Abstracts Of Wills Of
Rensselaer County, New York

Volume I of Manuscript

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

VOLUME I & II - 1790-1806

Transcriber's notes: This transcription was made from a very old copy of the original, which was typed on an antique typewriter that caused some letters to fill in with ink, especially a, e & o. When a name or word is all but illegible I note it, or put a question mark.
If you find a name that you know well because perhaps it appears in your tree, and you want it to be cleared up and spelled correctly, please email me at: CL38911@cox.net.

MICHAEL CIPPERLY "of the County of Albany"
Son Jacob
Dau. Catherine Weatherwax, wife to Peter.
Wife: Regina Cipperly.
Sons: Barent, John, Henry.
Dau.: Susannah.
Dau.: Helena, wifce to David Weatherwax.
Dau.: Mary Barbara, wife to Christian Flanklin.
Son: Philip
Grand-dau.: Regina Cipperly.
Exec.: friends, John Snyder and Jacob Weatherwax.
Wit.: Jonathan Brown; Johannes Sneider; Jacob Weatherwax.
Dates: 17 May, 1790, Probated 3 May 1791. Vol. I, P. i.

STEPHEN ROGERS "of Mapleton, Alias Hoosack, County of Albany.
Wife: Ednah.
Note: land belonging to James Williamson.
Daus: Ednah and Sukey.
Son: Erastus.
Note: "a note against Moses Sage ....... and Doct. Hyde, of Canterbury."
Exec.: my father-in-law, Thomas Hyde, of Norwich, and my wife.
Wit. James Williamson; Samuel Salisbury; Danl McCartee?
Dates: 19 Feb. 1791, Probate 1791, Vol. I, P. 4.

CORNELIUS VAN NESS, "of the District of Hosick"
wife: Alida.
Son: Johannes.
Son: Hendrick.
Dau.: Sarah.
6 children: Gerit, Jacob, Sarah, Johannes, Petrus, Hendrick.
Note: Land in Hosick near the meeting house.
To: dau. Sarah Van Vrankenburgh .... land as sub-divided by Hazael Shepard.
Wit.: Peter D. Van Dyck; Lewis Van Woert; Hendk. Gerritee.
Dates: 25 Aug. 1791, Prob. 14 Nov. 1791, Vol. I, P. 7.

Eldest son Isaac.
Son: Ebenezer Jr.
Son: Joseph.
Dau: Mary, wife of Ephraim Blackmere.
Son: Nehemiah.
Dau: Olive, wife of Silas Brown.
Sons: Ephraim, Jonathan, Matthew.
Dau.: Eunice.
Exec: William Douglas.
Wit.: Ebenezer Allen; Nathan Howard; Stephen Hain (or Main?)
Dates: 13 Sept. 1791, Prob. 1791, Vol. I, P. 11.

JOHANN LOWNES, "In Rensselaerwick, Farmer."
First born son, Johann Lownes.
Sons: Andreas and Adam.
Wife: Margaretha.
Dau.: Elizabeth.
Wit.: Jalbert H. Lansing; Johannes Hener; John Clint.
Dates: 28 July, 1786, Probate 5 March 1792. Vol. I, P. 13.

Son: Adam.
Wife: Anna Barbary.
8 children: Martin, Jacob, Catherine, Dotey, Barbary Brott, Adam "lavit Diviess Waldle"? and Michael Overacker, "these eight."
Wit. Elisha Loveless; William Stark; Peter Yates.
Dates: 29 Dec. 1787, Probate 20 May 1792. Vol I, P. 18.

Wife: Elenor.
Brother: Robert Farrington.
Brother: Gilbert Farrington.
Exec. Aaron Ostrander; Joseph Rooker; Gilbert Farrington.
Wit.: Jonathan Hoag; Elisha Crosby; John Woodcock.
Dates: 24 July 1792, Prob. 1792. Vol. I, P.20.

JACOB SMITH, "late of Middltown in the County of Rensselaer, farmer."
Grandson: Jacob Smith.
Grand-dau: Getty (or Gartery) Ham.
Dau.: Caty Smith, wife of Robert Smith.
Elizabeth and Jenny, my 2 female slaves - their freedom.
Exec.: John Van Zandt, Troy; John Myers, Middletown.
Wit.: Platt Wickes; William Lake; James Howard.
Dates: 24 Jan. 1792, Probate 28 Oct. 1793; Vol. I, P. 22.

CORNELIUS VANDENBURGH, Town of Renssealerwick
Son: Matthias Vandenburgh - land in the Town of Greenbush.
Wife: Cornelia.
Daughter: Maritie Veeder, wife of Peter; Rachel Witbeck, wife of Obadiah; Anatie Cooper, wife of Obadiah.
Grandchildren: Cornelia, Eve and John Witbeck.
Dau. Rachel's children - above.
Exec.: Wife; son Matthias and friend John I. Fonda.
Wit.: Matthias R. Vandenburgh; Garret Vandenburgh Jr.; Jacob Van Alstyn.
Dates: 7 Nov. 1791, Probate 21 Aug. 1793, Vol. I, P. 25.

Eldest son Patrick - "my gun and a yearling heifer and Edwin Sherp (sp.?) (something crossed out)this house...."
Sons: Patrick, Abel and Titus.
To: John Havens, alias Gardenner.
Exec.: Nathan Gillet - also Trustee for my children.
Wit.: Henry Williams; John Cole; Eli Vickery.
Dates: 12 July, 1793, Probate Jan. 6, 1794. Vol. I, P. 33.

DAVID HAYNER, Town of Troy
Wife: not named.
Dau.: Catharina Honer (or Hener or Haner)
Step-son: Anthon Kohlhammer.
Step-dau: Catherine Kohlhammer.
Exec.: Wife.
Wit.: Johnannes Hener; George Brust?
Dates: 24 April 1794, Probate July 10, 1796, Vol. I, P. 41.

JOHN H. BEEKMAN, Rensselaerwick
Wife: Hendrickie (Van Buren, dau. of Jan.)
Son: Henry.
6 children: Hester Beeckman, John I. Beeckman, Henry Beeckman, Annatie Beeckman, Cornelius Beeckman.
Note: me share in sloop "Fair American." Land in Schodack Landing .... which I now have in partnership with John C. Shermerhorn, Esq."
Exec.: Wife; son John I.; brother Martin Beeckman; cousin Abraham Schuyler.
Wit.: Jacob Cuyler jr.; Wm. Winslow Crannell; J. H. Wendell.
Dates: 5 June, 1793, Prob. 31 July 1794. Vol. I, P. 45.

WILLIAM MARTIN, Town of Greenbush, Yoeman.
Wife: not named.
Dau.: Jemima.
Son: William "an addition to what he has had one half of a certain debt due me from my Father's Estate in Rhode Island...."
Sons: Morris, Ruben and James.
Note: "and the farm at the new Paltz in Ulster County."
Sons: John, Ebenezer.
Daus: Fanny, Jane.
Exec: Sons William, Morris, Ruben and James.
Wit.: Daniel Bedell; Timothy Phillips; William Gorsline.
Dates: 12 Dec. 1792, Probate Sept. 6, 1794. Vol. I, P. 52.

JOHN PRICE, Pittstown
Wife: Mary.
Daus.: Mary, Sarah, Hannah, Eunice and Esther.
Sons: John Jr., Jonathan, Samuel and Matthias.
Exec.: Stephen Hunt.
Wit.: Joseph Gifford, William Stark, Matthias A. Stark.
Dates: 11 March 1792, Prob. 3 Feby. 1795. Vol. I, P. 57.

STEPHEN CARD, Petersburg
Son: John.
Dau.: Ann.
Son: Jonathan.
Dau.: Elizabeth.
Sons: David, James, George, Henry.
Exec.: Ichabod Prosser, of Petersburg.
Wit.: Reuben Babcock, Deliverance Wate, Robert Briggs.
Dates: Feb. 6, 1795, Prob. Feb. 16, 1795. Vol. I, P. 60.

