The History of Long Island,
from its earliest settlement to the present time.
Peter Ross.
NY Lewis Pub. Co. 1902

[transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


(From Fernow's "New York in the Revolution"
Albany, 1887.

The people of Long Island responded to the call of the Provincial Congress, asking them to organize in military bodies as early as the inhabitants of the other counties, and below are given the earlier organizations. The fortunes of war severing the connection between the island and the main land, these organizations could not be kept up, hence the list of Long Island officers is necessarily small. The Council of Appointments made no appointments for Long Island until 1784.


A return of the officers chosen by the different companies in Kings county who have signed the Declaration and taken their commissions, 1776:

Light Horse: Captains: Adolph Waldron; 1st Lieuts.: Wm. Boerum; 2d Lieuts.: Thos. Everett; Ensigns: Jacob Sebring Jun.; Quarter Masters: Isaac Sebring.
Troop of Horse: Captains: Lambert Suydam; 1st Lieuts.: Dan'l Rapyle; 2d Lieuts.: Jacob Bloom; Ensigns: Peter V. D. Voort; Quarter Masters: Peter Wyckoff.
Flatlands: Captains: Jere'h V. Bilt; 1st Lieuts.: Ab't. Stothoff; 2d Lieuts.: Thos. Elsworth; Ensigns: Peter V. D. Bilt.
Gravesend: Captains: Rem. Williamson; 1st Lieuts.: Saml. Hubbard; 2d Lieuts.: Garrett Williamson; Ensigns: John Lane.
Half of Brooklin: Captains: Barent Johnson & Ferd's Suydam; 1st Lieuts.: Barent Lefferts & Simon Bergen; 2d Lieuts.: Joost D. B. Vooise & Wm. Brower; Ensigns: Martin Schenck & Ja'b Stillenwert.
Flatbush: Corn's V. D. Veer; 1st Lieut.: Peter Lefferts; 2d Lieuts.: John Van Duyn.
Bushwick: Captains: John Titus; 1st Lieuts.: Abr. Van Ranst [third letter either a n or u or d); 2d Lieuts: Peter Colyer; Ensigns: John Skillman.
New Utrecht: Captains: Abr. Van Brunt; 1st Lieuts.: Ad'n Hegeman; 2d Lieuts.: Harm's Barkulo; Ensigns: Wm. Barre.

Col. Richard Van Brunt.
Lieut. Col. Nich's Covenhoven.
1st Major Joh's Titus.
2d Major John Van Debilt.
Adj. George Carpenter.
All commissioned March 11, 1776.

Joh's Vanberbilt.
Lambert Suydam.
B. Johnson.
John Titus.
Corn's V. D. Veer.
Barnard Suydam.
Adrian Van Brunt.

Rem. A. Remsen, 1st Lieut. of Waldron's Light Horse, had been elected, but declined, whereupon the company was officered as above.

Col. Richard Van Brunt. Lieut. Col. Nich's Covenhoven.


No record of any regimental organization has been found. The following names are of company officers of an early period of the war:

Great Neck and Cow Neck Company.
Capt. John Sands, appointed October 12, 1775.
1st Lieut. Henry Allen, declined.
2d Lieut. Thos. Mitchell, promoted 1st Lieut. March 8, 1776, vice Allen.
Ensign Aspinwall Cornwell (Cornell) promoted 2d Lieut. vice Mitchell.
Ensign Andrew Onderdonk, appointed April 15, 1776.

New Town District, Southernmost Beat.
Capt. Abr'm Remsen.
1st Lieut. Benj'n Coe, promoted Captain June 17, 1776.
2d Lieut. Robt. Furman, promoted 1st Lieut.
Ensign Benj. North, promoted 2d Lieut.
Ensign Jonah Hallett, appointed June 18, 1776.

New Town District, North Beat.
Capt. John Lawrence, promoted Big. Major.
1st Lieut. William Sackett.
2d Lieut. Wm. Lawrence, promoted Captain August 14, 1776.
Ensign Jesse Warner.

