South Jersey Marriages
Supplementing the Cape May, Cumberland,
Gloucester and Salem County Marriage records

Compiled by
H. Stanley Craig

H. Stanely Craig, Publisher
Merchantville, N.J.

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

From Stewart's Genealogical and Historical Miscellany

Allen, Juda, Burlington co., and Deborah Adams (d. John and Elizabeth). Dec. 15, 1701.
Atkinson, James, Philadelphia, and Hannah Newby, Nov. 16, 1684.
Austin, Francis, and Mary Borton, both Burlington co., Sept, 15, 1696.
. Bate, Joseph, and Mercy Clemence (d. James, Long Island), Dec. 16, 1701.
Burrows, Samuel (s. Samuel), and Hannah Roberts (d. Sarah), both Chester, Dec. 7, 1699.
Butcher, John, Springfield, Burlington co., and Mary Walker Gloucester, June 7, 1691.
Buzby, Edward, Dublin, Pa., :and Susanna Adams (d. John and Elizabeth), Chester, Burlington co., May 7, 1696.
Clark, William, and Mary Heritage (d. Richard), New Garden, Nov. 13. 1687.
Cooper, Joseph (s. William), and Lydia Riggs, both Pine Point, Oct. 11, 1688.
Cooper, Daniel (s. William), Pine Point, and Abigail Woods (d. Hannah), Hopewell, May 4. 1693.
Cooper, Daniel (s. William) and Sarah Spicer (d. Samuel and Esther), Feb. 26, 1695.
Ellis, Simeon, Springwell, Gloucester co„ and Sarah Bate (d. William), Newton, June 16, 1692.
Estaugh, John, Gloucester co., and Elizabeth Haddon, London, Dec. 1, 1702.
Eves, Thomas (a, Thomas). Willingborough, and Mary Roberts (d. Sarah), Chester, Dec. 27, 1699.
Forest, Walter, Bucks co., Pa., and Ann Albertson (d. William), Nov. 10, 1686.
Hearne, Joshua, Pennsylvania, and Abigail Bate, June 9, 1687.
Heritage, Joseph (s. Richard), New Garden, Gloucester co., and Hannah Allen (d. Judah, Shrewsbury), Jan. 26, 1697.
Hollingshed, William (s John), Burlington co., and Elizabeth Adams (d. John and Elizabeth), Mar. 23, 1692.
Hugg, John, Jr., and Priscilla Collins (d. Francis), Montwell, Feb. 13, 1688.
Ladd, John, and Sarah Wood, Dec. 13, 1685.
Lord, Joshua (a James, Baroyo, Lankeshire, Ould England). and Sarah Woods (d. John), Woodbury Creek, June 13, 1689.
Newby, Stephen, and Elizabeth Woods, Oct. 6, 1703.
Newbury, Henry, and Sarah Boyes, Burlington, Sept. 16, 1703.
Nicholson, Joseph, Alloways Creek, and Hannah Wood (d. Hannah), Mar. 3, 1695.
Shakle, Thomas, Compton House, and Alice Wallas, Newton, Feb. 23, 1686.
Sharp, Hugh, and Rachel Allen, Feb. 9, 1702.
Sharp, William, and Jemima Eastlack, both Newton, June 18, 1695.
Southwick, Josiah. and Elizabeth Collins (d. Francis), Nov. 20, 1705.
Thackara, Thomas, and Hepzibah Eastlack, Sept 21, 1689.
Thomas, Newton, and Ann Parker, Philadelphia, May 22, 1699.
Tomes (Thomas) Samuel, and Rachel Wood, Apr. 6, 1687.
Whiteall, John, and Hannah Thackara, both Newton, Nov. 13, 1696.
Willard, Thomas, and Judith Woods, both Hopewell, Jan. 10, 1689.

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