ELIJAH RAWSON, Schaghticoke
Wife: Mary (Paddock)
Son: Elijah.
Sons: Samuel, Edward, David.
Dau.: Anna Smith.
To: Dennis Smith.
Dau.: Mary Stone.
Exec.: Wife; son Edward.
Wit.: Simeon Button, Simon V.D. Cook; Micheal Vandercook.
Dates: 23 Oct. 1793, Probate Feb. 8, 1795. Vol. I, P. 67

VOLKERT VAN VEGHTEN, "town of Rensselaer."
Wife: Elizabeth.
Son: Gerrit Tunis "....part of real estate John Witbeck left me."
Son: John J.
Dau.: Sarah.
Dau.: Hannah.
Note: Lands at Hoosick to be equally divided.
Exec.: Friends Gerrit Tunis Vandenburgh; Philip Van Rensselaer; Abraham Van Veghten, Esq.
Wit.: John Stafford, Henry Visscher, Wilhelmus Ryckman.
Dates: 19 May, 1794, Probate March 4, 1794. Vol. I, P. 70.

JACOB HOFFMAN, "Town of Rensselaer."
Wife: Margaret.
Son: Nicholas.
sons: John, Jacob, George.
Daus.: Margaret, Catrus, Susanna.
Youngest son Peter.
Grand-dau Lanah Hoffman.
Note: "note against Conrad Hoffman and one against Frederick Philips."
Also: notes against William Hanser?, Benjamin Newton, Christopher Tinnemack? and Silas Johnston.
Son: Matthias.
Exec.: Friends James McKown, Esq., Nicolas Staats, Esq., Captain John E. Lansing, Wife.
Wit.: Obadija Lansing; Martin Vin Hagen; Cornelius J. Schermerhorn, Junr.
Dates: 16 Aug. 1792, Probate 18 May 1795. Vol. I, P. 72.

JAN VAN BUREN, Greenbush
Wife: Sarah.
Children of daughter Anganitje, decd.; Catherine, Sarah, Hannah.
Dau.: Hendrickie, wife of John H. Beeckman.
Exec.: Grandson John Beeckman; friend Jeremiah Lansing.
Wit.: Jan Van Buren; Elisha Adams; Jeremiah Lansing.
Dates: 5 March 1795, Probate 10 Oct. 1795. Vol. I, P. 83.

Honored Father Beriah Dudley.
Honored Mother Thankful Dudley.
Sister: Betsa Patchin.
Sister: Annar Herrington.
To: Truman Dudley Patchin "my sister Betsa only son."
Exec.: Brother-in-law Nathan Patchin.
Wit.: Andrew Hunter, James Wylie Junr., Enos Meacham.
Dates: 14 March 1796, Probate June 20, 1796. Vol. I, P. 87.

Sons: Jacobus, Jeronimus.
Dau.: Margaret, wife of Johannes Schermerhorn.
Dau.: Catherine, widow of Stephen Fursman.
Son: Johannis.
Grand-dau: Polly, wife of Solomon Huyck.
Grandson: William McClure.
Exec.: friends: Johannes Schermorhorn, Hendrick Mickle (or Hickle?), Walter Carpenter.
Wit.: Benjamin Springsteen; Jacob Schermerhorn; Eben. Ballantine.
Dates: 3 April 1795, Prob. 8 July 1796. Vol. I, P. 93.

Wife: Ann.
Son: William .... the mill which I bought from Wm. Bull.
Son: Benjamin.
Dau.: Susannah Kittle.
Son: Stephen.
Dau.: Mary Vary.
Exec.: Benjamin Sheldon.
Wit.: Hosea Moffitt; Jacob Green; Dineo (?) Green.
Dates: 12 Jan. 1796, Probate Sept. 7, 1796. Vol, I, P. 101.

Wife: not named.
Child: not named.
Exec.: Daniel Carpenter.
Wit.: Daniel Carpenter; George Gardner; N.(?) Williams.
Dates: 30 July 1796, Prob. Sept. 24, 1796. Vol. I, P. 107.

Wife: Mary.
Dau.: Charity Francisco.
Dau.: Hannah Brundage - or Brandon.
Son: Jonathan - 20 acres of land I bought from John Walker.
Dau.: Phebe.
Son: John.
Son: Jotham.
Son: Timothy.
Exec.: sons Jotham and Timothy.
Wit.: Simeon Button, Francis Smith, John Downing.
Dates: 26 Dec. 1796, Probate Feb. 18, 1797. Vol.I, P. 112.

Sons: John, Tunis, Isaac, Jacob.
Eldest son: Derick.
Wife: Eve --- house in Schodack and my negro Gin.
Dau.: Lanah.
Children of my dau Catreen - 5 children: Derick, John, Jacob, Tunis, Isaac.
Exec.: Cornelius Huyck; Phineas Maxeen?; Walter Carpenter.
Dates: May 1, 1796, Probate Feb. 30, 1797. Vol. I, P. 117.

Wife: Jemima.
Note: Property to be sold and go toward payment of possession I have purchased on the Delaware River.
Son: Ryer.
Son: Tobias.
Exec.: Brother Bastian.
Wit.: Derick Hun; Alsint Chesly; Benjamin Springsteen.
Dates: 26 Nov. 1793, Probate 1797. Vol. I, P. 121.

JOHN GARRISON, Yeoman, Schodack
Son: Ira - the farm.
Son: Aaron.
Daus.: Hannah Kelly, Sarah Baker.
Sons: David, Joseph.
Dau.: Susannah Hubbell.
Daus.: Bethiah Fursman, Jemima Garrison, Martha Brockway.
Wife: Susannah.
Exec. sons Aaron and Ira.
Wit.: James McKown, John E. Lansingh, William P. Morrison.
Dates: 7 May 1796, Probate 2 March 1797.

Brother: Gideon
Sister: Charity
Nephew: Elisha - to study law.
Exec: Brother Gideon
Wit.: Mary Tomlinson, Z. Tomlinson, Ann Eason, John and Nancy Lovett.
Dates: Feb. 3, 1797, Probate March 21, 1797.

Wife: Sarah
Son: Benjamin
Son: Thomas
Dau.: Sally - "a decent mourning suit"
Son: Samuel
Dau.: Deborah
Son: Joseph
Dau.: Mary
Son: Sylvanus
Son: Solomon
Exec.: Thomas G. Carpenter
Wit.: Joseph Rogers; Samuel Carpenter; Hosea Moffitt.
Dates: 29 Aug. 1796, Prob. 21 March 1797. Vol. I, P. 135

Wife: Mary
Brothers James, Lankford, John, Joseph and Thomas Green.
Eldest brother Jonathan.
Sisters Phebe Hull and Barbary Green.
2 nephews: Javas? Green and David Green.
"nufuw" - (nephew) Peleg Thomas.
2 neices Naomi Thomas and Russee? Thomas.
Nephew David Jackson
4 neices: Rhoda Green, Deborah Green, Susan Green, Sarah Green, wife of Jonathan Denison.
Nephew Benjamin Carey (Tarey or Terry) Green.
Nephew Benjamin Denison.
To: Mary Brown, dau. of Benjajin.
To: nephew Benjamin Green Hull.
To: Mary Brown, dau. of Benjamin.
Exec.: Wife
Wit.: Joseph Green, Aaron Jackson, Hezekiah Hull.
Dates: May 4, 1797, Prob. Sept. 25, 1797. Vol. I, P. 140.

Wife: Morah.
Sons: Joseph Emanuel Northrup, John Bardner Northrup, Henry Wanton Northrup, Daniel Northrup.
Daus.: Polly, Sally, Elizabeth, Fancy?(or Faney?)
Exec.: Wife; Joseph Dow; John Comstock.
Wit.: Joseph Dow, John Comstock, Moses Thompson.
Dates: Oct. 3, 1797, Probate March 3, 1797. Vol. I, P. 145.