Light Horse Company
Capt. Rich'd Lawrence, resigned on account of ill health.
1st Lieut. Dan'l Lawrence, promoted Captain, etc.
2d Lieut. Samuel Riker, promoted 1st Lieut.
Cornet, John Coe, superseded by Jon'n Lawrence.
Q. M. Peter Rapalje.
Original commissions issued May 10, 1776.

Flushing Company
Capt. Nath'l Tom.
1st Lieut. Mathias Van Dyck.
2d Lieut. Jeffry Hicks.
Ensign Nich's Van Dyck.
Commissioned June 8, 1776.

Jamaica Company
Capt. Ephraim Baylies.
1st Lieut. Increase Carpenter.
2d Lieut. Abr'm Vanausdale.
Ensign Othniel Smith.
Commissioned March 27, 1776.


First Regiment.
Col. Wm. Floyd, of St. George's Manor, vice Platt Conkling, who declined.
Lieut. Col. Dr. Gilbert Potter, of Huntington.
1st Major Nathan Woodhull, of Brookhaven.

Huntington and Smithtown Companies. Capt. John Wickes.
1st Lieut. Epenetus Conkling.
2d Lieut. Jonash Wood.
Ensign Ebenezer Prime Wood.
Capt. Jesse Brush.
1st Lieut. Jon'n Titus.
2d Lieut. Phillipp Conckling.
Ensign Joseph Titus.

Capt. Timothy Carll.
1st Lieut. Gilbert Fleet.
2d Lieut. Joel Scudder.
Ensign Nath'l Buffet, Jun'r.

First Brookhaven Company
Capt. Samuel Thompson.
1st Lieut. Ab'm Woodhull.
2d Lieut. Isaac Davis.
Ensign Daniel Satterly.
Commissioned September 13, 1775.

Second Brookhaven Company
Capt. Enen'r Miller.
1st Lieut. Caleb Woodhull.
2d Lieut. James Davis.
Ensign Davis Davis.
2d Major Edmund Smith, Jun'r., of Smithtown.
Adjutant Philipp Roe, of Brookhaven.
Q. M. James Roe, of Brookhaven.

Third Brookhaven Company
Capt. Wm. Brewster.
1st Lieut. Isaac Davis.
2d Lieut. Uriah Smith.
Ensign Benj'n Woodhull.
Commissioned September 13, 1776.

Smithtown Company
Capt. Philetus Smith.
1st Lieut. Edmund Smith, Jun'r.
2d Lieut. Daniel Tillotson.
Ensign Richard Smith.
Commissioned September 13, 1775.

Islip Company, formed from east part of Smithtown and west part of Southampton.
Capt. Benijah Strong.
1st Lieut. Jeremiah Terry.
2d Lieut. Samuel Oakley.
Ensign Annene Mowbrey.
Commissioned February 13, 1776.

Southold Company
Capt. Nathan Rose.
1st Lieut. Hugh Smith.
2d Lieut. David Fanning.
Ensign John Smith.
Commissioned September 13, 1775.

Changes in the Regiment.

December 12, 1775 - Joh'n Titus, Capt. 2d Comp., vice Jesse Brush, promoted Major; Joshua Rogers, 1st Lieut.' Thos. Brush, 2d Lieut.
February 7 and 8, 1776 - Platt Neal (Vail), Capt., Cow Harbour, or Fifth Huntington Company; Michael Hart 1st Lieut.; Isaac Dennis, 2d Lieut.; Jacob Conckling, Ensign; John Buffet, Capt. South or Fourth Huntington Company; Issac Thompson, 1st Lieut.; Zebulon Ketcham, 2d Lieut.; Joseph Ketchum, Ensign.
A return of this Regiment, dated April 5, 1776, gives the following changes: Majors Jesse Brush and Jeffry Smith; Q. M. John Roe; Captains Samuel Tomson, Eben'r Miller, Nathan Rose, Wm. Brewster, Philetus Smith, Joshua Rogers, Epenetus Cokcling, Joel Scudder, John Buffet, Plat Vail, Gilbert Carle and Benjah Strong.

