Chautauqua Co., Ny
Soldiers Of The American Revolution

Part 4 - Grave Locations & Pension Lists

[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]



Arkwright Cemetery
  • Eliakim Thatcher
  • William Wood
  • James Olmstead

Frank Cemetery
  • John Frank
  • Lawrence Frank
  • Reuben Landon
Hazeltine Cemetery
  • John Jones
Elias Jenner Farm
  • Levi Pier
Palmiter Cemetery
  • John B. Smiley
Wellman Cemetery
  • Barnabus Wellman
Wilcox Cemetery
  • Stephen Wilcox

  • Benjamin Covel
  • John Owen (Grave in Warren, Pa.)
  • John Cleland
  • Elias Carter
  • Elijah Carter
  • ---- Carpenter
  • Caleb Clark
  • Robert W. Seaver
Sinclairville Cemetery
  • Jacob Gleason
  • Nathaniel Johnson
  • Samuel Sinclair
Pickett Cemetery
  • Amos Atkins

Mayville Cemetery
  • Peter Barnhart
  • Bethul Bond
  • George Darrow
  • Silas Houghton
  • Capt. David McGregor
  • Daniel Tennant, Sr.
  • Jonathan Brigham
  • Josiah Hale
Magnolia Cemetery
  • Samuel Davis
  • Adonijah Fenton
  • Richard Whitney
Pleasantville Cemetery
  • Elijah Look
  • Levi Stedman
  • Samuel Waterbury
  • Nahum Parkhurst
Dewittville Cemetery
  • Seeley Scofield
  • Samuel Young
  • Clymer Cemetery
  • John Campbell
  • Gardiner Cleveland
  • Daniel Williams
  • Daniel Wing

Remus Point Cemetery
  • Jonathan Babcock
  • Lemuel Bacon
  • Luther Barney
  • William Bemus
  • Benjamin Parker
Red-Bird Cemetery
  • John Pickard
  • John Coe
Lewis Cemetery
  • Jacob Annis
  • William Scofield
  • Joseph Boyd

Fluvanna Cemetery
  • Jacob Fenton
  • Jeremiah Griffith
  • Joseph Loucks
  • William Martin
  • John Rhodes
  • William Smiley
Falconer Cemetery
  • Paul Davis

Lake View Cemetery
  • Andrew Crawford
  • Joseph Dix
  • Cyrus Fish
  • Daniel Hazeltine
  • Isaac Staples
  • Eliphalet Steward
Old Cemetery
  • Thomas Mathews
  • Benjamin DeLamater
  • William Washburn

Ellington Cemetery
  • Abijah Hitchcock
Clear Creek Cemetery
  • Stephen Mather
  • William Adams

Gerry Hill Cemetery
  • Benjamin Mathews

Glenwood Cemetery, Silver Creek
  • John Darling
  • John Johnson
Doty Cemetery
  • Jesse Clothier
  • Shibnah Spink
Smith's Mills Cemetery
  • Asa Gage
Rathbun Cemetery
  • Solomon Rathbun
Nashville Cemetery
  • Silas Nash
  • Thomas Frink
  • Enos Schofield
Ball Town Cemetery
  • William Kirkland
Hanover Center Cemetery
  • Amos Ingraham
  • Thomas Nevins
Pioneer Cemetery, Forestville
  • John Ferry
  • Susannah, wife of John Ferry
  • Robert Love
  • Reuben Barnes
  • Isaac Van Camp
  • Christopher McManus

Ashville Cemetery
  • Samuel Benedict
  • David Hollister
  • John Stow
Blockville Cemetery
  • Simon Loomis Jonas Randall
Panama Cemetery
  • Isaac Osborn
Niobe Cemetery
  • Nathaniel Mather
Stowe, Connolly Farm
  • William Matteson
Town Line Cemetery
  • Phineas Chamberlain

Kiantone Cemetery
  • Ebenezer Cheney
  • Asa Moore
Stillwater Cemetery
  • Jasper Marsh
  • Aaron Martin
  • Capt. William Stearns

Mina Cemetery
  • David Madden
Holdridge Corners Cemetery, Mina
  • Juvenile Winters
Findley Lake Cemetery
  • Alexander Findley
  • Josiah Morse

