Extracted from
Manual, Catalog & History of the
Lafayette St. Presbyterian Church
of Buffalo, N. Y.,
Prepared & Arranged by W. M. KNIGHT

[Transcribed by Jane Devlin]


Explanations - Two names grouped together under one bullet signify husband & wife (street address for wife is not repeated); (P) signifies Church member admitted on Profession of faith; (L), on Letter from sister Churches; (C) member of the Congregation.
  • ABEL, Miss Salina Mary (P), 176 Sycamore St.
  • ADAMS, William H., (P), 45 Mariner St.
    ADAMS, Mrs. Annie W., (P)
  • ADAMS, Mrs Mary (Mrs. Edwin S.) (P), 36 Bowery
  • ADRIANCE, J. V. S. & wife (P), Out on Clinton St.
  • AINSTETH, Jacob, Jr. (P), 213 Clinton St.
  • ALBERGER, Mrs. Louisa F. (L), 1342 Main St.
  • ALBERGER, Miss Louisa C. (L) 1342 Main St.
  • ALBERGER, John L. (P), 1181 Delaware St.
    ALBERGER, Mrs. Mary R. (P)
  • ARTHUR, Alexander (C) 1285 Main St.
    ARTHUR, Mrs. Jane Wallace (C)
  • ARTHUR, William Henry (son) (P), 1285 Main St.
  • AULT, James R. (L), 40 East Mohawk St.
    AULT, Mrs. Elizabeth (L)
  • AULT, Robert A. G. (son) (P), 40 East Mohawk St.
  • AULT, George F. (son) (P), 40 East Mohawk St.
  • AYER, Erastus W., (L) 232 East Swan St.

  • BAKER, Charles H. (Elder) (P), 202 Virginia St.
    BAKER, Mrs. Jennie L. (P)
  • BAKER, Mrs. Eliza, (L), Griffin's Mills
  • BAKER, Andrew M., (P), 328 Ellicot St.
  • BAKER, Ransom R. (P), 27 Seventh St.
    BAKER, Mrs. Amelia Mary ((P) as Miss Amelia DINWOODIE)
  • BALCOM, Miss Tilla A. (P), 1540 Main St.
  • BANCROFT, W. G. (C), 96 Ellicot St.
    BANCROFT, Mrs. Ruth W., (L)
  • BANCROFT, George, (L), Detroit
  • BANKS, Mrs. Sarah B., (P), Abbotts Road
  • BARKER, Mrs. Minerva N., (L), 98 Morgan St.
  • BARKER, Miss, Sara A. (L), 98 Morgan St.
  • BARKER, Miss Ella D., (P), 98 Morgan St.
  • BARKER, Miss Ida M., (P), 98 Morgan St.
  • BARROWS, Dr. Wm. A., (C), 229 Pearl St.
    BARROWS, Mrs. Mary E., (P) (Miss ELSWORTH)
  • BELL, William, (C), 16 Blossom St.
  • BELL, Mrs. Mary E., (P) (wife of Robert W.), 320 Prospect Ave.
  • BENEDICT, Miss Sarah F., (P) 175 Eleventh St.
  • BEDFORD, Mrs. Emily P. (P), (Miss PHILLIPS) 156 N. William St.
  • BETTIS, Henry A., (C), 888 Prospect Ave.
    BETTIS, Mrs. Marilla B. (L)
  • BETTIS, Mrs. Sally, (L), 888 Prospect Ave.
  • BINGHAM, Charles F., (C), 419 Delaware St.
    BINGHAM, Mrs. Martha S., (P) (Miss SUDDERICK)
  • BIXBY, James W. (L), 230 Whitney Place
    BIXBY, Mrs. Frances B., (L)
  • BIXBY, James A., (P), 230 Whitney Place
  • BIXBY, Ambrose S., (P), 230 Whitney Place
  • BLAKELY, Miss Matilda E., (P), 308 Maryland St.
  • BLOSSOM, Miss Emily E., (P), 360 North Division St.
  • BOARD, Francis A., (L), 50 East Swan St.
  • BOORMAN, Edward, (L), 18 South Division St.
    BOORMAN, Mrs. Mary Spencer, (L)
  • BOUTELLE, Lucius, (L), 51 East Eagle St.
    BOUTELLE, Mrs. E. Adelaide, (L)
  • BOWEN, Seth W., (P), East Aurora, N. Y.
    BOWEN, Mrs. Sarah H. (P)
  • BRISTOL, Edward, (L), Brockport, N. Y.
  • BRISTOL, Mrs. Carrie, (L) (wife of William), 65 West Tupper
  • BROWN, Mrs. Phoebe P., (P), (no address)
  • BROWN, Mrs. Elizabeth A., (L), (Mrs. Nathaniel), 144 East Swan St.
  • BROWN, Albert G. (son), (P), 144 East Swan St.
  • BROWN, Miss Maria Louisa, (P) (Mrs. ADSIT), Hornellsville
  • BROWN, Myron E., (C), 156 Clinton St.
    BROWN, Mrs. Salina, (P)
  • BROWN, Mrs. Eliza Sarah, (L), 48 Seventh St.
  • BROWN, Miss Sarah E., (P), 48 Seventh St.
  • BROWN, John H., (L), 183 Tenth St.
  • BROWN, Mrs. Emily J., (L)
  • BROWN, William S., (P), 57 Efner St.
    BROWN, Mrs. Mary E., (C),
  • BROWN, Willard W., (L), 94 Johnson Park
    BROWN, Mrs. S. Emma B., (L)
  • BROWN, Lewis H., (C), 116 E. Eagle St.
    BROWN, Mrs. Ellen, (C)
  • BROWN, Miss Ellen (sister) (C), 50 East Swan St.
  • BROWN, Miss Susie E., (P), 204 North Division St.
  • BROWN, Charles E. (C), 670 Elm St.
    BROWN, Mrs. Eliza J., (P)
  • BROWN, Albert T., (C), 617 Main St.
    BROWN, Mrs. Eva M., (C)
  • BROOKER, Mrs. Margaret, (P), Michigan St., opp. William
  • BRUCE, Harlow, (C), 102 Ellicott St.
  • BRUCE, Mrs. Mabel M., (L)
  • BRUCE, Miss Emma H., (P), 102 Ellicot St.
  • BRUCE, Geo. W., (P), 102 Ellicot St.
  • BRUNDIGE, Charles G., (L), 608 Niagara St.
    BRUNDIGE, Mrs. Charlotte M., (L)
  • BRUSH, Mrs. Sarah E., (L), 61 South Division St.
  • BRUSH, Dr. Edward N., (P), 8 South Division St.
  • BRUSH, Alexander, (C) 82 North Swan St.
  • BRUSH, Mrs. Sarah A., (L)
  • BRUSH, Milton A., (C) 229 South Division St.
    BRUSH, Mrs. Adaline, (L)
  • BRUSH, Jesse, (L), 198 Perry St.
    BRUSH, Mrs. Margaret, (L)
  • BUCKLAND, Geo. W., (P), 299 North Division St.
    BUCKLAND, Mrs. Mary P., (P)
  • BUEL, Frederick, (C), 272 Pearl St.
    BUEL, Mrs. Eliza M., (L)
  • BUEL, Miss Jennie E., (P), 272 Pearl St.
  • BUEL, Miss Harriet M., (P), 272 Pearl St.
  • BURROWS, Mrs. Maria F., (wife of Judge B.) (L), 416 Franklin St.
  • BUTLER, John (colored), (L), 165 Elm St.
  • BUTTS, Stephen B., (C), 118 Morgan St.
  • BUTTS, Mrs. Caroline L., (L)