Second Regiment
Col. David Mulford.
Lieut. Col. Jon'n Hedges.
1st Major Uriah Rogers.
2d Major George Herrick.
Adjutant; John Gelston.
Q. M. Phineas Howell.
Sergt. Major Lemuel Peirson.
Drum Major Elias Matthews.
These officers were so returned February 10, 1776.

A return of the names of the persons for the officers of the Second Battalion in Suffolk county, taken according to the Directions of the Provincial Congress by the Committees of Easthampton and Southampton:

First Company
Capt. David Howell.
1st Lieut. Jeremiah Post.
2d Lieut. Paul Jones.
Ensign Zephaniah Rogers.

Second Company
Capt. John Dayton.
1st Lieut. Issac Mulford Hunting.
2d Lieut. John Miller, Jun'r.
Ensign Wm. Heges.

Third Company
Capt. David Peirson.
1st Lieut. Daniel Heges.
2d Lieut. David Sayre.
Ensign Theophilus Peirson.

Fourth Company
Capt. David Fithen.
1st Lieut. Sam'l Conckling.
2d Lieut. Thomas Baker.
Ensign Daniel Conckling.

Fifth Company
Capt. Stephen Howell. 1st Lieut. John White, Jun'r.
2d Lieut. Lemuel Wick.
Ensign Isaah Hallsey.

Sixth Company
Capt. Wm. Rogers.
1st Lieut. Jesse Halsey.
2d Lieut. Henry Halsey.
Ensign Nath'l Rogers.

Seventh Company
Capt. Josiah Howell.
1st Lieut. Nathaniel Howell.
2d Lieut. Mathew Howell.
Ensign Wm. Stephens.

Eighth Company
Capt. Sam'l L'Hommedieu.
1st Lieut. Silas Jessup.
2d Lieut. Edw. Conckling.
Ensign Daniel Fordham.

Ninth Company
Capt. John Sandford.
1st Lieut. Edw. Topping.
2d Lieut. Phillip Howell.
Ensign John Hildreth.
Commissions issued September 13, 1775.

Third Regiment

A "Third Regiment" of Suffolk county is mentioned and commissions were issued to officers of the same, but no record of its roster has been found.

Capt. Israel Scudder.
1st Lieut. Nath'l Buffet.
2d Lieut. Epenetus Smith.
Ensign John Hart.
Commissioned December 12, 1775, for Third Company, Third Regiment.
1st Lieut. Edmund Howell.
2d Lieut. Selah Reeve.
Ensign James Wells.
Commissioned June 29, 1776, for Second Company, Third Regiment.

Regiment of Minute Men.

Col. Josiah Smith.
Lieut. Col. John Hulbert.
1st Major Isaac Reeve.
2d Major Jon'n Baker.

Easthampton Company
Capt. Ezekiel Mulford.
1st Lieut. John Miller.
2d Lieut. Nath'l Hand.
Commissioned February 23, 1776.

First Southampton Company
Capt. Zephaniah Rogers.
1st Lieut. Nath'l Howell, Jun'r.
2d Lieut. Matthew Sayer.
Commissioned February 23, 1776.

Second Southampton Company
Capt. David Pierson.
1st Lieut. John Foster, Jun'r.
2d Lieut. Abr. Rose.
Ensign Edward Topping.
Commissioned February 23, 1776.

The return of this Regiment, of May 30, 1776 gives:
Isaac Overton, 2d Major, vice Baker; and Captains Nath'l Platt and Thos. Wicks, in addition to the above; Adjutant, Ephraim Marvin, April 4, 1776, vice Issac Overton, declined; Q. M. Eben'r Dayton.

First Southold Company
Capt. John Bayley.
1st Lieut. Joshua Youngs.
2d Lieut. John Tuthill.
Ensign James Reeves.
Commissioned May 3, 1776.

Second Southold Company
Capt. Paul Reeves.
1st Lieut. John Corwin.
2d Lieut. David Horton.
Ensign Nath'l Hodson.
Commissioned May 3, 1776.

