South Jersey Marriages
Supplementing the Cape May, Cumberland,
Gloucester and Salem County Marriage records

Compiled by
H. Stanley Craig

H. Stanely Craig, Publisher
Merchantville, N.J.

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


Abbott, Redman, and Susan F. Leaming, 3-25-1865.
Armstrong, Edward K., and Carrie H. Focer, 8-11-1814.
Bellangy, Charles, and Ellen Montague, 9-10-1876.
Bellangy, Charles, and Lucy Norton, 11-23-1898.
Bennett, Aaron, and Sophia Hughes, 10-30-1830.
Bennett, Alfred G. R., and Elizabeth Smallwood, 9-16-1873.
Bennett, George, and Sarah Richardson, 6-22-1866.
Bennett, John, and Mary Hughes, 2-17-1800.
Bennett, William, and Phebe Schellenger, 8-28-1830.
Bethell, William J., and Ethel Richardson, 6-30-1909.
Blattner, William G., and Lena Hughes, 11-2-1880.
Cassady, William F., and Emma L Willets, 3-18-1878.
Cox, John W. and Maria S. Crowell, 1-3-1894.
Coyle, John P., and Ocie L Rutherford, 6-15-1896.
Crease, William R., and Anna L Hoffman, 1-5-1890.
Crowell, Josiah, and Mary Whilldin, 12-17-1708.
Thomas P., and Hannah Matthews, 5-31-1826.
Edmunds, Aaron, and Lydia Eldredge, 6-25-1790.
Edmunds, Aaron, and Sarah Eldredge, 6-2-1798.
Edmunds, Aaron, and Roxanna Hildreth, 11-2-1816.
Edmunds, Alfred, and Mary Ellen Willets, 6-11-1868.
Edmunds, Enoch, and Louisa W. Hughes, 7-16-1822.
Eldredge, Aaron, and Elizabeth Stillwell, 6-29-1761.
Eldredge, Aaron, and Hannah Langdon, 6-17-1792.
Eldredge, Jeremiah, and Lydia Leaming, 9-9-1775.
Eldredge, Joseph. and Mrs. Ann Morgan Coxe West, 9-22-1830.
Eldredge, Joseph Coxe, and Ocie Bennett, 6-8-1869.
Eldredge, Livingston, and Judith E. Hoffman, 11-27-1885.
Hall, Lafayette, and Ellen E. Foster, 11-12-1876.
Hand, Abijah, Rev., and Elizabeth Blattner, 5-11-1909.
Hand, Albert R., and Sarah E. Millet, 10-30-1901.
Hand, Elisha, and Esther Teel, 3-25.1783.
Hand, Henry C., and Emma V. Smith, 10-15-1874.
Hand, Joseph, and Josephine Ware, 1-27-1863.
Hand, Memucan, anti Martha Hughes, 3-10-1761.
Hand, Richard T., and Clara L. McCormack, 4-29-1874.
Hand, Robert E., and Lizzie W. Hoffman, 12-1-1878.
Hand, Robert S., and Jane Leaming, 12-3-1844.
Hatfield, Walter, and Linda Rutherford, 12-20-1913.
Hildreth. Alexander C., and Deborah E. Hoffman, 12-25-1898.
Hoffman, Lewis S., and Ocie M McNeil, 12-17-1910.
Hughes, Edward M., and Jennie J. Souder, 5-4-1876.
Hughes, Harry T., and Lena Hughes, 10-23-1907.
Hughes, Israel, and Elizabeth Hoffman, 5-24-1853.
Hughes, John H., and Elizabeth Chew, 9-24-1853.
Hughes, John H., and Anna Maria Brandriff, 11-1-1871.
Inskeep, William J., rind Eliner E. Leaming, 2-6-1873.
Jackson, Harry M., and Ethel L. Hand, 1-22-1903.
Leaming, Charles L., and Jennie C. Reeves, 10-27-1891.
Leaming, Coleman F., and Hannah Thompson, 8-23-1846.
