South Jersey Marriages
Supplementing the Cape May, Cumberland,
Gloucester and Salem County Marriage records

Compiled by
H. Stanley Craig

H. Stanely Craig, Publisher
Merchantville, N.J.

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

Marriages of Persons Residing in Gloucester, Salem,
Cumberland, or Cape May County

Abel, Joseph, and Beulah T. Richards, both Turnerville. 12- 30-1874.
Ackley, Harry P., and Minnie Bilderback, both Elmer. 6-8- 1878.
Acton, Charles E., and Lizzie L. Lippincott, both Salem, 11-14-1866.
Anderson, John W., Woodbury, and Elizabeth Brown, Camden co., 1866.
Anderson, John W. T., Woodbury, and Elizabeth Brown, 7-24-1865.
Andrews, Paul, Glassboro, and Rachel Watson, 4-29-1866.
Arthur, David, Haddonfield, and Sarah Ann Mann, Woodbury, 11-27-1845.
Ayres, Caleb, Lower Alloways Creek, and Catharine Harris, Elsinboro, 12-1-1864.
Bacon, Joseph M., Salem, and Mary S. Colley, 10-15-1872.
Bailey, George W., Philadelphia, and Rebecca S. Hurff, Hurffville, 12-18-1869.
Bakeman, Henry C., and Sarah A. Wilkins, both Turnerville, 4-2-1868.
Ballenger, George, and Josephine Repman, both Mantua, 2-14-1877.
Ballinger, Jacob, and Elizabeth C. Jennings, both Salem. 1-30-1870.
Baker, Philip L., Paulsboro, and Maria A. Thompson, Berkley, 11-22-1871.
Barker, Samuel E., and Carrie LeConey, both Swedesboro, 11-21-1871.
Barrett, Charles M., and Mary Ann Knight, both Gloucester co. , 3-31-1857.
Barrett, Randolph, Barnsboro, and Emma Ashton, Mechanicsville, 3-8-1874.
Batchelor, John W. , Woodbury, and Martha Reed, Cressvil!e, 11-7-1869.
Batten, Joseph Z., and Margaret E. Dunn, both Gloucester co., 3-21-1876.
William, and Caroline H. Arnold, both Clarksboro, 4-11-1850.
Beckett, Benjamin, and Hannah A. Grace, Dennisville, 7-3-1862.
Beckley, Wm.. C., Cross Keys, Henrietta Vare, East Bethel, 8-11-1872.
Bee, Thomas C., Mantua, and Emma Hires, Turnerville, 12- 25-1772.
Beebe, Ephraim, Salem. and Mary Collins, Millville, 1-2-1865.
Benham, Joseph, Camden, and Elizabeth B. Miller, Westville, 12-14-1873.
Biddle, Charles S., and Sarah H. Wright, both Salem co., 3-15-1876.
John W., Bridgeton, and Elizabeth Thackara, Camden, 8-20-1873.
Blair, Harry D., Camden,and Emma Severns, Woodstown, 11-4-1873.
Badaley, Joseph, and Ann Givens, both Turnerville, 7-5-1853.
Bolt, Morris, L H., Philadelphia, and Marietta H. Loring, Gloucester co., 1-1-1847.
Bond, Thomas P., Mullica Hill, and Ruth Weatherby, Camden, 4-14-1878.
Gorton, William, and Margaret McFarril, both Gloucester co., 12-31-1851.
Bradway, Thomas D., and Sallie E. Miller, Salem, 3-28-1860.
Brayne, David, Salem co., .and Mary Cowperthwait, Camden co., 5-2-1852.
Briand, Samuel, Winslow, and Mary Smith, Malaga, 2-7-1866.
Bright, Elias H.. Pennsville, and Lydia Hitchner, 8 7-1868.
Brill, Henry, Glassboro, and Martha Ann Bittle, Tansboro, 4-11-1867.
Brown, Charles B., Swedesboro, and Sarah J. Powell, 7-27-1865.
Brown, Thomas J., Glassboro, and Amanda Severns, Chews Landing, 11-2-1874.
Brown, William H., and Hannah AnnTaylor, both Elsinborough, 9-20-1854.
Brown, William H And Rebecca Batton, both Swedesboro, 10-10-1871.
Browning, Eli, 47, (s. John and Elizabeth). and. Sarah Marshall, 39 (d. Robert and Sarah), Washington twp., 6-1- 1848.