Brookhaven, Smithtown, Manor of St. George and Morches Companies.
Capt. Selah Strong.
1st Lieut. Wm. Clark.
2d Lieut. Caleb Brewster.
Ensign Nath'l Brewster.
Commissioned April 4, 1776.

Benjamin Coe, Capt., mentioned October 9, 1776.
Capt. Wm. Ludlum and 2d Lieut. Ephraim Marston, mentioned December 2, 1776.

Artillery Company.
(Belonging to Col. Smith's Minute Regiment.)
Capt. Wm. Rogers.
Capt. Lieut. John Franks.
1st Lieut. Jeremiah Rogers.
2d Lieut. Thos. Baker.
Lieut. Fireworker John Tuthill.
Commissioned February 20, 1776.

(From "New York in the Revolution," by James A. Roberts, Comptroller, Albany, 1898).

Suffolks County Militia
Josiah Smith.


Clarkson, Benj. Coe, Jno. Dayton, David Fithian, Danl. Hedges, David Howell, Josiah Howell, Sam'l L'Hommedieu, Wm. Ludlam, R. Manne, Ezekiel Mulford, Peter Nostrand, David Pierson, Nathaniel Platt, Paul Reeve, Wm. Rogers, Zephanniah Rogers, Jno. Sanford, Selah Strong, Thos. Weeks, Jno. White, Jno. Wickes, Thos. Wickes.


Joshua Benjamin, Caleb Brewster, Thos. Brush, Wm. Clark, Timothy Conkling, Jno. Corwin, John Foster, Nathaniel Hand, David Horton, Nathaniel Howell, Paul Jones, Carl Isaac Ketcham, Ephraim Marston, Jno. Miller, Abr. Rose, Matthew Sayre, Hy. Scudder, Saml. Smith, Edw. Topping, Joshua Youngs.


Benj. Blatsley, Nathaniel Brewster, Nathaniel Hudson, Nathaniel Williams Jr.