Wife: Mantie
Son: Cornelius.
Dau.: Gertrude, wife of Jacob Miller.
Exec: Wife, son Cornelius, Hugh McChestney, Jacob Van Alstyne, Matthias Vandenburgh.
Wit.: Jacob Van Alstyne, Hugh McChestney, Mattias Vandenburgh.
Dates: Jan. 27, 1797, Probate Nov. 27, 1797. Vol. I, P. 149.

JACOB OSTRANDER, East Manor, Rensselaerwyck
Wife: Jacmanintje
Sons: Petrus, John, Isaac, Cornelius, Henry.
Daus: Sarah, Leah.
Exec.: sons Peter and John.
Wit.: James Ostrander, William C. Van Deusen, Jno. Ostrander.
Dates: July 15, 1787, Prob. Feb. 6, 1798. Vol. I, P. 154.

Wife: Tozina.
To: Susannah Lasher, wife of Johannis; Annetje Schermerhorn, dau. of Hendrick, of Livingston Manor; Angeltje Finkle, wife of Nicholas.
Exec.: Friends: Anthony TenEyck, Esq., Arent Van Dyck.
Wit: Daniel Schermerhorn, Henry Graham, Cornelius Schermerhorn.
Dates:Feb. 6, 1796, Probate Feb. 12, 1798. Vol. I, P. 159.

Sister: Ann and sister Elizabeth; children of sister Ann, all resident in the Kingdom of Ireland.
Sister: Betha Francis, also of Ireland.
Exec.: Jonathan Burr; David Smith; Joseph L. Mabbett.
Wit.: H. Metcalf, John Melick, Michael Henry.
Dates: April 1, 1798, Prob. May 4, 1798. Vol. I, P. 166.

Wife: Elizabeth.
To: Hervey Dunsbeck, Phillipy Dauchey.
Son: Henry - only son.
Balance to "the rest of the children."
Exec: Wife.
Wit: John Ceaver, Justus Christian Stockman, Philip Dutcher.
Dates: Jan. 5, 1798, Probate May 22, 1798. Vol. I, P. 168.

Eldest son William.
Son Isaac.
Grandson Garrett.
Daughters Jane and Susa.
Exec.: son Isaac and Grandson Garrett.
Wit.: John Quackenbush, Peter Ostrander, Richard Hays or Mays.
Dates: March 5, 1798, Prob. June 26, 1798. Vol. I, P. 174.

Son: Samuel.
Exec.: Eleazer Smith, Daniel Thompson.
Wit.: Noadiah Smith ,Nathan Carver Jr., Eleazer Smith.
Dates: Nov. 1, 1798, Prob. Nov. 26, 1798. Vol. I, P. 178.

Note: Formerly of Huntington, L.I.
Son: Obadiah.
Dau.: Freelove.
To: Keturah Buckingham.
Children: Platt Wickes, Obadiah Wickes, Margaret, wife of Jacob Smith, Phebe Ann, wife of Morris Jarvis, Mary, wife of Moses Bearse, Hannah, wife of Aaron Raymond, Freelove Wickes, Keturah, wife of George Buckingham.
Exec.: Moses Jarvis, Aaron Raymond, Platt and Obadiah Wickes.
Wit.: William Fraser; Philip Heartt?; Joseph Wickes Jr.
Dates: June, 1796, Prob. Dec. 3, 1798. Vol. I, P. 181.

NICHOLAS WEGER, "of Troytown, County of Rensselaer"
Wife: Margaretha.
Dau.: Mary Egglestone.
Daus.: Catherine Keeler, Elizabeth Weger.
Sons: David, Peter, Daniel, Nicholas, Moses, Aaron.
Exec.: David Weger, Daniel Weger, Thomas Halsted.
Wit: Thomas Stone, David Weger, Daniel Weger, William Thompson.
Dates: June 28, 1794 in the 18th [word crossed out] of our Independence; Probated Dec. 17, 1798. Vol. I, P. 185.

DAVID VAN RENSSELAER, Sancoyck (San Croix)
Wife: Mary.
Exec.: Brothers Jeremiah, John, Peter, Brother-in-law James Van Rensselaer.
Wit.: Jacob Lansing, Hunlocke Woodruff, Francis Nicoll.
Dates: June 15, 1798, Probate Dec. 27, 1798. Vol. I, P. 189.

JACOB VIELE, Schaghticoke
Grandson Jacob, eldest son of my son Stephen.
Note: Farm in Saratoga County.
Sons: Johannes, Abraham.
Daus.: Maria, Annetje - decd.
Son: Lodovicus.
Grandson: Jacob Toll.
Dau.: Sarah.
Exec.: sons Lodovicus and Johannes, Jacob Yates.
Wit.: Elihu Barnard, Samuel King, John Van Woert.
Dates: July 13, 1797, Probate 1798. Vol. I, P. 192.

Wife: Hannah (or Harriet).
Son: Jeremiah.
Dau.: Hannah.
Son: William.
Exec.: Wife; John McCoon.
Wit.: John Landon Jr., Humphrey Clark, Platt Wickes.
Dates: Nov. 23, 1798, Probate Dec. 22, 1798. Vol. I, P. 197.

JABEX BENNET (? BEMET), Schaghticoke
Wife: Cythia.
Exec.: Ebenezer Hill.
Wit.: Ezra (unreadable word) Taft, Isaac Williams, James Agard.
Dates: Nov. 10, 1798, Prob. Feb. 30, 1799sic. Vol. I, P. 203.

Wife: Mary.
Grandchildren Nicholas, Polly, Hannah, Jenny, children of Henry Jr.
Exec.: Garret Lake, of Cambridge, Washington Co., N.Y.; George Bowen; Elisabeth Cornell.
Dates: March 2, 1799, Prob. July 1, 1799. Vol. I, P. 207.

JOHANNIS ROSE, Senior, Schaghticoke
Wife: Rebecca "Roose,"
To: Simeon "Schoughting"
Sons: Cornelius, John and Elias Roose.
Dau.: Anne.
Exec.: Wife; Winant Vandenburgh jr.; Edward Ostander.
Wit.: Elijah Utter, Edward Ostrander.
Dates: Dec. 24, 1798, Prob. March 9, 1799. Vol. I, P. 211.

HERPERT WITBECK (Herbert Witbeck?), Greenbush
Wife: Gertrude.
Son: Abraham.
Daus.: Annatie, Catherine.
Exec.: Wife; brother-in-law John H. Windell; friend Wilhelmus Mancius.
Wit.: Engetie Van Denen (Van Doesen); Arrantie Wendell; Abraham Van Veghten.
Dates: Jan. 15, 1799, Probate March 30, 1799. Vol. I P. 215.

Wife: Lantie.
Daus.: Catalina and Iese?
Son: Maas?
Exec.: John I. Muller, Sarah Barhydt, Martin Beeckman.
Wit.: Anthony Ten Eyck, Richard Smith, James M. Vanderpool.
Dates: Sept. 18, 1799, Prob. Nov. 11, 1799. Vol. I, P. 222 o3 228?

JOSEPH BATES "of Exeter, County of Kings, Rhode Island" "Provicence Plantations, in New England, Yeoman, now of Stephentown."
Father: Bates and mother Bates.
Brothers: Samuel Bates, John Bates.
Wife: Anny (or Amy) Bates.
Exec.: Wife.
Wit.: Rowland Hall, Martha Hall.
Dates: Dec. 1, 1796, Probl 1799, Vol. I, P. 232.

Sons: Henry, Isaac, John, Germond, Barnardus.
Son: Cornelius.
Dau.: Deborah Bedell.
Exec.: Henry Filkin and Isaac Filkin.
Wit.: Timothy Filkin, Richard Filkin, Jonathan Brown.
Dates: Feb. 25, 1800, Prob. Feb. 25, 1800. Vol. I, P. 236.