Buck, Charles, Centreville, and Ellen Hagerman, Swedesboro, 10-10-1871.
Budd, John H., Gloucester. and Harriet Woolford, Swedesboro, 11-21-1871.
Burkett, Samuel, Woodbury, and Mary E. Westcott, Almoneason, 10-19 1871.
Burton, Thomas, Delaware, and Amanda Cuff, Salem, 12-18-1873.
Burtt, Robert Johnson, Trenton, and Cynthia Goodyear Bateman, Gloucester co., 5-4-1853.
Campbell, Alfred M ., Fairfield, and Ruth Stetser, Gloucester, 8-13-1873.
Carhart, Samuel, Philadelphia, and Mary A. Wood, Mullica Hill. 1-1-1852.
Caril, Chas. M., and Anna Louisa Githens, both Alloways Creek, 12-21-1864.
Carter, Charles S., and Martha Andrews, both Washington twp., 11-18-1852.
Cassady, Samuel, and Lizzie Newkirk. both Upper Pittsgrove, 12-15-1866.
Champion, Frank E., and Anna M. Riley, Cape May, 9-8-1877.
Champion, John, and Cordelia Arnett, both Pittstown, 9-2-1865.
Cheesman, John, and Ellen M. Tarkington, both Turnerville, 8-19-1865.
Cheesman, John, Turnerville, and Ellen M. Tarkington, Pittstown, 9-2-1865.
Cheesman, Wm J., Turnerville, and Keziah Jaggard, Wenonah, 10-14-1865.
Chew, Edward P., and Mary McFarland, both Gloucester co., 1-2-1851.
Chew, Elwood, and Mary F. Keen, both Gloucester co., 9-21-1850.
Chew, Jehu, Barnsboro, and Kate W. Smith, Philadelphia, 3-7-1878.
Chew, Job, Gloucester co., and Caroline Z. Gant, Camden, 8-19-1865.
Chew, Job, Gloucester co., Caroline Z. Gant, 11-9-1865.
Chew, Leonard, and Mary C. Lock, both Gloucester co., 10-8-1850.
Chew, Matthias M., and Mary Etta Chew, both Hurffville, 12-21-1864.
Chew, Wm., and Rebecca C. Wood, Washington twp., 11-90-1865.
Clark, Charles C., Woodbury, and Bella Walker, Camden, 8-18-1874.
Clark, David B., Gloucester, and Mary B. McCollum, Port Republic, 8-22-1868.
Coles, Charles B. (s. Charles and Rachel), and Mary M. Colson (d. Jonathan and Hannah P.), Harrison twp., 6.8-1865.
Conlin, Dennis, Deptford twp„ and Louisa F. Batten, Barnsboro, 8-6-1853.
Cooper, Edward H., Clarksboro, and Martha A. Batten, Berkley, 12-22-1864.
Cooper, Edward Waterman, Gloucester twp., and Priscilla Bendler, Washington twp., 10-26-1852.
Cooper, James B., Greenwich, and Annie R. Bradshaw, 9-4-1878.
Coombs, Was. F., and Angeline C. Sullivan, both Gloucester co., 11-22-1877.
Cossaboon, Chas. C., Glassboro, and Sarah Newbern, Washington twp., 8-3-1865.
Cox, Ephraim, and Ida A. Valentine, both Westville, 2-28-1871.
Croft, Joseph, and Susanna Chew, both Hurffville, 5-17-1865.
Craighton, Thomas, Lambtown, and Mariah Jones, Deptford twp., 11-26-1847.
Crane, Jacob, Franklinville, and Mary E. Hugg, 12-14-1869.
Crist, George, 24, (s. Michael and Louisa), and Ann Louisa Clanagan (d. John and Eliza), both Williamstown, 5-5-1849.
Cuff, Leonard, and Ellen Jones, both Salem, 9-4-1874.
Dailey, Jacob, Bridgeton, and Mary Keene, Camden, 1-28-1866.
Daker, John M., and Sarah Jane Libant, both Williamstown, 4-11-1846.
Darlington, Thomas P., and Patienee [Patience?] A. Force, both Gloucester co., 11-14-1870.
Davidson. George H., and Ruhama Shoemaker, both Salem co., 1-11-1866.
Davidson, George H., and Ruhama Shoemaker, both Gloucester co., 11-11-1866.
Davidson, James J., and Margaret T. Rulon, both Swedesboro, 12-21-1870.
