South Jersey Marriages
Supplementing the Cape May, Cumberland,
Gloucester and Salem County Marriage records

Compiled by
H. Stanley Craig

H. Stanely Craig, Publisher
Merchantville, N.J.

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


Baker, John, and Elizabeth Scull, both Cape May co., 1- 9 1760.
Bailey, Hobart K., Lieut, U. S. A., and Martha Curwen Elmer (d. David P. and Mary Eliza (Nixon) ), 9-14-1880.
Bennett, Aaron, and Mary ____, 12-23-1790.
Bennett, Abraham, and Sarah Kennedy, 2-21-1822.
Bishop, Daniel, and Rhoda Platte, 2-11-1762.
Boker, Wesley, and Susan Hand, Dennisville, 1-4-1874.
Bosreth, Barila, and Mrs. Hannah Robeson, 2-8-1841.
Bowen, Dan, Cumberland co., and Sarah Stiles, Cape May co.. 3-28-1766.
Bowen, Daniel (s. Daniel and Mary (Potter), and Phebe Ireland ( d. Ananias), 6-30-1798.
Bowen, David, and Jane Potter (d. Matthew, 2d), 12-6-1788.
Bowen, Seth, And Mrs. Rebecca McClurg, 3-18-1788.
Bowen, Smith, and Mary Hand, Cape May co., 1-24-1786.
Brooks, Walter A., Rev., and Mary E. Nixon (d. John T. and Mary (Elmer)) 10-7-1880.
Buck, Joseph, and Ruth Seeley, 3-19-1783.
Bush. Lewis P., Jr. (s. George W.), and Margaaet P Whitely (d. William and Nancy P. (Elmer)), 5-13-1879.
Cargie, William, and Judith Church, 12-7-1822.
Carll, Buckley (s. William and Isabel). and Naomi Garrison (d. William and Elizabeth), 2-1-1791.
Carll, William. and Isabel Dickson, Mar., 1751.
Carr, John, and Mrs. Catherine O'Daniel, 8__,1831.
Clampert, Smith, and Esther Thompson, 1831.
Clark, Daniel (s. David and Mary (Potter)), and Ellen H. Moore, Nov. 1864. [His third marriage].
Clark, Daniel T or P. [illegible]. (s. Dniel and Amelica (Johnson)), and mary Humphries, May, 187_ [illegible].
Clark, Theophilus P. (s. James and Jane (Dixon)), and Harriet Jerril, 1858.
Clark, ____, and Isabel Bodine Nixon (d. James 0. and Martha M. (Inskeep)), 11-12-1866.
Collins, James H., and Eliza Schenk, 6-3-1832.
Corson, Philip, and Harriet Corson, 1-5-1843.
Cox, Robert, and Abigail Williams (colored), 9-25-1854.
Cromwell, Page, and Abigail Edmunds, 3-20-1837.
Cummings, Luther, and Mary Edwards, 1-26-1841.
Daniels, Nathan, and Mary Woodruff, 5-6-1796.
Davis, Arthur (s. Benjamin and Margaret), and Martha Moore, 1736.
Davis, Arthur (s. Benjamin and Margaret), and Esther Preston, 1743.
Davis, Arthur (s. Benjamin and Margaret), and Mrs. Esther Meek, 3-20.1782.
Davis, Elijah (s. Arthur and Martha), and Patience Thompson, Oct., 1762.
Davis, Elnathan (s. Rev. Jonathan and Esther (Ayars)), and Susanna Bond Col. Samuel and Ann (Sharp)), 5-31-1757.
DeNight. David, and Polly Mount, 5-16-1797.
Denny, Melrose E., and Marian E. Raff, 6-15-1927.
Devaul, Edward, and Deborah Hand, 2-27-1841.
DuBois, William S., and Sarah Mulford (d. Jonathan and Elizabeth (Thompson)), 9-15-1815.
Edmonds, James, and Jane Whitmore. 1-28-1823.
Edmunds, Enoch, and Louisa Hughes, 7-16-1822.
Edmunds, Jeremiah, and Amarilla Shaw, 5-20-1839.
Elmer, Albert B. (s. Timothy, Jr., and Ruth S. (Bennett)), and Margaret Maynadier, 4-12-1860.
Elmer, Horace, and Phebe Powell (d. Henry and Phebe Gandy), 2-8-1832.
Elmer, James (s. Timothy And Ruth (Bennett)), and Mary Dale, 1848.
Elmer, Jeremiah B. (s Timothy and Ruth (Bennett), and Virginia Taylor, 7-27-1847.
Elmer, Macomb K. (s. Dr. William, 2d, and Eliza R. (Whiteley)), and Laura Molten, 9-4-1872.
Elmer, Wilber B., and Carrie Clark Trenchard (d. Rufus and Jane (Bennett)), 12-10-1884.
