Catherine.
Exec: sisters.
Wit.: Anson Bingham, Nassau; Samuel McClellan, Nassau.
Dates: May 12, 1848, Probate Aug. 16, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 421.

To: Ellen Church, dau. of my late wife.
Exec: George W. Merchant.
Wit.: Anthony Goodspeed, Henry Snyder.
Dates: July 29, 1848, Probate Aug. 17, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 424.

Wife: Elizabeth.
Daus: Harriet, wife of Peter Alverson, of Milwaukee; Julia M., wife of Andrew Halsted, of Troy.
Son: Nathaniel C.
Exec: son Nathaniel C.; Andrew Halsted.
Wit.: Willard Lawrence, Inn-Keeper, Greenbush; Martin Miller, merchant, Greenbush; R.H. Northrup, lawyer, Greenbush.
Dates: Jan. 20, 1848, Probate Aug. 21, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 426.

Wife: Not named.
To: William Myres, William Barnard Myres, son of Lodowick.
Nephew: Philip Polock Jr.
Exec: Wife; Andrew S. Wetherwax.
Wit.: Jacob S. Pitcher, Phiip S. Dater.
Dates: Jan. 9, 1838, Probate Aug. 22, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 431.

SIMEOn FINCH, Poestenkill
Wife: Miranda.
Daus: Lucy, "Tam," Miranda.
Son: Cyrenus N?.
Exec: Wife; John King.
Wit.: William C. Cooper, William Brogue, Benjamin Cooper.
Dates: June 6, 1848, Probate Aug. 30, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 434.

Brothers: John W; William W; Peter.
To: Lawrence Rysedorph, son of Lawrence L. - a boy who lives with me.
wife: Margaret.
Brothers and sisters, to wit:
John W.; Heirs of sister Eveline, wife of William Vandenburg; Frances, wife of James Laning; Catherine, wife of Lawrence Bloemendale.
William W., and his children: - Catherine, Jane Eliza and Maria Eveline.
Peter, and his son, Cornelius, and his son, William.
Margaret, wife of Peter.
Exec: William Lansing, Philip L. Rysedorph, Abraham Witbeck.
Wit.: Leonard Whiland, Leonard L. Rysedorph, Evert Van Alen.
Dates: April 19, 1847, Probate Sept. 4, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 437.

Wife: Joanna.
Dau.: Sarah Matilda.
Father: Nathan.
Brother: John.
Exec: Wife and father.
Wit.: Betsey T. Cottrell, Cornelia M. Cottrell, Philip V.N. Morris of Cambridge, NY.
Dates: April 17, 1848, Probate Sept. 14, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 446.

MARY ADAMS, Brunswick
Nephews: Peter Michael; James W. Michael.
Nieces: Maria Snell, wife of Robert; Rosina, wife of James Van Ness; Savannah, wife of Stephen Worden; Christine, wie of Joshua Parks; Elizabeth, wife of John DeGraff; Mary, wife of Albert Brunson.
To heirs of George Michael, decd.
Jacob E. and Joseph Adams, and children of Cornelius Adams.
Exec: friend Theodorus Dusenbury; Joseph Adams.
Wit.: Derick V. Adams, Robert Gear.
Dates: Nov. 25, 1846, Probate Sept. 25, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 449.

Sister: Betsey, wife of Michael Flinn.
Nephew: son of Michael Flinn.
Exec: Peter G. Ten Eyck.
Wit.: C.C. Schermerhorn; John S. Springsteen.
Dates: May 16, 1848, Probate Sept. 25, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 452.

RICHARD BRYAN, Schaghticoke
Wife: Abigail.
Daus: Lydia, Abigail, Paulina, Sarah, Anna.
Sons: Amasa, Benjamin K., Lyman H.
Daus: Sarah, wife of Gilbert Allen; Anna, wife of Rufus Roe.
Exec: friend Benoni Kenyon; Joseph P. Mosher.
Wit.: N.M. Masters, James C. Gordon.
Dates: April 24, 1848, Probate Oct. 9, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 455.

Wife: Maria J.
Guardian: wife and son Benjamin Tallmadge, of my children.
Exec: same as above.
Wit.: Julia P. Cushman, Mary F. Cushman, Nancy Lundy.
Dates: May 27, 1845, Probate Oct. 14, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 460.

ELIJAH BRYAN, Schaghticoke
Brother: Hiram C.
Sister: Harriet, Consort of P.P. Myers.
Sister: Catherine.
Exec.: not named.
Wit.: Horace Myers, John Myers.
Dates: Sept. 5, 1843, Probate Oct. 23, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 463.

Sisters: Lavinia and Mary Ann Dusenbury.
To: First Baptist Church, Nassau, and Hamilton Institute.
Nephews: Enoch, Miron, and Chas. Dusenbury; Jefferson and Miron Cox.
Brothers: Enoch, Smith, Benjamin and Jeremiah Dusenbury.
Daus: Phebe Vincent, Elizabeth Harris.
Exec: brother Enoch; Matthew Turck.
Wit.: Obadiah Hoag, Orry Hoag.
Dates: July 5, 1847, Probate Oct. 24, 1845. Vol. 37, P. 466.

To: Archibald Liney and Thomas Ellis.
Wife: Sarah W.
Son: Michael - under 25.
To: Liney and Ellis - above.
Exec: Archibald Liney; Thomas Ellis.
Wit.: William Wallace, Robert Christie.
Dates: July 21, 1848, Probate Nov. 8, 1848. Vol. 37, P 469.

Wife: Elizabeth H.
Exec: brother George, of Bennington, Vt.
Wit.: Ethan Armstrong, John F. Prescott.
Dates: June 13, 1844, Probate Nov. 4, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 473.

Wife: Elizabeth H.
Exec: brother George, of Bennington, Vt.
Wit.: Ethan Armstrong, John F. Prescott.
Dates: June 13, 1844, Probate Nov. 4, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 473.

Wife: Mary.
Sons: Charles H. and Isaac I.
Niece: Sally Ann M. Hart.
Exec: Townsend McCoun, Isaac B. Hart; sons.
Wit.: Valentine Marvin, Robert Wasson, Alexander M. White.
Dates: 18 day 7 month, 1832, Probate Nov. 18, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 473.