James Abbet, John Akerly, John Parker Albertsob, Jacob Aldeich Jr., Joshua Aldridge, Nathaniel Allen, Bishop Armstrong, John Askly, Joseph Bailey, Samuel Baker, Henry Barker, John Baley, Jereniah Barnes, Jonathan Barnes, William Barrett, Francis Barts, Cirnelius Basset, John Baykey, Philip Bayley, John Baylis, Nehemiah Baylis, Israel Baybeks, George Beale, Matthew Beale, Ohineas Beekwith, Azariah Benjamin, David Benjamin, James Benjamin, Nathan Benjamin, Richard Benjamin, William Benjamin, Edward Bennet, Gamakiel Bennett, John Bennett, Richard Betts, Silas Biggs, David Bishop, Enos. Bishop, John Bishop, Samuel Bishop, Daniel Blatsley, Daniel Blindenburgh, Wheelock Booth, David Bower, Hezekiah Bower, Zephaniah Bower, Jeremiah Bower, John Brewster, James Brian, Lemuel Brian, Caleb Brown, Daniel Brown, David Brown, Henry Brown, Henry Brown Jr., Reuben Brown, Richard Brown, Eliphalet Brush, Gilbert Brush, James Brush, Nehemiah Brush, Nehemiah Brush Jr., Robert Brush, Jesse Bryan, Alexander Bryant, William Buchanan, Jesse Bunce, Joseph Burnett, Jesse Carle Jr., John Carl, Scudd. Carl, Nehemiah Carpeter, Ichabod Case, Henry Chatifield, Stephen Clark, Joseph Cleaveland, Abraham Coan, Jacob Conklin, Benjamin Conkling, Ezra Conkling, Jacob Conkling, Jeremiah Conkling, John Conkling, Joseph Conkling, Nathaniel Conkling, Samuel Conkling, Silvanus Conkling, William Conklin, William Conkling Jr., Thomas Conkling, William Conn, Calvin Cook, John Cook, Jonathan Cook, Nathan Cook, Silas Cook, Benjamin Cooper, Charles Cooper, David Cooper, Matthew Cooper, Isaac Corey, Gershom Corwin, Jacob Corwin, Jeremiah Corwin, Jonathan Corwin, Joshua Corwin, Nathan Corwin, Nathan Corwin Jr., Simeon Corwin, Thomas Corwin, Caleb Corwithe, Henry Corwithe, John Corwithe, Benjamin Cook, Paul Dains, Samuel Davall, Daniel Davis, Matthias Davis, Timothy Davis, William Davis, Isaac Davison, Jacob Dayton, Jeremiah Dayton, Samuel Dayton, Benjamin Denton, Isiah Dibble, Abraham Dickerson, Garret Ditmas, Henry Coming, Peter Downs, Richard Drake, Charles Duree, Daniel Edwards, David Edwards, Henry Edwards, Isaac Edwards, John Edwards, Silas Edwards, William Edwards, George Ennis, George Everett, Nathaniel Fanning, Alexander Fleet, Stephen Fordham, Asa Foster, David Hains Foster, James Foster, Jedediah Foster, John Foster, Wakeman Foster, William Foster, Richard Fowler, Jeremiah Gardiner, Zopher. Garrard, William Gates, John Gan, John M. Gear, Hugh Gelston, William Gelston, Benjamin Gerrard, John Gerrard, Joseph Gerrard, William Gerrard, Gilversleeve, John Gildersleeve, Philip Gildersleeve, George Gladin, John Goldsmith, John Goldsmith Jr., William Goldsmith, Joseph Goodale, John Gould, Daniel Gray, John Griffing, James Griffis, Lazarus Guyer, Isaac Haff, James Haff, Daniel Hallock, John Hallock, Peter Hallock, Richard Hallock, William Hallock, Zachariah Hallock, Abraham Halsey, Daniel Halsey, David Fithian Halsey, Ethan Halsey, James Halsey, Job Halsey, Philip Halsey, Philip Halsey, Silas Halsey, Silvanus Halsey, Stephen Halsey, Thomas Halsey, Timothy Halsey, William Halsey, David Hand Jr., Jno. Hand Jr., Jonathan Hand, Joseph Hand, Josiah Hand, Nathan Hand, Selah Harcus, George Harris, Henry Harris, Stephen Harris, John. Hart, Nehemiah Hart, Samuel Hart, Constant Haven, Alexander Hawkings, Eleazer Hawkings, Eleazer Hawkings, Gershon Hawkings, John Hawkings, Jonas Hawkings, Zophar Hawkings, John Hawks, Christopher Hedges, Eleazer Hedges, Elihu Hedges, Job. Hedges, Jonathan Hedges, Nathan Hedges, Timothy Hedges Jr., Micaiah Herrick, Zachariah Hicks, Jonas Higbee, Stephen Higbie, Joshua Hildreth, Luther Hildreth, William Hill, Joseph Homan, Phineas Homan, Samuel Hopkins, Daniel Hoppin, Calvin Horton, David Howell, Edmund Howell, Edward Howell, James Howell, Jehiel Howell, John Howell, Jonathan Howell, Matthew Howell, Mathew Howell Jr., Moses Howell, William Howell, Richard Steers Hubbard, Samuel Hubbard, James Hubbell, Jacobus Hubbs, Ebenezer Hudson, Henry Hudson, John Hudson, John Hudson Jr., John Fred. Hudson, Samuel Hudson, John Huff, David Hulse, Richard Hunt, Joseph Irelandt, Aaron Isaac Jr., David Jackson, Richard Jackson, Samuel Jackson, Abraham Jagger, Jeremiah Jagger, Matthew Jagger, Joseph Jarvis, Nathaniel Jarvis, Seth Jarvis, Robert Jayne, Shadiack Jayne, Silvanus Jennings, Stephen Jennings, Thomas Jennings, Zebulon Jennings, Isiah Jevis, Isaac Jessup, Zebulon Jessup, Thomas Johnes, Benjamin Jones, Elisha Jones, Jeremiah Jones, Obadiah Jones, Thomas Jones, Jesse Kellum, Obadiah Kellum, Stephen Kelly, Daniel Ketcham, Jesse