Revolutionary War Petition
Extracted From
The History Of Putnam County, N.Y.
with an enumeration of its
Towns, Villages, Rivers, Creeks, Lakes,
Ponds, Mountains, Hills And Geological
Features, Local Traditions and
Short Biographical Sketches Of Early Settlers, Etc.

by William J. Blake, Esq.

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


        On the 18th day of April, 1775, a detachment of British troops under Colonel Smith, was sent from Boston by General Gage, to destroy some American stores collected at Concord, then a small village, six miles north-west of Lexington, in Massachusetts. Upon Lexington Common seventy men were drawn up; on whom Major Pitcairn ordered the detachment to fire. The order was promptly obeyed, and seven men were killed and three wounded. There the blood of patriots was first shed; that was to nourish the infant tree of Liberty, during a seven years' struggle, while the ruthless elements of tyranny were warring for its destruction. On the 29th day of the same month and year, and eleven days after the bloody tragedy at Lexington, the inhabitants of the city of New York called a meeting of all who were opposed to the oppressive acts of the English Parliament, formed a general association, adopted a Pledge, and transmitted a copy to every county in the State for signatures.
        The storm had burst, and every day was adding fearful intensity to its force.
        The proud Lion of England had lapped the heart's blood of the descendants of the Plymouth Rock Pilgrims ; and their brethren of the other colonies saw that, ere long, with a few more bounds, he would leap among them. Between submission and resistance they were called to choose ; the former they had yielded to until it had ceased to become a virtue, and the latter was the only alternative left to men who were determined to wear the yoke no longer. The British Parliament and King had as zealous partisans and friends among us, as they had at home. It became necessary, in some way, to ascertain who were the friends of our own, and the mother-country.
        The Pledge was suggested ; and, acting on a test of divine origin, they who refused to sign it were set down as opposed to their country and the maintenance of her rights. In order to secure unanimity of purpose and harmony of action-to ascertain who could be relied on in the different counties, and draw out their political sentiments on the issue joined between the unnatural Mother and her rebelling Daughters-to commit the people to one side or the other of the question, and by united action among the friends of the cause, to prepare for the approaching conflict, was the object of the Pledge. If there ever was a "time that tried mens' souls," it was when they grasped the " gray-goose quill" to sign their death-warrant if they failed, or their liberty if successful. At that period, even the most violent patriot must have looked upon the undertaking as desperate and almost hopeless, with but one chance out of ten in his favor. But they were men of a by-gone and an iron age, upon whom the world may not look again. They had made up their minds to die rather that submit and when men of such indomitable energy of mind once deliberately resolve, their destiny is fixed.
        New York, it will be seen, moved early to ascertain, after hostilities had commenced, the sentiments of her citizens on the issue of a nation's freedom. The Pledge was as follows ;

"Persuaded that the salvation of the rights and liberties of America depend, under God, on the firm union of its inhabitants in a rigorous prosecution of the measures necessary for its safety ; and convinced of the necessity of preventing anarchy and confusion, which attend the dissolution of the powers of government, we, the freemen, freeholders, inhabitants of _____, being greatly alarmed at the avowed design of the Ministry to raise a revenue in America, and shocked by the bloody scene now acting in Massachusetts Bay, do, in the most solemn manner, resolve never to become slaves and do associate, under all the ties of religion, honor, and love to our country, to adopt and endeavor to carry into execution whatever measures may be recommended by the Continental Congress, or resolved upon by our Provincial Convention for the purpose of preserving our Constitution, and opposing the execution of the several arbitrary Acts of the British Parliament, until a reconciliation between Great Britain and America on constitutional principles (which we most ardently desire) can be obtained ; and that we will in all things follow the advice of our General Committee respecting the purposes aforesaid, the preservation of peace and good order, and the safety of individuals and property."


"Agreeable to adjournment to this day, being the 15th of August, 1775, we met at the house of Jacob Griffin, in order to make a return of the persons who signed the Association and those who refused, viz : Those who signed--