Davis, Hamilton S., and Elizabeth S. Porch, both Franklinville, 1-30-1847.
Davis, Trial, Camden co., Annie Duble, Williamstown, 3-10-1875.
Dilks, Ephraim B , and Elizabeth A. Wildie, Deptford twp. 1-13-1866.
Dilks, George C., and Deborah E. Starn, both Gloucester co., 9-21-1865.
Dilks, George L.., Wenonah, and Sarah Stevenson, Blackwood, 3-14-1863.
Dilks, Presmul, Carpenters Landing. and Ann Park, Bethel, 3-9-1863.
Dilks, Thomas, and Abbe Miller, both Gloucester co., 3 30-1873.
Dilks, Thomas J., and Emma L. Crain, both Gloucester co., 11-4-1862.
Dixon, George, Gloucester City, and Elizabeth Poole, Bridgeton, 7-13-1872.
Doughton William S., Westville, and Abigail R. Clement, Haddonfield. 10-12-1845.
DuBois. Wilford 0., and Sabina S. Newkirk, both Upper Pittsgrove, 2-25-1866.
Dunham, James E , and Melissa Husted, both Salem, 3-11-1854.
Eastlack, George C., and Adeline Barber, Gloucester co., 12-18-1856.
Elwell, Isaac, and Phebe DuBois, both Pittsgrove, 10-7-1865.
Elwell, Isaac, and Rachel DuBois, both Pittsgrove, 10-7-1866.
Ethington, Lewis, Bridgeton and Eliza Venable, Gloucester, 12-26-1877.
Evans, John W., Tuckahoe, and Jane A. Brayman, Winslow, 6-8-1868.
Evaul, Jacob, and Lucinda M. Evaul, both Bethel, 1-21-1877.
Evaul, Joel H., and Amanda Hunt, Unionville, 2-19-1866.
Ferrell, Charles W., Pine Grove, and Mary B. Young, Glassboro, 6-22-1877.
Filer, Enoch, and Abigail A. McCullough, both Hurffville, 9-15-1870.
Force, Jacob, and Rebecca Cheesman, both Gloucester co., 1-22-1846.
Ford, Benjamin, and Sarah Eldridge, Swedesboro, 3-20-1845.
Ford, Isaac, Mannington, and Hannah E. Wright, Yorktown, 12-3-1874.
Fortiner, Samuel M., Camden, and Mary H. Cooper, Washington twp., 11-10-1845.
Foster, Frank Linwood, Auburn, and Helen Rebecca Watson, Camden, 7-16-1877.
Fox, Wm. M., Kent co., Md., and Caroline D. Bowen, Roadstown, 6 __, 1868.
Frahklin, Joseph W., and Elizabeth Fowler, Woodbury, 2-16-1855.
French, Thomas L., and Rebecca M. Nichols. Oscaloosa, Ia., 2-5-1870.
Gallager, John F., and Susan Watson, both Gloucester co., 2-23-1863.
Gandy, Hope W.. Upper twp„ Cape May co., and Margaret Williams, Weighmouth twp., Ocean co., 11-29-1851.
Gant, Samuel, Turnerville, and Mary A. Lecroy, Swedesboro, 2-19-1863.
Gardner, John C., Hurffville, and Mary M. Firth, Blackwood, 2-22-1876.
Garrett, Charles, Salem co., and Esther Ann Lewallen, 3-17-1858.
Gaskill, Samuel B., Bridgeport, and Deborah Hurff, Centre Square, 10-14-1858.
Gaunt, Jesse, and Hannah M. Casperson, Gloucester co., 7-5-1853.
Gideon, William D., Glassboro. and Clara V. Sweeten, Camden, 9-24-1871.
Gifford, Daniel, Temperance Foster, both Millville, 3-10-1866.
Gifford, David L., and Harriet Smith, both Glassboro, 8-7-1872.
Gifford, Jacob R., Williamstown, and Hannah A. Allen, Atco., 9-21-1872.
Gipson, Charles H., and Mary E. Grace, both Woodbury, 8-19-1875.
Givens, William, Deptford, and Elizabeth Barryman 8-30- 1854.
Godfrey, Samuel L., Philadelphia, and Annie J. Leake Millville, 10-4-1871.
Goff, Nathan, Camden, and Adelia J. Andrews, Cumberland co., 10-25-1857.
Gordon, David A., Winslow, and Maggie B. Stanger, Malaga, 9-1-1856.
