South Jersey Marriages
Supplementing the Cape May, Cumberland,
Gloucester and Salem County Marriage records

Compiled by
H. Stanley Craig

H. Stanely Craig, Publisher
Merchantville, N.J.

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


Aronson, Ellis, and Hannah Rowand (d. John), 12-30-1819.
Brown, Joseph, and Caroline Moore, 1-29-1826.
Burrough, Joseph, and Mary Ann Wilkins, 5-6-1824.
Cole, Josiah E., and Caroline Stokes (d. Abigail), 4-8-1819.
Collings, Joseph C., and ____ Stokes (d. Abigail). 9-10-1818.
Collins, Edward, and Rachel White, 11-20-1817.
Davis, Henry, and Mary Ann Warren, 7-8-1824.
Dodd, Samuel, and Mary Kain, 10-21-1825.
Edwards, Samuel, and Martha Heulings, 3-5-1818.
Fenimore, John, and Mary Collins, 2-17-1825.
Fortiner, William, and Mary Matlack, 10-23-1817.
French, Joshua, and Esther Beck, 10-23-1817.
Gill, Levi, and Kesiah Graysbury, 3-19-1818.
Githens, George, and Mary Ellis (d. Capt.), 12-6-1821.
Glover, John 0., and Hannah Inskeep, 11-13-1817.
Hinckman, Joseph M., and Martha Ellis (d. Isaac), 1-20-1 814.
Hinckman, Thomas, and Leticia Mickle, Apr. 19, 1750.
Kay, Joseph, and Mary Kay, 3-5-1818.
Luallen, Samuel, and Eliza Ellis, 1-26-1825.
McCalla, Ala, and Mary Hendry, 4-1824.
Nicholson, Isaac, and Priscilla Wills, 3-24-1814.
Parker, Thomas, and Melicia Ledden, 9-15-1812.
Quicksall, Aron, and Drusilla Cole, 7-22-1824.
Reeves, John. and Ann West, 7-24-1824.
Roe, David, and Rebecca Bispham, 2-3-1825.
Shivers, Isaac, and Mary Eastlack. 10-23-1817.
Stafford, Ebenezer, and Charlotte Kemble, 10-23-1817.
Starn, Benjamin, and Elizabeth Watson. 11-8-1821.
Swinker, John A.. and Sarah Willis, 8-17-1826.
Thomas, Joshua, and Mary Thorne. 3-18-1819.
Thorne, Josiah, and Hannah Engle, 12-23-1824.
Willits, Job, and ____ Lippincott (d. Nathan), 4-3-1821.
Wood, James, and Elizabeth Eldridge, 5-19-1818.

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