Theods. Van Wyck, Dirck G. Brinckerhoff, John Brinckerhoff, Daniel Ter Boss, Zachs. Van Vorhees, Richard Van Wyck, Garret Storm, William Van Wyck, Cornelius Sebring, Joseph Horton, Johannes Wiltse, Gores Storm,T. Van Wyck, Jr., Harvey M. Morris, Henry Godwin, Thomas Storm, John Adriance, Henry Schenck, Jacob Swartwout, Corns. Van Wyck, Jr., Isaac Sebring, Abm. Brinckerhoff, Roelef Schenck, Abraham Schenck, L. E. Van Bunschoten, Isaac Ter Boss, Jacob Griffin, James Snediker, Aaron Brown, John A. Brinckerhoff, John Wickoff, James Denton, William Clauker, George Brinckerhoff, Adrian Brinckerhoff, Abraham Ter Boss, John H. Sleght, Jacobus De Graef, John Meyer, Jonathan Langdan, William Tisdale, Joseph Griffin, Daniel Johnson, John Meynema, Abm. Van Voorhis, Hendk. Hardenburg, Moses Bedell, Peter Ter Bush, John Jewell, Jr., Alexander Turner, James Auning, William Ward, Jacob Du Bois, Jr., Gabriel Hughson, David Barker, Henry Van Tessel, Claistian Du Bois, Jr., Ahas. Elsworth, Jacob Brinckerhoff, William Holms, Thomas Ostrander, Godfrey Heyn, N. E. Gabriel, Abraham Morrell, Geo. J. Brinckerhoff, Christopher Ratan, James Weekes, Isaac Van Wyck, Cornelius Smith, Hugh Conner, Andw. J. Lawrence, Nathl. Fairchild, Samuel Gosline, John Berray, James Cooper, John Cooper, James Barnes, John Ter Bush, Cornelius Adriance, Abm. De Foreest, Thomas Simonton, Joseph Mc Cord, John Cooper, Richard King, Jacob Van Voorhis, Jr., Jonathan Haight; Israel Kniffin, Daniel Kniffin, Jonathan Kniffin, Walter Heyer, Adrian Bogert, Moses Akerly, Luke Ter Boss, James Miller, Cornelius Osborne, Nicholas Brower, Matthias Clark, Nicholas Brower, Jr.. John Wright, Charles Brewer, John Ackerman, John Walters, James Rathbun. Seth Chase, Adolphus Brower, David Brower, Cornelius Brower, Jacob Brower, Deriah Hogland, William Haskin, Peter Horton, Jesse Bedell, Martin Schenck, Peter Monfoort, Matthias Horton, Johans. De Witt, Jr., Mat. Van Bunschoten, Abm. Van Wyck, Steph. Brinckerhof Geo. Brinckerhoff, John Scouten, Joseph Balding, J. Scouten, son of Jerry, Jacobus Emans, James Brown, Moses Barber, Abm. L. Losee, Samuel Swartl.vout, John Swartwout, William Scouten, Jr., Daniel Rayner, Robert Brett, John Smith, Jacob Balding, Caleb Cornell, Isaac Storm, Henry Rosekraus, Benjamin Rosekraus, Stephen Osborne, Simon S. Scouten, Daniel G. Wright, Jr., Joseph Wiltse, Geo. Van Werkeren Platt Rogers, Theods. Adriance, Micah Rogers, John Lawrence, Jeremiah Bedell, Joseph Fowler, Jacob Swartwout, Gideon Way, Merinos V. Vlaikren, Henry Ostrander, John Leyster, Timothy Saikryder, Zachariah Boss, John Bush, Jr., Josiah Hallstead, Peter Noorstrant, Jeremiah Martin, Jr., Peter Snyder, John Gray, Jr., Gershom Martine, Amos Nettleton, John Bennitt, Elihu Emmitt, Ab. H. Van Amburgh, Jesse Baker, James Thurston, Joseph Parker, Stephen Thaiker, Abraham Gray, John Baker, Jeremiah Ranny, David Mowry, Joseph Lee, Simon Bise, William Lane, Ezra Mead, James Innes, Isaac Smith, Peter Hulst, David Bennett, David Horton, William Wright, Daniel Canfield, Sabure Main, Johans. Brinckerhof, Andw. Van Hyning, Abm. Van Amburgh, Moses Saikryder, James Rosekraus, Stephen Doxey, Dirck Hegerman, Jonathan Talmagee, Solomon Saikryder, Joshua Hicks, Martin Smith, Robert Rogers, Thomas Wright, William Baker, Daniel Wright, John Watts, Johans. De Witt, Albert Carley, Henry Van Voorhis, Martin Wiltse, H. Rosekraus, Jr., James Kilburne, Dirck Brinckerhoff, Zebulon Southard, Evert W. Swart, John Bloodgood, Walter Moody, Jr., John Johnson, Simon Ter Bush, Thorn Pudney, Francis Pudney, Abraham Ceasa, Stephen Peudy, Henry Carpenter, John Ter Bush, Abraham Schultz, Cornelius Sebring, John Pudney, Cornelius Ter Bush, David Lyons, Edward McKeeby, Theods. Brett, John McBride, Obadiah W. Cooper, Timothy Mount, Jonas Southard; James Reynolds, George Bump, Tunis Du Bois, James Green, Obadiah J. Cooper, Peter Klump, Abm. Van Tyne, Jacob Van Voorhis, Jr., Myndert Cooper, John Runnels, Thomas Bump, Christopher Schults, Silvinus Pine, Isaa H. Ter Boss, William Somerdike, Philip Pine, Nathan Bailey, John Pullick, Austin Fowler, David Pellet, John Southard, Duncan Graham, Mesa Du Bois, James Duncan, Caleb Briggs, James Osburn, Isaac Hegeman, Jacobus Degroff, R. F. Van Bunschoten, John De Groot, Jno. Van Bunschoten, Robert Jodd, Bernd. J. Van Kleek, Jabobus De Gruff Jr., Jacobus Sleght, Moses Vanelin, Adam Dates, William Stanton, William Teatsort, Isaac Snider, Thomas Lewis, Jacob Cole, Abraham Sleght, Michal Hoffman, Tennis Wilsen, Isaac Cole, Peter Stienbergh, Gideon Ver Velon, Moses De Groff, Henry Buys, Peter Van Kleek, Jr., Jeremiah Mead, Henry Pelts, Jacob Backer, Jacob Coapman, Barent Dutcher, Bolles B. Van Kleek, John Leroy, Jr., Henry Bell, Jurrie Hoffman, Jacob Niffer, P. Van Dervoort, Jr., Simon Leroy, Jr., John Leroy, Jacob Lane,Thomas Yeumans, Constine Gulnack, Johans. Hooghteling, Clement Cornwell, Peter Deets, Francis Leroy, Abm. Westervelt, Jost. Westervelt, James Howard, Cornelius Griffin, William Griffin, James Vandewater, Pali Swartwout, Garret Beneway, Jeremiah Var Velen, Thomas Pinkney, Henry Marten, Barthol. Hogeboom, Charreik Van Keuren, David Dutcher, Deminicus Monfoort, James Rymden, Andrew Ostram, John Ostram, Frederick Rosekraus, Peter Van Dewater, Bareut B. Van Kleek, Sevaris Van Kleek, Francis Van Dewater, John Van Valin, Peter Polmetier, Lawrence Conklin, Herman Rynden, John Rosekraus, Thomas Johnson, Francis Way, Jr., Joshua Smith, Aaron Brown, Jr., Abraham Ladu, Cornelius Swartwout, Gilbert Lane, William Swartwout, James Swartwout, Samuel Roberts, Ebenezer Clark, William Lane, Joseph Totten, Andrew Hill, Johannes Sharrie, Jeremiah Jones, Lawrance Haff, Peter Outwater, Daniel Outwater, T. Van Benschoten, Samson Smith, Albert Terhum, Abm. Duryee, Jr., John Tirhum, James Culver, Dennis Culver, James Culver, Jr., Peter Van Benschoten, Jacob Van Benschoten, Henry T. Wiltsey, John Tappen, James Davison, Henry Burhause, William Hogelandt, Abijah Pattersan, Daniel Terhum, Abraham A. Lent, Tunis Skeet, Cornelius Verwie, Hugh Laughlin, Francis Hegeman, John Culvert, Abraham Cronckheit, John Jewell, Isaac Jewell, Jr., Cornelius Wiltse, Hemming Higby, Peter Lent, Isaac Adriance, Johannes Boss, Richard Griffin, Steph. Van Voorhis, Jacob Buys, Jr., John L. Losee, Jacob Horton, Corns. Ostrander, Richard Comfort, Abraham Shear, William Barnes, Frederick Scutt, Jerome Van Voorhis, Kam Adriance, Kam J. Adriance, John Devoe, Jac's C. Swartwoudt, Peter Robinson, Moses Shaw, Jacobus Van Dewater, Zach. Van Voorhis, Jr., William Brock, Jacob King, John Hutchins, John Darlon, James Wildee, William Wildee, Richard Avery, John Rosekians, Isaac Hutchins, John Yurkse, Abm. Van Wackere, Jacob Hutchins, Thomas Way, Abm. De Witt, John Philips, Elbert Mumfort, Danl. Van Voorhis, George Jewell, John Noorstrant, Peter Schoonhove, Joshua Griffin, Isaiah Wilde, Isaac Southard, William Winslow, John Griffin, John Vandervoort, Daniel Shaw, Peter Fitz Simmons, Nathan Burnes, John Vermillie, Richard Osborn, Peter Johnson, Jr., Richard Jewell, Jacob Dubois, Jacob Van Dervoort, Peter Meyer, John Coffin, Coenradd Appleye, Joshua Bishop, William Van Tyne, Sylvester Bloom, John Van Sulen, John Kipp, William Brooks, Jacob Van Tassell, Stephen Bates, Daniel David, Isaac Griffin, Peter Montross, Isaac Holmes, Aaron Shute, Richard Jackson, Dirick Hardenburgh, Peter J. Monfoort, Timothy Talman, Peter Depung, William Cushman, Garret Handenburgh, Tobias Mabie, John Bogardus, Samuel Somes, Nathan Somes, Jonathan Terry, Ralf Phillips, Isaac Jewell, George Bloom, Benjamin Roe, Henry Hains, Lawrance Lawrance, Jonas Cauniff, Edward Churchill, Samuel Tedd, William Roe, James Miller John Phillips, Daniel Auning, Daniel Ward, William Barker, John Parks, Peter Bogardus, Jr., John Davis, William Earls, Peter Bogart, Francis Way, William Fowler, Corns. Brinckerhoff, Dennis Mc Shebeey, Isaac Veal, Robert Mc Cutchin, Robert Nichkilson, Elias Concklin, Jesse Purdy, Joseph Ogden, Andrew Renvells, William Ardem.

A list of persons in Dutchess County who refused to sign the Association :

Of Captain Heganan's Company:

John Tarpanning, John Jast Snider, John Crandle, James Medagh, Michas Cock, Barent A. Van Kleek, William Baker, Urean Terwilger, Jores Middagh, Daniel Cole, Albert Monfoort, Henry Cailen, Peter Burhans, William Rogers.

Captain Stephen Brznkerkoof's Company:

John Hoisted, Lieut., Peter Boss, Jacob Wright, Joseph Morss, Benjamin Snyder, Oliver Peck, William Cure, Joseph Ferinton, Joseph Merritt, Johannes Devoe, Joseph Smith, Joseph Robison, Ebenezer Pellit, Peter Boss, Richard Yeats, Jessey Baker, Jr., Christopher Winter, Benjamin Ellis, Joseph Halsted, Thomas Martin, John Miller, Lieut., of Captain Lodinton, Ezekel Main, Levi Winter, Joseph Winter, Tunis Kranchite, William Goodfellow, Isaac Wright, Benjamin Doty, Jonathan Lee, Benjamin Ogden, David Roe, Joshua Odle, Semeon Losee, Philip Roens, Thomas Baker, Johannes Storm, Stephen Stalker, Philip Morse, Daniel Haasbroock, Thomas Carman, Zebulon Gray, Silas Brown.

Captain Southard's Company

Gerrit Nostrand, Johannes Voorhes, Abraham Philps, Henry Philps, Peter Philps, Jocobus Philps, Elias Van Voorhees, Richard Southard, Thomas Southard, Gilbert Southard, Richard Southard, Jr., Daniel Southard, Thomas Poyer, Robert Bogardus, Increase Mills, Robert Mills, Henry Mills, Samuel Mills, Jesse Purdy, Joseph Green, Francis R. Britt, Jeremiah Cooper, Jonas Halsted, Jacob Rider, John Covert, Leniah Adams, Philip Shoaf, Thomas Gibson, Peter Brogardus, Isaac Vealey, Thomas Sprage, Jeremiah Green, Benjamin Munger, Thomas Miller.