Goren. Sinnickson, and Jane Amy Porch, both Gloucester co. 3-29-1851.
Green, John, Haddonfield, and Anna Frances Eldridge, 5-25-1876.
Greis, Otto, Philadelphia, and Susan Serrein, Gloucester co., 5-16-1871.
Griscom, Ridgway T., Camden, and Sarah S. Spence, Swedesboro, 4-15-1877.
Hackett, John S.. Salem, and Ruth S. Rosa, 1-1-1860.
Hagene, William, and Lucy Finney, both Woodbury, 12-18- 1874.
Hallett, Nathan W., and Mara A. Goddard, both Lake, 1-8-1863.
Hallett, Nathan W., and Mrs. Mary Goddard, both Lake, 1-18-1863.
Hampton, Henry, and Sarah C. Richman, both Ewingsville, 10-8-1870.
Hand, William, and Eliza Jane Snowden, both Malaga, 10-18-1865.
Hankins, Henry R., Millville, and Mary E. Myers. Camden, 1- 31-1866.
Hannah, Frank S., Camden, and Evelena Stratton, Pennsgrove, 10-17-1874.
Hannold, Howard M., and Louisa King, both Hurffville, 11-3-1872.
Harbert, William H., Pedricktown, and Mary A. Ba.rtholomew, 8-3-1866.
Hendricks, William R., Bridgeton, and Mary R. Applegate, Camden, 1-16-1872.
Heppard, William D., Philadelphia, and Priscilla Powell, Leesburg, 6-1-1871.
Heritage, Arthur, and Mary Agusta Upham, both Hurffvale, 1-5-1865.
Heritage, Charles F., Gloucester co., and Susannah Turner, Blackwood, 8-3-1862.
Heritage, Elijah, Gloucester co , and Sarah Filer. Camden, 1-16-1873.
Heritage, Harrison, and Elizabeth K. Turner, both Gloucester co., 4-23-1868.
Heritage, Josiah F., Mrs. Jane G. Stanger, both Glassboro, 3-8-1866.
Hersey, Samuel E., and Elizabeth Clark, both Salem, 6-14-1873.
Hewlings, George W.. Woodbury, and Pauline Plummer, Gloucester, 10-4-1875.
Hinman, William, and Mary A. Yonker, both Clarksboro, 11-22-1877.
Hires, Phineas, Bridgeton, and L. Louisa Swing, Camber-land co., 5-9-1872.
Hires, Samuel, and Emma H. Godshall. both Gloucester co., 9-6-1872.
Hitchner, Rollins F., Atlantic City, and Martha H. Mead, Salem co.. 9-20-1876.
Hoffman, John, Bridgeton, and Rebecca J. Pedrick, Gloucester. 6-7-1873.
Hollohan, Martin, Camden, and Sarah A. Wardle, Cape Island, 9-13-1869.
Holmes, Benjamin, Camden, and Mary Elizabeth Smith, Turnerville, 11-1-1876.
Holstein, William H., Fislerville, And Martha W. Husted, Williamstown, 6-19-1865.
Holston, Atwood, Clayton, and Marion Ross, Tansbury, 11-13-1876.
Horner, William V., Camden. and Joanna Fish, Bridgeton, 3-20-1876.
House, Jacob, and Sarah Ann Sharp, both Allowaystown, 9-6-1860.
Hudson, A. S.., Woodbury, and Emma E. Davidson, Philadelphia, 12-24-1876.
Hurff, Brooks, and Margaret Gant, both Chestnut Ridge, 7-28-1870.
Hurff, George, and Alice Farrow, both Washington twp , 12-22-1852.
Hurff, Jesse L., and Sarah E. Prosser, both near Turnerville, 3-10-1870.
Husted, Wm. C., and Mary A. Wheaton, both Salem co., 6-10-1854.
Ireland, Edwin, and Susan A. Weiser, both Millville, 8-16-1871.
Jackson, James J., and Mary J. Douglass, both Woodbury, 1-10-1869.
Jaggard. James Z., and Martha S. Cattell, Gloucester co., 8-20-1862.
Jennings, Edward D., Sicklertown, and Bathsheba Cheesman, Turnerville, 11-4-1872.
Jessup, John W., and Harriet Gardiner, both Gloucester co., 3-11-1870.
Johnson, Eli W., and Ann E. Corson, both Gloucester co., 2-14-1861.
Johnson, William W., Salem co., and Emma M. Wilsoa [Wilson?], 6-20-1865.
