South Jersey Marriages
Supplementing the Cape May, Cumberland,
Gloucester and Salem County Marriage records

Compiled by
H. Stanley Craig

H. Stanely Craig, Publisher
Merchantville, N.J.

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

From Stewart's Genealogical and Historical Miscellany

Armourer, Edward, and Ann Walker. both Philadelphia. 1733.
Atkinson, John, and Rachel Allen, bath Philadelphia. 1750.
Austin, Edward, Philadelphia, and Sarah Wetherby (d. Edmund). Salem co., 1748.
Ball, John, Darby, Pa., Sarah Thomas, Blockley, Pa., 1747.
Ballenger, Isaac, and Ann Armourer, both Philadelphia, 1745.
Broadwater, George, and Mary Pepper, both Philadelphia, 1738.
Broaden, Charles, and Elizabeth England, both Philadelphia, 1735.
Buchanan, Arthur, Lancaster, Pa., and Dorcas Holt, Philadelphia, 1738.
Cannon, Wm., and Sarah Jackson, both Philadelphia, 1738.
Carter. Daniel, and Rebecca VanMeter, both Pilesgrove, 1752.
Champion. Elias, and Mary Steelman, both Egg Harbor, 1736.
Chester, Samuel, and Martha Young, both Gloucester co. 1748.
Clark, Jeffery, and Mary Chew, both Gloucester twp., 1734.
Conile, Patrick, and Mary Cleverly, both Gloucester co., 1734.
Corry, William, and Sarah Merritt, both Philadelphia, 1733.
Cotter, William, and Katharine Price (alias Miller), both Philadelphia, 1737.
Cresson, John, and Rebecca Briant, both Philadelphia, 1736.
Dawson, Isaac, and Jane Blackman, both Philadelphia, 1738.
Deacon, John, Jr., and Hannah Elton, both Burlington Co., 1748.
Dilks, John, and Hannah Chew, both Deptford twp., 1733.
Eggman, Christopher. and Deborah Kinsey (wid.), both Gloucester co., 1753.
Ellis, Jeremiah, and Mary Hugh, both Hartford, Pa., 1734.
Foster, John, and Ruth Dark, both Greenwich, Salem co., 1736.
Furnis, Joseph, and Elizabeth Dyer, both Philadelphia, 1736.
Gest, John, Concord, Pa., and Jane Breach, Newton twp. 1734.
Hall, Samuel, and Elizabeth Annis, both Philadelphia, 1732.
Hamilton, Gustayua [Gustavus?], Philadelphia, and Margaret Donaldson, Darby, Pa., 1760.
Hart, John, and Mary Stapler, both Philadelphia, 1760.
Herry, Auberry, and Sarah Bonsal, both Pennsylvania, 1754.
Hollingshed, William, and Elizabeth Harvey, both Philadelphia, 1748.
Jervis, Francis and Mary Castle (wid), both Phiadelphia, 1735.
King, Joseph, and Hannah Elliott, both Philadelphia, 1733.
Lurence, William, Whitemarsh, Pa., and Margaret Wood Plymouth twp., Pa., 1755.
Matson, Mathias, Greenwich, Gloucester co., and Elizabeth Wilkins, Deptford, 1755.
McCall, Robert, and Susannah Paul, both Greenwich, Gloucester co., 1735.
McCloud, Alexander, Gloucester, and Hannah Sampler (wid.), 1775.
Middleton, William, Greenwich, Gloucester co., and Mary Johnston, Salem co., 1753.
North, George, and Ruth Burden, both Philadelphia, 1737.
Paschall, Benjamin, and Margaret Price, both Philadelphia, 1736.
Patterson, John, and Ann Parry, both Philadelphia. 1736.
Pearse, Isaac, and Hannah Sellers, Chester co., Pa., 1750.
Pearson, John, and Sarah Wood, Chester co., Pa., 1846.
Pennock, Nathaniel, and Sarah Bourne, both Cheater co., 1764.
Pierce, Leroy, and Rosenah Ward, both Deptford twp., 1733.
Plasket, John, and Phebe Biles, both Philadelphia, 1733.
Price, Henry, and Lydia Patterson. both Philadelphia, 1736.
Roberts, William, and Elizabeth Lord, both Gloucester co., 1755.
Seeds, Samuel, and Sarah Bryant, both Deptford, 1737.
Seeds, Thomas, and Mary Clinton, both Deptford, 1735.
Sell, Jonathan, and Sarah Tatem, both Gloucester co., 1756.
Shirrold, George, and Prudence Creange, both Deptford, 1734.
Sim, John. and Margaret Moode, both Philadelphia, 1732.
Tompkins, John, and Elizabeth Gottier both Chester, Pa., 1733.
Weatherby, Henry, Deptford. anti Sarah Paul, Greenwich, Gloucester co., 1754.
West, Thomas. and Sarah Couzins, both Gloucester co., 1755.
Westcott, Foster, and Abigail Frazier, both Fairfield, 1748.
White, John, and Hannah Hutchins, both Philadelphia. 1734.
Wilson, Saville, and Susannah Chew, both Gloucester co, 1756.
Worthington. Benjamin, and Elinor Jones, both Greenwich, Gloucester co., 1731.
Wyatt, Edward, and Mary Jones, both Philadelphia, 1734.

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