South Jersey Marriages
Supplementing the Cape May, Cumberland,
Gloucester and Salem County Marriage records

Compiled by
H. Stanley Craig

H. Stanely Craig, Publisher
Merchantville, N.J.

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


Abbott, George, Salem, and Elizabeth Scattergood, West Chester, Pa.., 5-19-1898.
Abbott, Samuel, Sr. (s. Wm. and Rebecca), Salem co., and Marcia T. Gill (d. John and Mary), Gloucester co., 1-2-1798.
Abbott, Samuel (s. William and Rebecca), and Martha Ogden (d. Samuel and Mary Ann), Salem, 1-10-1809.
Acton, Charles P., Salem co., and Ethel F. Moore, 4-21-1922.
Acton, William D., Salem co.. and Mary Adaline Biddle, 1-22-1903.
Adams, Alfred, and Clara Bryant, Atlantic co., 1839.
Adams, John, and Martha Rose, Salem co., 4-2-1807.
Adams, Joseph. and Ann R. Reeves, Gloucester ca., 3-12-1817.
Adams, Noah. and Sarah Collins (d. Daniel). both Atlantic co., 4-2-1856.
Albertson, Aaron, and Elizabeth Albertson, both Gloucester co., 1765.
Albertson, Aaron, and Margaret Wells, both Gloucester co., 1765.
Albertson, Abraham, and Sarah Dennis, both Gloucester co , 1742.
Albertson, Abraham (s. Abraham and Sarah), and Sarah Albertson, both Gloucester co., 1764.
Albertson, Daniel L. and Eliza V. Endicott, both Atlantic co., 11-22-1872.
Albertson, Ephraim, and Keziah Chew (d. Thomas), both Gloucester co., 1741.
Albertson, Jonathan (s. Levi and Phebe), and Elizabeth Mathis, both Gloucester co., 2-7-1835.
Albertson, Jonathan, and Asenath Collins, both Atlantic co., 7-15-1841.
Albertson, Joseph (s. Abraham). Gloucester co., and Rose Hampton, 1743.
Albertson, Levi, Gloucester co., and Keziah Roberts, 1756.
Albertson, Richard R., and Adelina Steelman (d. Benj. and Margaret), both Atlantic co., 9-30-1878.
Albertson, William Henry C., Atlantic co., and Anna Thornley (d. William and Sarah), 4-30-1894.
Allen, John Turner, and Elva Mary Riggins, both Woodbury 9-4-1907.
Allen, Robert Elmer, Cumberland co., and Emma A. Garrison 12-14-1886.
Allen, Roy J., Cumberland co., and Lucy E. Ewing. 6-25-1904.
Andrews, John, and Agnes May Collins (d. Isaac and Catherine), Atlantic co., 2-20-1896.
Andrews, Joseph C., and Martha C. Lippincott, both Woodstown, 11-21-1907.
Andrews, William H., Woodstown, and Elizabeth G. Butcher, Salem, 11-18-1908.
Ashton, George M., Swedesboro, A Sarah Gaskill, 3-17-1896.
Avis, John Boyd, Gloucester co. (s. John and Sarah of Deerfield), and Minnie G. Anderson, New York City, 9-27-1899.
Baker. John, and Ellen B. Leeds, Atlantic co., 7-1-1879.
Ballangee, James, and Mary Smith, Egg Harbor, Nov. 6. 1727.
Barrett, William D., Camden, and Margaret Hitchner, Daretown, 6-12-1907.
Barton, George W., Salem co., and Priscilla Conklin, Philadelphia, 12-15-1839.
Bateman, Frank, and Alice R. Marshall (d. David E.), Gloucester co., 9-9-1865.
Bateman, Morton, and Louella E. Fowler, both Port Norris, 8-8-1900.
Batten, Josiah M., (s. Thomas and Hannah), and Susanna Nelson (d. Rev. Jacob and Mary) Salem co., 12-25-1873.
Bell, Arthur Daniel, and Rena M. Riley, Salem co., 11-30-1905.
Black, Emanuel Stratton, M.D., and Sarah M. Bates, both Gloucester co., 11-23-1902.
Blackman, Edward D., D.D.S., Fairton, and Virginia Wiest, Camden, 10-15-1919.
Frank, and Mary Eliza Collins (d. John C. and Rebecca), 2-9-1886.
Blizzard, David, and Bertha Mary Haines, both Port Norris, 6-2-1898.
Boice, Frederick (S. William and Leah). and Dora Ross, Atlantic co., 1-12-1889.
Boice, Lemuel C. (s. William and Leah), and Almeda Blackman, both Atlantic co., 12-21-1881.
Boice, Micajah C. (s. William and Leah), and Louisa J. Doebelle. Atlantic co., 10-9-1881.
Boice, Peter (s. William and Leah). and Ina Lashley, Atlantic co., 3-1-1882.
Boice, Wesley S. (s. Wm. and Leah), and Josephine S. Adams, both Atlantic co., 12-20-1871.
Boice, William, (s. Peter and Rachel), and Leah Robinson, both Atlantic co., 6-8-1839.