  • CALHOUN, Miss Sarah A., (L), 86 Delaware St.
  • CARPENTER, Mrs. Jennie (wife of John), (P), 79 East Eagle St.
  • CASS, Miss Elizabeth (Mrs. HOLDEN), (P), 95 Bird Ave
  • CATLIN, Miss Julia H. (Now Mrs. GILBERT), (P), 450 East Seneca St.
  • CHALMERS, Miss Julia A., (L), 60 Niagara St.
  • CHATMAN, James W., (P), 70 College St.
    CHATMAN, Mrs. Sarah L. (P)
  • CHAPIN, Mrs. Elily R. (CRITTENDEN), (P), 236 South Division St.
  • CHICHESTER, James L., (L), 188 South Division St.
    CHICHESTER, Mrs. Lanah, (L)
  • CHICHESTER, Miss Mary E., (P), 188 South Division St.
  • CHILDS, Henry, (L), 141 Delaware St.
    CHILDS, Mrs. Elizabeth H., (L)
  • CHILDS, Miss Catharine W., (P), 141 Delaware St.
  • CHILDS, Miss, Elizabeth H., (P), 141 Delaware St.
  • CHRISTIAN, Mrs. Sally, (P) Erie St. Depot
  • CLARK, Wm. H., (C) 149 Clinton St.
    CLARK, Mrs. Elizabeth H., (P)
  • CLARK, Martin, (P), 149 Clinton St.
  • CLARK, Miss Arrietta, (P), 149 Clinton St.
  • CLARK, Mrs. Mary (Seth), (L), Prov. Asylum
  • COBB, Frank, (C), 251 Seneca St.
    COBB, Mrs. Charlotte, (P)
  • COCHRAN, Miss Judith P., (L), 1285 Main St.
  • COCHRAN, Joseph, (L), 737 Delaware St.
  • COMSTOCK, Elisha, (L), (P) 12 Chapin Block
  • COMSTOCK, Mrs. Harriet A., (P), 17 West Swan St. (indicated at Elisha's wife)
  • COMSTOCK, Miss May C., (P) & (L), 17 West Swan St.
  • CONNAUGHTY, Miss Sarah, (C) 374 Niagara St.
  • COOK, Miss Abby P., (P), Niagara Falls
  • COOK,, Mis Maria H., (P), Niagara Falls
  • COOK, Mrs. Maria Arthur, (L), 1285 Main St.
  • COOPER, Robert C., (P), Niagara cor. of Morgan
  • COPP, Mrs. Rebecca, (L), Eden, N. Y.
  • COTTIER, Mrs. Cora L., (P) (as Miss SPENCER), no address
  • CRANDALL, Mrs. Lodema, (P), 198 Prospect Ave.
  • CRANDALL, DeForest, (P), 151 Court St.
    CRANDALL, Mrs. Laura C., (L) (Mrs. LATHROP)
  • CRITTENDEN, Mrs. Delia R., (L), 69 Mariner St.
  • CRITTENDEN, Charles T. (son), (P), 69 Mariner St.
    CRITTENDEN, Mrs. Hattie A., (P), (Miss MURRAY)
  • CRITTENDEN, Miss Delia A., (P), 210 Hudson St.
  • CURRIE, Mrs. Anna J., (C), 144 East Eagle St.
  • CURTISS, Seir, (C), 265 East Eagle St.
    CURTISS, Mrs. Elizabeth D., (L)