NANCY BUEL, Schaghticoke
To: Edwin Smith, husband of Charlotte A.
Son: Samuel, of Lincoln, Neb.
Exec: friend Wyatt R. Swift.
Wit.: N.M. Masters, Charles Baker.
Dates: April 24, 1846, Probate Nov. 27, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 476.

EDWARD HARRIS, Stephentown
Wife: Hannah.
Dau.: Mary I., wife of Junia Chittenden.
Son: William M.
Exec: Wife.
Wit.: Alanson Carpenter, Neshack Strait.
Dates: Aug. 23, 1845, Probate Nov. 27, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 478.

Wife: Tamer - aged about 85.
Grandson: William Henry, son of Collister.
Exec: Wife; John Warren.
Dates: Oct. 7, 1836, Probate July 4, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 480.

Wife: Hannah.
Daus: Catherine L. Wier, wife of Henry; Martha Palmer; Phebe Ingraham; Harriet I. Horten and her dau. Ann Eliza.
Son: Merrit.
Exec: son Merrit; Humphrey M. Ingram?
Wit.: Joel Andrew and John Hunter.
Dates: May 31, 1848, Probate Dec. 8, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 485.

Wife: Elizabeth.
Sons: Erasmus, Marcus.
Dau.: Amina? Babcock, wife of Edward.
Exec: sons.
Wit.: William P. Haskin, Caleb Slade, of Grafton; David Gleason.
Dates: July 16, 1842, Probate Dec. 13, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 487.

Wife: Sarah H.
Dau.: Sarah M?.
Son: Charles H.
Exec: Wife; John Leggett, of New York City.
Wit.: George Palmer, John Legett of Brooklyn.
Dates: Nov. 14, 1840, Probate Dec. 21, 1848. Vol. 37, P. 491.

To: Charities.
To: Meribeth Hoag, dau. of Cornelia Earing.
If they die ---- to heirs of Thomas F. Payne, and Matilda, his wife;- George, Thomas Henry and Mary Hoag Payne.
To: George Tobias; Rensselaer Tobias; George Campbell, son of George; George Campbell, son of Archibald; Jonathan Hoag, son of Cornelius; Martin Hoag, son of Cornelius; Matilda, widow of Thomas F. Payne.
Exec: Samuel W. Hoag; Smith Griffith.
Wit.: James W. Reed, Simeon P. Ostander.
Dates: Oct. 7, 1848, Probate Jan. 2, 1849, Vol. 37, P. 495.

Widow of Abner, decd.
Dau.: Mary E.
To: Abner, oldest son of James W. Smith, of Stillwater.
Son: John C.
Note: "I hereby give consent and request that Mr. Robert McClellan, of the Town of Cambridge, County of Washington, State of New York, should have and take my daughter Mary E. Smith as his own."
Exec: Henry Holmes, of Saratoga.
Wit.: John P. Ball, William Johnson.
Dates: Nov. 20, 1848, Probate Jan. 17, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 500.

Wife: Hellen.
Sons: Philip C., Jeremiah G., son in law Bernhard U. Sharpe.
Wife: Hellen.
Daus: Eva, wife of Bernhard U. Sharpe; Sarah, wife of Andrew Link.
Exec: sons and son in law.
Wit.: Jacob Wheeler, Sandlake; Paul Wattenpeck, Sandlake; E.S?. Hayner, Troy.
Dates: Nov. 30, 1847, Probate Jan. 17, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 502.

PETER WINNE, Brunswick
Wife: Azubah.
Sons: Robert P., Edward.
Daus: Elizabeth, wife of Robert Winne; Azubah, wife of Andrew Adams; Catherine, wife of Abiah Gutterson; Maria.
Exec: sons.
Wit.: John T. Lamport, J.S. Lane.
Dates: Dec. 15, 1843, Probate Jan, 17, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 506.

HENRY I. MILLER, Greenbush
Wife: Eliza.
Children: not named.
Exec: John R. Miller.
Wit.: William H. Miller, and John P. Miller of Greenbush; George Miller of Nassau.
Dates: Oct. 6, 1848, Probate Jan. 29, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 509.

Wife: Ruth.
Son: Charles Stuart Douglas.
Dau.: Mary Elizabeth.
Wit.: H.J. Hastings, W.C. Adams, F. Parker.
Dates: May 1, 1847, Probate Feb. 5, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 509.

Wife: Ruth.
Sons: James, Gurdon B., Philander, Alonzo, John, William Harvey, Edmund M.
Daus: Lydia, wife of John Dennis; Ann, wife of Thomas Lowerree; Sally, wife of Justus Mead.
Exec: Schuyler Waterbury, Nassau.
Wit.: Meshack Strait, Teunis Dusenbury.
Dates: May 28, 1846, Probate Feb. 3, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 510.

Wife: Olive.
Daus: Charlotte G. Pelton; Olive E. Barney; Mary H. Upham.
Son: Daniel I.
To: Charlotte, wife of Dryden I. Rowe.
Exec: Wife.
Wit.: Daniel Haynes, Nassau; Isaiah B. Coleman, Stephentown.
Dates: Dec. 1, 1848, Probate Feb. 5, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 512.

Dau.: Elizabeth Quackenbush, wife of Christian.
Wife: Rebecca.
Sons: Peter, Rinier.
Grand-dau: Elizabeth Ann Rebecca, child(ren) of son David.
Exec: 2 sons and brother David P.
Wit.: C.L. Tracy, of Lansingburg; Noyes H.W. Reynolds of Petersburg.
Dates: June 3, 1845, Probate Feb. 20, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 514.

JAMES AKIN, Pittstown
Wife: Hannah.
Sons: Justus H. 2nd; Elihu G.; Nathan G.; Delafayette; James.
Daus: Sarah Caroline; Patience; Abigial; Priscilla; Deborah Angeline Sherman; Hannah.
Son: Edward.
Exec: Elihu G. Akin; son Justus H.; Nathan Akin; Levi Sherman.
Wit.: Christopher Andrew, Stephen Potter.
Dates: Sept. 23, 1848, Probate Feb. 21, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 517.