Boice, William (s. Silas and Mary). and Caroline Lee, Atlantic co., 2-21-1877.
Bolton, Samuel (s. Everard), and Rachel Scull (d. Gideon and Judith). Egg Harbor. 6-8-1796.
Borton, J. Gilbert, and Martha A. Hazleton, both Woodstown, 2-18-1897.
Bowden, Joseph, Cumberland co., and Anabel Gillespie, 11-28-1894.
Bowen, David M., Cumberland co., and Martha T. Collins. 10-25-1919.
Bowen, Sydney Elmer, and Emeline G. Riley, both Bridgeton, 4-28-1909.
Bowen, William S and Jane Buck, both Cumberland co., 7-9-1873.
Brown, Elmer, Jr., and Corrine L. Campbell, Vineland, 9-1-1915.
Brown, William M.. and Ray Diament, Cumberland co., 6-17-1884.
Burk, William M., Salem co., and Edna Morrison, Atlantic City. 9-25-1891.
Burr, Jonathan, and Jane T. Gray. Cape May co., 8-25-1840.
Cake, Roland A., and Alice Collins (d. John and Elizabeth), Atlantic co., 9-3-1874.
Carll, Sylvanus S., Salem co., and Sarah J., DuBois, Canton, 2-24-1896.
Carpenter, William, and Hannah Scull (d. Gideon and Sarah), both Salem co., 4-6-1827.
Cazier, William, and Sarah Collins (d. Daniel L.), Atlantic co., 1-1-1858.
Cherry, William W., and Kate Reeves, Cape May co., 10-23-1871.
Champion, Joseph G., Cape May co., and Gertrude M. Carpenter, Salem co., 6-10-1897.
Chew, William H., Camden, and Isabel T. Gray, Salem, 4- 19-1900.
Clark, Absalom (s. Thomas and Mary), Atlantic co., and Annie Rose, Trenton, 1-29-1873.
Clark, James (s. Thomas and Mary), and Sarah Endicott, both Gloucester co.. 8-13-1826.
Clark, Jesse S., and Georgianna Collins (d. John and Elizabeth), Atlantic co., 8-23-1867.
Clark, Joseph V., Gloucester co., and Ella R. Dole, 3-6-1879.
Clark, Lardner (s. Thomas and Mary), and Elizabeth Endicott, both Atlantic co., 6-5-1852.
Clawson, Isaiah D., and Martha W. Shinn (d. William J.), Salem co., 12-30-1850.
Clayton, Harry (s. Enoch and Catherine), and Cora M. Albertson, Atlantic co.. 4-8-1896.
Clement, William B., Cumberland co., and Emma Minch, 1-15-1885.
Cloud, Josiah G., and Lucille Marts, both Woodbury, 8-24-1880.
Clouting, Charles H., and Clara Blackman, both Cape May co., 4-6-1880.
Collins, Burris (s. John and Rebecca), and Sarah Elizabeth Jester, both Atlantic co., 5-31-1881.
Collins, Daniel (s. John and Elizabeth), Atlantic co., and Elizabeth Lippincott, 8-17-1861.
Collins, Daniel L. (s. Daniel L. and Catherine). and Elizabeth Ryon, both Atlantic co., 10-10-1894.
Collins, Gilbert Henry (s. Levi and Sarah), and Florence S. Fortiner, Atlantic co., 12-27-1862.
Collins, Hugh M. (s. Isaac and Catherine), and Kate Blanche Newell, 12-20-1884.
Isaac (s. Daniel R.), Atlantic co.. and Catherine Golden, Philadelphia, 11-23-1854.
Collins, John (s. Richard and Sarah), and Sarah Blackman, both Gloucester co., 11 mo., 1793. Collins, John C., and Rebecca Price, both Atlantic co., 9-24-1853.
Collins, John Henry (s. John C. and Rebecca), Atlantic co., and Arabella King, 4-7-1878.
Collins, Joseph (s. Daniel L.), Atlantic co., and Eunice Bevis, 6-16-1864.
Collins, Levi (s. Jonathan), and Elizabeth Leeds, both Atlantic co., 10-1-1868.
Collins, Nur (s. Isaac and Catherine), and Evalena Ireland, both Atlantic co., 3-22-1887.
Collins, Royer Moore (s. John and Rebecca), Atlantic co., and Sarah Clark, 4-29-1893.
Collins, Steelman T. (s. Daniel L.), Atlantic co., and Georgianna Reeves. 11-7-1886.
Colson, Edwin, Salem co., and Hannah L. Robbins, 5-7-1862.
Colson, Frank D., and Bessie Hughes, both Woodstown, 6-5-1905.
Conklyn. William C., and Elizabeth Newkirk, Salem co., 2-3-1795.
Conover, Joseph. and Ruhama Leeds (d. Jeremiah and Judith), both Gloucester co., 2-20-1801.
Conver, Samuel B.. and Abbie M. Everingham, both Cape May co. 9-22-1892.