Jones, Isaac, Washington twp., and Martha Bozarth, South Camden, 7-13-1862.
Kaighn, Elias, and Annie E. Clair, both Westville, 5-1-1817.
Kendle, Jacob, and Mrs. Elizabeth Banes, both Williamstown, 2-28-1859.
Kershaw, James, and Sarah Bailey, both Millville, 2-20-1866.
King, Thomas E., and Roxanna E. Treadway, both Salem, 12-25-1875.
Kirby, William Cooper, Swedesboro, and Anna A. Ford, 12-7-1859.
Kirby, William G., and Harriet Dilks, both Westville, 12-30-1875.
Knisell, Joseph, Deptford, and Mary Amanda Jones, 8-4-1853.
Ladow, Sylvanus, and Annie E. Bailey, both Dividing Creek, 1-2-1873.
Lashley, John, and Ruth H. Hampton, both Gloucester co.. 4-6-1851.
Latchman, and Abigail G. Turner, both Gloucester co.. 11-23-1850.
Lay, Arthur, Woodbury, and Emily L. Archer, Camden, 3-31-1873.
Leaming, Jacob, Salem, and Sallie R. Hubbs, Beverly, 8-28-1875.
Leap, Benj. H., Gloucester co. and Lizzie C. Turner, Turnerville, 4-18-1867.
Lear, Theodore, Brooklyn. N. Y., and Mary L. Sparks, 8-31-1871.
Lee, Edwin T., Camden, and Maggie Kirkwood, Millville, 1-31-1873.
Lee, James, Pennsgrove, and Anna M. Sparks, 11-25-1874.
Lewis, Walter L., Jefferson, and Isabella Stewart, Mullica Hill, 3-14-1873.
Lhenigal, A. Leslie, and Hannah Estlack, both Deptford, 4-3-1864.
Light, Franklin, Capt., and Sarah Matlack, Gloucester co., 7-6-1858.
Lippincott, Charles D., and Hannah Duvall, Gloucester co., 11-16-1865.
Lockwood, William, Paulsboro, and Mariah Wright, Camden, 9-9-1866.
Long, Hugh A., and Louisa P. Crandal, both Mantua, 3-15- 1873.
Long, William C., Carpenters Landing, and Isabella Clark, Barnsboro, 4-5-1885.
Long, William C., Carpenters Landing, and Isabella Clark, Barnsboro, 4-15-1865.
Levett, Richard F., Camden, and Sarah Wright, Salem, 3-25-1852.
Lowe, Edward, Barnsboro, and Susan Hendrickson, Gloucester, 8-30-1868.
Madara, John, and Nettie Carr, both Woodbury, 7-17-1869.
Marcy, Alexander, Dr., and Hannah A. Mecray, both Cape May co., 8-24-1861.
Madden, Frank L.. and Margaret Williams, New Brooklyn, 10-20-1851.
Marshall, Frank W., and Sallie H. Ledden, both Clayton, 10-12-1876.
Mattox, Wesley S., Manumuskin, and Amanda Phifer, Gloucester, 11-25-1872.
McClernand, James, and Elizabeth S. Vare, both Gloucester co., 1-18-1862.
McClure, James, and Elizabeth Richards, both Bunker Hill, 4-9-1869.
McCracken, Archibald, and Ellen D. Evans, both Hurffville, 4-30-1874.
McKeen, Jacob W., Clayton, and Clara Newman, Tansboro, 8-7-1875.
McKeighn, Wm., and Sarah Hawkins, both Williamstown, 4-14-1868.
McKellip, James, and Mrs. Mary Afra Palmer, both Williamstown, 11-20-1858.
McQuestion, James, 25 (s. James and Ellen), and Ann Tweed, 18 (d. John and Barbara), both Washington twp., 12-21-1849.
McVayne, Henry, and Martha Henry, Washington twp., 8-11-1852.
Mecray, James, and Rachel C. Stevens, both Cape Island, 1-19-1868.
Meeley, George W., Swedesboro, and Rhoda I. Pancoast, Woodstown, 9-4-1865.
Meeley, George, Jr., Swedesboro, and Rhoda J. Pancoast, Woodstown, 9-24-1865.
Meredith, Reuben W., Millville, and Anna M. Wells, 5-5-1872.
Mickle, Lewis S., Salem, and Matilda C. Carter, Gloucester co., 10-9-1865.