Sister: Helen J. Bardwell.
To: R. Bardwell White, son of Dudley, of Williamstown, Mass.
Brother-in-law Otis C. Clark.
Brother: Hiram.
Wife: Eliza A.
Exec: Wife; Dudley White, Esq.
Wit.: John T. Lamport, Jared S. Weed.
Dates: May 1, 1848, Probate Feb. 21, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 520.

Joseph Russell, and his children: Jane and Joseph F.
Alma Gardner, dau. of John Russell.
Alma Gardner's daughter, Loretta.
Amanda M?. Butin (Button?), dau. of John Russell.
Angeline Russell.
Harriet Miller, dau. of Palmyra Russell - "my muff"
Ira Russell; Martin Russell
Luanna Russell, wife of Calvin, and her dau. Jane.
William Russell and wife Polly.
Exec.: brother John Russell.
Wit.: Henry P. Wylie, Jane M. Wylie.
Dates: April 15, 1842, Probate Feb. 26, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 523.

Sisters: Margaret, widow of George Springer; Elizabeth, widow of John P. Barringer; Hannah, wife of Winant Younghans; Mary, wife of Rufus Wethey.
Brother: Jacob.
Exec: Brother-in-law Winant Younghans; Burton A. Thomas.
Wit.: Martin Barringer, Jacob L. Whyland.
Dates: Feb. 10, 1849, Probate March 3, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 525.

Wife: Eliza.
Sons: Edward, Arty, Daniel Jr.
Dau.: Mary.
Exec: Wife.
Wit.: Marcus Bell, Jeremiah S. Washburn.
Dates: Nov. 16, 1848, Probate March 9, 1849. Vol. 37, P 527.

Son: Philiip.
Wife: Elise (or Elsie)
Children: Sally Haskins; Joseph Slade Jr.; Caleb, Israel, Benjamin, and Nelson Slade.
Grandchildren: - heirs of Wilber Slade.
Dau.: Nancy Wadsworth, wife of Warren E.
Exec: sons Philip and Benjamin.
Wit.: Norman Baker, William Sturges.
Dates: June 21, 1837, Probate March 2, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 531.

Dau.: Sarah H. Lane, wife of Richard J.
Dau-in-law: Jane, wife of son William.
Exec: Nicholas M. Masters of Schaghticoke.
Wit.: Ira J. Gifford, James M. Quackenbush, Wm. I. Harrell.
Dates: May 16, 1848, Probate March 15, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 535.

heirs of Cynthia Potter.
George Burgess; Lurana Potter.
heirs of Archibald Burgess.
Nancy Wilcox; Hannah Mattison
heirs of Benjamin Burgess
Harvey Burgess; Zilpah Bacon.
Exec: brother Nairn? Hairn?
Wit.: Samuel Sherwood, Reuben Wait.
Dates: Dec. 1, 1848, Probate March 19, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 537.

Wife: Susannah.
Wife's sister Hannah Bratt, widow of my cousin Daniel D. Bratt.
Son: Barnabas - land in Erie Co. NY.
Sons: William W., Richard D., James M., Aurelius.
Daus: Caroline Sherwood; Keziah Kenyon; Hannah Elizabeth.
Exec: Wife; son John B.; son William W.
Wit.: Hez Munsell, of Hoosick Falls; Richard Bovie, of Petersburg; Hudson P. Haynes, of Hoosick.
Dates: March 6, 1849, Probate March 23, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 542.

Wife: Rose.
Children not named.
Exec: friend Patrick S. Mallery.
Wit.: James Thorne, Margaret Cole, Archibald Bull.
Dates: March 2, 1849, Probate March 26, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 145.

To: Henry Martin, Sarah Foster, Robert Van Doogle, Sarah Argus, Selina Leonard, Abraham Martin.
Exec: Moses Brownell of Troy.
Wit.: Susan Martin, Moses Brownell, George E. Wilder.
Dates; Jan. 30, 1849, Probate Apri l7, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 546.

Wife: Charlotte Elizabeth.
Son: Sanford Colb Kellogg.
Dau.: Frances Southwick Kellogg.
Exec: brother John Paine.
Wit.: Henry L. Kellogg, John P. Nazro?
Dates: Dec. 25, 1848, Probate April 2, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 548.

Dau.: Margaret.
Niece: Mary Carpenter, daughter of Isaac.
To: Robert Hitchcock Squires.
Exec: John P. Ackerman, John R. Downer.
Wit.: Lawrence C. Hegeboom, Samuel W. Tallmadge.
Dates: Dec. 4, 1848, Probate April 30, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 550.
Samuel Hitchcock died Dec. 11, 1848, aged about 65.

Wife: Emily.
Dau.: Emilie Fitch Heartt.
Exec: brothers Jonas C., Philip T.; friend John P. Albertson.
Wit.: Job Pierson, Maria D. Heartt.
Dates: April 25, 1849, Probate May 12, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 556.

Daus: Millicent, wife of Zalmon Dibble; Chloe, wife of David Fellows; Almirah, wife of Allen Kendall; Catherine, wife of Matthew Vary; Sarah, wife of Reuben Tifft.
Sons: Jonathan, John Jr., David.
Heirs of son Harvey.
To: Joshua Kendall, son of Lucretia; Francis Kittle; Susannah Hubbard, mother of William Turner.
Wife: Mary.
To: Louisa and Caroline Dean, daughters of Roswell, son of my wife Mary.
Sons: Stephen Whitmore Turner; Alvah; George W.
Exec: son Jonathan and his son Jonathan.
Wit.: Oliver c. Thomson; Charles Weller.
Dates: Feb. 26, 1848, Probate May 28, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 560.

Aged 40.
My co-partner, John Kirkpatrick.
Mother: Margaret.
Wife: Isabella.
Sister: Jane Johnston, of "St. Johns, N.B., in British America."
Exec: Elias Plum, John Kirkpatrick.
Wit.: George Sims, David L. Seymour.
Dates: May 17, 1849, Probate June 4, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 562.

Nephews and nieces:
Wesel (or Vesel), Anthony, Maria, Christina, Gerard, and Henry Van Schaick, children of brother John G.
Sister Catherine Gansevoort, widow of General Pater, and her children: - Harman, Leonard H., Peter, and Maria, wife of Allen Melville.
Exec: Nephew Anthony; Gerard Van Schaick; nieces Maria and Christina Van Schaick.
Wit.: G. Tracy, Luther Bliss, Chas. Marsh Jr.
Dates: Sept. 20, 1816(sic), Probate June 6, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 564.