Elmer, William (s. Jonathan and Mary), and Nancy B. Potter, 4-2-1812.
Elmer, William, 2d, Dr. (s. Dr. William and Nancy B. (Potter)), and Eliza R. Whiteley, 12-19-1839.
Elmer, William, 3d, Dr., (s. Dr. William, 2d, and Eliza R. (Whiteley)), and Alice Gray, 9-29-1869.
Espey, Eli C., Tolono, Ill., and Alice M. Clark (d. James and Jane (Dixon)), 2-17-1875.
Fifield, Joseph, Dr., and Lydia J. Cooper, 1-5-1820.
Fithian, Isaac, and Mrs. Sarah (Waldman) Gilman (d. William Waithman, and wid. Abraham Gilman), 11-6-1792.
Fithian, Lot, and Deborah Elmer (d. Daniel, Jr. and Abigail (Lawrence)), 1770.
Foster, George, and Clarissa Teal, 1-9-1823.
Foster, Jacob, and Jane Whilden, 2-20-1823.
Garrison, Abraham, and Mrs. Rhoda (Platts), (wid. Daniel Bishop.) No date.
Gifford, Israel, and Rachel Steelman, 1871.
Gilman, Abraham (s. William and Rebecca), and Phebe Buck. 1-27-1830.
Green, Rufus, and Florida Elmer (d. James And Mary (Seeley)), 4-22-1862.
Hand, Abijah, and Sarah Bishop, 7-7-1798.
Hand, David E., and Eliza C. Barnett, 12-23-1860.
Hand, David H., And Permelia Godfrey, 11-22-1830.
Hand, Elihu, and Lydia Mathews, 8-16 1765.
Hand, George, Sr., and Mrs. Experience Smith, 3-18-1805.
Hand, Levi, and Margaret Iszard, 6-10-1798.
Hand, Levi, Jr., and Elizabeth Stites, 11-5-1796.
Hand, Parsons, and Sarah Miller, 3-23-1838.
Hand, Thomas, and Martha Edwards, 6-8-1822.
Hand, Thomas J. W , and Elizabeth Thomas, 3-19-1828.
Harris, Nathaniel, and Abigail Padgett, Nov. 12. 1746.
Harris, Thomas (s. Nathaniel and Abigail (Padgett), and Pamela Carll (d. William and Isabel (Dixon)), 8-1-1791.
Hart, Reginald Lawrence, Philadelphia. and Elizabeth W. Elmer (d. Benjamin Franklin and Mary (Holmes)), 5-24- 1883.
Hawkins, Henry, and Amanda Taylor, 9-20-1855.
Hogbin, William, and Elizabeth Dawson, 5-17-1804.
Holmes, Ephraim, and Harriet P. Bowen (d. David and Jane (Potter)), 4-13-1813.
Hooper, Christopher, and Zipporah Rutherford, 7-6-1858.
Huet, Aaron, and Roanna Foster 11-18-1822.
Hughes, Ellis, and Ann Teal, 6-9-1824.
Husted, Seth P., and Mary Hogbin, 1-1-1856.
Ivins, Jacob, and Susan Cox, 9-29-1827.
Keen, John, and Mary Fithian, 6-9-1813.
Kent, Ephraim, and Sarah Golden, wid., 5-13-1774.
Kent, Ephraim, and Phebe Thomas, 11-12-1822.
Leaming, Coleman L, and Hannah H. Thompson, 8-23-1864.
Lummis, Edward, and Margaret Elmer (d. Rev. Daniel and Margaret (Parsons)), before 1755.
Lummis, John 0., and Martha Powell (d. Henry and Phebe (Gandy)), 6-19-1834.
Lummis, Jonathan (s. Jonathan), Bridgeton. and Marian Fenimore Potts, 6-5-1867.
Marcy, Samuel H., and Thankful Edwards, 4-22-1822.
Virgil, M.D., and Helen Williams, 11-6-1901.
Marshall, Rannolph, Jr., M.D., and Rae Steelman, 12-18-1879.
Matthews, Theodore, and Cynthia M. Meyer, 8-8-1855.
Matthews, William, and Elizabeth Izard, 9-12-1821.
McConnel, James, and Jane Thompson Mulford (d. Jonathan and Elizabeth (Thompson). No date.
Mills, Jerediah, and Elizabeth Stites, 2-18-1757.
Mitchel, William, Cape May co., and Elizabeth Townsend 11-31-1774.
Moore, Joseph, and Amy ____, 4-28-1771.
Mulford, Ephraim, and Wilhelmina Trenchard (d. Rufus and Sarah Jane (Bennett)), 12-25-1875.
Mulford, Henry (s. Stephen and Hannah), and Cynthia Smith, 4-14-1783.
Mulford, Henry (s. Stephen and Hannah), and Phebe Harris, 1-14-1788.
Mulford, Jonathan, and Elizabeth Thompson (d. Francis and Ann (Craig)), 11-24-1779.
Mulica, John, and Mrs. Phebe Hackett, 11-21-1838.
Neill, William, D.D., and Sarah Elmer, 4-15-1855.