Corson, Ewing T , and Cornelia A. Collison, both Cape May co., 9-20-1923.
Cosier, Morton R.. and Elizabeth C. Leaming, both Newport, 8-18-1897.
Cowgill, Abram (s. Nehemiah and Elizabeth), and Rachel Bowers, both Gloucester co., 1-22-1846.
Cowgill, William G., and Lydia Gox, both Paulsboro, 4-11-1878.
Cramer, Isaac, and Mary Bee, Gloucester co., 12__,1841.
Cramer, Joseph, Blackwood, and Elizabeth Merriel, Woodbury, 8__,1870.
Crane, William E.., Folsom, and Gertrude Schnetzler, Elmer, 7-19-1906.
Craven, Calvin Stewart, Salem, and Mary Anulete Stubbs, Savannah, Ga., 4-18-1900.
Cresse, Lewis M., Cape May co., And Cecelia Hislop, Troy N. Y., 9-12-1896.
Cronecker, Charles George, Sea Isle City, and Freda E. Jocker, 10-21-1916.
Dalbow, Jacob K. F., Salem co., and Bertha Mary Kidd, 5-22-1899.
Davis, Frank G., Cumberland co., and Mary Josephine Fogg, 2-17-1912.
Davis, Jacob, Pilesgrove, and Esther Wilkins, 1761.
Denny, William P., Salem co., and Hannah H. Harbison. 12-30-1885.
Diament, J. Cleaver, Cumberland co., and Susan Adelaide Peck, 5-7-1912.
Dilks, Harmon, Jr., Pitman, and Louise B Adams, Glassboro, 12-26-1907.
Driver, William (s. John and Caroline), and Emma Louise Summerill, Penns Grove, 3-30-1882.
DuBois, Louis (s. Matthew and Jacomintie), and Rebecca Craig, Salem co., 22-22-1777.
DuBois, Matthew (s. Louis and Margaret), and Jacomintie Newkirk, Salem co., 5-21-1751.
DuBois, Maurice J., Salem co., and Eva C. Hawn, 11-27-1902.
DuBois, Samuel (s. Louis and Margaret), and Uphan ____, 1777.
Eastlack, Allen Clark, Gloucester co., and Jin Bell, 10-20-1918.
Eastlack, John C. (s. Amos and Rachel), and Sarah Chew (d. Nathaniel .end Elizabeth), Gloucester co., 1-1-1829.
Edwards, Theodore E., Bridgeton, and Mary Langrehr, 10-30-1888.
Eldridge, Henry H., Cape May co., and Charlotte W. Lindsey, 10-25-1910.
Elmer, Mathew K., and Emily McLean, Philadelphia, 4-10-1901.
Ewen, John W., Salem co., and Mildred Agars, 12-30-1921.
Fisher, William Augustus, and Adelaide A. Lippincott, 9-29-1885.
Fithian, Joseph, M.D., and Harriet Stratton (d. Dr. James), Gloucester co., 11-12-1847.
Fithian, Joseph. M.D., and Hattie Cattell (d. Thos. W.), Gloucester co., 10-28-1852.
Fithian, Robert Edward, and Mary C. Sharp, both Bridgeton, 9-4-1923.
Flanigan, Joseph S., Pennsgrove, and Sarah Summerill, 6-6-1907.
Fleming, C. K., Rev., and Ann C. Collins (d. John and Elizabeth), Atlantic co., 9-28-1892.
Flowers, William, H., Jr., and Josephine M. Clark, both Gloucester co., 11-24-1897.
Fogg, Albert S., Salem co., and Harriet Turner Hancock, 118-1876.
Frambes, Lewis S., and Charlotte Ireland, Atlantic co., 8-8-1854.
Gaynor, Edward J. (s. John), and Rebecca C. Miller (d. Joseph). Salem, 1-14-1878.
Gaynor, John, and Elizabeth Wilkins, Salem, 10-1-1861.
Gaynor, John M. Salem, and Greta R. Fox, Quinton. 5-15-1902.
Garrison, Henry S., and Sarah J. Dilks, both Cumberland co , 6-21-1882.
Getsinger, Charles R., and Florence G. Wells, 6-24-1919.
Gifford, Jonathan (s. Jonathan and Catherine). and Hannah Jennings, (d. Thomas and Ann), Little Egg Harbor, 10-12-1759.
Goodwin, Walter Morris, Cumberland co., and Margaret D. Wallis, 11-3-1897.
Grier, William Amos Warren, Salem co., and Mary C. Pettit, 11-22-1919.
Griscom, Elmer, and Lydia B. Bradway, both Mannington, 2-17-1897.
Halsey, Luther, M.D., and Alice L. Bodine, Gloucester co., 5-1-1884.
Hancock, Howard B., and Sarah M. Sheppard, both Cumberland co., 6-22-1904.
Hand, Jonathan, Jr., Cape May co., and Louella Owen, Gloucester co., 8-12-1914.
Hankins, Harry H., and Martha Stetser, both Bridgeton, 12-16-1891.
Hann, Warren D., Cape May co., and Julia T. Ransom, Lawrenceburg, Ind., 4-10-1898.