Sisters: Julia Walbridge; Elizabeth Meirs; Margaret Lansing.
Nieces: Mary and Elizabeth Vanderheyden, children of decased sister Catherine.
Exec: brother Cornelius L. Gaston; friend John P. Cushman.
Dates: Sept. 18, 1847, Probate June 8, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 569.

Wife: Rose.
Niece: Elizabeth Barker, daughter of Mary.
Nephew: John Barker "my best violin."
To: Joseph Nugent.
Sister: Martha Ellis.
Exec: Wife; friend James Ware?; Wililam Gibson.
Wit.: Hugh Matthews, John Nugent, Michael McCormick.
Dates: April 16, 1849, Probate June 19, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 572.

Aged 67 years.
Son: Asa M.
Daus: Emma Conklin; Sally Richard; Lucy M. Houghton; Allah M. Pitts; Clarinda H.
Children of youngest daughter, Laura Conklin, decd.
Exec: son Asa M.
Wit.: John S. Bliss, Nassau; Isaac Calkins, Sandlake; James Calkins, Sandlake.
Dates: June 8, 1839, Probate July 7, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 574.

Wife: Hannah.
Sons: John and Alexander.
Daus: Elizabeth, Mary, Julia Ann.
Exec: friend Jacob E. Adams.
Wit.: Marcus L. Filley, Aaron Groesbeck.
Dates: Feb. 3, 1849, Probate July 11, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 576.

Wife: Hannah.
Dau.: Mary.
Exec: Wife.
Wit.: Charles W. Barringer, Elijah W. Stoddard.
Dates: June 28, 1849, Probate July 23, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 578.

Wife: Catherine.
Exec: Wife; friend William Brinckerhoff; Townsend M. Vail.
Wit.: Charles E. Brintnall, Foster Bosworth, Silas Davis.
Dates: June 5, 1845, Probate Aug. 6, 1849. Vol. 37, P. 580.

Volumes 38 and 39 and 40 - Letters of
Administrations, Guardianships, etc.


Wife: Susannah.
Children: William, John S., Samuel, Susan, Justus.
Exec: Wife; Isaac Saunders, my nephew.
Wit.: Daniel S. Andrews; Abba Burdick.
Dates: Feb. 16, 1825?, Probate Aug. 13, 1845. Vol. 41, P. 1.

Dau.: Caroline E. Lane.
Son: George M.
Exec: son George M.; son in law Jacob S. Lane.
Wit.: James Forsyth, Thomas W. Blatchford, Nathan Marsh.
Dates: Sept. 15, 1846, Probate Sept. 11, 1849. Vol. 41, P. 5.

Wife: Miriam W.
Daus: Jane, Sarah.
Children: VanWyck Braine?; Heber; Miriam; Anna; Chas.; Alexander.
Exec: Wife; son Alexander.
Wit.: C.L. Tracy, Moses Younglove.
Dates: March 10, 1846, Probate Sept. 21, 1849. Vol. 41, P. 9.

JAMES SCUDDER, Troy, Late of Dartford, County Kent, England.
Children: George Thomas, aged 18; James, Catherine, Thomas, Mary -under 21.
Brother: Thomas, of Benley, County Kent, England.
Exec: George Corps, of Troy; Abram E. Watson - both of whom I was acquainted in England.
Wit.: Peter Nolas, James Sutton.
Dates; Sept. 12, 1849, Probate Sept. 26, 1849. Vol. 41, P. 15.

Wife: Hannah.
Son: David E.
Dau.: Solyman Coons; Silas Miller [trans note: these are daughters?]
Wit.: Stephen P. Hunt, Adam Mott.
Dates: Sept. 3, 1849, Probate Oct. 8, 1849, Vol. 41, P. 17.

Partner of firm of Dana and Lawrence.
Dau.: Clara Winchester Dana.
Wife: Mary Jane.
To: Troy Y.M.C.A.; Second Baptist Church.
Exec: friends Thomas White, Silas K. Stow; Wife Mary.
Wit.: L.A. Battershall, Henry C. Weed.
Dates: Aprl 10, 1849, Probate Oct. 8, 1849. Vol. 41, P. 19.

ISAAC STORER, Lansingburg
Wife: Clarissa Anna.
Daus: Caroline Augusta Hitchcock, wife of Charles; Mary Alida and Helen Storer.
Sons: John Hasom, Alexander and Abner Robins Storer.
Exec: Wife; son in law Charles Hitchcock; friend John H. Robins.
Wit.: A.A. Peebles, Edward B. Pickett, H.P. Van Schaick.
Dates: March 14, 1846, Probate Oct. 13, 1849. Vol. 41, P. 23.

Son: Charles Henry.
Dau.: Mary Alice.
Exec: Wife Ann; brother Jefferson; friend Alex. McCoy.
Wit.: Jefferson Gardner, William S. Earle.
Dates: Oct. 7, 1847, Probate Oct. 29, 1849. Vol. 41, P. 26.

JACOB M. STOVER, Pittstown
Wife: Christina.
Daus: Harriet Ann, Elizabeth, Margaret, Jane, Maria.
Sons: Jacob, George, John, Martin J.
Exec: sons Jacob and George.
Wit.: T.C. Ripley, John Banker.
Dates: June 29, 1849, Probate Nov. 14, 1849. Vol. 41, P. 28.

DAVID MYER, Schaghticoke
Son: Abraham.
Dau.: Betsey Ann Randall, wife of Morris.
Daus: "Catherine Amy Mari Sarah Juliett and Mary Ann."
Sons: William W., David Jr.
Brother: Jacob.
Exec: brother Jacob; son Jacob; son in law Morris Randall.
Wit.: J. Perison, Troy; John Bunker, Schaghticoke.
Dates: April 2, 1842, Probate Nov. 29, 1849. Vol. 41, P. 30.

