South Jersey Marriages
Supplementing the Cape May, Cumberland,
Gloucester and Salem County Marriage records

Compiled by
H. Stanley Craig

H. Stanely Craig, Publisher
Merchantville, N.J.

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


Andrews, Marvin J.. Rachel Laughlin, 11-14-1932.
Budd, Rufus, and Gertrude B. Corson. 10-8-1889.
Butler, Albert C., and Ella R. Drexel 6-17-1879.
Caldwell, Charles, and Martha Hoff, 11-3-1886.
Corson, Pennington, and Sallie Rodan, 6-1-1877.
Corson, Walter H., and Sara J. Sharp, 3-29-1899.
Eldridge, George W., and Roselma E. Corson, 11-24-1892.
Eldridge, William S., and Margaret Wilson, 11-27-1886.
Gandy, Franklin V., and Hannah Creamer, 649-1901.
Gibbs, William, and Martha Stephenson, 5-15 1897.
Hartman, Benjamin D. and Ida Corson, 12-8-1874.
Hoff, George W., and Adaline Stephenson, 2-21-1884.
Jester, Alfred, and Livia Westcott, 6-9-1932.
Lafferty, Nason, and Fleta Godfrey, 9-4-1900.
Laughlin, Robert, and Mary Clark. 9-21-1930.
Laughlin, William, and Rachel Young, 4-14-1905.
Laughlin, William H. Y., and Mary J. Rodelle, 6-2-1934.
Lee, John, and Rachel Eldridge, 7-12-1888.
Matthews, William H., and Gertrude Budd. wid., 4-14-1901.
Micken, William, and Millicent Laughlin, 6-20-1933.
Sack, George L, ana Cora Eldridge, 12-14-1898.
Sack, Somers, and Anna VanGilder, 10-2-1884.
Sharp, Alfred A., and Carrie Gandy, 12-14 1898.
Smith, Augustus J., and Margaret Laughlin, 11-17-1928.
Smith, Frank, and Hannah Budd, 6-5-1889.
Smith, James S., and Eliza D. Smith, 10-23-1895.
Smith, Robert C., and Bertha VanGilder, 9-3-1895.
Smith, Winton, and Amy VanGilder, 10-6-1897.
Steelman, Elmer S., and Ethel M. Carter, 4-27-1915.
VanGilder, Levi, and Martha A. Fitch, 8-29-1893.
VanGilder, Washington, and Allie Hess, 10-8-1883.
Vansant, James, Rev., and Mary A. Green. wid., 6-7-1894.
Voss, Edgar, and Medora VanGilder, 8-16-1874.
Voss, Richard, and H. Elizabeth Camp, 5-1-1872.
Westcott, John F., and Sallie Entrikin, 12-23-1877.
Westcott, William H., and Priscilla VanGilder, 1893.
Williams, Enoch, and Linda Sapp, 4-1-1897.
Wise, William. and Roxanna Sack, 1-27-1894.
Young, Henry R., and Hannah E. Endicott, 10-21-1894.

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