Hays, Rufus P., and Edna Whitaker, both Wildwood, 8-2-1906.
Helms, Joseph Clark, Gloucester co., and Valinda M. Sheets, Bridgeport, 11-7-1877.
Helms, Joseph Clark, Gloucester co., and Ellen B. Sharp, Bridgeport, 12-4-1780.
Henderson, Russell S., Cumberland co., and Alice Rice, Bridgeton, 6-30-1920.
Hendrickson, Howard C. (s. Jesse and Abigail), and Fannie C. Clark, Gloucester co., 1-22-1879.
Henry, James, Gloucester co., and Jean Yerkes, 7-2-1921.
Hess, Walter V and Anna Stetzer, Paulsboro, 3-1-1908.
Higbee, Enoch, And Bethiah Clark (d. Thomas and Mary) Atlantic co., 5-16-1852 [or 62?]
Hildreth, James M. E., and Martha Mecray (d. Jeremiah and Mary), both Cape May co., 11-12-1884.
Hildreth, Samuel P., Cumberland co., and Hetty M. Grace, 4-15-1903.
Hires, Charles R., Salem co., and Anna F. Fogg, 3-4-1896.
Hires, George, Jr., Salem, and Florence Plummer, 8-13-1922.
Hitchner, Wilbert B , and Mary E. Macaltioner, both Woodstown, 1-29-1879.
Wilbert B., and Hannah S. Reeves, both Woodstown, 3-24-1900.
Hoffman, James T., and Myra T. Ewing. both Cape May co., 7-4-1891.
Hogate, Jonathan, Salem co., and Anna F, Simons, 7-13-1892.
Hughes, James William. and Emma G. Thomas, Cape May co., 11-1-1899.
Ingersoll, Benjamin C., and Martha S. Lake, both Cape co., 12-22-1888.
Jacquett, Hance, Sr., Salem co., and Sarah Elizabeth Crim, Salem, 2-8-1877.
Jacquett, Thomas T., and Mary Dare, both Salem. 10-11-1882.
Jenkins, Travis, Salem co., and Phebe Kier, 3-10-1832.
Jerrell, Howard William, and Lillian M. Ware, both Bridgeton, 12-17-1890.
Jerrell, Ralph Elmer, and Helena Carney, both Bridgeton, 12-17-1914.
Johnson, Joel M., Cape May co., and Lena Lennings, Philadelphia, 3-5-1919.
Justice George Stanton, Pedricktown and Ethel Megowan, Woodbury. 7-22-1908.
Justice, Levi C., Pedricktown, and Anna C. Pedrick, Harrisburg, Pa., 6-27-1878.
Justice, Levi C., Pedricktown, and Lena Barnart, 1-29-1921.
Kaighn, John, and Ann Forest (wid. of Walter, and d. of Wm. Albertson), Gloucester co., 1694.
Keasbey, Howard B., and Annie S. Bassett, both Salem, 6-20-1908.
Keat, William Edwin, and Ethel May Wilson, 11-8-1898.
Kemp, Charlas E., Hanovor, Pa.. and Reba Lloyd, Bridgeton. 8-22-1906.
Kidd, Robert William, and Theresa M. Alcorn. both Penns Grove, 11-15-1914.
Kirchoff, William F., M.D., Cumberland co., and Charlotte Anderson, 7-21-1922.
Ladd, Benjamin Franklin, and Julia M. Gifford. both Vineland, 11-23-1878.
Lake, Daniel (s. Daniel and Gartary), and Sarah Lucas (d. Christopher and Lydia), 8-2-1796.
Laning, Richard, Cumberland co and Violetta Whitaker, 5-5-1835.
Layman, Joseph N., Salem co., and Verona W. Slape, 9-16-1898.
Layman, Samuel M. (s. Denman and Harriet), Salem co., and Amanda Newcomb (d. Joseph and Hannah), 12-20-1866.
Layton, Richard S., Salem, and Keziah Peterson, 9-17-1864.
Leap, Wilbert S., Penns Grove, and Carrie G. Gamble, 10-12-1912.
Lear, Lawrence, Ocean City, and Ethel C. Norcum [??], Gloucester, 6-12-1912.
Lee, Abel. and Mary Scull (d. John), both Egg Harbor, Mar. 7, 1733.
Lee, Isaac A. (s. Joseph and Priscilla), and Sarah Ann Boice (d. Isaac A.), Atlantic co., 11-18-1886.
Leeds, Benjamin F., and Rejoice Treen, both Atlantic co.. 5-6-1879.
Leeds, Daniel, and Margery Scull (d. Gideon and Judith). Egg Harbor, 3-11-1788.
Leeds, James, and Abigail Webb (d. William and Elizabeth), Atlantic co., 9-4-1847.
Leeds, Jeremiah, and Judith Steelman (d. Frederick), both Egg Harbor, 12-8-1776.
Leeds, Sylvester L. (s. James and Abigail), and Armenia L. Lee (d. Elisha and Maria), Atlantic co., 6-8-1879.