Captain John Bedle's Company :

John Bedle, Captain, Enoch Purdy, John Schutt, Lieut., Joseph Burroughs, F. Hasbrook, Lieut., John S. Langdon, George Van Nostrand, Ensign, Joseph Wood, James F. Way, Joseph Carey, Endrew J. Schouten, Isaac Wood, Benjamin Gerox, Oliver Larduex, John Linabeck, Thomas Craft, Jacobus Jno. Schutt, Peter Dubois, Nathaniel Laduex, Johannes Swartwout, Joseph Winn, Gabriel Thomkins, William Winn, Joseph Laine, Benjamin Lisk, John Lisk, Stephen Weekes, Abraham Maley, Matthew Cure, Samuel Cure, Matthew Buis, Nicholas Storm, Peter Storm, Gessom Bounds, William Goslin, Abraham Nefuss, George Nefuss, Isaac Giou, John Wood, Abraham Young, John Aulgelt, Thomas Swartwout, Marvin Rowland, Thomas Wood, Joseph Post, Samuel Kichim, Nath'l. Gildersleeve, John Carey, Sr., Abr'm Van Hyning, Ambrose Lating, Abraham Gerrison, Abraham Purdy, John J. Wood, John J. Schouten, Charles Venson, Henry Schouten, Mar. J. Van Vlaren, Reuben Gerroson, John Peck, Isaac Lecore, Simeon Mabee, Lawrence Daily, Abraham Travas, John Caunef, Sutten Bailey, Isaac Wasbourn, John Carey, Jr., Jeremiah Hett, Benjamin Hasbrouck, John Sloot, Ephraim Scouten, Henry Light, Samuel Brown.

Matthias Lyster's Company :

Mat. Lyster, Captain, Peter Hoff, A. Herremans, Lieut., Andr. Herremans, Jr., A. Vanderbilt, Ensign, John Herremans, John Cook, Stephen Bancker, John Thorn, John Kennif, Andrew Burck, Joshua Besship, Stephen Thorn, Jacob Johan Dubois, Hendrick Van Vleck, Cornelius Nostrand, Adrian Manfort, Abraham Hogeland, John Hudson, Dirck Churchill, James Hicks, Francis Brogardus, Albert Monfoort, Cornelius Lyster, Stephen Duryee, Abraham Lent, Gideon Tichout, Johannes Dubois, John Huff, John Carnell, Gerret Lyster, Abraham Duryee, Cornel. Van Sickler, Samuel Livingston, James Morgan, Thomas Vanbrare, Joseph Theale, Undrel Strong, Gilbert Strong, Gilbert Barnes, Walter Huson, John Buchout, John Ses, John Haboun, Peter Van Cramer, Will. H. Harremans, John Manfoort, Timothy Sornes.

Captain Horton's Company :

John Brevoort, John Van Vlaeron, Adam Aulgett, Joseph Brush, John Snedeker, John Weel, Edward Hougen, Isaac Lent, Gerrardus Vermilyer, David Vermilyer, Charles McCrade, Paule Jacob Lewis, John Wiltsee, Peter Delany, Joshua Duly, Benjamin Clapp, William Juell, John Clapp, Abraham Depue, John Wilddey, Jacob Jewill, Abraham Huff, Thomas Clapp.

Captain Grifin's Company:

George Nostraind, Henry Underwood, Henry Van Tessel, Jr., Philip Miller, Joshua Purdy, James Ward, Caleb Bishop, Matthew Obriant, Benjamin Thurston, John Churchill, Thomas Griffin, Daniel Ward, Joseph Anderson, Henry C. Philips, John Jay, Benjamin Ackerly, Solomon Woods, Andrew t. Schouten, Benjamin Bloom, Peter Dubois, Adrain Covenhoven, Joseph Thurston, Philip Verplanck, Jacob Ward.
By order of the Committee, DIRCK G. BRINCKERHOFF, Chairman.

Fishkill, August 23, 1775.
Sir :--Enclosed is the return of the persons who have signed the Association, and of those who have refused. In the latter. you find many erasures, occasioned by their signing afterwards. This affair has been delayed thus long, on account of pursuing lenient measures.
I am, by order of the Committee, your most obedient servant,
Dirck G. BRINCKERHOGG, Chairman.

Signers in Beekman's Precinct, Dutchess County, July, 1775.

William Humfrey, Joshua Carmen, Ebenezer Cary, Charless Platt, William McNeal, William Clark, Thomas Ley, Samuel Crandel, Maurice Pleas, Thomas Nethaway, Benoni Sweet, Nathaniel Stevenson, Nathaniel Cary, Samuel Lewis, Zebulon Ross, Samuel Gardiner, Martin Cornell, Benjamin Noxon, Elial Youmans, John Forguson, Henry Whikmon, Nuklus Olney, Walton Huling, John Huling, Jacob Miller, William McDowell, Thomas Cornell, Isaac Dennis, James Humfrey, Thomas Spencer, William Bently, Jr., Fr. West, John Jenkins, Aholyab Markes, Arnold Reynolds, Amos Randall, John Wightman, Whiten Parkes, Jonathan Dennis, Gideon Hall, Jabez Spencer, John Eagles, John Sweet, James Wells, Job Shearman, Joseph Carr, Daniel Uhl, William Smith, Samuel Sweet, Peter Shear, Peter Shear, Jr., Roger Mory, Jr., Isaac Yerrington, Peter Storm, Josiah Ingersol, James Mc Lees, Nathaniel Wicks, John Weaver, Edward Howard, Wiliam Hall, Joseph Carr, Joshua Champlies, Jr., Isaac Vail, John Arnold, Job Tanner, Johannes Delong, Hezekiah Rogers, Ezekiel Rogers, Griffin Reynolds, Peter Brill, Samuel Cornwell, Josep Lawless,Jr., Peter McClus, John Hopim, Zephaniah Brown, Cornelius Van Wyck, Joshua Carman, Jr., John Melony, John Andrews, Charles Newton, Henry Bailey, Francis Losee, Daniel Smith, William Shear, William Champlin; Philip Vincent, John Vinton, Stephen Forgoson, Jonathan West, John Kelly, Benjamin Fargason, Joseph Reynolds, Maurice Smith, Joseph Taylor, Steven Johnson, James McCollom, Edward Weaver; Gershom Thorn, Peter Harris, William Brewer, James M. Creedy, Abraham Hyatt, filbert Totten, Edward Tredwell, Elias Alley, Isaac Calton, Peter Harris, James Vosburgh, Jesse Oakley, Tillinghast Bentley, Peter Noxon, Thomas Doxsle, Henry Pearsall, Garret Mill, Johannes Lain, Henry Smith, Lodovick Sweet, George Sweet, David Storm, Salmag. Edwards, Stephen Townsend, Joshua Burch, David Brill, Nicholas Koons, Benjamin Birdsall, Christopher Wait, David Sweet, John Moon, Nicholas Potter, Judiah Jenkins, Jr., Jonathan Jenkins, Thomas Clark, John Hill, Andrew Cockrane, Timothy Force, Clear Everit, Ezekiel Smith, Benjamin J. Rish, Isaac J. Rish, Rowland Stafford, William Bentley, Tabor Bentley, Thomas Baker, William Spencer, John Bentley, Nial Tripp, Daniel Fish, Judiah J. Rish, Solomon Force, Benjamin Force, Seth Sprague, Benjamin Spencer, Samuel Whitman, Matthew Coon, Nathaniel Sweet, Casy Eldridge, Jr., Johannes Lossing, Samuel Tomson, Benjamin Hall, Abel Parker, James Tanner, Joshua Champlin, Benjamin Force, Abraham Denne, Joseph Denne, Richard Mackrill, Jacob Lain, John Beam, Henry Shear, Theophilus Sweet, John Wooley, William Tanor, Charles Heayelton, John Snider, Seth Smith, Jacob Esmond, John Sweet, Elisha Champlin, Joseph Holloway, Jacob Hutchins, Jr., John Oats, James Eastmond, Lewis Shear, Israel Vail, David Storm, Jonathan Jenkins, Gideon Hall, Ezekiel Hubbard, Joseph Booler, John Sweet, Joshua Mowry, Stephen Mowry, Cornelius Meynard, Tobias Clements, George Croukhill, Jonathan Parks, John Fish, Woos Dakin, Digmus Kimee, John Comptor, John Lamb, Jacob Rouse, Elijah Forgason, Elijah Forgason, Jr., Job Conger, David Pamer, David Abbet, Matthew Beckwith, Abraham Mosher, David Cash, Amos Crandell, Pardon Fish, Sylvanus Cash; Thomas Bullock, Henry Birdsall, Nathaniel Sol, Ebenezer Sol, David Brown, Samuel Euery, Addom Bockus, Nehemiah Lester, Jonathan Alger. Nathaniel Rogers, Andrew Carman, Albert Adriance, James Wiltse, Samuel Young, Daniel Lawrence, William B. Alger, Job Green, William Humfrey, Jr., Joseph Carman, John Hegerman, George Losee, Johannes Acker, France Wiltse, Henry Cornell, Abel Simon, Zachariah Flagler, John Reasover, John Losee, William Kelley, William Barber, Nathaniel Smith, Caleb Townsend, Myndert Harris, Obadiah Cooper, Jr., John Hicks, Peter Leavens, Joel Edget, Peter Cartwright.

