Pioneer Families - BLANCHARD
Extracted From
Chapter XVII
Early history of the town of Hopkinton :
history of East Village (Nicholville) and vicinity,
diaries of Elisha Risdon and Artemas Kent,
soldiers of the Civil War,
genealogical record of sixty of the pioneer families

Carlton E. Sanford
Boston: Bartlett Press, 1903

[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]

IN this chapter is given the genealogical records of many of the pioneers of the town, of all that I have been able to gather sufficient data and information to make a fairly full record. The preparation of these records has required much time, labor, correspondence, persistence and patience. Had I had in the beginning a full comprehension of the tedious labor required, I now feel sure I should not have undertaken it. That there are some errors in dates and possibly a few in names I am quite satisfied, since considerable of my information came from elderly people who wrote feebly and indistinctly. I think it will be readily understood, if the reader will bear in mind that it is in continuous order; that the first, second, third and fourth generations are each carried slightly to the right, and that each generation always has the same indentation.

AMASA BLANCHARD, Sr. m. Edna Norton. They came from Rutland, Vt., in 1803, as we know by Mr. Hopkins's old account book. They had twelve children, all of whom lived to be over fifty years of age, except one. The tract he took up was next east of Eliphalet Brush. He took a prominent part in all town matters. He and Mr. Risdon were hunting associates for some years. His grown children must have been a welcome acquisition in the town. It has been impossible to get the record more completely than is here given. Had twelve children, but can find record of eleven only:
  • Amasa, Jr., b. 1784; d. March 28, 1843; m. Lucy Hopkins, December 24, 1804; b. 1785; d. October 28, 1873. She was a daughter of Isaac, brother of Roswell Hopkins, and was married by Asa Wheeler, J. P., of Vergennes, Vt., brother-in-law of Roswell. Had thirteen children:
    • Isaac, b. January 22, 1806.
    • Warren, b. June 19, 1808.
    • Franklin, b. February 9, 1810; d. September 8, 1882; m. Freelove Thomas. Had three children:
      • Susan L., b. May 8, 1842; 1. Nicholville.
      • Sally B., b. August 24, 1846; 1. Nicholville.
      • Edna S., b. September 20, 1849; 1. Lawrence; m. Luther Cole. Had four children: Lavina, Frank, Amelia and Gordon.
    • Sarah, b. September 30, 1811; m. Lisaf Smith.
    • Harriet, b. July 7, 1813; m. William W. Dewey.
    • Jane, b. December 1, 1815; m. Loyal Atwood.
    • James, b. December 1, 1817.
    • Betsey, b. April 14, 1819; m. Hiram Sheldon.
    • Mary, b. August 6, 1821; m. William Wakefield.
    • Fidelia, b. June 2, 1824; m. Albert Copeland.
    • Lorenda, b. January 17, 1828; d. aged five.
    • Lorenzo, b. December, 1830; d. at six months.
    • Loretta, b. February 8, 1832 (Mrs. Daniel Emmons, Nicholville).
  • Burton. Left town early and nothing known of.
  • Rivers. Left town early and nothing known of.
  • Benjamin. Followed rafting on the St. Lawrence River. He drew his money from a Kingston bank and went back to the raft. When down near Cornwall a small rowboat got adrift. Mr. B. took off his coat, etc., and swam out to get it, leaving his watch and money on the raft. There was much suspicion that he was not allowed to get back on the raft or at least not given any help, and so drowned. His body was recovered by some Indians on a reward of $15 by his father.
  • Edy, b. December 9, 7 86; d. April 4, 1868; m. Aaron Warner in 1805. (See his family.)
  • Anna, b. May 2, 1780; d. October 2, 1858; m. David Walker; m. 2d, Richard Newton, b. October 10, 1785; d. October 24, 1868; 1. on crossroad south from Lee Eastman's. Had two children by first and four by second marriage:
    • David, m. and had three children:
      • Louella, b. 1852; m. John Gillispie of Rhode Island.
      • William, b. 1861; 1. Wisconsin; m. Sarah D. Hamilton.
      • Sarah, b. 1863; d. ten years ago (1903).
    • Roxie, family unknown; m. Erastus Hamilton; m. 2d, John Vebber.
    • Benjamin, b. 1818; killed in war July, 1864.
    • Hiram, b. May 1, 1820; d. January 2, 1893; m. Lovina Adams, December 7, 1843; b. March 4, 1824; d. November 18, 1894. Had seven children:
      • Merilla, b. October 3, 1844; d. September 1, 1849.
      • Lovina, b. December 1, 1849; d. September 27, 1886; m. Elija Bundy, September 27, 1870. No issue.
      • Lovisa, 1. Parishville; m. Martin Hatch. Had four children:
        • Carlisle, b. February 28, 1870; m. Lula Meacham, December 8, 1897. Had one child:
          • Corinne, b. February 15, 1901
        • Mary, b. July 14, I 874; m. William Jones, November 24, 1897. Had one child:
          • Calista, b. March 23, 1901.
        • Henry, b. August 30, 1876; m. Blanch Rivers, July 30, 1902.
        • Alice, b. August 11, 1878; m. Milton Brownson, December 27, 1899. Had two children: Dewitt and Beatrice.
      • Velora, b. August 6, 1855; d. July 27, 1857.
      • Henry, b. July 6, 1858; d. November 29, 1879.
      • Eva, b. August 6, 1860; d. April 2, 1880.
      • Melvin, b. October 15, 1863; 1. Hopkinton; m. Dora Courser, May 11, 1888. Had two children:
        • Marion, b. November 6, 1890; d. June 13, 1895.
        • Bernice, b. July 25, 1899.
      • Warner, b. February 8, 1822; d. July 8, 1828.
      • Warren, went west.
    • Sophia, m. William Hamilton, neighbor of Richard Newton. Had four children: William, Darwin, Lucius and Luna.
    • Hannah, m. Chauncey D. Thomas. (See his family.)
    • Manilla, m. Joseph Clemonds. Had four children: Alva, Morse, Adaline (Mrs. Henry Cornish), Julia (Mrs. William Sexton).
    • Sally, b. March 27, 1801; d. August 14, 1881; m. Samuel Wilson. (See his family.)
    • Hiram, b. 1803; d. February 11, 1882, at Nicholville; m. Charlotte Freeman in 1827; d. June 3, 1891, aged eighty-five. He was a good mechanic and millwright, and built the first mills at Hewitville, Colton and Duane, N.Y. He was the last to survive of the children. Had six children: Lorison, Hiram, Mortimer, Leonard, Sophronia and Losepta.

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