Locuson, Frank R., and Sallie D. Aborn, both Penns Grove, 7-6-1890.
Loder, Leroy W., and Maude M. Woodruff, both Bridgeton, 6-7-1913.
Logue, William A., and Mary S. Reeves, both Bridgeton, 3-24-1880.
Long, Jeremiah H., and Rebecca Sparks, both Penns Grove, 5-10-1905.
Lore, Belford A., and Emma Higgins, both Bridgeton, 6-14-1911.
Lore, Harry Elmer, Cumberland co., and Bessie Bateman, Cedarville, 10-28-1908.
Ludlam, Jesse D., Cape May co., and Patience M. Richter Philadelphia, 6-8-1918.
Lummis, Marshall F., M.D., and Edna Buck, Cape May co., 9-10-1903.
Magonagle, Samuel R., and Mary Tindall, wid., Cape May, 12-5-1859.
Mapes, John, and Mary Somers (wid. Edmund), Gloucester co., May 6, 1746.
Marshall, Randall (s. Thomas and Ann) and Mary Reeves, (d. Henry), Gloucester co., 8-4-1793.
Marshall, Randolph, M.D., and Sarah Higgins, Cape May co., 5-21-1835.
Marshall, Thomas C., and Experience Steelman, Cape May co., 5-18-1818.
Matlack, Walter, Greenwich, and Anna Glaspey, Bay Side, 10-11-1902.
Mattson, Clement A., Gloucester co., and Mary E. Bassett 7-20-1897.
McAllister, Albert, Cumberland co., and Carolyn M. Willets, Port Elizabeth, 11-29-1905.
McAllister, Raymond Warren, Woodstown, and Sadie Ray, Penns Grove, 10-3-1919.
Mecum, James Howard, Salem co., and Mary T. Starr, 6-4-1921.
Moore, Frank W., Shiloh, and Clara T. Garrison, Roadstown, 1-30-1920.
Moore, Richard M., Bridgeton, and Marion Uhlinger, Philadelphia, 19-12-1883.
More, Azariah (s. John and Rachel), and Lydia Dare, Cumberland co., 12-1-1794.
More, Enoch Anson (s. Enoch and Mary A.), and Katherine H. Elmer (d. Lucius Q. C.), Cumberland co., 4-30-1845.
More, John (s. Jacob and Abigail), and Rachel Moore, Salem co., Oct. 25, 1745.
Morgan, George C.. and Sara Bond, Pitman, 9-20-1896.
Morgan, Randall, and Amy Chew (d. Michael), Gloucester co.. 12-13-1757.
Morgan, Richard Cheesman (s. Joseph and Drucilla), and Hannah S. Garwood, Gloucester co., 7-1-1846.
Morgan, Richard Cooper (s. Richard and Hannah). Gloucester co., and Adaline Flansburg (d. Rev. John D. and Mary Adaline), 1-29-1875.
Mould, Thomas W., and Velma A. Headley. both Cumberland co., 6-4-1917.
Mowrer, Hiram S., and Louisa Garwood. both Cape May co., 6-15-1903.
Mulford, Elmer D., Cumberland co., and Carolyn V. Ayres, 6-30-1897.
Murphy, Norwood, Salem co., and Marjorie Dickinson, 3-17-1913.
Nelson, Nathan (s. Daniel and Harriet), and Martha Shaver (d. Christopher), Salem co., 5__,1809.
Newkirk, Howard B., Salem co., and Jane W. Murphy, 11-10-1905.
Newkirk, Thomas S., and Alynda T. DuBois, both Daretown, 11-29-1899.
Nickleson, Winfield, Cumberland co., and Elvina Gaskill, Greenwich, 3-5-1904.
Nickerson, Charles L., and Allena Hand (d. Ephraim and Mary). Cape May co., 5-26-1896.
Nixon, William B., and Mary Alice Lincoln, both Bridgeton, 10-17-1889.
Offley, David, b. Philadalphia, and Judith Scull (d. Gideon and Judith), Egg Harbor, 9-8-1779.
Parcels, John, and Annie E. Collins (d. Isaac T. and Catherine) Atlantic co., 4-14-1879.
Patrick, Norman Lester, Salem, and Helen J. Vanneman, Camden. 2-25-1914.
Paullin, Enos, Cumberland co.. and Emma B. Brommell, 9-6-1893.
Pedrick. Hamilton G.. Pedricktown, and Mary Elizabeth Perry, Woodstown, 1-27-1907.
Patterson, Charles D., Fenns Grove, and Ellen H. Wharton, 12-14-1888.
Phifer, George W., and Jennie Reeves, Cumberland co., 6-6-1880.
Pierpont, Robert G.. and Eva B. Edwards, both Cape May co., 2-20-1905.
Porch, Benjamin M., Cumberland co., and Margaretta M. Dare, Bacons Neck, 3-19-1885.
Powell, Joseph H., Cumberland co and Ida S. Rice, 2-13-1884.
Powell, Myron Linwood, Cedarville, and Grace E. Tatem, 2-1-1908.
