South Jersey Marriages
Supplementing the Cape May, Cumberland,
Gloucester and Salem County Marriage records

Compiled by
H. Stanley Craig

H. Stanely Craig, Publisher
Merchantville, N.J.

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

Transcribed by C. E. Sheppard

Andrews, Israel, and Sarah Vail, 9-11-1799.
Bancroft, Elisha, and Susannah Hughes, 4-7-1873.
Bennet, Fulket, and Phebe Jenkins, 3-3-1771.
Bennet, George, and Nancy Hughes, 2-23-1801.
Camp, William, Jr., and Lydia Peterson, 4-16-1772.
Carnwell, David, and Patients Miller, Great Egg Harbor, 11- 23-1774.
Casto, David, and Phebe Gandy, Fairfield, 8-17-1752.
Chambers, Robert, and Mary Chance, 4-9-1800.
Chambers, William, and Elizabeth Camel, Cumberland co., 5-5-1800.
Chester, William, and Lydia Jordan. Jan. 4, 1750/1.
Corson, Abner, and Mary Smith, 3-8-1773.
Corson, Abner, and Margaret Hayes, 9-28-1800.
Corson, David, and Phebe Isard, Oct. 13, 1751.
Corson, John, and Martha Corson, 12-3-1765.
Crandle, Jonathan, and Betsy Young, 4-16-1801.
Cresse, Daniel, and Mary Goff, Dec. 12, 1749.
Cresse, George, and Hannah Swain, Apr. 16, 1750.
Cresse, John, and Rachel Goff, 11-12-1767.
Cresse, Jonathan, and Naomi Hand, 7-1-1763.
Croslee, George, and Hannah Swain, Apr. 16, 1760.
Dole, Jesse. and Lydia Johnson, 3-15-1801.
Edmunds, Jeremiah, and Esther Eldredge, 4-13-1791.
Eldredge, David, and Debby Bennet. 4-14-1801.
English, William, and Jane Lake, Great Egg Harbor, June 18, 1750.
Fisher, John, and Elizabeth McBride, 12-6-1801.
Forman, Jonathan, and Anna Hand, 6-16-1771.
Foster, Stephen, and Abigail Fancher, 3-2-1773.
French, Thomas, and Hannah Rosner, Upper Precinct, Cape May co., 11-14-1774.
Garrison, Cornelius, and Betsy Mills, 2-26-1793.
Garrison, Samuel, and Rhoda Hewit, 2-24-1773.
Garrison, Stephen, and Sarah Hand, 1-20-1773.
Goff, Silas, and Rachel Hewit, Feb. 13, 1762.
Golden, William, and Mary Garrison, both Tuckahoe, 9-10- 1766.
Golder, Whitman, and Elizabeth Price, 1-7-1802.
Goldin, Silas, and Sally Young, West Creek, 5-27-1796.
Hand, Cornelius, and Deborah Ludlam, June 11, 1750.
Hand, Daniel, and Hannah Page, Apr. 10, 1751.
Hand, Ezra, and Mary Hand, Jr., 12-20-1774.
Hand, George, and Sarah Ingram, 7-9-1771.
Hand, George, and Silvia Mills, 5-7-1773.
Hand, George, Jr., and Judith Parsons, 7-5-1801.
Hand, Gideon, and Abigail Hand, 1-5-1757.
Hand, Levi, and Zibiah Scull, 5-10-1773.
Hand, Levi, and Esther Hewit, 11-8-1774.
Hand, Nathan, and Polly Buck, 7-1-1796.
Hand, Shamgar, and Priscilla Hildreth, 2-28-1772.
Hank, Sampson, Great Egg Harbor, and Sarah Shaw, Cape May, June 15, 1750.
Hayes, John, and Abiah Golder, 5-30-1771.
Hayes, Joseph, and Lydia Johnson, 12-16-1771.
Hewet, Azariah, and Lydia Buck, 6-12-1775.
Hewet, Jacob, and Elizabeth Steward, 1-26-1773.
Hewet, Jonathan, and Martha Nickinson, 10-30-1792.
Hewet, Joseph, (s. Thomas), and Lydia Hand, Apr. 14, 1751.
Hewet, Joseph (s. Randal), and Hannah Leonard, 3-26-1757.
Hewit, Jonathan, and Rachel Taylor, 6-28-1797.
Hewit, Jonathan, and Lois Hand, 12-15-1800.
Hogbeen, Stephen, and Margaret Neavil, 8-18-1772.
Hunt, John, Dr., and Mary Swain, 2-14-1773.
Ingerson, Daniel, and Drusila Hoffman, 3-14-1797.
Iszard, Simon, and Margaret Thompson, 1-26-1774.
Ireland, John, and Elizabeth Croslee, July 10, 1750.
Jones, McLaughlin, and Betty Isard, 11-7-1801.
Ludlam, Henry, and Hannah Smith. 6-30-1772.
Mathews, Elija, and Martha Smith, 10-10-1770.
Mathews, Samuel and Temperance Stites, 8-10-1771.
McDaniels, John, and Sarah Skull, Jan. 17, 1750/1.
Mills, Jonathan, and Zerual Huit, 3-8-1773.
Mulford, Joseph, and Lydia Hildreth, 11-10-1801.
Powel, Thomas, and ____ Springer, 6-13-1797.
Praton, Thomas, and Hannah Simpkins, 8-28-1766.
Reed, John, Mary Cownover, Great Egg Harbor, Nov. 30, 1750.
Richman, David, and Eloner Steelman, both Gloucester co., 8-15-1764.
Shaw, Joshua, and Anne Forman, 5-18-1773.
Shaw, Stillwell, and Silvia Hildreth, 1-2-1798.
Shaw, Thomas and Hannah Groff, 7-5-1770.
Smith, Christopher, and Lydia Badcock, 10-25-1774.
Smith, David, and Hannah Norton, 8-11-1752.
Smith, Elihu, and Judith Billings, 9-20-1774.
Smith, Humphrey, and Sally Bowin, 10-29-1800.
Smith, Jacob, and Rachel Hand, _ 29-1758.
Smith, John, and Mary Jenkins. 10-2-1753.
Smith, Jonathan, and Mary Golden. 8-15-1764.
Smith, Joshua, and Charity Billings, 12-4-1770.
Smith, Thomas, and Sally Godfrey, 6-30-1796.
Smith, William, Jr., and Phebe Jennings, Aug. 19, 1750.
Steelman, Jeremiah, and Rebecka Cownover, Great Egg Harbor, May 7, 1750.
Stephens, Stephen, and Mary Mathews, 9-8-1774.
Steward, Ezekiel, and Rachel Garrison, 5-4-1773.
Stites, Jonathan, and Elizabeth Lawrence, 2-10-1774.
Thomas, and Hannah Jenkins, 6-19-1756.
Thomas, and Martha Smith, 6-28-1801.
William, and Rachel Crowell, May 8, 1751.
Whildin, Matthew, and Phebe Hildreth, 4-23-1771.
Wicks, Jacob, and Jane Garrison, 2-19-1793.
Young. Silas, and Tabitha Swain, 12-13-1749.

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