MARTEN WINNE, Schaghticoke
To: Martin P. Winne 2nd, son of Peter P. Winne.
Brother Levines Winne, oldest son of John Winne and his wife Sarah.
To: Martin Winne, son of John S. Winne.
To: John W. Groesbeck, William S. Groesbeck, Caletine, wife of Peter P. Winne - wearing apparel of my late wife.
To: children of my brother Levines, viz., John Levines and Mary, wife of Abraham Wendell, the heirs, of Peter dec'd., Robert, Susannah and Elizabeth.
To: children of my sister, wife of Robert Wendal, viz., "Abraham Marten Elizabeth and Catherine."
To: Mary and Catalina, 2 daughters of my brother-in-law Hendrick Van Ness, decd.
To: Mary, daughter of my brother Jesse Winne.
To: Garret Van Ness, decd., and to Maria (.....illegible) Chatharine and Chachatina, the five children of my brother-in-law Philip Van Ness.
To: William I. Groesbeck, son of John W. and Mary, decd.
Exec.: John W. Groesbeck, John S? Winne, Martin P. Winne.
Wit: Winslow Paige, I ( ) N. Groesbeck, Jacob Yates.
Dates: May 12, 1798, Prob. Feb. 28, 1800. Vol. I. P. 241.

Wife: Hannah - "land on the Gore."
Son: Frederick.
Son: Nathan.
Daus.: not named.
Exec.: Aaron Haynes, Frederick Dopkins.
Wit.: Ebenezer Cross, Levi Nichols, Aaron Haynes.
Dates: May 8, 1800, Prob. May 20, 1800. Vol. I, P. 249.

Son: Philip.
Youngest son Nicholas.
Son: Zachariah.
Sons: John and Jacob.
Daus.: Hannah, Chatharign.
Exec.: sons Nicholas, Zachariah, and John.
Wit.: W. Gorslind, John Shaver, John Herring.
Dates: Jan. 5, 1800, Prob. July 2, 1800. Vol. I, P. 255.

Sons: Bethel, Joel, Simeon, John, Abraham, Daniel.
Dau.: Lydia.
Exec.: Sons Daniel, Bethel and Joel.
Wit.: Amos Loveland, Bethuel Holcomb, Nicholas Hoofcoot(?)
Dates: June 20, 1798, Probate Oct. 15, 1800. Vol. I, P. 259.

Wife: Eve
Son: George P.
Sons: John P., Petrus P.
Daus.: Catrina, wife of Carl Muhl; Maria Barbara, wife of David Berringer; Anna Maria, formerly wie of Christopher Wittenger, now "[unreadable, looks like desert] therfor Two shares to belong to her children."
Dau.: Johanna, wife of Emanuel Heniker.
Son: Philip.
Exec.: Friends George Siperlin (Clipperly), Matthias Yunghans, son Petrus.
Wit.: Andreas Uhlerin, Bernhard Uhlein Jr., Bernhard Uhlein.
Dates: March 29, 1799, Prob. Aug. 23, 1800. Vol. I, P. 262.

ELISHA POOLE, Stephentown
"my 2 youngest garls Esther and Elizabeth."
not named.
Christopher Clark.
John Vincent.
May 20, 1800, Prob. Nov. 11, 1800, Vol. I, P. 266.

JOSEPH ROGERS, Stephentown
Daughter Electa Stilwell.
To: Sarah Rogers Stilwell.
Daus.: Thankful Berry, Joanna Brown, Mehitable Sweet [then a name crossed out, unreadable].
Children of dau. Sarah Stilwell: - Martha, Elias, Electa, Alanson Rogers and Sarah Rogers Stilwell.
Grandson: James Rogers.
Exec.: Joseph Rogers.
Wit.: John Cook, Archas Lynd,Jonathan Niles or Miles.
Dates: March 16, 1802, Probate Dec. 18, 1800. Vol. I, P. 268.

Sons: Solomon, Thomas, Elisha, infant sons Jonathan and David and William.
To: John Bentley, $1.00 - infant.
Brother: Benjamin, guardian of my infant Joshua.
Exec.: Sons Elisha and William.
Wit.: Thomas Sickels, John Bird, Lawrence Dorset.
Dates: Oct. 4, 1799, Prob. Feb. 21, 1801. Vol. I P. 272.

PETER BENWAY(?), Schaghticoke
Son: John.
Grand-dau.: Maritie.
Dau.: Jacomintie
Wife: not named.
Exec.: John Benway, Peter Eckert, my son-in-law.
Wit.: Dirck Swart, Henry Brewerton, James Swart.
Dates: Feb. 19, 1796, Probate Feb. 12, 1801. Vol. I, P. 274.

Son: Oliver and wife Nancy.
Children: Robert, Samuel Jr., Mary Bloom.
Exec.: Benjamin Milk, John Carpenter, Walter H? Groesbeck.
Wit.: Anthony Glean, Danl. Carpenter.
Dates: July 4, 1795, Prob. March 31, 1801. Vol. I, P. 279.

JEREMIAH ROSE, Stephentown
Eldest son Nathaniel.
Son: Charles.
Eldest dau.: Joanna Allen, wife of William.
Daus: Lydia Greenfield, wife of Bathurl; Mary Vary, wife of Simon; Esther.
Wife: Barsheba.
Grandchildren: Jeremiah Rose, son of my dau. Joanna; Lucy Rose, dau. of my daughter Esther.
Exec.: Wife; son Nathaniel.
Wit.: Joseph Reynolds, John Boss, Nicholas B. Harris.
Dates: March 9, 1798, Probate April 9, 1801. Vol. I, P. 283.

JEREMIAH MILLER, Rensselaerwyck
Wife: Catreen.
Son: Stephen - under 21.
Son: Richard.
Eldest son John - 120 pounds paid to John to come out of farm at Claverack when sold.
Daus.: Polly, Pythe (Psyche?), Lana, Chasie.
Exec.: Wife, Robert Woodworth, John Witbeck.
Wit.: Stephen Miller, John Tue Smith (John Tice Smith?), Henry Vanderpool.
Dates: Dec. 7, 1791, Probate May 7, 1801. Vol. I, P. 291.

JOHN AGAN, Pittstown
Son: Benjamin Jr. - land south of the Hoosick road.
Wife: Abiah.
Dau.: Caty (another word crossed out) Halsted, wife of Reuben.
Dau.: Nancy Stitt, wife of John.
Dau.: Jerusha Agan.
Exec.: Benjamin and John Agan, Edward Penny.
Wit.: Edward Penny, Cornelius Wiltsie, Nehemiah King.
Dates: April 21, 1801, Probate May 26, 1801. Vol. I P. 295.

JAMES COON, Petersburg
Wife: Sarah.
Sons: John, Peleg.
Daus.: Silvia, Lois and Sarah.
Exec.: John Clark.
Wit.: John Greene, Titus Mattison, Daniel Coon.
Dates: Nov. 18, 1799, Probate May 28, 1801. Vol. I, P. 301.

LAMBERT COOK, Stephentown
To: Joseph Cook and Henry Tucker - my farm leased from Stephen Van Rensselaer.
Eldest son Levi.
Wife: Mindwell.
3rd son John.
To: Abigail Moore, Hannah Burrows, Charles Burrows and Henry Burrows, children of Mary, my eldest daughter.
To: Hannah Burrows, wife of Isaac.
To: Eleanor Vickery, wifce of Caleb.
To: Abigail Tucker, wife of Jonathan.
Dau.: Mindwell Tucker, wife of Henry.
Exec.: Joseph Cook, Henry Tucker.
Wit.: James Hamilton Ball, Liberty Cressy, Stutia Cressy.
Dates: Dec. 26, 1800, Probate June 27, 1801. Vol. I, P. 305.