Rambo, John (s. Peter and Margaret), and Adelisa Allen (d. Jesse), Gloucester co., 12-3-1856.
Redfield, Harry C., and Vera S. Franklin, Carneys Point, 2-27-1917.
Reed, Mark, and Mary Steelman (d. Jesse), Gloucester co., 11-6-1831.
Wilbur, and Haddie Nelson Collins (d. John C. and Rebecca). Atlantic co., 5-20-1896.
Reeves, Benjamin F., and Rachel Godfrey (d. James and Abigail Cumberland co , 3-15-1815.
Reeves, Charles, and Abigail Mitchell, Cumberland co., 12-1-1849.
Reeves, Charles P., and Hannah Ann Adams, Salem co., 12-20-1856.
Reeves, Joseph, and Mary B. Stanford, Cumberland co., 1-29-1859.
Reeves, Luke, and Sarah Louise Treadway, Gloucester co., 11-29-1802.
Reeves, Nathaniel, and Jane Steelman (d. Charles and Lydia), 6-13-1816.
Reeves, Samuel V., Cumberland co., and Emma C. Butler, Philadelphia, 3-25-1879.
Reeves, Stephen, and Mary Mayhew, Cumberland co., 5-9-1855.
Reeves, William, Rev., and Caroline P. Scull, Cumberland co. , 5-26-1864.
Remster, Joseph S. (s. Joseph), and Ann Emmel (d. Philip) both Salem co., 2-3-1876.
Rice, Edward L., and Phebe T. Steelman, both Cape May co., 4-14-1891.
Richardson, Horace G., and Judith Hoffman, both Cape May 10-15-1888.
Riley, Frank E., Bridgeton, and Cora M. Dickinson, 4-12-1915.
Riley, Frank M., and Rebecca Evans, Salem co., 10-27-1869.
Riley, William B., and Alma Owens (d. George and Annie), both Cumberland co., 7-28-1908.
Risley, James Lewis, and Mary Ann Collins (d. Daniel L.), Atlantic co., 1-1-1873.
Risley, Josiah E., and Millicent L. Collins (d. John C. and Rebecca), 8-12-1891.
Robbins, Clarence M., Cumberland co., and Anna Pepper, 7-11-1893.
Robbins, James W., and Lena V. Clouting, both Cape May co., 9-26-1900.
Robbins, Stacy M., Cape May co., and Clara Mae Kinkle, Bridgeton, 11-18-1916.
Rose, John, and Prudence Conkling, Salem co., 9-19-1787.
Rulon, Chalkley A. (s. Moses). and Lizzie Haines (d. Taylor and Ann), Gloucester co., 10-12-1854.
Saul, C. W., Gloucester co., and Alida C. Cresse, Rio Grande, 12-16-1886.
Sayre, Fenton L., Pitman, and Elsie M. Howell, Cape May Court House, 10-24-1916.
Scull, Abel, and Martha Hughes, both Gloucester co., Apr. 16. 1749.
Scull, Abel (s. Abel), and Martha Shivers (d. Samuel), both Gloucester co., 1758.
Scull, Constant, and Sarah Edwards (d. Daniel), Gloucester co., 1829.
Scull, Gideon, mild Judith Ballangee (d. James and Margery), Egg Harbor, 1750. Scull, Gideon (s. Gideon and Judith), and Sarah James (d. James Abigail), 4-29-1784.
Scull, Henry S. (s. Lewis W. and Esther), Atlantic co., and Mary A. Bruner (d. Jahn A. and Elizabeth), 10-2-1868.
Scull, James (s. Gideon and Judith), and Susanna Leeds, Egg Harbor, 5__,1774.
Scull, Mark (s. Gideon and Judith), Egg Harbor, and Mary Banning, 6-2-1794.
Scull, Paul, Sculltown, and Hope Kay (d. Isaac and Deborah), Gloucester co., 5-23-1815.
Scull, Peter, Egg Harbor, and Jane Mott, Feb. 20, 1731.
Scull, Philip, Egg Harbor (s. Peter), and Abigail Townsend, Sept. 14, 1737.
Scull, Richard, Col., Gloucester co., and Sophia Stillwell, Cape May co., 12-3-1761.
Scull, Samuel, (s. Peter), Egg Harbor, and Ruth Hickman, Nov, 14-1745.
Scott, Lewis P. (s. Lewis and Catharine), and Florence Emily Fisher (d. Samuel). both Atlantic co., 10-3-1923.
Showell, John, and Arabella Boice (d. William and Leah), Atlantic co., 9-12-1864.
Somers, Edmund, and Mary Steelman (d. Andrew and Judith), Gloucester co., Jan. 2, 1734.
Steelman, Charles, and Margaret Scull (d. Peter), Egg Harbor, Jan 7, 1731.
Steelman, Peter, and Hannah Leeds, Gloucester co.. Sept., 1750.
Stewart, Thomas, and Argereene Boice (d. William and Leah), Atlantic co., 9-12-1880.