Ketcham, John Ketcham, Joshua Ketcham Jr., Stephen Ketcham, Abraham King, Alexander King, Gilbert King, Samuel King, Samuel Lewis, Benjamin L'Hommedieu Jr., Ephraim L'Hommedieu, Grover. L'Hommedieu, Henry L'Hommedieu, Hudson L'Hommedieu, John L'Hommedieu, Mulford L'Hommedieu, Isaac Liscom, John Lockwood, Jacob Longbottom, Samuel Longbottom, Abraham Loper, James Loper, John Loper, George Ludlam, Jeremiah Ludlam, Parsons Ludlam, David Lupton, Henry Lyon, Malcom Maccolum, Joseph Makes, Ephraim Marvin, Josiah Maynor, Overton Messenger, David Miller, Ezekiel Miller, Hungting Miller, Joel Miller, Nathan Miller, Peleg. Miller, William Miller, Israel Mills, Jedidiah Mills, Jonas Mills Jr., William Mills, David Monroe, Henry Moore, Thomas Moore, John Morgan, David Mulford, Elisha Mulford, John Mulford, Jonathan Mulford, Matthew Mulford, Samuel Mulford, William Newman, Benjamin Nicoll Jr., Robert Nicoll, Stephen Nicholls, James Norris, George Norton, Jacobus. Nostram, Samuel Nostram, Simon Oakes, Abraham Osborn, Cornelius Osborn, Joseph Osborn, Smith Stratton Osborn, James Oburn, Jacob Osman, Jonathan Osman, James Overton, John Overton, Joel Overton, Nathaniel Overton, Andrew Packin, John Pain, Silas Pain, James Pain, James Parshall, John Parshall, Samuel Parsons, Ezekiel Patty, James Patty, Paul Payne, Peter Payne, Matthew Peas, John Pelletreau, Edmund Perry, James Perry Jr., Abraham Pierson, Elias Pierson, Isaac Pierson, Job. Pierson, John Pierson, Lemmuel Pierson, Zachariah Pierson, Amasa Pike, Amos. Platt, Arthur Platt, Ebenezer Platt, Jeremiah Platt, Jeremiah Post, Auris Ramsons, Ichabod Raynor, Joseph Raynor, Josiah Raynor, Stephen Raynor, William Raynor, James Reeve, Jonathan Reeve, Luther Reeve, Obadish Reeve, Stephen Reeve Jr., William Reeve, Barnabas Reeve, Purr Reeves Jr., Purryor. Reeves, Ichabod. Reigner, Israel Reynolds, Jesse Rider, Edmund Robijson, David Robinson, Abraham Rogers, Abraham Rogers Jr., Caleb Rogers, Jarvis Rogers, Job. Rogers, John Rogers, Stephen Rogers, Topping Rogers, William Rogers, Benjamin Rolph, David Rose, Lemuel Rose, Silas Rugg, David Rutland, John Ruland, Luke Ruland, Zophar Ruland, David Rusco, Nathaniel Rusco, David Russell, Jonathan Russell, Stephen Ryder, Nathaniel Sammis, Philip Sammis, David Sammis, Ebenezer Sammis, Joseph Sammis, Platt Sammis, Timothy Sammis, William Sammis, Abraham Sanford, Benjamin Sanford, Daniel Sanford, David Howell Sanford, Lewis Sanford, Josiah Satturly, Abraham Sayre, Stephen Sayre, Isaac Schelkkenger, Isaac Schellenger, Jacob Shellinger, Seth Scribner, Timothy Scudder Jr., Henry Shaddain, Anthony Shearman, Daniel Sherrill, Wessell Sill, Samuel Simmons, Moses Simons, William Snalling, Abner Smith, Arthur Smith, Charles Smith, Daniel Smith, David Smith, Epenetus Smith, Floyd Smith, Gilbert Smith Jr., Hezekiah Smith, James Smith, Jeremiah Smith, Jesse Smith, Job Smith, John Smith, Joseph Smith, Josiah Smith, Lemuel Smith Jr., Matthew Smith, Nathan Smith, Nathaniel Smith, Noah Smith, Obad. Smith, Obadish Smith, Peleg Smith, Philip Smith, Silas Smith, William Smith, Sylvester Smyth, Gilbert Soaper, Jesse Soaper, Jonah Soaper, Moses Soaper, Jonathan Solomon, Josiah Stanbrough, Thomas Standbrough, Thomas Stephens, William Still, David Stratton, John Stratton, Samuel Stratton, Stephen Stratton, Selah Strong, Daniel Sweasey, Isaac Sweasey, Phineas Sylls, Enos Talmage, Joesph Talmage, Benjamin Tanner, David Tarbel, George Taylor, Nathaniel Taylor, William Taylor, James Terril, Daniel Terry, Daniel Terry Jr., Elijah Terry, James Terry, John Terry, Joseph Terry, Jonathan Thompson, Zebulon Thompson, Timothy Titus, Henry Topping, Jeremiah Topping, Matthew Topping, Silas Topping, Zaphaniah Topping, John Totten, Losse Totten, Thomas Tredwell, Henry Turner, John Tuthill, Nathan Tuthill, Jonathan Tuttle, Joshua Tuttle, Nathaniel Udali, Nataniel Udell, Nathaniel Udke, Christopher Vail, John Vail, Platt Vail Jr., Jehiel Weed, Jesse Weeks, David Wells, Isaac Wells, Isiah Wells, John Calvin Wells, Joseph Wells, Joshua Wells Jr., Manley Wells, Nathaniel Wells, Youngs Wells, John Wheller, Thomas Wheller, William Wheller, Jonathan Weldon, Ephraim White, Memucan White, Samuel White, Stephen White, Nathaniel Whotman, Silvanus Wick, Samuel Wickes, Josiah Wicks, John Williams, James Williams, Jeddiah Williamson, Jesse Wilmot, Nathaniel Wilmot, Epentus Wood, Epenetus Wood Jr., Jeremiah Wood, Joseph Wood, Richard Wood, Abelenus Woodhull, James Woodhull, John Woodhull, Nathan Woodhull, David Woodruff, Joshua Woodrugg, Silas Woodruff, Charles Wooley, Nathan Youngs.