Wife: Margarit.
Note: land east side of the "hutsen river, 165 acres."
Son: "my oldis con Philip ... the Residence whare my wife think best."
Daus.: Caty Robins, wife of Jobe; Mary Clapper; Elizabeth "sevn-dolor $7.00."
Son: William Jackson Carner.
Daus.: Lidia Carner, Mararet Carner.
Grandson: John Carpenter.
Exec.: one exec. - illegible.
Wit.: John Myers, Henry Crannell, Francis "hogie" (Hogle).
Dates: Oct. 14, 1799, Probate June 9, 1801. Vol. I, P. 311.

Wife: Cathereign.
Sons: Isaac, Jacob, Henry, Abraham, Peter.
Daus.: Cornelia, Catherirign, Lucretia, Lydia.
Grand-dau: "Cak"?
Exec.: William Gorsline, Jos. Taylor, Elijah Forguson.
Wit.: George Adriance, Thomas Seeley, S. Gorsline.
Dates: Aug. 21, 1799, Probate Aug. 31, 1801. Vol. I, P. 318.

Wife: Penelope.
Dau.: Catherine.
Youngest son Gotem.
Sons: Robert, Joshua, George, John, Benjamin, Josias, Malbone?.
Daus.: Frances Starkweather, Catherine Godfrey, Mary Kimball, Mercy Smith.
Exec.: Malbone Godfrey.
Wit.: Susan Carr, John Greene, Daniel Gray.
Dates: Aug. 31, 1801, Probate Oct. 9, 1801. Vol. I, P. 323.

Wife: Elizabeth.
Children: Charles, Nathaniel, Simeon, Joseph, Rufus William (or is it Rufus, William), Eleanor, Betsey, Clarissa, Susannah.
Exec.: Brother Rufus Gallop - (brother-in-law), Brother-in-law Timothy Graves.
Wit.: Elam Bull, Asa Kemp, John Comstock.
Dates: Oct. 1, 1801, Probate Nov. 2, 1801. Vol. I, P. 328.

PHEBE MILLER, City of New York and Troy
"5 children" - only three named: Marie, Margaret and Lucretia.
Exec.: Son-in-law Jonas Coe, brother Philip Smith, brother Isaac Smith.
Wit.: Thomas Sickels, Albert Pawling, Moses Vail.
Dates: April 8, 1800, Probate Nov. 23, 1801. Vol. I, P. 331.

Wife: Hannah.
Daus.: Amy, Jane, Elizabeth.
Sons: Peter, John.
Dau.: Deborah "Damchus" or Boochus.
Exec.: Wife; brother-in-law Thomas Wildee; Jesse Stivers.
Wit.: not given.
Dates: Jan. 2, 1802, Probate Feb. 11, 1802. Vol. I, P. 336.

JOHN RAY, Schaghticoke
Note: Wish "to be buried near my son Daniel."
Wife: Not named.
Son: David.
Dau.: Merriam.
Exec.: David Ray, Jabez Bulkley.
Wit.: James P. Masters, Phebe Bulkley, Mary Hunt.


Sons: George, John.
Dau.: Polly.
7 children: "Bartholomew, Jacob, George, John, Barbarah, Peggey."
Wife "now deceased."
Exec.: son Bartholomew, Brother Martinus.
Wit.: Martinus Sharp, Storm T. Vanderzee, William Crannell.
Dates: Sept. 15, 1802, Probate Nov. 11, 1802, Vol. 2, P. 1.

RICHARD ROWN (RICHARD ROUND), Town of Clinton (Greenbush)
Friend Syche Vail, wife of Daniel.
Friend Syche Campbell, wife of Jacob.
Friend Elizabeth Palmer, wife of Fenner.
Friend Jonathan Hoag, of the town of Schodack.
Note: Land in Town of Clinton, Dutchess Co.
Exec.: Friends Jonathan Hoag and Samuel Vail.
Wit.: David Hillard, Ebenezer Knapp.
Dates: April 11, 1800, Probate Nov. 30, 1802, Vol. 2, P. 16.

JOHANIS KILMER, Manor of Rensselaerwyck
Wife: Catherine.
To: Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Kraber 2nd.
Eldest son Johanis.
4th son David.
Youngest son Peter.
Dau.: Elizabeth.
Exec.: William Kilmer, Johanis Kreber.
Wit.: above executors and Henry Gadeker.
Dates: Sept. 23, 1795, Probate Nov. 30, 1802. Vol. 2, P. 18.

JAMES HAGERTY, Lansingburgh
Wife: Genet.
Son: James.
Other children - not named.
Exec.: Wife, Dennis Hagerty, Brother John Hagerty.
Wit.: Thomas Kane. Dennis Hagerty, William McElwee.
Dates: March 4, 1801, Probate Sept. 21, 1802. Vol. 2, P. 23.

Wife: Charity.
"her children, viz.: Lanah Best, Maria Risturg, Hannah Blass, Christian Weaver, Andrew Bortel."
"4 brothers and sisters: Anthony Stock, Philop Stock, Henry Stock, Marget Rate(?)
Exec.: Abraham Lake, John Comstock, John Blass.
Wit.: Cyrus Comstock, Reuben Baldwin, John Comstock.
Dates: June 14, 1798, Probate Dec. 28, 1802. Vol. 2, P. 24.

PELEG TABER, County of Rensselaer
Wife: not named.
Sons: Gersham, William.
Daus.: Elizabeth, Ruth, Meribah, Roba, Susanna, Phebe, "each sixty three cents."
Son: Philip
Daus.: Mary, Hannah.
Sons: John, George, Peleg Jr., Silas.
Note: Noah Shaw to have care of sons that are under age.
Exec.: Sons Gershom and William.
Wit.: Joseph Finch, Noah Shaw, Daniel Bristol.
Dates: Oct. 8, 1802, Probate Jan. 13, 1803. Vol. 2, P. 27.

PHILIP FELLERS, of the Village of Troy.
Son: John P. "who works in my manufactory as Tobacconist."
Sons: William P., Abraham P.
Wife: Rachel.
Son: Lewis S.
"my children, John P., Philip P., James P., William P., Abraham P., Catherine, all children from my first wife."
"Hannah, Lewis and Anna Maria, children of my second wife."
Exec.: 3 sons, John, Philip and James.
Wit.: Jonas Coe, Joseph Forsman, Samuel Starr.
Dates: Jan. 12, 1803, Probate Jan. 31, 1805. Vol. 2, P. 31.

Wife: Jannatie - part of the Island known as Schodack Isl.
Daus.: Charlotte and Gerritie.
Sons: "Rulift and Philip Johnson, sons of my said wife Jannatie."
Note: Land purchased from Ryer Schermerhorn.
Son: Peter - land in Coeymans released me by Levi Blaisdele.
Grand-dau.: Son of Peter's dau. Ann.
Daus.: Charlotte and Gerritie.
Exec.: Coenradt Ten Eyck, Coenrat J. Ten Eyck.
Wit.: Anthony Ten Eyck, Isaac Moll, Jacob Schermerhorn.
Dates: July 24, 1802, Probate March 4, 1803. Vol. 2, P. 40.

Wife: Catherine Cuyler - late Catherine Lydius - the home at Greenbush.
8 children: Henry Cuyler; Catherine Cuyler, now Catherine Le Roy; George Cuyler; James Cuyler; William Howe Cuyler; Margaret Cuyler; Ralph Burton Cuyler; Elizabeth Cuyler.
Exec.: Wife, sons Ralph Burton and William Howe Cuyler.
Wit.: Richard Lusk, Richard S. Treat, George Mancius.
Dates: Aug. 3, 1802, Probate April 23, 1803. Vol. 2, P. 49.