  • DAVISON, Samuel, (L), 252 Clinton St.
    DAVISON, Mrs. Jessie, (L) (Mrs. DAWSON)
  • DAVIS, James L., G., (C), 96 East Swan St.
    DAVIS, Miss (sic) Emily, (C)
  • DAVIS, Mrs. Dolly, (L), 96 East Swan St.
  • DAVIS, Richard W., (L), 213 Pearl St.
  • DEANE, Elisha C., (C), 45 Park St.
    DEAN, Mrs. Sarah P., (P)
  • DELLENBAUGH, Dr. Samuel, (C), 245 Elliot St.
    DELLENBAUGH, Mrs. Elizabeth, (P)
  • DEWEY, Mrs. Harriet W., (L), 75 East Eagle St.
  • DICKIE, Benjamin, (P), 244 North Division St.
  • DODDS, George, (C), 253 East Eagle St.
    DODDS, Mrs. Agnes, (C)
  • DORMAN, G. W., (C), 209 East Swan St.
    DORMAN, Mrs. Catharine, (L)
  • DOUGHERTY, Geo. E., (C), 79 East Eagle St.
    DOUGHERTY, Mrs. Margaret E., (P)
  • DOWD, Mrs. Elizabeth, (L) 259 East Swan St.
  • DOWD, Miss Ida E., (P), 259 East Swan St.
  • DUDLEY, Joseph R., (C), 827 Delaware St.
    DUDLEY, Mrs. Mary F., (L)
  • DUNBAR, George W., (P), 19 West Tupper St.

  • EELS, Charles, (L), West Alden, N. Y.
  • EELS, Mrs. Mary J., (L), West Alden, N. Y.
  • EELS, Miss Mary F., (P), 259 South Division St.
  • EGBERTS, Mrs. H. W., (L), 148 North St.
  • EGBERTS, Egbert Jr., (L), 148 North St.
    EGBERTS, Mrs. Mary, (P)
  • EGBERTS, Miss Wilhemina, (L) (Mrs. VENERMAN) 114 North St.
  • EGBERTS, Garrett H., (L), 808 Michigan St.
  • EGBERTS, Miss Hannah H., (P) (Mrs. WILKIE) 601 Elm St.
  • EGBERTS, Miss Caroline G., (P) (Mrs. MERMELD), St. Paul, Minn.
  • ELSWORTH, Alfred B., (L), 34 Mariner St.
  • ELSWORTH, Mrs. Sarah A. (L)
  • ELSWORTH, John F., (P), 34 Mariner St.
  • ELY, E. Sterling, (L), Cheektowaga
    ELY, Mrs. Theresa N., (L)
  • EVANS, Lewis E., (C), 186 Franklin St.
  • EVANS, Miss Maggie, (C), 186 Franklin St.
  • EVANS, Miss Charlotte, (P), 186 Franklin St.
  • EVANS, Mrs. H. B., (L) (no address)

  • FALES, Geo. P. (L), 180 Carolina St.
  • FALES, Mrs. Emma L., (L)
  • FARGO, Francis F. (L), 617 Main St.
    FARGO, Mrs. Marietta P., (L)
  • FAY, Dr. Levi, (L), 224 Clinton St.
    FAY, Mrs. Sarah M., (L)
  • FAY, Edward, (L), 224 Clinton St.
  • FIELDS, Samuel H. (L), 564 Clinton St.
    FIELDS, Mrs. Mary J., (L)
  • FIELDS, Miss Hattie W., (P), 564 Clinton St.
  • FIELDS, Miss Mary A. (colored) (C), 172 Elm St.
  • FIELDER, Francis, (C) 307 Elm St.
    FIELDER, Mrs. Ruth, (C)
  • FISHER, Miss Philena B. (Wid.) (L), 198 Niagara St.
  • FLEMING, T. W., (C), 17 West Chippewa St.
  • FLEMING, Miss Mary A. (C), 17 West Chippewa St.
  • FLYNN, Geo. W., (P), 432 Michigan St.
    FLYNN, Mrs. Mary E. (McNISH), (P)
  • FOWLER, Edward H, (P), 64 Johnson Place
    FOWLER, Mrs. Louisa, (L)
  • FRAZER, Thomas, (C) 198 West Mohawk St.
    FRAZER, Elizabeth A., (P)
  • FRAZER, Miss Amelia G., (P), 198 West Mohawk St.
  • FRAZER, Miss Elizabeth, (C), 198 West Mohawk St.
  • FREEMAN, Mrs Helen J., (L), 122 Niagara St.
  • FRENCH, Thomas B, (P), 50 Oak St.
    FRENCH, Mrs. Julia A., (P)
  • FRYER, Mrs. Hester, (C), 96 East Swan St.

  • GETHING, J. P., (C), 26 Whitney Place
    GETHING, Mrs., (C)
  • GIBSON, Miss Isabella, (P), 85 Whitney Place
  • GILBERT, Mrs. Julia H., (P) (Miss CATLIN), 450 Sececa St.
  • GILPIN, Miss Sally S., (L), 72 North Division St.
  • GOWANS, Peter, (P), 801 Ferry St.
    GOWANS, Mrs. E. W., (L)
  • GOWANS, John, (P), 222 North Division St.
    GOWANS, Mrs. Mrs. Emily F., (P)
  • GOWANS, William W., (P) 887 Prospect Ave.
    GOWANS, Mrs. Isabella, (P),
  • GOULD, Mrs. Melissa, (L), 157 Twelfth St.
  • GRANNIS, Henrietta, (P), St. Thomas
  • GRANT, James, (P), Toronto, Ont.
  • GRAVES, Mrs. Jane, (L), Niagara Falls
  • GREGG, Willard, (P), (no address)
    GREGG, Mrs. Elizabeth A. C., (P)
  • GUILD, Joseph, (L), 76 East Swan St.
    GUILD, Mrs. Susan, (L)
  • GUILD, Alexander, (C), 76 East Swan St.
    GUILD, Mrs. (C)
  • GURNEY, William H., (C), 473 Pearl St.
    GURNEY, Mrs. W. H., (C)
  • GUITEAU, Mrs. Sarah B., (L), 481 Washington St.