The following are the names of those persons who refuse to sign the Association of Beekman's Precinct, Dutchess County :

Arey Delong, James Gaslin, Peter Rosseil, Jacob Hasver, Matthias Valentine, Richard Heliker, William Harris, Richard Tripp, Richard Tripp, Jr., Israel Tripp, James Noxon, Barthol. Noxon, Jr., Michel. Woolf, Smighting Tripp, Peter Hogoboom, Daniel Beadle, John Wilkenson, Christopher Moyer, Myndert Valey, Henry Gidley, John McDonald, Samuel Smith, Martine Easterly, Daniel Ferris, James Burtice, Nathan Hyatt, Frederick Shapher, Thomas Brundage, Peter Levins, Sr., William Bocker, Baultis Veily, Bartholomew Wood, Abraham Byce, Jr., Peter Chatterton, Philip Miller, Lawrance Lossee, Israel Titus, John Brown, Robert Thorn, Stephen Lockwood, Peter Paley, Jonathan Thorn, Peter Dop, Peter Johnson, Johannes Miller, Jeremiah Leuderbeck, Philip Flagler, William Giles, Daniel Way, John Smith, Garret Burtis, Martine overaker, Cornberry Dayton, Myndert Cole, Josiah Bull, Jr., Charles Thomas, Gilbert Thorn, John Akerbry, Cornelius Hegeman, Jonathan Atherton, William Woolf, Aaron Lasey, Crapo Lake, Francis Delong, John Burnit, Stephen Dean, Samuel Stringham, Ichabod Bourman, Sylvester Richmond, James Titus, Ephraim Horton, Edward Adams, Thomas Hutchings, Robert Moon, James Striker, Ebenezer Worden, Charles Vincent, William Sleeves, Thomas Langdon, Peter Buyce, Jr., Samuel Emory, Rowland Emory, Jacob Brill, Jeremiah Haxstum, Elias Palmer, Benjamin Kenyon, Nicholas Mosher, Richard Cornell, Peter Deeyo, James Pettet, William Gifford, Jr., Capt Yerry Emigh, Peter Simson, Lawrence Emigh, Samuel Whipple, Isaac Veal, Philip Emigh, Nicholas Emigh, son of Philip, Hendrick Emigh, John Ball, Hendrick Klyn, John Dearstine, Abijah Ketcham, Michal Shearman, Amos Pine, Nathan Hoag, Peter Emigh, Richardus Cornell, Valentine Stover, Richard Vincent, Preserved Fish, Joseph Losee, Capt Joseph Harris, Lieut. Hey. Collins, Ensign Barnt Veily, Abraham Buyce, Causper Overhiser, William Gifford, Roger Morey, Samuel Crandle, Samuel Crandle Jr., Peter Kedney, Oliver Waterman, Jesse Thorn, Jacob Ferguson, Johannes Shear, Charles Davis, Jasper Fullmore, Andrew Skidmore, John Golder, Capt. Michael Vincent, Lieut. Peter Buyce, Ensign Steph. Hunt, Yerry Lossing.

Signers in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, June and July, 1775

Zepaniah Platt, Peter Tappen, Samuel Dodge, William Forman, John Baily, Jr., Johannes Swartwort, Bicter Van Kleeck, John Freer, Henry Livingston, Jr., Elias V. Van Bunschoten, Robert North, Lewis Dubois, Andrew Billings, Peter Low, Ezekial Cooper, John Schenck, Jr., Paul Schenck, Jacobus Freer, John Romyne, Andrew Wattles, Nathan Tray, Barent Lewis, Thomas Holmes, Jacob Van Bunschoten, Abraham Fort, Carel Hoefman, Henry Hoff, Gorus Storm, Thomas Jacockes, Barnardus Swartwort, Francis Jaycock, M. Van Keuren, Azariah Winchester, Henry Willsie, John Willsie, William Sawckes, Thomas Burnet, James Brisb, Matthew Burnett, Gideon Boyse, Thomas Bont, William Lawson, Jr., Abr'm Van Keuren, John Saunders, John Briener, Hans Berner, Benjamin Jaycock, Thomas Rowse, Isaac Poole, Jonathan Johnson, Aaron Reed, John Pilgrit, Peter Lossing, Peter Horn, William Burnett, James Elderkin, John Waterman, Johannes Fort, Simon W. Lossing, Mat. Van Keuren, Jr., Silvanus Greatwaks, Satnuel Smith, James Livingston, Richard Davis, Law. Van Sleek, John Mott, Richard V. Denbergh, Simon Freer, John Davis, Robert Noa, Isaah Bartly, John Schenck, Jr., Hendrick Pells, Hendrick Pells, Jr., Johannes Kidney, Jacobus Schryver, Henry Hegeman, George Sands, Hobert Waddel, Myndert Van Kleek, Henry Ellis, Henry Van Blercome, Simon Leroy, Henry Kip, Benoni Kip, Abraham Banlay, M. Van Denbogart, Isaac Kornine, Jr., Alexander Grigs, Simon Bartley, Peter Tappen, Robert North, Ezekiel Cooper, William Terry, Alexander Haire, Thomas Poole, Tennis Tappen, Nathaniel Hemsted, George Brooks, Nathaniel Conklin, John Townsend, Andrew Billings, Samuel Corey John Tappen, Henry Dodge, Jonas Kelly, Stephen Hendrickson, Nathaniel Ashford, Andrew Weeks, John Ter Bush, Cornelius Noble, James Brisleen, John Johnson, Abraham Pitt, Samuel Cooke, James Winans, John Seabury, William Forman, Henry Livingston, S. Van Voorhees, John Conkling, Matthew Conkling, Thomas Travis, Zachariah Burwell, Lemuel Howell, Abraham Swartwout, Richard Everitt, Matthias Sharp, John C. Hill, John T. Van Kleeck, Dorthir Conner, Jr., James Read, Richard Warner, William Kelly, James Lewis, George Sharman, Albo. Waterve1l, William Roach, Elias Freer, Leonard Van Kleeck, Richard Snedeker, F. Van Denbogart, Gerrit Van Wagenen, Jac. Van Kleeck, Henry Eliss, John Maxfield, L. J. Van Kleeck. Lewis Dubois, Jacobus Frear, John Reed, Jacob Rhoades, William Wilsey, Michel Yerry, Ephraim Adams, Tunis Hannes, Matthew Dubois, E. Van Bunscoten, Martin Bush, Hendrick Bush, James Luckey, Samuel Luckey, Abraham Ferden, Peter F. Valleau. Wilhelmus Ploegh, Geleyn Ackerman, Joel Dubois, Peter Mullin, Simon Leroy, Jr., David Dutcher, Peter Van Dewater, Edward Symmonds, Cornelius Viele, Eli Read, Peter Low, Larrine Lossing, Jr., John Dubois, Casparus Westervelt, Lodowick Sypher, Christian Bush, Silvanus Beckwith, Alex. Chaucer, Caleb Carmen, Jr., John Van Kleeck, John Seabury, Jr., Robert Hoffman, William Jones, Jacob Low, Bernardus Swartwout, Bohn L. Van Kleeck, Minnard Swartwout, John Swartwout, Frederick Van Vliet. John Robinson, John Bailey, Jr.. Jac. Van Denbogart, Caleb Carmen. Jacob Ferri. Omar Ferri, Joshua Moss, S. Van Denburgh, Nathaniel Dubois, C. R. Westervelt, Enyamen Westervelt, C. F. Westervet, Peter Andes Lansing, William Annely, William D. Lawson, John C. Ringland, Gerrit Van Vliet, Jeremiah Dubois, Jacob V. Denbergh, Peter Van Vliet.