Stout, D. M., Dr., and Sarah Collins (d. John and Elizabeth), Atlantic co., 7-25-1889.
Seabrook, Charles Franklin, aid Norma Dale, both Cumberland,co., 11-22-1905.
Sharp, Charles E., M.D., Cumberland co., and Mary Peterson, Port Norris, 2-14-1917.
Sharp, Charles E., M.D., and Eva Robbins, both Port Norris, 2- 10-1928.
Sharp, Francis B., Sea Isle City, and Almira S. Young, Petersburg. 5-23-1899.
Sheppard, James F., Cumberland co., and Minnie C. Gandy, 12-25-1900.
Sheppard, Jonadab, Cumberland co , and Sarah Brooks, 5-3-1809.[third digit smudged]
Sheppard, Warren W., Shiloh, and Jennie Consuelo Smiley, Bridgeton. 6-28-1898.
Sheppard, William E., Stow Creek, and Mabel F. Shidner, 3-3-1897.
Sheppard, Willam R., and Elida K. Eldredge, both Cape May co., 3-26-1885.
Shivers, Caleb Walter, Woodbury, and Alice S. Dell, 8-2-1898.
Shivers, Herbert M., and Jennie M. Conover, both Cape May co., 10-14-1897.
Shoemaker, C. Homer, Cape May co., and Anna R. Ogden, Cumberland co., 11-27-1913.
Shoemaker, Joseph S., Richwood, and Helen Smedley, Glassboro, 8-13-1918.
Shute, Walter W., and Ethel M. (Flanagin) Wynn. both Cumberland co., 2-19-1916.
Shute, William H. (s Edward M. and Janetta), and Mary Waddington, Salem. 4-3-1879.
Shuster, J. Earl, Paulsboro, and Rose A. Wagner, 4-19-1919.
Sickler, Clyde W., Glassboro, and Lizzic S. Foster, Aura, 1-26-1892.
Sickler, Joseph T. and Lucy G. Gill, both Gloucester co., 9-7- 1807.
Sickler, William B., Salem, and Ruth E. Sheppard, 4-15-1895.
Sinnickson, J. Forman, and Mary Miller, both Salem, 1-11-1893.
Sninickson, Thomas, Salem co., and Elizabeth Jacobs (d. John and Mary B.), Chester co., Pa., 10-18-1810.
Skinner, Harry H., Gloucester co., and Estella Mae Parks, 5-9-1918.
Slaughter, Evans G., and Mattie S. Bennett, both Cape May co., 1-12-1898.
Smick, Isaac S., and Ann F. Allen, both Canton, 12-8-1897.
Smith, Alfred R., Cape May co., and Bessie Williams, 12-27-1911.
Smith, Eleazer, Cumberland co., and Rebecca W. Swing, 12-31- 1835.
Smith, Gilbert S., and Emma M. Wheaton, both Cape May co., 2-11-1891.
Smith, Gilbert S., and Sarah McCann, both Cape May co., 6-20-1922.
Smith, Harry Elsworth (s. George L. and Elizabeth), Cape May co., and Ethel Anderson, Atlantic co., 6-10-1914.
Smith, Herbert R., and Selma G. Godfrey, Cape May co., 8-10-1911.
Smith, Ralph S. (s. David and Frances), Pedricktown, and Pearl Schroeder, 8-21-1915.
Smith, Richard, Salem co., and Sarah B. Mitchell, 10-31-1906.
Somers, Edwin E., Salem co., and Harriet Kille, Auburn, 5-3-1880.
Sparks, Alfred, Pedricktown, and Bertha Davidson, Penns Grove, 5-1-1897.
Sparks, James S., Salem co., and Emma Ethel King, Penns Grove, 2-16-1908.
Sparks, Warren T., Salem co., and Eliza H. Bowen, 11-5-1902.
Sparks, Warren T., Salem co., and Estella J. Williams, 10-28-1907.
Stanger, Francis Albert, Glassboro, and Sarah R. Bateman, Cedarville, 10-4-1913.
Stanger, Frederick, and Ann Marshall, Cape May co., 6-22-1812.
Steelman, Hiram (s. Hiram and Jennie), Cape May co., and Dorothy Holmes, 6-19-1920.
Steelman, Peter (s. Andrew and Judith). and Hannah Leeds (d. Japhet). Egg Harbor, Sept. 1750.
Stevens, Charles, Cumberland co., and Mattie M. McKee, Cedarville, 11-27-1887.
Stevens, George W. and Ida H. Reeves, Cumberland co., 11-4-1879.
Stevens, Lewis T., Cape May co., and Grace A. Merwin, Newburgh, N Y., 4-11-1894.
Stevens, Ralph T., Cape May co.. and Charlotte M. Kimball, Orange, Mass., 10-28-1916.
Stillwell, Nicholas, and Ruhama Hand, Cape May co., 2-11-1771.
Stites, Adonijah, and Elizabeth Thompson (d. James and Polly), both Cape May co., 4-19-1839.
Stites, Howard, Salem, and Nevada (Freas) Bacon, 12-19-1916.