  • HAIG, Mrs. Jeannette, (P), 37 Eleventh St.
  • HAINES, George R., (C), 506 Pearl St.
    HAINES, Mrs. Helen M., (C)
  • HALE, Henry H., (L), 1285 Main St.
    HALE, Mrs. Roxana Arthur, (L)
  • HALL, Mrs. Harriet, (L), Cold Springs
  • HAMILTON, Charles J., (P), 164 West Huron St.
    HAMILTON, Mrs. Margaret G., (L)
  • HAMBLETON, Robert S., (P), 256 Main St.
  • HAMMOND, Miss Mary, (P), 446 Main St.
  • HAMMOND, Mrs. Harriet S., (P), 256 Allen St.
  • HAMMOND, Thomas S., (P), 54 Seneca St.
  • HANCOCK, Lucius, (C), 283 Prospect Ave.
    HANCOCK, Mrs. Mrs. Mary B., (P)
  • HANCOCK, Mrs. Mary E., (P), 283 Prospect Ave.
  • HANCOCK, Miss Carlie W., (P), 283 Prospect Ave.
  • HARR, Miss Sarah N., (P) 173 South Division St.
  • HARVEY, Miss Sarah M., (P), (no address)
  • HASKELL, M. N., (C), 145 College St.
    HASKELL, Mrs. Cornelia L., (C)
  • HASTINGS, Wm. B., (P), 176 Dearborn St.
    HASTINGS, Mrs. Sarah B., (P)
  • HAZARD, Calvin P., (L), 37 Sixth St.
    HAZARD, Mrs. Louisa F., (L)
  • HAZARD, Miss Carrie L., (P), 37 Sixth St.
  • HEACOCK, Mrs. Nancy R., (P), 988 Main St.
  • HEACOCK, Jesse Stone, (P), 988 Main St.
  • HEACOCK, Seth G., (P), 988 Main St.
  • HEACOCK, Nannie S., (P), 988 Main St.
  • HEACOCK, Reuben B., (P), 191 Franklin St.
  • HENDERSON, James M., (P), 276 East Eagle St.
    HENDERSON, Miss (sic) Lizzie Lewis, (L)
  • HENDRICKS, Mrs. Margaret, (P), 247 Sixth St.
  • HENDRICKS, Miss Anna, (P), 247 Sixth St.
  • HICKOX, Henry B., (C), 256 Allen St.
    HICKOX, Mrs. Anah M., (L)
  • HICKOX, Miss Catherine G., (P), 256 Allen St.
  • HICKOX, Miss Harriet H., (P), 256 Allen St.
  • HILDERBRAND, Mrs. Margaret, (C), 252 Carolina St.
  • HOPKINS, Mrs. Elizabeth A. (GOWANS), (P), 164 Franklin St.
  • HORTON, Cornelius M., (L), 399 Franklin St.
    HORTON, Mrs. Caroline D., (L)
  • HORTON, Miss Helen M., (P), 399 Franklin St.
  • HORTON, Miss Albertina M., (P), 399 Franklin St.
  • HORTON, Miss Margaretta, (P), 399 Franklin St.
  • HOWARD, Miss Amelia (colored), (P), 165 Elm St.
  • HOWELL, John & Mrs., (C), 191 South Division St.
  • HOWELL, Edgar W., (P), 191 South Division St.
  • HOYT, Henry A., 407 East Eagle St.
    HOYT, Mrs. Mary J., (P)
  • HUBBELL, Henry S., (C), 60 Delaware St.
    HUBBELL, Mrs. Henry S., (L)
  • HUMASON, Gamaliel, (L), 180 South Division St.
    HUMASON, Mrs. Eliza A., (L)
  • HUNGERFORD, Mrs. Hannah, (P), 11 Whitney Place
  • HUNTER, S. M., (P), Avon, N. Y.
    HUNTER, Mrs. Ella H. (BROWN), (P)
  • HUSTED, Edwin S., (C), 288 Jersey St.
    HUSTED, Mrs. Edith, (P)

  • INMAN, Mrs. C., (L), 105 Oak St.
  • INMAN, Geo. H., (P), 105 Oak St.