A list of men's names who refused to sign the General Association recommended by the Provincial Convention, taken at Poughkeepsie, June and July, 1775:

Flemming Steenbergh, George Ame, Jonathan Morey, Samuel Pinckney, Myndert Kidney, Jacobus Kidney, Jeremiah Dubois, Evert Pelts, Francs Pelts, Michel Pelts, Nehemiah Veal, Jacob Polmatier, Robert Kidney, Abraham Frair, Abraham Frair, Jr., Matthew Kipp, Simon Frair, Jr., John Bomen, Michael Wellding, John V. D. Bogart, Joseph Chaddirdon, Joshua Moss, James Kelly, H. Van Denburgh, H. Van Denburgh, H. Van Denburgh, Jr., Nathaniel Babcock, Felix Lewis, Austin Crud, Tunis Williamson, B. Noxen, B. Crannell, Melancton Lewis. Peter Dubois. Jr., John Ferdon, Zachary Ferdon, Jacob Ferdon, Esquire Ferdon, John Miller, Arie Medlar, William Lassing, Samuel Hull, Isaac J. Lansing, John Hunt, James Latsing, Myndert Byndirs, Eli Emons, John Emons, John De Graff, Baltis Van Bleek, Matthew Kipp, James Wood, James Douglass, Aaron Olmstead, Henry Beyex, Eli Read, Ebenezer Badger, Peter P. Van Kleek. Gail Yelverton, John Palmitear, John Coopman, Thomas Freer, William Emott, Michael John Rutsen, George Baldwin, Hendrick Miller, Henry Barnes, Robert Churchell, Isaac Baldwin, Isaac Baldwin, Jr., Elias Thompson, John Van Deburgh, H. J. Van Deburgh, Peter Van Deburgh, William Barns, Simon Noxen, John Low, William Low, Thomas Pinkney, Ezekiel Pinkney, John Pinkney, Henry Barns, Peter Laroy.

North-east Precinct, Dutchess County.

Seth Case, Jr., Charles Graham, Benaniwell Denel, David Harvey, Seth Case,Thomas Merit, Icabod Case, James Hodges, John Bull, Stephen Trusdell, Benjamin Egelston, Jonathan Lawrence, Luther Holly, John Porter, Joshua Hamblin, Elisha Colver, Archibald Johnston, Samuel Nooly, Simon Dakin, Ebenezer Hartwell, Josiah Holly, Seth Perry, David Lawrence, Ebenezer King, Abraham Hartwell, Gilbert Clapp, Joseph Rundel, Jeremiah Brownel, Uriah Lawrence, James Atwater, Philip Spencer, Joseph Peck, Samuel Roe, Stephen Merritt, Alex. McMullin, Adam Stevens, John Buttolph, Thomas Knapp.

A true return of the names of those that refused to sign, given by me.

Northeast Precinct, Dutchess County.

Samuel Kie, Hugh Rea, Elisha Mead, Robert Orr, John Orr, Jehiel Mead, Joseph Loggan, William Smile, John Crandle, Hugh Orr, Daniel Wilson, Samuel Mott, Ebenezer Young, David Love, Daniel Parks, David Hamblen, Peter Knickerbacker, Sen., L. Knickerbacker, P. Knickerbacker, Jr., J. Knickerbacker, Robert Wilson, James Wilson, Jr., John Wilson, John Carey, Gulman Alitzer, Matthew Orr, William Rea, Joseph Foster, Jesse Ferris, Wintrip Norton, Joseph Palmer, Jr., Johnynal Meton, James Headding, Silence Jackson, Seth Fish, Isaac Winans, Jeremiah Giffers, James Wilson, Sen., Frederick Stickels, John Link, John Fulton, John Rouse, Edward Edsed, Benjamin Soule, John May, J. Salisbury, Sen., David Bostwick, William Parks, John Bortell, Stephen Edgaat, John Avery, George Edgeet, Jr., Jonathan Smith, John Horn, Samuel Crandell, William Robbins, Peleg Horten, Michel Masfield, Moses Fish, John Carpenter, Asahel Owemer, Elijah Lake, Barnt Van Kleck, Oliver Evans, Joseph Palmer.

A list of the persons that refused to sign this Association:

William Clum, Philip Clum, Jonathan Batreck, William Batreck, Jacob Loucks, Jr.. Peter Allen, Isaac Allen, Jacob Drum, Zechri Tetr, Nicholas Row, John Hipman, John Drum, Jr., John Houk, John Row, John Row, Peter Row, John Kristr, George Miner, John Drum, Zechri Philips, John Backes, Yerre Keffr, Martis Kreepr, Frederick Destr, Jacob Row, Peter Bitchr, Adam Bitchr, Andres Houk, Peter Bosson, Honesfelt Shaw, Simon Killmore, Sen., Jacob Killmore, Wynat Weever, Honthise Couse, John Houghtaling, Jacob Hover, Andrew Collson, John White, Joseyh Mott, William Green, Nehemiah Avery, Amos Avery, Michael Coloney, Daniel Mead, Elisha Davis, William Davis, William Davis, Peter Couse, Jacob Houghtaling, Zost Hendrick, Wise Row, Derick Fendick, Frederick Horn, Elijah Forgason, Jeremiah Forgason, Ruban Crandell, John Philips, Gerret Holsop, Frederick Stickle, John Link, Jacob Shaver.

Dutchess County, Northeast Precinct, July 5, 1775

. The foregoing is a true return of the names of the Inhabitants and Freeholders in the District allotted to us, that signed this Association, and the names of those that refused to sign this Association.

Dutchess County, Northeast Precinct.

Ebenezer Bishop, Levi Stalker, Cornelius Fuller, David Bulkley, Thomas Crosby, Joseph Jackson, David St. John, Thomas Crosby, Jr., Renel Seton, Willard Seton, Benjamin Crosby, John Seton, Comfort Stalker, Vincent Foster, John Wilkie, Ebenezer Crane, Jr., Philip Lott, Charles Trupell, Wheaton Robinson, Ebenezer Merrit, George Morhouse, Levi Rawlee, James Winchell, Jonathan Grenell, Joseph Stalker, Ebenezer Crane, Thomas Townsend, Benjamin Covey, James Coral, Caleb Woodard.

Dutchess County, Nine Partners,
Northeast Precinct, July 5, 1775.
The above and foregoing is a true return of the names that were willing to sign this Association ; and the names of those in the District that refused are on the other side of this Association paper.
GEO. MORHOUSE, per Sub-Committee.

The list of Persons not signers:

John McAlpine, Daniel McAlpine, Walter McAlpine, McQuin, a young man lately from Scotland. Darby Lindsey, Lewis Bryan, James Bryan.

Dutchess County, Northeast Precinct.

Silas Rusted, Henry Wiltse, Morris Graham, Henry Sherburne, Gideon Salsbury, Augustin Graham, John Shirar, John Colvin, David Orr, John Colupland, John Hayes, Asa Bullock, William Orr, Daniel Palmer, Samuel Crandell, Samuel Crandell, John Row, John Brown, Israel Thompson; Richard Estes, John Burnet, John Sa, Samuel Couger, Orra Forgoson, John Catten, William Stewart, James Ralstan, John Head, Edward Senary, Lemuel Winchel, George Head, Bernard Ostrim, James Alit, John Melham, Benjamin Southard, Benjamin Cuthbert, J. Simmons, George Schneyder, Cornese Dekmettac, Smith Simmons, Robert Enery, Cornelius Weis, Casper Rowe, Simon Gifford, Nathaniel Mead, Jonathan Mead, Kemuel Leed, Simon G. Myer, Lemuel Williams, John Crandell, Benjamin Congar, Cornelius McDanniel, John Crandell, Joseph Crandell, Phineas Rice, James Stephens, James Newcomb, Adonijah Newcomb, John Lennon, Samuel Miller, James Winchel, Andrew Quick, Aaron Darling, Isaac Lamb, Bostion Row, Wm. H. C. Derry, Claudius Delis, George Robertson, Caleb Norton, Asa Bishop, Ensley Simmons, Garner Stuart, John Williams, John Hoff.

Northeast Precinct, Dutchess County, July 5, 1775.

A true return of the names of the Inhabitants of the several Districts allotted to us to hand about this Association.

List of persons who refused to sign:

Nicholas Silvernail, George Hookingham, Oliver Asten, Elisa Colvin, Nathaniel Niles, Abraham Ostrander, John Van Ramp, Jacob Brinstool, Thomas Gray, Henry Teets, Asa Brown, Jacob Donehen, Tenes Teelen, Abraham Scouten, Coonrad Melham, Jacob Van Bramer, John Smith, Christopher Teal; John Merrehew, Robert Embray, Philip Easter, John Pitchor, George Martin, George Shoemaker, Aaron Shaw, Daniel North, Casper Bell, Matthew Winter, John Wilde, Richard Wilde, William Wibs, Obadiah Gefford, William Stuart, J. Simmons, Nathaniel Meade.