Note: Land in the Town of Hoosick.
To: James Dale.
Wife: Margery.
3 children: Julia, Francis, and Mary Ellis - minors.
Note: James Dale to be guardian to son Francis.
Late partnership of Bird and Bacon.
To: Chloe Ellis.
Exec.: James Dale of Troy, Samuel Starr, Daniel Jones.
Wit.: Noble Stewart, Jedediah Tracy, John Wright, Levy Stoughton.
Dates: Probated June 30, 1803. Vol. 2, P.55.

Wife: Phebe.
Son: Benjamin.
Other children - minors, not named.
Exec.: Isaac (____), Joseph Crandall, Michael Crandall.
Wit: Samuel Coley, Paul Roberts.
Dates: Nov. 19, 1802, Probate Jan. 21, 1803. Vol. 2, P. 61.

Sons: Archibald, George.
Wife: Siche
Note: ". . .purchase lot in Union Village (Nassau) & build a convenient house for my wife."
Exec.: Fenner Palmer, Wife, Thomas Hoag.
Wit.: William Vanderburgh, Ithamar Briggs, Archibald Shannon.
Dates: Sept. 8, 1802, Probate March 16, 1803. Vol. 2, P. 65.

JAMES MAULLIN, Village of Lansingburgh
Dau.: Nancy, now married to David McMurray.
3 sons: James Jr., William and Moses.
Exec.: John Rutherford, Joseph D. Sheldon.
Wit.: Joseph S? Mabbett, Shubail Gorham, Stephen Bass or Rose or....
Dates: July 24, 1802, Probate July 29, 1803. Vol. 2, P. 70.

PHEBE TUPPER, Late of the Town of Newburgh, County of Orange, now of Troy.
Son: Charles.
Grand-children: Horace William and Charles David.
Mentions: Elizabeth Dowel, grand-dau.; deceased daughter not named.
Dau.: Elizabeth Du Bois.
Dau-in-law: Sarah Tupper.
Exec.: son Charles; friend Joseph Forman.
Wit.: Isaac Knowles, John P. Fellows, Jonas Coe.
Dates: Nov. 30, 1802, Probate Aug. 16, 1803. Vol. 2, P. 75.

Oldest son William .....east part of my farm.
Dau.: Rachel, now wife of Frederick [first letter hard to read, could be Baring, Daring, whatever.).
Dau.: Alchy.
Son: Peter - 64 acres to the west end of my farm.
Dau.: Rebecca, wife of Elijah Frost.
Grandson: Joseph Primmer.
Dau.: Rebecca.
Exec.: sons William and Peter.
Wit.: Joseph Cain, George Miller, David Mellen.
Dates: April 9, 1803, Probate Aug. 10, 1803. Vol. 2, P. 84.

Wife: Mary.
Daus.: Deborah and Wait.
Sons: Edwardl Oliver - farm bought of Zebulon Hoxsie.
Daus.: Martha Chase, Sibbel Gibbs, Mary Eddy, Phebey Slocum, Deborah Slead.
Sons: Gideon, Philip, Joseph.
Exec.: 3 sons.
Wit.: Thomas Langdon, Lebbius Langdon, Benjamin Read.
Dates: March 29, 1803, Probate Aug. 23, 1803. Vol. 2, P. 90.

Nephew John Velie.
\ "Nephew" John Knickerbacker, son of my son John.
Grand-dau. "Sons's daughter Rebecca."
2 children, John Jr. and Annatje Velie (Volie? hard to read).
Note: Estate in "Collony of Rensselaerwyck called Waterfleet" (Waterveliet).
Exec.: Wife and 2 children.
Wit.: Gerrit Winne, Abraham Frasher, Gerrit D. Van Antwerp.
Dates: Dec. 28, 1791, Probate Sept. 30, 1803. Vol. 2, P. 97.

Wife: Hannah - money due her from William Larkin.
Son-in-law Daniel Burr?>
Exec.: Benjamin Culver.
Wit.: John Babcock, Joseph Larkin, Royal Coleman.
Children: not named.
Dates: June 9, 1803, Probate Oct. 5, 1803. Vol. 2, P. 101.

ABNER DWELLY, Schaghticoke
Sons: Abner Jr. and Lemuel.
Son: Asa - $1.00
Daus.: Elizalbeth Spolding, Lucy Wager, Deborah Graham.
Grand-dau.: Cynthia, dau. of son Jedediah.
Grandson: James Graham.
Exec.: Abner Dwelly Jr., Ebenezer Foote.
Wit.: James Adams, Joseph Alexander, Thomas Gates.
Dates: Nov. 9, 1801, Probate Oct. 18, 1803. Vol. 2, P. 107.

JOSEPH BRADLEY, New Haven, Conn.
Son: William.
Niece: Mary Abanatha.
Dau.: Sarah Bradley - her heirs.
Exec.: son William.
Wit.: Ebenezer Townsend Jr., Edmund French Jr., Frederick Bradley.
Dates: June 7, 1800, Probate Nov. 21, 1803. Vol. 2, P. 114.

MOSES HAZEN "Formerly of Canada, now Brig.-Gen. in the Army of the U.S."
Brother William - "manor of Siegnoary(sp?) at St. Johns in the Province of Canada."
Sister: Peaslee of "Gilman Town in New Hampshire."
Niece: Nancy Hazen "land in the Town of Haverhill at Coos in the Conn. River in the State of New Hampshire."
Mentions: Capt. Moses White; Lt. Benj. Mooers; and Zachary (or Zacheus) Peaslee "all of Canadian Old Regiment."
Wife: Charlotte. He "renounces land owned by her before her marriage."
Mother and Sister Peaslee.
Mentions: Lt. Col. Edward Antill and Tinken Williams Esq. ........ Lt. Col. Gabriel Christie.
Friend: Leonard Jarvis ". . .in Boston . . .my mare in Hartford . . .care of Capt. John Olcutt."
Exec.: Brother William Hazen; Capt. Moses White; "my present aid-de-Camp" Edward Antill; Lt. Col. Commandt; Joseph Torrey Major; M. White, Captain; Benjajin Mooers, Lieut.
Dates: Not dated. A codicil is dated June 13, 1793.
Date of Probate: Jan. 28, 1804.
Codicil: Appoints Marinus Willett, of the City of N.Y., Esq., as another Executor.
Witness to Codicill: Chas. McKnight; Alexander Hamilton; Unity Hoag; N. or H. Schuyler.
Codicil B. Marinus Willett discharged as Exec. Wife named in stead.
Wit.: William O'Brien, Wm. Alexander, William Torrey, (____) Hay.
Date of Codicil B. - June 13, 1793. Vol. 2, P. 125.

ELISHA BERRY, Stephentown
Wife: Phebe.
Note: land north side of the road which leads to George Thomas.
Youngest son: Clark.
2 grandsons, Elisha and Jonathan, sons to Elisha "land as far as Samuel Berry's northern lines."
Note: Land near Langford Greens that Samuel Berry sold to said Green.
Son: Samuel "south part of my farm running east and west o the country road being the south part of the farm, the north line about 3 roods south of where the log meeting house stood."
3rd son: Richard.
Daus.: Mary Jones, Bridget Fullsom.
Exec.: Wife Phebe, Clark Berry.
Wit.: Samuel Very Jr. (Samuel Vary Jr.), Jonathan Saunders, Hezekiack Saunders Jr.
Dates: May 16, 1802, Probate Feb. 21, 1804. Vol. 2, P. 135.

Wife: Dorcas Smith.
Sons: Cornelius Jr. and Darius.
Daus.: Hephseph Pollard, Tabitha Brown, Sally Right?
Son: Isaac.
Exec.: Son Isaac.
Wit.: James Eddy, Elkanah Smith, Israel Thompson.
Dates: April 8, 1800, Probate May 7, 1804. Vol. 2, P. 142.

Wife: Jane.
Mentions: Wiliam and John Jr.
Exec.: William and John Jr.
Daus.: Mary Ostrom, Caty Shufelt, Hannah Hoff, Lydia Welch.
Sons: William and John Jr.
Exec.: 2 sons.
Wit.: Levi Lobdell, Titus Husted, Samuel Sheffer.
Dates: Dec. 25, 1799, Probate May 8, 1804. Vol. 2, P. 146.