Mickle, Lewis S., Salem co., and Matilda C. Carter, Gloucester co., 10-19-1865.
Middleton, George H., 24 (s. William and Elizabeth), Pittsgrove, and Mary Folwell Iredell (d. John and Rebecca), Salem, 2-14-1856.
Miller, Edward, Gloucester, and Hannah Jennings, Woodbury, 12-2-1877.
Mingin, Joseph, Williamstown, and Annie Keen, Philadelphia, 10-9-1868.
Mitchell, Geo. F., and Annie M. Homan, both Bridgeport, 8-2-1866.
Moncrief, Nathan S., Camden, and Isabella Chew, Barnsboro, 8-26-1866.
Morgan, Isaac, and Sarah Swan, both Glassboro, 8-10-1850.
Morgan, John, and Ellen Richards, both Hurffville, 8-2-1870.
Morgan, Randal E.,Washington twp. and Josephine Willard, Gloucester twp., 1-10-1847.
Morgan, Wm. H., and Hannah A. Cotton, both Westville, 4-4-1872.
Moore, Edward S., Hopewell, and Mary Lizzie Davis, Deerfield, 11-27-1867.
Moore, Franklin, and Rosanna Park, both Woodbury, 12-22-1870.
Moore, John, Jr., Wilmington, and Anna Maurice, Bridgeport, 10-21-1871.
Myers, Abraham, Bridgeton, and Annie E. Chew, Mantua, 1-1-1870.
Neipling, Charles L., Malaga, and Mary M. Butler, Gloucester, 11-11-1871.
Newcomb, John P., and Keziah Newcomb, both Salem, 1-11 1865.
Newkirk, Joseph, and Liddie Newkirk, both Salem co., 12-8-1850.
Nicholson, John, Five Points, and Jane B. Lippincott, Hurffville 7-1-1875.
Nicholson, William C., and Tamson R. Hurff, both Washington twp., 4-27-1854.
Norcross, Isaiah, 21, and Anna H. Hart, 19, both Glassborp, 8-30-1866.
Osborn, James, Allowaystown, and Julia A. Robertson, Camden, 5-20-1872.
Packer, Edward S., Woodbury, and Edith Polk, Philadelphia 3-2-1859.
Page, Thomas S., Columbus, and Lizzie Leconey, Swedesboro, 7-9-1868.
Pancoast, David H., Camden, and Sarah Emma Abbott Unionville, 12-21-1876.
Parks, Jacob, and Sarah Elizabeth Chew, both Hurffville, 4-13-1865.
Parks, Jacob, Gloucester co., and Mary E. Steelman, Hurffville, 3-11-1869.
Parks, James, and Sallie F. Dehart, both Williamstown, 7-15-1862.
Parsons. Charles J. H., and Lydia F. Sailor, both Pennsgrove, 2-15-1871.
Parsons, William, And Angeline Smalley, both Salem, 7-4-1868.
Patterson, Jacob M., Woodbury, and Clementina F. Lloyd, Trenton. 11-7-1854.
Peale, James W., Chico, Calif., and Ida F. Hewlings, Woodbury, 7-27-1276.[sic]
Penn, Wesley, Williamstown. and Mary Beebe, Winslow, 10-9-1871.
Pennypacker, Thomas W., Camden. and Annie L. Lore, Salem, 6-16-1871.
Peters. William L., Chews Landing, and Rachel Watson, Turnerville, 6-2-1874.
Peterson, John H., Piermont, and Rebecca H. McClain, Tansboro, 12-25-1869.
Pierce, Ward, Gloucester, and Nancy Watson, 4-13-1865.
Plummer, Wm. H., and Mary E. Roork, both Salem, 10-18-4-3-1876. [sic?]
Porch, Robert S., and Deborah Ann Seran, both Gloucester co., 1851.
Samuel, Williamstown, and Demaris C. Clohosey, Philadelphia, 4-30-1868.
Powell, Richard J., Gloucester, and Susan Ella Hill, Woodbury, 11-30-1876.
Powell, Samuel P., Almonesson, and Mary Anna Stewart, Hurffville, 3-31-1878.
Price, Jacob C., and Sarah Smith, both Gibbstown, 12-15-1845,
Quackenbush, George, and Eliza Ann Evans, Gloucester co., 5-6-1864.
Randolph, Asa A. F., and Adelaide M. Elwell, both Shiloh, 12-13-1871.