Sister: Mary (or Nancy) Crandell, and her children: - Samuel, Esther, Nancy, Polly S., and James.
To: Samuel and Sally Fitchin and dau. Mary.
Brothers: Simon, Sebra, Solomon, Stephen West.
Exec: Ziba Hewitt.
Wit.: Asubah Hewett, Daniel Mills.
Dates: Jan. 26, 1832, Probate Dec. 3, 1849. Vol. 41, P. 33.

Dau.: Jane, wife of John Tyler.
Sons: James, Nathaniel, Abraham D., Ruben W., Lewis L.
Children of son Caleb.
Daus: Margaret, wife of William Sherwood; Mary, wife of Jonathan Rowland; Susan Mathis; Eliza Ann.
Exec: Ruben W.; friend John B. Williams.
Wit.: Humphrey M. Ingram, John Hunter.
Dates: Oct 6, 1844, Probate Dec. 10, 1849. Vol. 41, P. 35.

IRA EDDY, Stephentown
Wife: Jerusha.
Sons: Cyrus, Asa.
Daus: Thankful, wife of Abraham Bailey; Eliza Ann.
Exec: son Curtis.
Wit.: Meshack Strait; Francis Kittle.
Dates: Feb. 3, 1849, Probate Dec. 24, 1849. Vol. 41, P. 37.

Sons: Peter, Henry, David, Joseph.
Wife: Elizabeth.
Daus: Hannah, wife of Roswell Curtis; Eliza, wife of Nathan Reed; Catherine.
Grandson: David Link.
Exec: sons Henry, Peter.
Wit.: Martin Springer, John Clint.
Dates: April 7, 1836, Probate Jan. 4, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 39.

Mother: Lydia.
Brothers: Amos, William H.
Sister: Ann.
Exec: Edward R. Peck.
Wit.: David M. Conklin, James H. Calkins.
Dates: Oct. 3, 1849, Probate Jan. 5, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 43.

Wife: Lydia.
Daus: Sally Stitt; Jane Carpenter; Susanna; Caroline Melissa; Harriet Adaline.
Sons: Orrin, Charles, John A.
Grandchildren: Francis Harriet Wetsel and Lydia Ann Wetsel, heirs of Ann Wetsel.
Exec: son John B.; son in law John I. Carpenter.
Wit.: Perry Warren, Ezra Barnes.
Dates: Dec. 4, 1840, Probate Jan. 28, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 49.

JOHN LAPE, Greenbush
Wife: Maria.
Sons: Jeremiah, John, Nicholas, Thomas.
Daus: Maria, wife of John Van Valkenburg; Elizabeth, wife of Henry Snyder.
Children of decd. son Samuel and wife Margaret.
Exec: son Nicholas; son in law John Van Valkenburg.
Dates: July 18, 1843, Probate Jan. 26, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 49.

Wife: Mary.
Son: Stephen Jr.
Daus: Mary, Deborah, Susan and Harriet.
Sons: Nelson, Culver W.
Father: Elisha.
Exec: son Stephen Jr.
Wit.: Hez Munsell of Hoosick Falls; Noel J. Reynlds, Petersburg.
Dates: Oct. 18, 1839, Probate Feb. 4, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 52.

JOHN GOEWAY, Greenbush
Wife: Catherine.
Daus: Matilda Maria, wife of Barney Sliter; Catherine Adelia.
Sons: Erastus, Edward M?
Exec: Abram V.H.D. Smith.
Wit.: W. Lawrence; H. Goodrich.
Dates July 16, 1849, Probate Feb. 7, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 58.

JOHN GASTON, Lansingburg
Son: Cornelius L.
Wife: Elizabeth.
Exec: Wife and son.
Wit.: William Van Vleck, Stephen C. Noble.
Dates: Aug. 5, 1833, Probate Feb. 8, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 60.

JOHN POTTS, Schodack
Wife: Dorothy.
Son: Jacob.
Grandson: John.
Exec: son Jacob.
Wit.: Alanson Hughson, Charles Rhoda, Nicholas Lester.
Dates: Dec. 24, 1847, Probate Feb. 14, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 62.

Wife: Rebecca.
Exec: David Elliott.
Wit.: Edward and Walter Elliott.
Dates: Dec. 4, 1849, Probate Feb. 20, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 64.

Wife: Hannah.
Sons: Andrew, Philip, Charles, Isaac, David, Henry.
Daus: Mary Jane, Christine, Sarah Ann, and a "baby called Orthello."
Exec: Wife; Jeremiah L. Becker; Eleazer Wooster.
Dates: Jan. 22, 1850, Probate Feb. 21, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 66.

AMOS FULLER, Petersburg
Dau.: Lois Jones.
Exec: Daughter Lois Jones.
Wit.: Noyre P. Sweet, Minerva Sweet.
Dates: Nov. 29, 1848, Probate Feb. 25, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 68.

Daus: Eliza, Maria Matilda, Sarah Henriet.
Brother: George.
Sister: Elizabeth Cochran.
Friend: Henry Frazee.
Exec: Wife Jane Maria; brothers Michael and Samuel; friend Burton A. Thomas.
Wit.: John Hidley, George Brown.
Dates: Sept. 21, 1849, Probate March, 2, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 69.

ELIAS K. SIPPERLY, Schaghticoke
Wife: Sarah.
Daus: Finetta, Jane, Hannah.
Sons: Horace, George.
Exec: Wife; William Van Veghten.
Wit.: James Lee, of Stillwater; William Van Veghten of Schaghticoke.
Dates: Feb. 5, 1850, Probate March 4, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 71.

Daus: Hannah; Christina; Sally, wife of George Mowl?; Betsey, wife of William Wager.
Grandson: Charles, son of my son George, decd.
Dau.: Catherine.
Exec: Daniel Coonradt, George T. Blair, Wm. Gardner.
Wit.: Rumsey Thompson, William P. Coonradt.
Dates: June 9, 1849, Probate March 30, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 73.