Wife: Treinita?>br? Daus.: Cornelia Hegel, wife of Francis; Abigail De Forest, wife of William; Catherine Fonda, wife of Walter; Angelthia Bratt, wife of Francis.
Eldest son David I.
2nd son: Derick.
Younges son: Peter.
Exec.: son-in-law William De Forest; son David.
WIt.: David Coons, "Peter D. Froest"(sp?), David W. De Forsst(?)
Dates: Jan. 9, 1804, Probate May 18, 1804. Vol. 2, P. 150.

Wife: Mary.
"my 2 only sons, Joseph and Dutcher."
Note: "my house lot now occupied by Platt Titus as a Tavern"
Dau.: Ann Young, wife of Alexander.
10 grandchildren: Nathaniel, Abigial, Henry, James, Jacob, Hiram and Charlotte Young; infant children of Alexander; Sarah, Henry S., and Laurence, children of Samuel Hyatt and Charlotte, his wife, now deceased, who was my daughter.
Exec.: Sons Joseph and Dutcher.
Wit.: Edward Young; Jacob Houghton; John M. Johnston; Samuel Starr.
Dates: Probated May 23, 1804. Vol. 2, P. 155.

JOCKIm STAATS, "of the Hogenberg, in the Town of Schodack."
Sons: Nicholas, Philip and John.
Son: Barent.
Mentions: Sonny? Gerrit.
Daus.: Elsie, Neeltie[first letter illegible].
Exec.: sons Nicholas, Philip and John.
Wit.: John G. (or O.) Miller, Gerrit Van Wie, J. Roorback(or Roorbeck?).
Dates: Feb. 20, 1801, Probate Jan. 6, 1804. Vol. 2, P. 160.

Sons: Daniel, Oliver, Elisha, Bigelow.
Daus.: Marah, Hannah.
"Liddy J. (or and &) Lois with my grand-daughter Sibbel Baker."
Exec.: John Comstock.
Wit.: John Comstock, Cyrus Comstock, Timothy Graves.
Dates: Feb. 3, 1804, Probate June 11, 1804. Vol. 2, P. 167.

Wife: Rachel.
Son: William.
Daus.: Phebe, Sarah, Fanny.
Sons: Timothy "land near Jonathan Emmons"; Libeus "land near Lemuel Waterman"; Daniel, John.
Exec.: "my said sons."
Wit: John Babcock, Sylvanus Babcock, Aron Sedgwick.
Dates: May 14, 1804, Probate June 27, 1804. Vol. 2, P. 170.

JACOB BRIMMER the 2nd, Petersburgh
Daus.: Nancy, Elizabeth, Keziah, Delaney.
Son: Justus.
Youngest son: Cornelius.
Exec.: William Sweet of Petersburg; brother George Brimmer of Petersburg.
Wit,: Clement Crandal, Job Tripp, Salley Sweet.
Dates: July 16, 1803, Probate June 27, 1804. Vol. 2, P. 174.

Wife: Elizabeth.
2 sons: Carl and John.
Exec.: 2 sons, Wife, Friend William Jacobie.
Wit.: Philip Binck, William Jacobie, Levi Lobdell.
Eldest daughter Nelly.
Daus.: Katy - "James Weldon her husband"; Hannah.
Dates: May 10, 1804, Probate July 10, 1804. Vol. 2, P. 180.

Son: Barent.
Wife: Jane.
Note: Land in Kinderhook purchased from Jacobus Vosburgh; Land in Schodack purchased from Moses Jones called White or Younglove house.
Dau.: Tryntje, wife of James Qualhot?
Dau.: Lucretia.
Exec.: Anthony Ten Eyck, Schodack; Martin Beeckamn of Schodack.
Wit.: Peter Labagh, "Magdoen" Labagh, Evert Van Alen.
Dates: Feb. 9, 1804, Probate Aug. 6, 1804. Vol. 2, P. 185.

Wife: Abigail.
Daus.: Nancy, Abigial.
Son: Elisha.
Son: Jesse - land in Stephentown.
Dau.: Deborah.
Daus.: Elizabeth and "Lovile" and Sarah, under 18.
Exec.: Stephen Hall, Arad? Knap, Hosea Moffitt.
Dates: Jan. 23, 1804, Probate Aug. 7, 1804. Vol. 2, P. 187.

Wife: Anna Maria "the Widows seat"
Son: Andreas.
Daus.: Catarina, Maria, Margaretta, Sarah Elizabeth, Eve.
Sons: Adam, Barney, John, Bernhard Jr.
Exec.: Sebastian Wederwas; Comart? Beringer (prob. Conradt Barringer), son Andreas.
Wit.: George H. Cipperley, Henry Cipperley, Mathias Younghans.
Dates: April 4, 1804, Probate Nov. 19, 1804. Vol. 2, P. 200.

Wife: Mary.
Sons: Walter, Daniel.
Daus.: Sarah, Hannah, Polly.
Son: Alexander.
Exec.: son Alexander, wife Mary, Daniel Van Pelt, Walter Van Pelt.
Wit.: James Spotten, John Ham, John Barnet.
Dates: Feb. 7, 1798, Probate Feb. 4, 1805. Vol. 2, P. 206.

Wife: Rachel.
Youngest son Thomas.
Eldest son Henry.
Grandson John, son of Henry.
Son: Phillip.
Grandson: Phillip.
Exec.: Wife Rachel.
Wit.: Isaac Bassett, Henry Voland, Bartholomew Noxon.
Dates: Dec. 24, 1804, Probate March 2, 1805. Vol. 2, P. 214.

Son: John.
Oldest son Samuel.
Oldest daughter Hannah Carpenter, wife of Fredrick.
Wife: Jane.
Youngest dau. Mary Vincen, wife of Benjamin.
Grandson: John Airls?
Exec.: Mattice Younghouse of Greenbush; Son John; John Myers.
Wit.: John Myers, Melatiah Capron, John Leifheit.
Dates: "Greenbushtown, Nov. 1804. Probate: March 20, 1805. Vol. 2, P. 223.

JOHN STRUNK, Greenbush
Wife: Elizabeth.
Only son Adam - farm of Wendel Simmons.
Exec.: Henry Simmns, Wendel Simmons, Daniel Simmons.
Wit.: Henri H. Simon, Wendel Simmon, John F. Shafer.
Dates: Feb. 9, 1805, Probate March 28, 1805. Vol. 2, P. 226.

Wife: Martha.
Mentions: Sabbatarian Church Society in Stephentown; Beloved brother deacon William Greenman.
Exec.: Brother William and his son James.
Wit.: Nathan Rogers, Teodaty Bliver?, Hosea Moffitt.
Dates: Nov. 9, 1802, Probate April 23, 1805. Vol. 2, P. 230.

Wife: Sarah.
Eldest son Earl.
2nd son Levi.
Son: Benjamin - farm in Hoosick formerly Pittstown Patent.
Daus.: Olive, Prudence.
Youngest son Samuel.
Daus.: Patience and Ruth.
Exec.: Wife; son Earl; friend Nathan Nichols.
Wit.: David Carnell; Fredk. Dopping; Nathan Nichols.
Dates: Probated May 28, 1805. Vol. 2, P. 235.

Son: Josiah.
Daus.: Abigial, Deborah.
Sons: Beriah, Michael.
Exec,: son Michael.
Wit.: John Russell, Zachariah Moffitt, Hosea Moffitt.
Dates: May 16, 1805, Probate Sept. 14, 1805. Vol. 2, P. 249.

RICHARD GREEN, Schaghticoke
Wife: Eve.
"All my children, Richard, Nelly Catherine Peter James Stephen Israel." (no commas after the first one).
Exec.: Wife; son James.
Wit.: John Fake, Daniel Wetsel, Thomas Esmond.
Dates: Oct. 16, 1805, Probate Nov. 13, 1805. Vol. 2, P. 253.

