South Jersey Marriages
Supplementing the Cape May, Cumberland,
Gloucester and Salem County Marriage records

Compiled by
H. Stanley Craig

H. Stanely Craig, Publisher
Merchantville, N.J.

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


Adams, Wm., and Sarah Steelman, 10-30-1806.
Airet. Vonj, and Patience Mikesner, 10-18-1858.
Amos, Luke, and Rachel Lemen, 10-4-1888.
Ayres, Hugh C., and Sarah Jones, 2-12-1829.
Barnes, John G., and Bethsheba Morgan, 6-16-1825.
Boakley, Jiles, and Ann C. Pettet, 9-23-1843.
Brewer, David C., and Mary Ann Steward, 12-12-1869.
Brick, Samuel C., and Mary C. Hendrickson, 4-6-1876.
Brown, Benj., and Sarah E. Batton, 9-16-1859.
Brown, John, and Sarah Hamilton, 2-13-1797.
Brown, Wm., and Eliz'th Egeston, 8-17-1839.
Bruer, Edmund. and Martheus Chesman, 1-1-1797.
Budd. Peter, and Eliz'th Watson, 11-4-1841.
Busba, Hezekiah, and Sarah Ewen, 8-1-1825.
Busby, Huzekiah, and Elizth Brown, 3-11-1827.
Butcher, John, and Susannah Ecrit, 6-1-1811.
Butcher, John, and Mary Mose, 12-19-1811.
Butler. James H., and Anne H. Stratton, 4-2-1873.
Cade, Isaac, and Eliz'th Ware, 6-12-1822.
Caldweli, James, and Henrietta Woods, 2-3-1825.
Campbell, Jacob S., and Maggie Camp, 1-11-1869.
Conover, Somers, and Sarah Newbur; 1-27-1814.
Carman, George, and Mary Corson, 3-22-1830.
Cassidy, Stacy, and Eliz'th Hughes, 6-19-1875.
Champion. Sam'l C., and Eliz'th Mickle, 1-7-1796.
Churc, Jonas, and Lucetta Pierce, 1-13-1826.
Clark, James, and Martha Ore, 6-2-1812.
Collins, Jossph, and Hannah Hewit,7-13-1811.
Cox, Daniel, and Polly Fenton, 5-16-1805.
Daval, Benj., and Joanna Carter, 3-22-1821.
Daval, Joseph, and Rachel Travis, 7-26-1812.
Dilks, Chester, and Emily Albertson, 9-29-1836.
Dilks, James, and Anna Skill, 2-12-1861.
Dilks, Peter, and Jane Richards. 2-27-1847.
Delwin, Abraham, and Sarah Downs, 6-24-1802.
Duncan. Sam'l. Jr., and Mary C. Richardson, 1-27-1870.
Evans, Jacob, and Elizabeth, Vickery, 12-1-1819.
Fish, Abraham, and Mary Tiece, 2-11-1831.
Fisler, Feiiz, and Ann Dehart 7-17-1834.
Garrison, Joseph. and Eliza Green. 3-8-1836.
Giffins, Clement, and Rebeccah Bates, 2-28-1822.
Godfrey, Philip, and Sarah Ethalon, 4-26-1811.
Gruff, Garret. and Eliza Ann Dare, 3-12-1853.
Haines, Charles, andSarah Carson, 5-5-1833.
Hand, James, and Sarah Giverson, 3-26-1821.
Hannold, Wm., and Mary E. Kearns, 6-20-1870.
Harbert, Enoch, and Anna C. Stetser, 9-18-1870.
Harker, Joseph S., and Lizzie B. Hunter, 4-21-1866.
Hewet, Jacob, and Rebecka Ann Scott, 11-17-1825.
Hickman, Sam'l, and Aner Badcock, 7-12-1820.
Hiros, Conrad, and Ann Wood, 6-24-1846.
Holland, Daniel, and Rebeckah Clark, 11-18-1779.
