South Jersey Marriages
Supplementing the Cape May, Cumberland,
Gloucester and Salem County Marriage records

Compiled by
H. Stanley Craig

H. Stanely Craig, Publisher
Merchantville, N.J.

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


The date given is that on which the will was signed. The marriage had taken place perhaps several years before.

Alrich, Samuel, and Lydia Hancock (d. William), Salem co., 11-21-1760.
Bacon, William, and Tobitha Smith (d.. William), Upper Penns Neck, 9-23-1773.
Baitman, Thomas, and Sarah Fithian (d. John), Cohansey, Aug. 3, 1737.
Barnes, John, and Rebekah Hains (d. Richard), Pilesgrove, 9-30-1772.
Barnes, Samuel, and Elinor Jones (d. John) Cohansey, Nov. 11, 1735.
Bates, Jeremiah, and Mary Spicer (d. Samuel), Gloucester co., Sept 13, 1692.
Bereman, John, and Sarah Bateman (d. Thomas), Cohansey, 1-1-1759.
Bickham, Martin, and Sarah Gerrard (d. Robert), Gloucester co., Nov. 1, 1748.
Bivins, Joseph, and Sarah Agars (d. Caleb and Rebecca), Stow Creek, 12-14-1766.
Bowin, Dan, and Mary Walling (d. Jonathan), Salem co., July 18, 1719.
Boys, Elias, and Martha Shivers (d. Samuel), Woolwich, 5-1-1771.
Browning, Joseph, and Sarah Matlack (d. John). Waterford, 2-26-1765.
Chester, Samuel. Jr., and Amy Young (d. Elizabeth), Deptford, 10-8-1756.
Chew, John. and Elizabeth Gerrard (d. Margaret), Gloucester co., Feb. 21, 1749/50.
Clifton, Hugh, and Elizabeth Boyer, Salem co., Nov. 7, 1730.
Collins, Richard, and Esther Zane (d. Joseph), Newton, 5-23-1757.
Cook, John. and Mary Homan (d. Andrew), Gloucester co. 5-11-1759.
Cozens, Daniel, and Elizabeth Shivers (d. Samuel), Woolwich, 5-1-1771.
Cunningham, Abraham, and Elizabeth Long (d. William), Cohaasey, Nov. 14, 1743.
Delang, Martin, and Hannah Sharp (d. Isaac), Pilesgrove, 3-22-1770.
Dennis, Charles, and Rebecca Walling (d. Jonathan), Salem co.. July 15, 1719.
Downe, Robert, and Anne Sharp, Gloucester co., May 2, 1746.
Dunn, Benjamin, and Edith Davis (d. Jonathan), Cohansey, 8-15 1764.
Edwards, James, and Rachel Scull (d. John), Great Egg Harbor, Mar. 15, 1745.
Eldridge, David, and Sarah Chew (d. Jeffrey), Deptford, 12- 8-1773.
Ellis, Isaac, and Mary Shivers (d. Samuel), Woolwich, 5-1- 1771.
Elmer, Daniel, and Abigail Lorence (d. Nathan), Cohansey. Nov. 23, 1744.
England, William, and Mary Watson (d. William). Gloucester co., 10-9-1758.
Fithian, Lot, and Deborah Elmer (d. Daniel and Abigail), 4-9-1770.
Foster, Christopher, and Elizabeth Garrison (d. Abraham), Deerfield, 8-19-1765.
Foster, Samuel, and Elizabeth Smith (d. William), Cape May co , July 8, 1740.
French, Jonathan, and Esther Matlack (d. John), Waterford, 2-26-1765.
Garm, John, and Esther Ayres (d. Robert), Cohansey, Feb, 25, 1716/17.
Gaskin, Josiah, and Beulah Mason (d. Samuel), Gloucester twp , 3-31-1777.
Giljohnson, Henry, and Catherine Stalkop (d. Catherine), Penns Neck, 3-7-1756.
Golder, Jacob, and Bethina Crosley ( d. Moses), Fairfield, 4- 30-1759.
Halton, James, and Elizabeth Kidd (d. John), Mannington, Oct. 16, 1750.
Hewitt, Randall. and Hannah Downs, Mar. 28-1747.
Hewitt, Randall, and Mary Standford (d. Thomas and Miriam), Jan. 8, 1722/3.
Hillman, Daniel, Jr., and Abigail Nicholson (d. Samuel), Waterford, Feb. 24, 1749/50.
Hillman, John, and Abigail Nicholson (d. Samuel), Waterford, Feb. 24, 1749/50.
Hollingshead, Edmund, and Mary Morgan (d. Alexander), Waterford, Nov. 4, 1751.
Holmes, Jonathan, and Susanna Miller (d. John), Salem co., Aug. 23, 1699.
Homack, George, and Sarah Buckman (d. Thomas), Gloucester co., June 28, 1708.
Homan, Wale, and Ingber Holton (d. Mona), Gloucester co., June 4, 1723.
Hooper, Anthony, and Hester Parker (d. Reuben), Gloucester co., Oct. 6, 1746.
Howell, Charles, and Abigail Diament (d. James), Fairfield, 3-1-1776.
Hughes, James, and Elizabeth Hocking (d. Roger), Pilesgrove. 10-25-1761.
Hutson, William, and Hannah Colson (d. George), Salem co., Dec. 3, 1721.
Johnson, Edward, and Anne Kidd (d. John), Mannington, Oct. 16, 1750.
Jones, Benjamin, and Anne Standford (d. Thomas and Miriam, Nov. 26, 1722.
. Lawrence, Jonathan, and Abigail Ogden (d. David), Fairfield. 9-19-1759.