Stratton, John B., Gloucester co., and Florence G. Copestick, Philadelphia. 12-16-1908.
Stratton, Thomas J., Gloucester co., and Mary A. Summers, 12-26-1878.
Summerill, Charles Henry Leich, and Nettie S. H. Boon, both Penns Grove, 4-22-1896.
Summerill, Daniel V. (s. William and Hannah Ann). and Elizabeth I. Miller (d. John and Elizabeth). both Salem. 2-18-1869.
Sutton, Edward M., Cape May co., and Naomi M. Murdock, 10-22-1902.
Sweeton, Preston P., Pedricktown, and Clare E. Ridgway, Greenwich, 2-2-1874.
Synnott, Myles. M.D. (s. Martin and Hannah), and Harriet H. Whitney (d. Ebenezer and Bathsheba), both Gloucester co., 12-28-1842.
Synnott, Thomas W. (s. Myles and Harriet), and Mary D. Eldridge, 1872.
Taylor, Alfred, and Emma B. Ludlam, both Cape May co.. 10-10-1892.
Taylor, Arthur S., and Arora D. Steelman, both Salem co., 8-4-1920.
Thompson, William H., Fairton, and Sophie Mitchell, Collingswood, 5-29-1913.
Tice, Raymond E., and Anna Peterson, both Williamstown, 6-22-1905.
Tilton, Esperus (s. Daniel and Sarah,) Gloucester co., 1-15-1804.
Townsend, Joseph, and Elizabeth Scull (d. Peter), Egg Harbor, Mar. 6, 1735.
Otis m. (s. Richard and Matilda), and Johanna Baker (d. J. W. and Sylvia), both Tuckahoe, 6-30-1900.
Trenchard, Edwin Paul, and Alice Mulford, both Fairton, 5-15-1923.
Trenchard, John (s. George), and Theodosia Ogden, Cumberland co., 6-25-1770.
Turner, Joseph (s. John and Elizabeth), and Achsah Kirby (d. Samuel and Sarah), Gloucester co., 1-12-1832.
Turner, Walter Everett, and Frances Barlow, both Vineland, 9-10-1891.
VanGilder, Lincoln (s. Thompson and Esther), Cape May co., and Isabella Jussely, Darien, Ga., 6-5-1889.
VanGilder, Lincoln (s. Thompson and Esther), and Laura Jones, both Cape May co., 6-29-1898.
VanGilder, Ralph H. (s. Washington and Allie), and Harriet M. Schurch (d. Samuel and Marie), both Cape May co., 6-20-1918.
Vanneman, William B., Salem, and Helen Hires, Philadelphia, 3-1-1920.
Waddington, Earl M., Strathmere, and Mary K. Gable Norristown, 6-24-1913.
Waddington, Edward C., and Mary R. Allen, both Salem co., 10-1-1910.
Wainwright, Marshall B., Salem co., and Stella C. Bowen, 5-15-1886.
Ware, Charles, Cumberland co., and Rebecca Smith, Shiloh, 11-25-1835 or 1885 [hard to read].
Ware, Charles S., Cumberland co., and Ada Mulford, Cedarville, 1-5-1910.
Ware, Henry Burt (s. Bacon and Anna Jane), and Sarah Gilmore, Salem co., 5-9-1855.
Wentzell, William T. (s. Charles W. and Prudence). and Anna M. Campbell (d. Elmer and Elizabeth). 6-2-1910.
West, Oliver J. (s. James arid Sarah) and Jessie M. Zane (d. Jacob and Isabella), both Gloucester co.. 1-30-1911.
Wetherby, I. Hurff (s. Benjamin, Jr.., and Sarah). Gloucester co., and Mary J. Young (d. William J.), Philadel- phia. 3-26-1868.
Wheaton, Providence Ludlam, Cumberland co., and Caroline E. Brown, 2-4-1880.
Wheaton, Leon A. (s. Harry C. and Edith H.). Cumberland co., and Margaret K. Dysart (d. Samuel J. and Emma T.), 1-24-1923.
Willis, Lewis. Cumberland co., and Ida Nixon, 12-8-1892.
Wilson, Harry Elmer, and Laura May Leppee, both Woodbury, 11-20-1907.
Wilson, Herbert H., and Julia Ann Laning, both Bridgeton, 4-14-1904.
Wilson, J. Frank, and Mary E. Dail, both Woodbury, 10-15-1878.
Wilson, J. Frank, and Clara Lodge, both Gloucester co., 9-24-1901.
Wright, Alvin, Cumberland co., and Elizabeth Garrison, Vineland, 5-10-1922.
Wright, Thomas W. (s. Georgs E. R. and Mary Ann), Emma M. Probasco (d. Franklin C. And Hannah M.), 6-1-1903.
Wood, Joel (s. Samuel and Mary), and Sarah Bee (d. Ephraim and Anna), both Gloucester co., 1-16-1845.
Wood, John, and Rebecca Wilkins, Gloucester co., 3-17-1758.
Woodruff, John Norton, and Mary B Mixner, Greenville, 10-2-1909.

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