Redfield, William H., 31, wid. (s. Blan B. and Rebecca H.), Westville, and Ellen W. Jennings, 18 (d. Richard and Eliza), Woodbury, 9-9-1866.
Redrow, Asa, Woodbury, and Emma Jane Cook, Chews Landing, 5-1-1872.
Reeve, Augustus (s. William F. and Mary W.), Allowaystown, and Rebecca C. Wood (d. Isaac and Elizabeth. 6-5-1862.
Reiemr, George, and Lizzie A. Wood, both Gloucester co.. 11-27-1872.
Rhoads, Manning, Chester co., Pa., and Harriet Powell, Cumberland co., 2-2-1858.
Richards, Benjamin F., and Josephine Cook, both Turnerville, 2-10-1866.
Richardson, Robert I., .ind Anna Taylor, Tuckahoe, 8-5-1867.
Richman, Adam, Malaga, and Lydia Beckett, Hardingville, 1-25-1865.
Richman, Calvin G., Hurffville, and Lucy A. Upham, Millville, 7-3-1862.
Riley, Josiah, and Mary J. Wiser, both Sharptown. 4-6-1864.
Ritchie, John, Gloucester, and Louisa Cowell, Mickleton, 12-13-1875.
Rogers, Ell E., Bridgeton, and Anna M. Ewing, 12-10-1861.
Rossell, Elias J., and Mary F. Fisher, both Hurffville, 12-19-1875.
Runger, Wm. F., Glassboro, and Lillie Haventhall, Tansboro, 8-27-1876.
Rutherford, John, and Carrie Ingersoll, both Cape May co., 12-24-1874.
Sagiers, David M., and Anna R. Budd, both Gloucester co.,. 2-15-1872.
Schellinger, Charles Cox. 21, Cape Island, and Mary Elien Reeves, 18 (d. J. H. and Eleunor), Unionville, 11-12-1864.
Schellinger, Thomas B., Cape May, and Mary E. Clark, Philadelphia, 5-10-1877.
Seagraves, Thomas, Woodbary, and Matilda Arund, Manchester, 4-15-1876.
Shamelly, James, and Julia Trans, both Gloucester co., 12-9 -1865.
Sharp, James, Franklin twp , and Harriet Booth, Gloucester, 7-1-1853.
Shaw, Lewis K., Newport, and Clara Haan, 9-30-1876.
Sheets, Wm. D., and Sarah Casperson, both Gloucester co., 2-24-1853.
Shimp, David, and Annie H. Crispin. both Allowaystown 10-31-1860.
Shoemaker, Hiram J., and Eva A. Burt, both Bridgeton, 1-1-1873.
Shoemaker, Robert W., Gloucester co., and Sue Lewallen, Camden. 11-28-1872.
Sibbet, John A., Hurffville, and Ann E. North. 1-25-1866.
Sickler, John, and Jane E. Sharp, Washington twp., 7-5-1858.
Skill, John F. Hamilton, and Parnell Carty, both Gloucester co., 6-16 1876.
Skinner, Geo. W., Barnsboro, and Rachel E. Chew, Hurffville, 7-26-1876.
Smith, John L, Bridgeton, and Martha A. Crammer, Manshawkin, 6-23-1866.
Smith, Sam'l K., and Carrie Beebe, both Salem, 12-18-1872.
Snyder, Benjamin F., and Susannah Gray, both Gloucester co., 11-14-1861.
Souder, Joseph, and Rebecca Ann Magee, both Franklin twp., 5-7-1866.
Steelman, Wesley, Somers Point, and Rachel Godfrey, Seaville, 5-9- 1866.
Stevenson, Richard B., 29 (s. Isaac and Sarah), and Hannah A. Johnson (d. Joseph and Eliza), both Deptford, 4-7-1849.
Sam'l M., and Mary G. Gibson, both Gloucester co., 2-17-1864.
Samuel M., and Mary J. Gibson, both Gloucester co., 2-27-1864.
William B., near Woodbury, and Susie Q. Packer, Woodbury, 3-9-1871.
Stewart, James and Alice Roston, both Woodbury, 11-2-1871.
Stewart, John L, and Mary R. Dunn. Mullica Hill, 3-14-1878.
Stiles, Samuel R., and Sarah A. Harris, both Williamstown, 8-16-1862.
Story, George R., Bordentown, and Sarah Steward, Woodstown, 9-2-1846.