Dutchess County, Northeast Precinct:

Joseph Ketchum, Joseph Ketchum, Jr., Jonathan Mapes, Alden Ashley, Benjamin Perry, Josiah Perry, William Hager, Richard Denton, Samuel Egelston, Sr., Samuel Denton, Samuel Egelston, Jr., Ephraim Jones. Seth Calkin, Hezekiah Ketchum, Moses Calkin, Joshua Hamblin. Joshua Dakin, Jonathan Dolph, Josias Denton, Arsthoe Vancry, Elijah Calkin, Jared Carter, Nathan Attwood, Isaac Rogers, Joseph Reynolds, Jr., Jonathan Close, Joseph Rogers, Abner Wilcox, Ebenezer Beatch, David Calkin, Charles Haw, Josiah Wilcox, Lebbens How, Daniel Baker, Nathaniel Lothrop.

Northeast Precinct, Dutchess County, July 5, 1776.
A true return of the names of the Inhabitants and the Freeholders in the Districts appointed for me to hand about this Association.

Dutchess County, Amenia Precinct, June and July, 1775.

Simeon Cook, Ichabod Paine, William Barker, Job Mead, Jonathan Shepherd, Elijah Holmes, Israel Shepherd, Abner Gillet, Jacob Power, Barnabas Paine, Jr., Noah Hopkins, Elias Besse, Ichabod Paine, Jr., Simeon Cook, Jr., James Hebbard, Samuel Shepherd, Jr., David Bruster, Elihu Paine, Asahel Sherwood, John Brusan, Jr., Elijah Daily, Thomas Cornwell, David Gillet, Ebenezer Mays, David Rundel, Thorn Putney, Solomon Wheeler, Thomas Morey, James Palmer, Elijah Smith, Nehemiah Dunham, Gardner Gillet, Barnabas Paine, Joseph Backus, Elnathan Spalding, Levi Atwater, Benjamin Doty, Benjamin Atwater, Elijah Porter, John Atwater, Ezra Thurston, Archibald Farr, King Mead, Seth Wheeler, Robert Wood, Zadock Buck, Timothy Tilson, Jacob Spuer, John Osborne, John Mead, Crover Buel, Jr., Barnabas Cole, Jonathan Allerton, James Barker, Noah Wheeler, Daniel Garnsey, Samuel King; Jr., Benjamin Brown, Matthew Stevens, William Finch, Joseph Smith. Thomas Lawrence, Ebenezer Carter, James Alsworth, Jr., Barzaleel Rudd, Rufus Herrick, Brinton Paine, Judah Burton, James Betts, Beniamin Holmes, John McNeil, Samuel Herrick, Benjamin Herrick, Jr., William Herrick, John Curry, Shubal Tyler, Samuel Dodge, Thomas Welch, Stephen Herrick, Jr., Squire Davis, Abel Hebbard, Elisha Adams, Ebenezer Latimore, Ichabod Holmes, Samuel Waters, Justus Wilson, Wm. Wynants, Jr. Benjamin Crofoot, Benjamin Denton, Jr., Joel Denton, Benjamin Denton, Jacob Reynolds, James Beadle, Benjamin Fowler, William Knapp, Abner Holmes, Nathan Herrick, Isaiah Mead, Theoph. Lockwood, Levi Mayhew, John Howard, William Ford, Jesse Kinne, Daniel Shepherd, Roswell Hopkins, Samuel King, Abraham Paine, John Brunson, Jonathan Buck, David Collin, Zebulon Rudd, Peter Morse, Paul Johnson, Nathan Spuer, Israel Buck, Jahn Thayer, Joseph De Lavergne, Even Jones, Joab Cook, Jesse Smith, Jr., Enock Crosby, John Mordach, Ebenezer Park, William King, Grover Bull, Isaac Parks, Parrock Sherwood, William Cornwell, Samuel Cornwell, Lewis De Lavergne, Thomas Smith, Gabriel Dickson, Timothy Green, John Holms, Ezekiel Johnson, William Alsworth, John Denney, Jr., William Wilsey, John Bartow, Elijah Roe, Isaac Marks, James Barnet, Gideon Castte, Nathaniel Cook, Benjamin Vaun, Samuel Holmes, Stephen Hinne, Jabez Crippin, Lawrence Wiltse, Joseph Fowler, John Denton, Abraham Adams, Isaac Burton, Daniel Blaksly, Robert Wilson, Joel Ketchum, Ebenezer Kinne, Richard Brush, Benjamin Herrick, Edmond Perlee, William Blunt, Monmouth Purdy, Jacob Elliot, Stephen Reynolds, Joshua Talcut, Ezra Cleavland, Samuel Thompson, John Coy, Stephen Herrick, James Smith, Jr., Beriah Thomas, Isaac Burton, Jr., Mayhew Dogget, Jr., Nathaniel Foster, John Drake, David Brown, William Moulton, Ezra Bryan, James Allen, Eli Burton, Sam'l Thompson, Jr., John Ford, John Thurston, William McCollough, Jonathan Fish, John Farr, John Douglass, Joest Power, Elijah Wood, Reuben Wilson, Daniel May, Moses Harris, Jr., William Reynolds, John Barnet, Jr, James Ford, John Jones, William Adams, Ephraim Ford, Abraham Adams, Jr., Weight Milleman, Daniel Davison, James Dickson, Elisha Latimore, John Collins, John Benedict, Versal Dickinson, William Brush, Platt Smith, Josiah Webb, Sylvester Handley, Elijah Kinne, Samuel Benedict, John Barnet, David Waters, Lemuel Brush, Jason Hammond, David Trusdel, Job Milk, Adin Tubbs, Jared Rundel, Joel H. Thurston.

I do agree to the above Association, so far that it doth not interfere with the oath of my office, nor my allegiance to the King.

Not to infringe on my oaths.

June 8, 1775.
This may certify, to all people whom it may concern, that I, the subscriber, am willing to do what is just and right to secure the privileges of America, both civil and sacred, and to follow he advice of our reverend Congress, so far as they do the word of God and the example of Jesus Christ ; and I hope in the grace of God, no more will be required. As witness my hand :

The following persons (three Tories) have neglected to sign the Association : Joel Harvey, Jun., Philip Rowe ; John Garnsey has signed the paper annexed.
Amenia, July 12, 1775.

Gentlemen : Agreeable to your request, I have procured the persons within mentioned to subscribe the Association, together with Mr. Samuel King and Mr. Silas Marsh, all in Amenia Precinct, in Dutchess County. The two lists of Mr. Marsh and this have four hundred and twenty signers, and six have delayed or refused.
I am, Gentlemen, yours, &c.,

Dutchess County, Amenia Precinct.

