Pioneer Families - TRAIN
Extracted From
Chapter XVII
Early history of the town of Hopkinton :
history of East Village (Nicholville) and vicinity,
diaries of Elisha Risdon and Artemas Kent,
soldiers of the Civil War,
genealogical record of sixty of the pioneer families

Carlton E. Sanford
Boston: Bartlett Press, 1903

[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]

IN this chapter is given the genealogical records of many of the pioneers of the town, of all that I have been able to gather sufficient data and information to make a fairly full record. The preparation of these records has required much time, labor, correspondence, persistence and patience. Had I had in the beginning a full comprehension of the tedious labor required, I now feel sure I should not have undertaken it. That there are some errors in dates and possibly a few in names I am quite satisfied, since considerable of my information came from elderly people who wrote feebly and indistinctly. I think it will be readily understood, if the reader will bear in mind that it is in continuous order; that the first, second, third and fourth generations are each carried slightly to the right, and that each generation always has the same indentation.

HORACE TRAIN b. 1784; d. 1880, Salem, Wis., aged ninety-six; m. Aritta Powers; m. 2d, Rhodina Woodworth; m. 3d, Mrs. Lydia Comstock; m. 4th, Mrs. Laveena Burritt, 1839; b. 1800; d. 1873, Hokah, Minn. According to Dr. Hough, he came to town in 1804 or 1805. His account with Mr. Hopkins did not open till 1807, though that with Robert Train did in 1804. Horace took up a tract southeast of the village on what was called Independence Hill, where he lived till about 1830, when he moved to Stockholm, near the farm of E. O. Phelps. In about 1845 he moved to Wisconsin. Had one child by first and nine by second marriage; only nine given:
  • Edson, d. in infancy.
  • Horatio C., went to Wisconsin early, then to Kansas City; d. there; m. Had six children:
    • Mary, Sue, Cora, Fred, Charles and Will.
  • Harrison V., went to Wisconsin early, then to California, where he died. He married and was a minister.
  • Phynandia, settled in Ohio, where she died.
  • Abigail D., settled in Manston, Wis., where she died; m. Bliss D. Hitchcock. Had three children:
    • Agnes, Eugene and Horatio.
  • Rhodina B., m. O. C. Bundy, settled in Wisconsin, moved to Montana in 1888, now living with niece, Mrs. Adah Train Fisk, at Helena. Mrs. Bundy is the only survivor and furnished this record.
  • Hamilton B., was a physician, lived in Hokah, Minn., where he died. Had two children:
    • Clarence and Theresa.
  • Pamelia, lived and died in New York.
  • Edgar H., was a miner in California, Oregon and Idaho; m. Phebe Goodell in Idaho City in 1865. Was a pioneer in Helena in 1866. He died there June 11, 1899. Had two children:
    • Adah, l. Helena, Mont.; m. Emmett M. Fisk of Helena.
    • Percy, m. Lena Dillard of Helena.

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