Hudson, James S., and Abignil Madare, 5-14-1870.
Hunter, George, and Charlotte Pike, 9-19-1805.
Jones, Charles, and Sarah E. Crim, 11-1-1870.
Jones, William, and Rebecce Titos, 10-29-1812.
Justice, John, and Sarah Richards, 2-4-1836.
Kallum, John, and Amy Clutch, 11-2-1815.
Lane, Simpson, and Mary Stone, 2-14-1841.
Lawrence, Adam S., and Mary R. Cann, 11-17-1870.
Leeds, Jonas, and Darles Scull, 3-22-1803.
Lippincott, Amasa, and Ester Collins, 8-30-1818.
Hansby, James, and Jane D. Cotton, 12-29-1869.
Harras, Albert, and Hannah Young. 3-20-1840.
Hart, Daniel, and Mirian Parker, 12-24-1820.
Mason, James F., and Anne Highton, 6-27-1850.
Matlack, Ellis, and Elizabeth Gippin, 2-17-1868(?).
McCamet, James, and Catherine McCarn, 12-5-1857.
McCarrel, Ginkins. and Lydia Baler, 12-26-1829.
McNeeld, John, and Mary Hank. No date given.
Middleton, Charles, and Merriam Fussill, 10-21-1842.
Milis, Whitton, and Frances Farrow, 1-28-1810.
Miison, Charles, and Nary S. Mick, 2-22-1822.
Miskelley, Robert, Jr., and Mary Jackson, 3-17-1803.
Morgan, Nathan, and Bulah Beatle, 5-12-1818.
Morres, Aaron, and Rachel Duffil, 3-21-1826.
Neal, Enos, and Susannah Sharp, 11-6-1850.
Newman, Jacob, and Jane Ledden, 12-11-1741.
Smith, T. Shonial, and Comfort Farmer, 2-6-1820.
Snowden, William, and Rhoda Hasleton, 3-16-1816.
Somers, Jacob, and Mary Clarke, 7-16-1826.
Sowey, Leah, and Easter Higbee, 4-19-1812.
Steelman, James, and Esther Barrett, 7-3-1828.
Steelman, Peter, and Rachel Steelman, 6-15-1800.
Stetser, Peter, and Edith Ann Carr, 9-27-1836.
Stratton, Henry, and Grisilda Stratton, 84-1821.
Strickland, Samuel, and Catherine Lucy, 9-27-1825.
Suli, Jonathan, And Elizabeth Soyings. 9-10-1804.
Taylor, James, and Francis Ware, 10-28-1824.
Thorn, Henry, and Sarah Ann Langdon, 8-28-1829.
Towax, Samuel, and Mary Wilson, 11-5-1818.
Trim, John. and Sarah Delaney, 1-1-1797.
Vansant. Joel, and Ruhama Higbee, 10-18-1601.[sic?]
Ward, Sam'l H., and Anna C. Miller, 2-25-1873.
Watson, David, and Hannah Pennison; 11-14-1805.
Weatherby, Nathan, and Mary Porch, 1-26-1809.
Webster, George L., and Rachael Sparks, 3-19-1840.
Weel, Joseph., Rebecca Coping, 9-25-1800.
Wilkinson, Moses, and Rebecca Headley, 3-1-1854.
Wriggins, Wm., Jr., and Rachel Munyan, 3-25-1797.
_____ Curts, Joseph, and Mary Ware, 9-16-1827.
Tice, Franklin D., and Anna Maria Young, 4-25-1829.
Tice, Joshua, and Sarah Ann Cheesman, 5-20-1829.
Ware, Josiah, and Ann Maria Lee; 8-24-1826) [Village Herald and Weekly Advocate (Woodbury newspapers].
Ware, Mark, and Mary S, Firth, 3-7-1827). [ibid]
Whitaker, Thomas, and Rachel Ware, 4-11-1805. [ibid].

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