Strang, Peter, Glassboro, and Hannah Thomas, Bethel, 8-20-1832 [or 1852, third digit hard to read]
Strickland, Horace P., and Mary Brewer, both Gloucester co., 1-31-1871.
Strong, Cornelius W., Glassboro, and Sarah Jane Sharp, 6-5-1858.
Suiter, William, Camden, and Serena Sayres, Salem co., 4-21-1871.
Sutton, John Boleth, and Mary Jane Jennings, both Gloucester co., 12-16-1852.
Taylor, Samuel, Camden co., and Sarah Jane Loper, Cape May co., 5-15-1867.
Thomas, Samuel, and Martha Milford, both near Hurffville, 3-3-1870.
Tice, Clayton B., and Catherine Eldridge, both Williamstown, 6-17-1858.
Timberman, Chas. H., and Sallie P. Smith, both Upper Alloways Creek, 1-21-1869.
Titus, Reuben, Pedricktown, and Annie B. Mitchell, Salem co. 8-6-1876.
Tomlin, Henry H.. and Caroline E. Tomlin, Mullica Hill, 3- 27-1866.
Tonkin, John, and Mary C. Mounce, both Gloucester co., 10-21-1871.
Tussey, Gideon C., Salem, and Maria L. Somers, Woodstown, 1-1-1878.
Tweed, John A., and Hannah Bachiler, both Williamstown, 3-13-1878.
Vaneman, David, Williamstown, and Mary E. Russell, Brooklyn, 4-10-1875.
VanMeter, Isaac W., Hopewell, and Mary A. Mowers Stockton, 2-24-1866.
Vanmeter, Robert, and Matilda Newkirk, both Upper Pittsgrove, 2-7-1855.
Vansant, James, Rev. , Cumberland co., and Rachel B. Ireland, Atlantic co., 10-8-1855.
Richard W., Allowaystown. and Alice P. Seeley. Philadelphia, 1-5-1865.
Wallace, Edgar F., Paulsboro, and Vidona Cox, Westville, 2-24-1872.
Walters, William M., Woodstown, and Amelia A. Vincent, 3-1-1874.
Warnock, Robert, Camden, and Clara M. Plum, Bethel, 10-4-1877.
Warren, George, and Jane Williams, both Washington twp., 9-7-1865.
Weston, George (colored), Long Island, and Henrietta Jones, Salem, 7-8-1870.
Whitaker, John B., and Mary S. Cordery, both Bridgeton, 3-3-1874.
Whitaker, Wm. Dayton, and Anna Kruse, both Bridgeton, 2-10-1876.
White, John T., and Lydia C. Sparks. both Salem co., 9-6-1854.
White, John W., and Mary C. Cossaboon, Winslow, 3-2-1873.
Wick, Jesse E., and Adaline P. Down, both Turnerville, 12-9-1865.
Wikel, Israel E., and Annie Strang, Woodstown, 8-15-1862.
Wilkins, Amos, and Phebe A. Powell, both Gloucester co., 4-11-1842.
Wilkins, John, and Annie Turner, both Turnerville, 1-30-1868.
Wilkins, Thomas J., Turnerville, and Martha Scott, Westville, 12-4-1874.
Williams, Alexander, Camden, and Rebecca Land, Mauricetown, 5-2-1866.
Williams, Benjamin, Blackwood, and Alice A. Turner, Turnerville, 9-12-1872.
Williams, Frederick S., Cape May co., and Mary E. Seeley, Wilmington. N. C., 10-25-1871.
Williams, Levi, and Matilda Devall, both Gloucester co.. 7-14-1869.
Williams, Thomas A. J., Millville, and Wamina M. Beideman, Camden, 12-25-1871.
Wise, John, Camden co., and Rebecca Thomas, Gloucester co , 10-6-1856.
Woertz, Harry E., Bridgeton, and Anna C. Morgan, Clayton. 11-22-1876.
Woods, Josiah C., and Marietta Heritage, Gloucester co., 11-12-1864.
Wynn, Benj. L, Jr., Millville, and Virginia Cheesman, Camden, 12-16-1875.
Wynn, E. S., M. D., Millville, and Mary F. Kinsey, Bristol, Pa., 12-31-1872.
Young, Somers C., and Sallie J. Quick, both Cape May co., 5-5-1873.
Zargable, John, and Elizabeth Stanger, both Glassboro, 2-16-1863.
Zargable, John, and Elizabeth C. Stanger, both Glassboro, 2-19-1863.

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