Wife: Roxelana.
Nieces: Catherine, Eliza Jane, Charlotte, daughters of sister Catherine.
To: Sally Ann Sherwood, wife of Samuel D.; Joseph Russell, son of sister _____; William Bagnell.
Brothers: William, Gilbert P.; Robert; Jonathan P.; Nathaniel.
Sisters: Mary, Eliza, Catherine, Margaret.
Children of sister Margaret: - Nicholas, Reuben, Margaret Eyclesheymer.
Children of brother Rubin: - Ruby Ann, wife of Wm. VanNess?
Children of sister Catherine: - Pardon H. Williams, Stephen W., Catherine, John.
Children of Eliza Jane, Joseph, Charlotte Russell.
Exec: nephew Charles Russell; friend William Van Ness.
Wit.: Sanford T. Sherman, Platt Sherman.
Dates: Feb. 5, 1845, Probate April 7, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 76.

JOHN BEERS, Stephentown
Wife: Elizabeth.
Brothers: Robert, Samuel.
To: Angeline Andress, wife of Elam.
Trustee: Daniel Beers.
Exec: Meshack Strait, My wife.
Wit.: Henry Mason, Susan McClain?
Dates: Dec. 5, 1845, Probate May 6, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 78.

ELISHA HOAG, Pittstown
Daus: Phebe Brownell, wife of Elijah; Jemima Reed, wife of Thomas; Phebe Gifford, widow of Nathaniel; Mary Pine, widow of Isaac.
Exec: Elijah Bronwell, Thomas Reed.
Wit.: William Lamran (or Larman or Sarman); James Mosher.
Dates: March 25, 1848, Probate May 13, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 81.

Son: LeGrand B.
Daus: Henrietta K. Cramer (wife of Geo. H.); Amelia A. Tibbetts (wife of John B.); Mary W.
Exec: son and sons in law.
Wit: James Forsett, John T. Lamport.
Dates: April 6, 1850, Probate May 15, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 83.

Wife of Le Grand (nee Bouton)
Dau.: Mary Warren Cannon.
Grandson: LeG. C. Cramer.
Grand-dau: Henrietta C. Cramer; Grace Cannon; Esther Edith Cannon.
To: Parish School, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, and pastor, Rev. Robert B. Van Kleeck.
Son: Le Grand B.
Exec: Husband Le Grand; son Le Grand.
Dates: March 19, 1850, Probate May 20, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 87.

Daus: Jane Ann, wife of David Derrick; Azubah, wife of Nathan Brownson (Bronson); Hannah, wife of Andrew Asten (or Costen); Elizabeth.
Son: John.
Exec: Brother Barent; friend Arcibald Bull.
Wit.: Oliver Boutwell, William Shatzel.
Dates: Feb. 10, 1847, Probate May 2, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 91.

Aged 80 years.
Wife: Rody.
To: William H. Lamphier.
Sons: Amasa, Daniel, Benjamin.
Dau.: Esther Thomas, wife of Towner W.
Exec: son Amasa.
Wit.: Nathan Molton or Nolton; William W. Reynolds.
Dates: April 24, 1849, Probate May 2, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 94.

JACOB N. HOGLE, Greenbush
Wife: Rachael.
Daus: Maria, wife of John W. Vandenburgh; Sarah Ann, wife of Daniel Du Bois; Catherine, wife of Abram Hogle.
Exec: sons John and Peter; Abraham Witbeck.
Wit.: Reuben Tirrell, Abraham Covert.
Dates: Aug. 23, 1849, Probate May 24, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 96.

WAITY CROSS, Pittstown
Sister Bover's daughter Eliza Coon, wife of William.
To: Urania Jennings, daughter, my sister Deborah.
To: waity Baker, wife of Newman.
Exec: None.
Wit.: Benjamin Reed, Lucy Ann Thompson.
Dates: Aug. 29, 1848, probate April 2, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 103.

Wife: Sally.
Sons: Philip P., Daniel, Adam, Abraham.
Daus: Catherine, wife of Philip R. Coonradt; Sally, wife of Peter I. Phillips.
Exec: Philip P. Dater, John Clickner.
Wit.: Martin Springer, Nelson Dater.
Dates: Sept. 1, 1845, Probate May 31, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 105.

Nephew Charles W. Hasbrouck, son of my sister Ann.
Nephew Robert M. Hasbrouck, son of my sister Ann.
Sister: Sally, wife of George McCauley.
Sister: Margaret.
Exec: Charles W. Hasbrouck, Robert M. Hasbrouck.
Wit.: Norman L. Filley, Shubael G. Lansing.
Dates: Jan. 7, 1850, Probate June 1, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 112.

Wife: Chloe.
Sons: Lewis M., Peter W., Charles.
Dau.: Chloe Ann, wife of Daniel Rounds.
Exec: sons Peter and Lewis M.
Wit.: Meshack Strait, Frederick Smith.
Dates: April 16, 1848, Probate June 3, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 113.

Wife: Julia Frances.
Dau.: Lucia Marvin Fowler "from estate of her grandfather, John Marin."
Other children: not named.
Exec: Orlando Meads and Isaac Edwards, of Albany.
Dates: Oct. 20, 1843, Probate June 14, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 117.

Sister: Elizabeth Griswold.
Exec: sister Elizabeth.
Wit.: James Thorn, Abraham Browner.
Dates: Dec. 31, 1847, Probate June 11, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 121.

Wife: Mary.
Children: not named.
Exec: Wife.
Wit.: James Thorn, Henry Davis.
Dates: May 4, 1850, Probate June 17, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 123.

Wife: Catherine.
Son: Peter.
Daus: Nelly Reynolds, former wife of Peter; Sarah, wife of Volkert W. Vandenburgh.
Exec: Volkert Vandenburgh; Peter Reynolds; James C. Revner?
Wit.: James Dearstyne, Henry Dearstyne, Charles Lown.
Dates: Jan. 10, 1846, Probate June 22, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 125.

SARAH M. PATCHIN, Bennington, Vermont
Margaret Arnold, wife of Henry, of No. White Creek, NY.
Mariah Sales, wife of Silas, of Pittstown.
Jane M. Dow, dau. of Jonathan and Hetty G.D. Dow, of Lansingburg.
Joan Dow, dau. of Jonathan and Herry G.D. Dow of Lansingburg.
Samuel Lord Dow, son of same.
Sarah M. Wells Fassett, dau. of Benjamin Schenck Fassett.
Sister: Herry G.D. Dow.
Exec: Seymour Patchin, of Bennington.
Wit.: H. Patchin; G.B. Prentice; Edgar P. Harrison.
Dates: Dec. 16, 1847, Probate May 23, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 130.