Abraham Slocum, John Mead, John Freeman, Joel Washburn, Nathan Gates,Thomas Thomas, John Seymour, Stephen Warren, Eleazer Gilson, James Mead, Alexander Hewson. Jared Brace, Eliakim Reed, Jr., Samuel Dunham, John Torner, Martin De Lemetter, Joseph Doty, Samuel Sniter, Samuel Jarvis. Lot Levitt, John Boyd, Matthew Vandeusen, Nathaniel Swift. Eleazer Morton, Isaac Osburn, Jonathan Hunter, Samuel Swift, Ashbel Winegar, Reuben Doty, William Hunt, Nicholas Row, Samuel Gray, Simeon Reed, Samuel Southworth, Elisha Hollifler, Benjamin Maxam, Moses Gillett, Lemuel Shirtliff, Abial Mott, Samuel West, John Cline, Jehea Rogers, Robert Freeman, Joseph Penoyer, Samuel Johnson, Jeduthan Gray, Johabod Rogers, Jr.; Elijah Freeman, Peter Shavelean, Joseph Doty, Richard Shavelean; Solomon Shavelean, Benjamin Crippin, David Payne, Heth Kelly, Nathaniel Pinney, Ebenezer Bosse, Joseph Gray, Josiah Marsh, Samuel Palmer, Obadiah Matthews, Daniel Sage, James Chapman, Daniel Harvey, Thad. Maning, Amos Penoyer, Joseph Gillet, James B. Rowe, Abner Shabalier, Jonas Adams, Thomas Aily, David Randle, Benjamin Sage, Moses Brown, John Scott, Gerardus Gates, Elkanah Stephens, John Mears, Andrew Stephens, Josiah Cleavland, John Connor, Richard Larrabe, Zedekiah Brown, Henry Barnes, Jonah Barnes, Benjamin Johns, Ebenezer Larrabe, Ezra. St. John, Obed Harvey, Robert Patrick, Isaac De Lemetter, Thiel Lamb, Benjamin Delano, Daniel Webster, Samuel Judson, William Mitchell, Henry Winegar, William Young, John Barry, James Reed, John Chamberlain, Colbe Chamberlain, Ezra Reed, Dan. Barry, David Doty, John Sackett, Garret Winegar, Walter Lothrop, Ezekiel Sackett, Increase Child, Elisha Barlow, Corns. Atherton, Reuben Doty, Sylvanus Nye, Edmund Bramhall, Elijah Reed, Stephen Delano, Gershom Reed, Moses Barlow, Solomon Armstrong, Thomas Ganong, Elihu Beard, Jr., Nathan Palmer, Sohn De Lemetter, William Chamberlain, Nathan Barlow, Simeon Hellsy, Zadock Knapp, Benjamin Hollister, John Sackett, Jr., Robert Hebard, Joshua Losel, John Marchant, Daniel Castle, Abraham French, Seelye Trowbridge, Asa Foot, Barnabas Gillet, Elijah Smith, John Lloyd, Epraim Besse, Robert Johnson, Jonathan Pike, Gilbert Willett, Thomas Mygatt, Obed Harvey, Jr., Silas Roe, Nathaniel Gates, Seth Dunham, Caleb Dakin, George Sornburgh, Frederick Sornburgh, Isaac Darrow, Joseph Adams, Conrad Winegar, Levi Orten, William Hall, Isaac Lamb, Robert Freehart, Elias Shavilier, Peter Klyn, Silas Marsh, Ledyard J. Charts, Bower Slason.

Sir :---In pursuance of your order, I have procured the above subscribers (true Whigs), and am, Sir, with great respect, your very humble servant,

Joseph Green, John Dunham, Simon Whitcomb, Richard Sackett, William Roberts, Stephen Gates, Albert Finch, Daniel Washburn, Joseph Benson, Jacob Dorman, Garret Row, Seth Swift, Nathan Barlow, Ellis Briggs, Abell Marchant, Samuel Heart, Rufus Seeton, Elisha Mays, Henry Winegar, Joseph Williams, Dier Woodworth, Silas Reed, John Benson, Richard Hamilton, Samuel Winegar, Judah Swift, Daniel Lamb, Samuel Dunham, Sr., John Gates, Peter Slason, Edward Bump.

The black roll of Tories. Though out of my limits, I am compelled to remind you, Gentlemen, of James Smith. Esq., who is notoriously wicked.

Signers in Rhinebeck Precinct, Dutchess County.

Petrus Ten Broeck, P. G. Livingston, George Sheldon, William Beam, John Van Ness, Herman Hoffman, Ananias Cooper, David Van Ness, Egbert Benson, Jacob Hermanse, Andrias Hermanse, Peter Hermanse, Zach. Hoffman, Jr., Martine Hoffman, Zacharias Hoffman, Abraham Cole, James Everett, William Bitcher, Jr., Jacob More, Jr., Christian Mohr, Lodowick Ensell, Isaac Walwork, Samuel Green, Peter Traver, Andrew Simon, Jacob Fisher, Samuel Elmendorph, Zacharias Backer, Johannes Hannule, Johannes Richter, Levi Jones, Isaac Cole, Hendrick Miller, Simon Cool, Jr., Frederic Weir, John Banks, H. I. Knickerbacker, William Tuttle, Stephen Sears, Joseph Houlsworth, Jacob Thomas, Philip Feller, Harmen Whitbeck, Evert Vosburgh, John Moore, Philip J. Moore, Nicholas Hoffman, John Williams, Joseph Lenercree, Jacob Vosburg, James Doglas, John Garrison, Nicholas Hermanse, Philip Bonasteal, Simon S. Cole, Andres Michel, John Lewis, Christeaun Miller, William Klum, Johannes Miller, Thomas Lewis, Hendrick Livey, Everhart Rydders, Henry Kuneke, George Sperling, Elias Hinneon, Samuel Haines, Peter Ledewyck, Jacob Elemendorph, Jan Elemendorph, Patt. Hogan, Evert Heermanse, John Cole, Petrus Bitcher, Zacharias Roob, John Balist, Helmes Heermanse, Cornelius Elmendorph, Philip Staats, John Staats, Peter Staats, Isaac Beringer, Jr., William Waldorn, Frederick Benner, John Hermanse, Stoffle Waldorn, Johannes Benner, George Sharpe, Christeaun Backer, Petrus Backer, Johannes Backer, Coenradt Lescher, Michael Sheffel, Goetlieb Mardin, Hendrick Mardin, David Martin, Cornelius Swart, James Adams, Daniel Oeden, Jacob Schermerhorn, Cornelius Schermorn, Reyer Heermans, Jacob Heermans, William Bitcher, Wilhelmus Bitcher, John Hermanse, Godfrey Gay, Hendrick Teter, Jr., Abraham Teter, Johannes Smith, Jacob Meyer, Edward Wheeler, Peter Hoffman, William Beringer, Conrad Beringer. Henry Klum, Jr., C. Oosterhoudt, Benjamin Myers, John Oosterhoudt, Peter Cole, Simon Kool, Jacob Maul, Everardus Booardee, Simon Westfall, Jacob Tremper, William Radclitt, H. Waldorph, Jr., Henrich Benner, Jacob Moul, Sen., Benj. Van Steenburgh, Johannes Van Keuren, Tobyes Van Keuren; John Klum, Godfrey Hendrick, Jacob Beringer, Joseph Younck, Christian Fero, Reyer Schermerhorn, Wilhelmus Smith, Frederick Moul, George Reystorf, William Harrison, Christoff Schneyd, Christopher Fitch, John Schermerhorn, Henry Waterman, Jr., Jacob Waterman, Henry Litmer, John Mares, Isaac Mares, James Ostrander, Christopher Wever, Peter Westfall, Jr., Henry Gisselberght, John Bender, Zacharias Whiteman, Joseph Hobart, William Schultzs, John Blair, Thomas Greves, Michel Schatzel, Joseph Rogers, Benjamin Bogardus, Hans Kierstead, Isaac Kipp, Jacob J. Kipp, Henry Beekman, Evert V. Wagenen, Art. V. Wagenen, Philip Hermanse, W. Van Vredenburgh, Jacob Kip, Jacob A. Kip, John Tremper, Henry Shop, Peter Shopf, Hendrick Moon, Herick Berrger, Johannes Turck, John White, Jr., John Cowles, Herman Duncan, John Denness, William Waldrom, Cornelius Demond, S. V. Bunscoten, B. Van Vredenburgh, Peter Scoot, Jonathan Scoot, John Mitchell, David Mulford; Lemuel Mulford, James Lewis, Peter D. Witt, John Pawling, Olbartus Sickner, Andrew Rowan, Martines Burger, Johannes Scott, Jacob Sickner, Jr., Barent V. W, genen [Genen?], Jacob Siekner, J. Van Aken, Peter Van Nauker, Jacob N. Schriver, Paul Gruber, Solomon Powell, Henry Bull, George Bull, William Powell, Caspar Haberlen, Thomas Umphry, Abraham Scott, William Troophage, Alexander Campbell, Abraham Kip, Peter Brown, Jacob Schultz, John Hufman; Henry Freligh, Jr., R. Vhoevanburgh, Peter Radciif, Simon Schoot, Jr., William Schoot, Jr., Jacob Lewis, Jacobus Kip, William Skepmus, Johannes P. V. Mood, William Diliman, Cornelius Miller, Simon Millham, Lawrence Millham, Jacob Milham, Simon Miham, John Weaver, Jr., Benj. Oosterhoudt, Christ. Deninarh, Abraham Westfall, John McFort, William Carney, Philip Feller, Jr., Nicholas Binestale, Philip Binestale, Jr., C. Wenneberger, Johannes Benner, Jacob Benner, Jacob Folant, John Rogers, Henry Burges, Jr.,. Ukiah Bates, William McClure, Joshua Chember, Zach. Neer, Nicholas Stickle, Jr., Nicholas Stickle, Jacob Tell, John Sater, John Haass, William V. Prudenburgh, Rurif J. Kip, P. Van Pradenburgh.

Dutchess County, Rhinebeck Precinct.
A return of the names of such persons as have refused to sign the general Association.