  • JEFFREY, Mrs. Clarissa, (P), 55 Whitney Place
  • JOHNSON, Andrew M., (L), 262 Jersey St.
    JOHNSON, Mrs. Margaret M., (L)
  • JOHNSON, Dr. Thomas M., (L), 10 South Division St.
  • JOHNSON, Ralph, (C), 144 East Eagle St.
    JOHNSON, Mrs. Helen R., (P)
  • JUDSON, Billa M., (L), 440 Pearl St.
    JUDSON, Mrs. Mary L., (C)

  • KENNEDY, Miss Anna, (P), 411 Main St.
  • KENYON, Mrs. Mary S., (L), 49 West Huron St.
  • KENYON, Miss Carrie S., (L), 49 West Huron St.
  • KENYON, Miss Ada M., (L), 49 West Huron St.
  • KEYS, Mrs. Lannie Darrow, (C), 108 East Swan St.
  • KNIGHT, W. M., (P), Main St. corner of Erie

  • LADD, James S., (P), 170 Niagara St.
  • LAMPMAN, Henry P., (C), 98 East Eagle St.
    LAMPMAN, Mrs. L. C., (P)
  • LANDER, Miss Lucy F., (L), 145 South Division St.
  • LAPEY, John, (P), 62 Clinton St.
    LAPEY, Mrs. Artemisia W., (L)
  • LAPEY, Miss Louisa M., (P), 62 Clinton St.
  • LAPP, Isaac G., (L), 143 Porter St.
  • LARNED, J. N., (C), 263 Maryland St.
    LARNED, Mrs. Frances A. K., (L)
  • LARNED, Henry S., (P) & Dis. (C), 264 Connecticut St.
    LARNED, Mrs. Emma Frances, (C)
  • LAWRENCE, Samuel, (L), 444 Pearl St.
    LAWRENCE, Mrs. Harriet L., (L)
  • LAWRENCE, Miss Hattie L., (P), 444 Pearl St.
  • LEE, Miss Mary E., (L), 182 Clinton St.
  • LEWIS, Loran L, (C), 309 Franklin St.
    LEWIS, Mrs. Charlotte P., (P)
  • LEWIS, George L., (P), Yale College
  • LEWIS, Miss Lulu M., (C), 309 Franklin St.
  • LINEN, John R., (L), 192 East Eagle St.
    LINEN, Mrs. Mary F., (C)
  • LITTLE, Mrs. Rachel, (L), 111 East Eagle St.
  • LITTLE, Miss Ida, (P), 111 East Eagle St.
  • LOCKE, Philander B., (P), 201 East Swan St.
    LOCKE, Mrs. Elizabeth, (P)
  • LONG, Edwin N., (P), 34 Vary St.
  • LOVEL, Miss Laura G., (L), (no address)
  • LOWE, Mrs. Cornelia, (L), 384 Main St.
  • LOWE, Miss Ella C., (P), 384 Main St.
  • LYND, Adam, (P), 363 East Eagle St.
  • LYND, Mrs. Agnes N., (P)
  • LYND, James, (P), 263 East Eagle St.
  • LYND, Miss Martha, (P), 263 East Eagle St.

  • MABIE, M. T., (C), 109 East Eagle St.
    MABIE, Mrs. M. R., (C)
  • MABIE, Miss Emma, (P), 109 East Eagle St.
  • MABIE, Miss Ida B., (C), 109 East Eagle St.
  • MAGLAUCHLIN, John J., (P), 74 Mariner St.
    MAGLAUCHLIN, Mrs. Adeline S., (L)
  • MANLY, Miss Melinda, (P), 179 Franklin St.
  • MARVIN, Mrs. Julia R., (L). Washington, D. C.
  • MASON, Seth L, (L), 212 East Eagle St.
    MASON, Mrs. Ann, (L)
  • MASON, Miss Mary, (P), 212 East Eagle St.
  • MASON, Frank B., (P), 212 East Eagle St.
  • McKEE, William, (C), 212 East Eagle St.
  • McFETRIDGE, Miss Jennie, (L), 473 Virginia St.
  • McINTYRE, James, (C), 713 Ellicott St.
  • McINTYRE, Miss Jesse, (P), 713 Ellicott St.
  • McINTYRE, Miss Jane, (P), 713 Ellicott St.
  • McINTYRE, Miss Agnes, (P), 713 Ellicott St.
  • McINTYRE, Clara Estella (Now Mrs. RICE), (P), Elma, N. Y.
  • McNISH, William, (L), 432 Michigan St.
    McNISH, Mrs. Jane, (L)
  • McNISH, Miss Matilda, (P), 432 Michigan St.
  • McNISH, David B., (L), 231 East Eagle St.
    McNISH, Mrs. Lucy L., (C)
  • McVEAN, Mrs. Sarah, (L), In Philadelphia
  • McVEAN, Miss Jeanette, (P) (Mrs. EARP), In Philadelphia
  • McVEAN, Miss Christina, (P), 172 Whitney Place
  • McWILLIAMS, John J., (L), 170 Seventh St.
    McWILLIAMS, Mrs. Essa Norton, (L)
  • MEAD, A. G., (C), 927 Washington St.
  • MELDRUM, Alexander, (P), 949 Delaware St.
    MELDRUM, Mrs. A. E., (P)
  • MELLING, Mrs. Phoebe, (L) 277 Prospect Ave.
  • MERRITT, J. N., (C), 302 North Division St.
    MERRITT, Mrs. Helen M., (P)
  • MERRITT, Miss Cora J., (P), 302 North Division St.
  • MILLER, Miss Hariet, (P), 21 Milnor St.
  • MILLER, Mrs. Louise, (C), (Mrs. C. W.), 225 Pearl St.
  • MILLS, Robert, (P), 182 Niagara St.
    MILLS, Mrs. Margaret A., (P)
  • MILLS, James H. (C), 74 North Pearl St.
    MILLS, Mrs. A. Maria, (C)
  • MILLS, Edward P., (C), 74 North Pearl St.
  • MINER, Dr. Julius F., (L), 978 Main St.
    MINER, Mrs. Mary C., (L)
  • MINER, Worthington C., (P), 978 Main St.
  • MINER, Miss Mary Estella, (P), 978 Main St.
  • MONROE, Miss Hattie (Now Mrs. RHODES) (P), Camillus, N. Y.
  • MOORE, Miss Adeline S. (Mrs. G. E. SIKES), (P), 238 Virginia St.
  • MOORE, Chester, (C), 180 East Swan St.
    MOORE, Mrs. C. D., (C)
  • MOORE, Miss Etta C., (P), 180 East Swan St.
  • MORGAN, Louis S., (L), 291 Pearl St.
    MORGAN, Mrs. Mary A., (L)
  • MULDON, Gerald, (P), 69 Clinton St.
  • MULDON, Mrs. Elizabeth, (P)
  • MUNCE, James, (L), 49 Sixth St.
    MUNCE, Mrs. James, (L)
  • MURDOCK, Mrs. Charlotte, (P), 102 South Division St.