Leaming, Furman, and Mary Curwen, 9-28-1843.
Leaming, Henry. and Martha F. Fox, 11-1-1870.
Leaming, Jeremiah, and Harriet Scoville, 8-20-1856.
Leaming, Jonathan, and Margaret Stites, 3-3-1763.
Leaming, Parsons, and Charlotte Eldredge, 10-24-1782.
Leaming, Richard, and Amelia Ludlam, 12-8-1849.
Leaming, Thomas, and Hannah Whilldin, Aug. 18, 1704.
Leaming, Thomas, and Elizabeth Leaming, June 29, 1740.
Matthews, Albert, Rev., and Emily Leaming, 3-19-1847.
Matthews, Silas, and Julia Hughes, 1865.
Matthews, William, and Elizabeth Izard, 942-1821.
Mecray, Frank B., and Millicent L Hughes, 4-18-1900.
Mecray, James, Jr., and Elizabeth S. Hughes, 11-8-1865.
Miller, Edwin C., and Cora L. Rutherford, 10-4-1900.
Miller, Lafayette H., and Luetta B. Rutherford, 11-11-1892.
Miller, Waters B., and Louisa Edmunds, 1 __,1845.
Millet, Thomas W., Lucrissa Hughes, 6-30-1916.
Naves, Walter D., and Achsah Hand, 5-28-1840.
Oakley, Charles M., Rev., and Harriet N. Hughes, 7-24. 1844.
Perkenpine, Albert H., and Mary H. Hand, 10-21-1888.
Phillips, Edward D., and Ella Ewing, 1-10-1891.
Phillips, Edward D., Jr., and Louisa C, Wheaton 3-11-1917.
Phillips, Edward H., M. D., and Annie Hughes, 9-24-1868.
Reeves, Abijah D., and Mabel Search, 11-23-1903.
Reeves, Richard D. E., and Elsie G. Oliver, 4-3-1901.
Reeves, Stephen, and Lucrissa Hughes, 3-2-1882.
Richardson, Horace, and Melissa Hoffman, 10-15-1888.
Rotbel, Percy, and, Charlotte B. Hughes. 2-25-1879.
Russell, Daniel H.. and Mabel Foster, 9-23-1894.
Rutherford, Charles H., and Louisa S. Bennett, 12-18-1869.
Rutherford, Jesse O., and Florence I. Ware, 6-5-1918.
Rutherford, John, and Eliza Ann Ware, 3-28-1847.
Savage, Benjamin J., and Ida Hand, 12-14-1879.
Savage, Walter H., and Sarah Ann Land, 10-5-1909.
Schwenck, Robert C., and Zeruiah Hughes, 8-1-1792.
Sheppard, William R., and Abigail H. Leaming, 9-16-1862.
Smith, Larder, and Mary E. Matthews, 1-1-1882.
Springer, John. and Harriet Stanton, 11-25-1900.
Sparks, John B., and Ellen M. Cassedy, 5-12-1853.
Thompson, Richard R., and Annie S. Hand, 1-19-1851.
Town, William Congee, and Georgianna Eldridge, 9-20-1867.
Townsend, Furman S., and Amanda Leaming, 4-12-1875.
Townsend, Jeremiah H., and Julia Beasley, 6-31-1857.
Townsend, Samuel. and Emily L. Hughes, 11-15-1865.
VanGilder, Warren C., and Sarah H. Wales, 2-5-1880.
VanWinkle, Thomas L., and Eliza C. Rutherford, 6-22-1898.
Wales, Edmund B., and Sarah Leaming, 8-2-1882.
Wales, Westley R. and Orilla A. Edmunds, 4-24-1882.
Whilldin, Isaac, and Martha Hughes, 11-7-1846.
Whilldin, Matthew, and Ruhama Hand, 4-9-1801.
Whilldin, Raymond, and Louisa L. Russell, 2-12-1915.
Williams, Enos R., and Sallie P. Cassedy, 11-13-1867.
Woolson, Daniel, and Ella V. Foster, 7-5-1875.

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