Suffolk County Militia, Third Regiment of Minute Men

Col. Thomas Terry.
Capt. Jonathan Bayley.
Lieut. John Tuthill.
Lieut. Joshua Youngs.
Ensign James Reeve.

Enlisted Men

Lester Beebe, Prosper Booth, Daniel Brown, James Brown, Thomas Conkling, Jonathan Demmon, Nathaniel Dickerson, Richard Drake, James Gardener, Ezekiel Glover, Joseph Glover, John Goldsmith, Peter Griffing, John Havens, Thomas Hemsted, Benjamin Horton, Calvin Horton, David Horton, James Horton, Benjamin King, Jeremiah King, John King, Jonathan KIng, Samuel Newbury, Aaron Overton, Benjamin Pain, Thomas Prince, Absalom K. Racket, Noah Racket, William Rogers, William Rogers, William Roghers, Jonathan Samon, Joshua Salmon, Ammon Tabor, Frederick Tabor, David Terry, Elijah Terry Jr., Thomas Terry, David Truman, Jonathan Truman, Christopher Tuthill, David Tuthill, James Tuthill Jr., Daniel Vail, Elisha Vail, Jonathan Vail, Thomas Vail, Jonathan Wells, David Wiggins, William Wiggins, John Youngs, Joesph Youngs.

Suffolk county Militia - Regiment of Minute Men,

David Mulford.

John Dayton.
David Fithian.
Danel Hedges.
David Howell.
Josiah Howell.
Samuel L'Hommedieu.
William Rogers.
John Sandford.
John White.
[No enlisted men found].

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