Pioneer Families - HENDERSON
Extracted From
Chapter XVII
Early history of the town of Hopkinton :
history of East Village (Nicholville) and vicinity,
diaries of Elisha Risdon and Artemas Kent,
soldiers of the Civil War,
genealogical record of sixty of the pioneer families

Carlton E. Sanford
Boston: Bartlett Press, 1903

[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]

IN this chapter is given the genealogical records of many of the pioneers of the town, of all that I have been able to gather sufficient data and information to make a fairly full record. The preparation of these records has required much time, labor, correspondence, persistence and patience. Had I had in the beginning a full comprehension of the tedious labor required, I now feel sure I should not have undertaken it. That there are some errors in dates and possibly a few in names I am quite satisfied, since considerable of my information came from elderly people who wrote feebly and indistinctly. I think it will be readily understood, if the reader will bear in mind that it is in continuous order; that the first, second, third and fourth generations are each carried slightly to the right, and that each generation always has the same indentation.

DAVID HENDERSON b. July 21, 1756, Fitchburg, Mass.; d. May 8, 1831; m. Lydia Fitch, b. Groton, Conn., October 14, 1760; d. June 26, 1834. He settled in spring of 1814 and lived till he died in 1831 a mile south of Nicholville on the farm now known as the Nelson Lindsay farm. The house he built there is still standing and in use. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Had seven children:
  • Chester, b. December 18, 1780, at Salem, N.Y.; d. 1845, Fort Edwards, N.Y.
  • Anna, b. June 20, 1782, Kingsbury, N.Y.; d. 1845, at Fort Edwards, N.Y.; m. Eben Thompson.
  • David, Jr., b. March 9, 1784. Left home in 1806 and was never heard of afterwards.
  • Lydia, b. February 25, 1785; d. April 21, 1876; m. Joel Goodell, Sr., of Hopkinton, N.Y. (See his family.)
  • John, b. May 23, 1788, Kingsbury, N.Y.; d. May 21, 1849; m. Fanny Gove; m. 2d, Alta Sheldon, Hopkinton, N.Y. (See his record.)
  • Henry, b. December 19, 1796, at Hartford, N.Y.; d. February 10, 1883, at Greene Cove Springs, Fla. He was a sailor and captain of ocean vessels for years.
  • Narcissa, b. February 25, 1801; d. February 27, 1887, Middleport, N.Y.; m. John Pomeroy in 1819; d. Norfolk, N.Y., in 1850. Mr. Pomeroy came to Hopkinton in 1815. He was a good carpenter and took charge of or assisted in building the T. H. Laughlin, Artemus Kent, Deacon Culver and other residences. He made his home in Nicholville till his health failed, when Asa Durrell, formerly of Hopkinton, gave him a home till his death. They had a family of two daughters and six sons, one of whom, Jesse H. of St. Paul, married Lucretia Brush, daughter of Eliphalet Brush.
JOHN HENDERSON b. May 22, 1788; d. May 12, 1849; m. Fanny Gove, October 1, 1826; b. October 29, 1803, Swanton, Vt.; d. March 5, 1833; m. 2d, Alta Sheldon, b. September 21, 1804, at Hopkinton; d. August 28, 1890. He was with the army about Lake Champlain in the War of 1812 as an assistant and helper, though not an enlisted soldier, owing to ill health. On the close of the war he followed his father, David Henderson, to Hopkinton in 1815. For his second wife he took Miss Alta Sheldon, daughter of Oliver, who, it is claimed, was the first child born in Hopkinton, or at least the first female child. Had two children by first and four by second marriage:
  • John Henry, b. November 10, 1827; residing in Hopkinton; m. Alzina A. Thomas, September 29, 1852; b. December 27, 1834, Wilna, N.Y.; d. August 1, 1883. He has taken a great interest in the preparation of this work and has assisted freely and kindly on many occasions. Had three children:
    • Fanny S., b. January 2, 1854; d. July 24, 1878; m. William Hunter, b. August 12, 1846; 1. Hopkinton. Had two children:
      • Gertie E., b. January 17, 1875; 1. Saranac Lake, N.Y.
      • Mary V., b. August 7, 1876; 1. Saranac Lake, N.Y.
    • Katie E., b. September I, 1858; 1. Hoquiam, Wash.; m. Patrick J. Ryan, b. January 15, 1852; were divorced; m. 2d, George Clark, b. July 1, 1846. Had one child by first marriage:
      • Claude 0., b. April 29, 1878.
    • Wilbur S., b. March 19, 1860; 1. Salt Lake City; m. Leah Cook, b. October 14, 1868, Springville, Utah. Had five children:
      • Earl C., b. August 2, 1891, Springville, Utah.
      • Blanche, b. December 27, 1892, Salt Lake City.
      • Martha, b. August 11, 1894.
      • Leah, b. August 31, 1896.
      • John Henry, b. April 26, 1898.
  • David F., b. April 30, 1830; 1. Hopkinton, N.Y.; m. Fanny M. Pratt, September 14, 1856; b. October 29, 1838. Mr. H. is a bright, intelligent, polished man, has been often complimented with town positions, and is highly esteemed and respected. Had four children:
    • Frank, b. August 9, 1858; d. August 10, 1858.
    • Frances M., b. August 17, 1859; d. November 16, 1862.
    • Frederick G., b. April 11, 1861; 1. Hopkinton; m. Hannah M. Lindsay, March 20, 1890; b. August 19, 1862. No issue.
    • Kittie A., b. April 27, 1867; 1. Hopkinton; m. Charles O. Meacham, November 23, 1887; b. November 8, 1864. Had one child:
      • Mildred, b. December 2, 1899.
  • Chester S., b. December 19, 1834; d. August 31, 1902, at Ohio, Colo.; m. Adaline Bickford, 1862. Had one child:
    • Belle, b. March 8, 1867; 1. Denver, Colo.
  • Fanny M., b. July 18, 1837; d. February 4, 1842.
  • Philo Gilbert, b. April 8, 1841; d. February 15, 1886, in Hopkinton; m. Kate Lindsay, January 17, 1875; b. November 26, 1855. Had two children:
    • Jessie Alta, b. October 6, 1875; 1. Detroit, Mich.; m. Paul C. Worth, Toledo, Ohio, December, 1898. No issue.
    • Ray G., b. March 22, 1877; 1. Richland Center, Wis.
  • Sarah Jane, b. July 28, 1842; 1. Richland Center, Wis.; m. Edwin A. Dove, May 2, 1879; b. April 15, 1840. No issue. Her mother, Alta, the first female child born in town, lived with them in her last years and died at their home in Richland Center.

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