Newkirk, Joast, and Mary Ann Danelsbeck, 4-9-1840.
Nixon, Jeremiah Howard (s. Jeremiah S. and Mary Shaw (Thompson)), and Flora Jewell, 4-21-1858.
Nixon, Jeremiah S., and Mary Shaw Thompson (d. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Elmer)), 4-30-1816.
Peterson. Peter, and Elizabeth Doukon (colored), June 13, 1697.
Potter, David, Col., and Mary Mason (married in Philadelphia). 7-13-1768.
Potter, Matthew, Jr., and Mary Smith, 11-18-1758.
Powell, Henry (s. Reuben), and Phebe Gandy, 2-12-1806.
Powell, Reuben, and Polly Sayre, 3-28-1807.
Powell, Reuben (s. Henry and Phebe), and Charlotte Kimsey, 6-13-1834.
Ray, James, and Abigail Elmer (d. Daniel, 2d, and Abigail (Lawrence)), 1756.
Reeves, Abijah, and Marcy Hand, 9-10-1800.
Reeves, Thomas, and Ruth Ogden, 5-1-1781.
Schellenger, Isacc, and Jane Eldridge, 3-31-1625.
Schellinger, Thomas B., and Amelia Kraft, 7-30-1860.
Scott, Thomas, and Rebecca Evans, 11-2-1776.
Scull [? hard to read], Philip, and Elizabeth Stiles, wid., 4-18-1769.
Seeley, Ephraim, Col., and Hannah Fithian, circa 1736.
Seeley, Jesse and Mary Husted, 10-24-1759.
Shaw, Carle, and Jane Cress (d. Jacob), 2-28-1799.
Sheppard, Charles (s. Henry and Sarah), and Elizabeth B. Ewing, 11-3-1881.
Sheppard, Smith, and Elizabeth B. Padgett, 4-2-1845.
Smith, Ashbury, Cumberland co., and Lydia Hand, wid., Cape May co., 3-8-1757.
Smith, Robert, Rev., Pequa, Pa., and Sarah (Seeley) Ramsey, 1779.
Stathem, Belford B., and Mrs. Eva (Trenchard) Sheppard (d. Henry Clay and Sarah Jane (Gilman) Trenchard, and wid. John Sheppard), 6-1885.
Stathem, Job, and Abigail S. Watson. 10-11-1826.
Stratton, Daniel P., and Maria S. Fithian, 12-31-1817.
Stewart, Josiah, and Elizabeth Mulford (d. Jonathan and Elizabeth (Thompson)), No date given.
Stites, Joshua, and Abigail Foster, 8-7-1824.
Stites, Townsend, and Harriet Beaman, 2-2-1812.
Swain, Isaac, and Emma Hand, 12-6-1857.
Swain, James, and Ruth Orwell, 12-26-1755.
Swain, Lemuel, and Elizabeth Parsons. 11-11-1755.
Taylor, George, and Nannie Hughes, 10-9-1807.
Taylor, John, and Deborah Garrison. May 8, 1726.
Thompson, Benjamin and Elizabeth Elmer (d. Daniel. 3d, and Elizabeth (Shaw)). 1790.
Thompson, Ethan O., and Christianna W. Wright, 7-10-1856.
Thompson, James B., and Agnes Peck, 5-10-1830.
Trenchard, Henry Clay (s. John. Jr., and Hannah L. (Richman)), and Susanna Jane Gilman, 2 -25-1858.
Trenchard, Henry Clay (s. John, Jr., and Hannah L. (Richman)), and Emma 0. Sharon, 9-29-1881.
Trenchard, John (s. George, 2d. and ____ Sinnickson), and Hannah Howell, 10-9-1804. [his second marraige]
Theophilus, (s. John, Jr., and Hannah L. (Richman)), and ____ ____, 11 __, 1846.
Trenchard, William B. (s. James Howell and Mary (Barrett)), and Annie Maud Golder, 12-29-1862.
Ware, James, and Sarah E. Eldredge, 12-8-1855.
Webb, William, and Mary Mulford (d. Jonathan and Elizabeth (Thompson)), 9-15-1815.
Wheaton, Isaac, and Judith Wheaton, 12-13-1768.
Whiticar, George S., and Emily Trenchard (d. John, Jr., and Hannah L. (Pierson)), 6-9-1847.
Whiticar, Henry (s. William G. and Mary P. (Elmer)), and Isabel Nixon (d. Jeremiah Howard and Mary Shaw (Thompson)), 11-6-1879.
Wood, Jonathan (s. Samuel and Elizabeth), and Millicent Stretch 3-15-1761.
Wood, Samuel, and Elizabeth Barker, Nov. 6, 1711 (Another record gives the year as 1715.)
Woodruff, Noah, and Ann Mulford (d. Jonathan and Elizabeth (Thompson)), 8-4-1803 (or 1813).

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