  • NELLER, John, (C), 791 Genesee St.
    NELLER, Mrs. Ellen (Miss TEMPLETON), (L)
  • NICHOLS, Merritt, (C), 319 Prospect Ave.
    NICHOLS, Mrs. Amelia, (L)
  • NICHOLS, Miss Clara (Now Mrs. BAKER) (P), 309 Prospect St.
  • NICHOLS, Oren G., (P), 297 Oak St.
    NICHOLS, Mrs. Ida V. M., (C)
  • NILES, Mrs. C. L., (L), 177 Clinton St.
  • NORTH, Miss Laura B., (L), Cheektowaga
  • NOXON, Mrs. Eliza, (C), 225 Pearl St.

  • OATMAN, Geo. E., (L), 290 Prospect Ave
    OATMAN, Mrs. Kate, (L)
  • OLVER, Wm. Brent, (P), 85 Whitney Place
    OLVER, Mrs. Elizabeth, (P)
  • OLVER, Miss Jennie S., (P), 85 Whitney Place
  • ORR, George, (C), 34 Church St.
    ORR, Mrs., (C)
  • OTTO, John, (L), 147 Niagara St.
    OTTO, Mrs. Eliza S., (P)
  • OTTO, Miss Eliza Corning, (P), 147 Niagara St.
  • OTTO, John, Jr., (P), 147 Niagara St.
  • OVENS, Robert, (C), 61 Morgan St.
    OVENS, Mrs. Jeanette, (L)

  • PALMER, Miss Nellie C., (P) & (L), 50 East Swan St.
  • PARKER, Mrs. Hellen A., (L), 148 Hudson St.
  • PARKER, Miss Eliza L., (P), 148 Hudson St.
  • PARKER, Joshua W., (P), 148 Hudson St.
  • PARR, George, (C), 144 Seventh St.
    PARR, Sarah M. (C)
  • PEASE, Mrs. F. S., (C), corner Niagara & Hudson
  • PENFOLD, Miss Mary Ann, (P), 159 Dodge St.
  • PERKINS, Mrs. Electa (Mrs. Veile), (P), 172 Whitney Place
  • PIERCE, Henry J., (P), 55 Park Place
  • PINDAR, Miss Mary E., (P), 18 Twelfth St.
  • PLUMLEY, Edmund J., (L), 198 Prospect Ave.
    PLUMLEY, Mrs. Flora E. C., (P)
  • POMROY, Perry, (L), 152 Sixth St.
  • POOLEY, William, (P), 194 Prospect Ave
    POOLEY, Mrs. M. A., (P)
  • PORTER, Mrs. Catherine, (L), New York
  • PRESTON, John R., Jr., (P), 278 Seneca St.
  • PRYOR, Mrs. Elizabeth, (L), 25 Twelfth St.

  • RANDALL, Mrs. Sophrona, (L), 201 Pearl St.
  • RANKIN, Henry, (C), 206 Swan St.
    RANKIN, Mrs. Jane, (L)
  • REA, Miss Elizabeth S., (P), 432 East Eagle St.
  • REED, Albert, (C), Brick Hotel, East Buffalo
    REED, Mrs. Frances A., (C)
  • RICHARDSON, E. K., (C), 593 Twelfth St.
    RICHARDSON, Mrs. Loretta H., (L)
  • RICHARDSON, Miss Frank A., (P), 593 Twelfth St.
  • RICHARDSON, Wm. C. & wife Mary J., (C) 142 Wilkeson St.
  • RIPLEY, Miss Mary Ann, (P), 24 West Chippewa St.
  • RISING, John P., (P), 61 South Division St.
  • ROESS, Miss Minnie D., (P), 80 Sycamore St.
  • ROESE, Henry, (P), 80 Sycamore St.
  • ROSENBURY, Charles E., (L) (no address)
    ROSENBURY, Mrs. Charlotte S., (L)
  • ROSS, Miss Cassie M., (P), 1181 Delaware St.
  • ROTHFUS, Miss Ruth, (P), corner Maryland & Fifth Sts.
  • ROWLEY, Wm. W., (P), 422 Pearl St.
    ROWLEY, Mrs. Alice Louisa, (P)
  • ROWLEY, Alonzo (father), (C), 422 Pearl St.
  • RUMSEY, Miss Lucy Ann, (L), 33 Delaware Place
  • RUSSELL, Wm. C., (C), 79 Seventh St.
    RUSSELL, Mrs. Margaret S., (P)
  • RUSSELL, Mrs. Julina O., (P), Cowlesville, N. Y.