Lippincott, Ezekiel, and Bathsheba Matlack (d. John), Waterford, 2-26-1765.
Lippincott, Joshua, and Rebecca Wilkins (d. William), Deptford, 5-10-1774.
Ludlam, Anthony, Cohansey, and Patience Barnes, Dec. 27, 1716
Mahue, John, and Joan Standford (d. Thomas and Miriam), Pilesgrove, Nov. 28, 1722.
Miller, William, and Elizabeth Morgan (d. Alexander), Waterford, Nov. 4, 1751.
Moore, Moses, and Elizabeth Parvin (d. Thomas), Cohansey, Jan, 5, 1742.
Noble, Samuel, and Lydia Cooper (d. Isaac), Newton, 2-26-1765.
Ogden, Thomas, and Sarah Harris (d. Thomas and Anna), Cumberland co., Dec. 13, 1750.
Padgett, Thomas, and Dorothy Sayre (d. David, Sr.), Cohansey, Feb. 16, 1740/41.
Parker, Thomas, and Catharine Slye (d. Jacob), Upper Penns Neck, 12-19-1779.
Pauling, William, and Patience Shepherd (d. Dickson and Eve), Cohansey, Mar. 11, 1742/3.
Pimm, Joseph, and Hannah Hilyard (d. Ann), Waterford, 8-26-1768.
Poor, Solomon, and Hannah Howell (d. Thomas), Gloucester co., 4-10-1773.
Powel, Arthur, and Mary Mickle (d. Archibald and Sarah), Newton, Oct. 20, 1713.
Raper, Joshua, and Sarah Cooper (d. Joseph and Sarah), Newton, Nov. 28, 1722.
Ray, James, and Abigail Elmer (d. Daniel and Abigail), 4-9-1770.
Ray, John, and Susanna Elwell (d. Samuel and Famzen), Jan. 5, 1739/40.
Reeves, John and Mabel Johnson, Hopewell, 5-22-1758.
Robins, John, and Mary Bedent (d. John), Fairfield, 6-28-1758.
Ross, David, and Sarah Rolf (d. John), Salem co., Nov. 20. 1742.
Sayres. Thomas, Jr. , and Hannah Parvin (d. Thomas), Cohansey, Jan. 5, 1742.
Seeley, Jesse, and Mary Husted (d. Moses), Fairfield, 8-23- 1773.
Shinn, Joseph. and Anna Lyndonia Shivers (d. Samuel), Woolwich, 5-1-1771.
Sickles, Joshua, and Elizabeth Brooke (d. John), Gloucester. co., Oct. 25, 1699.
Sidden, Ezekiel, and Sarah Mickle (d. Archibald and Sarah), Oct. 20, 1718.
Smart, Isaac, and Elizabeth Thompson (d. Andrew), Elsinboro. Dec. 29, 1694.
Smith, Clark, and Rebecca Chandler (d. John). Alloways Creek, 2-8-1766.
Smith, Thomas, and Miriam Standford (d. Thomas and Miriam), Pilesgrove, Jan. 28, 1722/3.
Smith, William, and Mary Boyer, Salem co., Nov. 7, 1730.
Snowden, John, and Sarah Harris (d. Hannah), Gloucester co., Dec. 5, 1731.
Starr, John, and Eunice Lord (d. Joshua), Deptford, 4-17-1760.
Stratton, Thomas, Easthampton. L. I., and Mary Miller (d. John), Salem co., Aug. 23, 1699.
Stratton, William, and Phebe Fithian (d. Jonathan and Sarah), Cohansey, Aug. 3, 1737.
Thackrea, Thomas, and Mary Bate (d. Jeremiah), Newton, Aug. 30, 1728.
Thorn, John, and Mary Cheesman (d. Benjamin), Gloucester co., Oct. 16, 1749.
Tindall, Joseph, and Dorcas Ervin (d. Margaret), Newton, June 21, 1708.
Tolbut, William and Alles Taylor (d. John), Gloucester co., Oct. 11, 1703.
Tolman, James, and Kesiah Hinchman (d. Kesiah), Gloucester co., Oct. 12, 1751.
Tood, Robert, and Abigail Brooke (d. John ), Gloucester co., Oct. 25, 1699.
Tow, Jonas Christopher, and Grace Valentine (wid. of Jonas), Egg Harbor, Dec. 27, 1708.
Valentine, Adam. and Mary Bishop (d. Esther), Hopewell, 5-6-1758.
Vance, John. and Prudence Smith (d. Elizabeth), Sept. 28, 1698.
VanMeter, Benjamin, and Bathsheba Dunlap (d. James and Ann), Pittsgrove, 9-17-1773.
Waithman, William, and Sarah Darkin (d. Richard), Salem co., Jan. 6, 1707/8.
Wall, James, and Martha Bate (d. Jeremiah), Newton, Aug. 30. 1728.
Weatherby, Edmund, and Martha Pledger (d. John), Salem, Dec. 30, 1743.
West, Charles, and Hannah Cooper (d. Isaac), Newton, 2-26-1765.
Wharton, John, and Rebecca Chambers (d. Nathaniel), Alloways Creek, 1-15-1767.
Williams, Jacob, and Elizabeth Hampton (d. William), Gloucester twp., 4-12-1776.
Williams, Tatum, and Hannah Cheesman, 11-2-1761.
Wood, Gabriel and Martha Boyer, Salem co., Nov. 7, 1730.
Wood, John, and Mary Hains (d. Hannah), Gloucester co., Dec. 5, 1731.
Wood, John. and Mary Kidd (d. John), Mannington, Oct. 16, 1750.
Yard, Thomas, and Ann Smith (wid. of Thomas), marriage agreement, Dec. 4, 1693.
Young, Henry, and Phebe Ludlam (d. Joseph, Sr.), Cape May co., 1-3-1760.

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