Chairman of the Precinct Committee.

Mordecai Lester, Peter Prosses,Timothy Doughty, Adam Tibble, Jacob Tibble, Lodowick Streght, Peter Em. Schryver, Peter Freligh, Steophanus Freligh, Adam Ecker, Peter Ecker, Johannes Ecker, Adam Jury Ecker, J. Van Vradenburgh, Jacob Van Esten, Zebulon Hallick, Adam Burgh, Michael Bruce, George Stover, George Anderson, Zacharias Cramer, Johannes Cramer, Johan. Van Esten. Jr., Stephanus Burger, Christian Bargh, Christian Bargh, Jr., John Hallock, Christian Bruce, Peter Frusam, Hendk. A. Schryver, Marthen Schryvdr, Marthynes Schryver, T. Van Benschoten, E. Van Benschotenr, Egbert Bunchoten, Harmanus Bunchoten, John Carnell, John Sickner, B. V. Vradenburgh, Jr., Henry Pawling, John Schryver; David Schryver, John Brown, Hendk. Ecker, Jr., Jacob Chafer, John Holmes, Philip Pinek, John Pinek, Philip Pinek, Jr., Jacob Elen, Henry Wederwaks, Abraham Wederwaks, Philip Loune, Bashan Loune, Anderis Loune, George Lament, Jacob Loune, John Wels, Jr., Benjamin Westfall, Benjamin Wels, John Dericks, Jacob Hendericks, Jr., John Bander, Jr., John Tile, Joest Scheyer, Frederick Scheyer, Henry Schever, Anthony Strant, Benj. Stienburgh, Jr., Hendrick Meyer, Tunis Boutcher, Conradt Polver, Casper Boutcher, Jacob Yager, Juery Hoffman, Nicholas Hoffman, Johan. Righpenbergh, Petrus Righpenbergh, Andris Luych, Zacharias Drom, Hendrick Heermans, Jacobus Kip, Johan Van Wagoner, Barent Van Wagoner, Matthew Van Etter, Cobus Van Etter, Isaac Van Etter, Hendrick Pelts, Lodowick Elshaver, Peter Nile, Coenradt Bammas, Martha Teel, Lawrence Teel, Jr., Johannes Fraver, Peter Fradenburgh, Hans Zipperly, Jose Neer, David Lown, Johannes Lown, Jr., Jacob Seeman, John Seeman, Jacob Seeman, Jr., David Seeman, Jr., Jeremiah Saeman. Jr., Petrus Fero, Martin Threecarter, Bastian Witterwax, Hendrick Shook, Christian Shook. Cobus Shook, George Shook, Peter Freligh, Michael Seeman, Abraham Seeman, Jacob Cole, Jacob Miller, John J. Cole, Jacob Shomaker, George Bennet, Johannes Sager, Christian Dederick, Michael Puls, David Puls, Christuffal Puls, Daniel Puls, George Puls, Michael Puls, Bashan Wagor, Powlis Wagor, John Marguet, Johannes Barker, Manner Barker, Lawrence Barker, George Marguet, Peter Prough, Powlis Prough; Adam Asher, John Asher, Gerrit Dedrick, Jacob Kisel Bargh, John Kip, Benj. Van Etten, Jacobus B. Van Etten, Jacobus Van Etten, Jacobus J. Van Etten, Abraham Van Etten, Benj. Van Ellen, Jr., John Van Etten, Jacob Van. Etten, Philip Traver, Bastian Traver, Peter Traver, John Traver, Jacobus Vradenburgh, Jacs. Vradenburgh. Jr., Christopher Ring, George Ring, Johannes Ring, David Ring, Peter Westfall, John V. Steenburgh, Gradus Lewis, John B. Kip, Hugh Landen, John Kettyman, Christian Shults, John Shults, Henry Richart, Dowie Richart, Philip Richart, Johannes Richart, William Wallace, Henry Wallace, Francis Nehis, Charles Nehis, Francis Nehis, Jr., Peter H. Traver, John H. Traver, Frederick Traver, Jacob Traver, Abraham Kip, Peter Scriver, Peter Kip, Henry Lewis, Jacob Kelder, John G. Miller, William Mackay, Thomas Briant, Jacob Smith, John Tennis, William Waldrom, B. Van Benthysen, Johannes Rysdorf, Jacob S. Kip, Cornelius Fynhout, Corns. Fynhout, Jr., Petrus Rysdorf, Lawrence Rysdorf, Arent Kipp, Jacobus Kip, Jr., Peter Elkenbergh, Jacop Evans, David Shaver, Jacob Lown, Peter Van Alen, Petrus Cram, Adam Shever, Jury A. Shufelt, William Fuller, Lawrence Shewfelt, Petrus Shewfelt, Adam Shewfelt, John Allemten, John F. Allemten, Frederick Slays, P. Van Benthuysen, Sr., J. Van Benthuysen, Phil. S. Livingston.

Dutchess County, June and July, 1775.

Henry Sherburne, Jonathan Lewis, John Hibbird, Theophilus Wadleigh, Timothy Soaper, Samuel Smith, Daniel Soule, Jacob Lesh, Benjamin Atwater, Titus Mead, David Robbins, John Robbins, Peter Smith, Jesse Cornell, Absolom Trowbridge, Jeremiah Shaw, Stephen Atwater, Joseph Crary, Isaac Smith, Thomas Hill, Peter Van Deursen, Moses Golph, Ezekiel Kie, Ira Winans, Lambert Morey, Peter Smith, Jr., Nathan Lounsbury, Epentus Lounsbury, Andus Stickel, Christian Cambel, Cornelius Viller, John Schermerhorn, B. Knickerbacker, Jr., Peter Van Leuven, Caleb Reynolds, David Fisk, Obadiah Holmes, John Knickerbacker, Petrus Hommel, Benj. Knickerbacker, Caleb Force, Richard Gray, Eliphaiet Platt, Isaac Wood, Phineas Rice, Jr., Isaac Young, James Young, Jacob Wemer, Samuel Mabbitt, Israel Green, Jr., Benjamin Terbush, Gabriel Dowzenbery, Wilhelm Finche, Benjamin Crandle, William Smith, Motise Wilse, John Stuart, Adam Snider, William Mansfield, Michael Row, Jr., Philip Smith, John Parkinson, James Neeson.

July 5, 1775.
We, the subscribers, being duly chosen as a Sub-Committee, to return the names of all persons who have signed the above Association ; and likewise the persons who did not sign, on the back.

A list of the Persons not signers.

John Geo. Kerrick, John Stickel, Hontice Smith, Sr., John Bearry, Hontice Smith, Jr., Mical Simons, Nicholas Smith, Jacob Luke, Leonard Smith, Cornelius Clark, Jonathan Griffin, Vandil Pulvin, Jonathan Devall, John Pulvin, Tice Wisey, Hendrick Cufin, Benjamin Willbor, Peter Pulvin, William Merrifield, Hendrick Hoofman, Jacob Melions, Jr., Philip Snider, Motise Rowe, Benj. Vanleuvan, Daniel McConalep, Isaac Vanleuvan, William Melions, John Weaver, Lockland McIntosh, Harry Weaver, Alexander McIntosh, Hendrick Row, William McIntosh, Giles Weaver, Andrus Pulvin, Michael Smith, William Rector, Mical Row, Sr., Valentine Emert, John Peter Row, Hendk. Younklion, Tuce Smith.

We, the subscribers, inhabitants of the Colony of New York, do most solemnly declare, that the claims of the British Parliament to bind, at their discretion, the people of the United Colonies in America in all cases whatsoever are, in our opinions, absurd, unjust, and tyrannical ; and that the hostile attempts of their fleets and armies to enforce submission to those wicked and ridiculous claims ought to be resisted by arms. And therefore we do engage and associate, under all the ties which we respectively hold sacred, to defend by arms these United Colonies against the said hostile attempts, agreeable to all such laws or regulations as our representatives in the Congress, or future General Assemblies of this Colony, have or shall, for the purpose, make and establish. SAMUEL WHITTEN.

The names of those who refuse to sign the Association in Charlotte Precinct, are:

Peter Hatfield, Jabez Finch, Edward Undrel, .Daniel Sales, Stephen Hix, Henry Weeks, Hendrick Bue, John Watson, Edward Mosher, Matthias Brogue, Eliphaz Fish, Joseph Rusted, Richard Simmons, Jonathan Lapham, Barnard Hix, Samuel Titus, Richard Bartlett, Samuel Mosher, Ichabod White, Uriah Hall.

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