Wife: Sarah.
Children - not named.
Exec.: David Henry, of Lansingburg; Ann Vantersel (Van Tassell?), Isaac Shearwood, Anth. Miller.
Dates: Oct. 8, 1805, Probate Dec. 2, 1805. Vol. 2, P. 261.

Sons: Henry and Andrew.
Dau.: Margaret "farm between Vallicks (Valatie) Kill and the big falls (Stuyvesant Falls) in the County of Columbia."
Son: John.
Dau.: Mariah.
Mentions: Andrew Gardineer or Waterveliet.
Wife: Susannah.
Exec.: David Henry, Christopher Hutton, Abraham Ten Eyck.
Wit.: David Henry, Andrew Gardineer, Andrew Gardner.
Dates: Nov. 13, 1805, Probate Dec. 4, 1805. Vol. 2, P. 265.

PHILIP DEFOREST, of the City of Albany, but now of the Town of Schodack.
Note: Real Estate on Arbour Hill in the town of Watervliet.
Daus.: Catherine Douw, widow of Andreas; Catalina Groesbeck, wife of Anthony; Rachel Goeway, wife of John A.
"Late son-in-law John Van Ness, late husband of my daughter Nelly, deceased." [Nelly or Kelly, first letter hard to read.]
Exec.: John Van Ness; Anthony Groesbeck, John A. Goeway(?)
Wit: Ebenr Ballantine, George Goes, Margaret Featherly.
Dates: July 9, 1804, Probate Dec. 13, 1805. Vol. 2, P. 267.

Youngest son Henry.
Daus.: Elizabeth, Catherine, Mary.
Note: "All my sons and daughters except Christian Coons, wife of Philip Coons."
Eldest son: John.
Dau.: Christian Coons, wife of Philip.
Son: Jacob.
Exec.: Friend David Coons; brother Henry Date, David Coons, John Filkins, George Springer.
Dates: Oct. 23, 1805, Probate Jan. 4, 1806. Vol. 2, P. 276.

Wife: Millicent.
Brother: Jesse.
Sisters: Rebecca, Sarah Brush, Thankful Harris, Abia Hatch.
Exec.: Wife, Samuel Thompson, Michael Mead.
Wit.: Lovvet Head, Robert Van Tine, Nehemiah King.
Dates: Probated Dec. 13, 1805. Vol. 2, P. 279.

Daus.: Catherine Fake, wife of George; Christina Eychlesheimer, wife of Peter.
Grandson: John J. Snider.
Note: Land in Worcester, Otsego Co., N.Y.
Son: John's widow.
Sons: Jacob, Christopher, Andrew, Sebastian.
Exec.: Christopher Snider, George Fake jr.
wit.: William Kittlehuyn, David Kittlehuyn, Nehemiah King, Christopher Snider, George Fake Jr.
Dates: Nov. 9, 1805. Probate Jan. 27, 1806. Vol. 2, P. 282.

DANIEL BRATT, County of Rensselaer
Grandson: Daniel D. Bratt.
Grandson: Daniel B. Bratt.
Son: John.
Grandson: Jacob.
Daus.: Polly Lansing, Catherine Van Ness.
Daus-in-law: Hannah Bratt, mother of Daniel D.; Elizabeth Bratt, mother of Daniel B.
Exec.: Tunis Van Veghten, of Albany; Nicholas Snyer of Mapletown, County of Rens.
Wit: James Donaldson, John Kelley, Isaac Oudrkirk.
Dates: Jan. 15, 1803, Probate Jan. 29, 1806. Vol. 2, P. 291.

Wife: Elizabeth.
Sons: Isaac, James.
Daus.: Phebe Purdy - 5 shillings; "Mahaih"? Stanton.
Exec.: Wife; son Joseph Carpenter; son-in-law Nicholas Wallis.
Son: Josiah.
Dau.: Hannah.
Son: Jeremiah.
Wit.: Thomas Benedict, Joseph Benedict, James Benedict.
Dates: Dec. 4,1787, Probate Feb. 15, 1806. Vol. 2, P. 298.

Wife: Meribah.
Sons: Samuel Perry Pierce, William.
Dau.: Elizabeth.
Mentions: Dorcas Tanner.
Dau.: Sukey, now wife of Jesse Buel.
Exec.: not noted.
Wit.: William Brewerton, Hugh Peebles, John Bird.
Dates: March 23, 1802, Probate Feb. 24, 1806. Vol. 2, P. 306.

"Property to Col. Albert Pawling, Ebenezer Wilson and Benj. Smith, they to pay m wife "120. per year if she releases Dower."
Son: "second son now living at Burlington, Vt. . . .when he arrives at the age of 14."
Sons: John Hampdon; Clarence.
Note: "said Albert, Ebenezer, and Benjamin, to be guardians of John H. and Clarence."
Exec.: Col. Albert Pawling; Ebenezer Wilson; Benjamin Smith.
Wit.: Theod Drake, Isaiah Marble, Howard Moulton.
Dates: March 20, 1805. Probate March 12, 1806. Vol. 2, P. 310.

JOB GARDNER, Stephentown
Wife: Anne.
Son: Isaac's children living in Rhode Island.
Son: Benjamin's son James.
Son: Benjamin's children, Hannah and Abiah.
Son: Job B.
Exec.: Wife; son Job B.
Wit.: Cleo Moffitt, Sally Moffitt, Hosea Moffitt.
Dates: Sept. 2, 1803, Probate March 20, 1806. Vol. 2, P. 314.

MARY SLADE, "Patent of Pittstown, District of Hoosick."
Note: Wife of Philip.
To: heirs of deceased daughter Sibbel Gibbs.
Sons: Oliver, Philip, Joseph.
Daus.: Mary Eddy, Deborah Slade.
Son: Gideon.
Dau.: Wait Cross.
Grand-daughters: Sarah Chase, Mary Chase, Mary Slade, Nancy Eddy.
Dau.: Phebe Slocum.
Exec.: son Gideon.
Wit.: Thomas Lamson, Lebius Lamson.
Dates: Feb. 8, 1806, Probate May 5, 1806. Vol. 2, P. 324.

Brother: William.
Sister: Alida Lansing.
Mother: Alide Lansing.
To: Maria Lane.
Exec.: Cornelius Lansing, Levinus Levisee, Joshua Burnham.
Wit.: James Adams, Richard Lansing, Levinus Lansing.
Dates: Jan. 9, 1805, Probate May 19, 1806. Vol. 2, P. 332.

Wife: "Marthat"
Sons: Samuel, Jacob, Lawrence, Stephen, Joel, Daniel.
Daus.: Sarah, Deborah, Abi, Martha.
Sons: Thomas, John.
Exec.: Eldest son Samuel.
wit.: Simeon Twogood, John Freeman, Jesse Miller.
Dates: March 14, 1806, Probate May 1, 1806. Vol. 2, P. 335.

GEORGE GAGE, Pittstown
Wife: Sarah.
Dau.: Elizabeth.
Sons: James, Moses, Daniel, Lemuel.
Son: Eli.
Daus.: Hannah, wife of John Pardy; Charlotte Gage; Rebecca, wife of Roswell Burnham, and her 2 sons, Roswell and Stephen.
Exec.: Wife Sarah; friend James Townsend; friend John Rouse Jr.
Wit.: Daniel Watkins, John Rouse, Wm. McConnell.
Dates: March 18, 1805, Probate May 26, 1806. Vol. 2, P. 338.

Exec.: Silas Covell, James Spencer.
Wit.; Benjamin covell, Gilbert Brush.
Mentions wife and children, but not named.
Dates: Probated July 8, 1806. Vol. 2, P. 340.

Sons: Jacob Jr., and William.
Dau.: Hannah.

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