  • SARGEANT, Miss Sophie, (C), 204 North Division St.
  • SAWN, Edwin G., (P), 191 East Eagle St.
    SAWN, Mrs. Emma M., (P)
  • SAXTON, Elijah R., (C), 237 Swan St.
    SAXTON, Mrs. Seraphina, (L)
  • SCHERMERHORN, I. M., (C), 180 Prospect Ave.
    SCHERMERHORN, Mrs. Catharine S., (P)
  • SCHERMERHORN, Miss Charlotte M., (L), 180 Prospect Ave
  • SCHERMERHORN, Mrs. Amia C., (L) (mother of I. M.), 180 Prospect Ave.
  • SCHERMERHORN, Asa B. M., (P), (no address)
  • SCHEFFER, Frank E., (C), 194 North Division St.
    SCHEFFER, Mrs. Christina H., (P)
  • SCHLEITER, Charles, (P), 235 North Division St.
    SCHELITER, Mrs. Charles, (C)
  • SEARS, Mrs. Margaret A., (L), 132 West Chippewa St.
  • SEARS, Miss Susan, (Mrs. SIZER), (P), 132 West Chippewa St.
  • SHAW, Edwin A., (P), 1358 Main St.
    SHAW, Mrs. Clara C., (P)
  • SHAW, Albert W., (P), Yale College
  • SHAW, Winfield S., (L), 33 Delaware Place
    SHAW, Mrs. Maria T., (L)
  • SHAW, Miss Isabella M., (P), 33 Delaware Place
  • SHAW, Clark R., (P), 33 Delaware Place
  • SHAW, Dr. Merrill H., (L), 63 South Division St.
  • SHAW, Miss Nellie E., (P), 63 South Division St.
  • SHELDON, Jerome B. & wife, Caroline, (C), 97 East Eagle St.
  • SHEPHERD, John E., (P), 137 Sixth St.
    SHEPHERD, Mrs. Elizabeth P., (C)
  • SHERWOOD, Homer C., (L), 270 Georgia St.
    SHERWOOD, Mrs. Helen M., (P)
  • SHUMWAY, Mrs. Marie A., (P) 313 North Division St.
  • SIBLEY, Mrs. M. J., 21 Eleventh St.
  • SIBLEY, Mrs. Cora (Miss Cora CURTIS), 265 East Eagle St.
  • SIKES, Mrs. Susan L., (L), 217 Linwood Ave.
  • SIKES, Miss Florence A., (P), 217 Linwood Ave.
  • SIKES, Frederick G., (P), 217 Linwood Ave.
  • SIKES, George R., (P), 217 Linwood Ave.
  • SIKES, Edwin, (P), 298 Niagara St.
    SIKES, Mrs. Louisa C., (P)
  • SIKES, Edwin P., (P), 298 Niagara St.
  • SIKES, Simon R., (L), 180 Carolina St.
    SIKES, Mrs. Ella (Miss CRANDALL), (P)
  • SIMONDS, Mrs. Lucinda, (L) 180 East Eagle St.
  • SMITH, Frances A., (L), 191 William St.
  • SMITH, Miss Phoebe, (P), 38 Eleventh St.
  • SMITH, George H., (C), 123 Sixth St.
    SMITH, Mrs. Helen M., (P)
  • SNAITH, John S., (P), 251 Sixth St.
    SNAITH, Mrs. Eleanor M., (P)
  • SNYDER, Mrs. Elizabeth, (L), 118 Virginia St.
  • SNYDER, Miss Eva, (L), 118 Virginia St.
  • SPENCER, Seth S., (C), 61 Morgan St.
    SPENCER, Mrs. Agnes J., (P)
  • SQUIER, Geo. L., (P), 1313 Main St.
    SQUIER, Mrs. Frances C., (L)
  • START, Mrs. Sarah Ann, (P), 96 Oak St.
  • STEARNS, Geo. C., (C), 35 North Pearl St.
    STEARNS, Mrs. Mary R., (L)
  • STEARNS, Geo. R., (P), 35 North Pearl St.
  • STEARNS, Chas. P., (P), 35 North Pearl St.
  • STEBBINS, William H., (C), 652 Main St.
  • STEELE, Geo. C., (C), 142 Wilkeson St.
    STEELE, Mrs. Emma C., (P)
  • STEPHENSON, Geo. C. H., (P), 320 Pearl St.
  • STOCKBRIDGE, Miss Fannie E., (P), 259 South Division St.
  • STRICKLAND, Russell K., (P), 27 Seventh St.
    STRICKLAND, Mrs. Ellen, (P)
  • STRUTHERS, Thomas, (L), 431 Oak St.
    STRUTHERS, Mrs. Elizabeth, (L)
  • STRUTHERS, Miss Jean, (P), 431 Oak St.
  • STRUTHERS, Miss Lizzie, (P), 431 Oak St.
  • STOUT, Miss Adelaide, (L), 1423 Main St.
  • SUDDERICK, John, (P), 18 Twelfth St.
    SUDDERICK, Mrs. Margaret, (P)
  • SWALES, Geo. A., (P), 184 Carroll St.
  • SWARTZ, Frederick, (P), 138 Lemon St.