Dau.: Sabraina mandana Rogers.
To: Esther M., widow of my decd. son George W.
Dau.: Delia Van Hoeson or Hoesen.
To: Susan Eliza, wife of Randall I. Ransom; Adelia S. Armstrong, wife of Asher.
Exec: Garret Van Hoesen; John M. Percy.
Wit.: Lemuel Sherwood, of Hoosick; Mary Haswell, of Bennington, Vt.
Dates; Aug. 9, 1849, Probate June 25, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 132.

Widow of William.
To: churches, George Dauchey.
Nephew: Rev. John W. French; Edmund French.
Exec: John Paine Esq., George Dauchey.
Wit.: David Buel; H.N. Lockwood; Charles Dauchey.
Dates: Jan. 30, 1846, Probate July 9, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 136.

JAMES MAIN, Brunswick
Grand-daus: Minverva N.; Hannah R.
Kinsman James T. Main.
Grand-dau Mercy's oldest son - my farm in Petersburg; Grand-dau Polly Wilcox' - 2 children.
Exec: Joseph Hastins; Deacon Asa Coon.
Wit.: Not given.
Dates: Probated June 25, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 141.

Son: Thomas S.
Sister: Harriet, wife of Dr. Blatchford.
Dau.: Frances, wife of John Blatchford.
Grandson: Thomas W. Purinett?
Son: Eliphalet Jr.
Grandson: Eliphalet Wickes Blatchford.
Exec: son Thomas W.; grandson Eliphalet W. Blatchford "Junior."
Wit.: Van Wyck Wickes, Stephen Wickes.
Dates: Dec. 7, 1849, Probate July 18, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 142.

GEORGE M. YATES, Greenbush
To: Lydia Salisbury, dau. of Widow Salisbury.
To: Garret I. Yates, son of John G., decd.
Exec: Garret I. Yates; Henry Salisbury.
Wit.: H. Goodrich, William Lansing.
Dates: Dec. 21, 1848, Probate July 22, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 145.

PHEBE JANES, Famington, Connecticut
Brother: Erastus Gay.
Nephews: Fisher Gay; William Gay - "trunk with the letter E. Janes on it."
To: Sophia Janes.
Nieces: Almira and Eliza P. Gay.
To: Mrs. Harriet Smith - who has lived with me 20 years.
To: charities.
Exec: William Gay.
Wit.: Cephas Steiner, Pomeroy Strong, Samuel S. Cowles.
Dates: Dec. 6, 1848, Probate July 22, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 147.

Sons: Abram, Merritt, William, John H., Abner Jr.
Daus: Eliza Keller, Sarah.
Grandchildren: Collins and Charles Perry.
Exec: Isaac Roberts, George Derrick.
Wit.: Henry Snyder, David H. Snyder, Daniel D. Bucklein.
Dates: May 23, 1850, Probate July 25, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 150.

Wife: Catherine.
Sons: John, Henry.
Daus: Alida Schermerhorn, wife of Ryer R.; Christine, wife of Elwell Blodgett; Jane, wife of George Shufelt, Elizabeth.
Exec: 2 sons.
Wit.: James Hogeboom, James H. Masten.
Dates: May 14, 1850, Probate July 29, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 159.

GEORGE LENT, Lansingburg
Wife: Elizabeth.
Son: William.
Daus: Abigail Tyler; Nancy Lewis; Eliza Ann Childs.
Exec: Wife; friends Charles W. Hewes; John Taylor; Casper V.W. Burton; Marcus L. Filley.
Wit.: Thomas H. Miter, Eleazer Peck.
Dates: Probated July 20, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 161.

To: Jane and Sarah, daughters of my sister Gitty, wife of Philiip S. Rysedorph.
To: Jane Rockefeller.
Sister Sarah.
Sister Gitty L. Rysedorph and her son Philip Harris.
Sister Tiny, decd.
Niece: Sally Ann Van DerWerken.
Exec: Philip L. Rysedorph, Abram Witbeck, Sally Ann VanDerWorken.
Wit.: Daniel Bedell, William W. Vanderburgh.
Dates: Jan. 4, 1849, Probate July 30, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 163.

To: Delia Helen Eddy, dau. of my niece Delia Eddy, decd., of Connecticut.
Nephew: Jacob Y. Anthony.
Exec: Jacob Y. Anthony.
Wit.: A.D. Hull, I. Ransom.
Dates: June 28, 1848, Probate July 31, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 165.

Wife: Betsey.
Sons: John Leland Brown; Andruss S.H. Brown, William T. Brown.
Daus: Lucy Jane, Betsey M., Sarah S.
Exec: Wife; Paul K. Davidson.
Wit.: Asa D. Phillips, Eliphalet Steward.
Dates: June 22, 1850, Probate Aug. 31, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 167.

JOHN CLARK, Petersburg
Wife: Jemima.
Son: James C.
Exec: son James C.
Dau.: Annie - and other children not named.
Wit.: Justus Nolton, Alexander H. Hull.
Dates: May 11, 1840, Probate Sept. 3, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 169.

Wife: Diadema.
Sons: John S., Richard.
Daus: Lydia Bradway, wife of Thomas; Marthy Perkins, wife of Paul; Betsey Malvina Rogers, wife of Cary.
Son: Thomas, decd., and his children: - Harvey and Roslina.
Exec: son Joseph.
Wit.: John Whitford, Daniel Rhodes.
Dates: Feb. 20, 1844, Probate Sept. 3, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 172.

Sons: Nathaniel Jr.; Farnam; Hosea, Myron, William.
Dau.: Emily.
Exec: sons Hosea, Myron, Nathaniel.
Wit.: Henry Binck, David S. Moore, Henry Hollenback.
Dates: March 5, 1844, Probate Sept. 14, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 174.

Wife: Gertrude.
Dau.: Maria.
Brother: Merrit.
Sister: Sarah.
Exec: Isaac Roberts, George Derrick.
Wit.: Willam A. Derick, David H. Snyder.
Dates: Aug. 6, 1850, Probate Sept. 14, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 177.