Allen Cemetery
  • Phineas Allen
  • Nathaniel Fenton
  • Elias Tracey
  • Joshua Woodward
Levant Cemetery
  • Seth Baker
Dry Brook Cemetery
  • Jonathan Bill
  • John Tucker
Riverside Cemetery
  • Cyrus Hamlin
  • John Woodward

In or near Fredonia
  • Thomas Abel
  • Hezekiah Barker
  • John Brigham
  • Seth Cole
  • Simon Crosby
  • Roswell Fitch
  • Veniah Fox
  • Luther Gates
  • Nathaniel Hempstead
  • William Hood
  • King Moore
  • Jonathan Phelps
  • Jeremiah Rood
  • Joseph Rood
  • Elijah Risley
  • William Seymour
  • Reuben Thompson
  • Elisha Webster
  • William Lamont
Laona Cemetery
  • Augustus Burnham
  • Israel Smith
  • Daniel Barnes
  • John Coney
  • Samuel Munson
  • Capt. James Dunn
  • Joseph Gugle
  • James Goldsmith
  • Zimri Hill
  • Peter Kane
  • Willoughby Lowell
  • John Light
  • Jeremiah Potter
  • Joseph Phelps Peters
  • Samuel Parker
  • Samuel Shattuck
  • Samuel Tucker
  • Reuben Taylor
  • John Hall
  • Amos Standish

Ripley Cemetery
  • Levi Adams
Downs Cemetery
  • Benjamin Bennet
East Ripley Cemetery
  • Arthur Bell
  • Robert Dickson
  • Jonathan Nichols
  • Oliver Stetson
Quincy Rural Cemetery
  • Orange Spencer
  • William Turner
  • Benjamin Seldens
  • David Waldo

Stockton Cemetery
  • Abraham Batcheler
  • Daniel Deming
  • Ebenezer Smith
  • Asa Turner
  • Thomas Curtice
The graves of quite a number of Revolutionary soldiers who lived and died in Chautauqua County have not been located. SHERIDAN TOWNSHIP

Sheridan Cemetery
  • Rev. John Spencer
  • Ephriam Herrick
  • Samuel Cranston
  • Moses Allen
  • Nathan Thompson
  • Stephen Bush
  • James White
  • Otis Ensign

Villenova Cemetery
  • Mathias Ball
  • John Kent
  • Solomon Naughton
  • Daniel Osborn
  • Thomas Phillips
  • Reuben Spencer
Hamlet Cemetery
  • Lieut. Elias Clark
  • Nathaniel Warner

Westfield Cemetery
  • Corp. Lent Bradley
  • Nathaniel Bird
  • David Burnham
  • Fiske Durand
  • Jonathan Dyer
  • William Chase
  • Samuel Penfield
  • David Rumsey
  • Joseph Thayer
  • Samuel Wheeler
  • Reuben Wright
Union Cemetery, Westfield and West Portland
  • Samuel Anderson
  • William Couch
  • David House
  • John House
  • Peletiah Rice
Velutia Cemetery
  • Asa Wells

It is certain that there are a number of names of Revolutionary Soldiers who were at one time residents of Chautauqua County that are not included in the lists prepared by the D. A. R. Chapters in the preceding pages. It is because so little of authentic facts have at the present time been obtained of the personal or military history, although it is quite likely that later research may supply much that will prove valuable and interesting.

The following list of names of Revolutionary Soldiers are included in the Pension Lists of 1818 and 1830, on file at the Bureau of Pensions, Washington, D. C., and who at one time were residents of Chautauqua County, N.Y., while receiving their pensions:

Name Rank State Pension Date Age
Andrews, Amos Private Mass. 1828
Barlow, Abner Private N H. 1818 75
Bidwell, Phineas Private Conn. 1831 71
Burch, Thomas Private N Y. 1831 71
Burdick, Gideon Private N Y. 1831 71
Clark, Roger Private Conn. 1818 73
Cook, Joel Private Conn. 1818 74
Colfax, Samuel Private Vt. 1831 79
Davis, Joseph Private Mass 1831 71
Denny, Charles Private Mass. 1831 74
Doty, Ellis Private Mass. 1818 71
Fitch, Rufus Sergeant Conn. 1818 80
Fairchild, John Private N.Y. 1831 86
Green, Timothy Private N Y. 1824 68
Hosier, John Private N Y. 1818 66
Hunt, Elvin Private N Y. 1831 74
Hill, Benoni Private N.H. 1818 72
Ives, Amasa Private Mass. 1831 86
Jenkins, Joseph Private Mass. 1831 80
Lesner, John Ensign Mass. 1818 82
Loomis, Israel Private Mass. 1818 64
Matoon, Abel Private Mass. 1819 82
Merrill, Noah Private Conn. 1818 62
Morse, Artimus Private Mass. 1817
Mumford, Henry Private Mass. 1831 70
Pitcher, Abner Private Conn. 1818 78
Plummer, Simeon Private N.Y. 1818 79
Sprague, William Private R.I. 1831 69
Smith, Elisha Private Vt. 1831 74
Skinner, Jesse Private N.Y. 1831 83
Tyler, Jonathan Private N.H. 1824 58
Truesdell, Hiel Private N.Y. 1831 70
Tifft, Rufus Private N.Y. 1831 79
Wilson, Alexander Private Mass. 1818 72
Willard, Ephriam Private Mass. 1818 74
Webster, William Private Conn. 1831 75
Williams, John Sergeant Conn. 1831 89
Whitney, John Private Mass. 1818 74

The name of JOEL ANDREWS appears on the pension list of 1818 as residing in Chautauqua County, name of place not stated. The New Hampshire Historical Society gives his record as follows: "Born in 1753. Died in Chautauqua County, June 26, 1825. Married Anna ---, June 1, 1786. She was born 1760 and died 1841. The Massachusetts record shows that he was of Charlestown, N.H. Enlisted in 1775 under Capt. Seth Murray, Col. Woodbridge; re-enlisted under Capt. Gilman, Col. Nixon, Sept. to Nov., 1776. N.H. rolls show him as on Lt.-Col. Hammond's return, Swanzey, Feb. 14, 1778, as lately enlisted, also in Capt. Abel Walker's Company, Col. Benj. Bellows' Reg't.

Born in 1754, served as private in Capt. Joseph Thompson's Company, Col. Daniel's Reg't., Mass. Line. He was born at Monson, Mass., and died in Chautauqua County, N.Y., in the year 1824. He married Betsey Sessions Babcock, in 1777. The above is the record in Lin. Vol. 74, p. 102. There is a grave in Charlotte Cemetery, town of Charlotte, of a man who is said to have been a Revolutionary soldier, of the name of CARPENTER. But no authentic personal or military record of him has been obtained.

Born about 1767. Died Aug. 28, 1833. Grave in Pleasantville Cemetery, town of Chautauqua. Not any record of his services as a soldier of the Revolution has been obtained except from the headstone at his grave, which is inscribed: "With Wayne in battle, side by side, unharmed our hero fought." His wife, Abigail, died May 6, 1850, aged 78 years, 1 month and 6 days. Her grave is beside husband. He is not mentioned in any of the Chautauqua County Census Pension Lists. He settled in the town of Chautauqua in the year 1817.

The name of a man who may have been a soldier of the American Revolution, whose grave, without headstone, is in Blockville Cemetery, town of Harmony. He was born in 1754 and died in 1838. No record of his personal or military history has been found.

Said to have been a Revolutionary soldier, but no record of his services has been obtained. Born about 1765, died January 27, 1852. Grave in Dry Brook Cemetery, town of Poland. No mention of him in Pension Lists.

Was one of the early settlers of the town of Busti, born about 1743, in Germany, died Nov. 5, 1833, grave in Hatch Cemetery, Busti, may have been a soldier in the Revolution, although no record of his services has been obtained. He is not mentioned in the Pension Lists. His wife, Eve, according to family records, was as a child captured by Indians, taken to Canada, where she remained 3 years.

The Centennial History of Chautauqua County, 1904, says HENRY ELLIOTT, at one time a resident of the town of Chautauqua, was a soldier of the Revolution, was badly wounded in the campaign against Burgoyne, afterwards served on the ship Putnam, which in its cruise off the coast of England, captured nine prizes. No further record obtained.

Although not a resident of Chautauqua County, GIDEON NORTHRUP, a Revolutionary soldier, spent the latter part of his life at Pine Grove, Warren County, Pa., just across the line from Chautauqua County, where he was a familiar figure in his day, and where he left many descendants. He served in Col. Webb's Reg't., Conn. Militia, during a part of the war. Was granted a pension in 1832. Grave in State Road Cemetery, Farmington, Pa.