  • TAYLOR, Lorenz, & Mrs. Sarah, (C), 1067 William St.
  • THAYER, Nathan W., (P), 124 College St.
    THAYER, Mrs. Rosa Krettner, (L)
  • THOMPSON, John, (P), 179 South Division St.
    THOMPSON, Mrs. Elizabeth N., (L)
  • THOMPSON, Geo. B., (C), 72 North Division St.
    THOMPSON, Mrs. Mrs. Annie E., (L)
  • TROWBRIDGE, Dr. John S., (C), 191 Franklin St.
    TROWBRIDGE, Mrs. Abby E., (L)
  • TURNER, Adam, (L), 191 Whitney Place
    TURNER, Mrs. Euphemia, (L)
  • TURNER, Miss Anne E., (L), 191 Whitney Place
  • TURNER, Miss Angus C., (L), 191 Whitney Place
  • TURNER, Miss Jennie H., (L), 191 Whitney Place
  • TURNER, William, (P), 191 Whitney Place
  • TURNER, Miss Rachel, (P), 191 Whitney Place
  • TURNER, Miss Euphemia C., (P), 191 Whitney Place

  • VAN BUREN, James, (L), 192 Franklin St.
    VAN BUREN, Mrs. Sarah Jane, (P)
  • VAN VELSOR, John, (C), 384 Main St.
    VAN VELSOR, Mrs. Josephine, (C)
  • VAUX, Mrs. Alphreda, (L), 97 Arcade, Rochester, N. Y.
  • VOSLER, Miss Racelia L. (Mrs. MILLER) (no address)

  • WADE, William, (P), 425 Sixth St.
    WADE, Mrs. Jane, (L)
  • WADLEIGH, Willard J., (C), 114 Carolina St.
    WADLEIGH, Mrs. Lizzie A., (C)
  • WALKER, Mrs. Elizabeth, (P) (col'd), 172 Elm St.
  • WALRATH, C. K., (C), 430 Michigan St.
    WALRATH, Mrs. Agnes J., (L), (Miss McNISH)
  • WARNER, Thomas, (C), 274 Clinton St.
    WARNER, Mrs.
  • WARREN, Seth W., (L), 28 Linwood Ave.
    WARREN, Mrs. Henrietta H., (L)
  • WARRING, Mrs. Ann M., (C), 62 Clinton St.
  • WATSON, Miss Frances, (L) (Now Mrs. AUSTIN), San Francisco, Cal.
  • WELLS, David B., (C), 193 North Division St.
    WELLS, Mrs. Mary M., (C)
  • WELLS, John Charles, (C), 170 Sixth St.
  • WEHSER, Miss Emma, (P), 896 Jefferson St.
  • WEHSER, Miss Louisa, (P), 896 Jefferson St.
  • WESTCOTT, Bryon H., (C), 98 Morgan St.
    WESTCOTT, Mrs. Jennie E., (P), (Miss BARKER)
  • WESTFALL, Augustus M., (L), 337 Delaware St.
    WESTFALL, Mrs. Elizabeth P, (L)
  • WHEELER, Miss Jennie, (P), 234 West Genesee St.
  • WHEELER, Royal, (L), Main, near LeRoy Ave., Buffalo Plains
    WHEELER, Mrs. Sarah, (L)
  • WHITCOMB, Dr. Nathan W., (P), 24 Erie St.
    WHITCOMB, Mrs. Mary Louise, (P)
  • WHITCOMB, Miss Cora (Mrs. L. A. SIRRET), (P), 195 Virginia St.
  • WHITCOMB, Miss Mary, (Now Mrs. L. H. BEST), (P), 50 Cottage St.
  • WHITE, Mrs. Margaret, (L), 62 Clinton St.
  • WHITE, Leonard, (C), 78 Seventh St.
    WHITE, Mrs. L., (C)
  • WHITNEY, Milo A., (C), 476 Franklin St.
    WHITNEY, Mrs. Mary H., (C)
  • WHITTET, J. Lewis, (C), 130 Sixth St.
    WHITTET, Mrs. Lydia E., (P)
  • WIGHT, Elijah W., (C), 506 Pearl St.
  • WILLIAMS, Dr. Avery, (L), 78 Glenwood Ave.
    WILLIAMS, Mrs. Eliza, (L)
  • WILLIAMS, George A., (P), 78 Glenwood Ave.
  • WILLIAMS, William O., (L), 229 Connecticut St.
    WILLIAMS, Mrs. Anna, (L)
  • WILLIAMS, Edward O., (L), 213 Pearl St.
  • WILLIAMS, Adin W., (P), 92 Prospect Ave.
    WILLIAMS, Mrs. Mary C., (P)
  • WILLIAMS, Kate E., (P), (Now Mrs. Chas. GUILD)
  • WILSON, Robert, (L), Public school 32, Cedar St.
    WILSON, Mrs. Hannah J., (L)
  • WILSON, John W., (L), 16 Chapin block, West Swan St.
    WILSON, Mrs. Mary W., (L)
  • WILSON, George S., (C), 374 Niagara St.
    WILSON, Mrs. Maggie A., (C)
  • WINN, Armes C., 11 Whitney Place
  • WINN, Mrs. Caroline E., (P), 11 Whitney Place
  • WING, Charles J., (C), 217 Hudson St.
    WING, Mrs. Susan E., (P)
  • WING, Charles H., (C), 44 Allen St.
    WING, Mrs. Annie, (L)
  • WINSHIP, Aaron N., (C), 12 South Division St.
    WINSHIP, Mrs. Sarah Ann, (L)
  • WINSHIP, Howard (son), (P), 12 South Division St.
  • WOODS, William V., (P), 33 Oak St.
    WOODS, Mrs. Phoebe Annie, (L)
  • WRIGHT, Miss Emma A., (L), 75 South Division St.

  • YAW, Miss Katie, (P), 286 Clinton St.
  • YOUNG, Lizzie Carrie, (P), 1285 Main St.
  • YORK, Mrs. Henrietta L., (P), (Mrs. Seaman), 183 Franklin St.

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