JACOB F. SHARPE, Greenbush
Wife: Getty.
Son: Nicholas.
Daus: Mary, wife of Thomas Lape; Elenor Catherine, wife of Sidney Betts.
Sons: Jacob Jr.; Coonradt; Stephen V.R.; Richard Leonard; Samuel.
Exec: Wife; sons Nicholas and Jacob.
Wit.: Martin Barringer, Jonah Powers, Jacob P. Burlingame, all of Troy.
Dates: April 4, 1846, Probate Sept. 16, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 178.

JOHN N? FILE, Brunswick
Aged 60 years.
Sons: Isaac Sylvester, John Henry, Morgan Yates.
Daus: Anna Maria, wife of Joel Bornt; Mary, wife of William S. Turner; Jane Caroline.
Wife: Rebecca.
Exec: son in law William S. Turner; son Isaac S.
Dates: Feb. 28, 1848, Probate Sept. 18, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 182.

BARENT AGAN, Pittstown
Wife: Ruth.
Sons: Lyman, Elias.
Daus: Maria, Ruth, Elizabeth.
Exec: Wife; son Elias.
Wit.: James P. Agan, William Carr.
Dates: Feb. 27, 1847, Probate Oct. 7, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 184.

Wife: Eunice.
Son: Orrin W.
Exec: Wife.
Wit.: Schuyler Green, Almon B. Green.
Dates: Nov. 13, 1843, Probate Oct. 9, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 186.

Wife: Margaret.
Daus: Caroline, Sarah, Joanna, Mary.
Son: Abiathar.
Heirs of dau. Jane Smith: - William Henry and Catherine Louise.
Grandsons: Timothy and George W. File; Isaac Hayner.
Exec: Wife; Hugh McChestney, Henry Dater.
Wit.: Samuel B. Cipperly, George M. Hayner, Jacob Cipperly.
Dates: May 3, 1848, Probate Oct. 11, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 187.

"22 September, 1846, appeared before me John Jacob Mynssar, Notary Pub. near the high Government of Netherlands, India, residing at Batavia, in the presence of witnesses.....Mr. Frederick Van Bram Morris, Merchant, resding at Ryswick near the city and well known to me...."
Son: Daniel Francais Van Bram Morris.
Natural son Frederick Van Bram Morris.
Wife: Theodosia Francisca Gistermaat.
Children by said wife: - "Johanna Sara Wilhelmina Magdalena Maria and Daniel Francois."
Guardians: Jacobus Blankenhagen, residence Ryswick; Daniel Francois Willam Fietermarr. Res. Sourbaga.
"Enacted at the counting hosue of me the Notary ante month & year in presence of Ang Goar and sung hillyriett? both my clerks residing at Batavia as witnesses.
C. Darling, acting cousul at Batavia.
"F.V.P. Morris"
"F.J. Mynsser V. Morris."
Dates: July 6, 1849, Probate Oct. 16, 1850. Vol. 31, P. 190.

Sons: Richard, Barent.
Daus: Catherine, Sophia, Elizabeth.
Wife: Maria.
Exec: son Richard.
Wit.: Henry Gage and Philip H. Smith, both of Castleton.
Dates: May 1, 1847, Probate Oct. 30, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 192.

Sons: Daniel Edward, Samuel Albert, William Harrison, John Seneca, Joseph Sidney.
Daus: Adelia, Emily, Ruth Caroline, Priscilla West.
Wife: Ruth.
Father: Daniel.
Exec: Joel T. Burdick, Ebenezer Stevens; Wife.
Wit.: Paul K. Davidson, Aaron J. Burdick.
Dates: Aug. 30, 1850, Probate Oct. 30, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 194.

Brother: Daniel Wilbur.
Sister: Mary Sherman, wife of Abraham.
Sister: Zillah.
Pamelia Waterbury, wife of Sylvester.
Anna Morey, wife of Joshua.
Sherman Morey, son of Joshua.
William Wilbur, son of nephew John.
Children of brother Owen Wibur: = Rachael Humphrey, Sarah Squires, and Olive Humphrey.
William Wilbur.
Exec: Joshua Morey, Sylvester Waterbury.
Wit.: William E. Waterbury of Greenbush; Joshua Morey, of Nassau; William N. Wilbur, of Nassau.
Dates: May 24, 1845, Probate Nov. 1, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 196.

Wife: Magdalena.
Daus: Maria.
Sons: David, John V., Henry, George.
Exec: son David; Burton A. Thomas; Jacob Sipperly.
Wit.: Tunis Vanderzee, Jacob Taylor, Winant Vanduzen.
Dates: Feb. 5, 1850, Probate Nov. 11, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 200.

Wife: Martha.
2 children not named.
Exec: John Gardner; Wife.
Wit.: James Thorn, Caleb Cole.
Dates: Oct. 25, 1850, Probate Nov. 16, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 202.

Wife of James.
Grandfather Timothy Osborn, late of clinton, Essex County. N.Y.
Uncle Caleb Pierson.
Mother Eliza Osborn.
Father Josiah Osborn.
Exec: Father.
Wit.: George Day, Alfred Powers.
Dates: Nov. 3, 1850, Probate Nov. 16, 1850, Vol. 41, p. 204.

PEGGY HUNTINGTON, Shaftsbury, Vermont
Niece: Peggy F. Hide.
Exec: Martha H. Bottom.
Wit.: John Brown, William Brown, Henry Livingston.
Dates: July 8, 1825, Probate Dec. 2, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 216.

Wife: Charlotte.
Daus: Ruth M.; Hannah S. Winn; Eunice Sabin; Phebe Bailey; Nancy Hocksey; Harriet Burdick; Caroline E. Burdick; Zema Durkee.
Sons: Norman, Gardner, Luther M. (decd), William R.
Exec: Wife; dau. Ruth M.; Joel T. Burdick.
Wit.: Schuyler Green, John Whitford, Henry Brimmer Jr.
Dates; June 20, 1850, Probate Dec. 5, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 208.

Sons: James, William, John.
Wife: Rosannah.
Exec: Thomas Sauce?; Barney Reilley.
Wit.: D.S. Wendell, James Reilley.
Guardian: Matthew Wheeler & my wife.
Dates: Oct. 26, 1850, Probate Dec. 13, 1850. Vol. 41, P. 210.

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