South Jersey Marriages
Supplementing the Cape May, Cumberland,
Gloucester and Salem County Marriage records

Compiled by
H. Stanley Craig

H. Stanely Craig, Publisher
Merchantville, N.J.

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

Transcribed by C. E. Sheppard

Bentley. John. and Hannah Caruthers, 10-23-1762.
Beriman, John. and Sarah Bateman, 3-29-1757.
Bishop, Daniel. and Rhoda Platt, 2-11-1762.
Bishop, Jeremiah, and Ann Garrison, 2-26-1767.
Brewster, Daniel, and Eunice Holmes, 5-26-1756.
Brewster, Francis, and Mary Crawford, July 23, 1730.
Brewster, Francis, and Rebecca Peck, 1-10-1758. [his second marraige]
Brown, Thomas, and Martha Peck, 12-29-1762.
Brown, Thomas, and Rebecca Fithian (d. Joseph and Hannah). No date given.
Brown, Thomas, and Sarah Fithian (d. Samuel and Phebe). No date given.
Buck, Joseph, Cape May co.. and Lydia Woodruff, 1-19-1766.
Burgin, John. and Zeuriah Beriman, 7-7-1757.
Burgin, John, and Elizabeth Abel, 3-12-1761.
Carll, Phineas, and Rachel Mills. 9-16-1760.
Carll, William, and Isable Dixon, 3-28-1753.
Caruthers, Richard, and Philenah Mills, 9-24-1766.
Caruthers, Richard, and Mary Ewing (d. Maskell and Mary), 12-19-1780.
Clark, Daniel. and Anna Holmes. 9-19-1761.
Clark, Daniel. And Raehel Fithian 11-19-1772.
Ewing, George (s. Thomas and Sarah), and Rachel Harris (d. Nathaniel and Abigail), 8-10-1778.
Ewing, James s. Thomas and Mary), and Martha Boyd (d. James and Mary. late of Ballcaston, co. Antrim, Ire)., 10-15, 1757.
Ewing, Joshua (s. Thomas and Mary), and Hannah Harris (d. Nathaniel and Elizabeth). 12-10-1760.
Ewing, Thomas (s. Thomas and Mary), and Rachel Dixon (d. James and Rebecca), Aug. 13. 1745.
Ewing, Thomas (s. Thomas and Mary), and Sarah Vickers (d. Philip and Hope), June 20, 1751.
Ewing, Thomas (s. Thomas and Mary), and Phebe Sayre (d. Ananias and Martha), 11-24-1783.
Ewing, William (s. Thomas and Sarah), and Harriet Seeley (d. Josiah and Rebecca), 6-16-1808.
Finlaw, John, and Rebecca McNight (wid. James), between 1744 and 1749.
Finlaw, John, and Sarah ____, 9-12-1759. [Sarah Worthington.]
Fithian, Ephraim, and Temperance ____, 2-4-1761.
Fithian, James (s. William and Deliverence), and Mary Wood (d. Jonathan and Mellicent), 5-31-1787.
Fithian, James (s. William and Deliverence). and Kerenhappuch ____, 3-18-1789.
Fithian, James (s. William and Deliverence), and Sarah Mills, 12-8-1797.
Fithian, James (s. William and Deliverence), and Elizabeth Ritchie (wid. of George), 12-7-1803.
Fithian, Joel (s. Samuel and Phebe), and Rachel Holmes (d. Jonathan and Ann), 9-8-1771.
Fithian, Joel, and Elizabeth Beatty (d. Charles and Ann (Reading)), 3-4-1780.
Fithian, Joseph, and Hannah Vickers, July 31, 1746.
Fithian, Josiah (d. Samuel and Priscilla), and Sarah Dennis, Nov. 7, 1706.
Samuel (s. William and Margaret, of Easthampton. L. I., and Priscilla Bennett, of Southampton, L. I., Mar. 6, 1697.
Fithian, Samuel (s. Josiah and Sarah), and Phebe Seeley (d. Ephraim), Sept. 3, 1741.
Fithian, William, and Deliverence Caruthers, 5-8-1754.
Gibbon, John, and Esther Seeley, 3-30-1761.>br? Grimes, John, and Temperance Bennett, 1766.
Holmes, Abijah, and Rachel Seeley, 5-18-1767.
Holmes, Jonathan, and Anna ____, July 7, 1729.
Hunt, Bartholomew, and Margaret ____, Apr. 29, 1749.
Hunt, James B. (s. Bartholomew and Margaret), and Sarah Ewing (d. Maskell and Mary), 5-12-1782.
Hunt, John (s. Bartholomew), and Anna Brewster (d. Francis and Rebecca), 6-1-1778.
Hunter, Andrew, Rev., and Amy Stockton, Oct. 11, 1748.
Lupton. Nathan, and Susannah ____, Dec. 25, 1734.
Maskell, Daniel (s. Thomas and Mercy), and Elizabeth Garrison, 12-27-1756.
Maskell, Thomas. and Bythia Parsons, 1658.
Maskell, Thomas (s. Thomas and Bythia), and Mercy Stathem (d. Thomas and Ruth (Udell)). No date given.
Maskell, Thomas (s. Thomas and Mercy). and Esther Fithian (d. Jeremiah and Martha (Carll). No date given.
McGillard, James, and Hannah Reeves. 8-28-1758.
McNight, James. and Rebecca Perry. No date given.
McNight, Samuel, and Mercy Smith, 9-10-1766.
Miller, John, and Rachel Reed. Nov. 2, 1740.
Miller, Noah (s Samuel and Experience), and Mary Mills, 10 __, 1762.
Mills, David, and Abigail Garrison, 10-25-1753 [last digit blurry.]
Mills, David, and Ann Garrison. 3-17-1767.
Mills, Isaac, and Rebecca ____, 3-1-1762.
Jeremiah and Mary Mills (d. Selas), 7-3-1759.
Mills, Selas (Seeley?). and Elizabeth Reed, Jan. 31, 1739.
Moore, Alexander, and Sarah Reeves, Oct. 1747.
Mulford, Jacob. and Sarah Peck, 7-3-1766.
Mulford, Jonathan, and Lucy Smith. 6-24-1767.
Mulford, William, and Prudence ____, 2-24-1762.
Mulford, William (s. William and Prudence), and Elizabeth Bacon (d. David and Sarah), 2-23-1804.
Parvin, Silas, and Lydia Jones, June 11, 1736.
Reeves, John, and Mabel Johnson, Sept. 12, 1750.
Sayre, Richard, and Rachel Platts (d. Moses). No date given.
Shute, William, and Hope Moore, 1-28-1756.
Smith, Constant, and Rebecca McNight, 1766.
Soulard, Peter. and Mary Piate, Oct. 20. 1738.
Stathem, Philip, and Hannah Mills, 4-25-1753.
Tullis, William, and Either Denton. No date given.
Tullis, William. and Mary Platts. No date given.
Waithman, Thomas, and Elizabeth Carll, 4-8-1756.
Walling, Ladis, and Ruth Brewster (d. Thomas and Rebecca) 9-25-1775.
Ward, James, and Parthenia Beriman, Sept 17, 1751.
Ware, Thomas, and Margaret Read, Jan 14, 1750.
Watson, Isaac, and Abigail Ewing (d. Maskell and Mary), 2-28-1771.
White, John (a Philadelphia merchant), and Sarah Moore (d. Alexander and Sarah), 2-12-1767.
Woodruff, John, and Phebe Stratton. 8-16-1757.

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