Pioneer Families - FROST
Extracted From
Chapter XVII
Early history of the town of Hopkinton :
history of East Village (Nicholville) and vicinity,
diaries of Elisha Risdon and Artemas Kent,
soldiers of the Civil War,
genealogical record of sixty of the pioneer families

Carlton E. Sanford
Boston: Bartlett Press, 1903

[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]

IN this chapter is given the genealogical records of many of the pioneers of the town, of all that I have been able to gather sufficient data and information to make a fairly full record. The preparation of these records has required much time, labor, correspondence, persistence and patience. Had I had in the beginning a full comprehension of the tedious labor required, I now feel sure I should not have undertaken it. That there are some errors in dates and possibly a few in names I am quite satisfied, since considerable of my information came from elderly people who wrote feebly and indistinctly. I think it will be readily understood, if the reader will bear in mind that it is in continuous order; that the first, second, third and fourth generations are each carried slightly to the right, and that each generation always has the same indentation.

EBENEZER FROST b. October 9, 1790, Brattleboro, Vt.; d. January 26, 1863; m. Clarissa Chandler, April 28, 1817; b. March 28, 1796; d. June 24, 1831; m. 2d, Caroline Harwood, October 24, 1831; b. April 20, 1806; d. September 18, 1879. Both wives resided in Chesterfield (Lawrence). The first wife was the daughter of Abijah Chandler, one of the original pioneers. Mr. Frost's parents moved to Barton, Vt., where the son learned the blacksmith trade. During the War of 1812 he attached himself to the army as a blacksmith. The war over he wended his way west on foot through the woods, with only now and then a cabin along the way, settling in Hopkinton village, where he proceeded at once to build a dam on Lyd Brook some fifty rods north of the main road, and also a trip hammer shop. A few pieces of this old dam and a large bowlder with a square hole in the top used in the shop still remain. In 1820 he moved to Canton, N.Y., and opened a shop, and in 1836, getting into some trouble with Silas Wright, went to Canada and after an effort at Hawkesbury, Ont., and Hull, Quebec, settled in 1839 at Smith's Falls, where he opened a small shop for the manufacture of ploughs, kettles, etc., and steadily prospered. The little shop then started has become a great manufacturing industry and is known as the Frost and Wood Co., Ltd., employing over six hundred hands with branches all over the Dominion and in Europe. Two of his sons hold the positions of president and vice-president. Had two children by first and six by second marriage:
  • Elvira, b. September 6, 1821, Canton, N.Y.; 1. Smith's Falls; m. Russell W. Bartlett of Smith's Falls, December 4, 1844. Had three children, but all died in infancy.
  • James Trussell, b. December 2, 1828; d. February 6, 1865; m. Jeannette Stinson, May 28, 1858; b. in Canton; d. April 28, 1868. Had three children:
    • Helen Elvira, b. February 18, 1859; m. George F. McKim, January 30, 1889. Had four children:
      • Charles Harwood, b. February 14, 1890.
      • Helen Powell, b. September 23, 1891.
      • Edwin Frost, b. March 4, 1895.
      • Fred Gordon, b. November 21, 1901.
    • Caroline Lydia, b. January 15, 1861.
    • James Edwin, b. July 15, 1863; m. Laura O. Meighen of Perth, Ont., June 12, 1900.
  • Clarissa, b. July 29, 1832, Canton, N.Y.; single.
  • Edwin, b. July 30, 1834, Canton; d. January 31, 1852.
  • George, b. July 9, 1838, Hawkesbury, Ont.; 1. Plainfield, N.J.; m. Louisa Hunt of Chicago, December 3, 1868. He graduated from McGill College, Montreal, in 1861, as a civil engineer and in 1875 at Chicago founded the Engineering News, which he moved to New York City in 1880, where it has become the greatest engineering newspaper in the world. He is the president of the company. Had four children:
    • Charles H., b. February 22, 1870; 1.. Smith's Falls, Ont.; m. Marie G. Hemming, January 23, 1896, of Drummondville, Que. Had three children:
      • Marion Louise, b. January 6, 1899.
      • Emlyn Gertrude, b. February 6, 1902.
      • Frances Dorothy, b. February 6, 1902.
    • George Harwood, b. February 12, 1872, at Smith's Falls. He is manager for the Frost Wood Company, Limited, and located at 63 Queen Victoria Street, E.C., London, England.
    • Edwin Hunt, b. July 23, 1874; 1. Plainfield, N.J.; m. Sara M. Scribner of Yonkers, N.Y., October 8, 1902.
    • Francis Willoughby, b. March 23, 1876; 1. Plainfield, N.J.
  • Charles, b. August 26, 1840; 1. Smith's Falls; m. Emily Harwood of Bennington, Vt. , October 3, 1878; d. December 3, 1893. He succeeded his father in the care and management of the business and is the president of the company. No issue.
  • Francis T., b. December 21, 1843; 1. Smith's Falls; m. Maria E. Powell of Madrid, N.Y., June 3, 1868. He joined his brother Charles in the conduct of the business and is the vice-president. He was elected to the Dominion Parliament in 1896 and held the position for five sessions, and in March, 1903, received the distinguished honor of an appointment to the Senate. No issue.
  • William, b. November 10, 1847; 1. Smith's Falls, Ont.; m. Fanny Burton of Manchester, Vt., June 6, 1877. In 1878 began the manufacture of malleable iron at Smith's Falls and has been very prosperous, now employing two hundred and fifty workmen. He has also held various municipal and county offices. Had five children:
    • Clarissa Adaline, b. July 27, 1878; 1. Passaic, N.J.; m. Frederick C. Clayton of Ottawa, Ont., September 18, 1900.
    • Laura Agnes, b. May 2, 1881.
    • Burton Hunt, b. October 28, 1883.
    • Ebenezer Theodore, b. February 5, 1885.
    • George Bartlett, b. February 9, 1890.

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