The Mayville Sentinel, in its issue of July 6, 1848, says: "ELKANAH PHILLIPS, a soldier of the Revolution, and a native of Grafton, N.H., died recently in the town of Carroll."

Born in 1745, died in 1830, is the name of a man whose grave is located in the Forestville Cemetery, town of Hanover. No record of his personal history has been found, although it is the early impression of many that he was a Revolutionary soldier.

Widow of Benjamin Eaton, a Revolutionary soldier, is mentioned in the Pension List of 1840, aged 87 and residing with David Eaton in the town of Portland, Chautauqua County, N.Y. Husband was at the battle of Lexington and later served in the Mass. Reg't. of Col. Thomas Nixon. They were married the day after the battle of Lexington. Husband died in the year 1800 and in 1806 she came to Chautauqua County with her son. She died in Portland, Oct. 14, 1848, aged 95 years, 6 months and 1 day.

Widow of William Harrington, is mentioned in the Pension List of 1840, aged 86, and residing in the town of Hanover, Chautauqua County, N.Y., with Andrew Irish, son-in-law. Her husband, William Harrington, enlisted in 1775, serving in Capt. Grave's Company, Mass. troops, and was in the battle of Bennington and White Plains. He died at Luzerne, N.Y., in 1820. She applied for and was granted pension in 1838. They had five children.

Widow of Curtis Crane, Revolutionary soldier, is mentioned in the Pension List of 1840, aged 86, and residing with Elizabeth Howes, in the town of Pomfret, Chautauqua County, N.Y. Curtis Crane and Elizabeth were married at Weathersfield, Conn., in 1774. He enlisted in 1778, serving in Capt. Walker's Company, Col. Webb's Reg't., Conn. troops, attaining the rank of Corporal. He died Oct. 14, 1824, at Eaton, Madison County, N.Y.

Widow of Isaac Ingham, is mentioned in the Pension List of 1840 as residing in the town of Pomfret, Chautauqua County, at the age of 83 years. Her husband, Isaac Ingham, died at Sherburne, N.Y., in 1828. He served three years in Revolutionary war in Company of Capt. Buckley, Col. Webb, and in Company of Capt. Mills, Col. Willis' Reg't., Conn. troops. Was in the battle of Bunker Hill. In 1838 widow was living with her son, Isaac Ingham, Jr., in the town of Arkwright, Chautauqua County, N.Y.

Widow of Joseph Evens, is mentioned in the 1840 Pension List, aged 78, as residing in the town of Arkwright, Chautauqua County, N.Y. Her husband served in Capt. Janson's Company, Col. Van Schaick's Reg't., N.Y. troops, during a portion of the Revolutionary war. He died in 1831 while on a visit to his son-in-law, Stephen Hill, at Arkwright. Hannah died Jan. 28, 1845.

Widow of Samuel Swift, Revolutionary soldier, is mentioned in the Pension List of 1840, aged 70 years, and residing with her son, Lyman Swift, in the town of Sheridan, Chautauqua County, N.Y. He enlisted in 1778 and again in 1779, serving in Reg't. of Col. Topins and in Col. Allen's Reg't., as private, Vt. troops. He died in 1821 at Elba, Genesee Co., N.Y., where they were at that time residing. She also resided for a time with her son, Clark C. Swift, in the town of Hanover.

Widow of David Matteson, is mentioned in the Pension List of 1840, aged 85 years, and residing with D. J. Matteson at Fredonia, Chautauqua County, N.Y. Husband was Serg't. in Vermont Militia under Captains Huntington and Galusha, and participated in the battles of Ticonderoga and Bennington. His death occurred in 1818 at Shaftsbury, Vt.

Said to have been a Revolutionary soldier, residing at Fredonia at an early date, as shown by the following notice printed in the Chautauqua Gazette, published at Fredonia, in the issue of May 18, 1818: "Died in this village last evening of a lingering illness, Mr. Asa Seymour in the 59th year of his age. A veteran soldier, he served his country faithfully for 6 years in the Revolutionary war, and had just made the affidavit necessary for obtaining his pension. A devout Christian, he has gone to receive an inheritance in Heaven. The funeral to be attended to-morrow at 1 o'clock P.M."

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